Over the course of Season Three lots of humans, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings are killed in Mystic Falls and other places when applicable. This article contains information and sometimes pictures of everyone killed in Mystic Falls and other places; whether staked, bitten, neck snapped, or otherwise. Throughout this season people-humans, vampires, werewolves etc.-have been killed. Most in the present, but there are a few that took place in the past including as far back as 1864 and other flashbacks and they are included in the total but will be distinguished from present day. The death of a vampire could be counted twice if his human death also appears on screen in the present or past. How many times Elena and other people are saved whether it was by their own ingenuity or by another intervening will also be noted. Also noted will be the villain of the episode if any. A villain will be a killer who has killed unjustifiably endangers people or causes needles bodily harm.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Girlstennesee The Birthday 4 - Two Memphis girls - Samara and Keisha, Andie Star and Ray Sutton (as a Werewolf) 0 Stefan/Klaus
Two humans were killed while Klaus and Stefan were looking for Ray Sutton, another werewolf. Both killed by Stefan. Alaric and Damon both find their bodies while they are looking for Stefan. Later Andie was leaving the WPK9 news station. She was blinded by a bright white light. She tried to see who it was, but couldn't tell. Andie heads toward the door, but is stopped by Stefan. Later when Damon comes looking for her, Stefan is there and shows him Andie who is high up in the air on a catwalk. Stefan had compelled her to not move. Damon tells her not to move, but Stefan tells her to and she falls to her death. While Klaus and Stefan are still torturing Ray, Klaus feeds him his blood and snaps his neck.
DamonElenaRick The Hybrid 24 (counting 2 deaths for each hybrid except Ray) - Twelve failed hybrids and Derek (presumed dead but could be a Vampire since Klaus fed him his blood before he killed him), Ray Sutton (as a failed Hybrid) 2 - Damon, Stefan Klaus
Klaus and Stefan, with the information revealed by Ray, were able to find a group of werewolves in the Smoky Mountains because Klaus wanted to create more hybrids. At their camp, Klaus drop Ray's body. Ray comes back in transition and is fed by Derek, the only human there. Klaus then fed his blood to Paige and kills her. The rest of the werewolves also get Klaus' blood and are killed. Ray was bleeding out of his eyes because the transition was failing for some unknown reason. Ray attacked Stefan and ran away. The other werewolves also had the same symptoms as Ray. Ray is later killed by Stefan because he was attacking Damon. Stefan brought back Ray's body to Klaus who explained that the hybrids went rabid, him killing some and the others dying themselves, but doesn't know why they didn't successfully turn.
Unnamed The End of the Affair 3 - A woman in the car (Flashback), Liam Grant (Flashback), Male security guard. 2 - Stefan, Damon Klaus
(Flashback) In Chicago Stefan kills a woman in a car, he showcases his cruelty to Klaus and Rebekah by compelling a husband and wife (Lila and Liam) He slits Lila's wrist with a pocket knife and fills a glass up with her blood before compelling Liam to drink it, much to Klaus' amazement, Stefan kills Liam off-camera and his death his proved as his name is on the wall in his Chicago apartment. (Present) Klaus pulls the dagger from Rebekah and compels a security guard to offer Rebekah his carotid artery to her when she awakes, he is killed off-camera but his body is shown afterwards showing that Rebekah ravaged him.
Gloriadead3x04 Disturbing Behavior 4 - Gloria, 3 Girls and Alaric (temporarily) 1 - Damon Gloria
Three girls died whilst Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan fed from them. While Gloria was torturing and interrogating Stefan for information about the necklace, Katherine swanned in and stabbed Gloria in the neck killing her. Damon broke Alaric's neck for "repeatingly killing his buzz" - but he was wearing his ring and comes back to life later on in the episode.
Danadead3x05 The Reckoning 3 - Tyler Lockwood (as a Werewolf), Dana, Chad and Matt (temporarily) 1 - Matt Klaus
Klaus compels Stefan to kill two students (Dana first and then Chad) in front of a terrified and disgusted Elena. Klaus unable to create Hybrids feeds his blood to Tyler and snaps his neck so Bonnie would be forced to find a solution to his problem, Klaus figures out that only the blood of a Petrova Doppelgänger can turn a werewolf into a Hybrid, he feeds an 'in transition' Tyler Elena's blood and he becomes Klaus' first successful Hybrid. Matt drowns himself in the school pool by securing a weight to his waist - in order to communicate with Vicki and Bonnie brings him back from the dead with CPR.
