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You've spent your whole life being a hero, whereas I wasted centuries of mine being a villain. So, if you'll indulge me. You're dead, obviously. [...] And I'm guessing that you died on purpose. To bring an end to Malivore once and for all? You can't do that if you get in bonehead's boat, can you, now?

See You On The Other Side is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Legacies and the fifty-second episode of the series overall.


PEACEHope wrestles with her reality. Alaric entrusts the Super Squad to work together. Cleo confides in Landon. Meanwhile, MG divulges some important information to Lizzie and Finch sees a different side to Josie. Kaleb, Jed and Ethan also appear.[2]


Hope stands before the Ferryman on a dock facing peace. She questions him again whether or not his boat will take her to peace. He nods his head and she wonders what the catch is. He holds out his hand and she assumes he wants money, which she doesn't have. The Ferryman points to her Mikaelson necklace, but she's unwilling to part with it. It's priceless to her. She counters his offer. If he can prove to her that her family is where they're going, then she can part with it. The Necromancer speaks from behind her, telling her that he wouldn't do that. She believes that he is the cause of the mind games, but he informs her that it's "Ted", and this is no game.

In Mystic Falls, Kaleb and Ethan, though controlled by Malivore, go from house to house enthralling townies with black goo. Jed and Wade follow them, witness their actions and report back to Alaric, Lizzie, Josie, and MG. They need to save the townies and find a way to bring back Landon and Cleo. Alaric is aware of Malivore's plan. He's trying to split them up and fight on multiple fronts. However, that's exactly the plan; he knows what each of them are capable of doing. Alaric will go to the abandoned train station, alone and face the townies to rescue Hope. He leaves the other two fronts to MG to lead. Lizzie and MG will see if they can free Ethan and Kaleb, and Josie and Jed will find a way to rescue Cleo and Landon.

Hope wonders just what they're doing here. The Necromancer explains that they're in Limbo. She suggests that he jump into the Ferryman's boat, but he tells her he can't. He has nothing the Ferryman will accept. Hope, however, does because she spent her whole life being a hero where he wasted centuries being a villain. He assumes she's dead, in transition, because she's going to bring an end to Malivore. However, she can't do that if she gets in the Ferryman's boat. Hope agrees, but she believes this is her only chance at peace. Vampires are the opposite of peaceful for Mikaelsons, not to mention everyone else. He reminds her that she is the tribrid, but that terrifies her. She recalls their first conversation. Her father will never know peace until she does, and now she has the opportunity. Now she questions who she saves.

In the Darkness, Landon beats on a closet door. A bright light appears and the door disappears. Cleo has arrived to save him.

Hope and the Necromancer sit on the dock. He questions what she's going to do. She admits that she's screwed and won't be able to handle the grief if she has to kill the love of her life or the guilt if she takes the easy way out and chooses peace. She wonders if his words were true-would her family find peace if she does. He doesn't recall the conversation. He remembers being the Necromancer, but only in pieces. It could be the truth or a manipulation. He apologizes to her, but she knows what she must do. She tells him if her family passes by for him to tell them to not to wait for her. With her mind made up, she walks past the Ferryman and dives into the water, waking up in transition.

Hope finds herself overwhelmed, all of her senses are heightened and she's confused. She's no longer in her bed, but trapped in a rail car. Malivore watches her as she wakes and welcomes her back to the land of the living, though she won't be staying long. Hope attempts to cast the Motus spell to break free, but she's in transition. Malivore reminds her that she has no magic, no wolf form or vampire powers. She's more vulnerable now than ever unless she feeds. Malivore, however, has no intention of letting that happen and to let her die. He explains that Cleo showed him how to kill her, but his timetable has been moved up and he no longer has the time to get what he needs because she's decided to turn. He's sure that since she won't feed, she'll die alone, broken and pitiful. Hope believes her friends will come for her, but that is what Malivore is counting on.

Alaric stalks the train yard and is surrounded by Malivore controlled townies. Not wanting to kill them, he throws down his gun and pulls out a bow staff.

