Previously on Legacies

HOPE: Previously on Legacies...
LIZZIE: Welcome to the Salvatore School.
JOSIE: I'm Josie.
LIZZIE: I'm Lizzie.
JOSIE: Sisters.
ALARIC: We are a school for the supernatural, which covers a lot of territory.
HOPE: I'm a hybrid of three different creatures. A tribrid.
LANDON: I knew Hope went to some fancy boarding school. People in town said it was for troubled rich kids.
HOPE: This is a safe place for people like Rafael.
ALARIC: I'm sorry, Landon, but you don't belong here.
LANDON: Then where do I belong?
JOSIE: I'm still nursing a wounded soul.
MG: Penelope Park?
PENELOPE: I am an equal opportunity evil temptress...
LANDON: I'm not gonna remember this...
HOPE: Probably not.
LANDON: Well, in that case...
ALARIC: What's wrong?
DORIAN: The alarm didn't trigger.
ALARIC: What was it?
DORIAN: Knife. Supernatural origins unknown.
HOPE: How do you know it was him? It's not possible, okay? I'm not that stupid!
HOPE: I know how to track him, but it involves using dark magic.
HOPE & JOSIE: [chanting] Inveniet hostium et tenebrae. Inveniet hostium...
MATT: Local PD thinks it was a chemical spill.
ALARIC: What's the actual story?
MATT: I'll leave that to you to figure out.

Salvatore Boarding School

[On the FOOTBALL FIELD, a man is putting down painted lines in anticipation of the upcoming flag football game between the Salvatore School Stallions and the Mystic Falls High School Timberwolves]

[Meanwhile, in HOPE'S BEDROOM, Hope is standing in front of her window, watching silently as the jocks from Mystic Falls High School vandalize the Salvatore School's vans with spray paint. They laugh hysterically and paint white X's over the school's logo as Hope watches, narrating in voiceover]

HOPE: [voiceover] "No legacy is so rich as honesty." When Shakespeare wrote that, he obviously didn't know what I know about teenage boys. I mean, I know there are guys with integrity, who lead with truth... I've just never met any of them.
JOCK: Stallions suck!

[The jocks run away, and the scene cuts to the GUIDANCE OFFICE, where guidance counselor Emma Tig, seated in an armchair, looks at Hope, sitting across from her, with a mixture of amusement and exasperation]

EMMA: I see you've decided to double down on your nihilism this morning.

[Hope rolls her eyes and retorts in a sarcastic voice]

HOPE: I'm trying to be rich with honesty.

[Emma gives her another exasperated look before trying to redirect her back to their session]

EMMA: Start from the beginning.

[Hope, not wanting to talk about the topic Emma is referring to, plays dumb to try to get out of it]

HOPE: Of my short-lived horrific romances with liars?

[Emma gives her a knowing look]

EMMA: About your decision to perform black magic on school grounds last night.
HOPE: [sighs] Maybe we could table this until I catch the guy I was trying to find by using black magic? Because the longer that Landon Kirby is out there, the greater the chance he tells people about this school and the kind of people we have hidden behind the gates.
EMMA: You know there's a beacon that alerts me when someone's using. You knew you would be caught.
HOPE: [impatiently] After I found Landon! But I lost the trail, and now I'm being interrogated.

[Hope's tone of voice once again becomes sarcastic as a result of her frustration]

HOPE: But go ahead. Take your time. Nothing at stake here.

[Emma can tell that Hope is hiding something and tries to get to the bottom of it]

EMMA: Did anyone help you with the spell?

[Hope remains silent for a long moment]


[Josie strikes a match and lights a candle with it before blowing it out. The two girls cross wrists and hold hands as they begin the dark locator spell]


[Back in the present, Hope keeps up her poker face and lies]

HOPE: No. Can I go now?

[Emma is clearly frustrated but tries her best to remain patient with Hope]

EMMA: Hope... You're a student. This isn't your fight.

[Hope scoffs and rolls her eyes before uncrossing her legs and leaning toward her counselor]

HOPE: It's absolutely my fight, Emma! Landon was inside the walls of this school because of me. He had access to the knife he stole because of me. We're at risk of exposure because of me! And you can tell me that I'm sublimating a lifetime of survivor's remorse, or whatever it says in my file here--

[Hope picks up a file folder laying on the coffee table between them before dropping it again to emphasize her point]

HOPE: But I'm gonna help Dr. Saltzman find him.

[Hope stands to her feet and heads toward the door without another word. Emma sighs and watches her, calling out to her one last time before she leaves]

EMMA: And what happens when you do?

[Hope stops walking, a small, frustrated smirk forming on her lips before she walks out the door, Emma watching her with a concerned expression as she does so]

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor / Hope's Room)

[Hope continues her monologue in voiceover as she walks down the hallway, where students are milling around and staring at her as she goes out of her way not to make eye contact with anyone]

HOPE: [voiceover] It should be said that Shakespeare wasn't completely clueless...

[The scene cuts to Hope's room, where she quietly shuts the door and kneels down on the floor so she can pull a large book out from under her bed. The book is old-looking, with a red leather binding and gold embossing that reads "SHAKESPEARE'S GREAT WORKS," revealing that it is one of the books her uncle Kol and aunt Davina got her for her ninth birthday]

HOPE: [voiceover] He had plenty of advice about how to handle betrayal. My personal favorite? "Think therefore on revenge and cease to weep."

[Hope opens the book to reveal that it isn't Shakespeare's works at all, but is instead a grimoire full of spells, hiding in plain sight. She flips through the pages until she finds the spell that she's looking for and rips the page out of the book. The page is titled MORTEM (Latin: "death") and has a sketch of a skull on it along with the incantation]


Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor)

[Lizzie, dressed in a Salvatore Stallions jersey that is cinched at the waist, is walking down the stairs toward the first floor with her sister Josie, who is wearing her school uniform and looks uneasy. It is obvious by the expression on Lizzie's face that she is serious about the upcoming game]

LIZZIE: Let's hit the dining hall and carb-load. It's game day.

[Josie, feeling guilty about keeping her dark magic with Hope a secret and still exhausted by the previous few days' events, looks away from her sister evasively]

JOSIE: I'm not hungry.

[Lizzie immediately stops walking and stares at Josie with a knowing and scolding expression. Josie tries to play dumb about it]

JOSIE: What?

[The two begin to walk again, but it's clear from the expression on Lizzie's face that she's not about to let this go without complaint]

LIZZIE: Well, uh, funny thing, actually, Josette. This morning, as I was desperately trying to make this trash bag of a jersey look cute, I suddenly had the urge to purge. So, I fled to the bowl, and lo and behold, I heaved up a gallon of black goo.

[Josie's eyes widen when she realizes what this means, and Lizzie stares at her accusingly]

LIZZIE: So, seeing as I haven't been dabbling in any illicit black magic recently, I can only imagine it was a twin sympathy hurl.

[Josie looks away with a guilty expression, confirming Lizzie's suspicions]

LIZZIE: And here you are, denying the day's most important meal. So, fess up-- what did you do?

[As the twins turn the corner, they pass Penelope, who is lurking in the corner and who, based on the smirk on her face, obviously has been listening to their conversation]

PENELOPE: Maybe you're pregnant, Lizzie?

[When Lizzie shoots Penelope a glare, she continues to mock her]

PENELOPE: Oh, or maybe it's just how that jersey fits.

[Penelope's expression is that of feigned concern, and Josie tries her best to look unaffected]

JOSIE: Go away, evil one.

[Penelope smiles with fake sweetness at her]

PENELOPE: Already gone.

[Before Penelope walks away, she makes eye contact with Josie, who is using all of her energy to maintain her cool]

PENELOPE: Hot tip? Next time you burn your ex's hair off, make sure she can't rock a lob.

[Penelope flips her now-shorter hair over her shoulder before strutting away, much to Josie and Lizzie's displeasure. Just then, MG, also ready for the game, approaches the twins]

MG: Morning! Big game today!

[Lizzie immediately scowls at the sight of him as a result of his hook-up with Penelope several nights ago]

LIZZIE: Bounce, MG. If you hurry, you can catch up with the Blair Bitch and tongue-chum her again.

