It's more like a supernatural holding cell for a bunch of lost vampire souls.
Damon Salvatore to Bonnie Bennett about the Phoenix Stone in Live Through This

The Phoenix Stone was a red, round-cut gemstone with several veins within that swirl when activated. The stone was part of The Phoenix Sword created as a supernatural prison to trap and house vampire souls. As such, the stone can also be used to magically reunite a vampire soul trapped inside of it with the soul's body.

After Mary Louise and Nora Hildegard destroyed the stone, all Vampires that were trapped inside the stone are now free and are possessing corpses of recently deceased.


In This Woman's Work it was discovered that the Phoenix Stone was created by Shamans drawing power from a "Great Spirit" that was called upon to link Rayna's Spirit to it. Before it was activated, it seemed pale-grey in color, but when it was activated it turned blood-red with swirling bubbles within it and a hint of a glow. Prior to this revelation, little was known about the history of the Phoenix Stone, and even fewer written accounts regarding the stone's creation and use as a weapon seemed unavailable, as none of the books Alaric sought out had any concrete information regarding the relic and its purpose. Bonnie mentioned in passing that the Phoenix Stone was a powerful artifact of Native American origin which was also confirmed in a flashback in This Woman's Work.

The stone's primary function is to act as a metaphysical prison for the souls of any Vampire stabbed in the heart with it and keeps them trapped inside. It has recently been revealed that the stone is paired with an shortsword with an X-shaped blade at the end called The Phoenix Sword. When the stone is affixed to the end of the sword's hilt, the stone's magic is shared with the blade, allowing it to be used to trap a vampire's soul inside the prison within it when the blade is pierced through the heart of the vampire in question. When this occurs, the stone begins to glow from within, and the bubbles under the surface start to move rapidly as the vampire's soul is essentially sucked inside. However, the sword must have the Phoenix Stone attached to its hilt in order to be used for this task, otherwise the sword is just an ordinary blade that cannot kill a vampire if stabbed through the heart. Because of the powerful magic in the blade, any vampire who is stabbed with it will develop an X-shaped scar that even their enhanced cellular regeneration cannot heal, regardless of where they were stabbed. The sword must pierce the heart of the vampire the wielder intends to trap inside the Phoenix Stone, otherwise the vampire in question will just be injured and scarred for the blade. For example, Beau seems to have been stabbed with the blade near his neck, but it missed his heart and prevented his soul from being trapped inside; however, the blade did severe his vocal cords, and the magic from the blade kept them from repairing themselves, causing Beau to lose the ability to speak.

The Phoenix Sword

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Once a vampire has been stabbed in the heart with the stone-clad sword, their soul is trapped inside the Phoenix Stone's inner metaphysical prison. Because of the magic used to create the stone, each individual vampire trapped inside will experience their own personal hell that is created based on every sin the vampire has ever committed. For example, Julian described his hell as having several illusions, including a constant attempt to escape the stone, only to find that none of it was actually real, and continually being forced to kill the love of his life, Lily Salvatore. The brief glimpse of Damon's hellscape showed him trapped in an illusion/flashback of his time in the Civil War, though in this version, he has been hit in the stomach by shrapnel and seriously wounded, and is forced to watch the Confederate soldiers around him be shot down by gunfire and explosions. According to Julian, time has no meaning in the stone's prison, suggesting that the prison dimension exists outside of time and space, or otherwise manipulates the vampire soul's ability to sense the passage of time.


It is said that many vampire souls have been trapped within the Phoenix Stone, including Florence and the soul of the vampire who briefly possessed the vampire-witch hybrid Oscar's body.

In 1903, the vampire boyfriend of Lily Salvatore, Julian, had his soul imprisoned somehow within the stone by Rayna Cruz, who threw the sword into his chest but lost the sword and stone in the process. As a result of his imprisonment, his body was left with an X-shaped scar on the his chest, and the Heretics cast a spell on his body to preserve it until his spirit could be reunited with it. The stone then came into Lily's possession, and she eventually brought it with her when she and the Heretics, Malcolm, Beau, Valerie Tulle, Mary Louise, Nora Hildegard, and Oscar, were traveling to New York from London in late October of 1903. It can be presumed that Lily intended to use the stone to reunite Julian's spirit with his body, and that their reasoning for traveling to America was to do so, along with their plan to fulfill their revenge against the Gemini Coven, who had exiled the six Heretics as a result of their Siphoner nature in the years between the mid-1800s and early 1900s.

