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Altering someone's lifespan is what started this whole mess in the first place. I've learned my lesson. I'm not saving your life.
Qetsiyah to Katherine in Death and the Maiden

Qetsiyah, known in modern-times as Tessa, was the most powerful witch of the Traveler subculture, as well as "one of the most powerful witches of all time".[2][3] Qetsiyah is best known for creating the first Immortality Spell, and subsequently the first immortals, the Cure for immortality, and the supernatural purgatory known as the Other Side.

Qetsiyah was engaged to another witch named Silas, with whom she was madly in love. At his request, Qetsiyah concocted an immortality elixir that she had planned to share with him as a part of their wedding ceremony. However, after Silas betrayed Qetsiyah by taking the potion with her handmaiden, Amara, and his soulmate, Qetsiyah retaliated by kidnapping Amara, and using her immortal and indestructible body to bind the spell that created the Other Side. Deceived into believing that Amara was dead, she imprisoned Silas deep within a remote cave with the cure to his immortality. She believed that Silas would eventually take the cure and die as a mortal, thus joining her on the Other Side. In spite of this, Qetsiyah spent the next two millennia in her own purgatory as he refused and laid desiccated.

The Travelers eventually killed Qetsiyah, likely due to her and Silas' role in the creation of the immortality spell. The Travelers were not fans of immortality and were resentful for its creation. It's creation caused a schism in the magical community which brought about The Travelers' Curse by the witches. After her death, the Travelers took Amara's body and made sure to move it constantly so that no one would ever find it.

Centuries later, one of her descendants created the Brotherhood of the Five, tasked to find Silas and force the cure down his throat, and kill him. When her hunter's failed in their task, Qetsiyah took the opportunity to resurrect herself from the Other Side to kill Silas. Though she was ultimately not the one to end Silas' life, she eventually got her wish when her alliance with the Mystic Falls Gang which led to Stefan killing him in Death and the Maiden. Once Silas and Amara were dead, Qetsiyah declared herself having won and her revenge against Silas obtained. Having completed her centuries-old vendetta, she killed herself by slitting her wrists. With her vengeance fulfilled, it is believed that she finally found peace after passing through the Anchor.

Qetsiyah was a distant ancestor of the Bennett Family.

Early History[]


Qetsiyah was born sometime during 1st century B.C., in Ancient Greece. Qetsiyah was a beautiful young lady who was the most powerful witch in a group of very "gifted" people called the Travelers. Also, a part of the Travelers was a handsome and powerful young witch named Silas with whom she fell madly in love. The two eventually became engaged to be married, and when Silas told her he wanted to be with her forever, Qetsiyah created a spell that would make them both immortal. Qetsiyah successfully made an immortality elixir, which they would consume on their wedding night. Qetsiyah created a whole garden for their wedding and prepared for Silas to join her so that they could commence their eternity together. As she waited for him at the altar, however, everything around her started to die and Qetsiyah realized that Silas was drinking the elixir from another location.

Knowing that Silas was up to no good, she tracked Silas down to a tent in the woods, where she had discovered that Silas' betrayal was even worse than what she had believed. Not only had Silas given the immortality elixir to another woman, but that woman was her handmaiden, Amara. Enraged, Qetsiyah found a way to reverse the spell, creating a cure for immortality before going to get her revenge. She waited until Silas had left before confronting Amara. She desiccated Amara, then faked her death to make Silas believe she was dead. Silas attempt to attack her for killing his love, however, Qetsiyah used her magic to neutralize Silas, and entombed him in a cave on a remote island. She buried him with the cure and with a choice: take the cure, become mortal and die, or rot as an immortal being for eternity. Silas chose to rot as an immortal being in darkness for eternity just to spite Qetsiyah.

Still, after entombing Silas, Qetsiyah wasn't satisfied. She knew that should Silas die a mortal death after ingesting the cure, his spirit would be reunited with Amara in peace for eternity as he had always planned. Determined to not allow that to happen, she created a supernatural purgatory, which eventually came to be known as the "Other Side," where all supernatural creatures would go when they died. She bound the Other Side to Amara, as she needed something eternal and indestructible to bind it to so that it would never fall. This ensured that, if Silas was ever freed and succeeded in his plan to die, he would never be reunited with Amara, even if the Other Side did happen to fall because he would be unwilling to kill his beloved soulmate.

