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==Salvatore Boarding House==
==Salvatore Boarding House==

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Salvatore Boarding House

[Bonnie gasps as she wakes up from falling asleep on the couch in the living room at the Salvatore boarding house as seen in previous episode. She is looking around her surroundings and sees Enzo then Caroline and Alaric on the other side from her spot on the couch.]

Enzo: Bonnie? Nice and slow.
Caroline: [Checking on Bonnie, comforting her] Hey, how you feeling?
Bonnie: I don't know. Just feel different.
Enzo: Considering you were on death's door, that's probably a good thing.
Bonnie: Okay, here's how I'm feeling: I'm thirsty and starving.
Alaric: I'm on it.
Caroline: I'll get you a glass of water.

[Caroline goes the same way Alaric went to get what Bonnie wants.]

Bonnie: Okay.
Enzo: Hey.
Bonnie: I actually think I want a bourbon. Neat.
Enzo: There's the girl I love.

[Enzo gets up, pours bourbon into a drinking glass. Hands her a glass of bourbon.]

Enzo: Right. What should we drink to then?
Bonnie: New beginnings.

[Bonnie raises her glass of drink, smashes the glass on Enzo's head; stunning him before he can react, breaks his neck and kicked his body into the fireplace and looks shifty as Enzo's body is burning in the fire.]

[Caroline walks into the living room and sees Enzo's body burning in the fire.]

Caroline: Oh, my God. Enzo, no!

[Bonnie sneaks behind Caroline and decapitates her with a metal bar.]

Damon: [Opens door to his house, looking as he gets in.] What's happening?
Enzo: Nothing's happening, mate. That's the problem. Bonnie won't wake up.

[It is shown that Bonnie has actually not woken up.]

Title Card & Credits

Salvatore Boarding House Library

[Enzo is pondering in front of a fireplace, Damon is pouring himself a drink.]

Damon: Rayna screwed us. She failed to mention that by giving Bonnie her life, she was actually giving Bonnie her lifestyle. So now when Bonnie wakes up, she's gonna be Rayna 2.0. And does that gift begin with a very long nap? I didn't get a chance to ask as she burst into flames. And before you ask, no, I did not get a chance to interrogate her little shaman friend, because he vanished at the same time.
Enzo: [Getting annoyed from Damon's thoughts on what happened with Rayna.] Damon, did the spell work or not?!
Damon: I don't know, Enzo. I have no idea why she's not waking up. I mean, the least she could do to thank us for saving her life is just open her eyes, let us know whether or not she wants to murder us.
Enzo: [Giving his thoughts after doing some thinking.] What if she doesn't?
Damon: What? Oh, you know her as well as I do.
Enzo: Waking up means she'll have to kill us. So what if the reason Bonnie isn't waking up is because she's Bonnie?

Salvatore Boarding House -- Damon's Room

[Caroline is tucking Bonnie in bed.]

Caroline: I think she's better off in here, don't you think? It's quieter and more peaceful... Did you grab those scented candles?
Alaric: [Taking out chains from a bag.] Not exactly.

[Alaric walks with the chains towards where Bonnie is.]

Caroline: No. No, you're not going to do this. [Grabs the chains from him and puts it back in the bag.]
Alaric: You heard what Damon said. If she wakes up...
Caroline: When she wakes up, we do not know what she's going to be or how she's going to feel. And if we chain her up, we've made that decision for her.
Alaric: Okay, fine. No chains. But then I'm not leaving.
Caroline: Ric. The flight's in an hour, it's the last flight out tonight and Lizzie and Josie have been stuck with a sitter for two days now.
Alaric: I know, but if this goes the wrong way, I'm the one person Bonnie's not gonna want to kill on sight, okay? I should be here with you.
Caroline: While our three year old children are in a different time zone?
Alaric: Okay, then you get on the plane. Let me stay here and help. That's the safest, most logical plan anyway.
Caroline: I am the single best person for Bonnie to see when she wakes up... and you are the single best person for our girls to see when they wake up. Take the flight. I'll be home as soon as I can. I promise.
Alaric: I'm gonna hold you to that promise.
Caroline: We'll get through this.

Mystic Falls Police Station -- Sheriff's Office

[Matt is examining Penny's file, looks at her photo longingly.]

Deputy: Sir? [Knocks on door and holds it open, which has caught Matt's attention.] I know you said you didn't want to be disturbed. Is there a break in Penny's case?
Matt: Yeah, it turns out it was an accident. [Looks at her photo for the last time, closes her file.] You need something, Deputy?
Deputy: Yeah, you wanted to be notified if there was any activity over at the Salvatore house. Seem to be some squatters tonight. Do you want me to go over there and...?
Matt: No, I'll take care of it.

