[A girl with long, wavy brown hair who is wearing a long, white dress frantically runs for safety toward a red door at the end of a hall. Elijah, shirtless and covered in blood from head to toe, slowly stalks her as she whimpers in fear and desperately tries to open the door. When the girl turns around, it is revealed that the girl is Hayley, who looks back at Elijah in sheer terror and continues pounding on the door to no avail. Elijah finally grabs her by the arm and turns her toward him, but it's no longer Hayley, it's Tatia, the original doppelgänger. He grabs her by the hair and turns her neck toward him before vamping-out and feeding on her as she cries in protest]


[Elijah awakens from his dream to find that he is still chained by his wrists in a crypt, and is confused as to what has just happened to him. He musters up all of his strength and yanks on his chains as hard as he can to free himself, but they won't break. Lenore/Esther calmly walks in, drinking a cup of tea]

ESTHER: Have you forgotten where you are, son? Save your strength. My chains don't break so easily.

[She points above his head, where a large poppet hangs from the rafters, magically fortified so that they cannot be broken]

ESTHER: Having sweet dreams?

[Elijah lunges for her, but the restraints won't allow him to get any closer]

Elijah: Get out of my head.
ESTHER: [smirks] I'm not in your head, dear. You were screaming.

[Elijah glares at her, but Esther remains unbothered by his aggression]

ESTHER: Go ahead, get your bearings. We have much to discuss.

[Esther leaves, and Elijah once again tries to break through the chains]


[After the credits, Lenore/Esther returns to the crypt, where she continues to talk to Elijah]

ESTHER: Who were you dreaming about ripping apart when you woke earlier? Was it your new little plaything, Hayley? Or, was it someone else?

[Elijah aggressively lunges for her, but still can't get any closer]

ESTHER: Oh, stop fighting, Elijah! I brought you here to listen, and you're not going anywhere until I've said my piece.
Elijah: [furiously] So speak.
ESTHER: I want you to rejoin our family, but as a witch. I want you to leave behind the grotesque savage vampirism has made of you. Take the body of a mortal, and we can all be happy again. Start over.
Elijah: You do know you're entirely demented, don't you?
ESTHER: [chuckles] Am I? I'm not the one who pulls the wings off of every beautiful butterfly that he finds.

[Elijah continues to try to break through his chains]

ESTHER: Like the woman who flits across the edge of your nightmare.
Elijah: [angrily] Let me go. Now.

[Elijah's vampire face comes out, but Esther is unfazed]

ESTHER: Hmm. How quickly you slip back into your more savage self.

[Elijah is stunned into silence by this response, and he looks almost ashamed as his vampire face slips away]

ESTHER: The moral son I raised is now but a mask worn to hide ancient demons.
Elijah: You know nothing.
ESTHER: See, that's where you're wrong. I know more about the secrets you carry than you do. Shall I list them? I can begin with the first little butterfly you destroyed. [Elijah's face goes pale] The sweet young widow from our village who caught your eye when you were still human.

[Elijah shifts uncomfortably, which makes Esther smirk in satisfaction]

ESTHER: Ah, you remember her. Of course. How could you forget the first girl to ever steal your heart? She of mystical blood, the doppelgänger, Tatia.
Elijah: [numbly] I did nothing but love that woman until the day you took her life.
ESTHER: [smiles] I know that's what you believe... which is precisely why you are here.

[She picks up a candle from the table and holds it in front of Elijah's face]

ESTHER: I need to show you the monster you really are. When I do, you will beg for salvation, and happily I shall provide it.

[Esther casts a spell on the candle, and Elijah is transported into a flashback]


[A celebration is underway in the Mikaelsons' village, where meat is being cooked over bonfires and villagers are dancing around together, wearing festive masks. Nearby, Elijah and Esther, in her original body, watch as Tatia, wearing a forest green dress and matching mask, dance around the fire]

ESTHER: [voiceover] It was Samhain, when we danced and killed the best of our livestock to appease the gods for a new season.

[Tatia lifts up her mask so she can smile at Elijah before Klaus grabs her by the arm and spins her around toward him]

ESTHER: [voiceover] All women envied her. All men wanted her. But, she only had eyes for one.

[Klaus kisses Tatia passionately, while Elijah watches sadly from the sidelines. Klaus and Tatia begin to dance, but Tatia stops when she sees that Elijah is no longer watching her. Meanwhile, Elijah walks over to a nearby pig pen, where he affectionately pets and feeds one of the pigs. After a moment, Tatia joins him]

TATIA: [amused] Do not tell me you came to save Loki the pig from his fate?

[Elijah rises to his feet and turns to face her, his expression somber]

Elijah: No. I'm afraid Loki the pig's fate is to be food.

[Tatia looks at him sympathetically, and Elijah smiles sadly]

Elijah: Just as you are fated to love another.
TATIA: [pauses] And you? Fated to watch from the shadows? The noble martyr?

[Elijah just stares at her in disappointment]

TATIA: Fate does not dictate my heart, Elijah. [She paces in front of him] I was fated to throw myself on a pyre after my husband died in battle, but I did not. I chose to live. And, I chose to give my heart once more. To someone strong, protective, fierce, and yet noble, and gentle.

[She caresses his face with her hand, and Elijah takes it in his own]

TATIA: I choose you, Elijah.

[Elijah smiles and leans forward to kiss her, but she just giggles and pulls away shyly]

TATIA: [smiles] And you choose to have our first kiss where your mother slaughters the pigs? [Elijah grins] Not very romantic--

[Elijah gently grabs her head and pulls her close to him for a kiss, and they make out passionately for a few moments before he pulled away]

Elijah: Perhaps we should set Loki the pig free? It seems one's fate can change, after all.

[They continue to kiss]


PRESENT DAY-- LAFAYETTE CEMETERY [Esther blows out her candle, bringing Elijah out of his flashback. He stumbles as he tries to regain his bearings]

ESTHER: But, that was just the beginning. A brief moment of happiness. That is how it always begins. A butterfly lands upon your finger, unaware that it will lead to her tragic end.
Elijah: Her tragic end came when you drained her body of blood. [Esther closes her eyes and sighs in frustration] All for a spell to smother the wolf within Niklaus, if my memory serves.
ESTHER: Actually, Elijah, your memory doesn't serve you at all. You just don't realize it yet. [She caresses Elijah's face] But, by the time we are done here, you will.

