Over the course of Season One, numerous humans and vampires were killed in Mystic Falls and other places when applicable. This article contains information and pictures of every being killed in Mystic Falls and the other locations to which the main characters traveled, whether staked, bitten, neck snapped, or otherwise.

Throughout this season 54+ people or vampires were killed, and assuming all of the tomb vampires died, the total amount comes out to 74+. Most of the deaths were in the present, but there were a few that took place in 1864 during flashbacks and they were included in the total, but will be distinguished from present day deaths. The death of a vampire could be counted twice if their human death also appeared in the present or past. How many times Elena and others were saved whether it was by themselves or by another person will also be noted. Also noted will be the villain of the episode if any. A villain will be considered a killer who killed unjustifiably.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
101-Body Count-Darren Pilot 2 0 Damon Salvatore
Two people were killed at the very beginning of the episode by Damon. Their names were Darren Malloy and Brooke Fenton. While they were driving home, they hit someone who ended up being Damon. Damon bit and fed on Darren to death, and when Brooke tried to call for help, she was killed shortly afterward by Damon in the same fashion.

102-Body Count The Night of the Comet 2 0 Damon Salvatore
Another couple were killed in this episode. They were camping out in the woods when the man goes to check on something. The woman, after the man had been gone for a suspiciously long amount of time, left the tent, where she found her boyfriend's body in a tree, bleeding after being killed by Damon. She ran to her car, but wasn't fast enough, and Damon was able to attack and kill her from above.

103-Body Count-Mr Tanner Friday Night Bites 1 0 Damon Salvatore
Stefan told Damon that he still has humanity in him, because he loves Elena. Mr. Tanner approached them from around the corner and ordered Stefan to get back to the game. Damon replied, "If that's my humanity, then whats this?" before he rushed over to Mr. Tanner and fed on him, killing him.

TVD1-Title Family Ties 0 0 Damon Salvatore

105-Body-Count-Zach You're Undead to Me 2 1 (Caroline) Damon Salvatore
When Elena looked up information on what happened at the Salvatore Boarding House in June 1953. She found a news clip of Franklin Fell reporting Joseph Salvatore's death. We can assume he was killed by Damon. (Note: this kill was confirmed to be by Damon in the Season Five episode The Cell) Later, when Caroline was summoned to the boarding house by Damon, he compelled her to open the door to let him out. Zach Salvatore caught him at the last minute and hed the door closed just long enough for her to run away. Damon then snapped his neck on his way after Caroline, though he was unable to get to Caroline, as Stefan had taken his daylight ring and it was still daytime.

106-Body Count-Logan Lost Girls 5 0 Damon Salvatore
In the previous episode, Damon had escaped the Salvatore Boarding House and bit Vicki Donovan. Three of Vicki's friends who were seen with her in You're Undead to Me were shown to have been killed by Damon, completely drained of blood. He poured gasoline over them and was about to pour it on Vicki when he realized that she was still alive. Damon decided to take her back to his house for fun. He gave her some of his blood to heal her wounds and they partied for the majority of the day while Damon was trapped inside. They both went into Stefan's room, trashing it. Damon ultimately snapped her neck. and she woke up not long afterward in transition. Logan Fell was also killed by Damon who drained him; unable to resist Logan's blood, Vicki fed on Logan as well and completed her transition. It was later revealed that Logan was given vampire blood prior to his death by Annabelle, thus making him a vampire as well.

107-Body Count-Vicki Haunted 1 0 Vicki Donovan
While Vicki and Jeremy were kissing at the school Halloween party, Vicki bit his lip and accidentally drew blood. She started sucking the blood out of it, even when he told her to stop. Elena caught her attacking Jeremy and tried to stop her, but was thrown into a pile of wooden pallets. Stefan arrived to help, but Vicki hid under the buses. He instructed Elena and Jeremy to leave, just as Vicki jumped out and attacked Elena, forcing Stefan to stake Vicki before she could do any major damage. Damon buried her body in the woods, which was later found by Caroline in Let The Right One In when her car got stuck in the mud during a bad storm.

108-Body Count-Lexi 162 Candles 2 (Lexi and an unknown human male) 0 Damon Salvatore
An unknown female was kissing her boyfriend outside of Mystic Grill when Damon appeared and bit the male, killing him. Sheriff Forbes and some other deputies tried to find who it was who attacked him, and the man's girlfriend, when asked by the police who did it, pointed at Lexi. It was eventually revealed that Damon had compelled the girl to think believe that Lexi did it to get the heat off of himself. Lexi was injected with vervain by the deputies and taken outside of the Mystic Grill, but she fought back and lunged for Sheriff Forbes to attack in retribution. Just before Lexi got to her, Damon appeared and staked Lexi to earn the Sheriff's trust.

1x09-History Repeating (9) History Repeating 0 1 (Bonnie) Damon Salvatore
Emily - while possessing Bonnie's body - destroys the Bennett Talisman and with it Damon's only known way of getting Katherine back. He becomes angry and attacks Bonnie, injuring her very badly. In order to save her life, Stefan gives her some of his blood and heals her.