At some point, Qetsiyah was killed by the Travelers. From the Other Side, she was forced to watch as Silas refused to take the cure. To add insult to injury, when Silas and Amara became immortals, they violated the natural law that all things must die, so Nature found a balance by creating what they call "shadow-selves," or doppelgängers, who could die in their place. While on the Other Side, she was forced to watch Silas and Amara's shadow-selves find each other and fall in love for two thousand years, believing it to be the universe's way of demonstrating that their souls were forever bound. However, in reality, they were only drawn together because of a spell a Traveler named Markos cast in the 5th century.

Roughly a thousand years later, an altered version of Qetsiyah's immortality spell was used by the witch, Esther Mikaelson, to turn her husband and children into immortals, which involved the use of blood from one of the doppelgängers (a woman named Tatia) that came to exist as the result of Qetsiyah's original immortality elixir. However, though both species possessed an insatiable craving for human blood, the alterations Esther made to Qetsiyah's spell begat a supernatural being who possessed different abilities than those Silas and Amara gained upon their transformations, and they were not nearly as invulnerable to death as the true immortals. In time, this new species eventually became known as the first vampires.

A hundred years after the creation of vampires in 1001 AD, Qetsiyah's descendant, an elderly witch who was dying from ill health, created the Brotherhood of the Five hunters, with one mission: find Silas' tomb, force-feed him the cure, and kill him. However, the first five hunters were killed by Niklaus Mikaelson, one of the Original vampires whose werewolf heritage had been bound with a curse. Due to this circumstance, their mission found itself sidetracked, and the spell that bound the five hunters were forced to adapt to new hunters who neither had the benefit of the full map to the cure nor were they aware of the exact nature of their supernatural mission.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Professor Shane tells his students the story of the first immortal and his tragic fate: Qetsiyah had helped Silas to create a spell for immortality. However, upon discovering that Silas had planned to live forever with another woman, she killed Silas' lover and used her powers to imprison Silas.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Shane mentions the story again, referencing that Qetsiyah had been the best friend of Silas.

In After School Special, Shane gives Bonnie Qetsiyah's talisman for use in her magical affairs.

In Into the Wild, Shane elaborates on the story behind the creation of the cure: Qetsiyah, as part of her punishment, created the cure and buried it with Silas. Qetsiyah hoped that Silas would take the cure, die, and be on the Other Side with her for all eternity, but he refused. Centuries later, her descendants created the Brotherhood of the Five to find, cure, and kill Silas. Later, Shane also reveals that Bonnie and the Bennett Line are descended from Qetsiyah.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Shane reveals that the core of Silas' Headstone contains Qetsiyah's calcified blood. According to him, it is more valuable than the Hope Diamond in some witch circles. It was never a requirement for the ritual to free Silas, but merely payment to enlist the help of Massak, an island local. After Massak is killed by Katherine, the headstone is presumably in her possession. Back at the Gilbert House, where Caroline and Tyler are trying to decode the Hunter's Mark, as well as the cryptex in the Hunter's Sword, Klaus reveals that the text is written in Aramaic, which he supposes could be Qetsiyah's native tongue.

In Stand By Me, it is revealed that Qetsiyah created the Other Side for the sole purpose of trapping Silas there for all eternity if he took the cure and died.

In Because the Night, Silas himself tells Bonnie that Qetsiyah was "one of the most powerful witches of all time", a testament to her incredible power. It also suggests that Qetsiyah was either as or more powerful than Silas as a witch.

In Pictures of You, Silas reveals to Bonnie that Qetsiyah had also cast a spell to disfigure him so that no woman could love him.

In She's Come Undone, Bonnie makes a deal with Katherine. If Katherine gives over Silas' Headstone which contained Qetsiyah's blood, she will convince Qetsiyah to tell her how to make Katherine truly immortal like Silas once the veil to the Other Side is dropped.