However, as soon as they landed in the New York harbor, the family was confronted by the Gemini Coven, who had heard rumors of the 3,000+ humans Lily and the Heretics had slaughtered in Europe since 1863 and sought to prevent them from massacring any more people. The coven used a mystical relic called the Ascendant to channel the power of the Aurora Borealis to trap Lily and the Heretics in a prison world using a spell of a Bennett witch's design, sealing them away in an alternate dimension that existed as a snapshot of November 1st, 1903 for the next one hundred years. The coven then burnt down the ship upon which Lily and the Heretics had traveled to America, which was full of the bodies of the human passengers they had fed on and left behind. Once the ship had been destroyed, the Phoenix Stone fell with the wreckage into the Atlantic Ocean, where, decades later, it would eventually be retrieved by scuba divers. Afterward, the stone was displayed in the Maritime Museum in New York until 2013.

Also in 2013, Lily and the Heretics were freed from their prison world -- the former by her son Damon, his girlfriend Elena, and their friend Bonnie, and the latter six by then-Gemini Coven leader Malachai Parker. Afterward, Lily resumed her plan to resurrect Julian by searching for the Phoenix Stone and sending Oscar out to locate Julian's body, which had become lost during their imprisonment.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Seven


Lily showing the picture of Phoenix Stone to Enzo. The picture was probably taken while the stone was on display in New York maritime museum.

The stone was first shown in Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take in the possession of Alaric Saltzman, who showed it to a psychic he met in Amsterdam after he had sneaked away from Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett on the three's European vacation. Alaric asked the man if he knew what the stone was, though the psychic claimed that he didn't, and Alaric refused to tell him what he knew about it. Judging by Alaric's comments to the psychic, he had spoken to numerous other psychics and those claiming to be knowledgeable of the occult in hopes of figuring out how the stone worked.

The Phoenix Stone was then mentioned again by Lily Salvatore, who traveled to New York to visit her vampire progeny Lorenzo at a bar. While there, she showed him a photo on her phone of the Phoenix Stone and explained that it was a "very dear possession" of hers that was lost when she and the Heretics were trapped in the prison world in 1903. She then asked him to find the stone for her, as she had recently learned the stone had been recovered by divers in the Atlantic Ocean and had been put on display in the state's Maritime Museum. However, when Enzo asked her what the stone was and why she wanted it, Lily refused to give him any details, insisting that it was a "family matter." All she would tell him was that if anyone knew he was looking for it, he would be in danger. This response, in combination with Lily's reluctance to accept Enzo into her "family" due to his friendship with her oldest son Damon, caused Enzo to refuse to find the stone for her.

After Alaric, Damon, and Bonnie returned to Virginia after their trip, Alaric went to Whitmore Medical Center's morgue, where it was revealed that Alaric had been paying off the medical examiner's assistant to allow him to keep his wife Jo's deceased body in cold storage past the 30 day limit. When the assistant reminded Alaric that burying the body of a loved one is when the emotional healing begins, Alaric darkly jokes that he wasn't planning on burying her, but instead wanted to bring her back to life. After the assistant looked at him in alarm, Alaric assured him that he was only using "gallows humor," but the expression on his face indicated he intended to use the Phoenix Stone to resurrect her.

In Never Let Me Go, Alaric finally confessed to Bonnie about his solo trips during their international vacation, which included stealing the stone from the Maritime Museum in New York, and showed her the Phoenix Stone in hopes that she could tell him more about it. He also explained that, from the little he had learned about the relic, it was claimed that it had resuscitative powers, as in the ability to resurrect the dead. Initially, Bonnie was unable to sense any magic within the stone whatsoever, but when she remembered that powerful magical artifacts usually have the extent of their power cloaked to resemble ordinary objects, she cast a quick spell to reveal its true power, which caused Bonnie to be overcome by visions of bleeding people screaming in pain as they were tortured, which included having X-shaped wounds being cut into their skin. Getting a bad vibe from the stone, Bonnie insisted that it was evil and that Alaric needed to destroy it, which Alaric had already suspected but was hoping was untrue.

Bonnie visions

Bonnie experiencing horrific visions after trying to magically "inspect" the Phoenix Stone.