[MG, knowing he's in the wrong here, reluctantly walks away. In a delayed reaction to Penelope's comment, Lizzie looks at Josie with an offended expression]

LIZZIE: Did she-who-shall-not-be-named just fat-shame me?

[Before they can discuss things further, Alaric sees them from down the hall and walks toward them with a grim expression]

ALARIC: Hey girls, listen--

[Before Alaric can speak further, Josie cuts him off]

JOSIE: Don't do it. Don't say whatever it is you're about to say, because you have "Dad-face," and wherever "Dad-face" goes, "daughter disappointment" always follows.

[Alaric frowns, looking even more guilty, before he comes out with it]

ALARIC: I'm sorry. I can't make the game today.

[As predicted, both girls look crestfallen by this news and reply in quiet, sad voices]

JOSIE: But you're the coach...
LIZZIE: And I'm QB this year.
ALARIC: I hate it as much as you do, but I have to find Landon Kirby.

[Josie's expression lifts when she gets an idea]

JOSIE: Okay, so let's cancel! I mean, it's a joke anyways-- we can't use our powers, so we suck.
ALARIC: Exactly. Which is a normal school-for-troubled-rich-kids thing to do. This annual event lets the locals see you for what they think you are. And that keeps them from asking too many questions.

[Lizzie still looks upset by the news that her father won't be at the game]

LIZZIE: But they mock us.

[Alaric scoffs impatiently]

ALARIC: Because they're insecure small-town kids with small minds. So, just let it be.

[Alaric can see that the twins are still not happy about this and tries to get them to see his point of view]

ALARIC: Look, girls-- with Landon running around, knowing all our secrets, we have to protect our profile now more than ever. Can I count on you guys do to that?

[The girls hesitate for a moment before nodding in agreement, and Alaric looks relieved]

ALARIC: All right. I love you both. We'll be back as soon as we can.

[Alaric walks away to finish getting ready to leave, and after a moment, Lizzie frowns]

LIZZIE: Wait-- who's "we?"

Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance)

[Hope heads toward Alaric's SUV to get ready to hit the road when she sees a pair of legs under the car and frowns in confusion]

HOPE: Hello...?

[The person slides out from under the SUV, revealing that it is Rafael, who is dressed in jeans and a tank top and appears to be doing mechanic work on the vehicle]


[Rafael slides back under the SUV and continues tinkering with the undercarriage]

HOPE: What are you doing?
RAFAEL: Adjusting the sway bar.

[Hope continues to look confused]

HOPE: Was it broken?

[Rafael slides back out from under the SUV and holds up the bar, which he has just wrenched off of the vehicle]

RAFAEL: It is now.

[Hope sighs and rolls her eyes, realizing what Rafael is doing as the young werewolf makes his argument]

RAFAEL: You're going after Landon.

[Hope raises her eyebrow but otherwise remains silent as Rafael continues]

RAFAEL: If you want this car to work, I'm going with you.

[Hope, frustrated, responds in a condescending tone of voice]

HOPE: You should stay out of it. He's a liar and a thief.

[Rafael scoffs as though he thinks she's being dramatic]

RAFAEL: He took a stupid knife.

[Hope looks at him as though he's being ignorant]

HOPE: Nothing in this school is a stupid anything.

[Rafael takes a deep breath before making his argument]

RAFAEL: Look... He's my best friend. And you? You seem vengeful.

[Realizing that Rafael isn't going to be swayed so easily, Hope tries another tactic]

HOPE: Let me show you something.

[Hope takes a step toward him and holds out her hands. Rafael, not knowing what she's trying to do, grabs her by the wrist to stop her and looks at her uneasily. Hope stares him in the eyes and nods, leading Rafael to reluctantly allow her to place the palms of her hands on either side of his face]

HOPE: Close your eyes.

[Rafael does as he's told, and Hope closes her eyes as well before muttering an incantation under her breath]

HOPE: Enserdi.

[Hope uses her powers to show Rafael what she and Josie saw the previous night when they cast the spell to track Landon. Landon is dozing on the bus when the knife he stole began heating up in his jacket pocket. He pulls the blade out to find that it is glowing bright red, reaching a blinding intensity as he closes his eyes. The flashback cuts to the crime scene Hope and Alaric were brought to the remains of the bus-- the bus itself has been incinerated, and the bus' patrons, with the exception of Landon, were burned to death, leaving only charred corpses]

[The sight of the latter part of the flashback startles Rafael so much that he jerks away from Hope and looks at her as though he's not sure what he should believe]

RAFAEL: What the hell was that?
HOPE: Your best friend did that to a bus full of people on Route 29 last night, and I am the only one who knows how to find him.

[Hope holds out her hand and looks at him expectantly]

HOPE: So, give me the engine-thingy.

[Despite what he's just seen, Rafael stands his ground]


[Hope glares at him in warning]

HOPE: I have actual magic powers.
RAFAEL: And I have a long history of anger issues.

[Just then, Alaric, obviously in a hurry, rushes past them to put his gear in the SUV]

ALARIC: He can come.

[Hope looks at Alaric as though he's lost his mind]

HOPE: What?
ALARIC: He knows Landon. He'll be an asset. And we need all the help we can get--

[Alaric turns to look at Rafael]

ALARIC: So, fix the car and hop in.

[Rafael looks smug as he gets to work repairing the SUV, and Alaric makes a face at his attire]

ALARIC: And put a shirt on.

Salvatore Boarding School (Ground Floor)

[Lizzie and Josie are wandering around the ground floor of the school, where they continue their discussion. Lizzie pouts at the thought of Hope going on a mission with their father]

LIZZIE: Dad loves Hope more than us.

[Josie rolls her eyes and tries to be the voice of reason]

JOSIE: You're being melodramatic, okay? He's missing one game.

[Lizzie only becomes more hysterical at this response]

LIZZIE: First a game, and then our weddings!

[Lizzie's jaw drops when she's suddenly struck by an idea]

LIZZIE: This game is an opportunity. We can show him how seriously we are taking this by making sure that our secret stays protected out there on the field.

[Lizzie's expression is serious and determined]

LIZZIE: Today, we will lose even more epically than we normally do.

[Surprisingly, Josie seems pleased by this reaction]

JOSIE: Win by losing. That's the spirit!

[The girls continue walking through the various common rooms]

LIZZIE: There's someone we need to recruit to our Island of Misfit Toys. Tall, hot, and handsome...

[Josie's smile falls when she realizes who her sister is talking about]

JOSIE: Rafael?

[Lizzie beams happily as a plan starts to form in her mind]

LIZZIE: I'm thinking tight end...

[Once again, the girls have just passed Penelope, who is sitting sideways an armchair, reading a book]

PENELOPE: I just saw him.

[The girls turn to face Penelope, scowling at their classmate as she takes great pleasure in messing with them. She continues speaking with a fake-nice tone of voice]

PENELOPE: Yeah, sorry. Raf's not gonna be at the game. He hopped the Hope-Train out of town. Just like your dad.

[Penelope licks her middle fingertip and dramatically uses it to turn the page in her book. Josie and Lizzie give each other knowing looks]

Route 29

[Alaric, Hope, and Rafael have just pulled up to where the bus explosion occured on Route 29, using the leftover crime scene tape and still-burning flares to mark their location. Upon parking on the side of the road, they get out to start searching the area]

[Once they have been silently walking through the woods near the highway, Hope finally speaks up]

HOPE: I don't know why he's still out here. He has a whole day's lead on us. He could be anywhere.

[Rafael looks at Hope as though the answer was obvious]

RAFAEL: Maybe 'cause he doesn't have a reason to run.

[Hope rolls her eyes before retorting sarcastically]

HOPE: Logic that would be perfectly believable if he hadn't, you know... ran.
ALARIC: Wait. Shh!

[Alaric stops walking for a moment and focuses his hearing, leading Hope and Rafael to do the same]

ALARIC: You hear that?

[Rafael and Hope look at Alaric blankly as Alaric frowns and concentrates]

ALARIC: Someone's here.

