Sasha Stoteraux is a human who made her debut in the third episode of Legacies.

Early History

Not much is known except she has been best friends with Dana Lilien and had been dating Connor beforehand.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season One

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, she and Dana appear at the end of the entrance of the Salvatore Boarding School to pull a prank on them. Dana asks Sasha where Connor is and Sasha tells her that she doesn't have cell reception, and proceeds to get out, after a few minutes, she then screams.

In Hope is Not the Goal, she is revealed to have been attacked by an arachne and wrapped in a web. She is later rescued after the arachne is destroyed and is told that Dana was killed by a mountain lion while she luckily escaped.

In Let's Just Finish the Dance, she is one of the contestants in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant and is partnered up with Bartholomew Fell Jr. While practicing the dance, she gets bumped into by Hope and Landon, and acts stuck up towards them. Later, she and Bartholomew walk down the stairs as Vera Lilien calls out each name that is paired up. When Josie breaks a fall down the stairs for Lizzie, she falls on Sasha and pushes her down on the fall, with Sasha looking at her with disbelief.


She is shown to be somewhat shallow and a little stuck up, but this was shown during the Miss Mystic Pageant. According to Dana, she is needy, but this is due to Sasha not wanting to get ahold of Connor and rush him into coming to the Salvatore School to deface it. She was shown to be upset about hearing of Dana's death, which could show she cares about her friends. According to Matt Donovan, Sasha doesn't break the rules much and doesn't go out of town for a few days to party, unlike Dana.

Physical Appearance

She wears light colored clothing that looks feminine and chic. She has hazel eyes and curly, frizzy brown hair.


  • Sasha and Dana (Best Friends)
  • Sasha and Connor (Former Boyfriend)
  • Sasha and Bartholomew Fell Jr. (Escort)


Season One


  • Sasha is a Russian name and means "defender of man".[1]
  • Stoteraux is from an unknown origin.


  • She didn't know her boyfriend, Connor, was cheating on her with Dana behind her back.



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