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The fourth season of Legacies was announced on February 3, 2021.[2]

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  • Lauren Petzke (2/TBA)
  • Tony Solomons (1/TBA)
  • Michael Karasick (1/TBA)
  • Jeffrey Hunt (1/TBA)

  • Episodes List: 2021-2022

    Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
    4x01 You Have to Pick One This Time-Landon-Malivore-Hope.jpg You Have to Pick One This Time Writer: Mark Ryan Walberg Director: Tony Solomons October 14, 2021 #4x01
    After learning that Malivore has taken over Landon's body, Hope and the Super Squad come up with a risky plan to rescue Landon, as well as Cleo, who has been absorbed into Malivore's darkness. Meanwhile, an impromptu date with Finch brings up a subject that Josie is not ready to talk about.

    4x02 There's No I In Team, or Whatever-Hope-Kaleb-MG-Wade-Josie-Jed.jpg There's No I In Team, or Whatever Writer: Adam Higgs & Hannah Rosner Director: Michael Karasick October 21, 2021 #4x02
    Hope has to relinquish control and allow Josie and the Super Squad to enact a risky plan that could save Landon. Landon and Cleo meet in Malivore's darkness and learn more about one another. Meanwhile, Lizzie, Kaleb and Ethan volunteer together, and all does not go according to plan.

    4x03 We All Knew This Day Was Coming-Josie-MG-Dorian-Alaric-Lizzie.jpg We All Knew This Day Was Coming Writer: Thomas Brandon (Story)
    Courtney Grace & J.P. Estes (Teleplay)
    Director: Lauren Petzke October 28, 2021 #4x03
    Hope realizes she has a difficult choice to make, much to Alaric's disapproval. Kaleb and MG come up with their own plan to help Hope as Hope seeks help from Josie and Lizzie. Meanwhile, Alaric realizes he needs to relinquish control.

    Legacies logo.png See You On The Other Side Writer: Brett Matthews & Sylvia Batey Alcalá Director: Jeffrey Hunt November 4, 2021 #4x04
    Hope wrestles with her reality. Alaric entrusts the Super Squad to work together. Cleo confides in Landon. Meanwhile, MG divulges some important information to Lizzie and Finch sees a different side to Josie.

    Legacies logo.png I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me Writer: Brett Matthews Director: Lauren Petzke November 11, 2021[8] #4x05
    Hope is tracked down by the one person who could help her – Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah is fearful of what path Hope has chosen but makes every effort to get through to her. Josie and Lizzie hold out hope in a seemingly dire situation as MG figures out what he can do to help. Meanwhile, Kaleb wants to set things right and turns to Cleo for guidance.

    Legacies logo.png [[]] Writer: Director: 2021 [8] #4x06

    Legacies logo.png [[]] Writer: Hannah Rosner & José Molina[9] Director: 2021 [8] #4x07

    Production News

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    • The first four episodes (previously, 317-320, now 401-404) have been filmed as of June 24th, 2021.[10][11]
      • The production for the fourth season (starting with 405) started on July 19.[12] Filming began on September 20, 2021.[13] and is expected to be done by April 2022.[14]
      • 403/407 is filming as of October 15. [15]
    • The story for episode 319 (now 403) is written by Thomas Brandon while the teleplay was done by Courtney Grace and J. P. Estes.[16]
    • Layne Morgan[17] and The Vampire Diaries writer alumni, José Molina, join the writing staff.[18]
    • Omono Okojie has been promoted to series regular for the fourth season after recurring on the third season.[19]
    • Cleo's Grandmother is going to appear in an episode directed by America Young.[20]








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