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This article is about Shelia, a character from the Digital Comics. You may be looking for Sheila Bennett, a character from The Vampire Diaries.

I was wondering when you'd ask us for help, child.
Sheila to Bonnie in Circus of Souls Part Three

Sheila Bennett was a witch that appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comics. She is the mother of Abby and grandmother of Bonnie Bennett.

Sheila is a member of the Bennett Family.

Early History

In 1969, Sheila attends the Woodstock Festival. In her diary entry, she writes "Dear diary, I can't believe I actually did it. I ran away from home to go to the Woodstock festival. My mom wouldn't let me go, but I'm almost 14, for crying out loud! I know I'll have to deal with it when I get back, but it was so worth it. Everyone here is amazing, and they're so tapped into what's happening. It's opened my mind to so much! No one in Mystic Falls even talks about the war anymore, but people are still dying over there. I wish someone would do something about it." Sheila enjoys the festival and takes pictures with her camera until three guys approach her. Before things turn sour, though, a man and women approach her, asking if there is a problem. There's no problem, however, as long as all three of them leave. Avoiding conflict, the three men leave as instructed. Stefan introduces himself and his friend, Lexi, and asks for her name. She introduces herself as Sheila Bennett. Stefan recognizes the name Bennett as asks if she's from Mystic Falls. Sheila's shocked that he knows where she's from, but Stefan's from there too, although he hasn't been back in a few years. He knows her mother, Amelia and asks if she's here too. Sheila shies away from the question, prompting Stefan to ask if Amelia is even there, or if she knows she's here. Not exactly, she tells Stefan. He hadn't planned on returning to Mystic Falls so soon, but he offers to drive Sheila back home. Sheila stops him. How he could be friends with her mother. By appearances, he's only a few years older than she is. Lexi wonders if they should tell her, but they don't. She's ran away and they all know how mad Amelia will be and will only get angrier the longer she's out. Sheila refuses the ride. She can get home all on her own. Lexi tells her that Stefan has a sweet ride and they'll be home in no time. Sheila eventually agrees, but she's upset about missing Hendrix. Stefan tells her she can catch him another time, he knows how her mother gets. Lexi knows as well and she's not going to be there when he talks to Amelia. This was all his idea. Sheila agrees with Lexi.

In no time, they return to Amelia's home. He tells the two girls to remain in the car and he'll attempt to defuse the situation. Amelia, however, meets him out on the porch and Sheila gets out of the car. Amelia wonders what he's doing with Sheila but before he can explain, she demands them all to come inside before someone sees them. Inside the house, Amelia explains that the Founder's Council has been on alert for the last seven years. There was a series of "animal" attacks in 1962. Stefan and Lexi, however, know better. It was Damon. Sheila asks who's Damon, but all Stefan mentions is that he is his brother.

Later, she and Lexi heads upstairs. While brushing her teeth, Sheila asks Lexi how they knew her mom. It's a long story, but she'll give her an abbreviated version. She explains that she and Amelia are witches. Sheila's confused about how she knows that. However she shows her that they're vampires. As Sheila turns to face Lexi, she shows Shelia her 'true' face - her vampire face. Sheila screams, startled at the realization. Stefan and Amelia come running but finds everything okay. Lexi's laughing on the floor next to Sheila, and she explains that they're okay, they're vampires. Amelia's more concerned with Sheila. Her mouth is foaming, but she's fine, it's just toothpaste. They were only having fun. Stefan suggests that they should be going and the pair leaves.

A month later, Sheila write another entry into her dairy. "Dear dairy, it's the first day of classes and my first day of high school! Mary and Linda got so jealous when I told them I went to Woodstock. Linda said she didn't believe me. But she was convinced by the pictures I took. No one at school is talking about Vietnam, though it's like it's not even happening! The president said he'd end the draft, but he hasn't done anything so far. And everyone's okay with this! I should do something about it if no one else is. I haven't seen Stefan or Lexi since they drove me back from the festival. I thought Stefan might be at school since he looks like one of the seniors, but he hasn't shown up yet. Dear diary, well, I've done it. I've organized a sit-in. It didn't take much, actually. Well no that's not true. First, I put up posters, but no one seemed to notice. So then I started handing out fliers, but people were just throwing them away. Then, I noticed how Patty Smith was all over James Richards in the hall, but he wasn't having it. I told her that if she got the cheerleading squad to show up, I'd help her get James for homecoming. She didn't believe me, so I put a love potion in James's thermos. Now he can't keep his hands off her. If the squad's there, the football players won't be far behind, and everyone else will follow them. Now, we'll see if anyone shows up."

