This article is about Shinichi, a character from the novel series. You may be looking for Shinichi from the altered timeline in the novels.

Shinichi was a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was a Kitsune and also Misao's older twin brother.


In his human form, Shinichi looks like a young and beautiful Japanese boy with pitch black hair, red all around the tips and golden eyes. While in his fox form, he has more than six tails and black and red fur. Both he and his sister can change into any shape that they want.


He is callous, twisted and evil kitsune that relishes in destruction and chaos. He is shown to be playful with his sister and intended victims. He seems to have a habit of uttering poetry or old folklore lyrics, such as when he talked about Bonnie and Elena.


  • Shinichi is the Japanese origin and the meaning is "One Truth", however, it can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.

The Return Series

At first, he appeared as a dark and mysterious person in The Return: Nightfall, who offered a partnership to Damon in order to destroy the entire Fell's Church. With the influence and help of Damon, Stefan is lured away from the town with the promise of becoming a human again. Shinichi and his twin sister, Misao, used terrible tentacled creatures, which can be the size of a pinhead or big enough to swallow your entire arm, to make Damon one of her pawns. The malach entered Damon's body and took him over from the inside, corrupting his body and his soul, making him entirely under Shinichi's will. Shinichi made Damon torture Elena and even kidnap her, making her believe that Stefan wanted her to be under Damon's care, while he and Misao spread the malach like a virus among the citizens of Fell's Church.

Elena remove the Malach from Damon's spine. Later, Misao begs for mercy and finally gives Elena clues where to find the magic key that will release Stefan. Shinichi agrees to give Damon a psychic map if Damon surrenders his memories of the last few days to him. Damon agrees even though losing his memories involves losing his redemption.

He and his sister die in The Return: Midnight, after saying that they regret taking the mission to destroy Fell's Church.

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