Slater's Suite is located in Richmond. It was owned by Slater. It was a site of four murders.

After Elijah broke the windows to the café in Richmond, Slater sought safety at his apartment. He then called Rose to inform her that, in order to lift the "Sun and Moon" curse she needed a moonstone and a witch to do the spell. After they hung up, it was revealed that Elijah had compelled him to call Rose and feed her misinformation about the curse. Elijah then compelled Slater to stake himself to death before Jonas came to the apartment to confer with Elijah on how to proceed with their plans.

In The Sacrifice, Rose and Elena came to the apartment to look for Slater. His doors were locked, so Rose just broke the locks and followed Elena inside. Soon, they found that Slater was dead. They tried to see what was in his computer, but it was password-protected. It was then that they found Alice, Slater's girlfriend, had found Slater's body earlier and hid in the closet when she heard Elena and Rose alive. She eventually helped them get into Slater's files by telling them his password was "Kristen Stewart". On Slater's computer, they found contact information for a vampire named Cody Webber who seemed to be in contact with Klaus. Alice called Cody to come to Slater's apartment as Elena requested so that she could protect her loved ones by handing herself over. Soon after, Cody and Klaus' men came to take Elena, the doppelgänger, back to Klaus, but Elijah arrived just in time and killed them all. Rose managed to escape, and Elijah left Elena and Damon unharmed, knowing that Damon would protect Elena for him in the meantime.


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