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The second season of Legacies was announced on January 31, 2019.[3] During the airing of season two, the CW announced that Legacies would return for a third series.[4]

Season Summary

Set in the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, LEGACIES tells the story of the next generation of supernatural beings as they learn what it means to be special in a world that may never understand. Typically a school for vampires like MG, werewolves like Rafael and witches like twins Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, the kids and their beloved headmaster Dr. Alaric Saltzman were stunned to come face to face with a series of monsters and creatures they had only ever heard of in myth and lore. A dragon. A gargoyle. The Headless Horseman. The evil behind the real-life resurrection of these formerly fictional beings proved to have a horrifying connection to the school's newest student, Landon Kirby. This led his first and only love Hope Mikaelson, the school's shining star, to sacrifice her place at the school — and in the world — to protect Landon from a terrible fate. The new season will show us a world without Hope Mikaelson and all the chaos that goes along with it. All the while, Hope will be trying to find her way back to the school she has learned to call home and the friends she has learned to love like family. It will be filled with new monsters and more romantic and emotional surprises than ever.[5]


Hope is forgotten by everyone since she dove in the Malivore pit to stop the monster from rising. Due to not being a fully active tribrid, her presence merely weakened him. Sometime after returning from Malivore's darkness, Hope seeks refuge at Mystic Falls High School, with new principal, Alaric Saltzman's. The Salvatore School appoints a new principal; a witch named Rupert Vardemus. Meanwhile, Lizzie encounters a new mysterious vampire, and Josie begins a new relationship with Landon. After using a dark Japanese spell to free Lizzie from an Oni, the latter's memory of Hope is restored. Josie later reverse engineers the spell to restore everyone's memory of her with Freya Mikaelson's help, but this leaves Josie, Hope and Landon at odds with each other until he finally makes a decision about his feelings. Professor Vardemus is revealed to be Ryan Clarke who impersonated the real professor to plot against the Salvatore School, but ultimately meets his own end.

Hope and Alaric continues readjusting to being back at the Salvatore School while monsters continue to plague the school, though with different reasons than previously intended due to influence from the Necromancer, who was previously freed from Malivore's control after retrieving the knife, though his powers had been stripped. Josie's latest dilly-dallying with dark magic renders her prone to darkness, which she worries would turn her evil. They attempt to send the Mora Miserium containing the dark magic to a new prison world, only to be sent to the one where Malachai Parker was imprisoned along with three other students. Desperate to return to their world, Josie breaks the Mora miserium and takes in all the dark magic, giving them the opportunity to escape.

During the aftermath of the Saltzmans' escape from the 2018 prison world, Josie's evil alter ego takes over and threatens everyone's safety in her attempt to force Lizzie to go through with the Merge. Hope uses the opportunity to dive into Josie's mind in hopes of finding her subconscious. Meanwhile, Landon helps Rafael figure out what had happened to the latter, and discover he was killed and had been under the Necromancer's control. The Necromancer joins forces with Josie due to shared benefits. Back in Josie's mind, Hope is petrified by Dark Josie before Josie overcame her fear and defeated her. The Necromancer strikes a deal with Alaric to transfer Josie's dark magic into himself in exchange for Alyssa Chang and Rafael's freedom and Landon's resurrection, who was killed by Rafael while he was under control. Freed from the dark magic, Josie decides to give up her siphoning power and places it into a coin. Despite their brief victory, both and Hope and Landon remain unconscious and dead, respectively.


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Main Cast

Note: Kaleb appears as a series regular from 2x10 onward.

Special Guest Cast

Guest Cast





Episodes List: 2019-2020

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
2x01 I'll Never Give Up Hope-Landon-Josie.jpg I'll Never Give Up Hope Writer: Brett Matthews & Julie Plec Director: Julie Plec October 10, 2019 #2x01
After discovering that there may be a way out of Malivore, Hope becomes more determined than ever to find her way back to Mystic Falls. Alaric, who is still reeling after being voted out as headmaster by the honor council, continues looking into the mysterious night Malivore was destroyed. Elsewhere, as the students leave for summer vacation, Landon stays behind to keep an eye on Rafael, while MG heads to Atlanta to spend time with Kaleb's family. Finally, while Lizzie spends the summer in Europe with Caroline, Josie searches for answers about the mysterious ascendant that Alaric was keeping from them.

