Sheriff Machado[1] is a human who made her debut on the first episode of the second season of Legacies. She succeeds Matt Donovan as Sheriff of Mystic Falls and is the mother of Ethan and Maya. She forms a close, but unlikely relationship with Alaric Saltzman, who she believes to be an ordinary high school principal.

Early History

Throughout Legacies Series

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Mac sits next to Alaric at the bar. She sees him writing forensic notes and wonders if he's a detective. He lies and tells her that he's a True Crime novelist. As Josie enters the bar, the bartender tells Alaric that she can't be there as she's underage, but Mac flashes her badge and tells the bartender to let him talk to his daughter.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Sheriff Mac drops off her kids, Ethan and Maya, at school, only to find Hope Mikaelson standing next to a vandalized exterior wall. She suspects Hope as the culprit at face value, but Maya is quick to defend her. Even though Ethan and Maya are embarrassed to be dropped off in a cop car no less, Sheriff Mac is there on official business — to see Principal Saltzman.

In Alaric's office, she questions him about the disappearance of Dennis. She informs him that his teammates last saw him at the Old Mill, by the Salvatore School, to which they found his abandoned truck and his hunting rifle nearby. Alaric brushes it off, as he's still getting to know his students and her, but he'll check with his classmates and teachers. Sheriff Mac mentions that her biggest concern was a rash of missing dogs up to this point and Alaric, jokingly, suggests that the two could be connected.

Later during the annual charity football game between the two schools, Sheriff Mac arrives to inform Alaric that Dennis turned up, a little hungover, but safe and sound. Alaric tells her she's arrived just in time as Ethan has joined in the game. To her and Alaric's horror, Ethan is injured mid-pass on account of Josie's magic, and he collapses to the ground. They transport him off the field to Mystic Falls Hospital to contend with his injuries.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?,


Sheriff Mac is described as a single mother and career woman "who stands as the human line of defense in a town regularly besieged by monsters. Despite a troubled past, she's willing to open herself up to a new romance when the opportunity arises."[2]

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Season Two


  • Machado is of Portuguese and Spanish origin, derived from the word, "machado" meaning "axe" or "hatchet."[3][4]




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