[At REBEKAH'S HOME, Rebekah rocks with Hope in a rocking chair in the nursery while she tells Hope a fairy tale about their lives. She tells the story in voiceover as the scene cuts through various flashbacks to the previous season, including Klaus standing on the balcony overlooking the French Quarter, Francesca and her brothers attacking the vampires after stealing the moonlight rings and triggering their werewolf curses, Genevieve making the moonlight rings, Klaus being weakened by the rings, which draw on his strength, and Hayley mourning Hope's "death" at the memorial for the fallen in the Battle of New Orleans]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] Once upon a time, there was a majestic king who lived with his noble brother in a kingdom where music and art were celebrated. The king did not foresee having a child, but he lived in an enchanted land where all things were possible. In time, he was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, for whom he wished only peace.

[Hope coos at Rebekah happily, and Rebekah smiles at her]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] Still, the king had demons who pursued him. There was a ruthless beast who wanted to take the kingdom for her own. Armed with a pack of untamed creatures, she drove the other magical creatures from the land. And, there was a wicked sorceress with enchanted stones that weakened the king every full moon. Seeing the shadow his enemies cast upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away, convincing all who remained that she was forever lost.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Elijah locks the front gates to the home so it is no longer open to the public]

REBEKAH: [voiceover] The king, in his sorrow, turned away from the world. The castle closed its doors, and the kingdom fell. Some say that the only light that shines in the castle illuminates the shadow of the once majestic king in the room meant for his child. But, as the ruthless beasts took rule over the fallen king's realm, little did they know that he and his brother would not rest until their enemies were vanquished. For they believed that one day, they would heal their kingdom and bring their precious princess home so that she might live happily ever after.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus stands at the window of Hope's nursery, looking down on the street as Elijah approaches him from behind and places a comforting hand on his shoulder. At REBEKAH'S HOME, Rebekah lays Hope in her crib, setting Klaus' carved wooden knight next to her before turning out the lights and leaving her to sleep for the evening]



[Elijah and one of Francesca's werewolf lackeys are taking a tour of the abandoned foundry with a realtor and fighting over who gets to buy it]

Elijah: [walks around the building] Authentic cast-iron columns... Look at that, the original Bloomry forge, fueled by a charcoal furnace.

[Elijah notices a fire sprinkler system up in the ceiling]

Elijah: The modern elements blend quite nicely indeed. My foundation has aligned itself with the city's Historical Preservation Society. We have a vested interest in seeing this building protected.
GUERRERA LACKEY: This place is a dump! The Guerrera family would be doing this city a favor.

[Elijah is about to speak when he notices the man is wearing a gold ring with a square black stone on his left hand]

Elijah: Well, unfortunately, under the Preservation Act of 1966, we cannot allow the Guerreras to demolish one of the city's original foundries... even if it is for something as noble and distinguished as a casino.

[Elijah gestures toward the door in a polite indication that they should leave]

Elijah: [smiles fakely] So, thank you, gentleman. Do give my best to Francesca.


[Klaus is listening to Mozart's Requiem in D Minor K 626-3 on a record player while he furiously tries to stretch a canvas over a wooden frame for a painting. When he tears through the canvas, he angrily throws it all across the room, just as Elijah returns from his meeting. Klaus, overwhelmed with frustration, yells at the top of his lungs]


[Elijah picks up the canvas Klaus threw and examines it]

Elijah: I suppose we shall have to call this your "white period."
Klaus: [angrily] I'm missing a crucial color in my palette-- that of my enemies' blood.
Elijah: Well, I recommend a Venetian red, with a dash of rust...

[Elijah's joke causes Klaus to completely lose his temper]

Klaus: It's been months! I've adhered to our plan: sit and do nothing, sell our grief. And now, my child is safely away, and another full moon is upon us-- another night of pathetic weakness as the moonlight rings steal my strength!

[Elijah gives Klaus a sympathetic look, and Klaus calms down slightly, though he's still clearly upset]

Klaus: [quietly] The inertia is killing me. I need to act. I-I-I need-- I need to spill blood.
Elijah: Well, then, you'll be pleased to know that I've located the last of the twelve rings forged with your blood.
Klaus: [perks up slightly] Then, it's time!
Elijah: And none too soon. I'm concerned about Hayley.

[Klaus visibly tenses up at the mention of Hayley and starts sorting through his art as an excuse to turn away from Elijah]

Klaus: She looks well enough.
Elijah: She looks no better than you, brother. Now, if the two of you would treat each other as more than just... passing acquaintances--
Klaus: [interrupts him] --She has you for that.
Elijah: Sadly, like the father of her child, she prefers to fight her demons alone.


[Hayley roams around the former werewolf encampments in her wolf form for a while until finally shifting back into human form. She pulls her clothes off of the clothes line and quickly redresses before walking toward Dwayne's old shack. Outside in the grass, she finds a burnt and melted baby doll that was damaged in the bombings in An Unblinking Death, and the sight of it nearly makes her cry]


[Marcel and Cami make love in his bed. Afterward, Marcel pours himself a drink downstairs and stares out the window that looks out over the river. Cami, who has just redressed, joins him downstairs on her way out]

MARCEL: What's the hurry?
CAMI: I have to get back to campus.

[She grabs her bag off of a chair and walks toward him]

CAMI: I have to meet my new adviser. Apparently, the one I was supposed to have dropped dead. Guy did triathalons, yet couldn't climb a flight of stairs.
MARCEL: ...Will I see you later?
CAMI: [sighs] Marcel, you know the deal. No strings, no plans.
MARCEL: [forces himself to smile] I know, I know. Just feeling nostalgic, I guess.

