For a thousand years my brother and I have walked this earth. Countless times death has come for us, and countless times we have denied her. He's not gone, he can't be.

Queen Death is the ninth episode of the fourth season of The Originals and the seventy-fifth episode of the series overall.


A SURPRISING ALLIANCE AND A HEARTBREAKING SACRIFICE — When The Hollow sends a terrifying message to Vincent, he must team with Hayley and Freya to embark on a desperate mission to stop the Hollow once and for all - even if it requires a heartbreaking sacrifice. Refusing to allow anyone in his family to pay the high price of defeating their enemy, Klaus makes a surprising alliance and enacts a plan that threatens to change the Mikaelson family forever. Elijah and Marcel also appear.



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  • The Hollow tells Marcel that he chose the wrong side by going against her, indicating she will kill him.
    • Marcel frees Sofya from The Hollow's possession by stabbing her in the heart with a dagger coated in Hayley's blood.
  • The Hollow is successful in resurrecting herself by using Elijah and his sireline's death.
  • This was Elijah's first true death as an Original and he becomes the fourth Original Vampire to die after Mikael, Finn and Kol. This does not including the Enhanced Original Alaric nor the Upgraded Original Lucien.
    • This makes the third complete destruction of a sireline. It's unknown if Mikael had a sireline, though it is implied that he did not as Lucien and others did not notice until Finn's death, with Kol's death confirming the theory.
  • Freya manages to place Elijah's spirit inside her talisman but the Hollow's magic caused it to shatter. At first she couldn't sense his soul in the crystal, though when Hope touched her shoulder, she was able to sense Elijah, although it was faint and Elijah appeared to be in anguish.
  • Vincent tells all the witches of New Orleans to leave the city and not come back until he tells them it's safe to return after The Hollow been dealt with.
  • Vincent asks for the journal back, saying he knows the risk of falling back under the Hollow's influence by using it. He tells Marcel if that starts to happen, to kill him and to make it quick.

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Sofya: "Are you ready to die Elijah? The great sacrifice which will return me to flesh and blood."
Vincent: "It's the Hollow. She has Elijah and now she wants that bone."
Hayley: "There has to be a way to save him."
Sofya: "I will let your family watch as you finally die."
Klaus: "Enough talk."
Sofya: "Did you come here to witness my rebirth? Or to die trying to stop it."

Marcel: "You're not listening to me. Check again, and when you do find her you keep your distance and call me. You can come on in, Klaus. To what do I owe the displeasure?"
Klaus: "I thought we had a truce."
Marcel: "We do. If we did I might have responded differently when Davina asked me to sacrifices you."
Klaus: "Does our truce extend to my brother? Despite your extensive grievances."
Marcel: "Yeah. I want to get Sofya back and stop the Hollow. As long as you guys want the same thing, I don't see why we can't play nice. Why? What's wrong?"
Klaus: "Well, far be it for me to jump to conclusions. But the last time anyone saw my brother he was on his way here, to talk to you."
Marcel: "And you think I have him. Seriously?"
Klaus: "No. I don't. But I'd like to know who does."

Klaus: "Here."
Hope: "Mmm, it's so good!"
Klaus: "Did I ever tell you the story of my first beignet? No? You are in for a treat. Long ago, three French nuns came to New Orleans looking for a fresh start. And they came here. They marched right into our courtyard, and they presented your uncle Elijah and me with these rather lumpy-looking sugar-coated pastries. Well, needless to say, we were entranced. We set them up quite well."
Hope: "Why did they come to you?"
Klaus: "Because there was a time when we were regarded as royalty. You might even go so far to say I was king, which would make you a princess."

Sofya: "Such a will to live. Wouldn't it be easier to give in? To simply let go? Part of you must crave that peace; the silence of the nothing that lasts forever."
Elijah: "Why don't you come a little closer. We'll find it together."
Sofya: "When you die, so too does your entire sireline. The great sacrifice, which will return me to flesh and blood."
Vincent: "We're talking about an ancient primal power that's made flesh and blood. It will wipe out this entire city in an afternoon, and ain't a damn thing that you or anybody else here can do about it. Now, this is a chance Klaus. This is probably the one chance you got. Now you want to blow that opportunity to maybe save your brother? Or do you want to do your job and save your little girl?"



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