Given the show tonight, it seems to me that even monsters can be redeemed.
Robin to MG in Salvatore: The Musical!

Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck, is a sprite who first appeared in the third episode of the third season of Legacies. He always does two things: the first, is that he breaks people apart and the second is to bring them back together.

Sprites are rare, supernatural species thought not to exist and are cousins to the Faerie Folk. Robin was the only one known to exist. It remains unknown if other sprites exist and are consumed by Malivore or if he was the last of his kind.

Early History

Nothing is known about Robin's histroy. However, he claims that he once encounted Niklaus Mikaelson prior to being consumed by Malivore.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Three

In Salvatore: The Musical!, Robin sits at Headmaster Saltzman's desk. Hope sits opposite him as he asks if she wants to discuss what happened in gym class. She's aloof and tells him that it was an accident, referring to the ball that she threw at Jed that sent him backwards into a wall. He wonders if there's something that triggered it. Hope reaffirms that it was an accident. He poses another answer, that perhaps she was working out some anger, maybe some relationship issues. She continues to dispute the sentiment, but Robin asks about what happened yesterday. She lost control of her magic and caused several electrical sockets to short circuit in the library and telekinetically threw books off the shelves. She tells him that it was the result of a really bad headache. Before she can continue, Landon enters their therapy session. He asked Landon to join them because he thought it would be good for the three of them to have a chat. Hope believes that they can’t have a couple's session if they're not a couple. Landon doesn't know what they are. She believes that he walked away because he thinks she can't handle him being human. Landon reinforces this, believing that sent can't despite what she's told him, but he's not walked away from the relationship. Not permanently, anyways. Robin realizes that things are complicated, but believes everything to be connected. Landon, the anger, even her father. Hope completely dismisses him, believing him to be wrong. In fact she doesn't have time for this session anyways because she's on the trail of a monster. Robin questions this and Hope realizes he's the monster. He laughs at her and tells her that she knows who he is. He's Dr. Goodfellow, the guidance counselor and that she's known him her whole life. Hope immediately remembers this to be true and apologizes and asks to leave. Landon also asks to leave, but he asks him to stay. They need to talk about his future.

As their session ends, Alaric enters the office. He too is confused about Robin's presence but he reminds Alaric that he's one of his oldest friends. He offers Alaric some advice about his newest budding relationship with Sheriff Mac; that it feels like a risky time to start something new. In fact, he has a lot on his mind with the Necromancer and he should take some time to focus on that. Robin suggests that he takes some time and lets him run the day-to-day, to take some stuff off of his plate. Alaric ultimately agrees. Robin has even come up with a marvelous new arts program to satisfy the requirement listed in the accreditation letter that's sitting on his desk - Salvatore: The Musical.

MG comes to see him. Alyssa has warned him of a new monster and he expresses that he's almost cracked the case. Robin freely admits that he's the monster. MG doesn't believe him. MG's known him all his life, but quickly realizes this is false. He introduces himself as Puck and that he's a sprite, a cousin of the Faerie Folk.

As time passes, MG repeatedly comes to Robin with clues about the monster. Each time, MG eventually learns or pieces together that he is the monster but quickly forgets he leaves his presence or attempts to tell someone else.

As Landon struggles with writing the musical, he offers Landon his assistance. Maybe there's a missing piece that will unlock the whole thing for him, and maybe there was a way for him to tell the story he wants and to get Hope back. He proposes that he use Klaus' letters.

On the night of the musical. Landon tells him that he was wrong. In fact, he's sure that Hope hates him now because of his suggestion. That is the price for following his muse, but Robin has more bad news to share. The student that was supposed to portray Klaus in the musical has fallen ill with a terrible stomachache. Not to fret, though, he's the perfect replacement as he already knows all the music and possesses a certain gravitas. Landon agrees and Robin steps in. After Josie completes her number, however, he breaks her arm.

During his part as Klaus, Hope stands backstage and listens. Robin tells a younger student playing Hope to never forget she's special and her very existence is a miracle. One day, she'll grow into an extraordinary woman and continue the legacy of the Mikaelson name ahd she'll carry them all with her. Following his part, Hope approaches him. She's a bit shocked as his words sounded exactly like how her father would have said it. Robin admits that he's met the infamous Klaus once before. He was a very entertaining and exceptional conversationalist, but a terrible painter. Hope asks if she can ask him a question and if he could answer it how he thought her father would. Robin agrees and she asks if she's doing enough - is she the person that he would have wanted her to be. Robin tells her that she's entirely too hard on herself and that she thinks that feeling pain and heartbreak means she've done something wrong. He tells her that they all lose everyone they love eventually, but feeling that loss means you've done something right. You've opened up your heart despite the risks and that is the legacy that she will carry on.

Setting up Hope to perform the final number, Robin watches as Hope takes the stage. MG appears behind him confident that he's the monster. He attempts to handcuff him, but MG inadvertently handcuffs himself to the stairs. Robin is too interested in the ending of the musical and reiterates that he always does two things. He breaks people apart so he can bring them back together - alluding to Hope and Landon's complicated relationship and among other things. In truth, he's been making it up as he went along. After he was released from Malivore, the Necromancer wanted him to cause chaos and distract them all, but he wouldn't help himself and wanted to help things at the school. MG believes him not to be much of a monster, as others they've encountered. Given the musical performance tonight, he believes that even monsters such as himself can be redeemed, especially the ones that everyone else has given up on, alluding to Alyssa. With his work done, he says his goodbye to MG and departs the school.


Season Three


Robin proved to be a rather nice person, despite his manipulative nature; even though he was sent by the Necromancer to cause chaos, he ultimately decided to not do so, instead helping to proparly set up and complete the musical show. He also helped Landon and Hope with their troubled relationship. He even ultimately confided in MJ about the entire plot, saying that he "couldn't really help (himself)".

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Robin possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a sprite.

  • Persuasion: Sprites have the power to suggest and persuade human and supernatural beings, so much so that they believe their words without fault. Some individuals have resisted the suggestion, albeit briefly, only to quickly forget who "Puck" was after they left his presence.
  • Super Strength: Sprites possess some form of supernatural strength as Robin was able to break Josie's arm simply by squeezing it, though just to the point where it only needed to be reset.


Robin, and by extension, sprites in general, possesses no known weaknesses.


  • Robin is of English origins and means "Famed, bright, or shining".[1]
  • Goodfellow is of English origins and was used as a nickname for a congenial companion.[2]




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