The Pastor's Ranch is a property owned by Pastor Young, who lived there with his daughter April Young, although she attended boarding school until Season 4. It consists of a house, where Pastor Young lives, and a large barn in which Stefan, Elena and Rebekah held in during a vampire round-up in Mystic Falls at the beginning of Season Four.

Pastor held Elena in his house in order to protect her from vampires, as no vampire was invited in. He did not know at the time that Elena was in transition to become a vampire. She tried to escape, but she was caught and put in cell in the barn, where Stefan, Rebekah were locked up in their own cells that were monitored by deputies of the police force.

At the end of Growing Pains, Pastor committed suicide by disconnecting the gas line of his stove and setting the house on fire, killing 11 other people, during a meeting of the newly-reformed Founder's Council. 

Connor visited the house after its destruction and he took the suicide note left for the Pastor's daughter, April to help him find and kill vampires.


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