[Marcel stares out the window, which Cami notices. She gives him an understanding look]

CAMI: You're not missing anything over there. That bitch Francesca's got her werewolves on every corner. And, as usual, the humans in the know don't care as long as tourism money keeps rolling through.
MARCEL: [sighs] Yeah... Gotta say, never thought I'd see the day the vampires were kicked out of the Quarter.
CAMI: [smiles] And I never thought I'd be sleeping with one, so I guess life is full of surprises.

[Marcel smiles at her and kisses her on the cheek, but quickly and awkwardly pulls away before turning his back to her and goes back to staring out the window]

MARCEL: How's Klaus?
CAMI: [hesitates] Nobody knows.
MARCEL: Not even you?
CAMI: Not even me.
MARCEL: It doesn't make sense. The wolves attacked him in his home, took his town, probably killed his kid... I mean, why hasn't he struck back?
CAMI: He's in mourning.
MARCEL: No, no... if anyone can mourn and murder at the same time, it's him. Something's up. Just wish I knew what.

[Cami looks concerned by how depressed Marcel seems, and tries to cheer him up]

CAMI: I saw Davina... She's doing well. She's back in high school. She told her whole witch coven to shove it.

[Marcel can't help but smile and laugh at this news]

MARCEL: Good. Good girl.
CAMI: [hesitates for a moment] Maybe it's better...? Just move forward, not hold onto things we can't change.
MARCEL: [tenses] Yeah. Maybe.


[Davina is at the record shop to pick up some records from the shop owner, Joe Dalton. Behind her, a young man browses through the crates of records]

JOE: [hands Davina a record] Here you go, Davina. Now, sometime you're gonna have to give me the low-down on why you're so hooked on ancient Icelandic folk music!
DAVINA: [laughs] It's for someone else.
JOE: I sure hope so!

[Davina turns to leave and runs into the young guy as he heads out the door. He stops and smiles at her before leaving, and Davina awkwardly smiles back at him. Before she can leave, Oliver enters the shop]

OLIVER: [smiles] Hey there, cutie.
DAVINA: [unimpressed] Don't call me that.

[Oliver ignores her comment and plucks her record out of her hands to examine it]

OLIVER: So, I heard that you ditched your coven. That's too bad. That other Harvest girl, Cassie? She has been super helpful to all us wolves.
DAVINA: She's making you moonlight rings, Oliver. I wouldn't call that helpful, I'd call that an alliance.
OLIVER: Well, you can call it whatever you want. As long as we don't have to turn on the full moon anymore, it works for me. [He leans in closer to Davina and whispers] Look, I'd take off if I were you. Things are about to get a little ugly in here.

[Oliver turns and raises voice to shout at the rest of the store's patrons]

OLIVER: Hey y'all, store's closed. Get out, now!
JOE: [confused] Hey, what are you doing?
OLIVER: It's Joe Dalton, right? You see, I've been studying up on this store. It's been a staple of the Quarter for ninety years... it was run by you, your daddy, and then his daddy before him?
JOE: [clenches his jaw anxiously] That's right.
OLIVER: Yeah, you see, the thing is, Joe, there just ain't many photos of anyone in your family...

[He pulls out an old black and white photo of a young man] 

OLIVER: ...But you.

[Davina and Joe realize at the same time that Joe's identity as a vampire has been exposed to the Guerreras]

DAVINA: Oliver, NO.

[Joe vamp-speeds toward the door, but he's blocked in by two more werewolves, all with moonlight rings]

DAVINA: Stop! Stop it! STOP IT!

[The werewolves wrestle with Joe and extend their fangs to bite him, but Davina quickly hits them all with a pain infliction spell, which makes them grab their heads in pain and fall on their knees, giving Joe the chance to get out of their grip before he can be bitten]

DAVINA: Joe, get out of here!

[Joe flees. Oliver winces and glares at Davina, still on his knees on the floor]


[Francesca is holding a meeting in her office at her home with the eleven other werewolves with moonlight rings and Cassie, who is still secretly possessed by Esther]

FRANCESCA: [aggravated] We have a deal, Cassie! Witches don't get in our way when it comes to killing vampires who enter the Quarter.
CASSIE/ESTHER: [calmly] Davina is not in our coven anymore. The rules don't apply to her.
FRANCESCA: [enraged] Well, make them apply!

[She anxiously paces around the office and eventually loses her temper]

FRANCESCA: Get everyone out of my face! They're here, hovering, all the time!
OLIVER: They're just doing their job.
FRANCESCA: Their job is to protect me from Klaus Mikaelson! Who, by the way, has not set foot outside his house in months! All this waiting... I'm losing my mind!

[Francesca sees a pack member staring at her and freaks out]

FRANCESCA: [shouts] Anyone who's not paid to protect me, go! Get out!

[Cassie and the other werewolves leave the room. Cassie leaves the house and joins Vincent (who is still possessed by Finn), who is waiting for her outside]

CASSIE/ESTHER: She's unraveling. Poor thing. Cracking under the pressure.
VINCENT/FINN: I assume that was Elijah and Niklaus' goal all along?
CASSIE/ESTHER: [smirks] Say what you will, they are impressive strategists.
VINCENT/FINN: A trait they inherited from you, dear Mother.
CASSIE/ESTHER: [laughs] I suppose they did, Finn. Francesca Guerrera will be her own undoing. Let's see how impressive your brothers are when they finally come up against me.