Back at the school, Josie goes through the Necromancer's Grimoire when Finch stops by. She knows she owes Josie a conversation, but that's not why Josie has called her here. Jed enters with the banshee candle and Wade has a bucket of salt. Josie needs all of them to be her last line of defense. She asks Jed and Wade to clear out the school and not to let anyone come in or out of her room. No matter what. They accept and clear out. Finch questions her motives, and Josie explains that she's going to use black magic; an extremely advanced summoning spell from the Necromancer's grimoire. She's going to try and pull Landon and Cleo out of Malivore. Finch doesn't think she belongs there, considering it's witch stuff, but Josie needs her support. Josie goes on to explain that Cleo spelled the candle with a muting spell. If something goes wrong, Finch needs to light the spell to stop her from being able to speak. Finch agrees.

MG and Lizzie track Ethan to Mystic Falls High School. Lizzie is to help Dorian evacuate the building while he'll search for Ethan. However, if she's to encounter him first, MG pleads with her not to hurt him. He's been hurt by the supernatural enough. Lizzie enters the school, but Ethan and a group of students interrupt MG. He commands the students to get to the train depot while he'll handle MG. MG doesn't want to fight, but Ethan tells him that he doesn't have a choice. He's confused as to how Ethan remembers the supernatural world, but he explains that he's not really Ethan exactly. It's Malivore. MG wanted to be a superhero so bad, now he has a super villain to fight. Malivore has even given Ethan powers that he can use to fight back. MG is curious about the powers and Ethan turns invisible.

Landon thanks Cleo for coming to rescue him in the Darkness. Landon questions how he can trust her, and that she's not Malivore. Cleo assures him that Malivore is not focused on either of them at the moment. He now has the idea on how to kill Hope because he tricked Cleo. They need to get out of the darkness, but for her they need not move. She's wondered how Malivore has created things within the Darkness. This place exists inside of him and thus made of him. She dips her hand into the floor, pulling out Malivore mud, and explains that she'll make them a doorway out.

Hope beats on the train car glass window, until it gives and she breaks her way out. Sounds are painful to her as she struggles to move. She finds Malivore, controlling his thralls, behind a door. She attempts to open the door, but it's barred from the inside.

Outside the Train Depot, Alaric successfully incapacitates the townies, though not without injury. Kaleb is his next opponent, and he's been upgraded by Malivore. Kaleb's eyes turn orange, and he breathes out fire.

Malivore throws MG through the school door, the latter still not wanting to fight Ethan. MG attempts to get through to Ethan, but Malivore's control is too strong. He's determined to get MG to fight him and breaks a flag pole, weaponizing it as a stake. Ethan disappears again and appears behind him, stabbing him in the side. MG believes of all the powers Malivore could have given Ethan, Malivore picked a real cowardly one. Despite his sentiments, the power is effective. He disappears again, the next time aims for his heart. MG defends himself and pulls off a locker door, using it as a shield, but Malivore is stronger. Malivore attempts to stake him, but Lizzie appears behind him and grabs Ethan's head, siphoning. Ethan falls over on the floor but MG quickly learns that he's no longer breathing.

Alaric takes cover as Kaleb attacks, toying with him. Alaric attempts to reason with Kaleb, since he's still worrying about him. Kaleb instructs him to leave, but Alaric refuses. He tells Kaleb that Malivore has Hope. Kaleb explains that he's the reason why he has her. Alaric continues to put his trust into Kaleb and reassures him that he believes in him. Kaleb doesn't want to do this, here, and Alaric wants him to fight it like his bloodlust. Alaric bets his life on Kaleb as his eyes turn orange, but Kaleb takes control, albeit temporarily. Malivore takes control of Kaleb. Malivore berates Alaric for teaching his students on how to be prey as opposed to predators. It makes his job easy but believes him to be pathetic. Malivore assures him that no one will remember them. Once Hope is dead, he will consume them all except Alaric so everyone will remember him as a failure. As Malivore attempts to kill Alaric, Hope surprises him from behind and stabs him. Hope quips about the dragon's soft spot, but falls to the ground, nearly unconscious. Malivore regains consciousness, learning that Hope's escaped and goes out to the train yard, planning to end her himself.

Cleo continues with her plan on making a doorway out of Malivore. Landon asks if he can help, but the process is more difficult than Cleo first believes. Despite her quip, she offers him some Malivore mud, instructing him to help her make a handle. As she hands him the mud, a tendril shoots up from the darkness and grabs Landon, but Cleo uses her magic to stop it. Landon is confused as to what it was, but Cleo believes that someone is attempting to summon him.