[Elijah jerks his face away from her hand and glares at her angrily]


[Cami and Kaleb/Kol are checking on Davina, who is still unconscious falling and hitting her head in Live and Let DIe, while Klaus watches from the doorway with the white oak stake in his hand]

CAMI: [worried] We should get her to a hospital.

[Kaleb/Kol notices Klaus standing in the doorway and addresses him as though they are strangers, though he doesn't completely conceal his true identity]

KALEB/KOL: Oh. Hello, darling. Back to huff and puff and blow the house down?
Klaus: [unamused] You know, it's funny how often a person's sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat.
CAMI: [sighs in frustration] Klaus, he's just a kid. Give him a break.
KALEB/KOL: Yeah, she's right. You know, you may want to try a bit of lavender under your pillow. Does wonders for stuck-up pillocks with anger issues.
CAMI: [groans in annoyance] Hey! Shut it.
Klaus: I promised not to kill Davina. I said nothing of this insolent sod.

[Kaleb/Kol smirks at him, while Cami gets up and leads Klaus outside]

CAMI: Klaus, come on.

[Klaus continues to stare suspiciously at Kaleb/Kol as Cami pulls him onto the porch] 

CAMI: A minute ago, you had the opportunity to kill your father with this thing, and you didn't. You're not going to kill this kid with it, either!

[Klaus looks into the cabin, where Kaleb/Kol is still tending to Davina]

Klaus: [sighs] Fine.
CAMI: [relieved] Thank you.

[Klaus reluctantly hands her the white oak stake, along with the keys to the SUV]

Klaus: Go get the car. Let's take her to hospital.

[Cami smiles at him before she leaves. Klaus walks back into the cabin, looking as though he's come to a realization, and addresses Kaleb/Kol while he continues to check on Davina]

Klaus: You've got a way with words.
KALEB/KOL: Well, I've traveled.

[Kaleb/Kol stands up and walks over to Klaus so they can speak face-to-face]

Klaus: You seem to have crossed continents to order to weasel your way into Davina's good graces, thereby meddling in my family business. [Klaus smiles] Strange, isn't it?

[Kaleb/Kol smirks, but says nothing, which seems to confirm Klaus' suspicions]

Klaus: Unless it's your family business. You know, ever since my mother and Finn, I was wondering when you might make an appearance, Kol.

[Kol, clearly amused by this exchange, can't help but laugh as he bows dramatically to Klaus]

KOL: Then the jig is up! [Klaus smiles as though he is genuinely pleased to see him] Hello, brother!
Klaus: It's not that I begrudge you hitching a ride back to the land of the living. It's just that you're making all the wrong friends, brother. And, I have half a mind to show you how wrong you are.

[Kol continues to smirk as he leans in to whisper to Klaus]

KOL: But you're not going to do that, are you? Because your little blonde friend told you to leave me alone. [Klaus chuckles] I'm curious, does she take one of those little baggies out when she takes you for a walk?

[The pleasant tone of conversation has now evaporated, and Klaus begins to show his annoyance as he raises his voice so Cami can hear him outside]

Klaus: Cami? I changed my mind, I am going to kill him after all.

[Kol smirks at him, but when Cami doesn't respond, Klaus gets worried and walks toward the car]

Klaus: [concerned] Cami?

[Klaus walks to the driveway, where he finds the driver's side door of his SUV open, its window smeared with blood. Furious, Klaus rushes around to the trunk, which is open and empty. Klaus realizes that Mikael took Cami]

[After the break, Klaus is pacing around in the yard while he calls Elijah and leaves him a voicemail]

Klaus: Elijah, where are you? Mikael is loose with the stake, and Cami is a hostage, and I am weaponless and in need of reinforcement. Urgently.

[He hangs up and returns to the cabin, where Kaleb/Kol is rocking in a rocking chair]

Klaus: [impatiently] Wake her up. Tell her to get Mikael back here, now.
KOL: Well, let me-- let me think about that. [He taps chin thoughtfully] No!

[Klaus gives him a furious look, but Kol plays it cool]

KOL: In fact, you should probably get going, Nik. Mikael, he's probably jonesing for a restorative snack about now. It'd be a shame to find-- uh, Cami, is it?-- nothing more than a bloodless husk.
Klaus: [angrily] We're not done here, you and I.

[Kol just smirks at him before Klaus vamp-speeds away to find Cami. Once he's gone, Kol gets up and puts a pillow under Davina's head and brushes a lock of hair behind her ear as he whispers to her]

KOL: It'd be really useful if you woke up about now. I kicked a few familial hornets' nests, and we really need to scarper.

[Kol's phone rings. He checks it, sees that it's Vincent/Finn, and silences it before pocketing it again. Suddenly, his nose starts to bleed. He wipes it away as his phone rings, and seeing the caller ID, he reluctantly walks out onto the porch and answers it. Back at the coven house, Vincent/Finn is on the other end of the line, doing a spell that involves a small pouch in a bowl]

KOL: Did you have to do that?
FINN: I despise voicemail. Do you have the white oak stake?

[Kol looks around anxiously to make sure he's not being overheard before he answers]

KOL: Hit a bit of a snag, truthfully.
FINN: [chuckles] Is that what you would you like for me to pass along?
KOL: Tell her that I've got everything under control. I'm keeping an eye on Davina. She's working on a spell to unlink her mates from Klaus' sire line so that she can kill him without them dying, too. I'm sure the stake will come back into play when she's ready.
FINN: How close is she to completing the spell?
KOL: Well, she's joined Mother's linking and sire-bond spells in reverse. It's quite clever, really.
FINN: [clearly intrigued] What's she using as a binder?
KOL: I'm not sure. I'm still trying to work that one out.
FINN: Work harder. Mother needs Klaus alive and connected. So, may I suggest that if you can't find that stake, you either kill that girl's spell or you kill the girl.

