Rosalyn Cartwright was a minor character of the Stefan's Diaries novel series. She was a young woman who was killed by Katherine out of jealousy as Rosalyn was engaged to Stefan. Rosalyn died early in the book and was not mentioned again until the third book.


Rosalyn was described as having mouse-blonde/brown hair with a pert face and symmetrical earlobes.


  • Rosalyn is the combination of Rose (English) and Lynn (Spanish) and the meaning is "pretty".
  • Cartwright is an English occupational name for a maker of carts, from Middle English cart(e) + wright 'craftsman'.

Stefan's Diaries

Rosalyn was first seen in the first book in the Stefan's Diaries trilogy. She was engaged to Stefan after celebrating her sixteenth birthday. Stefan gave her an emerald ring which his mother had worn. Rosalyn didn't show up at the party and Stefan later found her with her throat torn out. Stefan had been in the library kissing Katherine at the time. We can assume that Katherine killed Rosalyn before the party. Rosalyn's funeral was held, and Katherine showed up, despite being the culprit. Stefan and Katherine later encountered Rosalyn's parents at the Founder's Ball, and Katherine faked being sincere to them. At the end of the book, Emily informs Stefan that Katherine murdered Rosalyn when Stefan brings up the subject.

Rosalyn was only mentioned very briefly in the third book, and Stefan only says how Katherine murdered her.

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