Over the course of Season Two numerous Humans , Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural beings are killed in Mystic Falls and other places when applicable. This article contains information on everyone and pictures of most people killed in Mystic Falls and other places; whether staked, bitten, neck snapped, or otherwise.

Throughout this season 56+ people -humans, vampires, werewolves etc.-have been killed. Most in the present, but there are a few that took place in the past including as far back as 1864 and other flashbacks and they are included in the total but will be distinguished from present day. The death of a vampire could be counted twice if his/her human death also appears on screen in the present or past. Logan Fell is an example from season one. How many times Elena and other people are saved whether it was by themselves or by another intervening will also be noted. Also noted will be the villain of the episode if any. A villain will be a killer who has killed unjustifiably or causes needless bodily harm.

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Image Episode Lives lost Lives saved Villain
Carolinereturndead The Return 1 (Technically 2; Jeremy resurrected due to the Gilbert Ring) 1 Katherine Pierce & Damon Salvatore
In the season one finale Jeremy took a deliberate overdose of pills and drank a vial of Anna's blood she had given him and then he woke up because the pills weren't enough to kill him. Ironically, Anna's vampire blood helped fight off the effects of the overdose. Later Damon snapped his neck, but he returned again thanks to the Gilbert Ring John gave him. Later Katherine came to the hospital and into Caroline's room. She killed her by smothering her to death with a pillow. Caroline previously had vampire blood in her system that was given to her by Damon and she would later resurrect. Damon saved Caroline's human life after feeding her his blood when she was endanger of dying from her injuries from the car accident.

Killcarter Brave New World 1 1 Damon Salvatore
Carter was drained of blood by new vampire Caroline. Damon is the villain because he compelled Carter to fight Tyler all to inadvertently set him up to be killed by the newly turned and out of self control Caroline. Elena and Stefan saved Caroline from being staked by Damon.

Damon saves elena Bad Moon Rising 0 3 NA
No one died in this episode. Damon saved Elena from being shot with a crossbow bolt fired by Vanessa Monroe who thought she was a vampire. Stefan saved Matt from Caroline who lost control of her blood lust. Stefan saved Caroline from the werewolf Mason Lockwood who had transformed fully into a wolf under the influence of the full moon. Mason isn't a villain because as a wolf he has no control of his actions and before he turned actually tried to chain and lock himself up to keep innocent people from being killed.

MemoryLane26 Memory Lane 0 0 NA
Except for a repeat of a flashback to 1864 showing Stefan and Damon being killed, no one died in this episode. Katherine is a villain for her manipulations and blackmail of Caroline; Damon for trying to kill and provoking Mason when there was no cause to do so at the time.

Deputies dead Kill or Be Killed 3 3 Katherine Pierce & Mason Lockwood
A year before, Mason Lockwood accidentally killed his friend Jimmy in self defense after Katherine glamored Jimmy into it (As revealed in Plan B). Two Sheriff's Deputies killed, one by Caroline, one by Damon. Caroline saved Elena from Mason Lockwood. Then Caroline saved Stefan and Damon from being killed by her mother Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes and her two Deputies. Mason is a villain for at least threatening to kill Elena Gilbert. Katherine for manipulating things behind the scenes.

Damon tortures Mason Plan B 1 2 Katherine Pierce
Damon tortures and then kills Mason by ripping his heart out. Bonnie, Elena and Caroline collectively save Stefan from a vervain contaminated well. A previously compelled by Katherine Jenna plunges a knife into herself but is saved by hospital staff. Katherine is the villain for that and also for manipulating Mason for the past year leading to his eventual death at the hands of Damon.

SarahDead Masquerade 2 3 Katherine Pierce
Katherine killed Aimee Bradley by first partly breaking her spine paralyzing her below the waist and then completing the break. Caroline saved a compelled Matt from being killed in a fight with Tyler Lockwood. Sarah was killed accidentally by Tyler Lockwood after she, under Katherine's compulsion stabbed Tyler just above the heart. Tyler threw her off himself and Sarah struck her head on his father's desk. Jeremy Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett saved Elena by preventing Damon from staking Katherine as she had a spell cast on both herself and Elena by Lucy Bennett linking them together so that whatever harm Katherine suffers Elena would suffer as well. As a result Katherine was also saved by Jeremy's warning. Katherine is the villain for killing two people, putting Elena's life in danger and generally just using people.