LoganDead The Turning Point 2+ (Logan & the unknown number of staff members of a hotel Logan fed on) 0 Logan Fell
After his failed attempt at convincing Jenna to invite him into the Gilbert house, the recently-turned vampire Logan Fell looked for someone else on whom to feed. A female jogger named Daphne passed by Logan and recognized him as the local news reporter, giving Logan the opportunity to bite and kill her. When Damon learned Logan was turned into a vampire and went to look for him, Logan admitted that he had killed numerous others at a hotel he was staying at called The Armada, including the staff and its customers. While Logan was at the Fell warehouse, where he had been storing the bodies of his victims, Alaric came and confronted him about Jenna. Logan tried to kill him, but Alaric staked him, leading once again to Logan's death.

BreeDead Bloodlines 2 0 Damon Salvatore
When Damon took Elena to visit a witch named Bree at Bree's Bar, she mysteriously disappeared after going outside to take a call. It turned out that Lexi's boyfriend, Lee was also a vampire, who was intent to get revenge on Damon for killing the love of his life. After Elena convinced Lee not to kill him, Damon went after Bree in anger for her part, and ripped her heart out after she desperately gave him answers about how to open the tomb. At the end of the episode, it showed a flashback of Alaric telling his wife Isobel that he was going to be late home from work that day. When he came home, he entered their bedroom to find Damon feeding on and killing Isobel. It was later revealed in A Few Good Men that Isobel came to Damon and begged him to turn her into a vampire, so he did.

NoahDead Unpleasantville 1 0 Noah
Noah, a vampire accomplice of Anna, went after Elena because of her resemblance to Katherine. After stalking her for several days, Noah threatened to kill Jeremy at the decade dance if Elena didn't do what he said. Elena complied and tried to run away, but most of the doors were locked to force her into a corner. Desperate, she went to the lunchroom, where she tried to fend him off with pencils and a broken broom handle. He almost was able to bite her, but Stefan showed up just in time to save her by stabbing him next to the heart with the mop handle. Both he and Damon interrogate dhim on how to get into the Vampire's Tomb and asked him who was helping him. When he refused to answer, Stefan shoved the stake into his heart, killing him.

ChildrenOfDamnedVictims2 Children of the Damned 2 0 Katherine Pierce
In flashbacks 1864, Damon went along with Katherine's plan to use him as bait to get "food" for her. Two people driving in a carriage approached them and stopped to ask her if she needed help. She lied that her husband was injured and led one of them men to where Damon was laying on the ground. She killed the businessman first, and went after the coachman while he was trying to help Damon. Katherine then told Damon, "And that's how its done".

GramsDead Fool Me Once 2 0 Ben McKittrick
While Annabelle broke into the tomb to save Pearl, Ben threatened Jeremy, giving Stefan a choice of stopping after Anna or saving Jeremy. Ben boasted that he was stronger than Stefan because Stefan only drank animal blood, but Stefan was able to use his flamethrower to easily set Ben on fire and kill him. The spell to open the tomb and break the seal on it ultimately used up a great deal of Grams's power, and when they get home, she went to bed to get some rest, where she died from fatigue and overuse of magic.

AlaricDead A Few Good Men 3 (technically 4 but Alaric resurrects) 0 Harper & Mystery Man
Soon after Harper escaped the tomb, he found and bit a hiker, killing him and stealing his clothes to better fit in in the modern world. Later in the episode Elena visited Trudie Peterson to get information about Isobel. Trudie sent a text message to an unnamed man that read, "She's here." Once Elena noticed that her tea had vervain in it and called her out on knowing about vampires, Trudie demanded that Elena leave her home. On the way to her car, Elena saw the same man down the street. The man then went to Trudie's door, and though she refused to invited him in, he could still enter, proving that he wasn't a vampire. He then pushed Trudie down the steps, killing her.

The man later instructed Elena to stop looking for Isobel, and when Elena and Stefan realize he had been compelled, she agreed to stop. Right afterward, he jumped into the middle of the road and was promptly killed by oncoming traffic. It was revealed that he had been compelled to do everything he did by Isobel. At the fund-raiser held at the Mystic Grill, Damon bluntly confessed to Alaric that he slept with and killed Isobel and that she was delicious. Alaric went to the Salvatore Boarding House and confronted him with a stake, but Damon easily disarmed him and used the stake to stab Alaric in the lung, which killed him. Damon left Alaric's body for Stefan to bury for him, but before Stefan could do so, Alaric reawakened. At first, Stefan assumed Alaric had been turned into a vampire like Vicki and Logan, but it was quickly made clear that Alaric had been resurrected by the Gilbert Ring that Isobel had given him before he died.

BethanneDead There Goes the Neighbourhood 1 0 Frederick & Bethanne
Frederick and Bethanne attacked Stefan and Damon at the boarding house in an attempt to get revenge on the brothers for their part in the 1864 vampire round-up that led to them being entombed for 150 years. Bethanne was staked by Stefan, but Frederick managed to get away with his life by jumping out the window.