Tvd-recap-smells-like-teen-spirit-52 Smells Like Teen Spirit 4 - two unnamed girls, unspecified gravediggers, unspecified mourners, man with flowers and an unnamed high school girl 1 - Elena Stefan, Vicki, Mikael
Stefan is seen to have been playing twister with five girls, two of which had been killed by Stefan and lay strewn on the staircase of the Salvatore house. It wasn't apparent whether the other three had been killed or whether they were let go by Damon. Katherine stated on the phone to Damon that she had tried feeding gravediggers and mourners to Mikael to revive him from desiccation then she sees a man with flowers and goes after him, in another scene she is seen with the man, now dead and dripping blood from a wound on the man's neck into Mikael's mouth and he wakes up telling her to get it away. At the end of the episode Rebekah brings a bleeding girl to feed Tyler and they both feed from her concurrently.
Tvd-recap-ghost-world-screencaps-31 Ghost World 1 - Tobias Fell 1 - Carol Lockwood Ghosts of The Tomb Vampires
Tobias Fell was attacked off screen by the Tomb Vampires led by Frederick, Tobias was killed and his bloody corpse was strung up in a tree next to where The Night of Illumination celebration was taking place - he had been ripped to shreds. When they turned on the lights, his body came into the view of the public.
Henrik's Death Ordinary People 8 - Henrik (flashback), Mikael (as a Human) (flashback), Rebekah (as a Human) (flashback), Klaus (as a Human) (flashback), Elijah (as a Human) (flashback), Unknown man (flashback), Half the population of the settlement (flashback) (mentioned), Klaus' first human kill (flashback) (mentioned), Esther (flashback) (mentioned). 0 Mikael
Henrik is killed by a werewolf after him and Klaus watched them transform into beasts which was forbidden - he had been ripped to shreds. This motivated Esther to implore Ayana to help to cast a spell to make them stronger than the wolves but she refused, so Esther did it herself. Mikael was killed most likely by Esther but this happened off-screen, Rebekah and Klaus' deaths also happen off-screen but they are shown waking up in transition and Rebekah is shown to drink blood and complete her transition to Vampire. Elijah is shown as a human and then as a Vampire in a following scene meaning that his death happened off-screen and no fine details are known about it. The Original Vampires were born, created by Esther to protect her family against the tyranny of the werewolves. Rebekah mentioned that when Klaus' Werewolf side manifested when he made his first human kill and it was revealed that Klaus wasn't his son and that Esther had an affair with a native Werewolf, Mikael went on a murderous rampage and killed half the village, it was at this time that Esther put the Hybrid Curse of Klaus to make his Werewolf side lie dormant rendering him a regular Original Vampire instead of a Hybrid, Esther was then said to be killed by Mikael, but is later found out that Klaus really killed her by ripping her heart from her chest.
TheVampireDiaries CW 3x09 Homecoming21-1- Homecoming 2 - Mikael (Neutralised), Rebekah (Neutralised), Hybrid Doorman, Mikael 3 - Klaus, Damon, Hybrid Klaus
Mikael is neutralised by Elena using the dagger in a plan devised by Stefan, Damon, Elena, Rebekah and Mikael himself - to lure Klaus back into Mystic Falls. She daggers him because of Stefan's compelled loyalty to Klaus so if Klaus asked Stefan the truth about Mikael he wouldn't have to lie and his compulsion wouldn't get in the way of the plan. Stefan does this and Rebekah further confirmed that Mikael is indeed daggered and secures the plan as Klaus returns to Mystic Falls. After the phone call Elena undaggers him. Rebekah is neutralised by Elena after opening up to her, Elena stabs her in the back with the same dagger she pulled out of Mikael and justifies herself by saying that she "can't leave anything to chance" - as she believed that she couldn't trust Rebekah in following through in bringing down Klaus. Damon while trying to get access to the party is confronted by a Hybrid Doorman who he promptly rips the heart out of. Mikael tries to distract Klaus, by taunting him on how nobody ever loved him and calling him "boy", Damon tries to stake Klaus with the white oak stake of Mikael's. Stefan intervenes and saves Klaus' life, Klaus picks the White Oak Stake up and rushes at Mikael and stakes him in the heart and he watches as Mikael burns and dies, Stefan is rewarded with his freedom from Klaus' compulsion.