Alaric reluctantly agreed to destroy the stone by dropping it in a vat of hydrofluoric acid, which relieved Bonnie. However, when Alaric was about to destroy it as promised, he stumbled upon a photo of himself and Jo prior to their disastrous wedding and was so overwhelmed by grief that he decided to keep the stone instead. Later, when Bonnie was attempting to restart Matt Donovan's heart (after she had used magic to stop it long enough to break the invitation barrier caused by Matt's ownership of the Salvatore Boarding House), she was once again overwhelmed by visions of tortured people with X-shaped wounds to the point that she passed out for almost six minutes, just barely awakening in time to save Matt's life. She called Alaric later that night to make sure that he destroyed the stone, and Alaric lied by assuring her that he did, despite the fact that he was holding the stone in his hand when he said it.

At the end of the episode, Alaric returned to the morgue with the Phoenix Stone with the intention of resurrecting Jo with it. However, he ultimately decided to "practice" first by using the stone on the body of a deceased college student named Ryan, which was left laying out on the autopsy table. Alaric set the stone over Ryan's heart, and after a moment, Ryan's eyes blinked open, and he took a deep breath. Alaric was then so shocked by this reaction that he picked up the stone again, causing Ryan to return to his previously-deceased state. After this point, it is assumed that Alaric decided to do more research into the stone before he used it on Jo.

Phoenix stone 3

Ryan's dead body revived by the Phoenix Stone, but only for a moment. When Alaric lifted it from his chest, the body returned to a normal dead state

In Age of Innocence, Bonnie was in the middle of writing in her journal for Elena when she was once again overwhelmed by the sight of the tortured visions to the point that she lost consciousness and fell onto the floor. When she awoke, she looked at the clock and was shocked and concerned to find she had blacked out for ten minutes. Meanwhile, Alaric was studying the stone at his apartment when Damon walked into the room, forcing him to hide the stone in his bag to keep him from finding out he didn't destroy it. However, Damon noticed Alaric hiding it and simply chose not to say anything about it. Bonnie then arrived at the apartment to make sure Alaric had destroyed the Phoenix Stone as he promised, explaining that she was still experiencing visions, blackouts, and headaches as a result of her contact with the stone. Once again, Alaric untruthfully assured her that he had done as she asked and dissolved the stone in hydrofluoric acid, which Bonnie believed to be the truth.

Phoenix stone 2

Alaric showing the Phoenix Stone to Bonnie

The three then went to Myrtle Beach to find the elusive sixth member of the Heretics, Oscar, who Damon wanted to use as leverage to get Elena's comatose body back from Lily. Alaric brought the stone with him in the pocket of his jacket to ensure it wasn't stolen in his absence. Once they arrived at Oscar's hotel, the three planned their attack, and Bonnie insisted that she wanted Oscar to use his siphoning abilities to take away her visions before they captured him, which Alaric wasn't happy about, but he was unable to say why without exposing his lies. When they convinced Oscar to siphon away Bonnie's visions, Oscar realized that they had the Phoenix Stone and asked them what they were doing with it. Believing that they had malicious intentions, Oscar than attacked Bonnie, Alaric and Damon until they were unconscious, allowing him to steal the stone, which he planned on bartering with Lily in exchange for his freedom, and then fleeing the scene.

When they awakened, Alaric was forced to confess that he lied about destroying the stone, causing him to get into an argument with Bonnie about it while Damon left to find Oscar and capture him and the stone. Bonnie was hurt that Alaric didn't care about the horrifying side effects of the stone that she was experiencing, but Alaric argued that while he did care about Bonnie's well-being, he was more worried about Jo's, because she was the love of his life, and admitted that if he didn't do everything in his power to bring her back, he was going to spend the rest of his life wishing he was still dead. Damon eventually tracked Oscar down, and, during their conversation, Oscar warned him that anyone who messed with the Phoenix Stone ended up dead.

Afterward, with Bonnie's help, Alaric was able to incapacitate him with his vervain dart gun. Bonnie was then able to take the stone back, which she then gave back to Alaric, although only on the condition that he never lie to her again. With the stone and Oscar in their possession, the group returned to their homes, where they hooked Oscar up to two IV drips of vervain to keep him unconscious until they were able to trade him for Elena. Alaric and Bonnie then discussed Alaric's plans, during which time Bonnie emphasized that resurrection was more difficult now that the Other Side was destroyed and was now technically necromancy. Alaric then brought Bonnie to the morgue and showed her Jo's body, insisting that he couldn't bring her back alone and that he needed her help. Saddened by this plea, Bonnie finally agreed to try her best to bring Jo back with the stone.

