Over the course of Season Four lots of humans, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings are killed in Mystic Falls and other places when applicable. This article contains information and sometimes pictures of everyone killed in Mystic Falls and other places; whether staked, bitten, neck snapped, or otherwise. Throughout this season people-humans, vampires, werewolves etc.-have been killed.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Vervain-council-members Growing Pains 15 - Pastor Young, 11 Unnamed Town Council Members, Deputy Adams and Two Sheriff's Deputies 2 - Elena & Matt Pastor Young
Pastor Young kills himself and 11 Town Council members in order to be "sacrifices" for the eradication of vampires. Committing suicide by setting the Young Farm ablaze.

Stefan kills Deputy Adams during his and Rebekah's shared attempt to get Elena - in the midst of transitioning - blood. Deputy Adams was killed due to severe head trauma. Damon kills two deputies that approached him, who believed he is dead as he played dead after getting shot by one of the Sheriff's deputies. The first deputy's neck was broken and the second one was impaled with his own shotgun.

4x02 Memorial 0 1- April Young Connor Jordan
No fatalities.
4x03-03 The Rager 0 2 - Elena, Matt Connor Jordan
Elena was poisoned by the Werewolf Venom that Connor Jordan had put into the beer, she was dying but Stefan's insistence with phoning Klaus had paid off and he came and fed her his blood which healed her and saved her life. While feeding off of Matt, Elena becomes overwhelmed with hunger and is unable to stop, Damon appeared and ripped Elena off of Matt, saving his life in the process.
Nate 3 The Five 7- Unnamed Vampire (flashback), Alexander (flashback) (off-screen), Four Unnamed members of the Brotherhood of the Five (flashback) (off-screen), Rebekah (neutralized) (flashback), Elijah (neutralized) (flashback) (off-screen), Kol (neutralized) (flashback) (off-screen), Finn (neutralized) (flashback) (off-screen), Rebekah (neutralized), Nate 3 - Elijah (flashback) (off-screen), Rebekah (flashback) (off-screen), Kol (flashback) (off-screen) Connor Jordan
Connor is being held in Klaus' mansion, chained up however previously biting Nate's ear, he acquired his barbel, which he used to unchain himself.

Flashbacks to the 12th century show Niklaus, Rebekah and Elijah in Italy. Alexander and the Brotherhood of the Five expose Vampires to the public by exposing one to the sun, killing it. Alexander and Rebekah cozy up and eventually he uses the White Oak Ash Dagger on her neutralizing her, off-screen the Brotherhood of the Five do the same to Elijah, Kol, Finn and Klaus but unbeknownst to them, the dagger wouldn't work on Klaus. Off-screen, Niklaus killed each member of The Five after they betrayed their family and he undaggered them all except for Finn whom he kept daggered. Back in the present, As Nate returns to Connor, Connor breaks free of his chains and decapitates him which makes his tattoo grow. After ascertaining the location of the sword from Rebekah, Klaus daggers her.

Dean's death The Killer 2 - Dean and Connor Jordan 1- Jeremy Connor Jordan
Dean was one of the hybrids Klaus called in order to make sure Connor wasn't killed, yet stopped. He was killed when walking into the Grill. His heart was shot out by Connor after walking into a trap.

Connor had held Jeremy hostage and managed to flee after being attacked by Elena. She caught up to him underneath the Grill tunnels and snapped his neck so he would leave Jeremy alone. Connor shot Jeremy while trying to bait Stefan out of hiding, the explosive device at his feet exploded. He was saved by Stefan and Elena.

Vlcsnap-2012-11-16-11h08m01s218 We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes 1 - Chris 2 - Jeremy and Elena NA
Chris was one of Klaus' hybrid meant to be watching Elena's cell. After breaking his sire bond, he was convinced by Stefan to let him inside her cell. He was later decapitated by Jeremy to complete his hunter's mark after Caroline made a deal with Klaus so Elena's life would be spared from hallucinations.

While seeing Connor through her hallucinations, Elena accidentally stabbed Jeremy in the neck. He was revived by his ring. Her hallucinations driving her to breaking point, Elena was ready to commit suicide, she was saved by Damon.