[Vincent/Finn nods in agreement, and the two continue to walk down the sidewalk]


[Cami walks down a street in the French Quarter after grabbing a coffee. As she walks, two werewolf lackeys of Francescas, both with moonlight rings, start following her. Cami quickly notices she's being followed and turns around to confront them]

CAMI: [frustrated] It never gets old for you guys, does it? Like a couple of dogs with a bone. Tell Francesca I'm just trying to live a normal life. See if you can get that through her thick, canine skull.

[She waits for them to respond, but they just silently glare at her. She sighs]

CAMI: Why do I bother?

[Cami hands one of them her coffee] Here. Your regular extra sugar, right?

[Cami, annoyed, walks away without a second glance. Once she's put some distance between herself and the werewolves, her face begins to look worried]


[Cami manages to sneak into the Abbatoir and looks around the courtyard for Klaus. She wanders through the covered-up furniture and heads for the stairs, but stops when she hears a noise]

CAMI: Hello?

[She continues to look around and hears a whooshing sound nearby]

CAMI: Klaus?

[She heads up the stairs, but stops when she senses someone behind her. She instinctively touches her neck. Klaus is behind her, looking sad]

CAMI: [whispers] Klaus?

[She turns around, but Klaus is gone. Disappointed, Cami continues to ascend the staircase. When she reaches the top, Klaus can be seen staring at her from one of the balconies overlooking the courtyard, but he ducks out of view when Cami turns toward him]

CAMI: Klaus, I know you're here somewhere. We need to talk.

[Suddenly, Elijah appears behind her out of nowhere]

Elijah: He doesn't wish to see you.
CAMI: [startled] Ahh! Elijah. Where the hell did you come from?
Elijah: [unamused] I beg your pardon? Aren't you the one who is trespassing? [He waits a beat] He doesn't care much for conversation these days. And, he certainly wouldn't care for the fact that you've put yourself in danger by coming here.
CAMI: [frustrated] I'm already in danger. I have Guerreras following me like it's a police state. The city's being run by gangsters, and you guys aren't doing anything about it. Marcel took them out a hundred years ago without any of you. Don't you think he might be up for lending you a hand?

[Elijah stares at her with an unreadable expression for a long moment before speaking]

Elijah: Thank you for coming, Camille.

[He gestures toward the door to communicate he would like her to leave, and she reluctantly follows him before turning and stopping him]

CAMI: I know your family is grieving. But I know you don't believe those rumors that Marcel killed the baby. So, if you want help taking down the Guerreras, you have a weapon across the river just waiting to be fired. Use it.

[Cami turns away and finally leaves, while Elijah watches her from the balcony. After a moment, Klaus joins him]

Elijah: [smiles] I like her spirit.
Klaus: [glumly] So do I.


[Marcel has just met up with Josh, who has brought him at least a dozen humans in which to look for potential vampire recruits, in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans]

JOSH: [whispers to Marcel] Dude, come on! This is, like, the twentieth group I've brought you. There's gotta be a keeper in there somewhere.
MARCEL: I'll be the judge of that.

[Marcel gestures to Josh to go next door before he walks toward the group to address them]

MARCEL: I know you're all wondering how you got here. Don't worry about that for now. Instead, I want you to think about your lives.

[He approaches a young man and stares him in the eyes]

MARCEL: [compels the man] Don't be afraid.

[Marcel continues speaking to the crowd while he paces around]

MARCEL: Remember when you were a kid, and you felt like anything was possible? Then, you grew up, things didn't turn out like you planned. But still, there was that part inside of you that would dream. Maybe you wanted strength. Maybe you wanted to be a part of something, something bigger than yourselves.

[He stops and looks at a young, tough-looking girl named Gia]

MARCEL: Maybe you wanted to be a fighter. Have something worth fighting for. Maybe some of you even wanted to live forever. Well, you can have it! All of it. Because that's what being a vampire is all about.

[The young girl looks intrigued. Marcel approaches another man in the group]

MARCEL: [compels the man] Oh, don't be afraid. What do you have to fear, when you can do this?

[Marcel picks up the man and throws him hundreds of feet into the air, where he is caught by Josh, who is standing on the top floor of a nearby barn with an open door]

JOSH: [smiles] I know! Pretty cool, right?
MARCEL: [to the rest of the group] When you leave here, you'll forget this. But somewhere, deep down, you'll know the offer still exists to join me. Be like me. And, only then, will you find your way back here. Because you want it. Because you need it.

[Josh and Marcel enter Marcel's loft, where they discuss their progress for the day]

JOSH: My money's on the rocker chick.
MARCEL: I wouldn't bet on it. We'll be lucky to get one from that group.
JOSH: How can you tell? They all seem tough, what are you looking for?

[Marcel walks over to his bar and pours them each a bourbon]

MARCEL: I'm not looking for tough guys, Josh. I'm looking for warriors.
JOSH: [rolls his eyes] What's the difference?

[Klaus, who has just arrived, calls out to them from the doorway]

Klaus: A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.

