Rich Mossberg was a minor character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was the sheriff of Ridgemont and uncle of Rebecca.


Sheriff Mossberg believed that Matt Honeycutt was behind the disappearing stop signs in Fell's Church after he reported a fallen tree that subsequently vanished. He spoke to Matt's mother about him and his whereabouts and became increasingly suspicious after learning of him destroying his car and not returning home that night. He also came to believe that he had stolen a Jaguar and called Matt to question him.

Sheriff Mossberg searched for Matt after Caroline Forbes claimed that he raped her. He attempted to search Mrs. Flowers' boardinghouse but was refused as he lacked a warrant.

He found Matt in Fell's Church Cemetery and attempted to arrest him. However, Matt told him about Shinichi and his effects on the children of the town, prompting Mossberg to realize that his niece, Rebecca, was among them. He ignored Matt and followed them into the Old Wood. Matt and Mrs Flowers later found his femur, covered in malach bites.


  • Rich is a masculine given name, often short for Richard, which comes from the Old Germanic words "ric" and "hard". It means "strong or brave leader".
  • Mossberg is a Swedish ornamental name composed of the elements mosse "peat bog" + berg "mountain", "hill".

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