Because your real business is selling black-market supernatural artifacts.
Alaric about Pinky in This is What It Takes

Pinky is a guest character who appeared in the fifth episode of the third season of Legacies.

Early History

Nothing is known about Pinky, except he owns a pawn shop called Pinky and Sons, which implies that he has children.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Three

In This is What It Takes, Pinky's approached by Alaric and Hope at his pawn show, Pinky and Sons. They ask for him by name, but he denies them. He's closed. Alaric explains that they'll be gone as soon as they have what they've come for. Pinky mistakes their relationship and pulls out a jewelry box. He assumes Alaric is here to buy her a gift, but he's quickly corrected. His real business is selling black-market supernatural artifacts. Pinky suggests that Hope should wait in the car, but her eyes flash at him. He suggests they lock the door and then they can do business. Alaric and Hope swift through boxes of artifacts but they can't find what they're looking for. He needs specifics from them. All Alaric knows is that it's some sort of vessel and whatever's inside of it "can grant your heart's most impossible desire". He tells them that he has nothing of the sort and if he did, he wouldn't sell it. Hope knows better, she could hear his heart race when he found out what it does. She reasons that he still has the artifact so all they have to do now is negotiate the price. Pinky proposes a counter offer and pulls a shotgun from under the counter. Alaric pulls a knife, though Pinky laughs at him. He's brought a knife to a gun fight. Alaric corrects him. It's a ballistic knife and threatens to put the blade through his skull. Before he can counter Hope casts a spell on him. He begins to choke and die. It's a death spell and Alaric demands her to stop. With his life draining, Alaric tells him that the spell won't work if she can't see you and tells him to run. Pinky grabs the artifact and runs out of his store. To make his get-a-way, he steals Alaric's car and drives off.

Pinky seeks refuge at Mystic Tap. The bartender passes him a drink but he refuses the brown stuff. It's actually Alaric's who called ahead. Pinky returns his key as Alaric downs the drink. He has something for Pinky too and places a tube on the countertop. He wants to make a deal. Pinky opens the tube to reveal a baseball bat. As he inspects it, he confesses that even if Babe Ruth used the bat to hit all of his home runs, they still don't have a deal. What Alaric is after means a lot to him. Despite only becoming aware of the artifact recently, ever since he's gotten his hands on it, he's had these dreams. He knows these dreams are going to come true. Like Alaric said at his pawn shop, that artifact's going to grant his heart's most impossible desire, that is as soon as he figures out how to open it. Alaric offers to take a look for him, but Pinky declines it. Ultimately, he gives the bat back to Alaric and asks him to leave. Alaric admits that it's not the Bambino's but the bat is priceless to him. He played in a wooden bat league - summers, high school - and the thing never broke, no matter how hard he'd smash things. Pinky bets that since he stopped the witch from killing him, he's softer than he realizes. Pinky's rationalization is flawed. Alaric tells him that Hope has lost more in her life than almost anyone he knows and he's determined to help her get her heart's desire. He reinforces his threat. Either way he's getting the bat. It's Pinky's choice. Pinky takes out the artifact and throws the cloth in Alaric's face. Distracted Pinky grabs the bat and makes his move against Alaric.


Physical Appearance


Season Three


  • Pinky is a nickname that refers to one's 'little finger'.[1]




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