[Alaric takes off and jogs through the foggy forest toward the source of the noise, with the two students following after him. They keep moving until they suddenly come upon a woman sitting on the ground as though she's hiding behind the large tree behind her. She quickly scrambles to her feet, revealing that she is wearing a long white lace dress that, like her skin, is covered in soot; the hem of her dress and her boots are covered in dirt from sitting down, and there are small white flowers in her hair. It's obvious by the panicked expression on her face that she's scared, and Alaric holds up his hands in a non-threatening manner to try to calm her down]

ALARIC: It's okay. I-I'm not gonna hurt you.

[The woman continues looking back and forth at Alaric, Hope, and Rafael just as the former starts to question her on what happened]

ALARIC: Were you on the bus? Can you tell us what happened?

[The woman curiously looks at the forest around her but remains silent, almost as though she doesn't quite understand what they're saying. Hope frowns and looks at Alaric]

HOPE: Is she a survivor?
RAFAEL: Smells like it. She reeks of smoke.

[The woman continues looking around with wide eyes, and Alaric assumes she must be traumatized]

ALARIC: I think she's in shock.

[When the woman still doesn't respond to any of them, Alaric turns back to Hope and Rafael]

ALARIC: Look, I need to get her to the police so she can get some medical attention. Uh, why don't you two go ahead?

[Alaric immediately adds in a warning as though he can read Hope's mind]

ALARIC: Don't engage. We don't know how dangerous Landon is.

[Rafael, offended, interjects]

RAFAEL: He's not dangerous--

[Alaric shoots Rafael a stern look]

ALARIC: I said don't engage.

[Alaric turns back toward the strange woman, and Hope rolls her eyes]

HOPE: Come on...

[The two students walk further into the woods as Alaric addresses the woman]

ALARIC: I need to get you some help, if you want to follow me...

[Alaric holds out his hand, and the woman, confused, takes it]

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[Dorian, who is acting as head coach in Alaric's absence, has gathered the referee, the Mystic Falls Timberwolves coach, and the starting players from both teams (Lizzie, Josie, and Kaleb for the Stallions, Dana, Connor, and Kyle for the Timberwolves) onto the sidelines to kick off the match]

DORIAN: All right, guys. Let's have a good, clean, entirely uneventful game.

[Dorian emphasizes the last few words and makes a point of looking at Lizzie and Josie to make sure they understand his meaning-- no powers or any other behavior that could reveal their supernatural status. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves smile smugly at the Stallions]

CONNOR: Like we do every year when we beat your asses down.

[Dorian gives him a look]

DORIAN: Not exactly the spirit, Connor.

[Connor continues to mock them]

CONNOR: Ohhh...

[The referee pulls out a coin and prepares to flip it]

DORIAN: All right, call in the air.

[Dana gives Lizzie a scathing look]

DANA: Tails never fails.

[They allow the coin to fall onto the grass and look at it to find that tails indeed was face-up]

DORIAN: Guess not.

[Connor and Dana low-five each other and continue to smirk smugly at them]

DORIAN: Your ball. Shake hands and lets do this.

[Josie and Kyle shake hands without incident, but when Kaleb tries to shake hands with Connor, the latter just walks forward and shoulder-checks him. Kaleb is appalled and looks as though he's about to retaliate when Josie comes over and puts her hand on his shoulder to stop him as they walk away]

JOSIE: Kaleb, come on. Suck it up. We have to go through this every year, okay?
KALEB: I was being recruited by D1 schools before I got here, all right? I don't lose.

[Josie, concerned that he might not follow the game plan, once again puts a hand on his shoulder and stops him]

JOSIE: Hey-- you do today. Okay?

[Josie walks off to sit on the bench on the sidelines as Kaleb gets into position. Meanwhile, Lizzie is still standing in front of Dana, and she holds out her hand with an extremely fake-nice expression in the name of good sportsmanship]

LIZZIE: Good luck out there.

[Dana smirks smugly and ignores her offered hand]

DANA: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

[Lizzie rolls her eyes in annoyance]

LIZZIE: I'm pretty sure I've seen that on a poster at the dentist.
DANA: [sarcastically] Oh, my dad's a dentist. But he still made time to be here. Guess I'm lucky that way, huh?

[Lizzie, shocked by this low blow, glares at Dana as she winks and waves at her before walking away]

Woods off Route 29

[Hope and Rafael are still wandering around the woods when Rafael speaks up after a long silence]

RAFAEL: What exactly happened on that bus?
HOPE: No one knows. It's like someone incinerated it from the inside.
RAFAEL: Look, whatever he did, I know there's a good explanation. He's the most loyal friend I've ever had.

[Hope looks at him, her expression a mix of skepticism and amusement. Rafael is undeterred and continues his argument in defense of his foster brother]

RAFAEL: He was there for me on the worst day of my life. After my girlfriend died, he's the only thing that kept me going. So, let me get that knife back for you, and then we both can hear him out, okay?

[Hope almost seems to believe this, but she clenches her jaw and dismisses the thought, not wanting to risk being wrong about Landon a second time]

HOPE: Appreciate the passion, but maybe you should exert some of it making new friends.
RAFAEL: [scoffs] So I can be as popular and well-liked as you?

[Hope stops walking and turns around to face Rafael, who can tell he hit a nerve with that comment]

RAFAEL: Yeah, I've been at the school for two days and I've already heard all about Hope Mikaelson and her sunny disposition.

[Rafael and Hope stare at each other for a brief moment before Rafael makes his case]

RAFAEL: I'll get you the stupid, not-stupid knife, and the answers you want. I promise.

[Hope smiles fakely at him]

HOPE: And why should I believe you?
RAFAEL: Because I don't lie.

[Hope rolls her eyes again and looks as though she thinks he's being naive]

HOPE: Everybody lies.

[Despite her argument, Hope pauses for a moment and sighs before rolling her eyes]

HOPE: He's in the root cellar. You have three minutes to do this your way.

[Hope steps to the side to get out of his way and waits for him to pass her, but Rafael narrows his eyes in confusion and disbelief]

RAFAEL: Wait, the headmaster said don't engage--

[Hope cuts him off and starts counting]

HOPE: Two minutes fifty-nine, two minutes fifty-eight--

[Rafael, realizing he has a small window of opportunity, wastes no time rushing into the root cellar to try to get answers out of his foster brother]

[When he gets inside, he finds Landon with his hood up over his head, hiding in the corner, It's clear by the look on his face that he is terrified before he sees Rafael and sighs in relief]

LANDON: Raf? Holy hell!

[Landon gets to his feet and rushes over to give Rafael a hug]

LANDON: How did you find me?

[Rafael stutters anxiously, making it clear that he is both afraid of what Landon's story might be while also not wanting to spook him]

RAFAEL: There's, um, a-a lot of crazy witchy people looking for you. There's a bus of burned-up people--

[Landon immediately cuts him off]

LANDON: --That wasn't me.

[Suddenly, Hope's voice is heard behind them]

HOPE: Then who was it?

[Rafael's expression towards Hope is one of betrayal]

RAFAEL: You said three minutes!

[Hope shrugs nonchalantly]

HOPE: Like I said-- people lie.

[Before the two men can process this, Hope thrusts her hand forward and mutters an incantation]

HOPE: Corporis impetu!

[Landon flies backward with incredible force and is telekinetically pinned to the wall behind him. Rafael looks at her like she's crazy]


[Hope ignores him and begins to interrogate him]

HOPE: Where's the knife?
LANDON: [anxiously] I don't have it. I must've lost it when I ran.
HOPE: After you burned the bus?
LANDON: That wasn't me, I swear! I barely got out alive.

[Rafael looks at Hope both angrily and fearfully, and tries to talk her down]

RAFAEL: Hope, come on.

[Hope, who still has her hand up to pin Landon to the wall, ignores him once again]

HOPE: Last chance. Who the hell was it?
LANDON: There was this girl...

Woods off Route 29

[The scene has just cut to Alaric and the mystery woman, who are still making their way back to Alaric's car. He has just dialed Dorian's number and has raised his phone to his ear when suddenly, the woman grabs the phone out of his hand from behind him. Alaric, confused, turns to face her]

ALARIC: Do you need to make a phone call?