TrevorDeath Rose (Episode) 2 2 Rose, Trevor and Elijah
After Elena was kidnapped by a person compelled by Trevor, he kills the unknown man after putting Elena in the trunk of Trevor's car. Trevor and another vampire who is involved, Rose, let someone know that they have Elena and a messenger was sent named Elijah. Apparently Trevor had Katherine in his hands and she somehow got away. Even after Rose made a deal with Elijah to let both of them free, Elijah still killed Trevor by decapitating him. Stefan and Damon found and rescued Elena, with the help of Bonnie, and staked Elijah. Since Elijah is one of the old ones, he later came back to life.

Katarinahanged Katerina 8 (Including Katherine's entire family in the 1492 except Katherine's illegitimate daughter.) 6 (Katherine three times) 4 Rose (1492 version), Elijah, Dr. Jonas Martin and the unseen but often mentioned Klaus.
1492 kills: An unnamed human woman is killed when Katherine uses her as a human shield when Rose tried to stake her. Klaus personally or had ordered Katherine's entry family killed, her father and mother and a house maid, plus three other people who were either friends of the family and/or workers who happened to be there all in revenge for Katerina running.

1492 saves: By sending Katherine's daughter away for being illegitimate, Katherine's father unintentionally saves her daughter from being later killed. Trevor initially saves Katherine by leading Klaus' search party -which included Elijah- away from her and sending her to a cottage Rose had taken over. Rose who actually intends to turn her over to Klaus if only to save herself from his deadly wrath, saves Katherine from her apparent suicide attempt by stabbing herself by force feeding her blood to Katherine. Then knowing that Rose's blood would transform her into a vampire Katherine hangs herself breaking her neck and later revives as a vampire. She did this to render herself useless for breaking the curse. Katherine then saves herself from being killed by using the unarmed compelled human woman as a human shield when Rose tried to stake her. 2010 kill: Slater is forced to kill himself by staking himself under compulsion by Elijah. 2010 saves: Slater saves himself from sunlight burning him to death when the UV light blocking double pane of tempered glass was shattered by coins flicked at it with tremendous force by Elijah by running away. Caught in the same incident Damon saves Rose from burning to death also. Rose in 1492 was a villain for wanting to turn over the still human Katherine to Klaus and then tried to stake the vampire version of Katherine in revenge for tricking her into turning into a vampire and dooming her to Klaus' wrath. The present day version of Rose is on the good side trying to save Elena. Elijah is a villain for trying to kill Damon, Rose and eventually killing Slater and working for Klaus; Dr. Martin for working with Elijah, and the still off screen Klaus for trying to kill Katherine, both as a human to break the curse and then in vengeance for turning herself into a vampire, and in an act of vengeance killing Katherine's family and 500 years later still intending to kill Elena and potentially Caroline, Bonnie and Tyler and killing anyone who tries to prevent him.

Elijahhearts The Sacrifice 3 (technically Jeremy died several times over by Katherine) 2 Katherine Pierce & Klaus (unseen) and his minions.
Stefan Salvatore saved Jeremy from being repeatedly killed and fed on by Katerina Petrova after Katherine caught Jeremy in the tomb (Jeremy had on the resurrection ring). Stefan ended up trapped himself after throwing Jeremy out and Bonnie wasn't able to lift the spell. Elijah unexpectedly saved Elena Gilbert from three of Klaus' men -three vampires- after they came to collect her for Klaus after Elena called them to surrender. Elijah killed one by presumably breaking his spine, and the other two by ripping their hearts out.

Vlcsnap-00050 By the Light of the Moon 0 2 (perhaps a third Elena) 0 (no clear one at least other than the still unseen Klaus)
Rose saved Damon from the werewolf Jules by shoving him out of the way and taking the attack. Jules attacked in retaliation for Damon provoking her by attempting to feed her wolfsbane in her drink and possibly inferring that Damon killing Mason Lockwood. Then Damon saved Rose (at least temporarily) by stabbing Jules in the side after Jules bit Rose. Possibly Bonnie, Damon and Jeremy possibly saved Elena from herself by casting a confinement spell on Elena to keep her from leaving the house and seeking out Klaus' minions. Caroline and Tyler saved Tyler from himself, vampires and possibly humans after he transforms into a wolf by barricading the door. There is no clear cut villain in this episode since Klaus is protecting Elena and Jules retaliated from Damon's provocation trying to feed her wolfsbane. While Luka fooled Bonnie with the help of his father Dr. Jonas Martin who works with Elijah with the reason for it being not to break the moonstone spells and ultimately for Elijah to kill Klaus.