[Kol, frustrated, makes a face and hangs up on his brother]


[Mikael is dragging a terrified Cami away from the cabin through the woods near the Bayou]

CAMI: Klaus will find you!
MIKAEL: Oh, he will. But, I will be ready.
CAMI: How? I've seen the kind of pain that blade causes.
MIKAEL: I have fought more pain than anyone, living or dead. [He clutches Papa Tunde's blade in one hand] But, once I feed, I shall be restored.

[Cami, frightened, tries to run away, but he keeps her arm in his grip and sighs impatiently]

MIKAEL: Not you. [He holds the blade against her neck] You, my dear, are leverage. Once I threaten to dismember you in front of him, Klaus will hesitate. And, in that moment of weakness, I shall end him.
CAMI: This is crazy! The two of you, going round and round trying to kill each other? You're obsessing over the death of someone whose fatal flaw is that he was fathered by another guy!
MIKAEL: [enraged] Hush! You are the enabler of the weak! No wonder he seeks your company.

[He pauses, but doesn't let go of Cami]

MIKAEL: [happily] I hear music. And, where there's music, there's food.

[He drags her farther through the woods, where they come upon a group of several dozen people, all of whom are wearing various Halloween masks and partying around a large bonfire. Mikael grabs Cami by the head and forces her to look at them]

MIKAEL: Well, well, well, well... What have we here? [He pauses] Hillbilly Halloween. Oh, perfect.

[He drags a struggling Cami toward the crowd]


[Davina is still unconscious, so Kaleb/Kol takes the opportunity to looks around at Davina's notes on the spell she's creating. He finds a root pinned to a page and takes it down to look at it]

KOL: [mutters] You used Kandahar root as a binder. Now, where'd you find that?

[He grips the root and closes his eyes to cast a spell on it. As he quietly whispers the spell, the root begins to turn black as if it's dying. Suddenly, Davina awakens and looks around in confusion before wincing and touching the injured part of her head. Kaleb/Kol comes out and sits down across from her to check on her]

DAVINA: [weakly] What happened?
KALEB/KOL: Davina, you're awake! I was starting to freak out, are you okay?

[As Davina sits up, she groans again as she rubs the back of her skull]

DAVINA: My head...

[She suddenly remembers what happened before she was knocked out and starts to panic, and turns to Kaleb/Kol frantically]

DAVINA: ...Klaus?
KALEB/KOL: [plays dumb] Angry bloke with the deadly aim? Yeah, he smashed the place up, and then he left.
DAVINA: [horrified] Where'd he go?
KALEB/KOL: To hunt down your pet-serial-killer-friend. Listen, not to be Mr. Judgmental here, but I'm starting to question the company that you keep.

[Davina considers this information for a moment as she begins to pace around the room]

DAVINA: The white oak stake?
KALEB/KOL: [frowns] It's gone, I'm afraid. The serial-killer one took it.

[Davina becomes overwhelmed by this news and grabs her bracelet to summon Mikael]

DAVINA: Mikael? Mikael? Mikael? [When nothing happens, she becomes frantic] Why isn't this working?

[Kaleb/Kol, not wanting to blow his cover, leads Davina back to her chair]

KALEB/KOL: Sit down, alright? You were out for quite a long time. Maybe that's got something to do with it.

[He pours her a glass of water from a pitcher]

KALEB/KOL: Here, have some water.
DAVINA: No, you don't understand! If Mikael's free, he can kill Klaus, and then my friends die, too!
KALEB/KOL: Well, if I understand all this, Mikael's been trying to kill Klaus for eons. How are you going to stop him?

[Davina considers this for a moment and shakes her head]

DAVINA: I'm not. I need to finish my spell, now.


[Hayley arrives at the apartment to visit Marcel, who she finds pouring himself a drink at his bar]

HAYLEY: So, those werewolf kids you helped get out of the Quarter made it to the safe house up north.

[She smiles at him gratefully, and he seems pleased by this news]

MARCEL: Great! My good deed for the decade.

[He hands her a drink, but she politely declines it by holding up her hand]

HAYLEY: No, I'm good. Maybe the vampires and us free wolves can work together after all.
MARCEL: [smiles] The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

[He casually sips his drink]

HAYLEY: Anyway, thanks... for helping.
MARCEL: [shakes his head] Don't thank me. Thank Elijah.
HAYLEY: [frowns] I would have, but I can't get a hold of him. I went to the compound, thinking he'd be there...
MARCEL: [surprised] Really? I thought you always have tabs on him?
HAYLEY: [awkwardly] I mean, we haven't really been on the best terms lately. He wouldn't just disappear, though.

[Marcel processes this information for a moment]

MARCEL: Uh, last I knew, he was gonna keep the wolves distracted. Your boy Oliver was gonna help.
HAYLEY: [worried] I couldn't track down Oliver, either.

[Marcel frowns in concern]

HAYLEY: If they're both missing...

[Hayley realizes that Elijah must be in trouble, and turns to leave]

MARCEL: [exasperated] Where you goin'?
HAYLEY: To find them.
MARCEL: Not on your own, you're not.

[Marcel sets down his drink and rushes after Hayley as she walks out of the apartment]


[Elijah is dozing off upright when Lenore/Esther returns to the crypt where he's being held]

ESTHER: You're hungry, aren't you? It's been hours since you fed. What an awful thing, to feed upon the blood of others. For this, I blame myself. And your father. We tried to make you children strong. But, instead, we cursed you all.


[Elijah flashes back to right after the Mikaelsons were turned into vampires, the morning after Klaus triggered his werewolf gene. Klaus sits in the forest, naked, covered in blood, and surrounded by the dismembered corpses of several men that he killed while he was transformed into a wolf. Elijah finds him a moment later and looks at him with sympathy as Klaus struggles to hold back his tears]

Elijah: Brother?

[Elijah hands Klaus fresh clothes, which Klaus takes from him, but he otherwise doesn't move to get dressed. Instead, he just becomes even more overwhelmed by everything that has just happened to him]

Klaus: What am I...? How many...?
Elijah: ... Six.

[Klaus covers his face with his hands in horror and disgust at himself]

Elijah: You slaughtered six villagers, brother. You tore them apart as though they were nothing at all.

