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I'm not a villain. I never have been. I'm just a kid who's afraid of his father and will do anything to get away from him.

Ryan Clarke[1] is a recurring character and a creation of Malivore who appeared in the eighth episode of Legacies. He is a secondary antagonist in the first and second seasons.

After he was released from Malivore for a second time, he took on the disguise of Professor Rupert Vardemus using an illusion ring and infiltrated the Salvatore Boarding School after Alaric was voted out of his position by the student honor council.

Early History

The being eventually known as Ryan Clarke was born of the entity known as Malivore. Malivore created Ryan by combining together his own body, a composition of mud and the raw organic material of numerous monsters that it had absorbed, and mud on the ground in a attempt to create a progeny. Sadly Ryan, like the other attempts before it, was considered a failure for his infertility and thus abandoned.

Growing resentful Ryan rounded up the descendants of his 'father's' original followers and convinced them to turn on him, making a deal with a coven of witches to trap Malivore by transforming him into a sludge like form. The cult Ryan had started would evolve into Triad Industries who continued what they believed to be their god's purpose: expunging super natural life from the Earth by tossing them into the inter-dimensional pit their god had become.

Sadly, power corrupts as they say. Triad's definition of "monster" rapidly expanded to include anyone who disagreed with them and anyone who stood in their way, with the solution each and every time being to toss them into the pit and lead the world to forget that they ever existed. Guilt stricken, Ryan attempted to return to his father's body but Malivore remained silent to his attempt at reconciliation.

In Belgium, 1933, Ryan located Albert's cabin in search of a mysterious artifact. He and his men tossed the placed so that they would find it before der Führer.

However, eighteen years ago when Seylah Chelon was thrown into the pit and spat out two years later pregnant with Malivore's perfect offspring, Ryan was spat out as well to act as protector for the child.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Ryan, disguised as a technician for Poppy Lane Gas Company, surveys Seylah Chelon's house. As men roam around the yard, he spots Alaric and Hope stopping their vehicle and then walking up to him, wanting to ask some questions. Ryan wonders if they know who lives at the house with the "gas leak" but Alaric ignore the question and asks for directions to the highway, that they're lost. Ryan gives them the directs they seek and eyes them suspiciously as they drive off.

Later that night, after Seylah jumps into the pit, he asks the on site Triad Technician what went through. All he's able to tell him is that it's human sized, but given the affects of the pit, he wouldn't remember even if he knew. All he can give Ryan is a photo of a young woman holding a baby; Seylah with Landon. When Ryan inspects the picture closer, he seems to recognize the women and a sinister glance crosses his face. To tie up loose ends, he kicks the technician into the pit.

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, he asks a security guard for the file on Seylah and when he sees that she has no record there, he asks to go to the backup files, for at first isn't allowed as he isn't a senior member. He relays a password to the guard and is allowed back, and he eventually finds Seylah's file, which reports as "absorbed". When the guard comes in to see if he found anything, Ryan tells him he didn't and stashes the file in the back of his pants. He then visits Hector and Maria Gonzales to ask about Landon, and is told he lives in Virginia. When he reveals information that they still get subsidy checks despite Landon and Rafael not living with them anymore, they let him in when he asks if they have any of Landon's belongings he could see.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, Ryan runs into the Salvatore School Group and reveals he knows that Hope and Alaric lied about their real identities to him the first time they met, but tells he doesn't care about that as he's part of a Supernatural clean up company enlisting their help to get rid of a supernatural plague although they help out they don't trust him. He makes a subtle threat gearing towards the school to Alaric who gets on high alert of cautionary because of this.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, he unleashes Nia to capture Landon, threatening her family if she failed to do so. Later it's revealed that he's associated with MG's mother Veronica.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan tells Landon the story of Malivore. He reveals that Malivore was created as a golem by a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf in order to stop other supernaturals from attacking humans. After absorbing countless supernaturals, Malivore became self-aware and refused to allow its creators to destroy it. Malivore then attempted to create more golems, but all of them were failures, who lacked its abilities. One such failure was Ryan himself, made to look human. Resentful for being rejected, Ryan convinced humans to destroy Malivore, overseeing the ritual that turned Malivore into a puddle. He has since realized his mistake and has been working to free his father using the three keys, after infiltrating Triad Industries. He also tells Landon as more humans were thrown in, he absorbed enough of their genetic material to be able to reproduce, culminating in impregnating Seylah Chelon, which makes Landon Malivore's son and his half-brother. Ryan learns from Landon that the last key is a golden chalice, and they leave to find it.

