You feed on vampires now. I am a vampire. The only way to ensure my safety is to know how long you can last until your next fix.
Lorenzo on The Ripper Virus in No Exit

The Ripper Virus, also known as the Ripper Compound, is the chemical substance created by Wes Maxfield to transform Vampires into an Augustine Vampire. It was created through genetic alteration and blood-conditioning to transform vampires into anti-vampires that prey upon their own kind. Its prototype was modified blood known as, “Augustine Blood," which was used to turn Jesse into an Augustine Vampire. 

It has recently been used on Damon Salvatore and is the latest test subject with Jesse being the test subject prior to him, but Jesse was killed by Elena to save Damon. Some vampires (Damon) are able to control the urges by drinking blood every eight hours, any longer will result in them becoming rabid. The Ripper Virus/Ripper Compound has recently been injected upon Elena Gilbert, but was enhanced with werewolf toxin making her more rabid and deadly​​​​.   

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Five

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5


  • It is currently unknown what effect the Ripper Virus would have on an Original Vampire or even an Immortal as both are similar vampiric entities that require blood for sustenance. Though, with Wes dead, and Elena and Damon cured, it may never be known.


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