All women envied her. All men wanted her. But, she only had eyes for one.
Esther to Elijah about Tatia

Red Door is the fifth episode of the second season of The Originals and the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall.


'THE VAMPIRE DIARIES' NINA DOBREV APPEARS IN FLASHBACKS AS TATIA, THE ORIGINAL DOPPELGÄNGER — In order to show Elijah that her plan is what's best for him, Esther forces him to relive a time long ago when he loved a young woman named Tatia. With the help of Marcel, Hayley is determined to find Elijah, who has gone missing, but is torn when she discovers that Klaus is also in trouble. Elsewhere, Cami finds herself in a dangerous situation when Mikael takes her hostage as a way to lure Klaus to him, and Davina makes an upsetting discovery about Kaleb's true identity. Lastly, a violent confrontation ensues when Klaus comes face-to-face with Mikael.


After Klaus almost single handedly took out Mikael things get more complicated in "Red Door," the fifth episode of the second season. The fight is not over yet as Mikael is still not dead and Elijah is in the clutches of Esther who forces Elijah to remember his first love Tatia. As Elijah remains a captive Esther intends on torturing him with his memories of the woman who he and Klaus call their first loves. This episode sees Nina Dobrev's character Tatia making her first appearance since the shows crossover. Klaus is forced to be rational after Mikael takes Cami hostage in hopes to draw out his son for round two. Tonight will be the night that Davina also finds out a very shocking detail as to why Kaleb is so smitten with her.

It all kicks off as Elijah has a nightmare of chasing Hayley to the "Red Door". Elijah grabs her arm when she turns around it's no longer Hayley it's Tatia. He attacks her and bites her neck while she screams. He wakes up and Esther continues to mock him and says there is much to discuss. She torments Elijah and tells him she wants him to return to the family as a witch so they can all be happy again. He is not jumping at the offer but criticizing her and then she takes to telling him about the doppelgänger Tatia. She says that she holds all the memories to what really happened between he and Tatia.

Esther recounts how badly all the men in the village wanted Tatia, but all she wanted was Elijah and in enters Dobrev's character. The flashback begins with the first meeting where Tatia tells Elijah of her husband who perished in battle. Tatia chose Elijah to be her protector and her new love. Esther stops the spell in Elijah's brief moment of happiness. Elijah keeps blaming Esther for losing Tatia, but she insists that it was not her fault, but his.

Meanwhile, Klaus, Cami and Kaleb are trying to figure out how to help Davina who suffered an injury at the hands of Mikael. Klaus tells Cami to get the car unaware of the fact that his father is no longer in his slumber. Klaus continues to argue with Kaleb (Kol) and he is finally introduced to his brother again. Kaleb continues to be the nuisance that he is and then they notice that Cami has been taken and Mikael is nowhere to be seen.

Klaus tries to contact Elijah unaware that he is captured and in the clutches of Esther. Kaleb mocks Klaus one last time before Klaus takes off to save Cami. Kaleb is urging Davina to wake up because he needs her for his dirty work. Vincent calls Kaleb and asks him if he has the white oak stake. Kaleb tells him that Davina is working for a spell but that is far from the truth and she is still in her unconscious state. Finn gives him instructions to kill Davina if he does not have the stake.

Mikael tells Cami that he is using her as leverage and that he will wait for him to come to her rescue and then end him. Mikael hears music in the distance and he is weak and hungry. Campers celebrating Halloween will be the subjects of his meal. Kaleb returns to the cabin where Davina has all of her spells. Davina wakes up and he walks back into the room to meet her and give her a rundown of what happened while she was out cold.

Davina questions why her bracelet isn't working and Kaleb urges her to have a seat and get comfortable but she says that she needs to finish her spell now. Hayley and Marcel chat about the future plans and they begin to worry about Elijah. Hayley realizes that she couldn't track Oliver or Elijah and she and Marcel rush to their aid.

Esther continues her lecture to Elijah telling him that she and Mikael just wanted to make them strong, but instead, she cursed them all. Another flashback occurs and Elijah finds Klaus is the woods who is hysterical after hearing that he killed six villagers. Elijah comforts him and warns his about Mikael and how angry he is. Klaus finally finds out that Mikael is not his father and Elijah assures him that he will always be his brother. Tatia saw the carnage that occurred and tried to get away. Elijah ran after her and Esther shows him that once he caught up with Tatia.

Elijah continues to relive the moment and continues to deny that he hurt Tatia. Elijah tries to convince Tatia that he is not a monster and Esther shows him what he did in a fit of a vampiric rage. She convinces him that he drained her blood. At that moment Elijah refuses to remember any further.

