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(Caroline wakes hearing some noise. She goes downstairs to see what the noise is; suddenly Colin appears in the door)

Colin: Caroline Forbes.
Caroline: Colin.
Colin: What the hell did you do to me?

(After a while)

Stefan: Hey.
Caroline: Hey.
Caroline: Mom's still sleeping. Don't wake her up.
Stefan: What happened?
Caroline: I don't know. H-he was fine when we left him at Duke, remember? He was running around and pain-free and scarfing down all that disgusting vending machine food.
Stefan: Yeah? Well, clearly, he's not fine now. Wait. I thought you compelled him to forget everything after you fed him your blood. How did he find you?
Caroline: I don't know.
Stefan: What if this blood isn't even his? Is there any chance that your mom signed the house over to you?
Caroline: I don't know. Maybe. She's been running around like crazy, saying she need to get her ducks in a row or...

(Stefan opens the window; Colin's face starts to burn)

Stefan: He's a vampire, which means after you fed him your blood...
Caroline: He died.


(Elena is looking for something)

Elena: Calculator, calculator. Where is the calculator? Of course. Under the catatonic serial killer.
Damon: Hey.
Elena: Hey.
Damon: Sandwich?
Elena: I can't. I'm late for my volunteer shift at the hospital. (takes a bite of the sandwich Damon is holding out to her)
Damon: Ok. Ooh. That's new. (motions to Elena's ring)
Elena: Oh, yeah. Jo made me a new daylight ring. You like?
Damon: Depends. Does it work?
Elena: Well, I'm here, aren't I?
Damon: Yeah, inside in the shade.
Elena: I know everyone has their doubts about Jo's magic, but she has an entire month to get stronger and win the merge with Kai, so a little bit of support wouldn't kill anybody.
Damon: Speaking of killing people. Still counting sheep or whatever the hell you psychopaths dream of?
Elena: Look, Alaric's gone out of town to get some mystical thingamabob to give Jo an edge, and your job is to baby-sit Kai, not smother him with a pillow.
Damon: Fine.
Elena: And if he starts twitching or something, just give him 50 milligrams of pentobarbital.
Damon: You're so cute when you're all doctorly. Ohh. Hey. You forgot this. You're not free tonight by any chance, are you? Because I know this little Italian joint that has eggplant so good you actually think you're eating people.
Elena: (laughs) And I happen to have a weird eggplant obsession.
Damon: Perfect.
Elena: Great. (smiles)
Damon: And I'm thinking maybe after that, go the Arthouse Theater. They're playing some pretentious French flick.
Elena: (laughs) I don't speak French, Damon.
Damon: Well, not to see the movie, silly. To hide in the back and throw popcorn at the hipsters.
Elena: (laughs, then frowns) Wait, we've gone on this date already, haven't we? (Damon says nothing) Damon, that's cheating, okay? You already know everything about me.
Damon: Cheating? Cheating is erasing all of our epic memories. That's cheating.
Elena: I'm serious. Look, if we're going to do this, then we can't just pick up where we left off. Because I don't remember where that is. 
Damon: I understand. Where would you like to start?
Elena: At the beginning. I'm off at six; you can pick me up then.
Damon: Fine.
Elena: (grabbing her things and heading for the door) Fine.
Damon: Great.
Elena: Great.
Damon: Good.
Elena: (smiling and walking out the door) Bye.
Damon: Bye (door slams; Damon waves)


(Liv and Tyler are laying in bed together, sparsely clothed)

Liv: How about Atlantis? Or like, the Sea of Tranquility?
Tyler: On the moon?
Liv: Mmmhhmm.
Tyler: (sighs) Ohhh.
Liv: I hear it's nice there. It's very tranquil.
Tyler: Mmmhhmmm
Liv: Mmmhhmmm
Tyler: I'm serious. (Liv laughs) Look, pick a real place.
Liv: Why are we talking about spending Spring Break anywhere other than this tiny bed? Which we should probably leave at some point today. (kisses Tyler's neck and moves to get out of the bed)

(A knock at the door)

Tyler: Ignore that (kisses Liv's shoulder)
Joshua: (on the other side of the door) Olivia? You home?
Tyler: Olivia?
Liv: (grabs her phone and checks the time) Oh, my God, he's early.
Tyler: Who's early?
Joshua: (knocks again) Sweetheart, it's your old man.