In The Walking Dead, Bonnie reveals to Katherine that the reason she wants to drop the veil is to ask Qetsiyah how to stop Silas. After Bonnie drops the veil she attempts to summon Qetsiyah only to be stopped by Silas. Silas reveals that Qetsiyah did not disfigure him and that he made Bonnie believe she had driven him out of her mind, creating a false sense of security. He also discouraged Bonnie, telling her Qetsiyah would not come anyway as she wants him to die and be with her.

In Graduation, Vaughn reveals that he starved to death in the cave and passed on to the Other Side, but was found by Qetsiyah. She reminded him of his destiny of curing and killing Silas. So when the veil was dropped she sent him, Connor, and Alexander to complete their supernatural destiny. Silas also reveals that it was him and not Qetsiyah who created the Immortality Spell, which later is revealed to be another lie told by Silas.

In Original Sin, Qetsiyah, under the guise of "Tessa" saves Stefan from burning to death in the sun (without his daylight ring) and takes him to an unknown and secluded cabin. When he wakes up, she quickly reveals her true identity as Qetsiyah. She explains that when Bonnie dropped The Veil, she took the opportunity to send her Hunters (The Five) to cure and kill Silas.


Qetsiyah makes her appearance.

However, when it became apparent that they would fail, she decided to take matters into her own hands and revived herself before Bonnie put the veil back up. She then revealed more details behind what happened between her and Silas 2,000 years ago, which led to the revelation that Silas' true love, Amara, had also taken the immortality elixir, which created the bloodline of doppelgängers that spawned the Petrovas (Tatia, Katherine, Elena), just as Silas had his line of doppelgängers that were created after he became immortal. Qetsiyah explained that while she was on the Other Side, she has watched the universe push the doppelgängers of Silas and Amara together, which demonstrates why Stefan and Katherine as well as Stefan and Elena have been romantically involved over the years.


Qetsiyah casts an unknown spell

When talking to Damon, Qetsiyah suggested that Stefan and Elena's relationship was predestined, but it could also be inferred that the relationships between the doppelgängers didn't always work out, as evidenced by the fact that Stefan's relationships with both girls had ended as of this conversation. Shortly after this revelation, Qetsiyah used her magic to take Stefan down and bind him to Silas to cast a spell to suppress Silas' mental powers. However, Damon interrupts her when he finds Stefan and tells her he wants to take him and leave. However, when Stefan learns of the plan to disable Silas, he persuades Damon to let her finish her spell, so they can finally defeat him. Once Qetsiyah is finished, she also reveals Stefan and Elena's destiny to Damon, much to his shock, and offers to let him run off with Elena, while she stays with Stefan and keeps him safe. However, Damon loves Stefan too much to do this to him and attacks her, but she easily disarms him by inflicting him with an aneurysm and leaves. Elena arrives soon after and helps them all escape. Later, Qetsiyah is seen performing another ritual in a room full of candles that involved her blood, which hints that there is much more to her agenda than we currently know.

Silas and Qetsiyah TVD 5x05

Qetsiyah and Silas.

In Monster's Ball, Qetsiyah tries to flirt with Stefan and reveals to Silas that the Travelers had killed her 2,000 years ago. She comes to the historical ball to get her amulet, which she uses to locate the anchor holding the Other Side intact. Silas, pretending to be Stefan, reads her mind to get the information, thanks to Damon breaking Stefan's neck, and rendering the block on his abilities dormant. However, Stefan escapes Damon and goes to tell Qetsiyah that it is Silas, not Stefan. Upon realizing this, an enraged Qetsiyah uses her magic to force her hand into his chest, grasp his heart, and desiccates him.

