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These are the songs used in promos for episodes in The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies.

The Vampire Diaries

Artist/Group Song Used where
Band of Horses No One’s Gonna Love You Pilot Promo [1]
Timothy Andrew Edwards & James Lug Soul Sucker Season 1 Extended Promo [2]
Lumbajac Princess Cuts & Bruises
The New Addiction Salvation
Gerard McMahon and Anthony Silver TimeBomb
Jill Davolio Under the Sun
Metric Help I’m Alive "Love" & "Written In Blood" Promos [3]
Nazareth Love Hurts "Love Sucks" Promo [4]
The Dead Weather Hang You From The Heavens "Don't Be Squeamish", "Darker Than Twilight" & various episode promos. [5] and [6]
Rie Sinclair (Lover) What's Going On Lost Girls Promo [7]
Ladyhawke Magic "Spunky" promo [8]
Rie Sinclair No Escape The Night of the Comet Promo [9]
White Rabbits Percussion Gun History Repeating Promo [10]
Otto's Daughter All I Ever Wanted The Turning Point Promo [11]
Celldweller Frozen The Turning Point Promo [12]
White Lies To Lose My Life Vampire Diaries Marathon Promo [13]
Otto's Daughter Losing You "The Next Chapter" Promo. [14]
Tricky Makes Me Wanna Die "Coming Soon" Promo
Marilyn Manson If I Was Your Vampire ITV2 "Friday Night Bites" themed & various other promos [15]
Sophe Lux Electra 33 "Return March 25th" Promo [16]
Otto's Daughter Angels "Return March 25th" Promo [17]
Sohodolls My Vampire Official ITV2 Trailer [18]
Audio Machine Beyond Freedom Let The Right One In Promo. [19]
Otto's Daughter Don't Care Miss Mystic Falls Promo. [20]
We Are The Fallen Bury Me Alive Founder's Day Promo. [21]

Artist/Group Song Used where
Rie Sinclair No Escape The Vampire Diaries Trailer - Extended (Fall premiere) [22]
Spider Problem Cha Cha (Be My New Boyfriend) (Rock Remix) The Vampire Diaries Trailer - Extended (Fall premiere) [23]
Florence and The Machine Cosmic Love "Cosmic Love" Promo [24]
OneRepublic Everybody Loves Me "Damon Salvatore" Promo [25]
The Pretty Reckless Make Me Wanna Die "Year Of The Kat" Promo [26]
Shelayne Human After All Brave New World Promo [27]
Jane Fontana Another Moon Bad Moon Rising Promo [28]
Otto's Daughter Losing You Plan B Promo [29]
Lady Gaga Teeth Masquerade Promo [30]
Otto's Daughter Mars Rose Promo [31]
VideoHelper Music Revenge of the Carol of the Bells By the Light of the Moon Promo [32]
Flesh Timebomb The Descent/Wolf Promo [33]
Morning Parade A&E The Descent Promo UK ITV2 [34]
Hanni El Khatib Come Alive Got Wood Promo [35]




Skinny Love

They'll Be Biting Back In April(UK) [36]

The Sun Also Rises

FirstCom Music/ Ship of Fools As I Lay Dying Promo [37]

Artist/Group Song Used where
The Kills Damned If She Do Appettites Promo [38]
Kasabian Days Are Forgotten Season 3 Promo UK [39]
Slowride Ten Dashes The Birthday Promo [40]
American Hitmen Inanimate Objects Disturbing Behavior Clip [41]
Switchfoot Dark Horses "Human Or Stefan" Trailer for "The New Deal" and "Our Town" [42]
Karen Elson Vicious "Vicious" Promo [43]
Nik Ammar Turn It Back Heart of Darkness Promo [44]
Epic Pop Be What You Want Do Not Go Gentle Promo [45]
Robbie Nevil Fifteen minutes The Departed Promo [46]

Artist/Group Song Used where
The Heavy What Makes A Good Man? Season Four "Vampire Soul" Promo [47]
Marilyn Manson
Bill Withers
Personal Jesus
Ain't No Sunshine
Growing Pains and Memorial UK Promo [48]
Nik Ammar Diggin My Own Grave Memorial Promo [49]
Mia Bojanic & Randall Brent Cooke / Extreme Music My Obsession

The Five Promo [50]

Robin Loxley The Fear Be A Vampire Promo
Edward Bradshaw They Hit Without Warning We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes Promo [51]
Stephanie Schneiderman Dirty & Clean My Brother's Keeper Promo [52]
Celldweller It Makes No Difference Who We Are We'll Always Have Bourbon Street Promo [53]
Celldweller Ursa Minor After School Special Promo [54]
Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke Crop Won't Ever Come "Thirsty Wolf" Promo [55]
Celldweller The Seven Sisters Into the Wild Promo [56]
Celldweller The Wings of Icarus Down the Rabbit Hole Promo [57]
Garbage Control Stand By Me Promo [58] / Bring It On Promo [59] / Losing Control Promo [60]
Celldweller Empyrean American Gothic Promo [61]
Nick Nolan Get Started Pictures of You Promo [62]
Fall Out Boy My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