[Klaus smiles at them, and after a moment, Marcel smiles back]


[Elijah is in the middle of packing up Hope's nursery when Hayley finally returns home. She joins Elijah in the nursery and stops dead in her tracks]

HAYLEY: [angrily] What do you think you're doing, Elijah?
Elijah: [passive-aggressively] Welcome back. What is it, the third night this week?
HAYLEY: [annoyed] I don't need a caretaker. Hybrids are invincible, right? What are you doing, Elijah?
Elijah: As we have discussed, our illusion needs to be flawless. Now, months have passed. It's the appropriate time.
HAYLEY: [sarcastically] What's next on the "appropriate" list? Klaus and I hold our heads up high and say we're ready to try again?
Elijah: I understand this is difficult for you--
HAYLEY: [shouts] --What's difficult is knowing that Francesca Guerrera is still breathing after she was the one who plotted with the witches to kill my baby.
Elijah: You will have your vengeance, I promise you this.
HAYLEY: [glares at him] Well, until then, this is my room, and I'll tell you when it's appropriate to clean it out.

[Hayley, upset, moves out of the way so Elijah can leave the room]


[Mikael is pacing around the church's attic, listening to the Icelandic folk records Davina got for him, when he suddenly hears a noise and throws the indestructible white oak stake toward the door, where it embeds itself in the wall. Davina stands in the doorway and rolls her eyes]

DAVINA: [sighs] I don't know why you keep showing off. You know you can't hurt me.
MIKAEL: Oh, but the desire I have to do so.

[Davina holds her wrist in front of his face so he can feed on her]

MIKAEL: I am Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires. Your young-thing blood does little to sustain me.

[Mikael's eye veins involuntarily pop out, and he reluctantly bites down on her wrist and feeds for a moment]

DAVINA: [annoyed] Stop.

[Mikael pulls away, clearly annoyed, and wipes the blood from his mouth with his hand. He spots the bracelet around Davina's wrist and touches it]

MIKAEL: Oh, I wish I could rip this from you, break that which binds me to you and complete the task for which you resurrected me-- kill the bastard who calls himself my son.
DAVINA: You can't take off the bracelet, and you can't kill Klaus. Not until I figure out how to save my friends from dying, too.

[Davina kneels next to a large trunk on the floor and opens it before pulling out Esther's grimoire]

DAVINA: I've studied their mother's spell book for weeks. I'm getting close. Once I unlink my friends from Klaus' sire line, I will unleash you to be the monster that you are so eager to be.
MIKAEL: [smirks] Music to my ears, my little witch.


[Marcel and Klaus are drinking and playing Go while they discuss how to deal with taking back New Orleans]

MARCEL: The wolves have the numbers. Back in 1925, the Guerrera pack was maybe a hundred. We went guerrilla warfare on their asses and wiped them out over a four day fight.

[Marcel places a stone on the Go board and waits for Klaus to take his turn]

MARCEL: But, we're not just talking about Guerreras now. They've had wolves coming in from packs all over.
Klaus: Well, we don't have to hit them all. Only the twelve with the rings that take me out every full moon.
MARCEL: Wait, you want to find twelve rings? Go out and chop off the hands of every wolf you find 'til you get what you want! I mean, come on! You taught me that.

[Klaus smiles and places a stone on the board]

MARCEL: [confused] You and Elijah are stalling. Why?
Klaus: Because it's possible they're in possession of something very dangerous to us.
MARCEL: [stunned in realization] They have the stake that can kill you.
Klaus: It went missing... the night I lost my child. So, it's in play, and the thought of that makes me very nervous. Especially on nights like tonight.

[Klaus looks out the window, where the full moon has begun to rise in the night sky. Marcel looks uncomfortable]

MARCEL: Why would you tell me that?
Klaus: [suspiciously] Depends. Do you have it?
MARCEL: 'Course not. That kind of weapon does me no good. You die, I die, along with every vampire we've ever sired.
Klaus: [clearly relieved] Well, then, perhaps you'd like to help me get it back? We attack the wolves, tonight, when the moon hits its apex. They won't expect it while I'm weak.

[Their conversation is interrupted by Joe, who has just arrived at Marcel's loft]

JOE: Hey, bad news or good news?
MARCEL: [laughs and stands up] Klaus, Joe. Joe, Klaus. Now, you wanna talk Guerreras-- nobody fought harder back in 1925 than Joe, here. Fought so hard he retired into retail. Been keeping the peace ever since, and living right under their noses.

[Joe sits down next to Marcel on the couch and sighs deeply]

JOE: Yeah, well, good news is, your order came in this morning. And bad news? I got made. Your friend Davina saved my ass, but what's done is done. So, pour me a drink, and play me a song, because it's gonna be my last.
MARCEL: Joe. Don't be dramatic. [He hands him a drink] Just head out of town 'til things blow over.
JOE: No way. I don't run from Guerreras.
MARCEL: You don't leave, you won't have to. They'll sniff you out in a day.
JOE: Hey, let them come hunt me down! 'Cause I've had a good ride.
Klaus: [pleased] How would you like to get back in the fight, Joe?
JOE: [interested] So, what do you have in mind?
Klaus: I've been thinking about this whole thing the wrong way. The Guerrera pack loves to hunt. They're primal, alphas. I gave you my reason for not making a move these past few months-- what, pray tell, is theirs?
MARCEL: [smiles in realization] They don't have the stake. [He thinks for a moment] Well, then who the hell does?
Klaus: [shrugs and smiles] Well, tonight it doesn't matter. Because tonight, we're going on a wolf hunt!


[Klaus has returned to the compound to discuss their plan with Elijah]

Klaus: We have the Guerreras where we want them. We have them waiting, we have them worried, and now, we know they're an army with no defenses against an Original.
Elijah: We don't know that for certain.
Klaus: [shrugs] I'm willing to gamble.
Elijah: It's too risky! The stake didn't just disappear, someone has it.
Klaus: [shrugs again] One enemy at a time! In the end, we'll slay them all.