Qetsiyah 6 TVD 5x06


In Handle with Care, Qetsiyah is looking after Stefan. After some mild flirting, she reveals that Silas took the cure and that she plans on finally killing him. As she prepares to go to the location of the anchor, she finds herself unable to leave the cabin, enraging her as she was the one who taught Silas how to do the spell trapping her and Stefan. Later, while Stefan is the shower, Elena calls Stefan's phone, which Qetsiyah answers. She implies that she and Stefan slept together, luring Elena into the cabin. Once there, she uses Stefan's phone to call Damon and threatens to kill Elena if he doesn't kill Silas. Later, Damon contacts her and asks why the Travelers would want the being they despise so much to stay alive. She responds that the cure is in Silas' blood and that the Travelers aren't a fan of immortality, implying that there's an immortal they want to be cured. She then fills in certain details about what the anchor had to be: eternal and indestructible, leading to the reveal that the anchor is, in fact, Amara herself. Later, Stefan, still having some affection for Elena, attacks Qetsiyah to give her the chance to escape. Later, she shows up, noting that history is repeating itself, someone with Silas' face appearing to care for her, only for him to betray her for a person looking like Amara. In vengeance, she states that she regrets erasing Stefan's pain and painfully restores his memories and reminds him that the only thing he could hold on to during his time underwater was that Elena or Damon would come to free him and they didn't, but she did.

In Death and the Maiden, Qetsiyah needs something powerful to bind the anchor transfer to, so, since there are no natural recurrences (i.e., full moons, comets, etc) to use, she decides that doppelgängers would do the trick. Damon offers up one of the dozen or so he always has on hand.

Damon takes Qetsiyah to see Amara. Qetsiyah is given the best gift of all: Amara hand-delivered in mortal form. Qetsiyah comments, "well if it isn't the face that launched a thousand doppelgangers". Amara admits that she has won and begs her to kill her. Qetsiyah tells her not to worry, that when she makes Bonnie the anchor, she will. Once this happens, however, since Amara is nothing more than a non-supernatural human, she'll pass on while Silas is trapped on the Other Side and they'll spend eternity apart. Selfishly speaking for herself, it's going to be fantastic.

Tumblr mwajb04kfO1sjyi3po1 500

Qetsiyah using her magic.

With both doppelgängers, Katherine and Elena, now present alongside Amara, Qetsiyah begins her work. Using a little blood from each doppelgänger and Amara on Bonnie's grimoire, acting as a talisman, Qetsiyah begins turning Bonnie into Anchor to the Other Side, but Silas shows up in the middle and disrupts the spell. The power goes out and when everyone looks around, Qetsiyah and Amara have vanished. Silas and Qetsiyah have a showdown in the Salvatore library, where the former injures the latter. Their witch fight, however, is disrupted by Stefan, who calls to say that he stole Amara and will keep her alive indefinitely if Silas doesn't come to find him in 10 minutes.

1380786 580092278716581 1053280786 n

Katherine and Qetsiyah

With time running out, Elena finds Qetsiyah and despite being injured forces her up to finish the job. She begins the spell again, and as she does so, Bonnie and Jeremy tell each other that they love each other, and as he touches her face, he realizes he can feel her. The spell has worked and Bonnie is officially the new anchor to the Other Side. Shortly after completing the spell, she stands in from of the fireplace content with her revenge - both Silas and Amara are cured and dead and separated from one another for eternity. Katherine, however, seeks her out to complete their bargain, her blood in exchange for Qetsiyah's help to stop her aging. She offers that Katherine finds a drugstore cream. Katherine isn't amused and wants her to begin the spell. Qetsiyah tells her that altering someone's lifespan is what started this whole mess in the first place and that she's learned her lesson. Qetsiyah refuses to help Katherine. As she turns to face her, she reveals that she's already slit her wrists and collapses on the floor as Katherine calls out for help.

Moments later, she appears to Bonnie breaking the news that she's now the anchor. Bonnie's confused with her sudden appearance and doesn't yet realize that she's dead. Qetsiyah informs her that she's dead and that as she passes through her, she'll feel her death. Bonnie will feel every death - every supernatural being that passes over to the Other Side will pass through you and it's going to hurt. With her peace said, she grabs hold of Bonnie and vanishes, passing through her to the Other Side leaving Bonnie on her knees, shrieking in pain.

In Resident Evil, Qetsiyah was mentioned by Markos in which it is revealed that the Travelers started a war with the witches after Qetsiyah created Immortality on Earth. Markos goes on to say that the doppelgängers aren't drawn together by the Universe, but that he cast a spell that drew them to each other and that "True Love" isn't the reason of their connection, the witches then cursed the Travelers so they would never have unity, but Markos countered it with a spell 1,500 years ago that bound the doppelgängers and he wants to use their blood. To use their blood to undo the witch's curse.