Rosedead The Descent 8+ 3- All Elena Jules & Damon Salvatore
Several campers were torn to pieces and killed off screen by Jules as a werewolf. To cover up the carnage she killed a Sheriff's deputy when she was fully human by bludgeoning him to death with a large log.

Rose in her rabid state attacks Elena twice thinking she was Katherine. Elena saves herself three times; once by quickly convincing Rose she wasn't Katherine. In another werewolf venom induced hallucination she attacks Elena again. This time Elena saves herself by digging her finger nails into Rose's festering wound in her back and again in the same struggle exposing Rose to the sun burning her. Elena was able to barricade herself in a room until Rose regained her senses and left the house.

Sometime after night fall Rose leaves the mansion and while sick and having a unquenchable thirst for blood kills a park maintenance man near the Booster Club Dinner at a local high school. She then attacks a couple and kills them. Damon then found her and was able to restrain her physically in her greatly weakened state until she recovered her senses. He then takes her home and after giving her a sweet dream of her home in England mercy kills her. Later in an existential fuge and self doubt and mourning for Rose he kills Jessica Cohen (surname revealed next episode), a motorist who stopped to help when she saw him lying in the middle of the road supposedly incapacitated.

Deadwolvesdaddyissues Daddy Issues 4 3 2 possibly 3. Jules & Brady & Damon Salvatore
Four werewolves were killed in Jules's and Brady's pack when the group attacked Damon and Stefan after Stefan supposedly brought Tyler to them in exchange for Caroline and Damon showed up shortly afterward. Jules's and Brady didn't honor the exchange. Damon killed two, including one by ripping his heart out; and Stefan killed two by turning their cross bow stakes against them. During the fight Tyler initially saved Caroline from the cage she was imprisoned and tortured in but hesitated when Jules pulled a gun loaded with wooden bullets on her (she noticed that and the friendship has ended apparently). Damon was shot by Jules's wooden bullet gun and Stefan was staked from behind. Before they could be finished off Dr Jonas Martin saved Stefan, Caroline and Damon from Jules's pack by inflicting rapid and repeated brain aneurysms, causing them great pain and it caused them to go unconscious. He left Tyler unaffected so he could tell them to get out of town on Dr. Martin's behalf.

Rick2.14 Crying Wolf 5 (Technically 6 with Alaric's resurrection) 5 Jules (whereabouts unknown with Tyler) & Brady & Elijah
Tyler saves Stefan after Brady shot him in the heart with a wooden bullet by helping him remove the wooden bullet from Stefan's heart. After Elena successfully keeps herself safe temporarily from getting killed by Brady Stefan kills Brady by ripping his heart out. Elijah saves Damon Salvatore from Jules and her wolfpack by ripping the hearts out of three nameless werewolves and breaking the neck of Stevie, the fourth werewolf with a right cross to the chin (Jules, who was present, ran off at superspeed). Alaric is saved by the Gilbert ring resurrecting him after he was stabbed to death by the werewolf Stevie. Jules is the villain for having Damon tortured for the moonstone; Brady for trying to capture Elena to be sacrificed; Elijah for his ulterior motive of planning to sacrifice Elena anyway so he can kill Klaus.

Elijahdeaddinner The Dinner Party 6; 5 in 1864; In the present Elijah (technically 7 total, Elijah technically twice the second time after he resurrected) 4 Stefan in 1864, Elijah & John Gilbert in the present.
In 1864 Damon Salvatore by then a vampire saved two girls from Stefan killing them by compelling them to leave and forget what they saw. Stefan killed Honoria Fell, Thomas Fell and Johnathan Gilbert (though, he was resurrected due to a Gilbert ring that he wore) and two anonymous women on screen in 1864. In the present Stefan saves Damon's life when he called Alaric with the warning that the dagger would not only kill the vampire stabbed with it but the vampire doing the stabbing before Damon made the attempt. John Gilbert didn't tell Damon that full story and so almost got Damon killed. Alaric, a human, later kills Elijah with the dagger. However, the dagger wasn't left in Elijah's body and he revived. Later Elijah in revenge goes to capture Elena is killed again by the dagger after Elena stabbed herself with an ordinary knife to make a deal with Elijah to protect her loved ones and Elijah fell for the trap. This time -at least for the foreseeable future- the dagger stayed in and Elijah remained dead.

