He's a nice guy. Bit gullible. Guess that's how Clarke managed to trick him.

Professor Rupert Vardemus is a witch who appeared on the second episode of the second season of Legacies. In Screw Endgame, it was revealed that he is in fact Ryan Clarke, using a spelled, magical ring to disguise himself. The real Rupert Vardemus was later discovered in There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, trapped in a gym locker.

Early History

Nothing is known about Rupert's history.

Throughout Legacies Series

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Rupert Vardemus has only been seen as Ryan Clarke's disguised form from This Year Will Be Different to Screw Endgame, when he revealed his true form to the Keeper - though he remained undetected at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted until It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Emma finds the real Professor Vardemus. He had been locked inside a locker in the gym while his mind was trapped in a simulation where his memory was erased. After the simulation ended, he woke up and watched over the Salvatore School students with Emma Tig until they all woke up.

In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Rafael and Landon talk with Rupert through astral projection crystal. He tells them about a magical plate, the "plat en argent" that—when blood is applied—will reveal who the blood that Rafael found belongs to.


Rupert is described as an urbane British sorcerer who is "a bit of a dandy, wins over the Salvatore students with his steadfast belief in the superiority of their supernatural world."[1]

He is shown to be well mannered, calm and intelligent. He shows that he cares for the well being of the students as he didn't want to interfere with the simulation as there was a strong possibility it could've endangered them. According to Landon, he is also gullible as he believed Landon's words about using the Plat en Argent for homework instead of what they were actually going to use it for.

Physical Appearance

He had a tall stature and medium build, wearing eccentric clothes that would consist of different colored bow ties. He had short, brownish-gray hair and blue eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Rupert possesses the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Rupert has the typical weaknesses of a witch.


Season Two

Season Three


  • Rupert is of German variation meaning "bright fame."[2]
  • Vardemus comes from an unknown origin.




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