Sampson Collado was a character who appeared in the third book of The Originals novel series. He was the werewolf pack leader of the Collados in 1788 and was the son of William Collado Jr.

Sampson was a member of the Collado Family.

Throughout The Originals Novels Series

In The Originals: The Resurrection, Sampson has been shown to be talking to Klaus about alliances. Alejandra Vargas used this to her own end to make Elijah go against his siblings and so she and her twin brother, can rid the city of the vampires. He also reveals to Klaus that his human agent, Guillaume, had been working against him with the Vargas siblings. While Klaus and Sampson had been talking, Elijah had burst through in the room and had picked a nasty fight with them, who believed Klaus was just pulling a ruse about him and the werewolves.

After the siblings figure out what the Vargas siblings have been doing, Sampson, Amalia Giroux, and the vampires make an alliance and rid the Vargas siblings and the vinaya plant, since it would mean the end of the vampires and possibly other supernatural people.

He perished in the warehouse fire set by Klaus, along with Amalia, several witches, humans, vampires and werewolves along with him.


He is shown to be like other werewolves as being outspoken and a bit aggressive, but is shown to be civil and willing to help out vampires and witches if it would help out his species.

Physical Appearance

Sampson is described as looking like his father, William, and is young. He is also described as having a lantern jawed face.



  • Sampson is Hebrew and means "sun child" or "bright sun".
  • Collado is Spanish and means "hill" or "mountain pass".

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