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This article is about Sarah, a character from the Digital Comics. You may be looking for Sarah, a character from Season Two, the imposter Sarah or Sarah Salvatore, characters from Season Six of The Vampire Diaries.

This is my home, sir. I deserve to live here!
Sarah to an unknown man in Mind Games

Sarah was a young, but very powerful witch that only appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comics Mind Games.

Early History

Nothing much is known about Sarah or her family. Sarah, however, claims to come from one of the oldest families in Mystic Falls.

For reasons unknown, Sarah was accused of being a witch by the townspeople of Mystic Falls. Sarah called to her friend, Emily Bennett, but they would not listen. Emily councils her to tell them she is not a witch, but Sarah could not lie. To save their town from her "wicked" ways, they burned her at the stake.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Mind Games, Sarah is rounded up by the townspeople of Mystic Falls, accused of being a witch. As they prepare to burn her at the stake, her friend "Emily" stands before the townspeople and unleashes her magic - Encarte Favraate! The townspeople flee as the town itself is consumed in fire. Among the hysteria, Sarah and Emily escape. Unbeknownst to her, her friend Emily is actually possessed by her descendant, Bonnie. Sarah is astounded, she's never seen Emily do anything that powerful before. She reminds Emily that they're not lost and that they should hide out in the secret place where she practices her magic. "Emily's" acting strange and asks if she's okay. Emily doesn't answer, but they make their way to a secret cabin. Bonnie, acting on Emily's behalf, decided that as long as she's here, she's going to teach her how to control her magic. Then, once she moves to a new town, she can keep it a secret. Sarah disagrees. She comes from one of the oldest families in Mystic Falls. She claims that this town is hers and she shouldn't have to hide. Bonnie explains to her that some folks aren't ready for their kind yet and she knows she wouldn't want to burn at the stake for her magic. Tomorrow, they'll begin her training.

Bonnie beings to show her magic and she advances very quickly. She's far more powerful than her teacher when she was at her age. Sarah has her own resolve, though. She vows to be more powerful than any witch, including her friend and mentor, "Emily". As she continues to progress in her training, she attacks a beehive with a fire spell, fire engulfing it completely. She's scolded by Bonnie and told they do not hurt those who don't deserve it. Sarah retorts with her own question, asking if she's ever felt the sharp point of a bee. The bee cares only for it's own home and honey, not for anyone who has suffered its sting.

Eventually, Sarah leaves Bonnie at the cabin and heads back to Mystic Falls, determined to get her revenge. As she makes her way to the town square, fire engulfs various buildings. This is her him and she deserves to live here. As for the people that attempted to burn her at the stake, she doesn't believe they should. As she's about to attack a man, Bonnie stops her and twists her arm behind her back. These people may have hurt her, but her actions aren't the way to be accepted. Sarah believes otherwise; they'll never accept their kind and they have to pay for what they have done to them. Sarah, however, is confident in her skill. Emily herself has told her that she's very powerful and believes that even her mentor isn't strong enough to stop her. Bonnie confesses to her that she's not Emily and attacks the young witch.

Sarah was ready for her. In fact, Sarah already knew she was an impostor. Bonnie stole her dear friend from her and think she wouldn't notice. Bonnie asks why she just didn't kill her soon, but Sarah tells her that she needed a teacher, a powerful one that could teach her about her magic. How could she resist learning her tricks and then using them against her. Bonnie tells her that Emily wouldn't have wanted this. Sarah tells her that Emily would never stand up for herself, she never would have found these simpletons. Misunderstanding what Bonnie, and by extension Emily, had done, Sarah believed that her friend Emily was dead. For that reason, she believed Bonnie deserved to die just the same. Just as she's about to strike, Emily regains possession of her body, and engulfs the town in ice, quenching the fires surrounding them.

Sarah's shocked to realize it's Emily. Her friend is here. Emily questions her about her actions. As tells her that another witch took over her body and the townspeople were going to kill her. Saddened, Emily explains that she was so desperate for her to live, she cast a spell to take her back, to change her destiny. However, something went wrong. Bonnie attempted to save her in Emily's stead, but it didn't work. She realizes all too late that she's overexerted herself with her own magic. Her nose begins to bleed as she's dying in Emily's arms. She tells Emily that it's okay. This death is the death she's chosen for herself. Not in fire and fear, but with her only true friend by her side. She can rest in peace.


Sarah was an ambitious and prideful young witch that grew to hate the townspeople for their own hatred of her kind - witches. After learning how to control her magic and grew in power, she attempt to use that against the vary people that hurt her. However, that became her own undoing. Despite this, she accepted her fate and made amends with Emily just prior to her death.

Physical Appearance

Sarah was a young woman with cocoa brown skin, short straight hair and brown eyes.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Sarah possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Sarah had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


  • Sarah is a given name that translates to "joy" and "delight" in Arabic or "princess" in Hebrew.[1]



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