Klaus continues his hunt throughout the woods to find his father who has compelled the locals to threaten Klaus. As the compelled citizens begin their attack Klaus begins his onslaught on the way to finding his father. Davina and Kaleb get a little closer and when Kaleb tries to offer help she is hesitant, but he proves he is able to keep up with her. After he gains her trust he conveys a look of delight. Mikael continues to chat with Cami as she continues to get under her skin. Mikael admits that he didn't always hate Klaus and that he once thought him to be the strongest.

Mikael continued to recount why he hated his son and all of the bad things that Klaus did including murdering his family. Cami tries to convince him that the violence is pointless, however, he laughs and tells her he could use some food. He grasps her and proceeds to take a bite into her flesh. Klaus is done taking out all of his decoy attackers and Hayley informs him that Elijah is nowhere to be found. Klaus finally fills Hayley in on all that is going on and that he is concentrating on killing Mikael.

This episode is continuing to intensify with each scene. Klaus continuously beckons for Elijah's help, however, Elijah is trapped in a world of anguish and it's up to Hayley and Marcel to help relieve him from his anguish.

Davina and Kaleb try to get the spell right but Davina tells him to stop and that she will handle it, however, when she touches Kaleb, she sees all that he has done. She sees tat he has lied to her and an epic witchy battle occurs. He tells her that he can't disobey his mother and tells her that he freed Mikael because he threatened him. Kaleb tells her he deactivated the bracelet and agrees to show her how.

Esther continues her mind games with Elijah and tells him that he brought Tatia to her when it was too late. She tried to help him and the way that she did was to brainwash him into thinking that he did nothing wrong. She tells him that he created a world for his victims separate from what is really going on. She tells him that no one had to find out what was behind the "Red Door." She appeals to his emotions by using Hayley as the anchor. She says that she wants to give him new life and a love with Hayley but he says he will not be broken. She continues "I will fix you, I will fix you all."

The entire episode seems to be one big game of chess. It has turned away from building armies and become more of a battle of the mind. Whoever has the strongest mind will prevail. Will Esther get what she wants? Or will Klaus finally kill Mikael and save his brother and Cami all at the same time?

Kaleb and Davina are now a very impressive team but he continues to mock her intelligence. He tells her that the white oak stake is too powerful to drain and the best bet is to disable it. He agrees to drive her to Mikael's destination in an attempt to stop him. Klaus finds Mikael and tells him that he will pay for hurting Cami and another epic battle ensues. Klaus seems to be losing but Davina and Kaleb arrive to save the day. Kaleb tries to convince her that they need to work together and he asks her to trust him and take his power to aid her.

Klaus continues to prove to his father that he is no longer weak. Klaus is stabbed with the white oak stake and he fades into his sleep. Mikael is surprised that Klaus isn't burning and it looks like Davina's spell is working. Cami tries desperately to pull the stake while she does Mikael approaches Davina and bites into her neck. When Mikael approaches Cami, Marcel comes in to save the day followed by Hayley and a now awoken Klaus.

Mikael tells him to come find him when he doesn't have someone else fighting his battles and retreats. Two characters are now in trouble, Davina has been bitten and her state is unknown at this point. Meanwhile, Elijah is still in captivity to his unforgiving mother who looks to stop at nothing to convert him into a witch like his brother Finn and Kol.

Davina is healed and she is protecting Kaleb from Marcel. Marcel's father figure role comes into play and he warns them to stay put. Kaleb tries to convince Davina to leave before Klaus sees her and she tells him that he will help her get even with Klaus as the two depart, together. Klaus gives Cami his best for saving him and he tells her that he will kill Mikael for hurting her. Marcel and Hayley report that Mikael is gone and so is Elijah.

Esther tells Elijah that the pain and anguish has just begun and as he rots alone with his demons he will reconsider, that's before Hayley comes in and obliterates her neck. Hayley frees him and offers him to feed but he says that he can't because his hunger may overwhelm him the way it did with Tatia. He gives into her and they finally show their raw passion as she invites him to feed on her, however, it was all a dream!

Esther is teasing him with pleasures before she continues to rip him away from the person that he is in order to find peace her way. She is sinister and one of the most mind-bending villains the show has seen thus far. The team will have to muster all of the strength and training they can to take out Esther and save what's left of Elijah.