(Tyler gets out of bed; Liv is pulling on clothes)

Liv: (tosses Tyler a shirt) Here, put this on.
Tyler: Your dad? What's he doing here?
Liv: He wants to take Luke and me out to dinner. Hide! (Liv opens the door and sees Joshua on the other side) Dad, hi. I thought we were meeting later.
Joshua: Well, we were, but I wanted a couple of extra minutes with my girl.
Liv: Oh.
Joshua: (hands Liv a present) Happy birthday.

(Tyler is watching from behind the door, looking confused)


Jo: (to a nurse) I adjusted Mrs. Murphy's dose of Fentanyl. Keep an eye on her, thanks.

(Jo looks down and sees a withered plant. She checks to make sure there's no around before trying to revive it)

Jo: Phesmatos tribum, plantus vivifae, plantus herebus. (nothing happens)
Elena: (coming up behind Jo) Should I call it?
Jo: Time of death, anybody's guess. (drops the plant in the trash)
Elena: (holding up her hand with the daylight ring) Well, in the magical win column, I just walked across campus without bursting into flame. So, there's that.

(Stefan stumbles in, half-carrying Colin)

Stefan: I need help.

(In another room, looking at X-rays of Colin's brain)

Jo: I had Duke over Colin's medical records. This head scan is from earlier this week. (places another scan on the board) This one was taken right here, ten minutes ago. See all that red?
Damon: Well, I'm no doctor but that guy is screwed.
Stefan: So the blood didn't heal him, it sped up his cancer and killed him.
Jo: So now, I have a stage 10 cancer patient. Which, by the way, doesn't exist. Who is beyond terminally ill and a vampire, meaning all of his emotions are heightened and he can't die.
Damon: Hey, no offense, but could someone tell me why I was called down here to listen to the story of Colin the Cancer Vamp?
Liz: (came in with Caroline) Because Caroline fed me her blood last night. So the same thing is gonna happen to me.


(Elena is sitting outside; Stefan comes out)

Stefan: Hey.
Elena: Any news?
Stefan: No, not yet. It's a little outside of Jo's expertise.
Elena: (sighs) Did you know that Caroline was going to give her mom vampire blood?
Stefan: Yeah, I was there when it healed Colin.
Elena: And then you left and then he died, so it didn't actually heal him; it did the opposite.
Stefan: Caroline had every reason to think it would work.
Elena: Yeah, but you didn't, Stefan. You're what? Like 165-years-old? You worked as a paramedic at hospitals...
Stefan: So that makes me an expert in supernatural cancer-treatment..
Elena: I just wish that you'd done a little bit more research. Or waited like, a day.
Stefan: Because you were thinking so rationally when Damon died. Right? Her mother is terminal. You didn't see the hope in her eyes when she thought that maybe her mother didn't have to die. And I didn't wanna be the one to take that away from her.

(Caroline is standing behind Stefan; Stefan and Elena look at her)

Caroline: Uhm, Jo has an idea.


(Liz is laying in bed, hooked up to machines and sleeping)

(Jo and Damon are standing outside the room, looking in through the window)

Jo: Medically speaking, this is our best option. If vampire blood is the issue, then a full transfusion of human blood might stabalize her condition.
Damon: (sarcastically) Please, sound less confident, Doc.
Jo: Look, we are in uncharted territory here. This isn't just a medical problem, Damon, it's a magical one.
Damon: Well, then you're uniquely qualified. (smirks) Witch-doctor and all.
Jo: Now you believe in my magic? Gee, thanks. Unfortunately, this goes beyond any witch ability I've ever heard of. But please, if you have a better plan, I'm all ears.