[Elijah helps Klaus to his feet]

Klaus: [whispers] Brother, what have I become?
Elijah: You seem like the wolves in the village, cursed to turn when the moon is full.

[Elijah pulls Klaus into a comforting hug and pauses a moment before continuing]

Elijah: [quietly] Listen to me. Father is beside himself with rage. It seems this... affliction... can only be passed by a certain kind of conception--
Klaus: [sniffles] --And do our siblings share this affliction? Do you share this affliction?

[Elijah once again hesitates for a moment before ultimately shaking his head]

Elijah: No. I don't.
Klaus: [devastated] He is not my father, is he?

[Elijah looks heartbrokenly at him him before placing his hand on the back of Klaus' head to force him to look him in the eye]

Elijah: You listen to me. This changes nothing. For any of us. We are here for you, as we shall be always.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to cry. Suddenly, they hear the sound of someone approaching them. It's Tatia, who sees Klaus covered in blood and surrounded by bodies and quickly becomes terrified so much that she immediately runs away. Elijah, flustered, chases after her to explain]

Elijah: Tatia! Tatia? Tatia!



[Elijah glares at Lenore/Esther as he returns from his flashback]

Elijah: I fail to see your point, here. I compelled Tatia to forget what she saw, and she did.
ESTHER: You'd only been a vampire for a few days. You hadn't yet learned compulsion.

[Elijah shakes his head in disbelief]

Elijah: No. I remember that. Clearly.
ESTHER: Do you? You thought there were still lines you wouldn't cross.

[Elijah stares at her, visibly distraught by the thought of what she's suggesting]

ESTHER: People you wouldn't hurt. Things you wouldn't do. But, you're wrong. That is what I'm here to show you.


[Elijah continues to chase after Tatia through the woods after she found Klaus and Elijah surrounded by bodies and fled the scene. She eventually trips on an exposed tree root and falls on the ground, allowing Elijah to finally catch up to her]

Elijah: Tatia! Tatia! Tatia! Wait! Wait.

[Tatia scrambles to her feet and starts to back away from him fearfully, and Elijah puts up his hands in a non-threatening gesture]

TATIA: Stay away from me.
Elijah: I won't hurt you!
TATIA: [horrified] What have you become?
Elijah: I'm what I've always been! I'm the one who loves you.

[Tatia shakes her head, visibly scared by him and his new supernatural identity]



ESTHER: You knew how special she was! I always thought you would protect her. That she would be your wife, that one day I might call her daughter! Instead--
Elijah: [interrupts her] I didn't hurt her!
ESTHER: You've taught yourself to hide from who and what you are for a thousand years!

[Elijah angrily yanks on his chains in an effort to lunge at Esther]

Elijah: I did not hurt Tatia! I could not.
ESTHER: But you did!


[Tatia continues to stare at Elijah in fear and horror, and Elijah continues to try to ease her fears while still feeling hurt by her reaction]

TATIA: [stunned] Your mother asked for my blood. She said nothing of the dark magic that would turn you into a monster!
Elijah: [visibly hurt] Look at me, I'm not a monst--
[He cuts himself off, unable to finish the words because he has suddenly sensed the blood that is pouring from a wound on Tatia's palm that she sustained when she fell earlier. Elijah tries as hard as he can to resist it, but his vampire face comes out involuntarily, briefly scaring Tatia. He breathes deeply to try to control himself, and it eventually fades away]
Elijah: Tatia...



[Lenore/Esther takes Elijah's face in her hands and forces him to look at her]

ESTHER: Oh, my beautiful boy. No more hiding. It is time, now, for you to remember it all.


[Tatia becomes frightened once more and slaps Elijah across the face in hopes of protecting herself. Elijah is so taken aback by this display of violence that he doubles over and massages his jaw, feeling hurt that she doesn't trust him]

Elijah: I said I will not hurt you. I don't want to--

[Despite Elijah's best efforts, the scent of her blood causes his vampire face to come out again, and Tatia backs away in terror at the sight of his blood-red eyes, darkened eye-veins, and vampire fangs]

TATIA: Elijah...?

[Elijah musters up all of his willpower to try to hold himself back from feeding on her]

Elijah: [overwhelmed] Run!

[Tatia backs away and turns to run as fast as she can, but Elijah's efforts are for naught, and he's ultimately unable to stop himself from chasing after her]


ESTHER: You didn't want to hurt her. You loved her.


[Elijah grabs hold of Tatia and pulls her head back by the hair in order to expose her neck as Tatia yelps and struggles against his grip]


ESTHER: But, you couldn't fight what you had become. What I had turned you into!


[Elijah bites Tatia's neck and viciously feeds on her as she screams in pain]


ESTHER: A predator. And she became your prey!

[Elijah yanks himself out of Esther's grasp and glares at her]

Elijah: This was you. You murdered her for her blood. And then, you used it to cripple Klaus for centuries.

[Esther just stares at him, blank-faced, as Elijah steps backward and continues to pull on his chains]

Elijah: I won't listen to another word.
ESTHER: You don't have to listen, son. All you have to do is remember.


[Klaus has just made it to where Cami and Mikael had stopped earlier. He sees a smear of blood on a nearby tree and follows it, which leads him to the "Hillbilly Halloween" bonfire. When he gets there, he finds all of the party-goers standing completely still and silent in their masks, presumably compelled by Mikael to speak for him]

PARTY-GOER 1: Did you honestly think to hold me with a blade forged from pain?
PARTY-GOER 2: Unlike the weak, unlike you, I gain strength from pain!
PARTY-GOER 1: Soon, you will know the taste of white-oak as it pierces your heart.
Klaus: [amused] It's very clever, Mikael! Compelling the locals to say to my face what you dare not? Enjoy the theatrics! They only delay the inevitable.

[Party-goer 2 attacks Klaus, but he easily disarms and kills him. The other compelled guests quickly follow, and Klaus quickly kills them, as well]


[Davina is poring over the notes she has pinned to the wall, while Kaleb/Kol looks through other notes nearby]

KALEB/KOL: Um, perhaps we should hold off on this...

[Davina turns back to him and gives him a hard look]

DAVINA: No, I have everything I need! Combine a knotting spell with a sire-bond spell. [She looks through her things again] I just have to combine them the right way...
KALEB/KOL: And do them in reverse. That's pretty advanced for a wee girl like you.

