Over the course of Season Five, numerous humans and vampires were killed in Mystic Falls and other places when applicable. This article contains information and pictures of every being killed in Mystic Falls and the other locations to which the main characters traveled, whether staked, bitten, neck snapped, or otherwise.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Megansdeath I Know What You Did Last Summer 2- Megan & Rudy Hopkins 1- Jeremy Silas and Enzo
Elena and Caroline were outside of a party during their first night at Whitmore College when their roommate Megan suddenly called them while they were trying to decide what to do after being unable to find the house's owner to be invited in. When they answered, Megan immediately began screaming and crying for them to help her, and the girls struggled to find a way to help Megan without an invitation. Before they could do anything, Megan was thrown outside of a second-story window and landed on the ground below, though the vampire bite-marks on her neck suggested she had died before she hit the ground.

In Mystic Falls, at the "End of Summer" party, Silas tested out his newly-advanced mind control abilities by influencing an entire town square full of people to stay quiet. When this worked, he headed over to Mayor Rudy Hopkins, who had been giving a speech and thought Silas was Stefan, to further test the audience by slashing Rudy's throat in front of all of them while his daughter Bonnie, in ghost form, watched in horror.

With Silas attempting to track down Katherine and knowing he could read minds and compel anyone to do or believe anything, Damon ordered Jeremy to take Katherine somewhere and to not tell Damon where he was going. After Silas made Damon aware of Stefan's current predicament, he chose to hand over Katherine in return for his brother's location, and he called Jeremy to instruct him to bring her back. Katherine, knowing she was about to be handed over to Silas, crashed Jeremy's car on purpose and left him for dead in the middle of the road. When Damon didn't hear back from Jeremy, he went looking for him and found him severely hurt and bloodied, and was fortunately able to heal him with his vampire blood, saving Jeremy's life.