(Tyler and Liv are walking to meet up with Luke; Liv and Luke are going to have dinner with their father)

Tyler: Why did you tell me your birthday was in two weeks?
Liv: (looking in her compact mirror) To avoid this exact conversation. Am I wearing too much eyeliner?
Tyler: If you and Luke are 22, that means you're old enough to merge. 
Liv: That's why Luke and I are going to bust our wonder-twin powers of persuasion, make dad think that Jo's powerful enough to over-power Kai, and Luke and I won't have to do the merge.  

(Luke walks up beside them, wearing a suit and tie)

Luke: (points to Liv) You're wearing way too much makeup. (points to Tyler) And he shouldn't be here.
Liv: He's not staying and why are you wearing a tie?
Luke: I'm about to ask the leader of the Gemini coven to let us out of a centuries-old tradition. I kind of need him to take me seriously.
Tyler: You should let me talk to him.
Liv: Really bad idea. Promise me that you'll stay out of it.
Tyler: What happens if you don't convince him?
Liv: We will.
Tyler: You die. You and Luke merge, Luke wins, you die.
Liv: Do you trust me?
Tyler: Do I have a choice?
Liv: Then don't worry. You're not gonna lose me. (kisses Tyler and walks away with Luke)


(Damon is sitting in the waiting room; Elena comes in)

(Damon stands)

Elena: Hey.
Damon: Hey, the blood transfusions are stopping the cancer from eating her alive? Or hey, is there a sheriff-sized space available in the family crypt?
Elena: I don't know. Jo's still running some tests to find that out. She should be out in a minute.
Damon: I don't know if you remember this, but Liz and I are pretty close.
Elena: (nods) Yeah.
Damon: I mean, as far as humans go, she's...tolerable.
Elena: I can see how much you care about her, but we all do. So if there's anything we can do to fix this, trust me, we will.
Damon: Yeah.

(Jo comes in, but only sighs)

(Caroline is at a vending machine)

Stefan: (comes over) Hi.
Caroline: Hey. The coffee machine's broken. Seriously, what kind of hospital is this? If you can't fix a coffee machine, then how are you supposed to be able to fix people?
Stefan: Sure you don't need some real food? There's probably a machine around here that vends (whispers) O-positive.
Caroline: (sighs and leans against the vending machine) I screwed up. Big time. Why did I feed her that blood?
Stefan: You were trying to help.
Caroline: No, I was trying to fix something that I had no business trying to fix. It's like textbook definition of control freak from Hell.
Stefan: Listen, you are an optimist. (Caroline sighs) You wanna believe that anything is possible and that is exactly what your mom needs to hear right now. Okay?

(Exclamations of pain from Colin's room)

Caroline: That's Colin's room.

(Colin is stabbing himself in the chest with a metal bar; Caroline and Stefan enter, closing the door behind them)

Colin: I can't die. (pulls the bar from his chest and drops it on the floor) Why can't I die?
Stefan: Hey, hey. Calm down, calm down. It's okay. It's okay.
Colin: It's not okay. I'm in agony. I can hear my tumors growing!
Caroline: Okay, we'll try to help, but just please stop hurting yourself.
Colin: (vamps over to Caroline and grabs her arms) You wanna help me? Help me die.

(Colin collapses and Damon is standing behind him, holding Colin's heart)

Caroline: Why the hell did you do that?
Damon: He made a wish, I granted it.
Caroline: God.
Damon: The blood transfusion didn't work. So you didn't just kill him, Blondie.
Stefan: That's enough, Damon.
Caroline: No, it's fine. You know, he's just saying what everyone else is thinking. I killed my mom.

(Caroline leaves, slamming the door behind her)

(Elena is standing outside Liz's room, looking through the window, calling Caroline)

Caroline's Voice-mail: Hi, it's Caroline. Leave a message.

Elena: (to Caroline's voice-mail) Caroline, where are you? Call me. Or better idea, just...just come back.