In There's Always a Loophole, to protect Landon, Hope cast a simple spell she learned in grade school, which Ryan mimics every move she makes. After expressing glee in it, Hope magically makes Ryan to commit suicide as she jumps into the pit ensuring Landon's safety and erasing the traces Ryan left in his lifetime, furthermore stopping his plans to bring his and Landon's father back into existence.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, he grabs Hope from being sucked into an unknown vortex and tries to reason with her about helping each other to escape, but she doesn't listen and walks away. After getting angry with Hope in not listening, he reasons with her again that they should try to help each other and are plagued by creatures that are trapped in Malivore. He then argues with her about what has happened and she silences him with a spell and he's compelled to tell the truth. He tells her that when she does magic, Malivore is trying to expel her as she is toxic to him and Ryan is trying to escape along with her, but Malivore continues to torture him in not leaving. When Hope is ready to be expelled, Ryan tries to reason with her to let him go with her, but she apologizes to him as she can't. Afterwards, Ryan tells his father that while he won't believe he'll raise him from perdition, he will destroy Hope for him.

Dorian introduces Vardemus to his office

In This Year Will Be Different, unbeknownst to others, Ryan has taken the form of Professor Vardemus. In his disguise, he is introduced to his position as Headmaster at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. Dorian introduces him to his office and he is instantly repulsed, using a glamour to hide the disrepair and bland furniture. He gives a speech to the school, telling them that it is their time to shine and there will eventually be a time wherein they will no longer have to hide in the shadows. With this, he presents Landon Kirby with an award for defeating Malivore, thanking him.

Later, still under the guise of Professor Vardemus, he notices Josie Saltzman perform a spell to make a fellow student's nose bleed. He gives her a stern look, but does not discipline her. At night when she is making a snack before bed, he approaches her and gives her advice on spells and how she can easily get away with them by delaying their reaction. He further tells her that he is developing a new curriculum for advanced students that will be invite only and she is his first recruit.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Ryan, as Professor Vardemus, readies the Salvatore School for the Annual Charity Football Game with Mystic Falls High School. He tells them that they are free to use their magic this year, however, and must win the game at all costs — a notion that excites Kaleb but frightens Josie and Landon, who is selected as the quarterback. On the field, "Vardemus" is excited to see that the Salvatore School is finally winning the match, but is surprised when the game finally turns around as the students stop using their magic. He questions the students at half time, telling them that they must win the game, but is approached by Alaric, who questions his motives.

Vardmeus eats the Shunka

Fearing that they will lose the game, "Vardemus" hands Josie a spell on the field. When she casts the spell, it snaps Ethan's arm, essentially throwing away his scholarship and surprises Josie herself. Alaric witnesses this, and later confronts Ryan, as Vardemus, about it. Ryan bans Alaric from the school grounds and suggests that Alaric could enroll Josie and Lizzie into public school. Alaric takes particular offense to his suggestion and punches him, starting a fight between the Stallions and the Timberwolves. That night, Ryan find the dead shunka, killed earlier, and consumes it.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Ryan visits Josie in her room under the guise of Vardemus. Josie is examining her arm, which is suffering adverse effects of the dark magic that she has performed under Ryan's guidance. Ryan pleads with Josie not to limit herself in her magical abilities, however it is no use, and Josie tells Ryan that she will no longer perform dark magic. She also refuses when he tells her that he has something to soothe the adverse effects she is feeling from the dark magic.

At the end of the day, after performing another dark spell, Josie visits Ryan and asks for something to soothe the affects she is feeling. He shows her a dark object shaped as an hourglass and tells her that it is a "mora miserium". He explains that it will absorb all of the adverse effects she is feeling, and she will be fine as long as the hourglass does not break. With this, she transfers all of the effects into the hourglass.