StefanStakesFrederick Let The Right One In 2+ 0 Frederick & Damon Salvatore
Damon snapped Samantha Gibbons neck after making sure she had no relatives in her house so he could save Stefan and try to kill as many of the tomb vampires who captured him as he could. Alaric accompanied Damon and helped him kill all of the vampires present at the house. Once again, Frederick was able to get away, and after Elena and Stefan made it back to the car, Frederick attacked them. Elena managed to temporarily take him down by stabbing him with a vervain dart, giving her just enough time to feed Stefan her blood so he would be strong enough to save them. Having tasted human blood for the first time in decades, Stefan lost control of his bloodlust and violently killed Frederick in a rage.

JohnDead Under Control Technically 14 (13 off screen, just mentioned; 1 (John Gilbert) resurrected) 0 NA
John Gilbert returned to town and and attended the Town Council meeting, where he revealed to Damon that he knows Damon is a vampire and that Damon helped open the tomb. Scared he could be outed, Damon snapped John's neck and threw him over the balcony, and was stunned when he saw a perfectly fine John come downstairs to ring the town's bell shortly afterward. It was later revealed that John also possessed a Gilbert ring that ensured that if he were to be killed by a supernatural being, he would return to life. John also mentioned at the beginning of the episode that seven hunters, four campers, and two state employees were missing in the area around Mystic Falls, who were most likely killed by the tomb vampires.

TVD1-Title Miss Mystic Falls 0 1 Stefan Salvatore
Stefan follows his bloodlust and takes Amber Bradley into the woods and feeds on her. Elena, Bonnie and Damon arrive in time to stop him before he kills her or injures her too badly.

GiuseppeDying Blood Brothers 7 (4 humans including Stefan and Damon in 1864, 3 vampires including Pearl and Harper in the present) 0 John Gilbert & Giuseppe Salvatore
In flashbacks to 1864, Stefan and Damon were trying to rescue Katherine, who had been caught in the town's vampire round-up. Stefan caused a diversion saying that a vampire was still alive to draw them away from the carriage where she was being kept. Damon then rushed to the carriage and knocked out the person guarding it. Stefan and Damon were in the process of carrying her out when Damon was suddenly shot by someone a couple yards away. Stefan grabbed a nearby gun to retaliate, but ended up also being shot in the chest as well. Both collapsed to the ground and quickly died as the townspeople began reloading the carriage.

After waking up in transition and learning that he and Damon had died with Katherine's blood in their system, Stefan returned home to his father to assure him that he had no intention of feeding or turning. His father, Giuseppe Salvatore, cruelly admitted that he was the person who shot them, to save him the embarrassment of having vampire-sympathizing sons. He then pulled out a stake and tried to stab Stefan with it, but Stefan, not knowing his own strength, accidentally knocked him across the room, injuring him so badly he began bleeding profusely. Stefan, overwhelmed by his instinct to feed and complete his transition into a vampire, was ultimately unable to resist, and fed on him, presumably to death.

Afterward, Stefan returned to the quarry to see Damon with a young girl accompanying him. Not wanting to be a vampire without his brother, Stefan convinced Damon to feed on the girl and become a vampire as well. In the present day, Henry, a tomb vampire, was also killed when Damon and Alaric visited his apartment looking for Isobel. Pearl and Harper also both get staked by John Gilbert.

TVD1-Title Isobel 0 0 Isobel Flemming

Annadeath Founder's Day 2+ (including Anna, several other vampires and Mayor Lockwood) 2 (Damon, John) John Gilbert & Tomb Vampires
After John Gilbert activated the Gilbert device Mayor Lockwood, Damon, Annabelle and the rest of the remaining tomb vampires in town were incapacitated by the sound and quickly identified by the Town Council and police force. They were all then injected with vervain and dragged to the Grayson's Clinic's basement, where John staked Anna and doused the rest of the vampires in gasoline before setting the basement on fire. Damon was confused to see Mayor Lockwood in the basement, as he wasn't a vampire, but before he could ponder what Mayor Lockwood was, a tomb vampire with a grudge against the Founding Families snapped his neck. The rest of the vampires were burned alive, with the exception of Damon, who was saved by Stefan with the help of Bonnie.

Caroline lost consciousness after the car crash caused when Tyler was affected by the noise of the device while he was driving her and Matt home and was immediately sent to surgery. Jeremy was devastated to learn about Anna's death, and decided to finally use the blood she gave him to turn himself into a vampire; he took a whole bottle of painkillers after drinking her blood and passed out in his bed. John was attacked in the kitchen by Katherine Pierce, who was pretending to be Elena. She first cut off the fingers on the hand on which he wore his Gilbert ring, and then she stabbed him in the abdomen. However, Elena arrived home just in time to call for an ambulance, saving John's life, as shown in Season 2, Episode 1. It was also revealed in that episode that Jeremy had no ingested enough painkillers to die, which resulted in the vampire blood merely healing the damage caused by the medication, rather that turning him.

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