Tvd-recap-the-new-deal-7 The New Deal 1 - Alaric (temporarily), Tony 2 - Jeremy, Alaric Tony, Klaus
Klaus compels Jeremy to stand in front of a speeding car - the car is driven by Tony one of his Hybrids. Alaric and Elena noticed that Jeremy has left his Gilbert Ring on the table they rush out into the street and Alaric pushes Jeremy out of the way just in the nick of time. Alaric's head smashes into the car windscreen and he is propelled across the road - killing him. He was wearing his ring and because Tony was driving the car and he happened to be a Hybrid the ring eventually resurrected him but did not heal him and he began to cough up blood. Tony came back to house and intervened with the paramedics that came to take Alaric to the hospital but was shot in the back with a crossbow arrow by Jeremy who then hastily rushed into the house and grabbed a meat cleaver off of the kitchen counter top and proceeded to decapitate the Hybrid with it. Alaric was taken to the hospital and he survived.
2q Our Town 3 - Unnamed Hybrid, Mindy and Brian Walters 2 - Daniel and Caroline Stefan
While at the witch house where the coffins are held, Stefan discovers a Hybrid lurking around outside but Damon sneaked up from behind the Hybrid and ripped out his heart. Stefan demands that Klaus get his Hybrids out of Mystic Falls - he doesn't comply and Stefan decapitates Mindy with a hacksaw in one swoop just after she enters the room to prove a point to Klaus that he holds no power over him. At the Lockwood mansion Stefan stabs Daniel but his life his saved by Damon who doesn't want to incur the wrath of Klaus or The Founders Council who had already warned Damon to keep his brother in check. Klaus told Tyler to bite Caroline to retaliate for what Stefan did to Mindy and to test his Sire Bond. Tyler firmly refused but Tyler did go and meet up with Caroline in the crypt that she had been having a weird birthday/funeral in. They went into the woods and she and Tyler kissed and Tyler did indeed bite her on the neck. Klaus then later saves Caroline's life by feeding her his blood. At the end of the episode it is revealed that someone (a Human) has been murdered in the woods (off-screen) - it was shown to be Brian Walters - the medical examiner and Meredith Fell's ex - he had been staked in the heart - this sets up the Serial Killer storyline.
A13 The Ties That Bind 1 - Daniel Warren 3 - Stefan, Bill Forbes and Elijah Daniel
Elena saves Stefan's life by pulling out all the wood pieces in his chest that were scraping dangerously close to his heart after Jamie shot him. Bill Forbes was trying to help Tyler break his Sire Bond to Klaus so he could be with Caroline without putting her in danger. When Tyler began to transform he pulled free of his chains and lunged at Bill. His slashed and ravaged body was discovered in the woods, barely alive he was taken to the hospital where Meredith Fell injected him with Damon's blood to heal him and save his life. Damon pulled the dagger from Elijah (off-screen) and Elijah killed Daniel Warren by ripping his heart from his chest before confronting Klaus.
Elena kills Alaric Bringing Out The Dead 4 - Bill Forbes (as a Human), Alaric (temporarily), an Unnamed Girl and Bill Forbes (as an In-Transition Vampire) 5 - Alaric, Kol, Finn, Rebekah and Esther Klaus
Caroline goes to the hospital looking for her Father - Bill Forbes. Meredith said that he had already been discharged so Caroline searches for him and he is found by her in a room to have been stabbed by (the mystery Serial Killer) and dead. He then woke up In-Transition as Meredith Fell had injected him with Damon's blood and he had died with it still in his system. Alaric is found in Elena's house by Matt and Elena he had been stabbed and near death and as no one was sure whether he had been attacked by a Human or a supernatural creature, Elena took it upon herself to finish him off to secure his eventual revival by the Gilbert Ring as she is a Petrova Doppelgänger and therefore supernatural. An unnamed girl was drained of her blood to the point of death by Klaus, he had first offered Stefan to join him but he declined his offer, she was seen afterwards to fall down to the floor dead after he had drained her. Bill Forbes decides not to complete the transition to become a Vampire and dies while still in transition. Elijah undaggered Kol, Finn and Rebekah off-screen to get the upper hand on Klaus as revenge for killing Esther and the four of them confront Klaus. Bonnie and Abby work hard to break the seal off of the coffin which they eventually do and it was revealed it had contained Esther's preserved body and the spell had awoken her and she confronts The Originals much to their shock.