At the Salvatore School, Josie sits in a salt circle casting the spell as Finch paces the room. Josie begins to lose control of the spell, her nose bleeding black and the wind picking up. Finch doesn't have time to get Jed and Wade and opts to light the light, but dives under the bed to block the wind. When she crawls out, Dark Josie is lying on the bed and she snuffs out the candle.

Alaric crawls to Hope and cuts open his hand attempting to feed her. Hope is awake and stops him, but she hesitates. She doesn't know if she can handle what comes after. Alaric has never seen anything she can't handle and is willing to take the risk if she is. He never wanted it to come to this, but Hope accepts her fate. She takes his hand and consumes his blood, completing her transition. Nature itself signals the birth of the tribrid, the sky turning blood red, thunder and red lightning striking through the sky. Malivore arrives just in time to witness Hope's complete transition. Hope instructs Alaric to take Kaleb back to the school and she'll handle Malivore. He grabs Kaleb and leaves. Malivore believes that Hope is underestimating him, but Hope is a monster to which he has never seen. Hope casts a spell and throws Malivore through the air. As he comes closer to the ground, she vamps to him, punching him midair with enough force to throw him into a train car. Stumbling to the ground and shaken, Malivore runs from her. Hope muses that he hasn't even seen her wolf form yet.

Lizzie and MG perform chest compression on Ethan. Lizzie is upset that she's killed the one boy in the world that likes her. MG reassures her that he's not going to die and reminds her that he likes her too. She's shocked, but that gives him an idea. He wants her to use her magic to give his heart a shock to resuscitate him. He believes in her and Lizzie siphons him ime and casts the spell. Ethan gasps awake.

Josie questions Finch's look. She did warn her that her situation was complicated. Finch brushes her off and believes it to be ridiculous. She doesn't know why the others call her "Dark" Josie. Finch tells her that she's into Josie just the way she is. First off, she hasn't done anything scary yet, and this is her. Finch doesn't buy it. She's not the only one with a dark side, but Josie takes offense that she's trying to compare her black magic dark side to her werewolf dark side. Finch ignores her, and admits she used to try and hide her other side, but Josie taught her that there's a place for all of her. Finch tries to reason with her. She can't be Josie is one side of her is trying to overtake the other. She doesn't need to fight it. If Josie can't love her other side, then she'll love it for her. Finch embraces her in a kiss and Josie comes back to her senses, pulling her out of the darkness.

Malivore attempts to hide within a train car, barring the doors, but Hope is there, waiting for him in wolf form. She transforms back, the full tribrid tour complete. She decides it's time to end it, and bits her arm. With blood dripping down, she casts another spell to form a sword with her blood. Malivore doesn't want to face her and retreats back within Landon, giving him back control of his body. In the darkness, his consciousness replaces Landon. Cleo is also done with the door, and Malivore, posing as Landon questions where it will send them. Cleo explains that it will take them back to their world. Landon, however, reminds her that he's not in control of his own body, but Cleo's spell takes that into account. The door will create a new vessel for his consciousness until they can return him back to his own body.

Hope is ready to stab Malivore with her blood sword when Landon is given back control. Hope questions if it really is him, and he quips back if she said that to all the Landons. She knows it's him, and embraces him in a kiss, citing she needed more proof. Landon, however, can't stay. He is happy to see her and he has control of his body for the moment. He shares Malivore's memories and knows she's already a tribrid. They both know she has to end it.

Cleo declares it is time to go and Malivore reveals himself to her. As he told her centuries ago, he is not letting her go and walks through the door. The bright light quickly fades for him to only realize that it's not a doorway out. Cleo has constructed him a coffin, determined to not fall for his tricks again. She shuts the door and Malivore is trapped.

At the Salvatore School, Jed brings Josie her sketch pad. There's a drawing of her grandmother. Wade wonders if she had any luck with summoning Landon, but she didn't. She doesn't believe she has the power to do so without going to the darkside. Finch suggests that she can siphon from them. Wade and Jed agree and they all step inside the circle. Josie begins to siphon and casts the spell again. Finch believes in her.

