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Ryan Clarke[1] is a recurring character and a creation of Malivore who made his debut in the eighth episode of Legacies.

Early History

The being eventually known as Ryan Clarke was born of the entity known as Malivore. Malivore created Ryan by combining together his own body, a composition of mud and the raw organic material of numerous monsters that it had absorbed, and mud on the ground in a attempt to create a progeny. Sadly Ryan, like the other attempts before it, was considered a failure for his infertility and thus abandoned.

Growing resentful Ryan rounded up the descendants of his 'father's' original followers and convinced them to turn on him, making a deal with a coven of witches to trap Malivore by transforming him into a sludge like form. The cult Ryan had started would evolve into Triad Industries who continued what they believed to be their god's purpose: expunging super natural life from the Earth by tossing them into the inter-dimensional pit their god had become.

Sadly power corrupts as they say. Triad's definition of "monster" rapidly expanded to include anyone who disagreed with them and anyone who stood in their way, with the solution each and every time being to toss them into the pit and lead the world to forget that they ever existed. Guilt stricken Ryan attempted to return to his father's body but Malivore remained silent to his attempt at reconciliation.

However, eighteen years ago when Seylah Chelon was thrown into the pit and spat out two years later pregnant with Malivore's perfect offspring, Ryan was spat out as well to act as protector for the child.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Maybe I Should Start From The End, Ryan, disguised as a technician for Poppy Lane Gas Company, surveys Seylah Chelon's house. As men roam around the yard, he spots Alaric and Hope stopping their vehicle and then walking up to him, wanting to ask some questions. Ryan wonders if they know who lives at the house with the "gas leak" but Alaric ignore the question and asks for directions to the highway, that they're lost. Ryan gives them the directs they seek and eyes them suspiciously as they drive off.

Later that night, after Seylah jumps into the pit, he asks the on site Triad Technician what went through. All he's able to tell him is that it's human sized, but given the affects of the pit, he wouldn't remember even if he knew. All he can give Ryan is a photo of a young woman holding a baby; Seylah with Landon. When Ryan inspects the picture closer, he seems to recognize the women and a sinister glance crosses his face. To tie up loose ends, he kicks the technician into the pit.

In What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams?, he asks a security guard for the file on Seylah and when he sees that she has no record there, he asks to go to the backup files, for at first isn't allowed as he isn't a senior member. He relays a password to the guard and is allowed back, and he eventually finds Seylah's file, which reports as "absorbed". When the guard comes in to see if he found anything, Ryan tells him he didn't and stashes the file in the back of his pants. He then visits Hector and Maria Gonzales to ask about Landon, and is told he lives in Virginia. When he reveals information that they still get subsidy checks despite Landon and Rafael not living with them anymore, they let him in when he asks if they have any of Landon's belongings he could see.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, Ryan runs into the Salvatore School Group and reveals he knows that Hope and Alaric lied about their real identities to him the first time they met, but tells he doesn't care about that as he's part of a Supernatural clean up company enlisting  their help to get rid of a supernatural plague although they help out they don't trust him. He makes a subtle threat gearing towards the school to Alaric who gets on high alert of cautionary because of this.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, he unleashes Nia to capture Landon, threatening her family if she failed to do so. Later it's revealed that he's associated with MG's mother Veronica

In I'll Tell You a Story, Ryan tells Landon the story of Malivore. He reveals that Malivore was created as a golem by a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf in order to stop other supernaturals from attacking humans. After absorbing countless supernaturals, Malivore became self-aware and refused to allow its creators to destroy it. Malivore then attempted to create more golems, but all of them were failures, who lacked its abilities. One such failure was Ryan himself, made to look human. Resentful for being rejected, Ryan convinced humans to destroy Malivore, overseeing the ritual that turned Malivore into a puddle. He has since realized his mistake and has been working to free his father using the three keys, after infiltrating Triad Industries. He also tells Landon as more humans were thrown in, he absorbed enough of their genetic material to be able to reproduce, culminating in impregnating Seylah Chelon, which makes Landon Malivore's son and his half-brother. Ryan learns from Landon that the last key is a golden chalice, and they leave to find it.

In There's Always a Loophole, to protect Landon, Hope cast a simple spell she learned in grade school, which Ryan mimics every move she makes. After expressing glee in it, Hope magically makes Ryan to commit suicide as she jumps into the pit ensuring Landon's safety and erasing the traces Ryan left in his lifetime, furthermore stopping his plans to bring his and Landon's father back into existence.

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, he grabs Hope from being sucked into an unknown vortex and tries to reason with her about helping each other to escape, but she doesn't listen and walks away. After getting angry with Hope in not listening, he reasons with her again that they should try to help each other and are plagued by creatures that are trapped in Malivore. He then argues with her about what has happened and she silences him with a spell and he's compelled to tell the truth. He tells her that when she does magic, Malivore is trying to expel her as she is toxic to him and Ryan is trying to escape along with her, but Malivore continues to torture him in not leaving. When Hope is ready to be expelled, Ryan tries to reason with her to let him go with her, but she apologizes to him as she can't. Afterwards, Ryan tells his father that while he won't believe he'll raise him from perdition, he will destroy Hope for him.


He is very mysterious and calculating. He is intelligent and sneaky as he used information on the Gonzales' to let him in, and hid Seylah's file on the guard. He also showed that despite not being a senior member of Triad Industries, he knows the password to go to the backup files. He also showed little care in what happened to a co-worker of his when he kicked him into the pit, despite the co-worker having not done anything offensive to him.

Physical Appearance

Ryan is a somewhat tall man with an athletic build. He is usually seen wearing dark colored business suits, but when the situation calls for it, he'll wear a disguise to find more information on what he's looking for. He has brown eyes and short dark brown hair that is somewhat messy-curly.



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  • Ryan is an English language name of Irish origin. The original meaning of the name is obscure, but popular sources suggest it could mean "little king" or "illustrious".[2]
  • Clarke is an Anglo-Irish given name or surname that means "clerk".[3]




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