(Elena walks into Liz's room; Liz is just waking up)

Elena: Hey.
Liz: (weakly) Hey.
Elena: How are you feeling?
Liz: Like a human pin-cushion. So, what's the verdict? Did the blood-swap work?
Elena: We're not sure yet, I mean, Jo's still doing some tests.
Liz: (nods) You shouldn't lie to sick people, Elena. It's bad karma.
Elena: They thought it was slow down the cancer cells from replicating. (Liz is trying not to cry) But it didn't work. I'm sorry. 
Liz: (nods) How's Caroline?
Elena: She's good. She just ran out to get some food.
Liz: Elena...
Elena: She just took off. And now I can't find her; I can't get ahold of her.
Liz: She's not gonna forgive herself for this, is she?
Elena: Hey. (sits on the edge of the bed and takes Liz's hand) I'll make sure that we find her. I promise.

(Liz nods and takes Elena's hand)

Liz: Thank you.


(Caroline is browsing flowers; Stefan comes in)

Caroline: Good, you're here. I actually need a second opinion. I kind of like this because sunflowers are her favorite flower, but at the same time, I was also thinking maybe they're a little too over-the-top cheerful for a memorial service. (walks over to the roses) So this was the second option, um, because roses are classic, right? I mean, especially in this shade of pink. Obviously, I would change out the vase, but-- 

(Caroline looks over to Stefan, who is just watching her) 

Caroline: If you're thinking of saying something to make me feel better, don't. I don't deserve to feel better.
Stefan: I wasn't.
Caroline: Good.
Stefan: I was actually thinking that you have far more important things to do than plan a memorial service for your mother. Who's still alive, by the way.
Caroline: Yeah, but all of this still needs to be done, right? She's not gonna want to live out the rest of her life as a vampire in excruciating pain. So I should do something that I'm good at, instead of making everything worse. Which arrangement?
Stefan: Caroline, you took a risk. It didn't pay off, but you did it out of love. You made your mother sicker, okay? But what are you gonna do now? Are you just gonna bury your head in the sand?
Caroline: I don't--I don't know what to say to her.
Stefan: You don't have to say anything to her. Just sit with her.
Caroline: (on the verge of tears) I can't. I can't even face her.
Stefan: Look, when I was young, my mom, she got really sick. And instead of spending time with her, I did everything I could to avoid her. Like picking out her favorite flowers or walking into town to get the tea that she liked. And I pretended like I was doing it for her, but I wasn't. I was just afraid to see her like that. And then my dad, he uh, he sent her away and she died. I would give anything to have one more day with her.
Caroline: What if she can't forgive me?
Stefan: She doesn't think there's anything to forgive. She just wants you to be with her.

(Caroline sighs and takes Stefan's hand; they leave the flower shop together)


(Liv and Luke are having dinner with their father, Joshua; they're trying to convince him to let Jo and Kai merge instead)

Joshua: You're refusing to merge?
Luke: We wanna consider other options.
Joshua: There are no other options. If a set of twins doesn't merge, then the Gemini bloodline will cease to exist upon my death. That means the entire coven will die. Is that what you want?
Luke: No, of course not. But you are in perfect health, Kai is on ice. That means we have time to figure this out.
Joshua: There's nothing to figure out. This is what you were born to do.
Liv: No, dad. This is why Kai and Jo were born. We were just the backup plan you bred because you thought that your first batch had a design flaw. 
Joshua: Kai is a psychopath. An extremely dangerous one.
Liv: Dad, Jo can do this. She can win. All we're asking is that you give her a chance.
Joshua: I'm not asking you to do anything I haven't done myself.
Liv: That's easy for you to say. You merged with your twin brother and you won. You didn't drop dead. 
Joshua: It doesn't work like that and you know it. One will absorb traits from the other. Both of your souls will unite into a new being.
Luke: Who looks exactly like me. Yeah, I know I'm stronger than Liv, so that means I will win if we merge. So you can put whatever poetic spin you want on it, but I will be killing my own sister. I can't do that to her.


(Tyler takes off the oximeter from Kai's finger; beeping; Tyler keeps unhooking wires from Kai; Damon walks in)

Damon: Bad timing, Lockwood. I'm in a mood. What the hell are you doing?

