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This page outlines certain relationships with the characters in The Vampire Diaries Universe. The relationships aren't always about lovers, but also about friendship, family, sibling rivalry, or even between arch-enemies.

Character Relationships[]

Elena Gilbert[]

Elena jeremy
Elena cares about her younger brother Jeremy. After their parents died, Jeremy started doing drugs and failing his grades. Elena tried to stop him and even keep him away from Vicki Donovan after she became a vampire. After Vicki's death, Damon erased Jeremy's memory and compelled him to believe that Vicki had just left forever at Elena's request. Even after they found out that they are not biological siblings they continued to treat each other as such. After Jeremy's death, Elena decided to turn off her emotions because she wasn't able to deal with her brother's death. But he was brought back to life by Bonnie.
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Elena officially meets Stefan for the first time in Pilot. She instantly feels a connection with him and they soon begin a romantic relationship. After her parent's death, Elena felt alone and distanced herself from her friends and family. Stefan helped Elena to feel alive again. Their relationship becomes strained when Stefan's brother, Damon, begins to fall for Elena, and when Katherine comes to town to win Stefan back. However, their love for each other prevailed. They later fall out of contact at the end of Season Two, when Stefan leaves town with Klaus to save his brother. Elena spends the whole summer tracking Stefan down with the help of Damon and Alaric. Their relationship faces more problems when Klaus compels Stefan to turn his humanity off. Despite this, Elena continues to fight for Stefan and reassure him of their love. At the end of Season Three, she decides to have Matt drive her back home for Stefan, leaving Damon to die. Before she is able to reach him, Rebekah causes Matt's car to crash on Wickery Bridge. Stefan comes to save a drowning Elena, but she begs him to save Matt first. Respecting her decision, he saves Matt and Elena dies from drowning. She wakes up as a vampire in transition due to having Damon's blood in her system. Before completing her transition, Elena tells Stefan that she was coming back for him and that she will always love him. Their relationship lasts until the beginning of Season Four, when Stefan breaks up with Elena due to her heightened feelings for Damon. She later discovers that this is due to the creation of a Sire Bond between her and Damon. The sire bond is later broken after she turns her humanity off in reaction to Jeremy's death and when confesses her love for Damon when she gets her humanity back. Stefan becomes heartbroken and decides to leave town. In Season Five, Elena has recurring dreams about Stefan and realizes that he was trapped in a safe all summer. She leaves college to find him. After finding him, she discovers he has amnesia and tries to help him remember who he is. They almost kiss in For Whom the Bell Tolls, revealing that Elena still has some unresolved feelings for him. Elena is overjoyed after Stefan gets his memories back and they form a close friendship. They both were severely devastated after Damon's death in Home. In Season Six, Elena convinces Stefan to come back home and he teaches her how to "start over".
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Known as: Stelena

Elena first met Damon at the Salvatore Boarding House when she went to look for Stefan. (But in a flashback in The Departed, Damon remembered he saw Elena first when she was waiting for her parents at the night of their car accident.) After a while, she started to view Damon as self-centered and cruel, especially when she found out he continuously injured her friend, Caroline Forbes. She was horrified to discover that Damon was behind the attacks in Mystic Falls. She began to warm up to him as she got to know, but still kept her distance. After she was turned by Damon's blood she was sired to him. Stefan ends his relationship with Elena because of her heightened for Damon. She is sired to him. Despite the sire bond, she feels her feelings for him are true and decides to start a relationship with him. The sirebond was finally broken and Elena told Damon that she is in love with him. They start a relationship and lived together before Elena left for college. They later break up in season 5, but reunite before the season finale. However in the conclusion to the fifth series, Damon dies and Elena is left heartbroken, grieving his death. At the beginning of season 6, Elena has resorted to drug induced hallucinations to keep Damon in her life. This proves to be extremely dangerous and so she asks Alaric to compel her love for Damon away. Upon Damon's arrival back from The Other Side. Elena wants nothing to do with him as she believes he is a monster. Soon the thought of the missing part of her life, drives her insane and she yearns for her memories back. Despite this she slowly begins to fall for Damon again and the pair continue their romantic relationship. However Elena is soon put under a 'sleeping curse' of sorts, postponing their relationship until she wakes up again.
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Known as: Delena

