Look, I can't help Kol if the witch he stuck me in ends up taking me over! There's something wrong. I think the rightful owner of this body is waking up inside me, and she's angry.

Save My Soul is the sixteenth episode of the second season of The Originals and the thirty-eighth episode of the series overall.



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FLASHBACKS TO FREYA'S CHILDHOOD — Suspicious of where her true loyalties lie, Klaus invites Freya to the compound in order to gain more insight into her past with Dahlia. After a series of strange visions, Rebekah begins to realize the body she's inhabiting is attempting to regain control. With Rebekah's life on the line, Marcel puts his bargaining skills to the test when he turns to Vincent, who may have some knowledge that could help them. Lastly, at the bayou, Jackson's frustrations grow after Aiden questions his leadership skills. Elijah, HayleyCami and Davina also appear.


In the Kingdom of Norway, 977 A.D., Dahlia gives Young Freya food, but she refuses to it. She wants her mother, but Dahlia mocks that desire because Esther gave her away. Only Dahlia is her family now. She says with Freya needs her strength so that she can teach her how to use the power in their bloodline, as it will keep them warm in the cold and give them health whereas others may fall ill. It will keep them young and beautiful. Together, they'll be the strongest witches the world has ever seen.

Rebekah dreams of what happened the other night when Eva reclaimed her body and channeled the young witch's magic. She wakes up, startled, and hears noise outside. Marcel tells her to stay put while he goes out to calm the witches who have come for Eva Sinclair, including Josephine LaRue. Marcel informs them that Rebekah has taken over her body, so it's not Eva. Ms. LaRue doubts that gives her an alibi, but Elijah arrives and tells her "Eva" is indeed his sister Rebekah and that he will find the true perpetrator who killed a boy and kidnapped a young witch.

Elijah arrives back at the compound, where Klaus is waiting for him so that they can greet their long-lost sister. He informs Klaus that Rebekah's condition has taken a turn, so they might need Freya's assistance and Klaus shouldn't do anything to jeopardize relations, but Klaus says he simply wants to chat with Freya.

Vincent finds out nine months have passed, and Marcel asks about Eva Sinclair, but he won't say anything.

Davina is busy studying and still in grief over Kol dying, but Rebekah says she can't help bring him back if Eva is retaking her body. She thinks Eva is trying to take control back and angry. Davina shows her Kol's spell books.

Freya tells them Dahlia is the most powerful witch she's ever seen, and still craves more power. Dahlia wants to be free of the restriction that makes her sleep for a century and wake up with one year of life, she wants true immortality; and that's why she'll come for Hope, drawn by her magic to take it for herself. Dahlia will kill anyone who defies her, and Freya wants to align with her siblings to kill Dahlia.

For them to understand, she starts at the beginning. After Freya was taken, Dahlia used her to forge a new brand of connective magic—one that increased her power even as it allowed her to draw from Freya. Once they were bonded, Dahlia wasted no time proving her power by killing a nearby village and making an example of them after the chief threatened to run them off, accusing her of witchcraft.

Rebekah calls Elijah, interrupting Freya. She's had no luck with Davina, and is on her way to the compound, but after hanging up, she gets flashes and falls unconscious.

Aiden and Jackson are sparring, and he tells Jackson that staying as the alpha means staying the strongest, but the wolves can see that Jackson is taking orders from Klaus. If any of them see Jackson as vulnerable, they'll challenge him for alpha.

Klaus tells Freya that he and Elijah have killed their fair share of evil witches, but Freya implies they weren't powerful enough. She continues on, saying that after being victimized in her youth, Dahlia vowed never to be weak again. Dahlia bargained for the firstborn of Esther's bloodline, intending to raise them in her own image and form a coven of her own from which she could draw endless power. Esther foiled that plan when she ended that bloodline, by making them vampires. The burden fell to Freya, whom Dahlia demanded give her a firstborn. Freya vowed never to love, not wanting her child to be a slave like her.

The more Freya resisted, but harder Dahlia fought to control her. She took the last of what little freedom Freya had, by cursing them to sleep for a hundred years and wake with only a single year of life. Over the course of each century, their power would accrue. Freya has lived like that for the last ten centuries.