Jeremytiestokillelena My Brother's Keeper 1- Hospital patient/murderer 1- Elena Jeremy Gilbert
In an attempt to acquire the cure, Stefan turned an unidentified man in the hospital into a vampire in order for Jeremy to kill him and therefore turn him into a Hunter and reveal the tattoo. Jeremy killed him yet a side effect was the urge to hunt vampires, he saw Elena and tried to kill her. She was saved by Stefan.
687367775 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street 0 0 NA
No fatalities
Carol is drowned by Klaus O Come, All Ye Faithful 13- 12 hybrids & Carol Lockwood 0 Niklaus Mikaelson
After breaking their sire bonds in order to be able to "defeat" Klaus, the 12 hybrids were unknowingly being led into a trap designed by Hayley Marshall and Atticus Shane. Hayley told Niklaus of the hybrid's plan to kill him, and he killed his twelve hybrids including Kimberley and Adrian by decapitation and heart extraction. After his betrayal of the hybrids, knowing Tyler Lockwood was part of the plan, he came across Carol Lockwood by the fountain in the town square. After sharing afew words, and wanting Tyler to feel alone, he drowned her.
018-tvd-4x10-after-school-special-theoriginalfamilycom After School Special 1- Pizza Delivery Girl 2- Atticus Shane & April Young Kol Mikaelson & Niklaus Mikaelson
At the Lake House, after ordering pizza, Matt invited her inside, unknowing she was a vampire. Klaus had turned her, and as she attacked Matt, Jeremy staked her.

At the school, Kol heard of Shane's plan over Silas and in a panic, stabbed him in the stomach, he was saved as Bonnie cast a protection spell upon him. April Young was unknowingly tied to his life, and was suffering the same symptoms as Shane, she was saved by Stefan feeding her blood.

Dead-vampires Catch Me If You Can Unknown number of vampires & Mysterious Man 1- Jeremy Gilbert Niklaus Mikaelson & Kol Mikaelson
In order to have Jeremy complete his hunter's mark, Klaus turned several humans into vampire's telling Jeremy "kill or be killed". They were killed as vampire's by Kol presumably through heart extraction. The Mysterious Man broke into Atticus Shane's office to steal Silas' headstone, and was presumably sent by Katherine Pierce, after being caught by Stefan and Rebekah, he stabbed himself.
Kol656 A View to a Kill 1- Kol 0 Kol Mikaelson
In order to have Kol stop attempting to kill Jeremy, Elena devised a plan to kill him which would also complete the hunter's mark. After stalling him for as long as possible until Bonnie could arrive. Kol left, but arrived some time later attempting to kill the two. After disabling Elena, he tied Jeremy down in order to cut off his arms. Elena broke free and the two managed to overpower Kol and Jeremy staked him with the White Oak Stake.
Attacker5 Into the Wild 1- Mysterious Attacker 1- Jeremy Silas, Atticus Shane
While walking with the group upon the Island, Jeremy stopped for some water but was suddenly fired upon with an arrow. He was saved by Elena.

Before he could fire another arrow, the Mysterious Attackers body is found, with a hatchet in their back. We later find out he was killed by Katherine.

After Jeremy's Death Down the Rabbit Hole 2- Massak & Jeremy 0 Silas & Katherine Pierce
Massak who was in league with Atticus Shane, kidnapped Jeremy during the night. Once they reached the entrance of the cave where Silas lay, he says he wouldn't go any further and demands payment, which is the headstone. He is later found dead, drained of blood. He was killed by Katherine where she escaped with the headstone.

While in Silas' Tomb, Jeremy and Bonnie attempted to grab the cure, yet realized they couldn't unless Silas awakened. Vaughn suddenly appeared, stabbed Bonnie and started to fight Jeremy. "Elena" appeared and knocked Vaughn unconscious, asking Jeremy if he was okay. Jeremy soon figured out it was Katherine and she viciously bit him, feeding him to Silas who awakened and snapped Jeremy's neck.