[The woman examines the phone closely before slipping it into the pocket of her dress. Alaric, still not understanding what is happening, holds out his hand to try to get it back]

ALARIC: Wait! Wait, that's mine! Can I have that--

[When Alaric reaches out his hand to take back the phone, the woman sees the fancy watch he is wearing and rips it off of his wrist as well. With her hands in the air and her hair back off of her shoulders, it is revealed that she has gold rings with various precious stones on nearly all of her fingers, along with gold earrings]

ALARIC: Hey! That-that-that's my watch!

[The woman, holding both of Alaric's things, turns and begins to run away, forcing Alaric to chase after her]

ALARIC: Hey, miss! Wait! Wait! Miss, I--

[Alaric finally catches up with her and grabs her by the arm to turn her around. Once he does, she growls under her breath as her eyes blaze a bright reddish-orange. It looks as though she's about to scream, but instead, she exhales a huge blast of fire, forcing Alaric to barrel roll to get out of the way. When he finally gets back to his feet, the mysterious woman has disappeared]

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[Lizzie, who is playing the quarterback position has the football her hands, and sets it in its stand while she gives Kaleb, who is walking backwards into position, a warning]

LIZZIE: Remember the game plan, Kaleb.

[Kaleb scoffs as though he's offended by the entire concept of their plan]

KALEB: Girl, I used to eat townie scrubs like this for lunch-- that's before I was a vampire.

[Kaleb quickly assesses where all of the Timberwolves players are on the field until the referee blows his whistle, signaling the start of the play. Kaleb psyches himself up before sprinting toward the ball and kicking it hard. Connor catches the ball and dodges an attempted tackle before throwing the ball to Dana, who rushes down the field with it. MG makes it look as though he was about to tackle her, but ends up somersaulting onto the ground, much to Dana's delight]


[Lizzie scowls at MG, who smiles and gives her a thumbs-up as though he played his part perfectly. Meanwhile, Connor has once again shoulder-checked Kaleb, this time with such force that he falls flat on his stomach near the sideline. Connor laughs as he passes Kaleb, who looks as though he's using all of his strength not to attack him]

[Dana ultimately scores a touchdown, and the referee calls it as such. Kaleb angrily hits the ground with his fist before getting onto his feet. Lizzie sneers at Dana and speaks with fake kindness]

LIZZIE: Nice moves, Dana.
DANA: I know I'm supposed to do this in the end zone, but...

[Dana slams the ball down on Lizzie's toes as part of the touchdown move and laughs as she walks away. Lizzie's hatred for her nemesis grows stronger, and Josie, sensing a meltdown, walks over to calm her down]

JOSIE: That went well, all things considered...

[Josie pulls a piece of hair out of her hair from when she was tackled earlier, and despite her best efforts to quell Lizzie's rage, her twin remains furious]

LIZZIE: One word. One word, and I could burn her perky little boobs to ash!
JOSIE: Hey, but we're not gonna do that today. Today of all days, right?

[MG jogs over to the sidelines and is about to grab a bottle of water when Penelope, the team's water girl, moves it out of reach]

PENELOPE: For the record, the nerdling approach never got any dude anywhere.

[Penelope smirks and hands MG the water bottle, which he takes from her as he scoffs]

MG: Okay, you're lucky that I'm still talking to you after that stunt you pulled last night, kissing me like that.

[MG takes a sip of water from his bottle as Penelope stares at him]

PENELOPE: I was giving you what you wanted.

[MG shakes his head and swallows his water]

MG: No, you were taking a shot at Josie. And when someone other than Lizzie takes a shot at Josie? They tend to wake up with scabies. You ever have scabies before? They're nasty.

[Penelope gives MG a look as though he just proved her point]

PENELOPE: So Lizzie's mad at you? Meaning she sees you for a change?

[MG frowns in confusion as he tries to figure Penelope's plan out]

MG: So you did that on purpose?

[Penelope blinks as though she's offended he assumed otherwise]

PENELOPE: I do everything on purpose.

[Penelope rolls her eyes when she realizes she's going to have to spell it out for him]

PENELOPE: Look, if Lizzie Saltzman is what you want, I can help you get her...

[Penelope smiles mischievously]

PENELOPE: But you're going to have to do exactly what I say.

[MG looks at her, both intrigued by and skeptical of her offer]

MG: What's in it for you?

[Penelope feigns offense and shrugs innocently]

PENELOPE: Does a girl have to have a motive to do charity work?

[Penelope grabs the water bottle out of MG's hands]

PENELOPE: Next play? Impress me.

[MG looks at Penelope uneasily before he walks away. Dorian, checking out the crowd in the stands, turns and begins clapping his hands to pump up his team]

DORIAN: All right! Way to go, Stallions. Let's keep it up. Let's keep it up.

[Just then, Dorian's phone rings]

Route 29 / Salvatore School (Library)

[On ROUTE 29, Alaric is back on the side of the road, where he's talking to Dorian on the phone about what he has found out. By the sound of Dorian's voice, it's clear that he is having trouble wrapping his mind around it]

DORIAN: [on the phone] A pyromancer?
ALARIC: [exasperatedly] A woman who smelled like she'd been dipped in an ashtray and breathed fire instead of words? What else could she be?

[The scene cuts to the SALVATORE SCHOOL LIBRARY, where Dorian is trying to find literature that could prove helpful to their current situation]

DORIAN: There are only a couple dozen left. Most are in East Asia.
ALARIC: [on the phone] Well, now there's one wandering around the woods off Route 29.
DORIAN: All right. I'm on it. I'll call you back when I figure out how you can restrain her without getting barbequed.

[The scene cuts back to ROUTE 29, where Alaric sighs in annoyance]

ALARIC: She stole my phone. I'll have to get abck to you. How are the girls doing?
DORIAN: [on the phone] Oh, they're-they're killing it... By not killing it...

[Alaric briefly closes his eyes and fist-pumps to himself before opening them again]

ALARIC: Great. I'll be in touch.

[Alaric hangs up the phone and walks over to a car that is pulled over several feet away, handing the woman driving it her phone back, indicating he borrowed it to call Dorian]

ALARIC: Thank you so much. You're a lifesaver.

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[The Stallions are on the sidelines for a huddle before the next play]

LIZZIE: All right, I just want to take a minute to let you know how proud I am. You're all doing a great job.

[Kaleb looks at her as though she's lost her mind]

KALEB: We're getting our asses kicked.
JOSIE: Which means we're doing a great job.
MG: What's the play?
LIZZIE: Same one as always-- run around, make it look like you know what you're doing, then fail. On three.

[The team all claps in unison (with the exception of Kaleb, who is scowling) before getting into position]

LIZZIE: Ready! White 80! Set. Hut!

[Josie passes the ball between her legs to Lizzie, who takes off with the ball. Dana counts aloud as she visually tracks her]

DANA: One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi...
MG: Pass it, I'm open!

[Lizzie hesitates, unsure of what she should do as Dana continues to count]

DANA: Four Mississippi, five Mississippi...

[Dana stops counting and goes to tackle Lizzie, who throws the ball to MG at the last moment. In an amazing twist, MG catches the ball in the air and runs just slow enough that no one guesses he's a vampire until he reaches the end zone. He does a varsity in the air and slams the ball down onto the ground. The Stallions crowd goes wild, and Penelope looks pleased by his work as MG and Kaleb shoulder-bump each other. Unfortunately, Lizzie is not as pleased as the others are by his score]

LIZZIE: MG, what the hell do you think you're doing?

[MG, who is obviously working under Penelope's instructions, looks wide-eyed for a moment until Dana, who is nearby, jumps into their conversation]

DANA: Pretty obvious, isn't it? He's saving your ass.

[Dana turns to look at MG, who smiles bashfully]

DANA: Nice hands.

[MG preens, pleased by the reaction, but Lizzie just glares at him once again]

Woods off Route 29 (Root Cellar)

[Hope has released Landon from her magical restraints, and Rafael tends to him as they continue to argue about what happened]

HOPE: I don't believe a word you're saying.
LANDON: You have every right to be mad at me, but I am telling you the truth.

[Landon looks over at Rafael for some back-up]

LANDON: Come on, man, help me.

[Rafael sighs and looks at Hope]

RAFAEL: I believe him.