TheOriginals Dangerous Liaisons 0 3 - Elena and Matt (twice) Kol
Elena is confronted by Rebekah who wanted revenge on her for when she neutralized her by stabbing her in the back with the dagger - she goes to bite her but Elijah appears and pulls her off Elena just in time, saving her life. Rebekah and Kol plan on killing Matt at the party and Rebekah proceeds to lure him outside so she and Kol can kill him but when he shows her an act of kindness by wrapping his jacket around her she changes her mind and leads him back inside and away from Kol and therefore saved his life. His life is saved again afterwards by Damon after Kol lures Matt onto the balcony and crushes his hand but Damon intervenes and pushes Kol off the balcony and down onto the ground below, Damon then jumps off the balcony after him and brakes Kol's neck rendering him unconscious.
3x15-All-My-Children-HD-Screencaps-elijah-29161576-1280-720 All My Children 1 - Abby Bennett (as a Witch), Kol (neutralized), Rebekah (neutralized), Elijah (neutralized), Finn (neutralized). 12 - Kol (twice), Rebekah (twice), Elijah (twice), Finn (twice), Bonnie, Abby, Klaus, Elena. The Originals (excluding Finn)
Klaus was lured outside by a flirtatious Caroline so Alaric could dagger Kol, which neutralized him and when he did it, it also neutralized Rebekah, Elijah and Finn because of the spell that Esther cast that joined them together as one but this did not neutralize Klaus - he only felt a strange sensation in his chest. This motivated him to go back to look for Kol, it didn't take him long to find him, he pushed Alaric against the wall knocking him out and he pulled the dagger from Kol's chest which revived Kol, Elijah, Rebekah and Finn. Elijah had previously taken Elena and trapped her in the caverns beneath Mystic Falls with Rebekah and told her too keep Elena there and to kill her if Damon and Stefan fail to sever the link between Esther and the Bennett Line, he told Stefan and Damon to kill both witches but they devised a way to sever the line in a way that both of them would survive - this spared Bonnie's life but meant that one of them had to turn Abby into a Vampire so Esther couldn't draw energy from them. Damon and Stefan did a coin toss to decide who would do the turning. Stefan lost the toss but Damon did the deed as he didn't want the gang to hate Stefan so he fed Abby his blood and snapped her neck which severed the connection that Esther had to them and this also saved the lives of all five Originals and Esther was unable to cast the spell to take away their immortality. Elena's life was also saved and Rebekah let her go as promised by Elijah since the Salvatore's fulfilled his wishes.
7y7y7y 1912 4 - Zachariah Salvatore (flashback), Unnamed Girl (flashback), Marianna Lockwood (flashback), Samantha Gilbert (mentioned) (flashback) 3 - Alaric (off-screen), Girl in Alley, Samantha Gilbert (mentioned) (flashback). Samantha Gilbert
In the previous episode it shows Alaric being shot by Meredith Fell which renders him unconscious. Off-screen she heals him with Vampire blood to save his life and he wakes up in a jail cell. In a flashback to 1912 it shows that Damon and Stefan's nephew Zachariah Salvatore is stabbed in the back by the 1912 Serial Killer. In another flashback to 1912 Damon is seen feeding off an unnamed girl whom he kills, he is approached by Sage who critiques his hunting and feeding techniques. Back in the present day Damon tries to persuade Stefan to drink Human blood as he hasn't drank blood since he threatened to drive Elena off of Wickery Bridge, so Damon accompanied by Rebekah, compel a girl in an alley way, he proceeds to feed from her and the smell of the blood tempts Stefan. Damon threatens to give the girl to Rebekah whom he says will certainly kill her or Stefan can take a drink to save the girl's life. Rebekah goes in for the kill but Stefan stops her and drinks from the girl. Damon pulls Stefan off of the girl and feeds her his blood to save her life. A flashback happens to the last time that Damon persuaded Stefan to drink Human blood. He is shown to be feeding off of Marianna Lockwood and he bites her so hard and fiercely that he decapitates her with just his fangs and snaps her head clean off. He then freaks out and becomes overwhelmed with guilt and disgust, repeatedly apologizing to Marianna's corpse and manically trying to put her head back on her body. Back to the present day and it is discovered through the Gilbert Journal found in Meredith's closet that Samantha Gilbert had gone crazy and that she was responsible for the 1912 murders. Damon recalls killing her so he comes to the conclusion that she must have been in possession of a Gilbert Ring as it was responsible for her becoming the 1912 Serial Killer as a consequence of her being resurrected through it. Damon surmised that it must had revived her after he had killed her, as the journal also said that she lived out the rest of her days in a mental asylum after Damon had killed her, this confirmed that the modern day serial killer was indeed Alaric as he had repeatedly been killed and revived. A final flashback showed that is was indeed Samantha Gilbert who had killed Zachariah Salvatore and it showed her wearing the Gilbert Ring.