(Damon vamp-speeds over to Tyler, grabs him by the throat and slams him agains the doorframe)

Damon: I'll make it easier on you. I'll give you multiple choice: A) I'm being an idiot. B) I have anger issues and I'm a puny human now and I have to pick on people while they sleep. C) A and B are both correct.

(Tyler breaks loose and starts coughing)

Tyler: Liv's dad is in town.
Damon: Really?
Tyler: She's trying to convince him to let Jo and Kai do the merge.
Damon: Oh, so you just thought you'd come and grab Kai as a failsafe in case Papa Parker says no to Liv and Luke. You just turn him loose and he merges with Jo anyway, huh? While I appreciate your efforts, he's a psycho freak magic siphon. I'm not gonna just let you walk out with him. (Damon stops, having an idea; he slaps Tyler on the shoulder) I could kiss you right now, you beautiful moron.
Tyler: What are you talking about?

(Damon grabs Tyler and vamps over to the bed, injecting Tyler with the Pentobarbital, causing him to pass out)

Damon: Yep, that stuff works really well. Nighty-night. That should keep you down for an hour.


(Liv's phone rings; it says it's Tyler, but it's Damon)

Liv: Not a good time. 
Damon: (on the other line) Well, I'm sorry to hear that Twinderella. Big pitch going south, is it?
Liv: Where's Tyler?
Damon: Well, the good news is, your boyfriend and I, I think, have come up with a solution. Now it's a bit of a Hail Mary, but I think everybody gets what they need. I just have to ask Papa Parker one question, so do you mind putting him on? 
Liv: I want to talk to Tyler.
Damon: He's, uh, out at the moment.

(Liv hands the phone to Joshua, who takes it warily)

Joshua: Yes?
Damon: Hello, sir. Damon Salvatore here. We had Thanksgiving together. Anyway, I've been sitting here Googling celestial events happening today and I was just curious: Would a Mercury-Venus conjunction give you enough juice to do a little Gemini merge party? 
Joshua: Why?
Damon: I'm gonna take that evasive answer as a yes. So, here's the situation: I'm gonna need you to use that planet party to merge your set of blonde twins ASAP. Because, well, unfortunately, your formerly comatose son is gonna be on the loose and Hell-bent on beating you to the punch.

(Damon hangs up)


(Kai is coming around)

Damon: Rise and shine, you little weasel.

(Kai tries to use magic on Damon, but it has all drained away while he was sleeping)

Damon: Oohh, trying to pop a blood vessel in my brain? Sorry. Not gonna work. Looks like all that magic you sucked up drained away while you were asleep, which is good for me. Don't worry, I know where you can get more.

(Kai sits up and laughs once, humorlessly)

Kai: You really think I'm gonna trust you?
Damon: No. And I'm not gonna trust you. I just happen to need a magic siphon and you're the only game in town.
Kai: (looks down at Tyler and hops over him, off the bed; to Tyler) Hi. (to Damon) Let's discuss my fee.


(Kai is washing his hands in the sink)

Kai: All right. I need a 12-gauge needle, stat. I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but I need it.
Elena: You're not a doctor, so stop playing games. Because I am a vampire and I will rip your head off if you screw this up.
Damon: What she said. So do your stupid little magic-suction trick and suck the magic out of her. Right now.
Kai: I get what you two see in each other. It's very dys-FUN-ctional. (laughs) See what I did? Stressing the 'fun' in dysfunctional--
Liz: Just get on with it, Kai. Listening to you talk makes me wanna die.
Kai: (amused) That's good.

(Kai puts one hand on Liz's arm, the other on her cheek, sucking the magic from her; Liz is in pain)

Damon: Is it working?
Elena: I have no idea.

(Jo comes in, sees Kai and stops in horror)

Jo: What the hell is going on? What is he doing here?
Kai: Hey, sis. Little busy. Be with you in a jiffy.
Jo: Elena?
Elena: I'm gonna let Damon explain.
Damon: Yeah. 

(Damon and Jo leave the room to talk)

Elena: (to Kai) I'm staying with you.