Matt 8 TVD 5x02 True Lies 2- Gregor (only physical body; his spirit lived on in Matt Donovan's body) and one unnamed man. 2- Jeremy and Matt Nadia and Silas
Nadia and Gregor showed up at a convenience store where Silas had stopped to feed on the cashier, and Gregor revealed to Silas that the mission he was given by his fellow Travelers was similar to that of the Brotherhood of the Five, in that he was sent to find and kill Silas. However, after this revelation, Nadia stabbed Gregor in the neck and informed him that, unlike Gregor, she never considered herself one of the Travelers. She then turned to Silas and added that she knew he could read minds, and that she had her own secret agenda.
Amara's heart TVD 5x03 Original Sin 1 - Amara (believed to be killed off-screen in flashback) 4 - Stefan (twice), Katherine, Nadia Silas, Qetsiyah, Nadia
Qetsiyah saves Stefan twice, the first time by getting him out of the safe and the second time by saving him from immolating in the sunlight outside the bar. In the flashback to Ancient Greece it is shown that Qetsiyah and Silas were to be wed and as part of the wedding ceremony, they were to drink an immortality elixir so they could be together forever, Silas abandoned her and took the immortality elixir with his true love Amara the original Petrova, as revenge Qetsiyah cured Amara of her immortality and ripped out her heart and taunted Silas with it and demanded that he take the cure. back in the present while at a bar trying to track down Stefan. Damon, Katherine and Elena are confronted by Nadia who demands to know which one of the girls is Katherine. Nadia points a gun at Katherine but Elena rushes her and tells Katherine to run saving her life. Qetsiyah also indirectly saves the life of Nadia as Silas was using his mental powers to force her to shoot herself in the heart, but as Qetsiyah used Stefan to mute his powers, his hold over her faded and she fled with Katherine in Silas' car,
Jesse flatlines TVD 5x04 For Whom the Bell Tolls 1 - Jesse (as a Human) 2 - Waitress, Jesse Stefan and Wes
Unable to fight the hunger for blood, the amnesiac Stefan lures a waitress at the Mystic Grill into the backroom where he proceeds to attack her but he Damon appeared just in the nick of time and ripped him off of her, saving her life. After making a pass at Elena, Stefan finds out that Elena is with Damon. He is hurt and he storms off after saying that his hunger had returned. He is seen at the graveyard and approached by Caroline, Stefan threatens Jesse by saying that he can smell a cut on him and wanted to rip his arm off, Caroline compels Jesse to go away and hide. Stefan disappears and he finds Jesse hiding in a crypt, he attacks Jesse and feeds off of him. Caroline appears and saves him, reminding Stefan that he is better than this, Stefan flees and Caroline heals Jesse with her blood, saving him. In the ending scene, Wes is giving Jesse a once over and tells him that all his vitals are fine however he has Vampire blood in his system, for unknown reasons Wes injects Jesse with poison which kills him, but as he has Caroline's blood in his system, he will wake up in transition to Vampire.
Travalers death Handle with Care 2 - Travelers Damon, The Travelers, Silas, Qetsiyah
Silas dead Death and the Maiden 3 - Silas, Amara, Tessa Stefan and Silas
Jesse dead Dead Man on Campus 1 - Jesse Elena, Jesse, Wes Maxfield, Gregor
Dr Whitmore dead The Cell 1 - Dr. Whitmore Damon, The Augustine, Wes Maxfield
Tvd-rip-aaron The Devil Inside 2 - Mia, Aaron Katherine, Damon, Nadia, Mia, Enzo
Enzo kills diane Total Eclipse of the Heart 2 - Dianna Freeman, Joey 1 - Jeremy Enzo, Damon, Sloan, Wes, Nadia
Tumblr n1u28gXxB11rlvdl7o1 500 No Exit 1 - John 1 - Enzo Damon, Katherine, Nadia, Wes
2c3cdbb8f6cc495ac97bad102ff3ee3b Gone Girl 3 - Katherine, Nadia, Wes 1 - Elena Stefan, Tyler, Damon
[[Image:|150px]] Rescue Me 3 - Tom, Hazel, Numerous unnamed Travelers Enzo and Markos
TVD 1032 Man on Fire 3 - Enzo, Maggie (flashback), Sloan 1 - Liv Stefan, Damon, Markos
Caroline and Stefan's body 5x21 Promised Land 5 - Maria, Dozens of citizens, Sam, Pam, Stefan Markos, The Travelers, Julian
The.Vampire.Diaries.S05E22.720p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION.mkv snapshot 41.19 -2014.05.17 16.11.54- Home 5 - Bonnie, Damon, Markos, The Travelers, Luke 7 - Tyler, Stefan, Elena, Alaric, Enzo, Liz, Luke Markos and The Travelers
After Stefan was killed by Julian, Bonnie and Damon hatched a plan to revive him and bring him back from the other side. Bonnie knew, from the spell the Travelers performed, that she could overwhelm herself and operate as a two-way door like she had before and allow Stefan to return to the land of the living. Bonnie learned of a spell that would allow her to be overwhelmed but needed a witch willing to perform it, to get Liv to perform the spell, Caroline and Elena killed Luke, giving Liv motive to perform the spell. Damon knew that the Travelers would not willingly die to overwhelm Bonnie so volunteered to drive his car into the Mystic Grill and kill them all, Liz helped by keeping them all in one place and from leaving. Damon and Elena, who was unwilling to leave him, drove Damon's car into the grill, killing them both and the Travelers. While on the other side, Lexi had met up with Stefan. Liv started the spell and when the Travelers began to overwhelm her, allowed Enzo, Tyler and Luke to pass through. Unbeknownst to them, Alaric was still on the other side and helped Elena get back to Bonnie while staying behind to help Damon save an injured Liz. Elena wanted to wait for Damon but Bonnie forced her to pass through and when stumbling, Stefan caught her and also passed through accidently. With only Lexi, Damon and Alaric left to pass through, Bonnie urged Lexi to pass through, however, Lexi declined, knowing that her passing through could kill Bonnie. At that time, Markos arrived and tried to pass through, however Lexi managed to hold him off and he was sucked into Oblivion and Lexi found peace. Shortly after, Alaric arrived and passed through, at this point, Luke, fearing for Liv's life, stopped the spell, and when Damon tried to pass through, could not. Damon and Bonnie were left stranded on the Other Side as it collapsed inward on itself, however, thanks to Sheila, were transported to the 1993 Prison World.

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