2x02 This Year Will Be Different-Sebastian.jpg This Year Will Be Different Writer: Thomas Brandon Director: Jeffrey Hunt October 17, 2019 #2x02
Determined to move forward with her new life alone, Hope's latest hunt leads her on a collision course with the past she's been desperately trying to leave behind. Meanwhile, on their first day back in school, Landon's newfound status as the popular guy leads to tensions with Josie. Elsewhere, as MG contemplates telling Lizzie how he feels about her, the arrival of a mysterious vampire puts a wrench into his plan. Finally, as Alaric gets settled into his new role at Mystic Falls High School, the students of the Salvatore School meet their new headmaster, Professor Vardemus.

2x03 You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know-Josie-Professor Vardemus.jpg You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know Writer: Brett Matthews & Adam Higgs Director: Michael A. Allowitz October 24, 2019 #2x03
As the Salvatore School prepares for its annual football game against Mystic Falls High, the latest monster to arrive in Mystic Falls sets its eyes on one of the students. Landon and Josie's relationship is put to the test when a player from the opposing team catches his eye. Elsewhere, Lizzie enlists MG's help learning more about Sebastian, and Alaric goes head to head with Professor Vardemus.

2x04 Since When Do You Speak Japanese-Josie-Hope-Alaric.jpg Since When Do You Speak Japanese? Writer: Penny Cox Director: Geoff Shotz November 7, 2019 #2x04
When a samurai shows up in Mystic Falls looking for a demon that possesses its victims, Josie leads the charge to defend her friends from the demon's wrath. Meanwhile, as Landon and Rafael head to Mystic Falls High in hopes of learning more about the mysterious Hope, MG is conflicted by a secret he's uncovered about Lizzie's new vampire friend Sebastian. Finally, just as Alaric lets his guard down around the town's new sheriff, a confrontation with a demon forces him to reevaluate his priorities.

2x05 Screw Endgame-Hope-Lizzie.jpg Screw Endgame Writer: Brett Matthews & Thomas Brandon Director: Barbara Brown November 14, 2019 #2x05
As the Salvatore School prepares for its upcoming '80s-themed decade dance, Hope and Lizzie find themselves trapped inside a never-ending labyrinth with a monster on their trail. Meanwhile, Josie and Landon decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level. Elsewhere, MG turns to Kaleb for advice on what to do about Sebastian, while Rafael struggles to adjust to his life back at the school.

2x06 That's Nothing I Had to Remember-Kym-Landon-Kaleb-Rafael.jpg That's Nothing I Had to Remember Writer: Adam Higgs & Josh Eiserike Director: Bola Ogun November 21, 2019 #2x06
When a truth-seeking monster arrives in Mystic Falls during Commonwealth Day, Hope and Lizzie fear that the secrets they've each been keeping have made them targets. Meanwhile, MG, Kaleb and Kym seek out an unlikely ally, who may have knowledge on how to take down the latest monster. Finally, Freya receives an unexpected visit from one of the Salvatore Students.

2x07 It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough-Josie-Lizzie-Hope.jpg It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough Writer: Jimmy Mosqueda & Cynthia Adarkwa Director: Lauren Petzke December 5, 2019 #2x07
After deciding that leaving town would be for the best, Hope gets pulled back in after Josie comes up with a risky plan to close the Malivore portal. Elsewhere, Alaric and Dorian make an alarming discovery about Professor Vardemus, while Rafael learns some upsetting news about Landon's future. Lizzie also appears.

2x08 This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent-Dorian-Josie.jpg This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent Writer: Brett Matthews & Hannah Rosner Director: Brett Matthews December 12, 2019 #2x08
Hope joins forces with an unlikely ally to take down a Christmas monster, who's using holiday cheer to infiltrate the Salvatore School. Elsewhere, Landon surprises Rafael with news about his family lineage, and Sebastian accompanies Lizzie on her latest mission. Josie and Alaric also appear.