"I have trust issues, I'm controlling, paranoid and a little crazy, and that's working out just fine."

At first, all that could be known about Qetsiyah's personality is through inferences based on Shane/Silas' version of the legend. If she was willing to help Silas cast the spell of immortality, she must have been a very loyal friend as well as an extremely powerful witch. However, her decision to imprison Silas and Amara in darkness for all eternity indicated the height of jealousy and vindictiveness in a personality as well. Furthermore, her decision to create the Other Side as a way to torment Silas and keep him from his soulmate for all eternity suggested a highly unstable or vengeful personality, since creating the Other Side resulted in the entrapment of thousands of supernatural beings in a dimension where they were being tormented for all eternity. She also had no qualms in lying to Silas about having killed Amara (to torment him and possibly drive him to take the cure and commit suicide so he'd be with his true love in death), and then later telling that same lies to his doppelgänger, Stefan. Qetsiyah also openly lied about preparing a new Daylight ring for Stefan, when in fact, she was readying a spell to link both Stefan and Silas. Her actions have elicited different reactions. Elena expressed shock after hearing what Qetsiyah did from Professor Shane while Damon went as far as to refer to her as a "crazy-ass witch". Bonnie, her descendant, seemed to find her actions very cool, telling Shane "Qetsiyah sounds like a badass", however, this was said out of ignorance, as Bonnie did not know that her ancestor was not as good a person as she thought. Since her first appearance, Qetsiyah had proven to be quite unstable, and possessive. She even admitted her issues including paranoia and vindictiveness, but all of this is blamed mostly due to the evil Silas did her.

Physical Appearance[]

Qetsiyah appears to be a young and extremely beautiful woman in her 20s. She had long dark, curly hair similar in color to that of her descendant Bonnie. She appears to be of Mediterranean descent. During her life in ancient times, she was fond of wearing long, flowing dresses and sandals, a habit she brought with her to her time in the 21st century. In modern times, she was almost always seen wearing long dresses in different shades of dark violet. She also, upon locating her talisman, wore it constantly around her neck.

Powers and Abilities[]

Qetsiyah was arguably the most powerful witch of all time. Recounting her life in ancient times, she describes herself and Silas as two most powerful members of a gifted people called Travelers.[4] Silas also eludes to her superior abilities, admiting that she was one of the most powerful witches of all time. Bonnie also states that she's one of the strongest witches in the world. Her people practiced magic that was described by Markos as "pure magic". As a witch in modern times, she continued to use pure magic, using Nature, such as the Full Moon, and/or her Talisman to aid her in empowering her spells.

Qetsiyah 13 TVD 5x03

In her previous life, she pioneered incredible and noteworthy feats including the creation of the Immortality Spell, the Cure to immortality, and the creation of the Other Side and the Anchor.

The Other Side covered the entire span of the Earth and existed as a spirit realm bound to the physical world through the Anchor, which was Amara's immortal body. The intention for its creation was for the plane to become a supernatural limbo to trap Silas' spirit after taking the cure and dying, separating him and Amara for their betrayal. However, it's creation housed the ghosts of all supernaturals beings and persisted over the next two thousand years. With each supernatural being's death, their spirits would automatically be pulled into the Other Side, first passing through the Anchor. The Other Side was separated from the living world through the division of the Veil. Due to this, resurrection spells were made possible, as the Other Side prevented spirits (though with some exception) from crossing-over to find peace. Intentional or not, witches that resided on the Other Side gave rise to the use of Spirit Magic.

Notably, she was very skilled at creating complex spells, such as with the creation of the Cure. Whether the full effects of the Cure upon creation was known or not, it had additional applications beyond it's use against the immortal Silas. Not only could it undo all conventional forms of immortality, such as that of immortals and vampires, but it could also technically return an undead vampire back into a living, breathing human again. Additionally, those who took the cure were free from all the weaknesses Nature placed upon them when they "turned," while permanently preventing the recipient from becoming immortal again, at least through vampirism, nor from benefiting from the healing properties of vampire blood.

