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If I allowed myself to care about you the way I want to, I would tell you to leave this place behind. But the truth is, I need a partner. A sheriff who will look the other way when I need her to. Who will always believe everything I say.
Alaric to Sheriff Machado in That's Nothing I Had to Remember

Sheriff Machado[1] is a human who appeared on the first episode of the second season of Legacies. She succeeds Matt Donovan as Sheriff of Mystic Falls and is the mother of Ethan and Maya. She forms a close, but unlikely relationship with Alaric Saltzman, who she believes to be an ordinary high school principal.

Early History

Not much is known about Sheriff Machado's early history prior to moving to Mystic Falls except that her husband passed away under "questionable circumstances". Prior to becoming the sheriff, she was an officer in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Throughout Legacies Series

In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Sheriff Mac sits next to Alaric at the bar. She sees him writing forensic notes and wonders if he's a detective. He lies and tells her that he's a True Crime novelist. As Josie enters the bar, the bartender tells Alaric that she can't be there as she's underage, but Mac flashes her badge and tells the bartender to let him talk to his daughter.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Sheriff Mac drops off her kids, Ethan and Maya, at school, only to find Hope Mikaelson standing next to a vandalized exterior wall. She suspects Hope as the culprit at face value, but Maya is quick to defend her. Even though Ethan and Maya are embarrassed to be dropped off in a cop car no less, Sheriff Mac is there on official business — to see Principal Saltzman.

In Alaric's office, she questions him about the disappearance of Dennis. She informs him that his teammates last saw him at the Old Mill, by the Salvatore School, to which they found his abandoned truck and his hunting rifle nearby. Alaric brushes it off, as he's still getting to know his students and her, but he'll check with his classmates and teachers. Sheriff Mac mentions that her biggest concern was a rash of missing dogs up to this point and Alaric, jokingly, suggests that the two could be connected.

Later during the annual charity football game between the two schools, Sheriff Mac arrives to inform Alaric that Dennis turned up, a little hungover, but safe and sound. Alaric tells her she's arrived just in time as Ethan has joined in the game. To her and Alaric's horror, Ethan is injured mid-pass on account of Josie's magic, and he collapses to the ground. They transport him off the field to Mystic Falls Hospital to contend with his injuries.

In Since When Do You Speak Japanese?, Sheriff Mac hands Alaric a restraining order against him filed by Rupert Vardemus, alerting him that he isn't allowed near the school. She leaves her bag, and later that day, Alaric looks through it — believing it to be Josie's — and finds files on him. He questions her about it, and she tells him that she likes him and wanted to make sure he was a good guy.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Sheriff Mac arrests Alaric Saltzman on suspicion of the crimes that occurred at the Mystic Tap; she is unaware that it was actually Ryan Clarke who is to blame. She tells Alaric that he has a complicated history, especially when it comes to woman as the majority of his partners are dead. Alaric reveals that things in Mystic Falls are weird, but she too has a complex background, revealing that he looked into her. After questioning, Alaric eventually hands her Matt Donovan's card, telling her to ring her and check out his alibi.

When she returns, following the spell that restored everyone's memories, Alaric reveals to her that supernatural creatures are real. He asks if she can be the one to turn a blind eye whenever he needs her to, however she tells him that she cannot. With this, he has Kaleb compel away all he has told her and everything she knows about the supernatural.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, Sheriff Mac meets up with Alaric at Mystic Tap. Alaric is having trouble with his novel and asks for her advice about defusing a bomb. She offers that his character could just blow the bomb up, as that generally the render-safe protocol for any explosive. Detonate it from a distance. That's how things were done in the EOD. That's not the answer that Alaric was hoping for, but the conversation changes when she receives a phone call about Ethan. He's landed himself in detention for a fight involving another bully. Alaric tells her that he's a good kid and believes that he was sticking up for someone smaller. He confides in her that he wishes Lizzie would date somebody like Ethan. Sheriff Mac questions what happened to the exchange student, Sebastian. Alaric explains that he wasn't right for his daughter and he had to let him know it. She jokes with him about the possibility of murdering him and Alaric laughs it off.

Later that night, she receives a phone call from Alaric. He wants to thank her for the advice. She asks if he's finished his novel. He hasn't but he decided to let hi daughters take care of their situation and to his surprise, the world didn't end. He owes her one. With that, he asks her if she'd like to have dinner that weekend. She tells him that she's already answered him and it's in his pocket — a drink coaster that says "you're da bomb".

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Sheriff Mac is sitting in her patrol car, when someone behind her honks their horn, causing her to spill her coffee. She flips her lights on and gets out of the car to find it's Alaric. He immediately asks her if he'll still get his one phone call before she takes him downtown. She's still upset with him for blowing her off when they were supposed to have dinner. Alaric admits he's been meaning to call. She reminds him that he hasn't yet. He explains that he had to take a trip with his daughters to see their uncle and the whole situation is a long story, but the point is, that he's sorry. Moreso, because he also needs her help with a missing person who's gone to great lengths to not be found. As sheriff, she has a job and she can't be running around helping him whenever he wants. She turns to leave, but Alaric tells her that she will, because when he had Kaleb compel her to forget, he also had him tell her to listen to him in cases of life and death. As she's compelled to do, she turns and agrees, asking who they're supposed to be looking for.

Sheriff Mac finds Lucia at a bar. She attempts to run from Alaric, but she stops her. Later they sit down and Alaric explains what's happening to Rafael. She removes the handcuffs and tells her that she can go, if that's what she wants. Lucia leaves without a second thought, though she believes that she'll come back. She asks Alaric to trust her.

As Rafael's time draws near, Lizzie calls Alaric, needing him. He tells Mac that they need to leave, but she asks him not to give up on Lucia just yet. Alaric explains that werewolves are instinctual. She didn't even know about them before today and she won't tomorrow because of the compulsion and asks what makes her think that Lucia is any different. Mac explains that it's because she's a mother, just like her. So, that's what she's counting on, because they all make mistakes with their kids. As Alaric turns to leave, Mac is proven right. Lucia's returned to the bar and she gives a small smile to Alaric.
In Salvatore: The Musical!, Sheriff Mac leaves Alaric a voicemail. She's playing it cool and pretending she has a business reason for calling him. In fact, she hopes that he'll return the favor so they won't have to talk about the good time they had the other night.

Following up on her message, Alaric surprises her at her doorstep. She jokes for him not to be drunk but he tells her that this isn't a life-or-death situation and she's free to respond any way she wants. She jokingly amends her previous statement for him not to be high either. Alaric confesses that he couldn't risk himself having a normal life and growing old with someone. However, a friend made him think about just what he's willing to risk. Falling for somebody will always feel terrifying to him, but he believes that she's worth the risk. He hands her a bouquet of flowers and they laugh together before she invites him into her home.

In Hold on Tight, Sheriff Mac is forced to hand control of the situation surrounding the Necromancer to Alaric when he uses the compulsion put in place previously on her. Sheriff Mac tells Alaric that he can take lead, given he knows what he is doing, but is later surprised when she remembers the existence of the supernatural. This causes Sheriff Mac to leave town, and she cuts of contact with Alaric.


Sheriff Mac is described as a single mother and career woman "who stands as the human line of defense in a town regularly besieged by monsters. Despite a troubled past, she's willing to open herself up to a new romance when the opportunity arises."[2]

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  • Machado is of Portuguese and Spanish origin, derived from the word, "machado" meaning "axe" or "hatchet."[3][4]




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