That night, Valerie Tulle used a locator spell to find Oscar and traveled to Whitmore to talk to him. Oscar admitted that he had successfully completed Lily's mission months ago, which was to find Julian's body so that she could eventually use the Phoenix Stone to bring him back. When Valerie figured out that Oscar planned on leveraging Julian's location to get his freedom from their family, she killed him to prevent him from giving Lily part of what she needed to bring Julian back, as she hated him for causing the death of her unborn child in 1863 (a child fathered by Stefan Salvatore, who was unaware of her pregnancy until several days after Oscar's death).

Untitlesd gif 002

Unknown Spirit revived in Jo's body with Phoenix Stone

In I Carry Your Heart With Me, Alaric came to the morgue with the Phoenix Stone and paid off the medical examiner's assistant to take the day off so he could have some privacy. The assistant, concerned about Alaric's intentions with Jo's body, stated that this was the last day that she would be allowed to stay there, and that he'd have to take her somewhere else the next day. Anxious to resurrect Jo while her body was still preserved, Alaric met Bonnie at the morgue, who had brought several of Alaric's books on resurrection to help him bring her back. However, she insisted that since the stone "scared the hell out of her," he was not allowed to rush her. Unfortunately, before Bonnie got the chance to begin, Damon came in with Oscar's body, having found him dead after Valerie killed him the previous night, and stated that they needed to resurrect Oscar first so they would have him to trade for Elena's body.

Bonnie and Alaric ultimately agreed to allow them a chance to practice before bringing Jo back, and Bonnie got to work trying to revive Oscar by placing the stone on his chest and experimenting with spells from the books. The first attempt was a spell from a grimoire that caused Oscar's eyes to open for a brief moment before returning to his previous state. The second attempt caused Oscar's body to spontaneously burst into flames, forcing Alaric to use a fire extinguisher to put it out before he was seriously harmed. Finally, after finding a spell in a book of Alaric's regarding shamanistic oral traditions, Bonnie was able to use the spell to revive Oscar's body. However, upon Oscar's revival, it became clear that he was not fully back to normal, because he was exceptionally hungry for human blood and had no memories of ever being in Myrtle Beach, let alone meeting Damon, Bonnie, and Alaric there. Regardless of the consequences, Alaric was still intent on resurrecting Jo, so Damon left to return Oscar to Lily while Alaric and Bonnie stayed to repeat the spell on Jo's body.


On the drive back to Mystic Falls, Oscar was still unable to remember what he had done in Myrtle Beach, and became so overwhelmed by vampire bloodlust that he ripped off the door to the car while it was still in motion and ran away, eventually feeding on and killing over a dozen people in and around Mystic Falls, including a man in a car crash and an entire bus full of people wanting to go on a tour of the so-call "haunted" town. Oscar was eventually found and incapacitated by Damon, who gave him back to Lily in exchange for Elena's body. Meanwhile, Bonnie used the exact same spell to resurrect Jo's body while the Phoenix Stone laid over her heart, and when the spell was over, Jo's eyes opened with a weak gasp.

In Live Through This, Bonnie came to Alaric's apartment to visit and see how Jo was doing, only to find that Jo was still fast asleep, as she had been for twelve hours. Bonnie then brought up the fact that now that they had some breathing room, she wanted to investigate the kind of magic she used to resurrect two people the previous day with seemingly no problems, and asked him if she could borrow the stone to examine it. Alaric didn't understand why she thought it mattered after the fact, but reluctantly gave her the stone before she left. Once Bonnie was gone, Jo woke up and immediately stated she was hungry, though she still seemed to have amnesia, as she didn't remember her name, Alaric's name, the fact that they were married, or that she was a vegetarian. She also mistook a television for a piece of artwork.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Lily, Mary Louise, Nora and Enzo became worried about Oscar when he continued to sit silently on the couch and do nothing but drink the rest of their blood bags. Oscar was ultimately left in Enzo's care while the others went to go retrieve Julian's body as part of Lily's plan to eventually resurrect him with the Phoenix Stone she was searching for, not knowing that Valerie, who was trying to prevent Julian's return, had teamed up with Damon and Stefan to destroy Julian's body. Bonnie arrived at the boarding house later to talk to Oscar and learn more about what he knew about the Phoenix Stone, only for her and Enzo to find him viciously feeding on the maid, Lucy, who Enzo was forced to heal her with his blood and compel her to forget that the attack happened. Bonnie then began asking him about the stone, which caused him to freak out about how everyone kept asking him questions to which he didn't know the answer. He also became frustrated that everyone called him Oscar, which he claimed was not his name. Bonnie pulled out the Phoenix Stone to show him in hopes of jogging his memory, and both he and Enzo immediately recognized it; Oscar identified it as "where he was locked in the room in the basement," whereas Enzo realized it was the stone that Lily had been looking for the last few months.

