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The third season of Legacies was announced on January 7, 2020.[3]

Season Summary

Set in The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, and within "The Vampire Diaries" universe, LEGACIES tells the ongoing story of a new generation of supernatural students as they learn what it means to be special in a world that wouldn't understand their gifts. In season two, Hope Mikaelson returned to a world that had forgotten she ever existed and reunited with her former Headmaster, Alaric Saltzman. Working together, Hope and Dr. Saltzman ultimately rejoined The Salvatore School to lead their Super Squad of powerful vampires, witches and werewolves, including Lizzie & Josie Saltzman, MG, Rafael and Kaleb and even a Phoenix, her true love Landon, into battle against a dizzying horde of fantastic and deadly monsters birthed from the Malivore Pit ... and their old nemesis, The Necromancer, who was determined to resurrect Malivore. As season three begins, Hope has risked everything to pull her friends back from the brink of a monstrous prophecy that threatened to doom them all. But when a heartbreaking loss shatters her whole world, Hope Mikaelson will be forced to fight fate itself.[4]


  • Chapter I: The Resurrection Chapter (Ep. 301 - 304)
    • This chapter features The Necromancer's plan to resurrect Malivore. Despite Landon's resurrection, his phoenix-side has been killed with the golden arrow. Rafael is sent to a prison world with his biological parents to escape imminent death. With Alyssa Chang's help, the Necromancer successfully raises Malivore and his monsters, forcing the Salvatore students to engage in a huge battle against the evil forces. The witches send Malivore, Hope, Landon, the Necromancer and the monsters to a new prison world. Landon and Hope escape through a portal in Malivore which sends them back to their own world. The chapter ends with Landon's unexpected apparent death after consummating his relationship with Hope.
      • The main antagonists in this chapter are The Necromancer and Alyssa Chang.

  • Chapter II: The Landon Chapter (Ep. 305 - 310)
    • This chapter deals with Landon's disappearance and the efforts to bring him back. The Salvatore School runs out of money and some of the students move to Mystic Falls High School. This chapter also features the introduction to both Finch and Cleo.
  • Chapter III: The Cleo Chapter (Ep. 311 - 316)
  • Antagonists

    Main article: Antagonists in Legacies Season Three




    For more information, see Character Appearances.

    Note: *Landon appears as a golem between 3x08-3x12, and revealed as the Hunter in 3x12, while simultaneously as Malivore's vessel through 3x16.

    Note: **Rafael appears as a regular character through 3x04.


  • Jeffrey Hunt (5/16) (1 co-directed)
  • Eric Dean Seaton (1/16)
  • Jason Stone (1/16)
  • Darren Grant (1/16) (co-directed)
  • Lauren Petzke (1/16)
  • Tony Griffin (1/16)
  • Geoff Shotz (1/16)
  • Barbara Brown (1/16)
  • Trevor E.S. Juarez (1/16)
  • Michael A. Allowitz (1/16)
  • Bola Ogun (1/16)
  • America Young (1/16)
  • Brett Matthews (1/16)

  • Episodes List: 2021

    Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
    3x01 We're Not Worthy-Lizzie-Josie.jpg We're Not Worthy Writer: Penny Cox & Cynthia Adarkwa Director: Jeffrey Hunt January 21, 2021 #3x01
    In order to get a handle on some urgencies at the school, Alaric sends the students off-campus for their first-ever field day. But when a medieval monster arrives with a challenge, the students are left scrambling to guess which one of them may be a worthy opponent.

    3x02 Goodbyes Sure Do Suck-Lizzie-Jed-MG-Kaleb.jpg Goodbyes Sure Do Suck Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Eric Dean Seaton January 28, 2021 #3x02
    The Super Squad pulls out all the stops when they learn some devastating news involving one of their own. Alaric turns to Sheriff Mac for help getting some timely affairs in order.

    3x03 Salvatore The Musical-Kaleb-Jed.jpg Salvatore: The Musical! Writer: Thomas Brandon Director: Jason Stone February 4, 2021 #3x03
    The students prepare to put on a musical about the founding of the Salvatore School at the behest of their mysterious new guidance counselor. Meanwhile, as Landon throws himself into writing the musical and Lizzie, Josie, Kaleb and Jed dive into their roles, Hope distances herself from the musical.

    3x04 Hold on Tight-Alyssa-MG.jpg Hold on Tight Writer: Brett Matthews Director: Jeffrey Hunt February 11, 2021 #3x04
    The Super Squad bands together after the Necromancer's next move unleashes more than anyone bargained for. Meanwhile, a run-in with Ethan reminds Josie why she doesn't trust herself with magic.

    3x05 This is What It Takes-Hope.jpg This is What It Takes Writer: Brett Matthews Director: Darren Grant & Jeffrey Hunt February 18, 2021 #3x05
    After one of their own goes missing, Alaric suggests Hope turn to the therapy box, which thrusts her into a twisted game set in a summer camp slasher flick. Meanwhile, Lizzie's attempt to spend some time with MG doesn't go quite as planned, and Josie makes a big decision about her future.