Hope walks away from Landon. She can't go through with killing him. He doesn't believe that considering she made a sword of her blood to kill Malivore. She can't look into his eyes to kill Malivore and this is what he's counting on. Landon is still his puppet and this is what she must do. They've been fighting this fate since they first figured out who they were, but he believes they will win, at least a moral victory, if they stand together. Hope accepts her fate and tells him that she's going to miss the way he makes her laugh. Landon reciprocates, stating he's going to miss all of it, but wouldn't trade a second of it. Hope will always love him and he will love her forever. They embrace in a final kiss goodbye as Hope stabs Landon through the heart with her blood sword.

Still trapped in Darkness, Malivore punches out of Cleo's coffin. He admits that Cleo is clever but her traps never hold him for long. When he escapes he will search the world for the weapon to kill the tribrid. Cleo is adamant that he will do no such thing. Hope has fulfilled her destiny and Malivore's death rages towards them. Fire consuming the Darkness and everything within it. Malivore takes comfort that she will die with him, but a tendril grabs her wrist and wraps around her. Malivore is confused and demands to know what magic this is. She only explains that it's a squad thing and she's pulled out from the darkness as Malivore is consumed.

Hope's blood sword dissolves in flames as it disappears from Landon's chest. Landon collapses on the ground and Hope is overwhelmed with emotion and then, nothing. With a blank expression, Hope walks off.

Josie completes the spell and with Jed, Wade and Finch surprised around her. She questions if it worked and Wade motions to her side. Cleo has been pulled from Malivore. They're all happy to see her and Josie is surprised she did it. They all embrace in a hug until Wade asks about Landon. Cleo gives them all a disappointed look.

In Limbo, the Necromancer plucks a coin from the Ferryman, gaining his attention. The Necromancer offers him the coin, but he doesn't accept. Angry, he throws the coin in the distance, but Landon approaches him, catching it. The Necromancer is surprised to see his former foe and glad that Hope completed her transition. He tells Landon to chin up, they've figured their way out of worse situations.

Lizzie and MG talk; she's concerned that Ethan will hate them since his compulsion will wear off now that he's supernatural. He doesn't know how Ethan will take things but knows that Lizzie was a hero today. She explains that a guy she seriously likes was in danger, but doesn't elude to who, him or Ethan. Ethan appears before them with beers stashed in his locker room. He's happy, by all accounts. They both saved his life and that makes them even. He bets that Alaric has booze at the Salvatore School and suggests they head back over. He's considering enrolling, now that he's supernatural.

Finch remains in Josie's room, asking if she should stay and help clean up, but that's a problem for tomorrow. She asks if she wants her to just stay, period. Josie asks her about her feelings towards the Merge. Finch admits that it scares her and Josie believes they should talk about it. Siphoning from her, she telekinetically closes and locks the door. Removing her shirt and leading Finch to her bed, they take their relationship to the next level. Finches eyes glow as she kisses Josie and Josie causes the salt to explode in tiny fireworks.

In the gym, Kaleb revives. Alaric admits that the cage is for safety. Kaleb is feeling like his old self, but believes he's still part dragon. That is unexpected for Alaric, but he tells Kaleb that all the townies are back to normal and they don't remember anything. It's finally over. He tells Kaleb that Landon didn't make it. Kaleb doesn't know what he was thinking, but love blinded him. It's a story Alaric and Cleo know well. Alaric hands Cleo the key to Kaleb's cage; he's speechless at seeing her alive and here before him. He questions how she's here, but that is a story best told on their first date.

At the Town Square, Alaric arrives to greet Hope. He's late because he had to make sure the students were safe. Hope asked him not to tell the others he's coming, because she doesn't want them here. She admits that love is a burden and stops Alaric as he tries to comfort her. She thought she was prepared to become the tribrid, to kill Landon and all the emotions it would bring. Alaric does know what she's going through. Her grandmother, Esther turned him into a vampire once and knows how it feels. Hope questions why he never turned it off, but he knows that is never the answer. Hope believes otherwise. Alaric realizes too late that she's already flipped her humanity off. She explains that she did it the moment she stabbed Landon, and admits that it's really working for her. She was so sick of her emotions controlling her and now she's finally free. She warns him to not try to talk her out of it. He wonders why she brought him here. She explains that he's meant to be a message to the others, so they will stay away, too. He doesn't believe they will listen, but Hope's true face appears as she reassures him that she'll make it loud and clear.


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  • This episode's title was a line used by Hope.

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