In Screw Endgame, Ryan and Josie are talking when Alaric arrives at the school, worried about Josie and Lizzie as the two both missed dinner. Ryan reminds him, under the guise of Vardmeus, that he is banned from school grounds. Alaric, however, reveals that he has already spoken to Sheriff Mac and is allowed on the premises under these circumstances.

Later, Alaric invites Clarke to the Mystic Tap for a drink. Alaric apologizes and explains that he is going to take a back seat, as long as "Vardemus" ensures his daughters safety. Clarke obliges and Alaric leaves. Clarke notices the Keeper enter the bar, and removes his ring, revealing that Rupert Vardemus is simply a disguise. He introduces himself to the Keeper, but begins to absorb her. It is unknown if she is killed or not.

In It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, Clarke has again resumed the disguise of Professor Vardemus. Josie and Landon enquire about a plan to close the Malivore portal that they have devised. Clarke is hesitant, but agrees that the plan could work. With this, he hands the two a trident and explains how they can succeed with their plan.

Later, Josie meets with "Vardemus" and explains that she feels angry and an abundance of emotion — perhaps attributed to the ambiguity surrounding her situation with Landon. Clarke tells her that she can channel all of her emotion into the trident seen earlier, but it requires dark magic. Josie obliges and begins the transfer, but notices that "Vardemus'" ring stops working and Clarke is revealed. She passes out before she is able to comment, however.

Now publicly exposed, Clarke devises his plan to take over Hope's body with the trident. When Alaric leaves her room, he shows himself to her and shackles her with the magic-suppression cuffs on her. He explains his situation, and his plan to implant his subconscious into her. She is able to briefly escape, however, and uses his ring to project an illusion of her running off. In reality, she hides under the bed, but Clarke quickly realizes this. He chases her out of the window, and believes himself to have the upper hand, however he is attacked by Simulandon — who he believes to be the real Landon. The two fight and instead of transferring himself to Hope, he implants himself in Simulandon. Hope blasts him shortly after. Clarke's body is seen being dragged to the Salvatore Crypt by the zombie-Jogger.

In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Clarke is being held in the werewolf transition space beneath the school. He has resumed his original identity due to an illusion spell cast by Hope. He pleads with Hope to let him go, however she refuses, reminding him that he will be dead by nightfall.

When everyone at the school becomes merry, Hope asks Clarke for advice on what monster could be causing it. She lets him out of the transition space, and he throws a wish in the fire. Hope questions what the wish was, and binds him to the library, however he refuses to tell her until she magically threatens him. When the Krampus arrives later, it is revealed that his wish was for Malivore to send something to save him; he quickly realizes that Malivore is not going to save him.

At the end of the day, he tells Hope that he has changed, and she casts a truth spell on him. He agrees to throw himself into the Malivore pit, and Hope allows this. He calls her from a payphone in the Town Square and — as an adverse effect of the truth spell — tells her that he never hated her. As he is about to jump into the Malivore portal, he is decapitated by the Necromancer, who throws his head into the portal, closing it.

In A New Hope, Andi's spell has been completed. From the crater within the ground, Ryan is resurrected in a new body. While Hope, Lizzie, and Josie are unconscious on the ground, he takes the opportunity to shower and clean himself up in Andi's cabin. As he emerges from the bathroom, the three witches stand before him, shocked.

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, he takes a moment to admire himself in the mirror. Handsome as ever. Hope, Lizzie, and Josie are surprised that he's back, but Ryan wants them to admit that they've missed him. Hope refuses to dignify that with an answer, but instead poses her own question. She's curious as to how he's even here. Ryan recounts how someone chopped off his head and he woke up in the blackness, endless loneliness, suffering, existential agony. Then, the industrious Triad witch brought him back to the here and now. He assumes that they've made no progress in killing Malivore. Hope admits that they've at least managed to lock him in a prison world. He's not convinced as there's no prison that will contain his father. He knows it and so does she. He wonders if he is still sending monsters. Josie confirms that he is, which elicits a rebuff from Lizzie to both of them to stop giving him information. He believes that his father is up to something but, lucky for all of them, he has a plan. Hope is curious, but Lizzie takes matters into her own hands and casts a sleeping spell on him, knocking him unconscious.