Alaric- Break On Through 0615 Break On Through 1 - Piano Playing Man. 3 - Jamie, Elena, Meredith Sage, Alaric
A man playing the piano was killed when Rebekah and Damon concurrently fed upon him, they drained him of his blood and Damon threw him down to the ground once he was dead. Abby tried to reconcile with Jamie but when she hugged him she was overwhelmed by instinctual bloodlust and attacked him by biting him on the neck but he was saved by Bonnie who gives her Mother a magical aneurysm. Caroline later healed him by giving him her blood (off-screen). Later back in her house Elena is met by Alaric who is coming down the stairs, he is nursing a wound on his hand, he made up the excuse that he cut it on a broken coffee cup, Alaric then noticed a bloody knife or the floor. Elena looked down and saw the knife and Alaric lunged for her, Stefan appeared and restrained him and then placed the sleeper hold on him which rendered him unconscious. He saved Elena from Alaric as he would have surely killed her. Stefan smelled Meredith's blood and him and Elena went upstairs and found Meredith in the bathroom. The bathroom was covered in blood and Meredith was crumpled in a bloody heap on the floor, Alaric had stabbed her and she was near death. Stefan managed to fight his bloodlust and fed her his blood which saved her life.
Finnburn The Murder Of One 3 - Finn, Sage, Troy, Finn's Entire Bloodline. 4 - Klaus, Kol, Rebekah, Elijah and Damon Rebekah, Klaus
Alaric, Stefan and Damon made a batch of White Oak Stakes from the Wickery Bridge sign and gave them out to everybody. Bonnie under duress and threatened by Klaus was forced to undo Esther's spell that linked all The Originals together as one. The gang had first planned to kill Rebekah but they saw an opportunity to strike against Finn so they took it. They spiked Finn and Sage's tequila with vervain and waited for them to leave the bar, Matt shot Finn with a crossbow before Staking him with one of the White Oak Stakes, he burned up as the stake immolated him, much to the dismay and shock of Sage who watched her lover burn. The gang thought that they had won but a phone call from Bonnie confirmed that she had indeed un-linked The Originals and had as a consequence saved the lives of Klaus, Kol, Rebekah and Elijah. Damon who had been tortured by Rebekah as revenge for sleeping with her to gain information was saved by Stefan who took most of the White Oak Stakes to Klaus' Mansion to bargain for his brother's life. Klaus and Rebekah figured out that there was indeed more stakes out there. Rebekah then proceeded to release Stefan on a sign of good faith that the stakes would indeed be returned to them, she trusted the Salvatores. Sage later shows up with Troy and she confronts Stefan and Damon about killing Finn but she became weak and fatigued and Stefan easily overpowered her, she then fell to the floor, vomited blood and then died. After a few moments the same thing happened to Troy. They surmised that killing an Original would wipe out their entire Bloodline, so the gang set out to discover which Original's bloodline they belong to.
TVD329 Heart Of Darkness 2- Kol (temporarily incapacitated), Mary Porter, Alaric (temporarily) 1 - Alaric (revived) Esther, Kol & Klaus.
Elena and Damon visit Denver, knowing that Jeremy's location has been compromised. Once they get there, they realize with horror that Kol has been acting as Jeremy's friend in order to keep an eye on him. Damon and Kol have a brief fight where Kol hits him around the face with a wooden baseball bat which knocks him to the ground and breaks the bat in half from the force of impact, Damon manages to get to his feet to overpower Kol and he proceeds to stake Kol through the heart with the broken baseball bat which temporarily kills and incapacitates him, and they then head towards a motel to contact Rose-Marie to figure out who was the head of her bloodline, Rose reveals that Mary Porter sired her, and the next morning head to her house in Kansas to find she has been staked through the heart with a baseball bat by Kol, who appears grey, veiny and lifeless, she had been stapled to the wall behind them. While in Mystic Falls, Stefan and Klaus try to tempt his alter-ego The Darkness out of Alaric to ascertain the location of the last remaining White Oak Stake, however after their first plan fails, Klaus storms in and snaps Alaric's neck. However he is revived due to his Gilbert Ring.