[Klaus sits down at the table, just as he feels one of the moonlight rings being activated to keep the wearer from turning with the full moon, which weakens Klaus in the process]

Klaus: Tonight, we just have to plant the right seeds, and for that, we need help.


[Joe returns to his record store, only to find that Oliver and a group of werewolves with moonlight rings are waiting for him]

OLIVER: [chuckles] You know, I am starting to think that you have a death wish.
JOE: Look, I just want to get my stuff and get out of town.

[Oliver aggressively crosses his arms over his chest and walks toward Joe]

OLIVER: And why would we let you do that?
JOE: [smirks] 'Cause I've got information that could be very useful to Francesca Guerrera.

[Oliver's smile falls, though he looks interested]


[Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus continue to plan their attack against the Guerreras that night in the dining room]

Elijah: We're taking the twelve original rings. Now, four of them sit on the hands of the Guerrera brothers. One on Oliver, one on Francesca, three with the home security detail, and the rest scattered amongst her lackeys. Now, each ring is distinguishable by its setting-- gauche, like those that wear them.

[At THE GUERRERA MANSION, Joe has been brought by Oliver and the wolves to see Francesca, where he is giving them the information he claimed to have. Her fellow moonlight-ring-wearing werewolves and Cassie/Esther are there as well]

JOE: Klaus thinks you have the white oak stake.
FRANCESCA: But, we don't!
CASSIE/ESTHER: That doesn't matter, because if they think you have it, it means they don't know where it is.
FRANCESCA: [to Cassie] Do a spell. Find it. Now.

[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus continue to scheme]

Klaus: If they believe they can get their hands on the stake, they will come for me when I am weak. Each ring you retrieve will strengthen me, but I will still at a disadvantage.
Elijah: Ergo, any hope of our success depends entirely upon our working together. [He looks at Hayley] The two of you can no longer afford to retreat to separate corners.

[Hayley looks over at Klaus, who sighs and stands up to look at her]

Klaus: This is our fight. Are you ready for battle, Hayley?
HAYLEY: Just promise me that Francesca doesn't come out of this alive.
Klaus: [smiles weakly] Her head will be delivered to you on a silver platter, little wolf.
Elijah: [turns to leave] I'll deal with the last piece of the puzzle.


[Cassie/Esther is doing a locator spell for the indestructible white oak stake, while Francesca paces around anxiously]

CASSIE/ESTHER: [chants a spell]  L'arme filium. Pa kenbe ex oculus. Vindi--

[Cassie/Esther stops chanting and frowns]

CASSIE/ESTHER: It's no good, I can't find it. It must be cloaked. I'd love to know by whom.

[Francesca becomes angry and glares at Joe]

FRANCESCA: I'm afraid you'll have to tell us the whole story this time. Not just enough to keep yourself alive.
JOE: Francesca, I told you--
FRANCESCA: [cuts him off] --And I'm telling you, give me something I don't already know, or you die right now. Spill, and you walk out that door. Who has the white oak stake?
JOE: [hesitates] Rumor has it... it landed in the hands of the priest.


[The two Guerrera werewolf lackeys who followed Cami earlier have arrived at her home, where they're trashing her furniture to scare her into giving them information]

CAMI: [furiously] It's not enough I can't even go on a walk? And now you have to do this?
GUERRERA LACKEY #1: You know how to stop this. [He picks up a lamp and smashes it on the floor] Where's the stake?
CAMI: Fine. Whatever.

[She picks up a pad of paper and scribbles an address on it]

CAMI: Why do I care? This is not even my fight. [She hands it to Lackey #1] There. That's where you'll find what you want. Now, all you need is my uncle's key.
GUERRERA LACKEY #1: And where is that?

[Cami rolls her eyes and sighs in annoyance before walking toward the front door and grabbing a key off of a hook next to it]

CAMI: Hiding in plain sight, genius.

[Cami hands him the key before opening her door and showing the two men out. When they leave, she leans against the door and sighs. Outside the nearby window, Elijah is seen standing guard to ensure Cami wasn't hurt in the confrontation. She nods at him, and he leaves]


[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus kneels on the floor of his art room, weakened, surrounded by canvases while he waits for the plan to begin]

[At the GUERRERA MANSION, Francesca is outlining her own plan to her pack and Cassie/Esther]

FRANCESCA: Klaus will be at his weakest for the next few hours. Once you retrieve the white oak stake, be ready to use it. [She turns to Oliver] You take a group to the compound and subdue him while he's still weak.
OLIVER: What about Elijah and Hayley? There's no way they'll leave his side tonight.
FRANCESCA: [paces] Elijah can be weakened by our bites. As for Hayley... whoever rips out her heart gets a bonus!  

[The pack members start to leave to fulfill their duties, but Oliver hangs back]

OLIVER: And where will you be?
FRANCESCA: Here, where it's safe. They're vampires! They can't get into the house without an invitation.
OLIVER: So, we risk our lives while you hide?
FRANCESCA: I'm the top dog! Your job is to ensure that the battle doesn't come to me!


[The two werewolves from Cami's apartment, along with several others, have arrived at the foundry, where Cami sent them to look for the white oak stake]

GUERRERA LACKEY #1: Start from the corners. Work the room from the outside in.