When Damon, Stefan, and Valerie arrived at the warehouse where Julian's body was kept, Valerie explained that Julian had been dead since 1903, and that Lily was planning on using the Phoenix Stone to bring him back. Damon played dumb at the mention of the Phoenix Stone and claimed to not know what it was, but Valerie had already guessed that Damon and Bonnie used it to bring Oscar back so they'd have something to trade for Elena, and remarked that "whomever they brought back" had managed to fool Lily. Damon became alarmed and asked Valerie what she meant, so Valerie revealed the truth about the Phoenix Stone to the Salvatore brothers -- it isn't a relic that can resurrect any dead person, but is actually a supernatural prison for the souls of very old vampires, and by using it, they had placed the spirit of a random vampire prisoner into Oscar's body (and, unbeknownst to Valerie, Jo's body as well).

Enzo began to question Bonnie on the Phoenix Stone and informed her that Lily was looking for it, but when he tried to take it from her, "Oscar" came in and began to freak out again, yelling at them that he wasn't going to go back into the stone. When the vampire spirit realized that, by possessing Oscar, he had his magical abilities as well, Bonnie quickly fled the room, accidentally dropping the stone in the process and allowing Enzo to steal it. Bonnie led Enzo into Stefan's old bedroom and magically sealed the door shut to buy them some time while they continued to fight over the stone, during which time Bonnie tried to convince him to give it back, since he was in love with Lily and wouldn't want to bring Julian into the picture by giving her the stone. Oscar managed to break through the spell and attack both Bonnie and Enzo in turn; after Oscar let go of Bonnie in favor of Enzo, who had the stone, Bonnie ran out of the house, believing Enzo wouldn't give the stone to Lily out of his own selfish desire for her love. Enzo was then forced to kill Oscar to save himself.

Julian Phoenix Stone TVD 7.05

Julian being resurrected from the Stone

After Lily returned home with Julian, Enzo explained what he had learned, including that Valerie had killed Oscar, who was then brought back by Bonnie with the Phoenix Stone in a confused, disoriented state. Lily replied that the vampire souls in the stone need to be reunited with their proper body, which was why "Oscar" was having such problems. She instructed Enzo to give her the stone, but Enzo reminded her that Valerie wouldn't have given up her family, her life, and Lily's respect for no reason, though Lily attributed Valerie's actions to what she believed to be irrational hatred of Julian that she blamed on Lily being blinded to his flaws.

Julian Phoenix Stone TVD 7.05 Image 2

The Scar fading away

Enzo then gave Lily an ultimatum-- himself, or Julian/the Phoenix Stone. Though Lily seemed torn, she ultimately chose the stone, and Enzo left with a broken heart. That night, Mary Louise, Nora, and Beau used their magic to cast the correct spell in order to reunite Julian's spirit with his magically-preserved body by laying the stone over his heart next to the X-shaped scar on his chest. Once the spell was successfully completed, the bubbles within the Phoenix Stone swirled around, causing Julian's irises to have the same kaleidoscope pattern for a moment when he first opened his eyes. As he was resurrected, the Phoenix scar faded from his chest. As soon as he saw Lily, he recognized her and the rest of the Heretics, suggesting that the reunion of the vampire spirit within the Phoenix Stone and their original body negates the negative side effects that "Oscar" experienced.

In Best Served Cold, Julian acknowledged that while his body and soul were properly reunited, he was still dealing with psychological side-effects from his time in the Phoenix Stone's hell. He also described the prison as being a place where time had no meaning, and where he spent a century being tricked into believing he had escaped and being made to believe he had killed Lily over and over again.

In Mommie Dearest, Bonnie and Enzo found Oscar's car, which had a shortsword with an X-shaped blade hidden in the trunk under the spare tire. Bonnie recognized it from Alaric's books on the Phoenix Stone and ultimately went back to reread them and learned that the Phoenix Stone was meant to be attached to the hilt of the sword. Meanwhile, Enzo used the sword in a duel with Julian, not knowing that the sword was essentially useless against a vampire without the stone. Damon eventually used it to stab Julian in hopes of killing him, but because the Phoenix Stone wasn't united with it, the sword had no permanent effect on Julian aside from making him angrier.

