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You know what? I love friend prom. And it's exactly what prom should be… friends and memories. Yes, it sucks that my boyfriend can't be here, but the three of us are gonna have the night of our lives.

Pictures of You is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and the eighty-fifth episode of the series overall.


PROM NIGHT IN MYSTIC FALLS — After making a decision that infuriates Klaus, Elijah proposes a life-changing challenge for Rebekah. Caroline finds that her carefully laid plans for the perfect Senior Prom night are disrupted by Elena, so she turns to an amused Klaus for a solution. Determined to get through to Elena, Damon and Stefan both attend the prom, but the evening begins to spiral out of control despite their efforts. When Elena suddenly lashes out in a way no one could have predicted, Matt turns to Rebekah for help. Finally, Bonnie makes a terrifying discovery, and Klaus receives a message that could change everything.


Bonnie has a dream where she visits Jeremy's grave and encounters him. He only tells her repeatedly to wake up and when she does, the couch she is sleeping on is on fire.

Damon and Stefan have taken Elena's threat to kill people seriously, though they reason that the best course of action is to try to convince Elena to turn her humanity back on by reminding her of her past happy life.

Elijah has a conversation with Rebekah and Klaus about the Cure to decide who will get it. Klaus wants to give it to Silas so he will die, though it will cause all the dead supernatural beings to come back; Klaus notes this will at least enable them to see their dead siblings, Kol and Finn. Rebekah wants the cure for herself so she can be human and have a happy life. Ultimately, Elijah decides Rebekah should get it because her reason is not damaging, leaving Klaus furious. However, Elijah will not just give Rebekah the cure in case her reasons to be human are more of a spur-of-the-moment desire. She has to spend a day "human", she cannot use her vampire powers at all so she knows what she is giving up. Elena is certain Rebekah will fail, as it is not in her personality to act human.

Shopping for a dress for the prom, Bonnie tells Caroline about her dream. She is uncertain whether her grief caused it or if her Expression powers are getting out of control. Caroline suggests Bonnie is upset because she did not get to say good-bye to Jeremy. They are then met by Elena and Rebekah, and Caroline is still angry with Elena for her previous attempt to kill her. Elena ends up stealing the dress Caroline picked out for herself, leaving an angry Caroline to ask Klaus to give her one. Stefan and Damon escort an unhappy Elena to prom. She meets with Bonnie and Matt, who have come together. They try to comfort her, but she coldly rebuffs them, saying she is not happy with Bonnie because the latter had said she could bring Jeremy back but did not. Damon tries to get close to her, but Elena ignores his statements, pointing out Damon was the one who told her to turn off her humanity in the first place, and claims her love for him was apparently the product of the sire bond after all. Stefan then tries, but gets the same result.

Bonnie sees Jeremy (or, rather, imagines him) and shares a dance with him with Rihanna's Stay playing in the background. She discovers it is really Silas when "Jeremy" tries to convince her to bring him back by giving the cure to Silas. Angry, she leaves. Caroline shares a dance with Stefan, and he admits he is having difficulty moving on from Elena because a part of him still cares for her. Caroline comforts him by saying it is natural, though she ends up leaving the prom she organized in depression over not having Tyler around.

Rebekah asks April to make her prom queen, not using her compulsion to do so, with Elena demanding she does. Rebekah asks Matt whether she would make a good human, but he says she will not because she has never done anything good, upsetting her. Damon is outside nostalgic as he thinks of Elena, and Stefan comes and bluntly points out that he and Elena had a real relationship, while she and Damon had sex that may have been caused by the sire bond. Angered, Damon charges at him only to be stacked by Stefan, revealing himself as Silas. Stefan is currently in the woods in a similar position. Meanwhile, Elijah asks Klaus to pardon Katherine, but Klaus is disgusted by his brother's affection, telling him if he gets his hands on Katherine, he will kill her..

Matt and Bonnie are crowned King and Queen, leaving Rebekah disappointed. Elena overhears the others' conversation about Silas and realizes that so long as Bonnie is around, Silas will prevail in breaking the veil that keeps the supernatural on the Other Side. If this happens, people such as Alaric and Jeremy will come back, and Elena does not want Jeremy to convince her to turn her humanity back on. She resolves to kill Bonnie to prevent this, as Silas needs her. Elena attacks Bonnie behind the curtains and Bonnie uses her Expression to stop her while wind and magic blow through the rest of the school and Bonnie tells Matt she has to leave. Confronted by Matt and April, Elena hits April's head on a desk, bites her and says, "That's for not letting Rebekah win Prom Queen', but she is actually sore from losing against Bonnie. Rebekah comes by and Matt asks her to heal a dying April with her blood, though it will cause her to lose her bet with Elijah.