Mystic Grill/Salvatore Boarding House

Stefan: [Sitting at the bar area having a drink, his phone rings and sighs as he sees who is calling him.] What do you want, Damon?
Damon: [Calling Stefan from home.] Do you never check your voicemail? I left you about nine messages.
Stefan: Yeah, sorry. I've been a little busy telling Matt Donovan he's the reason his fiancée's dead.
Damon: Ooh. Do I want to know how that went?
Stefan: Probably not. You also probably don't want to know how screwed you are with Bonnie either. [Takes a sip of his drink.]
Damon: I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number... Because I dialed H for "hero," clock's ticking, brother. You need to get your head in the game.
Stefan: My head is in the game, Damon. My life was blown apart when I was marked by Rayna's sword, you remember that? I had to leave everything I loved behind and run for years. So as much as I want Bonnie to wake up, I'm not exactly looking forward to doing that again.
Damon: All right, all right, I get it. You don't have any ideas, I don't either. This conversation just got really depressing.
Stefan: Well, I never said I didn't have an idea.

[In the next scene, Stefan is at the Salvatore boarding house, talking to Enzo.]

Stefan: Rayna used to say that she had to kill me, but she didn't want to. She could sense my humanity through some sort of psychic link. So if Bonnie's fighting the same war in her head, we need to give her some ammunition.
Enzo: What, so one of us needs to delve into her subconscious, and... do what exactly?
Damon: Convince her hunter-brain that not all vampires are selfish vicious monsters. It's exactly why I'm the worst person for the job.
Enzo: She's my girl. I'll do it.

[Caroline is seen walking into the living room where hey are talking.]

Caroline: No, it should be me. I was her best friend before I was a vampire. I can show her the difference between the two.
Stefan: She's right.

Salvatore Boarding House -- Damon's Room

[Caroline is seen slightly annoyed as she hears Stefan in the room.]

Caroline: I'm not really in the mood for a backseat head-driver right now.
Stefan: I just wanted to see if you needed anything.
Caroline: You want to be helpful? Then do your thing and run away so I can focus on my friend.
Stefan: Okay, I can take a hint. [Backs out as he thought Caroline told him to get out.]
Caroline: If you thought that was a hint, you were not paying attention.

[Caroline holds Bonnie's head with her hands as she goes to her mind.]

Caroline's Dream -- Alaric's Classroom/Whitmore College Dorm

[Bonnie is opening her eyes in this dream, Alaric's voice can be heard.]

Alaric: Now for our favorite subject. Anyone? Anyone?

[Bonnie is in the classroom on a seat in the front row.]

Alaric: Vampires, real or myth? Bonnie?
Bonnie: Myth.
Alaric: Wrong. Vampires are as common today as mosquitoes. [Shows a powerpoint for his lecture on the subject.] They can walk in the daylight, kill from the shadows. Hell, some of your best friends might be vampires... So what do we do when we meet a vampire? Anyone?
Sorority Girl: [Appears as a vampire, noticeable with blood on her lips running down to her chest.] Invite them to the party.
Alaric: Very funny. [Students as vampires are shown feeding on their classmates.] Anyone else? How about you, Bonnie? What would you do, huh? Would you sit there, or would you run? [Starts to grip her neck with strength hard.] Or would you fight back? Show me how to kill a vampire, Bonnie. [His face starts to change, showing he's a vampire like the other students in class.]
Bonnie: This isn't real! [Gets out of his grip and starts to run out of the classroom.]

[Bonnie runs into the dorm building as the vampire students and others starts going after her. She gets into her dorm room and locks the door behind her.]

Bonnie: [Grunts as the vampire students tried to get in her room as she sits on the door to stop them but the noise stops.]
Caroline: [Appears in her room.] My God. This is what you've been going through?
Bonnie: Get away from me. You're not real.
Caroline: Well, you're half right, I'm in your head. Your body is safe in Damon's bedroom. This isn't real. And you just need to stay focused on me, Bonnie, your friend.
Bonnie: Caroline. [Gets up and hugs her.] Something's messing with my head. All my memories are being twisted into these freakish nightmares.
Caroline: It's your brain rewiring itself to hate vampires, to become the hunter. You have to resist.
Bonnie: I'm trying. I don't want to hurt you.
Caroline: You just have to concentrate on who I am, you know, not what I am. I have kids now, Bonnie, and a family. You should see the girls, they are just getting so big. You have to fight the voices in your head. Open your eyes and just come and have dinner with us. We miss you so much.
Bonnie: [The huntress curse is starting to affect her brain.] Do your kids know that you're a vampire?
Caroline: Uh, no, we haven't had that talk with them yet. Kind of waiting for the birds and the bees first.
Bonnie: [Talking creepily as it starting to take over her mind.] And when you tuck them in at night, and you brush the hair off their pretty necks, admire it a little?
Caroline: Bonnie, that's gross. This is your lizard brain talking. Fight it.
Bonnie: I can't help it. All I see is you losing control. Hurting those little girls.
Caroline: No, that's not me. You know that's not me.
Bonnie: And you have the nerve to call them your kids.