(Damon and Jo are in another room)

Jo: Have you actually lost your mind?
Damon: Hey, shh. Listen. You told me Liz was gonna die in eight hours if the magic kept doing it's thing. He steals magic. You made it through med school, I figured you knew where I was going with this.
Jo: If you think Kai is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, I can assure you: he doesn't have one. What's the price?
Damon: He wants to merge. Tonight.

(Back in Liz's room)

(Kai is still sucking magic from Liz; he finishes and pulls his hands away, flexing them)

Kai: There. All done. 
Elena: Sheriff, hey. How are you feeling? Are you okay?
Liz: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. 

(Elena smiles and sighs; Liz starts having a heart-attack)

Elena: Oh, my God. I think she's having a heart-attack. 
Kai: Oh, that is so tragic. You know, 'cause you guys jumped through hoops to get the magic out of her system, but then her ticker's just not strong enough to take a little siphoning.
Elena: Kai, you have to fix this!

(Kai has disappeared and left Elena alone with Liz)

(Damon and Jo are still talking in another room)

Jo: I can't merge tonight. I'm not ready.
Damon: You almost burned my house down. Don't you think I know that? Luckily for you, it's all be taken care of.
Jo: Damon, what the hell did you do?

(Damon opens his mouth to speak, but an invisible Kai breaks his neck)

(Kai reappears)

Kai: Magical neck-snap. Never gets old. Isn't this the part where you start running?
Jo: I've spent my entire life running from you. I'm not running anymore.

(Kai smirks, grabs Jo's arm and they walk out)


(Joshua is standing outside, looking up at the sky; Luke and Liv come out the back door to find him)

Liv: What are you doing out here?
Joshua: Just thinking about how proud I am of you and your brother. Built a good life for yourselves here.  
Luke: Does that mean you'll think about what we asked?
Joshua: Of course. We share a history. A bloodline. (Joshua hold out his hands, one to each of them) We're in this together. We're family. 

(Liv and Luke each take their father's hand; Joshua starts the merge ceremony)

Joshua: Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. (Live and Luke both start experiencing pain) Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.
Luke: You're merging us?
Joshua: Kai has been released. He's going after Jo. I can't let him get to her.
Liv: Dad, stop!
Luke: I'm gonna kill her! She's not strong enough, dad.
Joshua: I'm sorry.
Luke: She's not strong enough, dad!
Joshua: There's no other option. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.

(Tyler comes and shoves Joshua away)

Tyler: She said no!

(Tyler starts punching Joshua in the face and doesn't stop until Liv pulls him away)

Tyler: (to Liv) He was going to kill you.
Liv: I'm fine. I'm fine. 

(Luke starts leaving) 

Liv: Luke, where are you going?
Luke: You trust me?
Liv: Where are you going?
Luke: I'll be back soon. I promise. 

(Luke runs away; Tyler hugs Liv)


(Kai leads Jo to the center of the park)

Kai: Look at those pretty planets, all twinkly and bright. Oh, Josette, you would not believe how sick I am of eclipses.
Jo: Let's just get this over with.
Kai: (cutting his hand open) You know, if you think I didn't spend the last 18 years in solitary thinking about you screwed me over last time, you're wrong. So if this is just another setup, I'll rip something out more important than a spleen. Like a tongue or a heart. So, any closing remarks?
Jo: You're a parasite. You killed the people I loved, you shoved a hunting knife in my gut. You destroyed my life. Now I'm gonna destroy yours.

(Jo holds out her hand for Kai to cut; Kai jerks it and cuts it)

Kai: I guess we'll see. Won't we?
Jo: (Kai and Jo hold hands) Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.
Jo and Kai: Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.

(Jo falls away and faints; Luke walks around the corner)

Kai: What the hell did you just do?
Luke: Oh, I just gave my big sister a little magic knock on the head. But don't worry, she'll be fine. Because you're gonna merge with me.