    3x06 To Whom It May Concern-Lizzie-Kaleb-Alaric.jpg To Whom It May Concern Writer: Thomas Brandon Director: Lauren Petzke March 11, 2021 #3x06
    After a sudden mass exodus of the school's student body, Alaric and the squad desperately try to recruit new students to keep the school afloat. Hope agrees to help Lizzie with the new student orientation. Josie enjoys a fresh start on her first day at Mystic Falls High, while MG begins his semester of "no."

    3x07 Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right-Cleo-Hope.jpg Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right Writer: Penny Cox & Cynthia Adarkwa Director: Tony Griffin March 18, 2021 #3x07
    After the Salvatore School runs into some financial difficulties, Lizzie suggests they hold their first fundraiser. While Alaric attempts to work things out with the bank, he puts Kaleb in charge of overseeing the events at the school. Elsewhere, Cleo helps Hope cope with her emotions, while MG seeks help from Alyssa. Finally, when a leprechaun shows up at the school, it might just be what they need to turn their luck around.

    3x08 Long Time, No See-Hope-Lizzie-Wade-Jed-Alaric.jpg Long Time, No See Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Geoff Shotz March 25, 2021 #3x08
    MG finds himself on the outs with the Super Squad after a controversial decision he made comes to light. Hope puts a risky plan in motion regardless of the potential consequences. Kaleb, Cleo and Alaric join forces when the latest monster shows up.

    3x09 Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight-Kaleb-Hope-Lizzie 2.jpg Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? Writer: Brett Matthews & Adam Higgs Director: Barbara Brown April 8, 2021 #3x09
    As tensions build between Hope and Lizzie, the latest monster's arrival at the school will force them to set aside their differences in order to defeat it. Meanwhile, Alaric comes up with an excuse to keep tabs on Josie at Mystic Falls High, and Cleo helps Kaleb cope with a recent fallout with MG.

    3x10 All's Well That Ends Well-Cleo-Hope 2.jpg All's Well That Ends Well Writer: Thomas Brandon & Price Peterson Director: Jeffrey Hunt April 15, 2021 #3x10
    After capturing a new monster at the school, Hope and the Super Squad learn some terrifying news about one of their own. A surprise visit from Lizzie gives Josie some much-needed courage. MG and Ethan team up to help others.

    3x11 You Can't Run From Who You Are-Lizzie-MG.jpg You Can't Run From Who You Are Writer: Adam Higgs & Hannah Rosner Director: Trevor E.S. Juarez May 6, 2021 #3x11
    After receiving some inspiration from Cleo, Hope and Landon set out on a new mission. However, when that plan takes an unexpected turn, Josie and Wade step in to lend a hand. Elsewhere, Lizzie enlists MG's help learning more about Finch.

    3x12 I Was Made To Love You-Landon.jpg I Was Made To Love You Writer: Brett Matthews Director: Michael A. Allowitz May 13, 2021 #3x12
    Hope's suspicion is piqued after Wade shares some startling news with her. To uncover the secrets of a mysterious artifact, Alaric must work with an enemy from his past. After Ethan finds himself in harm's way, MG is forced to make a difficult decision.

    3x13 One Day You Will Understand-Kaleb.jpg One Day You Will Understand Writer: Cynthia Adarkwa Director: Bola Ogun May 20, 2021 #3x13
    Faced with a difficult decision regarding one of his students, Alaric enlists Kaleb and Josie's help to get their perspective. Meanwhile, Cleo opens up about her past.

    3x14 This Feels A Little Cult-y-Lizzie.jpg This Feels A Little Cult-y Writer: Penny Cox Director: America Young June 10, 2021 #3x14
    In an attempt to control some of Hope's negative emotions, Josie suggests they join Lizzie at a wellness retreat for witches. Alaric and Dorian team up after learning MG may be in trouble.

    3x15 A New Hope-Josie-Hope-Lizzie.jpg A New Hope Writer: Brett Matthews & Thomas Brandon Director: Brett Matthews June 17, 2021 #3x15
    Stuck in a hallucination, Hope, Josie and Lizzie are forced to find their way out of a sci-fi nightmare. Elsewhere, Alaric sends MG, Kaleb and Jed on a team building mission.

    3x16 Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It-Hope.jpg Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It? Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Jeffrey Hunt June 24, 2021 #3x16
    Hope is forced to work with someone from her past. Kaleb and MG go on their first official superhero mission. Lizzie's plan to find Hope a rebound relationship takes an unexpected turn.

    Production News

    Main article: Spoilers
    • Production has resumed as of mid-October 2020[5][6] with Jeffrey Hunt directing the first produced episode.[7] The season wrapped production as of June 24th, 2021; this includes the four episodes that were cut short to premiere in the Fall (401-404).[8]
    • Originally We're Not Worthy was supposed to be the 2x17, while Goodbyes Sure Do Suck was 2x18. According to Julie Plec, both episodes were shot out of order and that allowed them to switch the order for this season. 2x17 became 3x02 while 2x18 became 3x01.[9]
    • Although originally planned to have 20 episodes[10] (with four episodes moved from the second season), due to the delayed start of the season and to set regular Fall premiere dates, the episode count has been reduced to 16 episodes again.[1][11]



    • This season's timeline follows the events of the spring 2029.





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