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  • AntagonistsElijah (past), Mikael (present), Esther (present), Finn (present), and Kol (present)
  • This is Nina Dobrev's third time on the TVD/TO where she plays one character that isn't Elena in an episode, having previously played Katherine and Amara.
  • Tatia is the second doppelgänger shown in the TVD/TO universe who has no interaction of any kind with the doppelgänger(s) who proceeded her.
    • The first doppelgänger shown in the TVD/TO universe to do this is Tom Avery, who appeared in Season Five of TVD.
  • This episode is focused on Elijah as it marks Daniel Gillies' 50th appearance as the character.
  • Both Klaus and Davina learn that Kaleb is really Kol, who has been possessing him at since before the events of Rebirth.
  • Kol discovers that Davina has finally found a way to unlink Klaus' sire line and by combining and reciting Esther's spells for sire bonds and linking backwards, which he finds quite clever. He also discovers the binding element she plans on using, Kandahar root, and kills it so it is no longer a viable ingredient.
  • Cami tells Klaus that she was wrong in not letting him kill Mikael when he had the chance.
  • Mikael feeds on Cami in this episode. This is the first time Mikael voluntarily feeds on a non-supernatural human instead of a witch or a vampire on screen on either series.
    • Mikael also reestablishes that he prefers vampire blood to that of humans, but will drink the latter if he has no other choice.
  • For the first time in a 1,000 years Mikael retreats from a fight.
    • This surprises Klaus, as Mikael is well-known for not retreating from a fight, as he finds it cowardly.
  • This is the third episode to feature all six main cast members.
  • Mikael reveals to Cami that when Klaus was born, he was overjoyed and loved him, seeing him as having "the eyes of a warrior."
  • Klaus was stabbed with the white oak stake by Mikael, but because of the spell performed by Davina and Kaleb, Klaus doesn't burn.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Esther was not the one who killed Tatia as previously thought, but Elijah.
    • Esther later makes Elijah forget that he killed Tatia by a spell.
  • Esther tortures Elijah in various ways with the goal of making him so miserable that he will take her deal to become human.
    • She first tortures him by informing him that he did, in fact, kill Tatia, and and it wasn't Esther who did it as he previous believed.
    • She then broke the spell that made him forget that he killed her, along with every other atrocity he had committed since then, so he was forced to relive all the violence he had caused over the years.
    • Finally, she tortured him again by giving him a dream in which Hayley comes to rescue him and allows him to feed on her.
  • Kol tells Davina that, while he accepted his mother's offer to bring him back to life, he has no intention of following through with her plan. He wants revenge on the rest of his family and plans to help Davina in her quest for revenge against Klaus as the first step.
  • This is the only episode of The Originals to feature both Sebastian Roché (Mikael) and Alice Evans (Esther) in the same episode. However, their characters do not interact.



Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had 1.09 million viewers in USA, 0.22 million less than the previous episode.

Cultural References

  • Samhain - one of the origins of modern day Halloween. It's a pagan festival that involved animal sacrifice to appease the gods. It's still practiced today by modern witches and others.


Tatia to Elijah: "I choose you."
Elijah to Esther: "Get out of my head."
Hayley: "Something has happened to Elijah."
Esther to Elijah: "It is time for you to remember it all."

Cami: "We should get her to a hospital."
Kol: "Oh, hello darling. Back to huff and puff and blow the house down?"
Klaus: "You know it's funny how often a person's sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat."
Cami: "Klaus, he's just a kid, give him a break."
Kol: "Yeah, she's right. You know you might want to try a bit of lavender under your pillow. Does wonders for stock up pillocks with anger management issues."
Cami: "Hey, shut it!"
Klaus: "I promised not to kill Davina, I said nothing of this insolent sod."
Cami: "Klaus, come on. A minute ago you had the opportunity to kill your father with this thing and you didn't. You're not going to kill this kid with it either."
Klaus: "Fine."
Cami: "Thank you."
Klaus: "Go get the car. Let's take her to a hospital."

Hayley: "So those werewolf kids you helped get out the Quarter made it to the safe house up north."
Marcel: "Great, my good deed for the decade." (He offers Hayley a glass of whiskey)
Hayley: "No thanks, I'm good. Maybe the vampires and us free wolves can work together after all."
Marcel: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Hayley: "Anyway thanks, for helping."
Marcel: "Hmm, don't thank me, thank Elijah."
Hayley: "I would have, but I can't get a hold of him. I went to the compound thinking he would be there."
Marcel: "Really? I thought you always had tabs on him?"
Hayley: "I mean we haven't really been on the best terms lately. He wouldn't just disappear though."
Marcel: "The last I knew he was going to keep the wolves distracted. Your boy Oliver was going to help him."
Hayley: "I couldn't track down Oliver either."

Cami: "This is crazy. The two of you going round and round trying to kill each other, your obsessing over the death of someone who's fatal flaw is that he was fathered by another guy!"
Mikael: "Hush!"
Elijah: "You will not break me."
Lenore as Esther: "I am here to fix you!"
Elijah to Esther: "Get out of my head."



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