Alaricvamp320 Do Not Go Gentle 3 - Rebekah (neutralized, revived), Esther, Alaric (turned into a vampire) 0 Esther, Alaric Saltzman/The Darkness
Esther, possessing Rebekah during the beginning of the episode, gives Niklaus the "last White Oak Stake" before heading to Alaric's apartment. She tells him she will give him the real stake when he can no longer use it on her (in Rebekah's body). She hands him a Dagger to neutralize Rebekah, and he does so, allowing Esther to return to her own body. Later on, Niklaus pulls the dagger from her chest.

Esther, back in her own body still has a duty, to turn Alaric into a Vampire Hunter and while everybody is at the school dance, spells them there so the supernatural cannot leave. She kidnaps Elena and uses her blood to mix with the Gilbert Ring, performing the same spell she used to transform her children into vampires, in order to create the ultimate vampire weapon. After Alaric drinks the blood, she stabs him through the heart, killing him, completing the transition.

After hearing a noise outside, Esther heads out to see Jeremy and Matt aiming crossbows at her. She uses her witchcraft to turn the angle of the crossbows on themselves, and before she can say anything else, Alaric- still his old self, stabs her through the back, killing her. Several hours later, Bonnie- under Esther's control feeds Alaric blood to complete the transition into a Vampire Hunter.

B145 Before Sunset 2,- Jeremy (resurrected), Klaus (desiccated) 3- Rebekah, Caroline, Elena Alaric Saltzman & Niklaus Mikaelson
As Rebekah and Caroline enter the school to clean up from the dance the previous night, Rebekah tells her she will get started cleaning up the gym. As she walks down the hallway, Alaric who she believes to be dead attacks her and attempts to stake her. Caroline intervenes and saves her life as they both stake Alaric. Caroline and Rebekah run outside, however Alaric catches up with Caroline, snaps her neck and drags her inside.

Holding Caroline hostage, Alaric calls Elena, threatening Caroline's life if she doesn't appear. When Elena arrives and attempts to free Caroline, Alaric grabs her and demands that she kill Caroline as she is a murderer. Elena refuses and she throws a cup of vervain at Alaric's face, quickly freeing Caroline. Caroline escapes however Alaric catches Elena and almost kills her, saying "she doesn't deserve to live.". Damon and Stefan attempt to intervene however their necks are snapped, Klaus appears and charges at Alaric yet he gains the upper hand and almost kills him if Elena didn't threaten her own life. If she dies, Alaric dies and he won't be able to fulfill his destiny. At his hesitation as she begins to cut her neck, Klaus grabs Elena and disappears.

Klaus has Elena ties up at his mansion, with a nurse draining her of her blood, after a small conversation, Klaus leaves and Tyler approaches, attempting to free her. As he does, Klaus returns and is shocked to find Tyler having broken his sire bond by helping Elena and telling him he "isn't one of his little bitches anymore". As Klaus approaches and almost murders Tyler, Damon and Stefan suddenly charge inside. Damon grabs Klaus and Stefan shoves his hand in Klaus' chest. He did this so Bonnie will be able to feel the connection which she is channeling from Jeremy's life force. She spelled Jeremy so that if a living person dies, Klaus' heart will stop. Klaus begins to desiccate and Bonnie releases her hold on them. Jeremy is still in front of her and she begins to pound of his chest, and saves his life.

RestInPeace The Departed 3 - Elena, Alaric, Niklaus (body only) 1 - Matt Rebekah Mikaelson, Alaric Saltzman/The Darkness
After Esther turned Alaric into an Enhanced Original, his darker persona took over and his desire was to kill each of the Originals, to eradicate the vampire race. After he found Niklaus' (neutralized body) in a storage building where he was being held by Bonnie and Damon, he staked him, however unaware that Bonnie had previously cast a spell to temporarily switch Klaus' soul into Tyler's body, saving his life. After seeing her brother's death, a distraught Rebekah, knowing Elena's life was linked to Alaric's, caused Matt to crash the truck, carrying Elena over Wickery Bridge. Stefan appeared just in time to save Matt's life, at Elena's request, however Elena drowned. With her death, came Alaric's.

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