[As the men look around, they notice a dark figure vamp-speeding past them. They hear the noise and turn to find Marcel standing above them on a platform near the ceiling]

GUERRERA LACKEY #1: Huh, look what we have here.

[Marcel raises his hands in a non-threatening pose, distracting them while Josh quickly exits the building and locks the doors from the outside, trapping Marcel and the wolves inside]

MARCEL: I know your boss wanted to buy this place, but... I've been stockpiling wolfsbane for months, and I just really needed a place to store it!

[Marcel pulls a lighter from his pocket and lights it before holding it near one of the overhead sprinkler system, causing it to spray wolfsbane-infused water down on the werewolves. Their skin burns from the exposure to wolfsbane, causing them to scream in pain. They desperately try to break through the doors to escape, but they can't. Marcel pushes Lackey #1 against the door and slices his fingers off, including the one with the moonlight ring]

MARCEL: I'm gonna need that!


[At THE MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Klaus, still kneeling on the floor, gasps in relief as he begins to gain some of his strength back from the lackey losing his ring. He smiles and rolls his neck. Meanwhile, many of the Guerrera werewolves, including Oliver, invade the compound and quickly split up. Two of the werewolves head for one of the staircases, where Hayley vamp-speeds toward them and snaps both of their necks instantly. She slips each of their rings off of their fingers, and Klaus, having regained more strength, smirks and grabs his palette off of the nearby easel.]

[At THE GUERRERA MANSION, Francesca is sitting at her desk, filling out paperwork, while two of her brothers sit across from her, watching her in boredom. She looks up at them and rolls her eyes before returning to her work. Suddenly, one of the werewolves is thrown past the window behind her, and the three stand up to see what is happening. Just then, a large amount of blood splatters against the window, indicating that someone has begun taking out her security detail. Outside the house, Elijah is sitting on the side of a fountain while he breaks off the moonlight-ring finger of the man's hand and places it in his pocket square]

[At THE COMPOUND, Klaus, growing ever stronger, smiles widely as he grabs a handful of paintbrushes off of an end table]


[At THE FOUNDRY, Marcel is still fighting with the Guerrera werewolves, who are still severely burned from the wolfsbane water that is raining down on them. He sees the ring on the second lackey's hand and rips his entire arm off of his body]

[At THE COMPOUND, Klaus gasps in relief as he gets even stronger from the loss of the most recent ring, and smiles. He sets down a canvas as he prepares to paint, and takes a paintbrush in each hand, holding them in a defensive manner]

[At THE GUERRERA MANSION, Francesca's security detail rushes outside of the house, where they find a cheerful Elijah waiting for them]

Elijah: [smiles] Good evening!


[Hayley has just finished removing the other ring from the werewolf she killed when many more Guerrera wolves find her and crowd around her. Hayley tenses as she takes in the threat, noticing a moonlight ring on the finger of one of the female security guards]

HAYLEY: Have I mentioned that I've had a rotten couple of months?

[Hayley's hybrid face comes out, and she lunges for the crowd]

[Upstairs, two Guerrera wolves have made their way to Klaus' study, where they see him kneeling weakly on the floor. Sensing that they're approaching, Klaus flips the paintbrushes in his hands and waits until they get closer. Downstairs, Hayley has removed the ring from the female security guard's hand, returning more strength to him. Once they're close, Klaus smiles and quickly turns to forcefully throw the paintbrushes toward them, impaling the wolves in their throats and killing them]

[Oliver slowly walks around the downstairs of the compound, but is quickly found by Hayley, who violently beats him up before slamming him against the wall]

HAYLEY: [furiously] You think you're strong because of that ring you wear? You're NOTHING. We were strong, we were part of a pack, and you ruined it.

[Hayley pulls the ring off of his finger]

[Upstairs, Klaus drags the bodies of the two werewolves he killed toward the canvas he laid on the floor, smiling as he does so]

[Downstairs, Hayley holds Oliver's ring in front of his face]

HAYLEY: If I see you with one of these again, I will kill you myself.

[Upstairs, Klaus happily dips his paintbrush into the wounds of the corpse's neck and uses his blood as paint while he works on his newest painting]


[Francesca and her brothers walk toward the front door just as another large splatter of blood lands on the frosted glass windows. They look alarmed as the door opens by itself, just before a severed head is thrown through the doorway, where it rolls into the foyer and lands at Francesca's feet. Alarmed, Francesca and her brothers slowly approach the door, where Elijah is waiting for them on their front porch. He wipes his bloody hands on a pocket square, and Francesca tries to play it cool]

FRANCESCA: [smiles fakely] Hmm. [She turns to her brothers] It's fine! He can't come in.
Elijah: [amused] Can't I?
FRANCESCA: [laughs] Don't bluff me! You can't win.
Elijah: [smiles] You mobsters all suffer from such hubris.

[Francesca raises her eyebrows at him skeptically, but Elijah continues on]

Elijah: Did you know Al Capone thought himself invincible back in his day? And, in the end, he was sentenced to the wretched filth of Alcatraz, for which of his atrocities? Anyone?

[He waits for them to answer, but they remain silent]

Elijah: A failure to pay his taxes! I suppose the devil's in the details, isn't it?

[Elijah looks around the inside of her mansion from the front porch]

Elijah: My, my, you have a beautiful home, here. [Francesca looks at her brother nervously] I was so pleased when the city took my suggestion to protect its heritage status and invoke imminent domain.

[Francesca's smirk fades in horror]

Elijah: I suppose that means this house now belongs to the public. And, as such, anyone can enter without invitation.

