Robert was a character who appeared in the second book of The Originals novel series. He was a vampire who lived in New Orleans and was one of those that were recruited and turned by Niklaus Mikaelson in 1766. He was the twin brother of Rodger.

The Originals Series

In The Originals: The Loss, he was admiring over Rebekah with Rodger, Efrain and a few other young male vampires, catering to her every need. Later, he and an army of vampires fight against the Morts-Vivants. Since there were many vampire casualties with the morts-vivants and given the time with the Cult of Janus' 100 vampire sacrifices between the years of 1766 and 1788, Robert is likely deceased.


He is shown to be very devoted to Rebekah and she described him and the other young male vampires as being like sweet, admiring puppies catering to her every need.

Physical Appearance

Not much description was given about Robert's appearance, but he looked like his twin brother, Rodger.

Powers and Abilities

Robert possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire.


Robert had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire.



  • Robert is a Germanic given name from High Old German Hrodebert "bright with glory".

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