Elena and Caroline are best friends. During Season 1 Caroline was mad at Elena because she knew that Matt was still in love with Elena and there was nothing she could do about that. But she gave Elena a peptalk at the Miss Mystic Falls competition. They became closer after Caroline became a vampire and Elena helped her to adapt to her new life. Caroline and Elena have since become best friends again, along with Bonnie. They are no longer best friends due to Caroline judging Elena of choosing Damon, apart that Caroline told Stefan everything that happened between she and Damon, and that had as consequence Elena to treat Caroline in a rude way. Elena turned off her emotions and now Elena can't stand Caroline. They were repairing their friendship during the end of Season 4. In Season 5, they are roommates in college and are closer than ever.
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Elena bonnie
Elena and Bonnie are best friends for life, Bonnie even said it herself, they're like sisters and she would die for Elena. They used to joke about Bonnie's "supernatural" powers until Bonnie found out she truly was a witch. As Elena continued to date Stefan, the two friends started drifting apart. Their friendship was strained when her Grams died because she was weakened from helping the Salvatore brothers release Katherine. From the episode 'Isobel' and onwards, they have both gone back to normal and become best friends once again. When Elena turn off her еmotions she tried to kill Bonnie and she apologize to her and they are roommates in college.
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Known as: Elonnie

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Stefan Salvatore[]

Damon stefan
Stefan and Damon had the perfect brother-brother relationship until 1864. The year when Katherine came and everything went downhill. Stefan forced Damon to turn, afterwards, Damon told him that it was only supposed to be him to get turned. When Damon came back to Mystic Falls with the intention of releasing Katherine, they became briefly enemies but it ended when they found out that Katherine wasn't in the tomb. They are strong allies and work together to protect Elena from Katherine. Since Elena turn off her humanity and became a vampire Damon and Stefan have been working together to help her.
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Known as: Defan

Elena stefan
Stefan saved Elena after her parents' car accident. He remained in Mystic Falls and caught Elena's eye. They started dating up until she found out he was a vampire. They later reconciled after Elena confessed her love for him. She continued to be with him, even through the period when he deeply craved human blood. Their relationship faces many threats when Stefan's brother, Damon, falls in love with Elena, and when Katherine comes back to Mystic Falls to win Stefan back. However, the love they had for each other prevailed. They later fall out of contact at the end of Season Two when Stefan leaves town with Klaus to save Damon's life. Stefan soon turns his humanity off at Klaus' command and his relationship with Elena becomes severely strained. They later rekindle their relationship at the end of Season Three. Their relationship lasts until the beginning of Season Four when Elena becomes sired to Damon. After the sire bond is broken, Elena decides to be with Damon, leaving Stefan heartbroken. He was determined to leave town, but gets thrown into safe in the water by Silas. He spends the whole summer thinking about Elena whenever he gets the urge to turn his humanity off. After getting out of the safe, Stefan starts to suffer from amnesia, after a spell Qetsiyah casts on him. Elena tries to help him regain his memory and they almost kiss in For Whom the Bell Tolls. After Stefan gets his memories back, he is able to grow close to Elena again and they form a close friendship. They both become devastated when Damon dies in Home. Stefan later come back home in Season Six after living in Savannah, and sees Elena for the first time in four months. He teaches her how to "start over" and they become close again.
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Known as: Stelena

Steroline gif 6x13
The relationship of Caroline and Stefan started when Caroline it felt attracted to him, but Stefan refused it immediately. Then she began a relationship with Damon, his brother. When Caroline became a vampire, Damon tried to kill her, Stefan saved her and calm her after because Caroline was desperate for killing a person, he promised he would not let anything happen. Their relationship began to grow up to be best friends. He has saved her many times and she also cares about him, usually him resorted to she when is upset. She is seen as the new Lexi for Stefan.
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Known as: Steroline

Stefan katherine 2
Stefan was attracted to Katherine Pierce, who was a vampire. She compelled him to drink her blood and when she was caught and taken away, Stefan and his brother Damon tried to free her, but were killed in the process, transitioning him into a vampire. He was attracted to Elena Gilbert who had an uncanny resemblance to Katherine. After she came back to Mystic Falls and attempted to hurt Elena they became officially enemies. They have been forced to work together as they both have the same goal (Though their reasons are completely different) - Killing Klaus. They sleep together later and it showed that Katherine stills loves him, but he don't feel the same way.
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Known as: Stefarine