Season2-the-house-guest-009 The House Guest 2 4 (at least, potentially 8; Katherine Pierce, Matt, Elena most obviously) Jonas and Luka Martin.
Damon Salvatore saves Katherine Pierce after she was staked by an "invisible" (from Katherine's and Damon's POV) Luka Martin who was physically in his home with his father Jonas Martin. His father was helping him in remotely viewing/astral projecting into the Salvatore Mansion, trying to remove the dagger from Elijah whose body was in the Salvatore dungeon. Katherine sensed and then saw the dagger being removed and used her vast physical vampire strength and overpowered Luka and kept it in. In retaliation Luka staked Katherine. Damon arrives and removes the stake from Katherine as Luka returned to trying to remove the dagger from Elijah's body.

To prevent this Luka is killed by Damon Salvatore when -unknowing it was Luka- he shot a flame thrower at the invisible psychic connection. The flames manifested where Luka was physically. In his own home Luka physically ignited into flames. Jonas tried to save him by using healing and/or resurrection spells but they failed. Damon's action saved himself, Kathrine, Stefan, Alaric, and Jenna et. al of Elena's loved ones and ultimately Elena from the wrath of Elijah who would have very likely killed them all for killing him and capturing Elena for his plot to kill Klaus.

Jonas Martin seething with revenge, tried to make Bonnie tell him where Elena was by wrecking the Mystic Grill, magically shattering the lights and setting fire to it endangering the patrons. Caroline by now knowing that Elena is in danger attacks Jonas. He saves himself from being killed by Caroline by inflicting cranial pain on her and she withers in tremendous pain. After Jonas prevented Caroline's attack, an uncomprehending Matt attacked Jonas to save Caroline. Jonas then broke a bottle and cut Matt's neck open including possibly the Jugular vein and/or Internal carotid artery causing Matt to bleed out heavily. Caroline saves Matt by making him drink her blood to heal him (but not turned into a vampire as revealed in the following episode Know Thy Enemy).

Stefan kills Jonas after Jonas went after Katherine as planned by Katherine making Jonas think that she was Elena to capture her for Klaus. Katherine bit and ripped out part of Jonas's neck but Jonas wasn't quite dead yet. He appeared to revive to give the by then present Bonnie her powers back and a method of killing Klaus (all within two or three seconds). Stefan then snaps his neck. Both Jonas and Luka were villains for trying to have Elena's friends and family killed and Elena captured for Elijah.

Kte013 Know Thy Enemy 1 (technically 2) 2 (Elena & John Gilbert) 2- Katherine Pierce (captured and held by Klaus); Klaus for possessing Alaric and compelling Isobel.
Isobel at least temporarily saved Elena from a double crossing Katherine (who thought she and Isobel were working together) who planned to save herself by turn over both the moonstone and Elena to Klaus. Isobel did this by double crossing Katherine and having her delivered with the moonstone to Klaus. Isobel was compelled to do so by Klaus in exchange for the at least temporary safety of Elena. After she completed her task she immolated herself under Klaus' compulsion under the bright sun in front of Elena (and on top of her own empty grave Isobel's parents had as a memorial to their daughter) by ripping off the magical lapis lazuli necklace that prevented her from burning up in the sun. She had been working for over the previous year to prevent Klaus from finding out about Elena being the doppelgänger, including working with John Gilbert and Katherine Pierce to kill the Tomb vampires because she still loved her daughter Elena.

Technically John Gilbert was killed by Isobel but was resurrected by the Gilbert ring he was wearing that protects the wearer from death.

Katherine Pierce is the villain for working to turn over Elena to Klaus under her own free will. Isobel and John Gilbert aren't the villains because Isobel was compelled to betray Elena (and kidnap Alaric and give to Klaus) while John Gilbert was a dupe. Klaus is also the villain for being behind all the intrigue including compelling Isobel to commit suicide and having her capture Alaric so he can possess him.

TheLastDance25 The Last Dance 0 (technically 1) 2 Klaus
Technically no one died in this episode. Klaus believed he got Bonnie to use all of her condensed witch power in her battle with him, killing herself as he intended, thus saving herself. However, she cast a spell that at least mimicked her death if not resurrected her. At the time Elena was not in immediate danger since Klaus did not capture her for now. Stefan saved a compelled high school student from being killed by Damon when he and two others attacked Jeremy and then Stefan and Damon. Damon did not care if they were compelled or not. Klaus was the villain for his compelling innocent people endangering them and attempting to kill Bonnie.