2x09 I Couldn't Have Done This Without You-Landon-Sebastian.jpg I Couldn't Have Done This Without You Writer: Thomas Brandon & Hannah Rosner Director: Carl Seaton January 16, 2020 #2x09
Back and ready to wreak havoc, The Necromancer's plan for revenge on Malivore takes a turn when he realizes he is now a human and powerless. To mend fences with Josie, Hope offers to help her learn more about the mora miserium. Elsewhere, Alaric enlists Landon's help to find out if Sebastian is a threat to the school. Lizzie and MG also appear.

2x10 This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies-Hope-Josie-Lizzie.jpg This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies Writer: Adam Higgs & Josh Eiserike Director: America Young January 23, 2020 #2x10
As the witches of the Salvatore School come together to celebrate Coven Day, the latest monster to infiltrate the school targets Alyssa Chang and the other students by spreading discord and creating chaos among the covens. Elsewhere, Alaric, Lizzie and Josie search for a solution that keeps Josie protected from the dark magic brewing inside the mora miserium. Fed up with feeling powerless alongside Hope, Landon asks her to give him self-defense training. Finally, Alaric's past comes back to haunt him. MG and Kaleb also appear.

2x11 What Cupid Problem-Landon-Kaleb-Pedro-Wade.jpg What Cupid Problem? Writer: Penny Cox & Cynthia Adarkwa Director: Darren Grant January 30, 2020 #2x11
After learning that Josie, Lizzie and Alaric are in trouble, Hope leads the charge to save them. Meanwhile, Landon seizes the chance to keep an eye on the latest monster in town in order to prove himself useful. Elsewhere, MG's attempt at a perfect first date with Kym takes a disastrous turn when Hope enlists his help in her plan. Kaleb also appears.

2x12 Kai Parker Screwed Us-Kai.jpg Kai Parker Screwed Us Writer: Brett Matthews & Thomas Brandon Director: Angela Gomes February 6, 2020 #2x12
When a series of events leads Josie, Lizzie and Alaric to the prison world, they come face to face with the twins' evil uncle Kai.

2x13 You Can't Save Them All-Hope.jpg You Can't Save Them All Writer: Brett Matthews & Thomas Brandon Director: Jeffrey Hunt February 13, 2020 #2x13
Hope finds herself in a race against the clock as the threat of the prophecy looms and the pressure to rescue the Saltzmans grows. Meanwhile, Alaric's attempt to keep his family safe leads him to make a difficult decision. Landon, Josie, Lizzie, Rafael, MG and Kaleb also appear.

2x14 There's a Place Where the Lost Things Go-Lizzie-Josie.jpg There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go Writer: Brett Matthews & Mark Ryan Walberg Director: Michael Karasick March 12, 2020 #2x14
In order to deal with their recent trauma, Emma suggests the students participate in a group simulation that transports them to a film noir world. Hope, Josie, Lizzie, MG and Rafael quickly learn they must confront their conflicts head-on or risk facing the game's catastrophic consequences. Alaric also appears.

2x15 Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself-Jed-Kaleb.jpg Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself Writer: Adam Higgs & Jimmy Mosqueda Director: Lauren Petzke March 19, 2020 #2x15
When things take a dark turn on the twins' 17th birthday, Lizzie is left to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Hope takes drastic measures when she and Alaric clash over how to handle an issue involving Josie. Finally, Rafael makes a heartbreaking discovery.

2x16 Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing-Hope-Josie.jpg Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing Writer: Thomas Brandon & Sylvia Batey Alcalá Director: Michael Karasick March 26, 2020 #2x16[6]
In a race to save Josie, Hope infiltrates her subconscious and finds herself in a fairytale world filled with dark magic. Back at the Salvatore School, Alaric, Lizzie and the Super Squad commit to their own risky plan to get Josie back despite the potential consequences. Landon, MG, Rafael and Kaleb also appear.

Production News

  • The second season originally scheduled to have four more episodes than the first season, bringing the total to twenty episodes.[7] However, due to the events of the global Coronavirus pandemic, production was shutdown and the sixteenth episode serves as the season finale.[1][8][9]
  • The CW scheduled the midseason premiere for January 16, 2020.


  • The season's timeline starts in June and follows the events in the fall of 2028 up til the middle of March 2029.




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