Klaus chuckles, wondering why Freya never ended it by killing herself. Freya says she did consider suicide, and even committed it, but Dahlia wouldn't let her die. The spell that makes them immortal also makes them impervious to harm.

Klaus brings Vincent to Camille. Vincent says he won't break, but Camille offers to give him information since she's had a front row seat to everything Finn had done in his body.

Rebekah wakes up, and calls Elijah. They expected her hours ago, but Rebekah doesn't know where she is, which is at an abandoned warehouse district.

Klaus doesn't want Freya going into Rebekah's mind, but Rebekah trusts her. Klaus thinks she only rescued Rebekah from the Fauline Cottage as a means to secure that trust, to strike where they're vulnerable. But Elijah tells him it's either letting Rebekah suffer or putting their faith in family—and Elijah is more inclined to give Freya the benefit of the doubt, as she is family.

Freya and Rebekah reunite, and she says she can help Rebekah by putting her in a deep sleep and suppressing Eva. Klaus wants Freya to write down her spells and incantations, to get a second opinion by a neutral witch. Freya doubts Davina would understand her magic, let alone have the power to execute it. She asks if Klaus can give her a chance to even prove herself. She talks to Elijah, reminiscing on singing to him when he was in Esther's womb. Esther rarely spoke of Freya, but she'd talk about how enchanted Freya was at the prospect of Elijah's birth. Klaus snaps Freya's neck, tired of hearing her talk.

She awakes later, alone with Klaus. He wants to know why she's trying to worm her way into his family. Freya tells him why she hates Dahlia so much. In the 1400s, she knew a man named Mathias for one perfect year. Dahlia hexed him to die. Grieving, and heavily pregnant, she drank Dahlia's strongest poison. Her son died, but she woke up unharmed.

Vincent is willing to talk about Eva Sinclair, and has been filled in on what's happened. Rebekah comes along, and Vincent says Eva was his wife.

Hayley wants Klaus to give Jackson space, to let him lead the pack as he sees fit. Klaus tells Hayley he's spent the entire day with people claiming they will protect Hope, but he doesn't trust them. Jackson included. Klaus only trusts himself to protect Hope, and if Jackson does anything to incur his wrath and stray from Klaus' plans, Hayley will have herself to blame for what he does to Jackson.

Marcel stays with Rebekah, who has another flash of Eva trying to regain control. Davina is shown with the other witches at the warehouse, unconscious and being channeled for her power.

Klaus visits Elijah in his apartment. He has seen the anger and fear in Freya's eyes, and a will to do whatever it takes to survive. He can't let someone so damaged to have a say in his plans. Elijah tells him they all know Dahlia is coming.

We then see Hope sleeping in her crib, and hear Dahlia humming.


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  • Antagonists: Dahlia (past), Eva Sinclair (present).
  • Title reference: Rebekah attempting to balance the presence of her spirit and that of her vessel within her new body.
  • It's revealed that in the 15th century the Mikaelson Family lived in Copenhagen for a time.
  • It's confirmed that all of the Mikaelson siblings were born in the late 10th century, as shown in the flashbacks to the Kingdom of Norway in 977 A.D. (not CE), when the five-year-old Freya first began to be raised and trained in witchcraft by Dahlia.
  • It is shown that the spell Dahlia used to keep her and Freya alive by sleeping for a century and wake for a year also gives them a version of immortality through invulnerability; they cannot die by any form of harm, as proven first when Freya ingests a bottle of potent poison in a flashback to the 1400s and then awakens shortly afterward, and then again when Klaus snaps Freya's neck in the present day and she awakens hours later.
  • It is revealed that Vincent Griffith and Eva Sinclair were married prior to Eva's incarceration in the Fauline Cottage.
  • It is also revealed that Eva has collected several young witches to channel as a source of power as she begins to regain control of her body from Rebekah. Included in these captured witches is Davina.
  • The source of Dahlia's power is explained by Freya: the reason she asked for the firstborns of Esther's bloodline was so that she could form a magical connection with them, increasing their power significantly while also drawing on them to boost her own power. This is what she did to Freya, but Dahlia's plan was to use all of the firstborns that followed to form a coven of her own from which she could draw endless amounts of power.
  • Freya and Dahlia are revealed to be as magically powerful as they are because the spell that gives them invulnerability and pseudo-immortality also allows their power to accrue during the century that they sleep.
  • After learning that Esther had turned her family into vampires, which was believed to have prevented them from having children and thus prevented Dahlia from claiming the firstborns of each generation, Dahlia turned to Freya so that she would have a child of her own and continue her mother's bloodline. However, Freya swore that she would never let a child of hers suffer the fate of being Dahlia's slave.
    • Despite this vow, Freya fell in love with a man named Mathias during her year of life in the 1400s and became pregnant with his child, breaking her vow never to have children. Dahlia eventually killed Mathias before Freya's eyes. She tried to take her own life and that of her son to prevent Dahlia from controlling them anymore. The slumber spell placed on them by Dahlia saved her life but her son was not protected and ultimately died, devastating both Freya (due to the horror of killing her own child while she had to live) and Dahlia (who missed out on yet another Mikaelson firstborn to add to her coven).