Jeremyfinal Stand By Me 0 0 NA
No fatalities.
Will Bring It On 3- Will, Shane & Unknown woman 0 Elena Gilbert
At the beginning of the episode, humanity-less Elena is seen walking down a road, a woman in a car stops to help her, and Elena feeds on her.

Will, having been previously bitten by Niklaus and infected with his bite was hunting around a nearby hospital for blood, Damon lured him outside and killed him by heart extraction. Shane was confirmed to be dead in this episode, presumably by blood loss and severe injuries.

12 Witches Because the Night 14- 11 Witches and Aja & 1 man and 1 unknown woman in the 1970's 1- Bonnie Aja & Damon Salvatore (flashback)
Aja and her coven arrived in Mystic Falls under the impression of cleansing Bonnie of her expression usage, unaware she had her own plan of killing the twelve witches for Silas. Once Stefan appeared and told Aja of Bonnie's plan, Aja attempted to kill her. Bonnie was saved by Caroline Forbes.

In the 1970s, Damon had his humanity off and killed two innocent people while in New York.

The-vampire-diaries-4.18-american-gothic-snap-2jolenedeath American Gothic 1- Jolene 0 Elena Gilbert
After travelling to Pennsylvania with Rebekah, Elena is soon caught up by Stefan and Damon. Sick of them trying to control her, she kills the waitress- Jolene by snapping her neck to get the Salvatore's to stop trying to fix her.
Vlcsnap-2013-04-21-21h05m44s33 Pictures of You 0 1- April Young Elena Gilbert
After failing to make Rebekah prom queen, Elena bites and slams April's head against the glass table. She is saved by Rebekah.
Jane (1) The Originals 3- Jane-Anne & Two unknown vampires. 1- Thierry Vanchure Marcel Gerard
In New Orleans, Marcel has a strict "no witchcraft" rule, he hears that Jane-Anne had been using magic- not knowing the reason, and he slashes her neck.

Her sister; Sophie is working and takes a break in the back however she is confronted by two vampires. She is saved by Elijah who stakes one and rips the other's heart out. Niklaus, after having a violent confrontation with Marcel decides to show "who the King is" and turns about to bite Thierry Vanchure. He later returns, after devising a plan and heals him with his blood.

Liz almost dead She's Come Undone 1(resurrected) 1- Liz Elena Gilbert, Silas
With Elena's humanity still switched off, Damon and Stefan attempt to turn her switch back on with pain just like they did with Stefan. However Elena knows they won't hurt her, Katherine then attempts to, however already annoyed at loosing Elijah because of Elena's words, she leaves the cell unlocked.

Elena is found is the woods and she attacks Matt. Damon and Stefan arrive and in order to shock her to feel her humanity, Damon snaps Matt's neck, killing him. It works, and Elena's humanity returns at seeing Matt dead, however he is wearing the Gilbert Ring and he soon wakes up. Silas makes his way into the Forbes house, appearing to Caroline as Liz, and soon enough Bonnie appears telling her that "Liz" is Silas. As Bonnie promises she will help, Silas leaves and Caroline runs into the living room to find her mother not breathing. Caroline feeds her blood and she wakes up.

Bonniedeath4x22 The Walking Dead 1- Bonnie 2- Elena & Katherine Kol Mikaelson, Silas
Bonnie, while trying to resurrect Jeremy, dies due to overuse of magic.

Beforehand, Elena is still wanting revenge on Katherine and follows her into the caves underneath the school and gains the upper hand on her. Before she can kill her, Stefan appears and saves her as she is linked to Bonnie. While the ghosts return to Mystic Falls, Kol almost kills Elena while she is at Jeremy's grave, however she is saved by Jeremy and Stefan.

Aja returns Graduation 0 5- Elena, Stefan, Damon and Jeremy. Aja, Kol Mikaelson
As Aja and her coven return as ghosts, they cast a spell and attempt to kill Elena, Stefan and Caroline. Klaus shows up and hurls a graduation cap, decapitating Aja and saving the three.

Vaughn also returned as a ghost and shot Damon with bullets laced with werewolf venom. As Klaus returned, Damon was saved. Before the veil closes and the ghosts return to the Other Side, Bonnie casts one last spell and resurrects Jeremy.

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