Caroline goes to Tyler's old house and is pleasantly surprised to find him there for prom. Klaus cannot get into the house, leaving him safe for a while. They share a dance before he departs. He is instantly met by Klaus, who had guessed he would return. However, he gives Tyler a chance to run.

Bonnie is once again met by Silas, and he makes her more upset by insisting she try to get Jeremy back by helping him. She says, "I will die before I can let you control me." The cars parked in the background's lights flicker and alarms rings. Her Expression powers get overwhelmed with frustration and anger as Silas yells, "Control, Bonnie, control!" Bonnie screams as she wins the battle for consciousness while using Expression and consciously pushes Silas out of her mind with her enhanced powers. He disappears just as Elena appears and bites Bonnie. Bonnie falls onto her knees while Elena starts to feel pain in her mind, the already angry Bonnie becomes enraged and the viewer sees that Bonnie's wounds heal rapidly, much faster than vampires or werewolves have been shown to heal. For the first time in a while, Elena is left in a vulnerable position until Stefan and Damon show up and Elena is almost killed by Bonnie. Bonnie stops and leaves in a fury saying, "None of this is okay." while Stefan injects Elena with vervain, knocking her unconscious. Rebekah heals April and Matt, regretting his previous statement, agrees not to tell anyone about the event. However, Klaus has seen it and demands she tell Elijah the truth. He implies he is planning something, Rebekah calls after him, "What does that mean? Niklaus, what does that mean?!" So Rebekah calls Elijah to warn him. However, Elijah had been tricked into giving the cure to Silas, who took on Rebekah's form.

Elena is locked in the cellar of the Salvatore house until they find out what to do next. Damon notes how when Bonnie was harming Elena, she clearly showed genuine fear. They reason that if Elena is miserable, she will probably turn her humanity back on. Klaus goes home to find a letter from Katherine. She reveals that in New Orleans, a witch is plotting against Klaus, and reasons there are details that will be a horrific shock to Klaus. Her reason for warning him is he will give up on finding Katherine once he discovers the plot. Bonnie tracks down Silas and finds him in his normal form with the cure. He reveals a part of his true face to her by her inquiry.


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  • Antagonists: Elena Gilbert and Silas.
  • At least eight or nine days have gone by since the previous episode.
  • Rebekah reveals that Elena is currently living with her, but the living arrangement is short lived. Elena was injected with vervain by Stefan and brought back to the Salvatore Boarding House and held in the basement.
  • As stated by Caroline, vervain is no longer in the town's water supply.
  • This is the first time Rebekah attends a dance, as she had never been able to actually make it to any of the other dances she wanted to go to in the past such as Homecoming Dance and 20s Decade Dance. However, she was at the improvised 80s Decade Dance earlier this season, but it was not an official town event.
  • Silas shows Bonnie what he claims to be his real face. It is scarred and deformed, and he tells her it is because Qetsiyah wanted to ensure that no one would ever love him again.
  • Elena tries to kill April after she refused to cheat and announce Rebekah as prom queen. However, she was saved at the last moment when Rebekah healed her with her blood after Matt begged her to save her.
  • When Elena reveals that she doesn't want Bonnie to permanently lower the veil between the living world and the Other Side, she explains that it's not because she's afraid of the return of her enemies who were killed and trapped there, but because she doesn't want Alaric and Jeremy to come back, as she knows they will try to make her turn on her humanity again.
  • Katherine does not physically appear in this episode, although her voice can be heard at the end when she narrates the letter she leaves for Klaus.
  • Until this point, Bonnie has ever used her magic against Elena; she uses Expression to cast a Pain Infliction spell on her in self-defense. It's also the first time Bonnie or any witch is seen using magic to heal their own wounds.
  • Klaus' threat to make Elijah's life miserable is similar to how Damon had threatened to do the same to Stefan when they first became vampires.
  • Elijah gives Klaus the White Oak Stake as a consolation prize to make up for the fact that he planned to give the cure to Rebekah.



Behind the Scenes

  • This is the least viewed episode of Season Four, with only about 2.14 million viewers in the USA.
  • This 85th and the following 86th episode mark the middle of the series, which has a total of 171 episodes.
  • Though no one knew this at the time, Silas actually took on his true form at one point in this episode when he impersonated Stefan.
  • This episode was Kat Graham's favorite episode to film.
  • Hashtag during the airing is #SuitAndDie

Cultural References

  • Pictures of You is the fourth and final single from the British rock band The Cure's 1989 album Disintegration.
  • Pictures of You is also the title of a song by the band The Last Goodnight, released in 2007. It is still wildly popular today, and receives sporadic play on the pop stations of the radio.
  • Pictures of You was the title of an episode of One Tree Hill during its fourth season.
  • Pictures of You is a song from Bon Jovi's twelfth album.
  • Pictures of You is also name of a novel by Caroline Leavitt.
  • The voice of Silas is voice actor Jason Spisak, who voiced Kid Flash in the animated series Young Justice and many other characters in anime and video games.