[Hope looks at him with an expression that is part exasperated and part incredulous]

HOPE: You believe that a fire-breathing woman burned the bus alive?
HOPE: And Landon happened to be spared?
RAFAEL: He told you that you ran.
HOPE: And conveniently lost the knife on the way?
LANDON: She kept coming at me like she was gonna take it from me. She was burning everything in her path!
HOPE: You want to explain to me what you were doing stealing that knife in the first place?
LANDON: I don't remember stealing it!

[Hope rolls her eyes in disbelief]

HOPE: Of course not. How about pretending to be compelled?
LANDON: That was to avoid being thrown back in the werewolf dungeon!

[Hope knowing what he really means, can't help but nitpick at his phrasing]

HOPE: Transitional cellar!
LANDON: Small spaces!

[All three of them pause for a moment to process the conversation until Landon speaks up again in a more composed manner]

LANDON: Hope, you have to understand, Dr. Saltzman had already told me the school wasn't gonna let me stay. If he thought I'd talk, he'd lock me back up. There wasn't a good ending for me!

[Hope's face falls, realizing that he has a valid point]

LANDON: I didn't want to steal from you, and I don't want a fire-breather chasing me. I'm sorry for all of it.
RAFAEL: He's not lying. I know him. Now, if he says there's a fire-breathing woman running around the woods, then there is a--

[Suddenly, Alaric runs through the door, looking panicked]

ALARIC: There's a fire-breathing woman running through the woods!

[Alaric stops in his tracks when he sees Hope and Rafael standing around an anxious-looking Landon and gets a stern look on his face]

ALARIC: Did I or did I not say "don't engage?"

[Hope rolls her eyes in annoyance]

HOPE: He's only dangerous if crappy apologies can kill.
ALARIC: Looks can be deceiving. Now, our bus refugee? Turns out, she's a pyromancer.
LANDON: Wait, wh-what's a pyromancer?

[Hope is completely taken aback by this revelation and responds in a soft voice]

HOPE: A fire-breathing witch.

[Rafael takes this as confirmation that he's right and looks at Hope]


[Hope ignores Rafael and focuses on Alaric]

HOPE: Ric, she wants the knife.
ALARIC: Okay, well, where is it?

[Alaric and Hope both turn to Landon, who once again begins stuttering anxiously]

LANDON: I-I lost it in the woods. I was running around in circles all night, trying to find a place to hide.

[Alaric sighs, deciding to take Landon at his word before beginning to formulate a plan]

ALARIC: Okay, okay... Well, let's, uh, find it before she does, huh?

[The four exit the root cellar, only to find the woman standing several yards away, waiting for them. She growls menacingly at them, which sets the group on edge]

ALARIC: We don't want any trouble...

[The woman holds out her hand expectantly in a silent request for the knife, which confuses them, especially when she seems to sense something and directs all of her attention toward Landon]

RAFAEL: What does she want?
LANDON: [anxiously] I don't know.

[Rafael has a feeling Landon knows more than he's telling]


[Hope quickly realizes that Landon lied about not having the knife]

HOPE: Maybe she wants the knife you said you don't have.

[The woman's eyes start glowing orange again, and Alaric, knowing what is to follow, quickly rushes the others back to safety]

ALARIC: Back in the cellar. Go. Go, go, go, go.

[As expected, the woman begins breathing fire behind them, forcing them to rush back through the doors into the root cellar, which immediately catch fire]

[Once they're safely in the cellar, Hope looks at Landon furiously and corners him]

HOPE: Where the hell is it?

[Landon quickly pulls the knife out of his inner jacket pocket and hands it to her]

LANDON: I'm sorry! I panicked.

[Rafael, who has been arguing on Landon's behalf all day, looks appalled that he was lying about the knife]

RAFAEL: What the hell, Lan?

[Just then, Alaric notices the doors are still ablaze and redirects their attention to the more immediate problem]

ALARIC: Hope, the doors.
HOPE: I got it.

[Hope turns on her heel and thrusts her right hand palm-out towards the fire]

HOPE: Adiuuatur.

[The spell extinguishes the flames, and the woman seemingly stops breathing fire at them]

HOPE: Okay, it's a quick fix. It won't last long.
ALARIC: All right. Great. I need a cell phone.

[Landon gestures toward a large barrel nearby, which is full of cellphones, wallets, and jewelry]

LANDON: Take your pick.
HOPE: What is all this?

[Rafael reaches out and picks up an ID card for the driver of the bus and quickly figures it out]

RAFAEL: It's from the people on the bus.

[The two turn around and look at Landon suspiciously]

LANDON: I didn't bring it here--

[Hope cuts him off, giving Rafael a frustrated look]

HOPE: If he says "I swear" on more time, I'm gonna melt him.

[Landon, on the verge of a panic attack, tries to catch his breath]

LANDON: Man...

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[The game continues on, with Josie once again starting the play by tossing the ball between her legs to Lizzie once she calls it]

LIZZIE: Set! Hut!

[Lizzie catches the ball and goes to throw it as Dana rushes toward her]

DANA: Blitz!
CROWD MEMBER: It's green! It's green!

[Lizzie tosses the ball to Josie, who was in such a perfect position to catch it that she's forced to slap the ball away from herself to avoid doing so on accident, making it obvious she missed it on purpose. When the Timberwolves look at her questioningly, Josie simply shrugs and walks away. Dana looks at Lizzie with feigned sympathy]

DANA: Your sister sucks at football. You should have absorbed her in the womb.

[Lizzie, sick of Dana's taunting, is unable to take any more of it without fighting back in the same manner]

LIZZIE: You know what? We've been playing this game for years, and for years, you've been digging at me.
DANA: [mockingly] Mmmm.

[Lizzie steps toward Dana and looks her up and down to emphasize her point]

LIZZIE: Is it because I'm prettier than you?

[Dana smiles fakely in response to her insult before throwing back her own]

DANA: Honestly, I just get a thrill from tormenting all the crazies. Speaking of... it's been a while since you paid a visit to my mom's pharmacy. Maybe you're feeling a little delusional because you're off your meds.

[This comment hits Lizzie hard, and when the team gathers again to the sideline for a huddle, she has a new idea for what to do]

LIZZIE: New plan. The gloves are off. Let's burn these bitches to the ground.

[Josie, knowing this could get them into trouble with their dad, immediately tries to talk her out of it]

JOSIE: Lizzie, no.

[Lizzie ignores her and continues her pitch]

LIZZIE: We're gonna give these townies a taste of what we're really made of.

[Lizzie puts her hand out into the middle of the circle, and MG, still trying to win her over, wastes no time putting his hand on top of hers]

MG: You can count on my steel!

[Lizzie scoffs and rolls her eyes in retribution for his hook-up with Penelope]

LIZZIE: Ew. Gross.

[Kaleb looks relieved that they're finally ready to win and puts in his hand as well]

KALEB: Hey, I'm with you. All the way.

[The rest of their team puts their hands into the group except for Josie, who looks visibly against their cause. Lizzie turns to beg for her help]

LIZZIE: Come on, Jo. You're ruining an epic moment here.

[Josie shakes her head in disagreement]

JOSIE: No. No, this isn't what we talked about.
LIZZIE: Well, I'm calling an audible, and I need you to get on board.

[Josie sighs and pauses for a moment before reluctantly putting her hand in as well]

LIZZIE: Here we go.
STALLIONS: [in unison] Break!

[Their hands glow red as Lizzie and Josie siphon magic from them before clapping in unison to break. The teams get into position, this time with a renewed confidence. MG swaggers up to Kyle and smiles]

MG: Hey, buckle up, son. You about to be trippin'.

[MG focuses and makes eye contact with Kyle so he can compel him]

MG: For real, though-- trip.
LIZZIE: Set! Hut!

[Josie passes the ball to Lizzie once again, and just as expected, Kyle trips and falls on the ground, allowing her to pass the ball to MG, who instantly gets a touchdown, The current score is 28-35]

[During the next play, Connor gets the ball and throws it to Dana, who rushes down the field with it. Lizzie watches her as she mutters an incantation under her breath]

LIZZIE: Stellabuntay.