In Cold as Ice, Julian, furious and devastated after Lily's suicide, reunited the sword with the Phoenix Stone and brought it with him to a confrontation with Stefan and Damon, the former of whom was determined to kill Julian to get revenge on him for killing his and Valerie's unborn child and for causing Lily to try to kill herself to kill Julian. It was there that Julian explained that the prison in the Phoenix Stone was actually a hell that is specially created for each individual vampire prisoner by using the vampire in question's sins against them to torture them. Damon, not wanting to risk having the sword used against him, refused to go up against Julian again without planning and preparation, but Stefan, unwilling to let him walk free, kidnapped Mary Louise to lure Julian to him to finally kill him for good. Unfortunately for Stefan, this led to Julian stabbing Damon in the heart with the sword, trapping Damon's soul in the stone where Julian had spent a century in hell. While Stefan and Caroline attempted to try to figure out a way to bring Damon back, Nora, furious at Stefan for taking Mary Louise, used the sword given to her by Julian to stab Stefan in the heart as well, trapping him inside the Phoenix Stone along with his brother.


Damon being pulled out of the Phoenix Stone

In Hell Is Other People, Stefan reveals that he finally gave into the Phoenix Stone's desires to let his brother go. Subsequently, Bonnie and Nora was quickly able to reunite his soul into this body. Damon, however fought the stone's magic and would not accept its truth and sought a different way out. Stone Bonnie resurrected him twice, though when he finally accepted that she was sorry for what he said and did to his Mother, the actual Bonnie was able to pull him out of the Stone. Disoriented and thinking he was still in the Stone, he lashed out seeking to 'repeat' the day over to see his Mother once again.


In Days of Future Past, the Phoenix Stone was finally destroyed by Nora and Mary Louise's spell, which caused a huge explosion, killing both of them in the process. It was later revealed by Rayna that every single vampire soul that's been trapped inside of the stone is now free to possess any lifeless body, and use it as their own.

In Kill 'Em All, all the vampires that were released from the Phoenix Stone have been killed.

Known trapped souls in the stone

  • Julian(Formerly)
  • Spirit possessing Oscar(Formerly)
  • Florence(Formerly)
  • Damon Salvatore (Formerly)
  • Stefan Salvatore(Formerly)
  • Beau(Formerly)
  • Numerous unknown vampires † (Formerly)
  • Strix members † (Formerly)
  • Ambrose(Formerly)
  • Ashlynn(Formerly)
  • Wyatt † (Formerly)
  • Bubba † (Formerly) [1]
  • Desmond † (Formerly)
  • Meg † (Formerly) [2]
  • Geoff † (Formerly)
  • Lane † (Formerly)
  • Michael † (Formerly) [3]
  • Ann † (Formerly)
  • Cordis † (Formerly) [4]
  • Ben † (Formerly)
  • Lee † (Formerly)
  • Jonathan † (Formerly)
  • Juan † (Formerly)
  • Carlos † (Formerly)
  • Margaret † (Formerly)