The witches load him up and lock him into the trunk of their car. Lizzie plans to take him back to the Salvatore School and let the adults handle something for a change. Hope, however, is curious and while Lizzie and Josie are inside of a gas station, she opens the trunk to speak to him. He has thirty seconds to convince her. If Malivore is still sending monsters, that means there has to be a portal. He can lead her to it. She wants to know how. Ryan elaborates; those portals are Malivore mud. Rhetorically, he asks her what else is made of that stuff. He is and one locator spell, they both can finally be free. Hope agrees to Ryan's plan and lets him out of the trunk. Taking the car, they drove off, leaving Lizzie and Josie stranded at the gas station.

Not too far from the gas station, but in a secluded, wooded area, Hope pulls off on a side road. Ryan is nervous and wonders why they're here. Hope doesn't want any witnesses. She's kidding, kind of, and explains that she likes to practice magic without prying eyes. Ryan continues to stall, wondering if they should get further away from Lizzie and Josie, but Hope picks up on his antics. Unwilling to tell her, she casts the mimic spell on him, again. She wonders when he'll ever learn his lesson, but he assures her that he's changed. He is no longer the monster she believes him to be. Hope bites her wrist, the spell forcing him to do the same. She drops some blood onto a map and Ryan responds in kind. Hope's shocked to learn that it's not Malivore mud. True to his word, Ryan has changed.

Hope is furious. Ryan, on the other hand, is extremely happy. It's a pretty big life moment for him, actually. Hope threatens his life if he doesn't explain. He tells her that several decades ago, when he was working for Triad, he set out to find a way to break the cycle of torment and abuse his father kept putting him through. But he couldn't figure out how, until he learned of an artifact that was capable of granting his heart's desire. Hope reveals that it was made by Leonardo DaVinci and explains that it had had a muse locked inside of it. Ryan is shocked to learn that she opened it as he had spent years trying to do the same. For Hope, it was just another burden that being the tribrid. Regardless, he was inspired to use a witch to bring him back to life in human form and, as such, Malivore can't control him. She's still furious. She believes he pitched her a plan that he knew would never work. Ryan, however, wants her to give it a minute because she's missing the point. He's got literal skin in the game now and he's trying to trick her, because once Malivore finds out he's free, he's going to want to kill him too. If that happens, he won't just resurrect like she or his little brother would. Ryan is missing some key details since he's been gone. Hope tells him that Landon is not a phoenix anymore. He's also not her boyfriend either. Despite their differences he always thought they were destined to be together. Hope now believes that destiny disagrees and there is nothing she can do to change it. Before he can continue, Hope notices the spell to be working. He remarks that blood is thicker than mud. Hope isn't interested in his puns and demands him to get in the car.

They continue to drive throughout the day until dark. Hope is racing down the road to their destination, but he's more concerned about having an accident; now human, he would like to avoid dying. Hope rebuffs him, citing that the minute that they close that portal is the same minute that they never have to see each other again. She suggests that he buckle up. Wading out into dangerous waters, he doesn't believe this to be about them or Malivore. It's about Landon. She reminds him of their little chat about destiny and how he was born to be Malivore's vessel and she was born to be the only one capable of destroying Malivore. They are incompatible. Ryan is optimistic. If a mud man like himself can beat his fate, he believes that they can too. However, he thinks she already believes that, too. Changing topics, Ryan tells her they're close and to take the next exit.

They arrive at the Morning Bird Motel and find Landon and Cleo together, not Malivore. He finds the situation awkward and greets his baby brother who's shocked to see him. Landon is surprised of all people, she would work with Ryan. Her spell was supposed to lead them to Malivore, not Landon and especially not Cleo. Cleo also mentions they're searching for the portal. Hope and Cleo step out of the motel room as Ryan catches up with Landon.