[Caroline is surprised/hurt from Bonnie's words from the curse. Bonnie takes a piece of wood next to the door, stabs Caroline in the chest.]

Salvatore Boarding House -- Damon's Room

[Caroline gasps as she got back from the dream.]

Stefan: What happened? How'd it go?
Caroline: About as bad as it could have. [Holds a hand to the spot where she was marked.] Oh, no. [Goes up to a mirror, sees that Bonnie has marked her.] She stabbed me.
Stefan: In the dream?
Caroline: How is that possible?
Stefan: I don't know. You may have been marked.
Caroline: Tell me this isn't real.
Stefan: It's real. And if Bonnie wakes up, you're the first person she kills.

[Caroline is seen walking down the stairs in the house with Stefan following her.]

Caroline: I just need some air.
Stefan: Well, you can slow down and talk to me.
Caroline: Why? You don't understand how she marked me any more than I do.
Stefan: Caroline, when you were in Bonnie's head, she must have created some sort of psychic link... The scar is just a manifestation of that connection. You need to get as far away from her as you can. Starting now.
Caroline: No, that is not an option. Enzo's gonna figure it out. He's gonna get through to her.
Stefan: Caroline, I carried that scar with me for three years. I've lived through this before.
Caroline: So all of a sudden the past three years have just been a living hell for you? I saw the postmarks on your letters, Stefan. Paris, Marrakech, Bora Bora. I'm shocked you even had time to write between escaping certain death and sipping mai tais. Meanwhile, I was so desperate, I called Klaus for help, who's nowhere to be found, by the way.
Stefan: Caroline, just...
Caroline: No, I do not want an explanation. All I want is for you to respect my choice to not run away.

[Caroline starts heading towards the door to go, gasps as Stefan grabs and hold her to injects her with a syringe of liquid that made her pass out.]

Salvatore Boarding House -- Driveway

[Matt has arrived outside the house, parked his car and takes out a rifle gun to see what is going on here, he turns around as he hears Enzo's voice.]

Enzo: Something wrong, Deputy? [Sitting in the frontyard, taking a sip of his drink.]
Matt: It's sheriff now. You got a lot of balls coming back to Mystic Falls.
Enzo: Bonnie is comatose on Damon's bed. Have your pathetic rules ever meant less?
Matt: Those rules are the last shred of what my fiancée and I built together.
Enzo: Well, no disrespect to your dead girl, but my still alive girl is hanging on by a thread, and I'm about to use my vampire powers to try to find a loophole in her subconscious, knowing full well that if I fail, I'll be forever marked for death at her hands.
Matt: She wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for you and Damon... It's an endless cycle. Penny knew that. She knew that we needed to take a stand.
Enzo: Yeah, how'd that work out for her? [Gets up and continues to talk.] If you want to follow in her footsteps, be my guest. Barge in there, guns blazing, the great cowboy sheriff of Mystic Falls or you could table your feelings about vampires until your friend is awake. Your choice. [Leaves Matt as he goes back in to the house.]

Salvatore Boarding House -- Damon's Room

Damon: All right, Bonnie, I really need this to work. Look, I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I found out you and Enzo were a thing, okay? Well, real skeptical. But if he can't get through to you, and I'm your last lifeline, we're screwed. [Gives her a light pat before seeing Enzo, he lets him try out to get into her subconscious.]

Enzo's Dream -- Mystic Falls High School

[Bonnie exits the back building of her old high school in a cheerleading uniform, two stoners look her way.]

Stoner Chad: Hey, [Whistles for her attention.] Short skirt, you want to join us?
Bonnie: Uh, I don't think so.
Stoner Chad: [Vamp speeds to her, showing his "vampire face."] What about now?

[Bonnie takes his head and slams it on a wooden holder. She grunts and takes a piece of wood on top and staked Chad's friend.]