  • It made its first appearance in Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take and was initially believed, incorrectly, by Alaric Saltzman that the stone had the ability to bring a person back to life.
  • The stone was originally an ordinary white stone attached at the hilt of the sword before turning red when enchanted to be linked with Rayna's spirit.
  • This stone, when affixed to the Phoenix Stone Sword, has the ability to "kill" any vampire by trapping their soul within the stone, so long as the blade pierces the vampire in question's heart. However, the vampire soul within the stone can be returned to their original body using a spell. However, if the vampire soul is not returned to their original body, they will experience confusion, amnesia, insatiable thirst, and, in the case of vampire souls put into the body of a human, will ultimately die along with their host.
  • The Phoenix Stone is the first object that can resurrect dead vampires, but only if the vampire's body has been preserved and the vampire's soul has been trapped in the prison within the stone. This resurrection appears to require a specific spell based on shamanistic oral traditions must be cast by at least one witch.
    • It appears that this stone creates a channel between the spirit inside the stone and the body the stone is touching, which involves the bubbles inside the gemstone to swirl around in spirals as the connection is made. When the spell is successful, this bubble pattern is also seen in the irises of the resurrected vampire for a brief moment immediately after their resurrection.
  • If a spirit in the stone is not reunited with the proper body (that is, their original body), the revived vampire spirit can experience amnesia, confusion, and overwhelming, insatiable hunger for human blood while inside their new host. This mistake is known to have happened at least twice; in the first case, the vampire soul resurrected in the body of one of the Heretics, Oscar, experienced disorienting confusion and an unquenchable hunger for human blood that caused the vampire to feed on and kill over a dozen people in a violent frenzy. In the case of the vampire spirit revived in the human/former witch Jo's body, the spirit was apparently free of the intense bloodlust that the one in Oscar's body felt, likely due to the fact that they were not in a body that needed blood to survive, though the spirit did seem to suffer from memory loss as well.
  • As of now, the only known successful case of a witch reuniting a vampire soul trapped in the Phoenix Stone with the vampire's original body is Julian, Stefan and Damon. The former whose deceased body had been preserved with magic for one hundred years until three of the Heretics Beau, Mary Louise, and Nora Hildegard were able to use the stone to cast the correct spell to resuscitate him. Upon his resurrection, he recognized his lover, Lily Salvatore, as well as the rest of the Heretics, with seemingly no negative consequences.
  • In Mommie Dearest, Bonnie and Enzo found a sword in Oscar's abandoned car that Bonnie recognized. Upon reading about the dagger in Alaric's book, Bonnie realized that the Phoenix Stone was meant to be housed in the hilt of the dagger; if the stone and the sword are put together and the blade is stabbed into the heart of a vampire, it will kill the vampire's body and trap their soul in the stone.
  • In Cold as Ice, Julian reunited the Phoenix Stone with the sword and brought it with him to confront Damon and Stefan Salvatore in a bar. It was there that Julian revealed that the Phoenix Stone has the ability to create a perfect hellscape for each individual vampire soul inside by using every sin the vampire has ever committed in order to torture them. Julian used the sword attached to the Phoenix Stone to stab Damon in the heart and trap his soul within it as his had been trapped a century earlier. He then gave the sword to Nora, who used it to stab Stefan and trap his soul within the stone as well.
  • According to Bonnie, this object is evil.
    • This would make sense if the stone is truly connected to the X-shaped scars that have been shown on Beau (in the present), Julian (in the present), and Stefan (in the flash-forwards).
      • The presence of these scars suggest that the person causing them will be revived at some point in the near future.
      • The negative consequences when the body isn't connected with their own soul is memory lost and blood addiction which leads the vampire to become an "Ripper," as shown in Oscar's case. However, though Florence initially experienced amnesia too, she eventually began to remember details of her life as the human body she was using as a host began to deteriorate from the powerful vampire's soul.
  • This object is somehow important to the Salvatore family or to the Heretics, according to Lily.
    • The huntress that appears to be going after the members of the Mystic Falls Gang in the flash-forwards has arrows that could possibly be what causes the X-shaped scars seen on Beau, Julian, and Stefan. This might mean that this stone and the hunter are also somehow connected.
  • It was discovered by divers in the Atlantic Ocean near the New York harbor after it was lost in the wreckage of the ship Lily and the Heretics traveled upon to get to America from London just hours prior to their imprisonment in the 1903 prison world by the Gemini Coven.
    • After its rediscovery, the Phoenix Stone was put on display in New York maritime museum, which was then secretly stolen by Alaric during the summer of 2013.
  • Alaric stole the Phoenix Stone with the intention of using it to resurrect his deceased wife, Jo.
  • Magic from this stone has had great impact on Bonnie Bennett, causing disturbing visions of tortured people with X-shaped wounds, extended blackouts, and severe headaches.
    • As a result of these symptoms, Bonnie nearly got Matt killed, because she had a blackout right when she was supposed to magically restart his heart after stopping it to break his ownership of the boarding house and allow Stefan to enter to rescue Caroline. Bonnie was unconscious for almost six minutes, which is the maximum amount of time a person's heart can be stopped before they risk brain damage or death.