Tumblr lkbvrvkCSo1qig7wyo1 500 Klaus (Episode) 0 1 (technically 3) Klaus
No one died this episode. Stefan saved Jenna from being killed by Klaus. Klaus was still occupying Alaric's human body so Stefan can easily keep him at bay. It can be said that Elena "saved" Elijah from "death" by pulling out the White Ash dagger and letting Elijah revive. It can also be said that the better side of Damon "saved" Andie from being killed after he initially gave in and fed on her but forced himself to stop and compelled her to leave for good.

220VampireDiaries1163 The Last Day 2 (Maddox, Jenna as a human; as of this episode turning into a vampire) 7 (Caroline 3 times) Klaus
Jenna and Alaric help save Stefan by giving him blood bags after Damon staked him in the stomach during a fight over Elena. Katherine at least temporarily saved herself by pretending not to be on vervain when Klaus ordered her to take off her lapis lazuli bracelet and stand in the window exposed to the sun, burning herself. If she hadn't it is possible that Klaus would've tortured her for what she knows and/or killed her. Matt saves Damon from being killed by Maddox by shooting him with a rifle. After knocking Matt out Damon saved Caroline and at Caroline's insistence Tyler from the Tomb. Damon saves Caroline from Tyler as he transformed into a werewolf when he uncontrollably lunged at her. However in doing so Damon got bit. Caroline and Matt save themselves from a fully transformed Tyler by running into the dungeon of the ancestral Lockwood home and locking themselves in.

Prior to saving Caroline the first time, Damon killed Maddox by snapping his neck after Matt shot him. Jenna was killed by Klaus and transformed by Klaus into a vampire to serve as his sacrifice for the ritual.

Tumblr lksg6dqy9k1qcpi0mo1 500 The Sun Also Rises 4 (technically 5, Elena resurrected) 6 Klaus
Matt saves himself and Caroline by shooting and wounding a transformed Tyler, enabling them to escape the Lockwood dungeon at the ancestral Lockwood property and flee to Caroline's house. Klaus saves himself by easily repulsing Jules' attempted attack to save herself from being sacrificed. Klaus saves Greta Martin from Jenna Sommers' vampire attack attempting to save Elena from being sacrificed. Klaus saves himself at the last second as Elijah was about to rip his heart out of his body by revealing, supposedly, that Elijah's extended family is still alive. Elijah takes him away preserving Klaus' life. John Gilbert saves Elena from both permanent death and vampirism by Bonnie casting a spell and mystically transferring his life force from himself to Elena, resurrecting her.

Klaus kills Jules by ripping out her heart during the sacrifice; Klaus kills Jenna during the sacrifice by staking her to death; Klaus kills Elena by draining her of her blood unto death; Damon snaps Greta's neck during the sacrifice as Bonnie attacked Klaus. John Gilbert dies as the fulfillment of Bonnie's spell (see above) resurrecting Elena. Klaus is the villain for performing the sacrifice. Elijah, while going back on his word to kill Klaus, did it to find his family, a understandable reason therefore not a villain.

Girl222 As I Lay Dying 3 (technically only 1 is dead permanently, a human woman, Jeremy resurrects and Elijah could be revived at a later date- neutralized) 5 (Damon twice) Klaus (with Stefan under his control)
Klaus double crosses Elijah -- going back on his promise to find his family -- and kills him instead with the White Oak Wood Ash dagger; Sheriff Forbes first tries to shoot an imprisoned and sick Damon Salvatore in the Salvatore/Gilbert Dungeon but he saves himself by moving out of the way as she opened the door and he slams her against the wall. Later still in pursuit of Damon she shoots Jeremy Gilbert by accident while shooting at Damon who saves himself by superspeeding out of the way of Forbes' gunfire. She kills him but Bonnie saves Jeremy by asking the 100 witch spirits to save him. Emily eventually intervenes and resurrects him. Klaus and Katherine save Damon by giving him the cure (Klaus by making it and having Katherine deliver it-and she didn't run off without delivering it under her own free will).

Klaus forces Stefan to kill an innocent woman to prove that he is with him as his "assistant" in a killing spree and whatever else he has in store for him. Katherine was in no danger of dying after the hybrid Klaus bit her infecting her with his wolf bite but then he fed her his blood forcibly and curing her as a demonstration to Stefan. Klaus is the obvious villain for double crossing Elijah, killing him and making Stefan his virtual slave by forcing him to kill.

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