Sheila's House is a residence in Mystic Falls where Sheila Bennett used to live until she died in her bed from overuse of magic after opening the vampire's tomb in Fool Me Once.

To her father's chagrin, Bonnie visited her grandmother frequently at her home until she died. Bonnie was absent for a few episodes after her Grams' funeral and took some days off from school. Stefan was invited in, but Sheila refused to invite Damon. Due to not appearing onscreen, the house is either vacant or lived in/owned by Sheila's extended family given that Sheila is deceased and the house is no longer in her name.

Vampires with Invitation

Only one vampire has been invited into the house;


Season One
Season Eight


  • The real-life address is 2136 Conyers Street SE, Covington, Georgia, USA.
  • In real life, the house is next door to the foreclosed home where Isobel was squatting, which is known as Lee-Porter Mansion.


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