[Lizzie makes a sweeping motion with her hand, which telekinetically hits the ball out of Dana's hands and onto the ground. Kaleb scoops the ball up and runs as fast as he can down the field. Connor suddenly gets in his path and tries to tackle him, but as soon as Connor ducks down, Kaleb leaps into the air and easily jumps over him, allowing him to get another touchdown. Kaleb and MG shoulder-bump each other before the former gives Lizzie a high-five. On the sidelines, Josie is watching nervously, still not on board with their plan. The current score is 35-35]

Woods off Route 29 (Root Cellar)

[Alaric, using one of the cell phones stolen by the mysterious woman, calls Dorian for an update and puts it on speaker]

ALARIC: Please tell me you have something.

[Dorian, who is still in the SALVATORE SCHOOL LIBRARY, frowns at how much the call is breaking up]

DORIAN: Connection sucks. W-Where are you?

[Hope rolls her eyes before calling out to him]

HOPE: Root cellar full of contraband that our pickpocket Landon Kirby claims he didn't steal.

[Rafael looks at Hope exasperatedly]

RAFAEL: There's a fire-breather outside. Can you prioritize your rage?

[This conversation seems to trigger something in Dorian's memory, and he quickly figures out what they're dealing with]

DORIAN: Dragon.
DORIAN: Dragon. She steals treasure, breathes fire, hides the loot in her lair... She's-she's not a pyromancer, she's a--

[Alaric scoffs and rolls his eyes as though he thinks the thought is ludacris]

ALARIC: Dragons don't exist, or look like normal people.

[Even though Alaric can't see him, Dorian still gives him a look]

DORIAN: There was a time we would have said that about vampires.

[Alaric, knowing Dorian has a point, sighs impatiently]

ALARIC: Okay, fine. She's a human dragon. Now what?
DORIAN: In anything I've ever read--

[Alaric, still skeptical, interjects]

ALARIC: --In fiction--

[Dorian ignores him and keeps talking]

DORIAN: The way to take down a dragon? You need a buttload of courage and a sword.

[Hope holds up the blade she just got back from Landon]

HOPE: How about a knife?

Woods off Route 29

[The scene cuts to outside the cellar, where the dragon-woman is staring at the cellar, smoke pouring out of her nose and mouth as she growls. Suddenly, the doors fly open and Hope can be seen jumping up from inside the cellar, landing lightly on the ground in front of the dragon and wasting no time telekinetically shoving her backwards several yards with a simple thrust of her arm]

HOPE: Didn't anyone ever tell you smoking's bad for you?

[The dragon-woman lands on her side facing away from Hope, flipping herself onto her front before starting to stand, glaring angrily at Hope, who just shrugs sarcastically]

HOPE: I know-- quitting's hard.

[The dragon's growling turns to a roar as she breathes an enormous fiery blast at Hope, who raises her right hand to block it by clutching the knife and using her magic to protect herself from the flames]

HOPE: Scutum.

[Blocking the fire is clearly starting to tire her, and she winces in response to the heat of the fire and the hot knife. The fire inches closer until finally, Rafael appears and tosses a brick at the dragon, which hits her in the head and knocks her onto the ground, distracting her enough to stop blasting her with fire. Hope gives him an exasperated look]

HOPE: Took you long enough!
RAFAEL: Sorry. I couldn't find a rock.

[Hope looks at him exasperatedly]

HOPE: There's literally a lair full of heavy objects.

[The dragon-woman recovers from the hit and gets ready to stand on her feet, and Rafael redirects Hope to the task at hand]

RAFAEL: Hope! Alley-oop.

[Rafael sprints toward the dragon-woman, and Hope, understanding his meaning, waits until he's next to her before she tosses Rafael the blade. He leaps into the air toward the dragon with his werewolf agility, plunging the blade into her chest, seemingly killing her. Rafael and Hope share a look, both unnerved by how easy this was to accomplish]

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[The Stallions have just made it back to the sidelines after their excellent quarter, and Kaleb can't help but boast about their performance]

KALEB: Let's go! All day, baby. And there's more where that came from.

[MG sees Josie scowling behind them and looks down at the ground, afraid of what she's about to do]

MG: Not if she's got anything to say about it.

[Lizzie is about to write a play on the white board when Josie yanks the board and the marker out of her hands]

LIZZIE: What are you doing?
JOSIE: I'm calling an audible of my own.

[Josie quickly writes on the board before flipping it over so the rest of the team can see. The board reads "LOSE," and the rest of the team immediately makes their displeasure known, especially Lizzie, who immediately begins pouting]

LIZZIE: Seriously?

[Josie continues to look at them as though they're being ridiculous]

JOSIE: I'm dead serious, and you should be, too. Dad told us to lose today for a reason.
KALEB: [scoffs] Well, he ain't here, so screw that!
JOSIE: Yeah, no one would be here if it weren't for him. My dad built this school for supernaturals like us. So, if we win by flaunting all the things that make us different, we're gonna lose a lot more than a stupid game. We'll lose everything.

[Josie turns to address Lizzie specifically]

JOSIE: You really want Dad to stop loving us? Keep it up. And if you don't...

[Josie holds up the white board, which still reads "LOSE," a symbol to remind Lizzie what else they could lose if their secret is exposed. MG, not wanting to disappoint Alaric, sighs in resignation]

MG: She's right, Lizzie. We gotta lose the game.

[Lizzie shoots him a snide glare]

LIZZIE: I didn't ask for your opinion.
PENELOPE: Or, door number three...?

[The group turns to find Penelope sitting in the stands with a smug look on her face, much to Josie's frustration]

JOSIE: Okay, we definitely didn't ask for your opinion. And how on earth do you always do that? It's like she appears out of smoke.
KALEB: Hold up, hold up-- what's door number three?
PENELOPE: You win... without any of your supernatural special sauce. Fair and square.

[Josie rolls her eyes in disagreement]

JOSIE: Yeah, but we're legitimately terrible.

[Despite Lizzie's dislike of Penelope, she seems to be intrigued by her idea]

LIZZIE: No, we used to be terrible. But Kaleb's new this year.
MG: So am I. I can help us win, too!

[Everyone looks at MG skeptically]

MG: Yo, I caught that pass earlier!
JOSIE: Yeah, but you cheated. You used your powers.
MG: [sputters] No, I didn't!

[MG pauses to muster up the confidence to sell his lie]

MG: I'm-I'm just, I'm scrappy like that.

[Lizzie sighs and rolls her eyes before looking over at Penelope]

LIZZIE: Good idea, Satan. But, to be clear, you can't have my immortal soul.

[Penelope smugly blows Lizzie a kiss, which does nothing to dampen Josie's need to lose the game as they promised their dad]

LIZZIE: Fair and square...

[Lizzie looks at the rest of the team, game for this plan, though Josie does not seem to be onboard]

LIZZIE: Let's do this.

[MG and Kaleb laugh in excitement as everyone rushes onto the field, with Josie the last to follow after them]

MG: Solid!

Woods off Route 29

[Hope and Rafael are still outside the cellar, standing next to the body of the dragon-woman. Rafael yanks the knife out of her chest and hands it back to Hope with a hard expression]

RAFAEL: Promise kept.

[Just then, Alaric and Landon come out of the cellar to join them. Alaric has a concerned expression on his face]

ALARIC: You both all right?

[Alaric looks at the body of the dragon they just slayed and seems both relieved that it's over and unhappy about his students having to defeat it]

ALARIC: Let's give her a proper burial. See if you can find a shovel.

[The three teens do as they're told. Alaric's phone starts to ring, and he pulls it out of his back pocket to answer it. It's Dorian]

ALARIC: Dorian.

[Dorian is still in the SALVATORE SCHOOL LIBRARY, where he has found something useful in a book there]

DORIAN: Found it. The soft spot-- that's how you kill it.
ALARIC: Uh, knife in the heart did the trick.

[Dorian looks surprised but not disappointed by this response]

DORIAN: Huh. Okay. So much for research.
ALARIC: What are you reading? Game of Thrones?
DORIAN: Puff the Magic Dragon.
ALARIC: Look, this doesn't make any sense. I-it has to be something else.

[A deep growling noise is heard behind Alaric, who freezes before slowly turning around. Behind him, the dragon-woman has turned into a giant dragon who spreads its wings]

ALARIC: Nope. It's a dragon, all right... I've gotta call you back.
DORIAN: Ric! Ric!

[Just then, Landon, Rafael, and Hope, shovel in hand, come out of the cellar, not paying attention to what is happening just a few yards away]

HOPE: Dr. Saltzman?