Landon wonders how he pulled it off, becoming human. He searches through Landon's things, but wants to know what he and Cleo were doing together. He admits he's "Team Good Guy" now and it's all about redemption. No judgement. Despite this, Landon believes him to still be a monster. It's in his blood. Similarly, so is it in his. Ryan believes him to have made a mistake, because the Landon he knew would have never left Hope. Similar to what Hope told him, Landon expresses similar thoughts. He's the son of Malivore and they have no future together. Ryan believes them to have given up too easily. Continuing to rifle through Landon's things, he finds a knife and takes it. He knows that they hate each other, but they hate their father even more. This is their change to stick it to him and be what he never wanted them to be—brothers. Landon doesn't agree. He's out of his mind and thinks that Malivore must have done a number on him in the darkness this time around. This comment shakes him. Gripping the knife, back still turned to Landon, he explains that he only told Hope about being sent back to the darkness. Turning, he lunges for Landon, rather Malivore.

Ryan tries to fight off Malivore, but proves to be unsuccessful as Malivore cuts open his throat. Hope finds him bleeding out on the motel floor. Hope grabs a towel and applies pressure to the wound. She tells him not to talk and tells him she has a way to help him. She picks up the knife and cuts her wrist open, believing that her blood will heal him. Despite his wounds, he fights back her advances. Realizing what he's doing, she concludes that her blood could still be toxic to him, his Malivore DNA. He would be sent back to the darkness, something he's not willing to risk. She has another idea, but it's going to suck. She removes the towel and casts incendia. The wounds are cauterized, enough to stop the bleeding.

In the hospital, Ryan recovers as Hope watches over him at his bedside. He woken, alive, but sore. He's also surprised because she clearly saved his life. He wonders if that makes them friends now. She muses with him, believing they're frenemies, at best. Ryan admits that being a human sucks, but it sure beats the alternative. Still, he owes her one. He also explains that it wasn't Landon that attacked him. Hope has also realized this. Malivore finally got what he wanted. His vessel and he's been hiding in plain sight ever since. Ryan knew his father was up to something big. Ryan believes Hope was right about destiny. There's no fighting it. Because of their earlier conversations, Hope's view has changed, as crazy as that sounds. Against all odds, he escaped the darkness and beat your fate. More importantly, she believes he did it by himself. She thinks that's exactly what she'll have to do when it's time to face her fate. Ryan corrects her. He didn't, couldn't, do it alone. He needed help to get out of the darkness. Just as he believes she'll need help against Malivore. While he gets why she feels like being the tribrid is her own burden to bear, he reminds her to not lose sight of what's in her corner. The thing he's never had—friends and a family. Hope smiles and gives him a nod of agreement.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, at the hospital, Ryan is being discharged and presented with a bill of $81,000. He believes it's a mistake, but Hope reassures him it's not. Speaking of debt, he owes her a favor.

Ryan begs to differ about the owed favor and attempts to leave, though Hope uses her magic to freeze him in place. She explains that like Landon, he's Malivore's son and an ideal host. If they can transfer Malivore out of Landon, then he may know of a way to stop Malivore since they've been sharing a brain. Ryan doesn't want to wager his newly human body, but Hope promises freedom if they're successful. Ryan ultimately decides he'll do anything but be a meatsuit for Malivore, apologizes to Hope and leaves.

Ryan decides to go to the Salvatore School, much to Alaric's surprise. He's short on cash to cover his medical bill, but admits he hates owing a debt and agrees to hear Hope out.

Ryan visits his father within his cage in the gym. Malivore is surprised to see him alive, though Ryan's more alive now than ever. Malivore attempts to get Ryan to divulge information to him about Hope's plan, and whatever it is, he will free Ryan. That, however, is a promise made and broken too many times. Malivore attempts a half-hearted apology and admits he should have been better. That is all Ryan needs to hear and Hope steps into the gym. Ryan explains that Malivore is nervous and worried about whatever she's planning, so much so that he'll say anything.

Back in the great hall, Hope performs the transfusion ritual. Wade attempts to keep Malivore, rather Landon, pain free with fairy dust, while Josie warns that she needs to go faster. Hope hesitates, fearing permanent damage to Landon. Jed watches over Ryan, who struggles with the transfer, unable to help. The spell fails and they're expelled from the therapy box. Alaric and Ryan immediately realize they've failed again, adding to the other ten failed simulations. Hope demands to run it again, but Josie counters that they're doing something wrong. Hope can't be the one to perform the spell. They all have something in stake. If Hope can take a step back and trust her, she can perform the spell.