[Davina snatches the page he's holding out of his hand and once again gives him a look]

DAVINA: You know, I can give you a list of people who have underestimated me. [Kaleb/Kol smirks in amusement] Not one of them has done it a second time.
KALEB/KOL: Well, perhaps I should help you. I'm pretty good at stuff like this.
DAVINA: [chuckles] I don't think so. It's not just saying the spells backwards, it's changing the verb tense into--
KALEB/KOL: [interrupts her] Nemo unus animabus carnem et sanguinem de ista duo. [Davina looks impressed] Like I said, I'm good at what I do. It's never paid to underestimate me, either.
DAVINA: Okay. Let's do this.

[Davina leads Kaleb/Kol into the next room. He watches her, and smiles]


[Mikael has dragged struggling Cami into a run-down warehouse]

CAMI: [furiously] I used to try to convince Klaus that there was good in everyone, that you really did care about him, deep inside, once.

[Mikael throws her onto the floor, but Cami doesn't stop speaking]

CAMI: He told me I was naive, that I could never fathom how deep your hatred ran.
MIKAEL: I didn't always hate him. When Klaus was born, I was overjoyed. I thought, "This one-- this one has the eyes of a warrior. He will be worthy." But, my hope was short-lived. And, when I found out that he wasn't really my son, my relief was GLORIOUS. But, that passed with the knowledge that he was begat of a beast.
CAMI: His mother's infidelity was not his fault!
MIKAEL: Everything that followed was because of Niklaus' obsession with the wolves! He ventured out to watch them turn under the full moon, and he took my youngest son, Henrik. He was but a child, and he was torn apart.
CAMI: It was an accident!
MIKAEL: [enraged] An accident? AN ACCIDENT? HE MURDERED MY WIFE! HIS OWN MOTHER! Who sought to cleanse him of his beast-like nature! He betrayed me. He turned my entire family against me! And yet, you defend him?

[Cami becomes so overwhelmed by anger that she once again stands to her feet so she can stare him in the eyes]

CAMI: I have desperately tried to convince him not to kill you! That the bloodshed in your family does not have to be an endless cycle!

[Mikael pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration, but she continues to yell louder]

CAMI: And, after centuries on this earth, do you really not see that all of your violence is POINTLESS?

[It looks like Mikael is crying, but, in fact, he's actually laughing hysterically]

MIKAEL: Let me hazard a guess-- you are one of these alienists, right?

[Cami, completely frustrated, angrily wipes the tears from her face]

CAMI: We're called therapists these days, and, to be honest, you could do with some couch time.
MIKAEL: Actually, my dear, since-- [He winces in pain as he moves toward her]-- my wound does not appear to be healing, what I could do with right now is some food.

[Cami's anger is quickly replaced with fear as she backs away from him]

CAMI: You--you said you wouldn't!
MIKAEL: [smiles] Yes, I did, didn't I? And although the blood of a full belly makes for good fodder-- [He vamps-out]-- in times of need, even the devil eats flies.

[He hisses and bites down on her neck as Cami screams in terror and pain]


[It's daylight now, and Klaus is feeding on the bodies of the recently dead partiers to replenish his strength. There is one partier left alive, who stumbles as he tries to attack Klaus, but Klaus simply takes his weapon and hits him upside the head with it. Suddenly, his phone rings, and Klaus reluctantly answers it. It's Hayley and Marcel, who are in the parking garage where Elijah and Oliver were attacked by Finn and his werewolves. Klaus pants and tries to catch his breath as he greets them]

Klaus: Uh, I'm a tad busy. What is it, Hayley?
HAYLEY: [whispers quietly] Something has happened to Elijah. He was supposed to be our decoy last night, and now he's vanished. There's blood everywhere-- werewolf and vampire. There's a trail. I need you to help us track it.
Klaus: Well, as much as I might like to help you find my brother, I have more pressing matters as the moment.

[The partier tries to crawl toward Klaus, so Klaus kicks him in the face, knocking him backward]

HAYLEY: [incredulously] What's more important than your own brother?
Klaus: My life? Davina had Mikael on a magical leash, and it broke. Now Mikael has Tunde's blade, the white oak stake, and Cami.

[At the parking garage, Marcel, who has been listening into the conversation, stands up and looks furious at this news]

Klaus: I'm gonna get her back.

[The partier tries once again to attack Klaus, so Klaus grabs him in a choke-hold]

Klaus: And then, I'm gonna end this. Either Mikael or I will be ash by day's end.

[Marcel, worried, walks toward Hayley, who is clearly concerned as well]

Klaus: And, if you do find my brother, please, tell him I could do with a hand?

[Klaus finally snaps the partier's neck and hangs up]


[Davina and Kaleb/Kol are surrounded by lit candles as they sit cross-legged across from each other on the floor. They quietly chant Davina's spell]

DAVINA & KALEB/KOL: Sanguinatum venetus barkael meh--
DAVINA: [interrupts him] Stop! Stop. This isn't working.

[Davina starts messing with the ingredients of the spell, and Kaleb/Kol starts to panic when he realizes that Davina is getting close to figuring out his identity]

KALEB/KOL: Well, maybe you're just... doing it wrong?
DAVINA: No, we have to do this right! Josh and Marcel, their lives depend on it.

[Kaleb/Kol looks at her with concern]

DAVINA: [sighs in frustration] Look, just stop chanting. [She grabs his wrists in her hands] I'll chant and channel your power.

[When Davina touches Kaleb/Kol's arms, she gets a vision of when he cast a spell to kill the Kandahar root earlier. She looks at him suspiciously before closing her eyes again, this time flashing back to Live and Let Die, when Mikael forced him to de-spell Davina's bracelet. Then, she sees a flashback of Klaus identifying him as Kol, his brother. When she returns to the present, she quickly lets go of him and stares at him in horror. Kol looks guilty]

DAVINA: You're one of them!

[Furious, Davina uses telekinesis to throw Kol against the wall]

DAVINA: [shrieks] You liar!

[She throws him against another wall, so Kol fights back, pulling her toward him with magic before throwing her against another wall]

KOL: That hurt.