[Francesca watches in fear as Elijah take a dramatic step forward over the threshold. He smirks as Francesca and her brothers stand defensively and prepare to fight]


[Klaus is continuing to paint with the blood of the werewolves he killed, as Elijah returns to the compound and joins him]

Klaus: I'm still not at full strength. Which of the rings are unaccounted for?
Elijah: Only one. I must say, the brothers fought valiantly before Ms. Guerrera escaped.

[Klaus turns to Elijah and gives him a look that is both shocked and incredulous]

Klaus: You let her get away!?
Elijah: ...Not exactly.


[Francesca is desperately speeding down the road in her attempt to flee town before the Mikaelsons can kill her. She anxiously turns around to see if anyone is following her, but when she turns back, she sees someone (Hayley) standing in the middle of the road and slams on her brakes. When Francesca finally stops, she looks up again, but Hayley is gone. Suddenly, her car door is pulled open, and Hayley rips her from inside the vehicle]


[Marcel is having a drink and listening to jazz music on his record player when Josh returns to the loft, looking panicked]

JOSH: Marcel! They got Joe.

[Marcel sighs in disappointment, but otherwise doesn't seem surprised to hear this news]

MARCEL: Joe knew what he was getting himself into.
JOSH: [confused] So, what? "Hey, come on, join our team? Your reward will be your death?"
MARCEL: [rolls his eyes] Here's what you gotta understand. Vamps like Joe? They know what it feels like in the battle, and what it feels like to sit on the sidelines. Joe sat it out for a long time, but when the fight came to him, he got back in. Because he'd rather die on his feet than live on his knees. That's a warrior.
JOSH: [hesitates] Wh-What are we fighting for?
MARCEL: Me? I'm fighting for my home. For the dignity of the vampires who were run out of there.

[Marcel stands up to look Josh in the eye]

MARCEL: The question is, what are you fighting for?
JOSH: [sighs] That's the problem! I have no idea! The wolves took over the Quarter. We beat them back today, they'll fight us back tomorrow. It's nuts! And all for a few measly blocks of real estate?
MARCEL: [hands Josh a drink] I was born here in a time far more shameful than now. And even then, this city was worth fighting for. My blood runs through the gutters of this city, along with the blood of my closest friends. And yeah, Klaus and I fought side-by-side against the Guerreras. But, you know, before long, he's gonna want to be king of the wolves. His blood runs deep, here, too.

[Josh looks guilty. Marcel gestures toward the record player]

MARCEL: You hear that? That is the first, last, and only album that my friend Thierry Vanchure ever made. It could have only been made here. [Josh smiles in understanding] We're not fighting for real estate, we're fighting for the soul of this city.

[The rocker girl from earlier, Gia, wanders into Marcel's loft, looking confused. Marcel and Josh immediately stare at her]

GIA: Hello? [She stops when she sees Marcel and Josh] Hi. I'm sorry. Uh, this is weird. I just kind of found my way here?

[Josh looks over at Marcel and smiles. Marcel smiles back]


[Hayley has just returned home and is frantically destroying the furniture in the nursery, completely overwhelmed by her various emotions. Elijah hears the commotion and runs up to see what is going on]

Elijah: Hey! Hayley! Please!

[Elijah tries to grab her arms to settle her down, but Hayley backs away from him as though she's been burned. Elijah looks at her in concern and worry, but Hayley just seems to be exhausted and disgusted by herself]

HAYLEY: I killed her.

[In flashback, we return to earlier that night, when Hayley killed Francesca by biting her neck and feeding on her to death in the middle of the back road. In the present day, Hayley is near tears as Elijah looks at her with sympathy]

HAYLEY: Francesca looked me in the eye and begged me for her life as I tore her apart. But I don't feel better! I don't feel peace! I don't feel ANYTHING.
Elijah: It's perfectly natural given what you're experiencing--
HAYLEY: Nothing about what I am, Elijah, is NATURAL!

[Elijah, seeing how distraught Hayley is, tries to calm her down]

Elijah: As a hybrid, you will begin to experience feelings with a greater intensity. It will take time to master control.
HAYLEY: [shakes her head] I don't want to live like this, Elijah. I hate it! When I was living with the Crescents in the Bayou, I finally understood the... purity of being a wolf... the nobility. [She pauses for a beat] I killed eight wolves tonight before I got to Francesca. Eight of my own people. What's noble about that? I acted no better than a...
Elijah: [sadly] ...Than a vampire?
HAYLEY: [whispers] Everything has changed. And not just for me.

[She walks toward him and looks at him with a heartbroken expression]

HAYLEY: I saw the way you looked at me before. And, I see the way you look at me now. I was a mother, and now I'm a monster.

[Elijah looks at her with sympathy, but Hayley is in no mood to be comforted]

HAYLEY: [sighs] Things are different now. You can't tell me that they're not.

[She waits for him to say something, but he remains silent. She leaves the room]

Elijah: Hayley!

[She doesn't stop or turn back. Elijah stands in the nursery alone and thinks about what has happened]


[Davina walks over to the record shop, only to find that it has closed due to Joe's death. She looks sad as she reads the sign. Behind her, the young man she saw at the store the previous day walks up behind her]

YOUNG MAN: Aw, this sucks. [Davina turns to look at him] No trades today. I mean, it's worse for you, of course-- guy had the market cornered on the ancient Icelandic folk scene.
DAVINA: [laughs] Those weren't for me!