Hope decides to hand over the spell to Josie, though Ryan is immediately concerned. Josie hates him, with good reason, but Hope reassures him that she won't let anyone hurt him, including Malivore. Jed and Wade lay Malivore on the table while Josie lights the black candle. Malivore is under a sleeping spell, within a binding circle. Ryan continues to worry, but eventually agrees and wraps the transfusion braid on his wrist. Hope hands off the braid to Josie and she siphons from Finch and promptly begins the spell.

During the spell Malivore begins to wake from the sleeping spell, shocking Wade who's dosed him with fairy dust. Alaric holds Hope back and Josie picks up the pace with the ritual. Finch grabs her hand and she siphons her, completing the spell. Ryan wakes, though he's still himself. So is Malivore, but he reveals something has happened. Malivore whips the transfusion braid at the black candle, knocking it over. Ryan begins to lose control of his faculties and runs away, throwing Jed into the adjacent wall.

Ryan makes his way to Movie in the Square and confronted by by Lizzie. He doesn't remember how he got there and completely loses control again, taken over by the dybbuk.

Eventually, Hope saves Ryan, using the transfusion braid and performing the transfusion ritual, transferring the dybbuk out of Ryan.

Kaleb, Lizzie, and Hope rush Ryan back to the hospital, where he quickly recovers thanks to Kaleb's vampiric blood. He believed he was a goner and Hope admitted he nearly was. He thanks her for keeping her promise and she fulfills the other end of her deal. She hands him his money and a ticket out of town. She's letting him go and will figure something else out to deal with Malivore. They're close enough to be friends now and offers her advice. She should kill Malivore now, while she still has the chance, despite being in Landon. He also tells her that she should talk to Alaric about Landon.

In You're A Long Way From Home, in suburban Fayetteville, Georgia, Ryan has a new, happy human life. His girlfriend, Trudy, prepares his breakfast and gives him a key to her house. Something special for their big day. It's their two week anniversary. The key is just in case he wants to start staying over more, though their attention is drawn to knocking on their front door. Ryan quickly rushes over to open it, finding Hope in the doorway. Ryan is surprised to see her, admitting it's a weird time for him, but Hope insists on being invited in. Trudy comes to the door, asking who she is. Ryan tells her that she's an old friend, but she's leaving. Hope stays and explains that she used to date his brother and Trudy, wanting to meet Ryan's friends, invites her in. She and Ryan have a lot to catch up on.

With Trudy in the kitchen, Hope inspects photos on the mantle. When she told Ryan to go get a life, she quips that she didn't mean the first Stepford Wife starter kit that he met. Hope picks up one photo in particular, questioning when they even took it. Ryan says it was on their first date. Trudy said they shouldn't waste any time if they both knew what they wanted. Ryan wants her to leave. Trudy doesn't know anything about his past or the supernatural world. His past is exactly why she's here. She's looking for the bloodlines of the witch, werewolf, and vampire that created Malivore. She also tells him that Malivore, and Landon, are both dead. Ryan is an orphan and only child now. Hope mocks Trudy's domestic lifestyle, and Ryan points out that Hope's a tribrid. He's sure something big and scary is going on, but doesn't want any part of it or Triad. He's not that guy anymore. Hope flately explains that he is going to help her, or Trudy dies. Ryan picks up that her humanity is off. She asks Trudy to take a closer look at her necklace and behind her, shows her true face, threatening her. Ryan relents and accepts to show her on a map on where she can go. Hope questions that he should come with her and reclaim his life, for old time's sake. Ryan refuses, citing he has responsibilities, a job, and a relationship now. He doesn't have time for supernatural high jinks any more. Hope declares it his lost and leaves.

Ryan, working for the Breton-Bar Life Insurance Company, sits in his cubicle, calling clients. Trudy surprises him at work, calling him a liar. Hope has told her everything; how he cheated on her, that he's a con man, and just after her dad's money. Trudy's dad approaches her and she embraces him in a hug, crying over Hope's supposed stories, claiming that he was right about Ryan. Her dad fires Ryan on the spot and is forced to pack up his desk and leave. Outside, Hope waits for him, asking if he has time to join her now.