Stoner Chad: I-I'm sorry. Let me go.
Bonnie: Like I said, I don't think so. [Grabs him and tosses him into an old Volkswagen minivan in the stoner pit area, slams the sliding on his head hard as cracking noise has been heard, killing him.]
Enzo: [Slow claps as he appears, walking towards her way as he seen what has happened.] Guess it's true what they say... Public school system in the States really has gone to rot.
Bonnie: [Sees Enzo, runs up to him and hugs him.] Enzo.

[Bonnie and Enzo are walking inside the school.]

Bonnie: So you're in control of what I'm seeing now?
Enzo: Uh, so long as you don't fight my mucking around in your subconscious.
Bonnie: Meaning we could have gone anywhere? "Anywhere" means Paris, by the way. So why are we walking around in my old high school? I might ask you the same question. I guess I'm trying to find something to hold onto... A time before vampires were a part of my life. Take those stoners, Chad Carpenter used to annoy me after practice every day, but he was a jerk... not a vampire. It's like the spell is overriding who I was. Who I am.
Enzo: Maybe you've just been looking in the wrong place, love. [Opens the door to a music classroom.]
Bonnie: [Sees it's a not a place she wants to be in her dream.] Still not Paris.
Enzo: No, this is my fantasy now, remember?
Bonnie: Yeah, I'm still wearing my cheerleading uniform.
Enzo: How could I forget? You're trying to remember your life without vampires. Remember us instead. When we wrote music together you not only tolerated a vampire, you fell in love with one. [Offers her an acoustic guitar he picked up in the classroom.] Play that song and you will have something to hold onto. Like I do.
Bonnie: [Looks as of thinking as she holds the guitar she took from him.] I have always wanted to be loved by someone in the way that you loved me... and I would rather have those memories than any future [Her voice is starting to break with feelings.] where I destroy them.
Enzo: Well, you don't have a choice. If you don't take Rayna's life...
Bonnie: Then I'll die.
Enzo: No. No, that is not an option. Do you hear me?
Bonnie: [Starts to kiss him, rests her head against his as he sighs slightly annoyed.] I love you. But this... this is my choice. And I've already made it. [Gets up and puts back the guitar to its place.] Now get out of here and let me go.

Enzo: I'm sorry, Bonnie, but the one thing I can't do is leave you.

[Enzo gets up to talk her out of it, but Bonnie takes the guitar and hits him over the head with it, stunning him for a moment. She takes the long broken piece of it and stabbed him with it, marking him.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Enzo is back in Damon's room from the dream.]

Damon: The hell happened? [Sees Enzo has been marked.] Perfect. Well, I hope you got some quality time with her, because when she wakes up, your relationship is officially on the rocks.
Enzo: That's the least of my concerns. She's fighting it, all right... Just not the way we want her to. If waking up means killing us, she'd rather just slip away.

Airport Motel -- Guest Room

[Caroline wakes up on a bed after being passed out. Looks around the room as she gets up and goes up to the window to check where she is.]

Stefan: [Walks in into the room.] Oh, good. You're up.
Caroline: Did you seriously just vervain me?
Stefan: Yep.
Caroline: Is this a hostage situation?
Stefan: Be mad all you want, just do it while you're looking at these. [Hands her some traveling brochures featuring places to visit.]
Caroline: [Reads one of the brochures.] "Hong Kong." Yeah, that's really funny.
Stefan: All that matters is that we get moving, and we stay moving now.

Caroline: "We"? There's no such thing as "we," Stefan... There hasn't been for a very long time.

Stefan: Fine. You want to do this alone, that's your choice.
Caroline: Oh, how ironic, considering that the only reason I'm even here is that you decided to go all caveman and kidnapped me against my will. This is not you. You usually respect people's choices.
Stefan: Yeah, until it comes to life and death, and then it's not up for discussion. There's always a choice.
Caroline: You gave Elena that choice.
Stefan: ...And then I lost her. Elena asked me to rescue her friend from the bottom of a river instead of her, and she died because I respected her damn choice.

Caroline: Well, maybe one day you'll wake up and realize that I deserve the same respect that she did, but I stopped waiting for that day a long time ago. Whatever I decide to do about Bonnie is a decision that I'm going to make by myself or with my family, but not you.

Stefan: Caroline, listen to me. When you bring your family into this, you're putting them in danger too.
Caroline: And if I leave them behind, then I'm abandoning them, which is just as bad. Maybe even worse. [Leaves with her bag as she exits the room through the door.]

Salvatore Boarding House/Airport Motel Guest Room

[Damon is checking on Bonnie in his room, his phone starts to ring and picks it up.]