Stefan had a relationship with Rebekah in the 1920s when Stefan was a ripper. When Rebekah had to leave because of Mikael was hunting them. Rebekah wanted to wait for Stefan but was stabbed with the white oak dagger and died. As of recent Rebekah is back because Klaus removed the white oak dagger. Rebekah is delighted to see Stefan again. Stefan loves Elena so he ignored Rebekah, but after he broke up with Elena he had a little affair with Rebekah.
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Known as: Stebekah

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Damon Salvatore[]

Damon katherine
Katherine had a short and false relationship with Damon. Once she was taken away to the tomb (after people figured out she was a vampire), Damon never gave up hope to get her out. He believed she loved him. Damon had drank her blood willingly before she had been taken away, so therefore after he was shot while trying to save her, he made the transition into a vampire. Shortly after becoming a vampire, he saw what he believed to be Katherine being burned in a church, so he did not want to go on, but he did anyway. Over a 100 years later, he found out she was alive and he thought she was in the tomb. So he did everything to get her out only to find that she wasn't in there. As if that had not upset him enough, Anna later told him that she had saw Katherine in Chicago, 1983, and that she did not, and never cared for Damon even though she knew where he was. In season 2, Damon found out the truth from Katherine - she was never in love with him, as she had always loved Stefan. Katherine plays around with Damon, but Damon ignores her, much to her annoyance. Now Damon and Katherine don't feel anything towards each other.
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Known as: Datherine

Damon and Alaric Saltzman started out antagonistic towards each other since Alaric knew that it had been Damon who had killed his wife but it later turned out that she wasn't dead and that she had been turned into a vampire by Damon. From that point on, they have been shown as becoming closer as they often team up to fight the usual threats to the town. Alaric is the only one other than Elena to call Damon a friend. Alaric is Damon's best friend as they are seen often having a drink together. After Alaric's death, Damon still remembers him as a drink fellow and his best friend.
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Known as: Dalaric

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Caroline Forbes[]

Caroline bonnie
Caroline and Bonnie are best friends for life. Caroline was always closest to Bonnie that Elena because of the rivalry they had in the beginning. When become Caroline vampire, Bonnie walked away a bit of her but then started to accept what had happened. Always have remained best friends and are there the one for the other. Caroline saves to Bonnie when a witch was going to kill her but because of this complete the triangle needed for Silas. After the death of Bonnie, Caroline without knowing anything, convinces Bonnie to attend the graduation. It was the ghost of Bonnie that was with her and the others but no one to notice. She found out about death and cried, but bonnie was made the anchor, she see her. They are currently roommates in college.
Main article: Caroline and Bonnie
Known as: Baroline, Connie

Caroline tyler
When Tyler triggered his curse, she wanted to help him. Though Damon demanded here not to be his friend, she did. But Tyler understood the day at the masquerade ball incident, Caroline knows something about him.Then he tried to persuade her several times to reveal the truth. Even though she rejects formally, when Tyler asked whether she is a werewolf, Caroline laughed and said she is a vampire after a skirmish. When he asked whether there are any vampires she said 'no', being scared of Damon. In Katerina, she reveals to Stefan what she told to Tyler. She is quite understandable of Tyler and feels sorry for him. She wants to help him to be himself again by controlling his anger. When the first Full Moon came Caroline helps him through the first transformation and it seems they form a special bond. Caroline becomes closer to Tyler Lockwood, who is a werewolf, and the two of them bond over their supernatural identities. Tyler is scared of becoming a werewolf and Caroline tries to support Tyler through the ordeal. In The Descent, Tyler and Caroline share a kiss. It is implied that she may harbor some romantic feelings toward him other than Matt seeing as she kissed him back. They friendship is strained after Tyler's werewolf friends kidnap and torture Caroline causing Tyler to leave. After his return they reconcile and become friends again. They started a relationship but nowadays they separated until they find the way, because Klaus promised to kill Tyler because he betrayed him. Klaus later sent him free and they finally break up because Tyler stills wants to avenge his mother's death.
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Known as: Forwood, Cyler, Tyline or Taroline

Klaroline look
Klaus and Caroline met when Tyler was turned into a hybrid by Klaus. Wanting revenge on Stefan, Klaus tells Tyler that he wants him bite to Caroline, he flatly refused but accidentally bites Caroline. Klaus went to Caroline's house to save her and after a conversation, she began drinking his blood. Since then Klaus expressed a romantic interest in Caroline, he began sending her gifts and in spite of the continued rejection by Caroline he never gave up. Despite the constants murder attempts by Caroline and her friends, Klaus always cared about her. Their relationship seemed to develop into that of friends until their relationship crumbled after Klaus murdered Tyler's mother. Caroline was appalled and after expressing her thoughts, he impulsively attacked and bit her. After they have a meaningful conversation, he saved her life as he was in love with her. Their relationship slowly healed and developed the point of becoming close friends. Klaus leaves Mystic Falls, but before leaving he allowed Tyler back into town and told Caroline that he intend to be her last love, no matter how long it takes.
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Known as: Klaroline