[The man chuckles and holds out his hand to shake Davina's]

KALEB: I'm Kaleb.
DAVINA: [shakes his hand] Davina.
KALEB: Wow. Cool name! Terrible taste in music. You obviously need me.

[He smiles at her charmingly, and though Davina looks slightly awkward, she still returns the smile to him]


[Klaus and Elijah are destroying the stones from the rings they stole from the Guerreras the previous night]

Klaus: Could you not just take a sledgehammer to them?
Elijah: These were forged by a witch, brother. And, as such, only the elements of fire and water can destroy them.

[Elijah rolls up his sleeves and gathers a pitcher of water and a stone bowl with burning charcoal in it]

Elijah: I'd have thought this would have brought you greater pleasure.
Klaus: [depressed] As would I. This was my fault. All of it.

[Elijah looks at him in surprise at this confession]

Klaus: [upset] If I had just accepted Hayley's pregnancy instead of... [His voice breaks] playing king... I should have listened to you. Instead, my greed and my envy robbed me of my daughter. My actions led to the release of the weapon that can kill not just me, but you.
Elijah: In a thousand years, I've survived your attempts to destroy me, brother.

[He gathers up the stones and drops them in the bowl with the burning charcoal]

Elijah: [smiles] I imagine I can survive this.
Klaus: [confused] You chase my redemption, like a man rolling a stone up an endless mountain.

[Elijah picks up the pitcher and pours water over the stones and the charcoal, destroying them both]

Elijah: Well, no mountain is endless, brother. Some are just steeper than others.

[Klaus stares in the bowl, where the stones have broken apart, revealing small drops of Klaus' blood that were magically forged within them]

Elijah: As much as I would like to be the one to comfort Hayley in this moment, I believe that only you can understand her grief.
Klaus: We lost our child... I mean, what could I possibly say to ease her pain?

[Elijah places his hand on Klaus' shoulder and squeezes it comfortingly]

Elijah: Whatever she needs to hear.


[Marcel and Cami are laying in Marcel's bed after another round of hooking up]

CAMI: Do you think things will be better in the Quarter now?
MARCEL: No. But, it was nice fighting with Klaus for a change.
CAMI: I'm sorry about Joe. The guy was brave.

[Marcel smiles and turns on his side so he can face her]

MARCEL: So were you.
CAMI: [uncomfortably] Doesn't matter. This has to stop, Marcel. Us. The deeper I'm in it with you, the deeper I'm into everything, and... I have to get my certification, I have to help human people with their human problems. And, I can't do that if I keep letting myself get pulled back in. I'm sorry. This has to end.

[Cami gets out of bed to get dressed, leaving Marcel alone in his bed]


[Hayley and Klaus sit in one of the living rooms and talk about what happened]

Klaus: It will get better.
HAYLEY: When? I'm immortal now. If I can't get through today, how am I supposed to get through forever?

[Klaus sighs, unsure of what to say, and hesitates for a moment before speaking]

Klaus: You know, over the years, I've had my share of friends, enemies, lovers, losses, and triumphs. With time, they all begin to run together. But, you will find that the real moments are vibrant. The rest... just fades away. Your pain will fade.
HAYLEY: Not until I can hold my baby in my arms again.
Klaus: [assuringly] And so you shall. But, in order to do that, we need to regain control of the city. Now, we worked separately to unite those wolves. We can work together to do it again. They don't need to be our enemies.
HAYLEY: After ambushing them, they're not going to want to be our friends, Klaus.
Klaus: You waged a just war on those who would harm your child! Not only will they respect you, they will answer to you!
HAYLEY: Why would they do that now?
Klaus: [smiles] Because you're their queen.
HAYLEY: What about all our other enemies? The witches don't stop even after they're dead.
Klaus: We defeated my mother and her witches because we stood united.

[He gets up to sit next to Hayley on the couch]

Klaus: That is how we will face all our enemies. As a family.

[Klaus takes her hand in his and squeezes it comfortingly. Hayley smiles a small smile, and Klaus smiles back]


[Vincent/Finn is sitting at a table outside of a café, and orders a pastry from a waitress. After a moment, Cami crosses the street to join him]

CAMI: Mr. Griffith?

[Cami holds out her hand to shake his and introduce herself]

CAMI: Cami. I can't thank you enough for sponsoring my supervised residency.
VINCENT/FINN: Please, call me Vincent! [He gestures to her to sit down]


[Cassie/Esther and Vincent/Finn are meeting on the ground floor of the Lycée to discuss their progress]

CASSIE/ESTHER: Did she buy it?
VINCENT/FINN: Entirely. The humans are weak.

[Vincent/Finn holds his hand over a candle's flame and feels its heat]

VINCENT/FINN: Their bodies are so strange. I'd forgotten what it feels like to be this vulnerable.
CASSIE/ESTHER: At least you're not stuck in the body of a teenager.

[Kaleb enters the room, revealing he's not exactly who he says]

KALEB/KOL: Well, I love my body, Mother. I'm pretty sure Davina Claire does, too!

[Kaleb/Kol sits down at the table with them, and Cassie/Esther rolls her eyes in annoyance]

CASSIE/ESTHER: Don't be puerile. We have work to do. Your brothers did me a favor by killing Francesca. Now, I will control the witches and the werewolves. With the vampires in exile, we can begin to take root in our new home. Finn, Kol, let's get to work! We have a family reunion to plan.

[Cassie/Esther looks over at Vincent/Finn and Kaleb/Kol, and smiles]


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