Her calcified blood alone was a massive source of power; Katherine even equated it to that of a celestial event, such as a full moon or a comet. Katherine believed that Bonnie could lower the Veil to the Other Side with her blood alone, unaided by a full moon. Bonnie later confirmed her theory, to a degree, as she channeled both Expression Triangle and Qetsiyah's blood.

With the Veil lowered, she saw an opportunity to make herself a living, breathing mortal. After two thousand years on the Other Side and her hunter's having failed their task to kill Silas, she figured it was time to handle things in person - testament to her immense power. After her self resurrection she demonstrated her impressive control over magic on various occasions.

Qetsiyah 9 TVD 5x03

She was also one of the few witches to excel at nature-related spells. In a flashback, she described how she "created an entire garden" for her wedding ceremony, which when shown seemed to be a large space. During her relatively brief time in the present, she continued to display her impressive skills and magical knowledge, utilizing the magical properties of multiple herbs to aid in her spell to suppress Silas' mental powers.

Qetsiyah Mind-Linking Spell

She showed great skill with mind-based spells when she quite proficiently used Nature's balance to the immortals, the doppelgänger, to successfully suppress Silas' mental powers and greatly weaken him. Through this link between Silas and his doppelgänger, Stefan, she completely disabled Silas' psychic abilities, though Stefan suffered substantial memory loss. Despite this, she was able to restore his memories, albeit forcefully, with limited divination as she acquired visions of Stefan's memories in the process.

TVD 5x03 Qetsiyah Uses Advanced Pyrokinesis
TVD 5x03 Qetsiyah Uses Pain Infliction on Stefan

Qetsiyah disables Stefan

Another testament to her power was her skills over basic powers such as pyrokinesis. She is the only witch to produce blue flames through her pyrokinesis, the hottest form of flames, which trailed behind as she drug her finger across stone to ignite her fireplace. In doing so, she did not need any accelerant to ignite the flames. She was also well versed with pain infliction spells and telekinesis. She enacted such spells during times of extreme duress or in threatening situations, not succumbing to fear or other emotional state that would typicall be a weakness to witches. She also had an impressive force of will that allowed her to fight against a vampire, like Damon when he attempted to rip out her throat, and against an immortal, like Silas.

She also showed an impressive skill with dream manipulation as she was able to plant dreams of Stefan's activities into the minds of both Elena and Katherine, which made them believe it was due to a connection shared with Stefan. Using this, they attempted to locate and save him, however, this was a trap to lure them to her cabin so she could complete her plan to kill Silas.


She was able to create her own talisman; though unique about hers, it was made from human bone. She used her talisman to enhance her magic to break through the traveler's cloaking spell that had kept the Anchor, Amara, hidden for two thousand years as well as desiccating Silas, the first Immortal, for a second time.

Despite being one of the two most powerful of a gifted group of witches, it is interesting to note that she was locked within her own cabin by a sunlight-based boundary spell. The very spell she taught Silas two thousand years prior. The spell prevented her's and Stefan's escape from the cabin until sundown. It remains to be seen if there was a way for her to break the spell, considering she first taught it to Silas, or decided to not attempt to break it, opting to wait until sundown.

TVD 5x07 Qetsiyah performs the Anchor Transference Ritual

The most notable feat after her resurrection was the transferring the Anchor status from Amara, cured and now human, to Bonnie a ghost trapped on the Other Side. Due to the increased complexity of the spell, making a ghost a human toll booth between the mortal plan and the Other Side, she required a massive amount of power to perform such a feat. Despite the already massive amount of power her blood held, she needed to draw on something. She couldn't draw from the moon as it was not full nor did she believe there was a worthy comet for "a couple billion years". However, she found such a source in the blood of the doppelgängers (inclusive of Amara, albeit human) as well as her talisman. With the completion of the spell, Bonnie was given a foothold on the physical, living plane and was made the Anchor. She was essentially resurrected in the physical sense, a "toll booth" that allowed her to interact within both the mortal world while being able to interact with ghosts still on the Other Side.