Damon: [Answers his phone as he sees it's his brother calling.] Where'd you run off to?
Stefan: Got Caroline out of town.
Damon: Huh, guess that's progress. Honestly, I'm surprised she went anywhere with you.
Stefan: Well, jamming her with a syringe full of vervain might have had something to do with it.
Damon: Good call. Rinse and repeat as needed.
Stefan: If you're agreeing with me, then I know I really screwed up.
Damon: Hey, doing the wrong thing for the right reason has always worked for me.
Stefan: [Scoffs at what Damon said.] I hate that you get away with it.
Damon: Well, that's why we're a good team. I screw up, you wear the cape.
Stefan: Yeah... Hero never gets the girl, right? You of all people should know that.
Damon: Well, take it from the guy who supposedly got it all and is currently sitting with bubkes. Stop moping about who you are not and try being who you are, the guy that's in love with Caroline Forbes. You just vervained her, Stefan. In my playbook, that's a notch above flowers and chocolates, because when you love someone, sometimes you have to go to those extremes.
S tefan: Listen, I know that you've been locked up in a coffin for the last three years of actual civilization, but that is legitimately terrible advice.
Damon: [Thinks his advice has given him an idea.] Actually, brother that advice is so good that I have to take it myself. [Hangs up after thought of it.]] All right, Bon. I couldn't reach your good side, I can sure as hell reach your bad side. No more Stefan-ing this situation. I got to be me. [Puts his hands on both sides of her head to get into her subconscious.]

Damon's Dream -- Gilbert House

[Bonnie is seen walking to where the Gilbert House is, she sees Elena's shadow in her home.]

Bonnie: Elena?
Damon: [Sees Bonnie is heading to Elena's house.] You're not the imaginary pizza guy.
Bonnie: Damon. [Doesn't seem happy to see him.]
Damon: You sound disappointed, hoping for someone else?

Bonnie: Leave me alone. You're literally the last person I want to see.

Damon: Oh, come on, we both know why you're really here. We also know that you can't ever see Elena again. Neither can I. That's just, not until...
Bonnie: I die.
Damon: Which brings us to the reason I'm here. I just wanted to say thank you, before it was too late.
Bonnie: Thank me for what?
Damon: For fighting the good fight. Going gently into that good night and a whole slew of other sappy clichés. Bottom line... you're gonna die, Bon. As much as I hate to admit it, it's gonna make me a very happy man, which is why I figured the least I could do was dive into your brain and say good-bye.

Bonnie: Why? You usually don't bother.

Damon: Ouch. Hurtful... and untrue. [Takes out an envelope, his letter to Bonnie.] I present exhibit A for the defense, so if you'd finally just read the damn thing, we could both go on our own way. You to peace. Me to my girl. [Offers her the letter.] What do you say?
Bonnie: Not good enough. [Takes the envelope, rips it into pieces.] Never has been. Never will be. [Tosses it to Damon's face.]
Damon: [Vamp speeds to get in front of her after she turns her back.] Lucky for you, I memorized it: Dear Bonnie, Have a nice life, if your guilty conscience allows you to.

If there's one thing I would change about our friendship I never would have pulled you off of that street in Amsterdam.

Bonnie: Screw you, Damon.
Damon: [Continues on to goad her.] Oh you screwed me, all right. Got your life all intertwined with Elena's, dooming me, and let's be honest, all of our friends to a lifetime without the one person we miss the most, which, to be perfectly clear, ain't you. That's why we're on this porch, because it's the first place Elena and I ever kissed. Over there by that bench? The first time she ever had the courage to tell me she loved me, and merely one foot to my right, is where I watched her take the cure so that she could have the life that she dreamed of before you screwed it up, but the very spot you're standing, is the happiest place of all. You know why? Because that's the spot where you're gonna decide to give me my Elena back. So, why don't you close those pretty little eyes and give up the ghost for me?
Bonnie: You're a monster.
Damon: Sure am, but I usually get my way.

[Bonnie extracts his heart, ending the dream. She wakes up with an angry expression on her face.]

Damon: Sorry, Bon-Bon. [Holding the spot where she "marked" him.] I had to get you to wake up somehow... Catch me if you can. [Vamp speeds to lead the chase.]