Before the sit-in, Stefan and Lexi stop by and say their goodbyes to Amelia. Sheila catches Stefan as he's about to leave and they exchange goodbyes, too. As he leaves, he tells her no more sneaking away to rock concerts. The next day Shelia attends her sit-in and writes about it in her diary. "Dear diary, what an amazing day! Everyone showed up for the sit-in and we shut down Main Street! Cars piled up on either end and started honking, but they were paying attention. People started shouting at us... so I decided to say something back. At first I was just shouting over them, but then they started to get quiet, and then they started to listen. I don't remember what I said exactly, but it was everything that'd been building up since this summer. I remember Stefan and Lexi were there. And my mom. Then the cops showed up. But no one moved! They all stayed sitting until the police or their parents dragged them away. No one else got arrested, but Sheriff Morrison handcuffed me and put me in a police car. But right after he did, Stefan went and talked to him. I don't know what he said, but they let me go. Stefan disappeared before I could think him, though." Her sit-in was an amazing success. Her mother congratulated her, too, telling her how amazing she was. Shelia describes the feeling, it was like they were under a spell, but Amelia tells her it was no spell. It was all her.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Mind Games, Sheila sits with Emily and Bonnie on the Other Side in a garden for tea. Three generations, together. Beyond the veil, their magic can create their beautiful reunion. Bonnie expresses that they should enjoy it while they can; she doesn't known for how long they can sustain it. Bonnie jokes that it must be fun for Emily. She's both the youngest and oldest at the same time. Sheila muses that it's nice to feel like a spring chicken, but Bonnie compliments her regardless - she's gorgeous inside and out. Emily, however, doesn't respond. She's dazed and lost in her own memories and yells out for someone named Sarah to run, that this Sarah means no harm and to leave her alone. Emily drops her tea and the garden-scape fades as Bonnie and Sheila rush to her side. The environment changes into a bedroom. Emily's unconscious and Bonnie asks her Grams what's wrong with Emily; she keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Sheila believes she's reliving the same terrifying memory in a constant loop. They have to help her. Sheila explains that she isn't a strong enough witch to force herself out of it, but Bonnie is. She must enter Emily's memory and move her past this traumatic event, and instructs her not to alter it. Sheila explains that changing her memory, she'll change the past. When the warning is given, Bonnie and Sheila cast a spell and Bonnie's spirit is sent into Emily's memory - her past. As her spirit enters Emily, Sheila gives her another piece of advice. Once she helps her come to terms, then Bonnie will be brought back to them, but to tread lightly in the past. Sheila lets go of Bonnie's spirit as they exchange "I love yous".

As Bonnie returns and Emily wakens, Sheila comments that Sarah is now free. And so is Emily.

In 1969, Sheila guides Bonnie through the darkness of the Other Side and beyond the Veil. Shelia explains that there is someone that she'd like her to meet. Before them both stands Sheila's mother, Amelia. She's happy to finally be able to meet Bonnie, although perhaps it's a little sooner than any of them would have wanted and introduces herself. She's Bonnie's great-grandmother. Bonnie recognizes the name and has even seen her gravestone. Amelia finds the gravestone to be lovely and mentions that Stefan Salvatore went out of his way to make sure it looked nice. Bonnie's surprised that she knows who Stefan is but Amelia tells her that the Bennett women have known both of the Salvatore brothers since before Sheila was born. Sheila remembers the first time she met him in her youth; together they regale Bonnie of the story where she meets Stefan.

In Circus of Souls, Bonnie attempts to perform a grimoire spell, though without her magic, the spell won't work. However, she summons the help of magic on the Other Side and Sheila appears before her. Sheila wonders when she'd ask for their help and four other witches appear. Together, they cast he spell - Phesmatos simprem udom - in unison. The spell worked and the druidic artifact's mind control over the others and townspeople is broken and the carnival ringleader is taken into custody.


Born and bred in the picturesque town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, Sheila was a level-headed and strong-willed witch, who loved her family dearly.

Physical Appearance

Sheila Bennett had almond brown eyes, cocoa brown skin, and curly long hair.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Sheila possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a human/witch.


Shelia had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


  • Sheila is from the Latin form of "Caelia", feminine form of the Roman clan "Caelius" meaning "heavenly", or "of the heavens".[2]
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".[3]


  • Sheila contains various texts and grimoires collected in her research that detail certain supernatural articles and about witches. One text included information on Gemma Carver, the most powerful witch in London circa the 1900s, and "The Heart of the Nile" while another grimoire detailed a druidic artifact that had mystical attributes to control a subject.


  1. In Bloodlines and in 1969, Sheila states that she was barely a teenager and almost fourteen years old, respectively, placing her age at approximately 13 years old, in October 1969. This would place her date of birth around 1956.

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