[The three immediately stop in their tracks and look wide-eyed at the dragon in front of them]

HOPE: Oh, my God...

[The dragon roars before stretching out its wings and taking flight, breathing a large blast of fire once it is up in the air]

LANDON: Was that a--

[Hope, realizing what she needs to do, turns back to face Landon and Rafael as she tosses the shovel on the ground]

HOPE: You guys go. Get to the car and get out of here.
RAFAEL: What about you?
HOPE: I have an idea.

[Hope knows Alaric isn't going to easily leave her alone and makes her argument]

HOPE: She wants this.

[Hope reaches behind her and pulls out the knife she's tucked into the waistband of her jeans]

HOPE: She's going to be back.

[Alaric, knowing she's right, sighs and repeats Hope's instructions]

ALARIC: All right, you two, go to the car. I'll meet you there. Go. Go!

[Alaric looks at Hope warily]

ALARIC: You wake up with a death wish today?
HOPE: Something like that.

[Hope walks forward, with the knife in hand, and waits for the dragon to circle back around to their location]

Salvatore Boarding School

[The score is 42-48, with the Timberwolves in the lead. Lizzie has just gathered the team on the sidelines for one last huddle]

LIZZIE: Okay, guys. Last play of the game. It's Hail Mary time. Everyone but Josie, go long.

[Josie frowns in confusion]

JOSIE: Wait, what do I do?

[Lizzie gives Josie a snide look as though the answer is obvious]

LIZZIE: It doesn't matter, because there's no way I'm gonna throw you the ball.
MG: Lizzie, look my way. I'll catch it.

[Lizzie scoffs and rolls her eyes before retorting sarcastically]

LIZZIE: Probably caught something from Penelope Park, too.

[Kaleb, eager to win, gets back to the task at hand]

KALEB: Knock it off. Look, we score, and those clowns can't say crap to us for an entire year. Y'all feel me?
LIZZIE: He's right, guys. Let's do this. Ready?
STALLIONS: [in unison] Break!

[The team claps and jogs onto the field to get into position. Dana does the same and wastes no time taunting Lizzie with a sneering expression]

DANA: I'm gonna eat you alive.

[Instead of being offended, Lizzie simply taunts her right back]

LIZZIE: Why, so you can throw me up later?

[This seems to hit Dana where it hurts, and Lizzie smiles smugly when she sees that she hit a nerve. The two crouch down and get ready to play. Connor swaggers over to where he's positioned, and Kaleb glares at him]

LIZZIE: Set! Hut!

[Josie tosses the ball between her legs to Lizzie, who hesitates for a moment to decide to whom she should pass. Dana starts to count in a threatening tone of voice]

DANA: One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

[Josie holds up her hands and jumps up so Lizzie can see her]

JOSIE: Dude, I'm open!
DANA: Four Mississippi, five Mississippi...

[Dana takes off at a sprint towards Lizzie. Josie, MG, and Kaleb are all open after the latter two dodge Kyle and Connor, respectively. Lizzie gets ready to throw it to Kaleb, and when Josie sees Dana heading toward Lizzie with a vengeful expression, Josie leaps forward and tackles her. Lizzie's throw goes long, and Kaleb is prepared to catch it. Unfortunately, Josie, who is still on the ground after her tackle, loses her nerve and decides to sabotage the play by rubbing her left thumb over her fingertips and whispering an incantation under her breath]

JOSIE: Spesmiss.

[Kaleb reaches out to catch the ball and it magically moves just an inch or two away from him, causing him to drop the ball on the ground. This fumble surprises him so much that he trips and falls on his knees on the ground before looking down at his hands as though they have betrayed him. Meanwhile, the Mystic Falls Timberwolves and their fans go wild due to the team winning the game, while the Stallions look devastated. Josie, still sprawled on the ground, looks guilty for what she's just done]

Woods off Route 29

[The dragon has been following Rafael and Landon, who are both running through the woods as quickly as possible as they head toward Alaric's car. Fortunately for them, the dragon quickly gives up and decides to go back to Hope and Alaric, eager to get the knife]

[When the dragon circles back around toward the root cellar, Alaric looks at Hope with alarm]

ALARIC: All right, it's coming back. Now what?
HOPE: You should take cover.

[Alaric responds as though he thinks she's lost her mind]

ALARIC: Like hell!

[Hope turns around and gives him a serious look]

HOPE: Then tell me how I'm gonna explain to your daughters that all that's left of you is hot ash?

[Alaric is visibly appalled by this retort]

ALARIC: The dad card? That's a low blow.

[Alaric thinks for a brief moment and, realizing that he's an ordinary human, decides to go with Hope's plan]

ALARIC: All right.

[Alaric turns and goes back into the root cellar, though not without first noticing that Hope has pulled a folded piece of paper out of her pocket before he closes the doors. Hope unfolds the paper, revealing that it is the Mortem spell she tore from her spellbook that morning, which she plans to use on the dragon instead of Landon. She begins to chant the incantation as she reads the words aloud, holding up the knife in front of her face]

HOPE: Tenebris anima vestra contundito mortem. Et conteret spiritum. Frange vitam. Nolite corde. Ut sub terra esse, ad tenebras usque in sempiternum...

[As Hope chants louder and louder, the dragon, seeing her with the blade, starts to descend to where she's standing. Its wings cause the wind to blow wildly around Hope, who does her best to remain fearless in the face of this creature]

HOPE: Tenebris anima vestra contundito mortem. Et conteret spiritum. Frange vitam. Nolite corde. Ut sub terra esse.

[Suddenly, the dragon screeches in the air, and the scene fades to white]

[After a moment, Hope awakens to find herself laying on the ground, the grimoire page laying to her left and the knife laying to her right, indicating that she had been knocked unconscious at some point during the spell. The dragon has reverted back to her human form and is laying flat on her stomach when she suddenly begins to stir. Hope quickly stands to her feet and looks at the dragon-woman, whose face is covered in blood, presumably from the fall. Hope, looking conflicted, holds up the knife as though she's about to stab the woman, only for the woman to hold out her hand with a pleading expression. Hope's voice is shaking when she speaks, making it obvious that Hope is scared]

HOPE: Where did you come from? Why do you want this so badly? What's so special about it?

[The woman remains silent and continues to beg non-verbally with her hand outstretched, and Hope, overwhelmed, loses her patience]

HOPE: Say something!

[The dragon, still on her hands and knees, turns around, her eyes glowing reddish-orange as she prepares to blast fire at Hope. Before she can react, Alaric appears behind Hope and immediately grabs the knife out of her hand, stabbing the dragon-woman in the throat before the flames reach full intensity. Alaric and Hope look down at the lifeless creature in front of them, having finally slayed the dragon]

Salvatore Boarding School (Football Field)

[The Stallions and the Timberwolves are lined up to shake hands in a show of good sportsmanship, though the Stallions are visibly upset at their performance at the game. Dorian finally returns from the library and stops at the sidelines to ask Penelope what happened]

DORIAN: So, what'd I miss?

[Josie is about to pass Dana in the line and kindly addresses her]

JOSIE: Good game.

[Dana sneers at her with hostility]

DANA: Suck it, loser.

[Unable to let this comment pass without incident, Lizzie hauls off and punches Dana hard in the face, much to the shock of the members of both teams]

LIZZIE: Not now, Dana!

[Dana glares at Lizzie aggressively, with Kaleb trying to hold Lizzie back while Josie attempts to stop Dana. Suddenly, everyone in the stands and on the sidelines rush to where the girls are fighting, escalating into a mob riot. Dorian is forced to intervene and pull the two women apart, though not before Dana gets a good punch in Lizzie's face as well]

DORIAN: Hey, no! Stop! Stop!

Woods off Route 29

[Hope is crouched down next to the dragon-woman's body, examining her cause of death]

HOPE: Guess that was the soft spot.

[Hope stands and turns toward Alaric, her face falling when she sees him looking at the grimoire page she left on the ground. After skimming the page's contents, he looks up at her with a shocked expression]

ALARIC: What is this?

[Hope, knowing that no answer is going to get her out of this, remains silent, and Alaric raises his voice in anger]

ALARIC: This isn't earth magic, Hope!

