Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie. This story that Sophie Deveraux fabricated, this struggle for control of the French Quarter, this war between vampires and witches, wasn't over territory at all, this was over Davina.

Sinners and Saints is the fifth episode of the first season of The Originals and the fifth episode of the series overall.



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PASTS ARE REVEALED AND SECRETS ARE EXPOSED — Angered by recent events involving the safety of his unborn baby, Klaus demands answers from Sophie, believing she was involved. Sophie reveals to Klaus and Rebekah a troubling secret from her past. Meanwhile, Marcel asks Klaus to accompany him to The Bayou after gruesome remains are discovered, while Rebekah, Sophie and Hayley set off on a mission of their own. Davina confides in an unexpected ally and reveals shocking information about the witches, ultimately leading to a disturbing revelation.



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  • Antagonists: Bastianna Natale (past), French Quarter Coven (past), and Agnes (past).
  • Narrator: Elijah Mikaelson.
  • Title meaning: a reference to the discovery of the very religious nature of the ancestral witches of the French Quarter Coven and their rejection of all sinners (Vampires and those Humans, like Father Kieran, who oppose the witches' goals). The saints are a reference to the four Harvest Girls, whose purpose is revealed in this episode.
  • This is the third episode to feature a flashback.
  • This is the first episode where Hayley starts to show a baby bump.
  • Elijah attempts to make a deal with Davina in order to end the war between the witches and vampires before it starts.
  • Elijah believes that Davina's powers are so strong that she can't control them.
  • It is revealed Jane-Anne had a daughter, Monique Deveraux, who was best friends with Davina.
  • Elijah is finally able to return home after he succeeds in making a deal with Davina.
  • Father Kieran O'Connell reveals that he is the leader of the Human Faction of New Orleans, just like Marcel is the leader of the vampire faction and essentially the de facto leader of the entire supernatural community of the city.
  • Father Kieran reveals that he is Camille's and Sean's uncle.
  • Cami doesn't appear in this episode.
  • It is revealed through flashbacks that Agnes was responsible for Camille's brother slowly losing his mind, which resulted in him killing himself along with his fellow seminary students in St. Anne's Church. She did this by putting a hex on him when she shook his hand using the Rosary of Madness.
  • It is revealed that Sabine's vision (according to Sabine), indicated that Klaus and Hayley's child will result in the end of witches. However Sophie reveals that she has her doubts about the accuracy of Sabine's visions.
    • It was revealed later in the season that Sabine was possessed by the spirit of Céleste Dubois, who lied about having a vision regarding Hayley and Klaus' child bringing the end to all witches in order to gain revenge on the Mikaelson Family.
  • In flashback, it is revealed that Sophie and Marcel had a secret romantic relationship eight months prior to this episode.
  • Sophie kissed a female party-goer in a flashback, making this the first episode to feature a kiss between to people of the same sex in TO.
  • The witches were revealed to have performed a ritual called The Harvest eight months prior to the start of the series, in which four young, teenage witches were intended to be sacrificed, and then resurrected, in order to appease their ancestors and strengthen their weakening bond to their ancestor's magic. Davina Claire, Monique Deveraux, Cassie and Abigail were the girls chosen to be part of the Harvest.
    • However, because of the intervention of Marcel and his vampires, only three of the four girls were sacrificed, leaving Davina as the lone survivor. It was because Marcel rescued her from death that Davina decided to side with him against the witches by using her ability to sense the use of magic to help Marcel enforce his rule upon the community.
  • This episode shows Elijah's vampire face slightly for the first time when he is hungry for Davina's blood and we see the trademark vampire veins beneath his eyes appear.
  • We learn that Marcel has a rule about people abusing kids.
    • This likely has to do with the abuse he suffered as a boy when he was a slave in 1820.
    • It is also implied that Marcel killed Jane-Anne the way that he did in Always and Forever (using a flexible tree branch to slit her throat) as punishment for allowing her daughter Monique to be sacrificed in the Harvest.
    • This rule will come into play several more times in the series.



Behind the Scenes

  • This episode had about 2.05 million viewers in USA, which was 0.18 million less than the previous episode.
  • Marguerite MacIntyre (the actress of Elizabeth Forbes) made her writing debut with this episode of the Originals. She is the first actor of either show to be involved behind the scenes on either series.

Cultural References


Elijah: "My siblings and I are the first vampires in history, the Originals. Three hundred years ago, we helped to build the city of New Orleans. We were happy here. A family. Recently, a coven of witches lured my brother back, using his unborn child as leverage. I tried to help him, but he betrayed me to his enemy, the vampire Marcel. Since then, I've been held prisoner by a powerful witch. My brother seeks to manipulate others to procure my release. But I have my own plan. If this witch proves to be an enemy, I will stop her by whatever means necessary."

Klaus: "Marcel. Bit early in the day for you, isn't it?"
Marcel: "I know, I make this look easy, but I still have an empire to run."
Klaus: "Better you than me. All that responsibility seems like such a bore."
Marcel: "Well, this might spice things up. I just heard about a bunch of dead witches out in the Bayou. The kinda damage a werewolf might do, only there was no full moon. I have an informant out there I need to meet and I would love for you to go with me."
Klaus: "Dead witches in the Bayou. Sounds like less of a problem and more like a cause for celebration."

Davina: "You're the one they call honorable."
Elijah: "Yes. That's what they call me. And yet I followed my brother here to New Orleans to engage in a war. So, I ask you, does that sound honorable to you?"
Davina: "You don't look well."
Elijah: "Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest, so I'd say I'm holding myself together quite well. Davina, I believe that you and I have the power to end a war between witches and vampires before it truly begins. I, by keeping my brother in line; you, by behaving like your true self, not some tool for Marcel or the witches."
Davina: "And why should I trust you?"
Elijah: "Well, for one thing, in spite of a ravenous hunger, I have not tried to take your blood."
Davina: "Why not? I'm the only one here."
Elijah: "Even in my present condition, I would not feed from a child."

Klaus: "We had a deal! You protect my unborn child, I dismantle Marcel's army. And whilst I've been busy fulfilling my part of the bargain, you allowed Hayley to be attacked and almost killed by a gaggle of lunatic witches."
Sophie: "I had nothing to do with it, I swear. Hayley and I are linked, remember? She dies, I die."
Rebekah: "Then who were they?"
Sophie: "They're a faction of extremists. Sabine stupidly told them about some vision she had about the baby."
Klaus: "What kind of vision?"
Sophie: "She has them all the time. They're totally open to interpretation. I'm guessing she's wrong on this one."
Klaus: "Well, how, may I ask, was this particular vision interpreted?"
Sophie: "Pretty much that your baby would bring death to all witches."
Klaus: "Ah, well, I grow fonder of this child by the second."



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