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It's a delicate craft — representational magic — one must be ever so precise. If you misrepresent us, the very enchantment that this room was built upon would collapse, would it not?
Elijah explaining representational magic to Finn in Brotherhood of the Damned

Physical objects like the Sanguinis Knot are important in representational magic.

Representational Magic is a magical practice in which one uses representative objects, generally totems, to manipulate reality. Its origins remain unknown however, they are shown to have existed when Esther was alive, ca. late 900s AD.

Usually, such spells use much more power than one realizes. It is also a very delicate magic that requires considerable concentration by the witch who practices it.

Throughout The Originals Series

Jane-Anne's complex representational ritual.

In Pilot Director's Cut, the witch Jane-Anne Deveraux, taking advantage of the presence of Hayley in the city has used her to lure Klaus in New Orleans. To capture the wolf girl, and find out the actual pregnancy, she has used a representative spell using some seals tracked with salt on the altar, the flame of the candles to burn the map that Hayley was using miles away from the Lafayette Cemetery, then a steaming potion to cause malfunctions to the car and finally a litany to knock out Hayley's smartphone. At the end, Jane Anne switch off a candle making Hayley faint.

Davina untie the Sanguinem knot

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah gives to Davina some pages of his mother's Grimoire as part of their pact. He explains that it is the Sanguinem Knot, a spell of Representative Magic that is used by witches to teach concentration. The young witch, in fact, cannot manage her great powers and Elijah believes that this spell can help her to do so, but having as a second end to free Hayley by the magic that keeps her connected to the witch Sophie.

Mikaelson brothers in the Chambre de Chasse.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, Finn uses this type of magic to trap himself and his siblings in an astral plane, referred to as the "Chambre de Chasse."

Finn represents each of his siblings with each their own animal: a wolf to represent Klaus and his cruel nature and inability to forgive, a stag is used to represent Elijah's nobility and honesty, a fox to represent Kol and his treachery, and a boar to represent Finn himself.

In The Axeman's Letter, Van Nguyen together with two fellow witches used this practice of magic by attempting to use a totem in the form of a doll known as "Figure Veritas" in order to force Davina, the current Regent to reveal her darkest secrets, the fact that she ordered the death of Van's mother, Kara. The doll functions by being stabbed in the heart, while the witch chants the spell.

In Queen Death, Freya cast a protection spell using a castle figurine surrounded by a powder on a table to represent the Abattoir after a fight with Dominic almost killed her, nullifying a previous protection spell she cast tying it to her heart.

Hope unlinks the Sanguinem knot

In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Kol gave Hope a "Sanguinem Knot" (very similar to the one that Elijah gave to Davina, only slightly larger), and taught her his Mother's spell, for the little witch to undo the linking spell between the Hollow and Davina, thus making sure that Davina could leave the city safely nor be killed should the Hollow die. Hope managed to complete the spell though it was exhausting for her and she collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

Spells and Rituals

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The spell of unknotting from Esther's Grimoire

Ancestral Magic: The Spell of Unknotting was one of the the first known spell that used representational magic. Taking from Esther's Grimoire, the Ancestral witch, Davina Claire, used it to break the linking spell between the werewolf,Hayley, and the witch, Sophie Deveraux. The spell used a sanguinum knot which represented the magical link between the two women. Additionally, such a spell also falls in the macro-section of unlinking spells.

Finn casting a spell using animal totems.

Sacrificial Magic: When combined with sacrificial magic, "organic" totems are used. The targets of these types of spells are represented by an animal of which the witch must have a totem (e.g. a paw, some fur, a horn etc.) which are made to float in a cauldron that contains a thick liquid, probably blood. People's astral projections are then transferred to an astral plane, called a "Chambre de Chasse" as stated by Kol, where they are under the control of the witch who transported them there. However, if the prisoners are misrepresented, the spell collapses. The bodies of the prisoners are also at the mercy of events in which they are unconscious. For example, Kol starts to bleed and increase the hunger of Gia and Josh who are controlling his unconscious body at the Abattoir.


In regards to the creation of Chambre de Chasses with representational magic, each person is generally represented by a figure, animal, or object. Those used are as follows:

  • Wolf: or "big bad wolf" as described as a feature of Klaus Mikaelson, is a dangerous and territorial animal. According to Finn, those who embody the wolf are unable to forgive, but this was refuted by Klaus when he forgives Elijah.
  • Stag: the noble Stag is representative of Elijah Mikaelson, and is one of the most honest and sacred animals in Animal symbology.
  • Fox: a treacherous and Machiavellian animal. The fox is considered a trickster in many cultures, and of course, is representative of the mischievous Kol Mikaelson.
  • Boar: The Boar is the representative of Finn Mikaelson, probably because it's a symbol of warriors in Pagan religions, especially in Viking religion.
  • Queen Chess Pieces: The two Queen chess pieces were used to represent the women that both Klaus and Elijah had betrayed over their life: Aya and Aurora.




  • Although Finn is the first practitioner of this craft, both Davina and Kol were able to recognize this practice seeing the ingredients and the effects, respectively.

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