[Davina casts a pain-infliction spell on Kol, who grabs his temples in agony]

KOL: Okay, okay, okay, okay!
DAVINA: You ruined the spell, and now my friends are gonna die because of you!
KOL: My mother said, "Kill the spell, or kill her." And I happen to like you.

[Davina glares at him, both furious at him and skeptical of his claims]

DAVINA: Oh, please--
KOL: Listen, you don't disobey Mother Dearest without some consequences. Yes, she brought me back to life, but she's mad as a hatter. And, that man you've made your pet, my father? Well, he's more of a lunatic than she is.
DAVINA: What, so you just unleash him?
KOL: You're the one who brought him back to life first, love!
DAVINA: I had him under control!
KOL: Yeah, right up until the point you didn't, which is when he threatened me! He wanted freedom, so I freed him. You wanna know my secrets?

[He holds out his arms to Davina, which surprises her]

KOL: Then here you go. Go on! Have at it! Yes, I'm a Mikaelson, but I've got just as much reason to loathe the lot of them as you do.

[Davina looks at his wrists and rolls her eyes before trying to brainstorm a new plan. After a moment, she reflexively grabs her bracelet]

DAVINA: You deactivated my bracelet. How?
KOL: It's a dark object. I know a little something about creating and destroying them.
DAVINA: Show me.

[Kol relaxes a bit when he realizes that he's not in immediate danger and nods his head]

KOL: Alright.

[Davina turns and heads into the next room]


[Elijah is still chained up in a crypt while Lenore/Esther continues to talk with him]

Elijah: You're distorting my memories! It was you who killed Tatia!
ESTHER: Oh, I used her blood to bind the spell that suppressed Niklaus' werewolf aspect. But, by the time you brought her to me, she was already dead.

[Elijah looks at his mother in horror and disbelief]

Elijah: You can't rewrite history!
ESTHER: No, I cannot. And I did not. Not until I had your consent.


[Esther is out by the pig pen, where she is cleaning a knife with a cloth, when Elijah approached her, carrying Tatia's dead body in his arms. Esther backs away from him, visibly terrified by the sight of them]

ESTHER: [voiceover] When you became yourself again, you brought her to me.

[In flashback, Esther takes Tatia's body from a devastated Elijah's arms]

ESTHER: [voiceover] But, too late. I told you you were a good son, to let me take care of it. That I could help make it all go away.

[Esther drags Tatia's body away into the shed. Elijah, overwhelmed to the point of numbness, falls to his knees in horror. Esther closes the wooden door to their slaughterhouse behind her, the wood stained with red blood]


ESTHER: And then, I said to you, "You will not suffer from this memory, or be tormented from the guilt of your misdeed. What goes behind that door shall stay there and be forgotten."


[Esther returns outside to Elijah, who is still kneeling outside the slaughterhouse. She leans down and whispers into his ear]

ESTHER: [voiceover] I told you to clean yourself up. That if you were clean, no one would know what you are or what you'd done.

[She hands him a washcloth, which he uses to wipe the blood from his face]


[Elijah shakes his head in disbelief]

ESTHER: And you did exactly that... and more. You created a place in your mind to put your victims. You began to believe that as long as your suit was immaculate and your hands clean, you could look in the mirror and tell yourself it's all okay. No one need know what's behind that red door.

[Elijah flashes back to his nightmare from earlier, when Hayley/Tatia was pounding on the red door while he stalked them, shirtless and covered in blood, before finally feeding on them]

ESTHER: But, a thousand years is a long time, Elijah. And a place meant to hold one unforgivable sin is now full to bursting with your most monstrous deeds.
Elijah: [overwhelmed] STOP!
ESTHER: How long before it's your beloved Hayley's corpse behind that door?  
Elijah: [whispers desperately] Stop.
ESTHER: You must be afraid that-- that loving you will destroy her! As it destroyed Celeste. Tatia. Take my offer. Both of you. In new bodies, you will be alive again! You could give her a child, to replace the one she lost.
Elijah: [determined] You will not break me.
ESTHER: Oh, you are already broken, my dear boy, but not beyond repair. I am here to fix you. I am here to fix you all.


[Davina and Kaleb/Kol are walking through the woods in search of Mikael]

KOL: Bleeding power from a dark object is tricky, so it does help to know what kind of object it is.
DAVINA: The white oak stake.

[Kol looks at her in disbelief, and when he realizes she's serious, he laughs at her patronizingly]

KOL: You want to drain the white oak stake, do you?
DAVINA: [shrugs] It's a dark object. If I can't stop Mikael, I have to stop that stake from working.
KOL: See, usually I like a girl with ambition, but this is just beyond mad.

[Kol starts to walk away, but Davina grabs him by the arm and stops him]

DAVINA: Just show me the spell, Kaleb! Kol, or whatever your name is.
KOL: The problem's not the spell, love. It's the white oak stake. It's too powerful, you can't just drain it. Best you can hope for is to disable it, but just for a bit.

[He turns and walks toward his car]

DAVINA: So, do you have a better solution? Because I don't have time to argue! So, show me the spell, and hand me the keys.
KOL: [amused] And what are you going to do? Just drive around until you bump into them?
DAVINA: You may have messed with my bracelet, but I made sure months ago that I would always be able to find Mikael.
KOL: Alright, fine. Your funeral. I'm still not going to allow you to drive me bloody car, though.

[Davina frowns and stares at him suspiciously]


[Klaus is still wandering around the outskirts of the Bayou, looking for Cami and Mikael. He sees a rock soaked with blood outside the abandoned building, and frowns anxiously as he touches it, realizing it's Cami's blood. He sees a shovel nearby and breaks it in half before entering the building, where Mikael is holding Cami at knife-point. Cami is weakened by blood loss and is swaying on her feet, only still standing because Mikael is holding her up. Klaus becomes furious and points his handmade stake at Mikael threateningly]

Klaus: You're gonna pay for hurting her.

[Mikael carelessly lets go of Cami and drops her to the floor. Klaus watches, concerned for her]

MIKAEL: Aw, how sweet. The cur whines for its bitch.