[Hope tries to minimize the seriousness of the situation]

HOPE: This wasn't an earth magic problem.
ALARIC: We don't allow black magic! It gets inside your heart and it poisons your mind. Now, I looked the other way this morning, 'cause I knew you were upset, but this is a death spell.

[Alaric thinks about this for a brief moment when he figures out what she was intending to do]

ALARIC: A spell you couldn't have known you needed to use on a dragon, which means you had other plans for it.

[Hope opens her mouth as though she's going to defend herself, but ultimately decides to remain silent. Alaric looks at her with an expression that is a mix of disappointment, anger, and sadness]

ALARIC: Landon did something stupid. Maybe evil. We won't know until we learn more... But he's still just a kid, Hope. And so are you.

[Hope's eyes fill with tears, and she looks up at the sky in an attempt to keep them from spilling onto her cheeks as Alaric continues to admonish her]

ALARIC: This hatred? This vengeance? This is your father. I can't be you. I won't allow it.

[Alaric regains his composure and points at the dragon's body]

ALARIC: Now, you bury her. And I'll see you back at the car.

[Alaric goes to check on Rafael and Landon, the page from the spellbook in hand, leaving an extremely upset Hope behind to clean up the mess]

Salvatore Boarding School (Entrance / Ground Floor)

[The Stallions flag football team has just returned to the school, all of them looking sullen and exhausted after the events of the day]

[The scene cuts to the ground floor, where MG has just walked out of the boys shower room, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, when he hears a familiar female voice behind him by the staircase]


[MG, not expecting to talk to anyone during the walk back to his room, almost loses his grip on his towel, and Penelope holds up her hands and turns away for a moment]

PENELOPE: Oh, whoa! Towel on, please.

[Once MG has grabbed hold of his towel, she finally opens her eyes again and makes a face]

PENELOPE: 'Cause vampire or not, the last thing I want to see is your... lost boy.
MG: Damn, Peez! You gotta stop lurking.

[Penelope smirks and walks toward him so they're face-to-face]

PENELOPE: It's time for a strategy sesh!

[MG is not amused and shakes his head]

MG: Nah, I listened to you all day, and the only thing your little tricks did was make the wrong girl look my way. I'm out.

[MG turns to walk away, only for Penelope to sigh impatiently and continue her spiel]

PENELOPE: This is a long-con, Milton. Trust me.

[MG turns back around and reluctantly walks back toward Penelope as she explains the plan]

PENELOPE: Lizzie's nemesis Dana liking you? Oh, that's the puzzle piece you need to crack Lizzie's candy shell and get to her gooey center. Today was a total win for you.
MG: You hate Lizzie. Why do you care?

[Penelope looks at him silently for a moment before leaning forward so she can whisper into his ear]

PENELOPE: Some people just want to watch the world burn.

[Penelope walks past him, and MG frowns, not quite sure if he should trust her]

Salvatore Boarding School (Josie & Lizzie's Room)

[Lizzie is in her room, gingerly touching the large bruise on her left eye and cheek from being punched by Dana as she looks in a compact mirror. Just then, Josie returns to her room with a bag of frozen peas and holds them out as a peace offering to ice her sister's black eye]

JOSIE: You mad at me?

[Lizzie sighs and sets down the compact before responding in a glum voice]

LIZZIE: No. I'm mad at the world, and you just happen to be in it.

[Josie takes a deep breath and closes the door before speaking]

JOSIE: Well, you're about to be...

[Josie walks until she's standing in front of Lizzie's bed]

JOSIE: I did a little spell at the game-- I made Kaleb drop the ball.

[Josie sighs again before she speaks]

JOSIE: And I totally did black magic with Hope.

[Lizzie considers what Josie has just confessed, clearly upset at this news]

LIZZIE: Well, let's just call this what it is. You betrayed me.

[Josie sits down on the bed in front of Lizzie]

JOSIE: I was worried about disappointing Dad. So, I disappointed you instead.

[Josie holds out the bag of frozen peas, and both sisters look as though they're about to cry]

LIZZIE: I'll forgive you if you promise not to keep secrets about doing black magic with Hope. You're my sister-- my best friend-- and she spent the last ten years making us feel like we don't matter. And I don't like feeling that way. Not from Hope, and not from girls like Dana... Not from Dad, and not from you.

[Josie nods in agreement]

JOSIE: I promise. Okay? I'm sorry.

[Lizzie's tone of voice is much kinder when she finally responds]

LIZZIE: It's okay. I mean, betrayal and all aside, you had my back today.
JOSIE: And you had mine.

[The two smile and lay down, snuggling up to one another in Lizzie's bed

JOSIE: So... what are we gonna do about Dad?
LIZZIE: More like, what is he gonna do to us?

[Josie can't help but chuckle as she grabs the bag of frozen peas and uses them to ice Lizzie's black eye]

Ending Montage


[Alaric is sitting on the hood of his car when Hope finally returns from burying the dragon. She frowns when she sees that Alaric is all alone]

HOPE: Where are they?
ALARIC: Gone. I found this on the windshield when I got back.

[Alaric holds up a piece of paper and hands it to Hope. It's a letter from Landon, which he narrates in voiceover]

LANDON: [voiceover] Dear Hope... You strike me as the kind of person who's not so big on second chances, much less third, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I can't explain why I took that knife. Believe me, I wish I could. But maybe I can explain why I ran.


[The scene cuts to further down the road, where Landon and Rafael are in the middle of trying to hitch-hiking. Landon holds out a fist with his thumb off, but the truck they're trying to flag down for a ride just drives right past them]

LANDON: [voiceover] I have never been welcomed anywhere in my life. I'm always the extra. The mouth they didn't want to feed. If I caused trouble, I was out. When you grow up like that, you learn to protect yourself. You do what you have to to survive.


[The scene cuts back to Josie and Lizzie's room, where Alaric walks in to find his twin daughters half-asleep in Lizzie's bed. The sound of him opening the door stirs them awake, and Josie immediately bolts up to greet him]

JOSIE: Dad, I can explain...

[Instead of demanding an explanation about the events that occurred at the game, Alaric simply sits on the bed and gives Josie and Lizzie a big hug, clearly happy that the three of them are alive and well]

LANDON: [voiceover] I never had a real family. And that's not to make you feel sorry for me. I'm trying to make you understand-- I lied to protect myself, and in doing so, I hurt you. And for that, I will be forever sorry.


[Hope is re-reading the letter in her bedroom, with Landon continuing to narrate in voiceover]

LANDON: [voiceover] The time I spent with you the other night was one of the happiest moments in my life. I hate that I ruined it. Your school's secret is safe with me. With regret, Landon.

[Hope looks over at her dresser, where there are two framed pictures. The first is from Haunter of Ruins, when the Mikaelsons were at the safe house shortly after rescuing Klaus from Marcel's captivity, with Elijah, Freya, Kol, Klaus, and Rebekah pictured standing next to a seven-year-old Hope. The second was taken at the masquerade ball held at the Mikaelson Mansion in Dangerous Liaisons with Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah pictures. The sight of both makes Hope tear up once again, making it obvious that even two years later, Hope is still grieving the loss of her parents]


[Alaric is at the entrance of the school, where he's yanking on the gates to test how strong they are. After a moment, Dorian, amused, approaches him]

DORIAN: Trying to make a run for it?
ALARIC: [chuckles] Yeah. I just noticed the gate wasn't locking the other day.

[Dorian frowns in concern]

DORIAN: You worried about people getting out?
ALARIC: I'm worried about what might want to get in. We've gotten cozy here. Careless. I'd forgotten the world is full of nasty surprises. I don't know what the story is behind that knife, but whatever it is, I...

[Alaric takes a deep breath and releases it]

ALARIC: Oooh. Saw something today I never thought I'd see in this lifetime. And it scared me. You know, I opened this school to protect these kids. To protect my daughters. How am I supposed to protect them from stuff that's not supposed to exist?

[Alaric and Dorian wander away from the gates and head back to the school. The camera zooms in on a nearby stone gargoyle, which stands silently until the last moment, when it opens its eyes to reveal glowing bright red irises, revealing that the next threat may just be locked inside the gates rather than outside of them]

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