Airport Motel -- Parking Lot

Stefan: [Sees Caroline has not left.]] You're still here.
Caroline: You're right. It's not safe. I'm not safe because of this stupid scar, and any chance that my girls might get caught up in this whole hunt.
Stefan: I know. Believe me, I've been there.
Caroline: You think? I am in the exact same situation that you were in three years ago, and now that I finally understand how you felt, I'm even more furious with you, because I know what a huge decision you had to make, and you made it without me.
Stefan: Look, when I went to go find you in Dallas, here's what I saw... I saw you and Ric and the kids, and you were happy. You know what I didn't see? Me. So, I convinced myself that I was doing right by you, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I'm sorry. And you have every right to hate me for what I did to you three years ago.
Caroline: And three hours ago.
Stefan: Just don't pretend that you wouldn't act any differently. You're doing the same thing with Bonnie right now. You can't accept a world where Bonnie dies. Even though that's a choice that she's trying to make for herself, and you know why? Because you love her too much and there's nothing wrong with that, and I love you, and the thought of you getting hurt... it's not an option that I'm willing to entertain.
Caroline: You hurt me. More than anyone else has ever hurt me. I loved you and you left me.
Stefan: I know. All I can do is say that I'm sorry and hope that you'll forgive me one day.
Caroline: I just don't think that I can do that. [Picks up as her cell phone is ringing, checks and see it's Bonnie calling her.] Bonnie?
Bonnie: [Sitting on the floor next to the bed.] Caroline, I can see you. I can feel you. You're marked and I know exactly where you are.
Caroline: It's okay. You're alive.
Bonnie: No, it's not okay. I'm not in control. I'm gonna come for you. Please, don't let it come to that. [Hangs up as it shows Caroline does too.]
Caroline: Okay, we run. [Takes her bag, goes with Stefan to his car to go on the run.]

Salvatore Boarding House/Mystic Falls Woods

Damon: [Calling Bonnie on the phone.] How's it feel to be alive?
Bonnie: I don't think there's a word to describe the depths of hatred I feel towards you right now. [Walks into the kitchen, puts down her bag and cell phone that is on speaker phone.]
Damon: [His voice heard through from her phone.] On the bright side, your skin's never looked better.
Bonnie: Jokes. Dead man's last comfort. [Opened a draw to look for something, closes it and sees a butcher knife in front of her and picks it up.]
Damon: Come on, Bon-Bon, you know everything I've said was just a ploy to make you wake up, right?
Bonnie: Really? Is that why you're running through the woods scared? [Looks at the knife, then sees a stack of utensils on the table.]
Damon: You can see me?
Bonnie: Not only can I see you... [Picks up a wooden spoon, starts carving it with the knife.] But I can sense what you're feeling, which is how I know deep down, there's a part of you that meant what you said to me on Elena's porch. [Picks up another wooden spoon and proceeds of carving it.]
Damon: Hey, I said what I said to save your life. It's not the first time I've saved your bacon, by the way. Don't actions speak louder than words?
Bonnie: [Carves more wooden spoons.] The only reason you saved me time and time again is because you believe that if you didn't, Elena would never forgive you.
Damon: A conundrum that you're now familiar with because if you kill me, Elena will never forgive you.
Bonnie: That's the thing, Damon. As you were so eager to remind me I'm never gonna have to explain myself to her. [Looks at her handiwork of a third wooden utensil she carved into a stake. Hangs up.]

Salvatore Boarding House -- Front Yard

[Bonnie is seen walking out of the front door of the house.]

Bonnie: [Walks out with a duffel bag of hunting supplies to go after Damon.] Out of my way, Matt.
Matt: Not until you hear what I have to say. I couldn't get in your head, so I've been waiting out here to do it the normal way.
Bonnie: You're too late. I'm not the person you used to know. [Attempts to start to go her own way to hunt.]
Matt: [Tries to convince her to not kill their friends by tell her what happened to him.] Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not the person you used to know, either. That guy died two years ago with Penny.
Bonnie: [Wants him to be involved to go after them because she won't stop.] Then come with me. You helped Rayna Cruz before, so help me now.
Matt: I came here to talk you out of murdering our friends, not lend a hand because I do know you, Bonnie. [He doesn't believe Bonnie hasn't left as a person; she's still herself, not as a huntress taking over her.] I've known you since we were little kids, and I refuse to believe that the girl who bought me my first football when we were nine is gone for good.
Bonnie: Then help me not do this. Keep me connected to my human side. [Willing to let Matt help her.] I don't know if fighting this will work, but I'll try if you will.
Matt: I'm in. Now get in the truck, and we'll drive somewhere safe. [Goes to his vehicle to get it ready for them to go.]
Bonnie: There is one condition.
Matt: What's that? [Look of surprise on his face she would want something out of this.]
Bonnie: I need to kill Damon first. [Starts using demeaning words on Damon as point to get what she wants.] Damon Salvatore... the vampire who has ruined my life in more ways than I can count. Who has brought nothing but pain and suffering to our friends, and will continue to do it as long as he's alive. The vampire who killed your sister because he was bored.
Matt: [Deadpanned look.] Like I said... I'm in.