[He holds Papa Tunde's blade in one hand, and the white oak stake in the other]

MIKAEL: I'll be sure to drain the rest of her right in front of your eyes, just before you burn.

[Furious, Klaus leaps a dozen feet into the air and lunges at him with his makeshift stake. He tackles Mikael, but they both quickly rise to their feet in defensive positions]

[Meanwhile, Davina and Kaleb/Kol have just arrived to the building in Kol's car]

[Inside, Mikael has pinned Klaus against the wall, and is struggling to stake Klaus in the chest. Cami starts to come to and sees the two fighting each other. Outside, Davina and Kol have finally parked, and Kol follows her as she rushes toward the building]

[Just as Klaus is about to be staked by Mikael, he fights back by kneeing Mikael in the gut and the face before the two begin to fight again. Klaus then tackles him, and the two bust through a concrete and brick wall into the next room. Davina is about to walk into the main room when Kol stops her]

KOL: Wait! We need to do this together.
DAVINA: [shakes her head] I'm strong enough on my own.
KOL: No, you're not. Listen, I know you don't trust me, and that's fair enough. But, these are your mates we're trying to save, here. The only way that we can do this is if we work together.

[He grabs one of Davina's hands in his own, and holds out the other for her to take]

KOL: You need to trust me. Alright? Take my hands. Take my power. Channel me.

[In the next room, Cami struggles to pull herself to her feet while Mikael and Klaus continue to fight. She stands up weakly, just as Klaus kicks Mikael to the floor. He then straddles Mikael , and though he tries to stake Klaus while he's down, Klaus easily turns the stake on him, and musters up all his energy to break his grip to kill him]

Klaus: [smirks] Not as weak as you remember, am I?

[Klaus breaks the stake out of his grip and goes to stake him, but Mikael throws Tunde's blade at Cami, forcing Klaus to vamp-speed toward her and catch it before it stabs her in the face. This gives Mikael the opportunity he needs to steal the stake back]

[In the other room, Davina has grabbed Kol's hands and begins channeling his power for the spell]

DAVINA & KOL: [chants] Mwen la bois. Donne m' la bois, la bois.

[Suddenly, to Cami's horror, Mikael stabs Klaus in the chest with the white oak stake. Outside, Davina and Kol chant the spell, as the wind whips around them]

DAVINA & KOL: [chants] Mwen la bois. Donne m' la bois, la bois.

[Mikael smirks as Klaus shrieks in pain and falls to the floor, and Cami shrieks in horror when she sees Klaus' face begin to desiccate]


[Mikael backhands her, which throws her backwards before she falls to the floor. Davina and Kol continue the spell. Mikael stares at Klaus' body, but becomes concerned when nothing happens. Cami cries in shock]

MIKAEL: [growls] Why aren't you burning? If you were dead, it would burn. BURN!

[Mikael senses Davina and Kaleb/Kol outside the room, and rushes to find them. Davina's struggling to continue the spell]

DAVINA: [chants] Mwen la bois. Donne m' la bois, la bois--

[Davina is so overwhelmed by the force of the spell that she's forced to stop chanting]

DAVINA: [frantic] I can't hold it!
KOL: Just trust me!

[Suddenly, Mikael appears out of nowhere and approaches them]

MIKAEL: Is this your doing, little witch? Then you will undo it! Return the power to the stake!

[Inside, Cami has crawled over to Klaus' body and stares at the stake in his chest. She grabs it and tries her hardest to pull the stake out, though it barely budges]

[Outside, Davina and Kaleb/Kol continue the spell. When Mikael comes near them, Davina lets go of one of Kol's hands and thrusts it toward Mikael, keeping him back with a pain infliction spell while continuing the spell to drain the power of the white oak stake. Meanwhile, Cami continues to try to remove the stake from Klaus' chest]

[Kol, wanting to defend Davina, lets go of her and lunges for Mikael, but he easily throws Kol across the room and against a chainlink fence. Unable to stop him magically without Kol's help, Mikael grabs onto Davina and starts to feed on her while she screams]

[Finally, Cami removes the stake from Klaus' chest, and color starts to return to his skin. Mikael, having just fed on Davina, rushes back into the room and finds Cami bent over Klaus' body]

MIKAEL: What do you think you're doing?

[Cami sits up and turns, gripping the white oak stake tightly in her hand and pointing it at him]

CAMI: Stay the hell away from us! Or, I swear to God, I'll kill you myself.
MIKAEL: [mildly impressed] You have a warrior's heart. Perhaps I'll keep it as a souvenir.

[Mikael is about to grab Cami when Marcel appears out of nowhere and pulls him away from her. He then starts hitting Mikael over and over so quickly that he's too disoriented to fight back right away. Mikael eventually knocks Marcel flat on his back and grabs Klaus' makeshift stake to point it at Marcel's heart]

MIKAEL: Now, ENOUGH! This night has been a long parade of fools. I'll enjoy killing every last one of you.

[Klaus awakens with a gasp, and Cami bravely stands on her feet. Suddenly, Hayley arrives and throws a chain around Mikael's neck and yanks on it so hard it knocks him off of his feet]

HAYLEY: Yeah, I wouldn't bet on it.

[She hits him in the face with the chain, and Klaus, determined, jumps to his feet. Hayley and Marcel rush over to him, and they're eventually joined by Davina. They all stand in tableau and smirk at him, knowing that they finally have the upper-hand]

Klaus: It's over, Mikael. You're outnumbered. Are you going to beg for your miserable life?
MIKAEL: [laughs] You think having people makes you strong? It proves how weak you are. Come find me when you don't have fools, women and children fighting your battles.

[He throws the scrap of wood at them and vamp-speeds away to heal. Klaus, looking relieved, just sighs]


[Kaleb/Kol sits on the hood of his car while Davina checks his wounds, including a bruising laceration on his left temple]

DAVINA: Are you okay?
KOL: Uh, a bit light-headed. Might have something to do with being knocked ass over teacup by dear old Dad.

[After a moment, Marcel approaches them, ignoring Kaleb/Kol in favor of addressing Davina instead]

MARCEL: You are lucky to be alive, young lady. You wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?
DAVINA: Can we not do this right now?
MARCEL: [annoyed] Am I gonna embarrass you in front of your friend?