With his relationship in ruins, he's forced to go with her, though he doesn't stop trying to call Trudy back. Hope continues to mock Ryan, making it seem like she's the one sleeping with him. She tells him that he doesn't want to be "Ryan" because Ryan is dating Trudy, who gives off vibes of upper 30s desperation. She gives him a bleak outlook on his future; he'll be middle-aged with kids who can't stand him, a mortgage he can't afford, a wife that wants to know his every whereabouts, and a job as an assistant regional manager at a place he can't leave. Hope claims to have done him a favor. Ryan tries Trudy again and she actually answers the phone. To his horror, Hope grabs his phone and throws it out the window. Being "Clarke" is way better, she reassures him.

At the Triad Data Facility, Ryan gains Hope access with his passcode which is still active. That will only get them so far and there's an elaborate security system. Hope, however, doesn't intend to sneak around and pulls a fire alarm, alerting them to her presence. A vampire and a werewolf emerge from a door and engage Hope in physical combat, though Hope easily overpowers them, killing the werewolf.

In the heart of the data facility, Ryan sees they have an Argus on watch, though chained. Hope admits she'd just kill it single-handedly, but opts to throw Ryan down for him to handle the creature. And use him as bait. As the Argus sets its many eyes on Ryan, Hope is free to find what she's looking for.

Ryan runs from the Argus, circling back and around, ensnaring the chain on filing cabinets, stopping the creature from reaching him in a dead end turn. Hope has found what she's been looking for and intends to find out just who Ryan wants to be. She grabs a sword and breaks the chain, freeing the Argus. Ryan prepares to attack, though the Argus stops in its tracks, turns to look at Hope and walks off away from them. Hope won't know who he intends to be, Ryan or Clarke.

Back in Fayetteville, Ryan returns to Trudy's house and his stuff is thrown on the curb. Hope admits that she moves fast and Ryan doesn't blame her for Hope's actions. She still doesn't believe him. She's freed him and though she convinced him just how much being human sucks, however, Ryan wants to go back to Trudy. Ryan does admit that being human sucks, and disappointing, and some days you hate it, but that's all he's wanted for a long time. Trudy is one of those people who loves with their whole heart immediately and he wishes he could be more like her. It's more than he's ever had. She calls him pathetic, but he was just thinking that about her. He was jealous of her and her friend. They had a home and stuck together and he never thought she'd be stupid enough to throw that away. Hope isn't worried about his opinion, but Ryan believes otherwise. She wanted him to make the same choice she did. Somewhere, deep inside, she knows what she's doing is wrong. He warns her not to open the book and to return home before she does something she can't come back from.

The phone rings and it's Ryan calling, though Kaleb doesn't recognize the voice. Cryptically, Ryan asks if it's the super squad and if it was, that there's an Argus on the loose, acting weird, off Route 50. He tells him good luck and hangs up. Ryan is finished with his past life and tells Trudy the truth, however she's more interested in more about vampires. She wants to know everything.


He is very mysterious and calculating. He is intelligent and sneaky as he used information on the Gonzales' to let him in, and hid Seylah's file on the guard. He also showed that despite not being a senior member of Triad Industries, he knows the password to go to the backup files. He also showed little care in what happened to a co-worker of his when he kicked him into the pit, despite the co-worker having not done anything offensive to him.

Physical Appearance

Ryan is a somewhat tall man with an athletic build. He is usually seen wearing dark colored business suits, but when the situation calls for it, he'll wear a disguise to find more information on what he's looking for. He has brown eyes and short dark brown hair that is somewhat messy-curly.


Powers and Abilities

Ryan possessed the standard powers and abilities of a golem.


Ryan had the typical weaknesses of a golem.


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  • Ryan is an English language name of Irish origin. The original meaning of the name is obscure, but popular sources suggest it could mean "little king" or "illustrious".[2]
  • Clarke is an Anglo-Irish given name or surname that means "clerk".[3]



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