[Matt goes to his work vehicle to start it as Bonnie looks on before they go.]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Damon is drinking from a flask while waiting for Bonnie.]

Damon: Well, you caught me. Whoa. [Surprised at how Bonnie is dressed up.] Did you raid a cosplay convention or something?
Bonnie: Oh, they're real. Courtesy of Matt, who is also setting up a perimeter around the forest as we speak.
Damon: I'm not so sure you want to do that. You know, given Matt's track record, I'd say you've got about a sixty-percent chance of taking on some friendly fire.

[Bonnie starts to go after him by throwing a stake his way.]

Damon: [Sees her aim missed but it hit the tree close to where he was.] Nice toss, Bonnie. This hunter thing might be your best look yet.

[Bonnie tosses another one at him, he moves out of the way and gets in front of her]

Damon: Truth is, I don't have to run from you.
Bonnie: Why is that?
Damon: 'Cause you're not gonna kill me, Bonnie.

[A noise is heard from Bonnie taking out a long metal stick.]

Bonnie: [Circles him like a hunter.] You're right. I'm gonna dismember you. I'm gonna set you on fire, then I'm gonna carve out your hateful heart. You are a living, breathing reminder of everything that I've lost. When I look at you, I see a smug, selfish parasite where my friend Elena should be.
Damon: See the history that we have? That feeling I mean, it's almost...

[Bonnie starts to charge against Damon to go after him. She fights him with the metal long stick until she hit him hard on his right arm. Grunts as it hurted him, vamp speed out.]

Damon: [Stopped somewhere in the woods, snaps his arm back up.] Ah...

Stefan's Car/Alaric and Caroline's House -- Dallas, TX

Caroline: [On her cell phone looking distraught, sobbing.] Okay, can you put daddy back on the phone, please?
Josie: [In the living room with her twin sister, speaking with Caroline on speakerphone on Alaric's phone.] When are you coming home, Mommy?
Caroline: Uh, that's what I need to talk to daddy about. I love you. You know that, right?
Lizzie: [Talking on the phone with Caroline.] We love you, too.
Alaric: All right, girls. It's time to go back to bed, okay? Daddy's got to talk to mommy. [To his twin daughters as heard on his phone.] I'll tuck you in a little bit, all right? [Gets his phone and talks to her on phone.] Come home, Caroline. We'll deal with this.
Caroline: How? [Sobbing with emotions.]
Alaric: I don't know. We just will. We'll... we'll run together, as a family.
Caroline: No, if anything ever happened to the girls, or you...
Alaric: I won't let it. I promise.
Caroline: You know you can't promise that. Just stop being so supportive, will you? Just yell at me and tell me this is all my fault, because it is. [Crying as she talks.] If I had just left when I had the chance..
Alaric: Where are you guys gonna go? Wait. Don't tell me.
Caroline: It's safer that way. I'm so sorry, Ric.
Alaric: Don't be. You just keep moving.
Alaric: And Caroline... you know I love you, right?
Caroline: I know. I'll call you when I get a chance. [Hangs up and looks at nothing.]

Mystic Falls Woods

[Bonnie is seen with a stake gun, hunting Damon. Attempts to shoot him near by but missed him. She moves and shoots at him again, the other stake hits him as she tried to fight him.]

Damon: [Speeds over to where he wanted to lead Bonnie to, removes a stake on his chest that missed him] Ah!
Bonnie: Giving up already?
Damon: On the contrary. You're actually walking into my carefully laid trap. [Shows her where her grave is.]
Bonnie: [Mockingly as she sees it.] Oh, no. A stump.
Damon: It's not just any stump, honey.
Bonnie: My grave, from Remembrance Day.
Damon: A memorial to one of the many lives of Bonnie Bennett.
Bonnie: What's that supposed to prove?
Damon: That you're a survivor. That you will get through this.
Bonnie: I'm not the one that needs to be worried about that. [Starts to attack him with a stake by taking him down, but Damon uses his strength to put her in a hold with an arm.]
Bonnie: I'm gonna kill you.
Damon: No, you're not. You know why I brought you to this stupid stump? Huh? Because if I have to die, I wanted it to be here, Bonnie. In honor of you.

Bonnie: Stop doing this. I hate you.

Damon: I get it. The Bonnie that I knew yesterday is gone, and she may never come back. But I'm talking to you, crazy bitch Bonnie in all her glory. I still care about you. Stop.

[Bonnie takes him down from his hold on her as Damon lands near the stump, starts going after him with a stake.]