[Marcel finally takes notice of Kaleb/Kol and stares at him suspiciously]

MARCEL: Who the hell is this guy, anyway?
KALEB/KOL: Oh, we've gotta stop meeting like this, pal.

[Marcel gives him a confused look and is obviously still suspicious of him]

DAVINA: He's my friend, and he's helping me.
MARCEL: Helping you do what? Wage war on Klaus, and help me get killed in the process?
DAVINA: [angrily] I just saved Klaus' life trying to protect you!
MARCEL: Yeah, from a psycho-vampire-hunter that you brought back to life--
KALEB/KOL: [interrupts them] Alright, enough!

[Marcel glares at him, which scares Kaleb/Kol enough that he starts to backpedal]

KALEB/KOL: Well, I--I think it's enough. [Marcel continues to glare at him] It should be enough. I mean, we're all friends here, aren't we?

[Marcel gives Davina a look that says, "Seriously?" but Davina just glares at him]

MARCEL: [to Davina] Just stay here 'til I get back. [Davina scowls and looks away] I'll handle Klaus.

[Marcel walks back toward the building, leaving Davina and Kaleb/Kol by themselves]

KOL: We should get out of here. Trust me, my brother's not the forgiving kind. Even if you did help out back there, his hatred and betrayal outweighs his sense of gratitude.
DAVINA: I'm not afraid of him.

[She pulls the white oak stake out of the inside of her jacket and shows it to him, causing Kol's eyes to widen in shock and horror]

KOL: [incredulously] You out to get yourself killed?
DAVINA: I'm out to get even with Klaus. And, you're going to help me.

[She hands him his car keys and smirks]

DAVINA: But first, you're right-- let's get out of here.

[Davina climbs into his car, and Kol hesitantly follows her]

[Inside, Klaus is tending to Cami's wounds. She looks pale and weak as she notices the stab wound in Klaus' chest that hasn't yet healed. Klaus winces, and takes her hand]

Klaus: [gratefully] You pulled the stake out in the nick of time. A moment longer, and I would have been done for.
CAMI: It's the least I could do for telling you not to kill that bastard the first chance you had.  
Klaus: [quietly] Well, he hurt you. For that alone, I will kill him.

[He gently touches the bite marks on Cami's neck]

Klaus: You know, in a thousand years, I think it's the first time I've seen him run.
CAMI: He was still weak.

[Before Klaus can say anything more, Hayley and Marcel enter the warehouse and join them, having heard their conversation with their vampire-hearing]

HAYLEY: And, he knew he was outmatched.
MARCEL: We checked the perimeter, and he's definitely gone.
Klaus: [sighs] I appreciate your assistance.
MARCEL: [smiles] Well, hey! You die, I die. Just call me selfish.
HAYLEY: Yeah, you die, a lot of people die. But Klaus? We have another problem...


[Elijah is still weakly hanging by his wrists in the crypt, kneeling on the floor, getting ever weaker as Lenore/Esther continues to taunt him]

Elijah: No more.
ESTHER: I'm afraid we've just begun. You will hang here, remembering. Every atrocity you've hid behind that door will emerge to haunt you. And, as you grow weaker, you will be ripped of your strength, your will, your hope. And, as you rot here, alone, you will reconsider my offer. A new life. A way to be freed of your demons. A chance at peace.

[Suddenly, Hayley vamp-speeds into the crypt, biting Lenore/Esther's neck and viciously feeding on her before she falls to the floor. Hayley looks up at Elijah, blood smeared around her mouth, and she adorably flips her hair out of her face]

HAYLEY: Huh! That's about enough of that, don't you think? I would have ripped her heart out, but she would have just body-jumped.

[She walks toward Elijah, who slumps over weakly in relief as she attempts to break his chains. However, Esther's spell prevents the chains from being broken]

HAYLEY: How do I get these off?

[Elijah looks up above them, which causes Hayley to do the same, and she sees the poppet hanging from the ceiling that is reinforcing the chains]

Elijah: The doll, up there. Break it. She's using it to bind me.

[Hayley reaches up and rips down the doll before tearing it in half. She then breaks the chains binding Elijah's wrists and kneels before him to check on him]

HAYLEY: You need to feed.

[Elijah, becoming worried about his lack of control over his bloodlust, turns away from her]

Elijah: I can't--
HAYLEY: You're weak.

[She bites her wrist and offers it to him, but Elijah becomes even more anxious as he stares at her pleadingly]

Elijah: I can't! I crave you. My hunger, it could overwhelm me.

[He gasps, trying to control himself, and looks at Hayley's bloody wrist with longing. Hayley remains calm and simply caresses his face]

HAYLEY: Look at me. [Elijah forces himself to meet her gaze] I'm not afraid.

[They stare at each other for a moment before Hayley leans forward and begins to kiss him. They start making out, both still kneeling on the floor. After a moment, Elijah begins to have trouble resisting her blood. Hayley notices his discomfort and leans back, moving her hair to the side so she can expose her neck to him. His vampire face comes out involuntarily when he sees her pulsing carotid artery, and immediately bites on her to feed]

[The camera cuts to Vincent/Finn, who is kneeling in front of a sleeping Elijah, waving a hand in front of his face and revealing that the past scene was just a dream Elijah was having. His eyes are still open, as though he is catatonic]

FINN: [unnerved] What'd you do to him?
ESTHER: I let him dream.

[Finn continues to stare at Elijah, both horrified on his behalf and still happy to see him weak and vulnerable]

FINN: That's... considerate of you.

[He pats Elijah on the shoulder and stands up to join his mother at the table, still looking conflicted]

ESTHER: I cannot lead him out of darkness by simply exposing him to the horrors of his past. I have to let him bask in his version of a better world to come.

[Elijah's lip begins to twitch as we return to his dream. He has just stopped feeding on Hayley, and looks at her for a moment. Hayley pants in pleasure, but Elijah is still hungry, and his eye veins darken as he begins to feed on her again. Hayley holds onto him tightly, letting him continue]

ESTHER: And by the time he wakes, he will know the only way to find peace is my way.

[Esther watches Elijah dream, while Finn looks over at her, concerned]


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