Damon: "She doesn't want the cure. She's just gonna start killing people if she knows we're still trying to get it for her."
Stefan: "So why don't we make her want it?"
Elena: "I don't need a babysitter."
Stefan: "Really? Last time I saw you, you snapped a waitress' spine."
Damon: "Don't eat the prom queen."
Elena: "I feel nothing for you, Damon."
Bonnie: (to Damon) "Elena's gone."

Caroline: "What kind of dreams?"
Bonnie: "Usually I'm at his grave. All of a sudden, he appears to me."
Caroline: "Oh, you never got to say goodbye, Bon. You're grieving, that is normal."
Bonnie: "When I woke up, the couch was on fire."
Caroline: "Oh..."
Bonnie: "I don't know if it's because I was emotional in my dream, or if Shane was right. Without his help, I'll lose control of my magic."
Caroline: "No, it's because you need a night off from mourning. And I'm gonna make sure that you have it."
Bonnie: "You look super hot, by the way."
Caroline: "You think?"
Bonnie: "Oh, yeah!"
Caroline: "Yeah!"
Bonnie: "Yeah!"
Caroline: "Yeah!"
Bonnie: "Matt and I are gonna have the sexiest date there."
Caroline: "You know what? I love Friend-Prom. And it's exactly what Prom should be, friends and memories. Yes, it's sucks that my boyfriend can't be here, but the three of us are going have the time of our lives."
Elena: "Hey Bonnie, heard you got your mind wiped. That sucks. Pretty dress, Caroline."
Caroline: "I know, you helped me pick it out months ago. When we were friends. Before you tried to kill me."
Elena: "I thought it looked familiar."
Caroline: (to store employee) "Can you press this for me? I'll pick it up later. Bonnie?"

Damon: "How long has it been? Eight, nine days?"
Stefan: "Yeah, eight or nine days, I don't know, I lost count."
Damon: "We lost count for the consecutive days in which Elena Gilbert is not killing anyone. I'd say that's progress, brother."
Stefan: "So, what we are going to do? Just, uh, throw the football around for another hundred and fifty years so Elena gets her humanity back? 'Cause I'm cool with that."
Damon: "She doesn't want the cure. She's going to start killing people if she knows we still trying to get it for her."
Stefan: "Alright. We can always make her want it?"
Damon: "Yeah, how you're gonna make an emotionless vampire want anything?."
Stefan: "Get her to flip her humanity switch."
Damon: "So what are you going to do? Pull a Lexi, bombard her with emotions 'til one of those sticks?"
Stefan: "Yeah, and if that doesn't work, then we got Plan B-- lock her up, keep her isolated until you and I figure out Plan C."
Damon: "And what happens when she gets slammed with every emotion she's repressed since Jeremy died?"
Stefan: "Well, then you, my friend, will be right by her side ready to help her through it."
Damon: "Right, 'cause you don't want to keep reliving history and when this is all over, you are just going to get out of our lives."
Stefan: "Bingo."
Damon: "Alright, how you wanna do this?"

Rebekah: "What am I missing?"
Elena: "Silas is appearing to Bonnie as my dead brother. Which means he still wants her to do the spell."
Rebekah: "So? The nice thing about having no feelings is you don't fear your enemies on the Other Side."
Elena: "I'm not worried about my enemies. It's people like Alaric and Jeremy. The Salvatore brothers are annoying enough as it is. Can you imagine if my brother came back to the living? He'd spend every waking hour trying to get my humanity back."



Last.fm_play.png "Whispers" – Dave Baxter
Last.fm_play.png "Keep Together" – Hunter Hunted
Last.fm_play.png "Bottled Up Tight" – Luke Sital-Singh
Last.fm_play.png "Pictures Of You (The Cure cover)" – Class Actress
Last.fm_play.png "Desert Song" – Hot As Sun
Last.fm_play.png "Stay" – Rihanna

Last.fm_play.png "Remember" – Kari Kimmel
Last.fm_play.png "Paper and Gun" – The Cold And Lovely
Last.fm_play.png "Lights" – Josh Ritter
Last.fm_play.png "Song For Zula" – Phosphorescent
Last.fm_play.png "Stay Away" – Charli XCX
Last.fm_play.png "You Send Me (Sam Cooke cover)" – Caught A Ghost



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