Damon: Look, Bonnie. Look at the stump, Bonnie. You remember it? Huh? You died. We mourned you and you came back. You've been so many things, Bonnie: A witch, a human, a ghost, a corpse. An anchor to the afterlife and now, the woman who's gonna kill me. And every time, you come back stronger. Do you know how incredible that is, Bonnie? Do you know how much I envy you? Hell, some days I can't even handle just being myself.
Bonnie: Stop talking.
Damon: I can't. Because if this is my last moment with you, Bonnie Bennett, I need you to hear me. I admire you. I believe in you. And I love you the same way Elena loved you. If you kill me right now, it's not your fault. I did this to us, but please forgive me before you do what you have to do. Okay?

[Bonnie shed some tears as she is trying to fight against killing Damon with a shooting stake. Damon puts his hands up as a surrender to let her do what she has to do, his eyes widen in surprise as she decides to kill him.]

Bonnie: Ahhh! [In attempt to kill him, she stopped in process of staking him as she is being shot with multiple tranquilizers from behind. She falls down, showing Matt has subdued her.]

Inside Matt's Sheriff Car

Damon: [Helping Matt carrying a passed out Bonnie into the trunk of his car.] I gotta hand it to you, Sheriff. You're a better shot than Liz Forbes ever was. May she rest in peace.
Matt: Those shots bought us eight hours to get Bonnie as far away from the rest of you as I can. I don't want to waste a second of it talking to you.
Damon: Hey. That was my way of saying thanks. Now that you're in charge, maybe you and I should start getting along. I've actually got a pretty good track record with the sheriffs in this town.
Matt: I did it for her, not for you. Even if you absolved her of killing you, she'd never forgive herself... I'd never forgive myself.
Damon: Look, man, what happened with Penny...
Matt: Is my fault. And I'll be paying for it the rest of my life, starting with taking responsibility for Bonnie. So if you want to thank me, figure out a way to fix her.

[Damon contempts as Matt goes and starts his car to get going to help Bonnie.]

On the Road -- Stefan's Car

[[Caroline reading the map on directions where to drive.]

Caroline: In 30 miles, take 95 north and we should be in Maine by tomorrow night.
Stefan: And from there?
Caroline: I have no idea, but I will figure it out when I have to.
Stefan: You can't keep putting these decisions off.
Caroline: [Upper eye roll.] Fine. Uh, from Maine, we will take the ferry to Nova Scotia. Happy? If not, feel free to swim.
Stefan: I wasn't talking about that decision. Do you love him?
Caroline: I don't know. Can you love someone and leave them behind right when you need each other the most? Just ask me whatever you want about directions and travel plans and anything related to Bonnie. Those decisions, I can make. Ric and me... just please don't ask me to make that choice right now.

Inside Matt's Sheriff Car

[While driving on the way, Matt looks at the rearview mirror to check on Bonnie, something in the front then as the mirror doesn't show her. Bonnie sneaks up behind him and chokes him with the handcuffs, causing the car to stop moving. They both groan from the struggling.]

Matt: [Trying to fight her as they struggle through tug.] Bonnie! Bonnie, I can help you!

[Bonnie takes the driver's seat as she got Matt in the back cuffed after succeeding in getting him out of his seat. She starts the car with crazy look on her face as she goes to go after those she marked.]

Salvatore Boarding House -- Living Room

[During a rainstorm, Damon is looking through the window holding a glass of drink, Enzo walks in.]

Enzo: Mind if I join you?
Damon: Help yourself, but this isn't a celebration.
Enzo: Bonnie's alive. That's all that matters to me.
Damon: I couldn't get through to her. I would've been just another notch on her belt if Matt Donovan hadn't stepped in.
Enzo: Well, as much as it pains me to say it, Matt was man of the match tonight. He found a lead on the shaman who helped Rayna turn Bonnie. Turns out that shaman was quite willing to talk... once he had a good look at his own entrails. [Takes a sip of his drink.]
Damon: Tell me you have a way to help her.
Enzo: Maybe, maybe not. [View of The Armory, inside scatters of dead bodies are shown, the last Everlasting is shown.] Bonnie's life is linked to that of the final Everlasting. Sever the link, it might also sever the curse. Unfortunately for us, the Everlasting resides in the Armory.
Damon: Yeah, in a coffin, in a forever nap. Piece of cake. [Gulps the rest of his drink.]
Enzo: Uh, you're forgetting why Bonnie the Good Witch sealed the whole building shut. The evil in the basement escaped from its vault and now it could be anywhere in that bloody maze.
Damon: Well, evil be damned. We're gonna open the place back up.

[Continuation of showing outside of the vault where an Armory agent is seen alive, banging his head repeatedly against a wall while others are dead.]

End Scene

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