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  The relationship between the Original Vampire, Rebekah Mikaelson and the witch, Cassie. They originally allied with each other to get out of the witch asylum, but Cassie turned on her by reporting her to the ones who ran the asylum and betrayed Rebekah. Freya Mikaelson shows up to save Rebekah's life and she kills Cassie for betraying her sister.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

They first meet in Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire in Dowager Fauline Cottage where they both recognizes each-other, Cassie for being a Harvest witch and Rebekah for being a Original. Cassie tells her about the asylum's history and there's no discharge while you're still alive. She tries to help Rebekah send a message via magic to her brothers, but they're stopped by an Kindred witch.

In Sanctuary, A week has passed by and Rebekah discovers a way out through a mysterious witch. She lets Cassie in on her escape plan. When Rebekah later goes to Cassie's room after curfew she discovers it empty. Worried she goes down the hall to where the usually locked room is. Rebekah finds a dead Kindred witch and that the glass coffin is empty. Suddenly, she hears a creaking sound, but when she turns, she finds Cassie standing in the doorway. She has two cuts on her cheek that run diagonally down her face. Rebekah is stunned by Cassie's betrayal and is ambushed by the other Kindred members. However Freya steps and wipes out the Kindred. She kills Cassie for last citing her betrayal as the reason she's dead when she could just escape like Rebekah offered her.


  • Both Rebekah and Cassie are witches, originally however Rebekah never tapped into her powers during her first life.
  • Both Rebekah and Cassie were possessed by a spirit of a witch at least once.
  • They were both trapped in the asylum together.
  • It's assume the reason why Cassie sold Rebekah out to The Kindred was because Rebekah is a Mikealson and Cassie by extension blamed and hate them for Esther's possession and their callous treatment of her in Every Mother's Son after being suddenly free from Esther as she was imprisoned in the witch asylum shortly afterwards.


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