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Bonnie Bennett[]

1x12 Unpleasantville-Bonnie-Ben
Bonnie and Ben were a cute couple but he was actually Anna's minion and she was only using him so Anna could get in the tomb and that Anna could also get her mom back. They both knew Bonnie was a Bennett and they new she could do the spell. So they made the plan for Ben to go out with her, then knock her out and then kidnap her and Elena. The only reason they kidnapped Elena was for "motivation" because Bonnie told him on the date that Elena and her were like sisters and she would die for her. Of course they broke up because he kidnapped her and because Stefan set him on fire, killing him.

In Masquerade, it seems as though they are developing feelings for one another. They've both got a lot closer through episodes, they nearly kissed but Bonnie backed out because she felt guilty about Stefan in the tomb. They also went on a date to the Mystic Grill playing pool. When Jeremy realizes that Bonnie is going to try and release the spell over the tomb that is holding Katherine, he becomes worried and tells Bonnie she could get hurt because she is not strong enough. Katherine attempts to feed on Jeremy again, and Stefan rushes into the tomb to save him, and gets trapped himself. Jeremy heads home with Bonnie and the two start arguing. Bonnie asks Jeremy why he had to get involved. Jeremy said that he didn't want her to get hurt. Bonnie says that Jeremy can't feel that way about her. Jeremy attempts to kiss Bonnie, but she says that she can't and that shes sorry. Bonnie leaves, but not without turning back to look at a sad Jeremy. In the crying wolf she said that Jeremy was hot and they finally have passionate kiss. They have become a couple since. They separate due to Jeremy talking with his dead ex-girlfriend, they have feeling towards each other until Jeremy's death. Bonnie brought him back to life in the finale of season four, She was brought back in death and the maiden. They confessed their love and kissed.
Main article: Jeremy and Bonnie
Known as: Jonnie or Beremy

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Jeremy Gilbert[]

Elena and Jeremy have a really close sibling relationship until the Founder's Day Kick-Off Party and he found Elena's diary afterwords and saw all the things she's been lying to him about. He confronted her and that is when the bad things started to happen. Now they barely talk to each other, Elena tries to talk to him but he just shuts her off. The last thing they said to each other was when Jeremy told her to go to hell. She was trying to protect him from being hurt because the look she saw on his face when he watched Vicki get killed was the same look he had on his face when their mom and dad died and Elena didn't want him to go through that again. In season 2, Jeremy and Elena's relationship has once again grown strong. They would both do anything for each other, even die. Though they are actually biological cousins, not brother and sister, Jeremy and Elena still treat each other like siblings. They take care of each other until Jeremy's death. But he was brought back to life by Bonnie.
Main article: Elena and Jeremy

Jeremy vicki
After the accident that took the life of his parents Jeremy started to use drugs and drink way too much. And then he found Vicki and they had a sorta sexual relation but he didn't get in trouble because of it because he said it himself "I'm a drug-using delinquent, girl in bed doesn't surprise them." But they didn't talk much after they were in the cemetery because Vicki took Elena's pain pills and Jeremy got really ticked off about it. But the next day they talked again and everything was back to normal; almost, except for the fact that Vicki was in her transition and it was really dangerous to be around her during that time because she could hurt him or worse. In Haunted, Vicki went to attack Jeremy, but Elena stepped in, and after Vicki began to feed from her, Stefan staked her. After Vicki died Jeremy was heartbroken, so Elena asked Damon to make Jeremy forget.
Main article: Jeremy and Vicki
Known as: Jicki

Jeremy anna
Jeremy and Anna met in the library one day and everything went smooth from there. But she was only using him because they said in 1864 that it would be Gilbert blood that brought her mother, Pearl, back to life and she was gonna use him. But she started to like him and he found out her secret by cutting his hand with a knife and letting her feed on it. They were so adorable until she found out that he was just using her to turn him into a vampire because he wanted to be with Vicki and she was really mad. But they eventually made up and they were back to normal as a couple. After Anna died Jeremy continue seeing her, but Jeremy let Anna go because of his feelings towards Bonnie.
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Known as: Janna