(Kai starts laughing and pats Luke on the cheek; Luke slaps away his hand and pushes Kai away)

Kai: Ohh, you wanna merge with me. I hate to break it to you, little brother, but we're not twins. All right, that's not how this is supposed to work.
Luke: Well, that's true. But we share the same parents, the same bloodline and thanks to your timeout in the magic penalty box, we're the same age. So it's definitely a Hail Mary and maybe it won't work. But I'd do anything to save my sister's life, so (cuts his hand and tosses the knife on the ground) we're gonna give it the old college try.
Kai: Thanks, but I'm gonna pass.
Luke: Phasmatos Motus Robix. (magically pulls Kai to him, holding his face with one hand) What's wrong? Are you afraid to play chicken with someone who might actually beat you?
Kai: (shoves Luke's hand away) Fine. (grabs Luke's cut hand) It's your funeral.


(Elena is doing compressions on Liz, who isn't responding)

Elena: Stay with me, Sheriff. Just...breathe!

(Damon comes into the room)

Damon: Elena, hey. What happened?
Elena: It's her heart. I'm losing her, Damon. 
Damon: Okay, no offense Elena, but I think we need to get a real doctor.
Elena: So find one! Now!


Kai and Luke: Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis finantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.
Jo: Luke, no!
Kai and Luke: Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus--
Jo: Luke, no!
Kai and Luke: Sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. 

(Luke and Kai's eyes both turn white)

Jo: Luke! Stop!
Kai and Luke: Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus. Sanguinem desimilus, sanguinem generis fiantus.

(Kai and Luke fall backwards, unconscious)

Jo: No! (gets up and goes over to Luke, cradling his head in her lap) Luke, come on. Luke, Luke wake up. 


(Damon enters with a doctor)

Doctor: How long has she been down?
Damon: What's the mean? Dead?
Elena: I-I don't know. (doctor is charging shock pads) Maybe I think it was a minute. It feels like an hour.
Doctor: Clear! (shocks Liz)



(Liz is packing a suitcase with clothes and baby pictures of Caroline)

Liz: Caroline?

(Doctor is still shocking Liz; heart monitor is still flat-lining)

(Liz is looking at a picture of her and Caroline; Caroline in her cap and gown; she places the picture in the suitcase and closes it)

Liz: Honey, I'm leaving. You wanna say goodbye?

(Doctor shocks Liz again, but it doesn't work; Elena is on the verge of tears)

Damon: Uh-uh. Hey, I compelled you to save her. (grabs the shock pads and shoves them back at the doctor) Unless you want me to gouge your eyes out, I suggest you keep working. Here.
Doctor: I've done all that I can do. She's gone. I'm sorry.
Damon: (compelling the doctor) Get out of here. Forget you're a total failure.

(the doctor leaves and Damon throws down the shock pads)

Elena: No, no. (starts compressions again) I will not let this happen. Wake up!
Damon: (puts a hand on Elena's back) Hey, she's gone. 
Elena: Come on.

(Caroline comes in, sees what's happening and runs over to her mom)

Caroline: No, no! Mom, mom! (shaking her mom) Mom, mommy! No, mom, no. (crying) Don't leave me, please. Please, no. Please don't leave me, mom.

(Liz comes downstairs with her suitcase in hand; Caroline is standing by the window, staring out it)

Liz: Caroline? Can you hear me, sweetheart? (Caroline doesn't move or reply) It's time for me to go. (Liz puts the suitcase down and walks over to Caroline) You don't wanna say goodbye to your mom? (Liz grabs Caroline's shoulder and gently makes Caroline face her)

(Caroline's face is covered in blood, her eyes bloodshot)

(Liz wakes up and her heart monitor starts beeping again)

Caroline: Mom?
Liz: It's okay, baby, I'm right here.
Caroline: (crying) Mom.
Liz: Ohh, it's okay. I'm right here. I'm right here, baby. It's okay, it's okay.

(Damon and Elena leave the room and go out to the lobby)

Damon: (to Elena) Where you going?
Elena: I need some air or some water or something. 'Cause...she almost died in my arms, Damon. Caroline's mom almost died in my arms. 

(Elena kisses Damon)

Damon: I thought you wanted to start over. Because, FYI, this is exactly where we left off.
Elena: I don't care. Life's too short. Immortal or not, I don't want to waste another minute.