Before her second death, Qetsiyah implied that she could reverse the effects of the removal of the Cure as Katherine was rapidly aging and dying. She explains that "altering someone's lifespan is what started this whole mess in the first place. I've learned my lesson. I'm not saving your life." Whether or not she could have actually saved Katherine remains to be seen, though given her feats seems likely.


Qetsiyah had the typical weaknesses of a witch.



Silas Ancient Greece

Silas in Ancient Greece

Main article: Silas and Qetsiyah

Over 2,000 years ago, Silas and Qetsiyah were the most powerful witches in a group of very "gifted" people called The Travelers. The two eventually became engaged to be married and, telling her that he wanted to be with her forever, he used her for creating a spell which would make him and his one true love Amara the first immortals in the world. Qetsiyah successfully made the Immortality elixir, which they would consume on their wedding night. Qetsiyah created a whole garden for their wedding and prepared for Silas to join her so that they could commence their eternity together. At that moment, however, everything around her started dying. Qetsiyah realized that Silas was drinking the elixir from another location. Qetsiyah realized he did intend to be immortal but not with her when she learned that Silas gave the immortality elixir to another woman but that woman was her handmaiden, Amara. Enraged, Qetsiyah found a way to reverse the spell, creating a cure for Immortality, she forced Amara to drink the cure and killed her, first slitting her throat before ripping out her heart, which made Silas get angry, she later entombed him in a cave on a deserted island. She buried him with the cure and with a choice: take the cure and die a human, or rot as an Immortal forever. Qetsiyah created the Other Side, which is a supernatural purgatory for supernatural creatures after they die, so that when or if Silas dies, he would wind up there and be with her forever instead of with his human true love.




Main article: Amara and Qetsiyah

Amara was Qetsiyah's handmaiden as a human. Unbeknownst to her, Amara was actually in a secret relationship with Silas, Qetsiyah's fiancé. On the night of her supposed wedding, as the garden around her began to die, she knew Silas had already ingested the immortality elixir with another. Qetsiyah tracked him down and discovered he has given immortality to Amara. This began her hatred, and consequent mission to separate the two. Qetsiyah caught Amara alone in the woods one night turning her to stone and imprisoned her for 2,000 years, making her "the Anchor" to the Other Side. In the present, Qetsiyah and Amara meet again after Silas releases her. Qetsiyah taunts the former immortal, and Amara finally apologizes and pleads with Qetsiyah to kill her, to end her suffering. With Amara and Silas' death after transferring the Anchor onto Bonnie, Qetsiyah finally managed to exact her revenge on Amara by keeping her and Silas apart for eternity.

Other Relationships[]


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  • Qetsiyah is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. The name means "cassia," which is a bark similar to cinnamon. Qetsiyah is a variant of Keziah, the name of the second daughter of Job born after his trial.[5]


  • Qetsiyah is featured in the Hunter's Mark as a hooded figure.
  • For the Bennett bloodline to continue, it is assumed that Qetsiyah had a child or children before the Travelers killed her or that she had siblings.
    • According to Melinda Hsu Taylor in unofficial companion guide, Love You to Death: Season Five, Qetsiyah had a brother, as well as "that there was a whole family unit", in the writer's draft of Original Sin. Unfortunately, the scene was cut as it was longer than what they were able to shoot in their schedule. Additionally, in the draft, it was written that her brother had freaked out on her after what she'd done and killed her over Silas' headstone, which is where she'd been mourning, and that's how her blood got into his headstone.[6]
  • Qetsiyah is believed to have participated in the creation of the Brotherhood of the Five. In The Five, Alexander recounts the Five's creation of how they were bound by fire in the last breath of a dying Bennett witch in the 12th Century. The witch performed this spell to create the Brotherhood of the Five for a single purpose: to oppose Silas and destroy vampires. It is presumed that Qetsiyah communicated with her from the Other Side, as it has been shown that most Bennett Witches have communed with the Spirits, guiding her to their creation. This is based on the claim that she made to Stefan, stating that "[her] hunters have failed in their task to kill Silas" in Original Sin.



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