Jeremy is Elena's little brother, and recently, he and Bonnie have gotten close. He seems to like her, and they had a heart to heart when she told him she felt like she was alone. He consoled her when she passed out from a very taxing spell.
In The Sacrifice, Jeremy was very worried about Bonnie, and it showed you how much he cares for her. They also nearly kissed but Bonnie backed out. Jeremy appears and says that Luka seems a bit weird, but Bonnie says "He's not weird." Bonnie then receives a message from Damon and her and Jeremy leave to go meet him. Bonnie and the Salvatore brothers make plans for retrieving the moon stone. Bonnie take a picture that belongs to Katherine and turns it to ash so they can blow it on Katherine and knock her out temporarily. Jeremy then steals the ash and leaves by himself so he can get the moonstone. Jeremy is unable to do so and is caught by Katherine and held hostage in the tomb. Bonnie attempts to lower the barrier over the tomb so she can save Jeremy. Bonnie is unable to do so and passes out. She then says that she is not strong enough. Stefan rescues Jeremy from Katherine who is in the tomb, and is trapped himself. Bonnie walks Jeremy home, and asks him why he would do something so stupid. Jeremy says that he wanted to keep her safe. Jeremy attempts to kiss Bonnie, but she stops him and says that she can't. Bonnie walks out on Jeremy, leaving him alone. In the crying wolf she said that Jeremy was hot and they finally have passionate kiss. They have since officially become a couple. Until Jeremy started seeing the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends and kissed anna. they have feeling towards each other until Jeremy's death. Bonnie brought him back to life in the season four finale, she was brought back in Death and the Maiden. They confessed their love and kissed.
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Known as: Jonnie or Beremy

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Matt Donovan[]

Caroline matt
Matt mentions that he has known Caroline since the first grade although he did not like her very much. After verbal assaults by Damon, Caroline gets drunk and tells Matt her problems. He and Caroline befriend each other after Matt tells her he knows what it is like to be alone. Though it had a rocky start, Matt and Caroline began a romantic relationship. Caroline is often jealous due to Elena and Matt's history as they are still close even now.
After Caroline is turned in a vampire, he notices a major change in her and believes she's avoiding him, but he admits that he loves her. She drinks his blood when he cuts himself and she compels him to forget that he saw her face change and he later breaks up with her, thinking she has jealousy issues. Matt moved on. Now they are just friends.
Main article: Caroline and Matt
Known as: Maroline

Elena and Matt are good friends who once dated, but they broke up after Elena's parents were killed in a car crash. Matt showed signs that he still had feelings for her and that he was jealous of her new relationship with, Stefan Salvatore, but he currently seems to have moved on.
Main article: Elena and Matt
Known as: Melena

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Tyler Lockwood[]

Tyler vicki
Tyler and Vicki had dated previously and were back together by the time the school year of 2009 started. Tyler had treated her poorly in their relationship. At one point he tried to force her into sex, but Jeremy stopped him. Tyler also didn't visit Vicki while she was in the hospital.
After Vicki got out of the hospital, she asked Tyler to take her to the Founder's Party and Jeremy pointed out to her shortly after she had to ask Tyler to take her. Later at the Founder's Party and Heritage Display, Tyler didn't want his parents to see her there. When Vicki questioned him about it, he told her that his house was boring. Tyler's mother, Carol had seen both of them and after Vicki left, Carol said, "That's what you get when you bring white trash to the party."
After Vicki was turned into a vampire by Damon, Vicki visited Tyler and she attacked him, almost killing him. Damon and Stefan showed up to stop her from accidentally murdering her ex-boyfriend. Tyler was wondering what was going on, but Damon compelled him to forget what happened and threw him across his car. Tyler was saddened by the news of Vicki's death and visited Matt on the day of the news. Ever since learning of her death, Tyler was guilt-ridden for not being able to fix their relationship.
Main article: Tyler and Vicki
Known as: Ticki

Jeremy tyler
Jeremy and Tyler were both interested in Vicki. This led to several heated encounters and verbal threats. When Vicki died they seem to have a truce. It is later discovered they both draw and have interest in the fantasy world. When Tyler sees a book full of werewolf drawings he discovers that Jeremy knows his family secret. They now have a seemingly strange friendship. They share a mutual understanding of each other and their families. They have common ground in the tragedies they have both experienced.
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Known as: Jyler

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