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  • This episode had about 1.25 million viewers in the USA.

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Elijah: (to Klaus) "Niklaus, Rebekah's situation has taken a turn."
Rebekah: (to Davina) "The rightful owner of this body is waking up inside me and she's angry."
Freya: (to Elijah) "She will come here to take the child's power for herself."
Josephine LaRue: "Two of our children attacked."
Klaus: "She is a threat!"
Freya: (to Klaus) "She will kill anyone who would defy her."

Klaus: (to Elijah) "There you are. Finally."
Elijah: (to Klaus) "I was delayed."
Klaus:"Our guest of honor will be here momentarily."
Elijah:"Strange how conspicuously absent are our lupine guests. I do hope it wasn't on my account."
Klaus: "I sent Hayley and her poorly groomed husband off to spend the day with their werewolf brethren to test the limits of their new abilities, leaving me to deal with family business as I see fit."
Elijah:"Niklaus, Rebekah's situation has taken a turn. We may need Freya's assistance so whatever you're planning here, don't."
Klaus: "All I'm planning is a simple chat with a long-lost relative. You yourself said to hear her out."
Elijah: "And you yourself said that would be idiocy."
Klaus: "Did I? Well it does sound like me. Regardless on the off chance Freya has some information that could protect my daughter, I prefer she'd share it on my terms."

Marcel: "Whatever the problem is, you don't back up, I guarantee you it's gonna get worse."
Josephine LaRue: "Marcel Gerard. Do you realize that you're harboring a renegade witch?"
Marcel: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Josephine LaRue: "Is that a fact?"
Marcel: (to Rebekah) "I thought I told you to stay put."
Rebekah: (possessing Eva) "Well, I hate being told what to do so I ignored you."
Rebekah: (to Josephine LaRue) "Beg pardon love, but I think this is all a simple misunderstanding."
Josephine LaRue: (to Rebekah) "No. This is retaliation for the evil you unleashed last night. Two of our children attacked. Unmercifully. One dead. The other missing."

Josephine LaRue: "Marcel Gerard. Do you realize that you're harboring a renegade witch?"
Marcel: "Wait. Hold on. The witch that you knew as Eva Sinclair is gone. Alright, her body was taken over by Rebekah Mikaelson."
Josephine LaRue: "Is that your version of an alibi?"
Rebekah: (possessing Eva) "I'm Rebekah Mikaelson!"
Rebekah: (to Davina) "There's something wrong. I think the rightful owner of this body is waking up inside me and she's angry."
Elijah:"Niklaus, Rebekah's situation has taken a turn. We may need Freya's assistance so whatever you're planning here, don't."
Freya: (to Klaus and Elijah) "Right now, she is like me. Limited to one year of life in a century. But she wants to be free of that restriction, to gain true immortality, and that is why she will come here. Drawn by your daughter. To take the child's power for herself. She's paranoid, obsessed with power. She hungers constantly for what's been denied her, be it love or revenge."
Elijah: "Yes. I think I'm familiar with the type."



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