    • However, the visions are based in magic, and because of this, Oscar, as a Witch/Siphoner-vampire hybrid, was able to siphon the visions away with his powers.
  • Julie Plec has said that for one little pink stone it can do a lot of damage.
  • It was revealed that Lily intended to use the Phoenix Stone to bring back her dead lover Julian, whose soul was trapped inside somehow in 1903.
    • Valerie, who loathed Julian after he beat her to the point of miscarrying the child she conceived with Stefan, attempted to prevent Julian's resurrection by killing Oscar, who had the location of Julian's body, as well as by trying to destroy Julian's body before Lily could find him. However, both of these plans failed, causing Valerie to live in fear of their retribution.
  • Bonnie was furious that Alaric lied to her about destroying the Phoenix Stone, but eventually was convinced to help him bring Jo back to life with it.
  • Bonnie resurrected the bodies of both Oscar and Jo with the stone in I Carry Your Heart With Me.
    • However, it was revealed in Live Through This that Bonnie had actually not resurrected Jo and Oscar at all, but had only reanimated their bodies by placing the spirits of two of the vampires trapped inside the Phoenix Stone within them.
  • According to Bonnie in I Carry Your Heart With Me, the Phoenix Stone is Native American in origin.
  • In Live Through This, Valerie revealed that the stone does not actually reconnect the spirits of the dead with their corpse -- instead, the stone contains many dead vampire's spirits imprisoned within it and can only be used to resurrect the vampires by placing their spirits back in their bodies.
    • However, this process requires not only the correct spell, but also the vampire's original body in order to be successful. While it is possible to put the spirits of the vampires into different bodies, it will likely result in the vampires in question will suffer negative side effects such as insatiable bloodlust, amnesia, and/or disorienting confusion.
    • The stone is similar to Freya's Talisman in that it can contain the spirits of others inside of it, as demonstrated when Freya placed the spirit of her brother Finn inside of the blue crystal pendant so she could heal his vessel and return him to his coven.
      • However, Freya's talisman can be used for many other things than simply being a metaphysical prison for the souls of supernaturals, such as enhancing her own power and giving her another power source to draw from, whereas the Phoenix Stone seems to only have one purpose -- to imprison the spirits of vampires inside, and, if necessary, to reunite the spirits with their bodies.
  • Oscar described the inside of the Phoenix Stone's prison to resemble "a room in the basement," though it is unknown if the prison is solely one room, an entire building, or even its own global dimension, like the prison worlds.
    • It is also possible that the Phoenix Stone's prison appears different to each vampire whose soul is trapped inside it, as Julian described his time within the stone as a living hell where time has no meaning. He also said that each day in the stone's prison, he believed that he was going to be able to escape, only to ultimately be forced to kill Lily over and over and over again, which also lends credence to the theory that, as a kind of hell dimension, the environment is based on what will be the most torturous to the souls trapped within it.
    • In Cold as Ice, it was confirmed that the Phoenix Stone's prison is in fact different to each individual vampire whose soul is trapped within it. The prison's appearance is created with illusions that are based on every sin the vampire in question has ever committed, allowing the stone to torture them with the memories and visions for the duration of their imprisonment.
  • In Best Served Cold, Valerie reveals to Stefan that every vampire soul once brought back by the stone will eventually go mad, saying that Julian will do so even more because his was in the stone for over a century.
  • It is presumed that the magic of the sword that the Phoenix Stone is paired with is so powerful that it disrupts a vampire's accelerated healing and will leave X-shaped scars (due to the dagger's X-shaped blade) on the skin of vampires who are stabbed with it. However, this dagger can only harm a vampire this severely when it is paired with the Phoenix Stone. Without it, the dagger is merely a dagger which will only be fatal to a vampire if it's used to decapitate them.
    • Examples of vampires with such a scar are Julian (whose scar is over his heart), Beau (whose scar is over his throat) and Stefan (who, as of now, only has the scar over his heart in the flashfowards).
    • It can also be presumed that the dagger will only kill a vampire and trap their soul in the Phoenix Stone if the sword and the stone are combined and the blade is driven into the heart of the vampire in question. This is evidenced by Beau, whose scar is over his throat rather than over his heart; since the blade didn't pierce his heart, it seems to have only severed his vocal cords, prevented them from healing fully and taking his ability to speak rather than killing him outright.
  • The Phoenix Stone and its dagger bear some similarities to the First Blade and the Mark of Cain in the CW Network's hit show Supernatural. In this show, the First Blade is capable of killing almost anything, including all varieties of monsters and demons and lower-level angels, but only if the person wielding it possesses the Mark of Cain. Without the mark, the blade is merely an old bone which will not leave any lasting damage on its victims.
  • It is unknown whether in conjunction with The Phoenix Sword, the Phoenix Stone would be able to kill and imprison the soul of an Original Vampire if stabbed with it, even though The Originals are technically Vampires.
  • It was destroyed in Days of Future Past by Nora Hildegard and Mary Louise who both died in order to do that. It's unknown if the vampire souls who were trapped in this stone can be brought back now that it's destroyed.
    • In the same episode Rayna Cruz implies the Phoenix Stone has a mind of its own as it constantly tells Rayna to get Stefan to let go of Damon as it had tried when Stefan was trapped inside it the first time.



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