Phantoms are malevolent, spiritual entities created from human souls who have suffered through extensive pain and torture. They are demonic figures who make up the Inferno Court and reside in the Dark Dimension.


The phantoms are divided into two categories, those born on Earth and those born in the Dark Dimension.

The first, known as "The Descendants", are not very strong, were born when a human soul goes to hell and is tortured until the point of where there is no humanity left inside of them. Due to their lack of human affection, they feed and survive off the emotions of the living, especially anger, but dissolve as they are separated from the emotions they eat. The phantoms born in the Dark Dimension, "The Original Phantoms", can drain the life force and are the most dangerous. They were imprisoned on the Dark Moon of the Underworld by the Guardians.


Their appearance can only be seen by Psychics and people who have died. However they are often described in the form of a long, slender cloud of black smoke. The only phantom to appear in the series is the Original Phantom of Jealousy. It has the likeness of a woman, taller than a human being and is composed of ice and fog, and its heart is a rose-colored dark red.

Powers and Abilities

  • Feeding - Like vampires, phantoms feed off of the living, only they feed off emotions and vampires feed off blood.


  • Roses - If a rose is pulled out of a phantoms core, they will die.  

Tree Phantom

The Original Phantoms
Normal Phantoms


  • Phantoms are creatures of evil and their counterparts are the Guardians.

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