(they kiss again)


(Liz is just waking up; Caroline is sitting on the edge of her bed)

Liz: Hello, stranger.
Caroline: Hi.
Liz: Are you okay?
Caroline: (nods) I've just been sitting here, trying to figure out what to say. I guess I should lead with: I'm sorry for almost killing you.
Liz: (laughs) Oh, sweetheart, please. You know me, I'm the world's unluckiest gambler.
Caroline: I'm just sorry that I wasn't here. I couldn't--
Liz: No, no, no, no. This wasn't your fault. I need you to stop beating yourself up. Can you do that for me?
Caroline: Okay.
Liz: Can you say it like you mean it?
Caroline: I will. Mom, you put the house in my name.
Liz: (nods) Couple weeks ago. Just in case anything...
Caroline: Yeah. Well, I don't--I'm not ready for that yet.
Liz: I'm sorry. And I promise you: I will stick around as long as I can. Okay?
Caroline: (nods) Okay.
Liz: Come here. (they hug)

(Stefan comes in with a cup of coffee)

Caroline: Hey.
Stefan: Hey.
Caroline: Where'd you get that?
Stefan: I guess someone fixed the coffee machine. (gives Caroline the coffee)
Liz: That smells amazing. I would give you a million dollars for a decaf latte. What do you say? Would you mind getting one for your poor, sick mom?
Caroline: I can do that. I'll be right back. (gets up and leaves the room)
Liz: (to Stefan) So, looks like we can cross miracle cure off the list.
Stefan: Must be some other option.
Liz: I need you promise me something.
Stefan: Okay.
Liz: When I'm gone, Caroline is gonna need you. Even if she doesn't know it. She's gonna need someone to help her move on with her life. Someone to just make her smile. (crying) Promise me that you will do that, Stefan. 
Stefan: (takes Liz's hand) I promise.

(Caroline is outside the door, listening)


(Jo is holding Luke in her arms, crying)

Jo: Luke. Luke, wake up. Luke. 

(Damon comes into the park)

Damon: Good. You're still alive. That's gonna save me a huge blowout with Ric when he gets back. (looks at Luke and Kai on the ground) I am definitely coming into something late.
Jo: Luke showed up and he merged with Kai.
Damon: Huh. So I guess adding the words 'twin merge' to my vocabulary was pointless, 'cause they ain't twins.
Jo: He's not supposed to be here. The only reason he's here is because you let Kai out! Luke. Luke, wake up. Wake up, Luke.
Damon: Well, uh, let me give him some of my blood.
Jo: It wouldn't help. It's up to them now. Whoever wakes up is the winner. And whoever doesn't...(Luke takes a breath and opens his eyes) Can you hear me? Can you hear me? 


(Liv is calling Luke again)

Liv: Why the hell won't Luke call me back?
Tyler: Do you want me to go look for him?
Liv: Yes. No! I don't know. (Joshua wakes up) Dad.
Joshua: (gets to his feet) What has your brother done?

(Back to Jo in Whitmore Park)

Jo: Luke? Wake up, Luke. (Luke opens his eyes; Jo feels for a pulse) Oh, my God.

(Back to the Alley)

Joshua: (holds his hand out to Liv) We have to leave. Now.
Tyler: She's not going anywhere with you.
Joshua: Luke is gone. 
Liv: What?
Joshua: I can feel it. He merged with Kai and Kai won. Luke is gone.
Liv: (crying) I don't believe you.
Joshua: (grabs Liv's arm) We have to run, Olivia!
Liv: I'm not going anywhere with you!
Joshua: (about Tyler) You think he's gonna keep you safe?
Tyler: She's staying with me!
Joshua: If you change your mind, you know where to find us. 

(Joshua turns and leaves; Liv sobs into Tyler's shoulder)

(Back to Jo in Whitmore Park)

Jo: (crying) Oh, my God. Luke. He's gone. He saved me and he's gone.
Kai: You win some, you lose some. 

(Damon turns and Kai is standing there, grinning)

Kai: Except for me. I always win.

(Damon moves toward Kai, but Kai disappears)


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