The Originals Promo [63]

Real Life Meltdown (Machine mix) She's Come Undone Promo [64]
Robin Loxley Rain Down Graduation Promo [65]

Artist/Group Song Used where
Gabriel Shadid
Time will remember us
Reign of blood
Legions of doom
Wizard of Oz Welcome to the night TVD and TO premiere night promo
Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson Motherless Child Season 5 - Game Changer
Blues Saraceno Evil Ways Original Sin promo
500 Years of Solitude promo
Randall Breneman & Jake Field Bad Sometimes Be Bad promo
Blue Stahli The Destroyer Of All Things Monster's Ball promo

Welshly Arms

The Touch Handle with Care promo.
PP Music Disturbed Death and the Maiden Promo
Celldweller The Wings of Icarus Dead Man on Campus Promo
Daniel Farrant and Paul Rawson I Dare You While You Were Sleeping Promo
Ellie Goulding Burn Resident Evil Promo

Artist/Group Song Used where
Sorry Clooney Season 6 'Bite Back' & 'First Look' Promos [66]
It's Over Season 6 'Move On' Promo [67]
Go With The Flow Todd Carlon & Monte Montgomery 'Need To Feed' Promo, Oct '14 [68]
Waiting For Lost Time Luca Yellow Ledbetter Promo [69]
You Should Ask Yourself The Days The Nights Welcome to Paradise Promo [70]
Moving On Anthem In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get Promo [71]
Supreme Mandeville Do You Remember the First Time? Promo [72]
The Lords Prayer Reverend Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets Fade Into You Promo [73]
Can't Go To Hell Sin Shake Sin I Alone Promo [74]
VideoHelper Feat. William Werwath Revenge Of The Carol Of The Bells Christmas Through Your Eyes Promo [75]
Hot, Girl-On-Girl, Vampire Action Luder 'Secret Return' Promo, Dec '14 [76]
Happiness Twirl Holiday Sizzle Promo, Dec '14 [77]
Elisheva, I Love You Junius Woke Up With a Monster Promo [78]
Push Intercept Prayer For the Dying Promo [79]
Goodbye Man Robin Wynn The Day I Tried To Live Promo [80]
Lunatics & Slaves Sin Shake Sin The Downward Spiral Promo [81]
Something For You David Rolfe A Bird in a Gilded Cage Promo [82]
He Could Be The Devil Gregg Mandel ft Paul Otten I Never Could Love Like That Promo [83]
Love Wise Ruby I'm Thinking Of You All The While Promo [84]
AudioMachine Beyond Freedom I'm Thinking Of You All The While Extended Promo [85]

Artist/Group Song Used where
Amy Stroup Meet Me Here Comic Con Promo
Matthew Perryman Jones All We Have Is Now
Dorothy Raise Hell Season 7 "Run" Promo
Season 7 "Mystic Falls" Promo
Royal Deluxe I'm Gonna Do My Thing Never Let Me Go Promo
Robin Loxley & Ray Hawke Ain't No Way Age of Innocence Promo
I Carry Your Heart With Me Promo
5 Alarm Music Whispers Live Through This Promo
Extreme Music Shake Hands With the Devil Best Served Cold Promo
Mommie Dearest Promo
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Promo
Cold as Ice Promo
Hell Is Other People Promo
Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black Tastes so Good Things We Lost in the Fire Promo
Postcards from the Edge Promo
All Good Things Live to See Another Day This Woman's Work Promo
Moonlight on the Bayou Promo
Rupert Pope & John Robertson Catch Me I Would for You Promo
Days of Future Past Promo
Raphael Lake Don't Die Today I Went to the Woods Promo
Blues Saraceno The River One Way or Another Promo
Somebody That I Used to Know Promo
Kill 'Em All Promo
Requiem for a Dream Promo
Gods and Monsters Promo

Artist/Group Song Used where
The Fray Changing Tides Comic Con "TVD Forever" Promo
Jeff Beck Live In The Dark Hello, Brother "The Devil" Promo
David Lawrence Twisted Games Today Will Be Different Promo
Extreme Music Tearin' it Down You Decided That I Was Worth Saving Promo
An Eternity of Misery Promo
Coming Home Was a Mistake Promo
Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell Promo
The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You Promo
We Have History Together Promo
Dark Rock Republic Children of the Earth The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch Promo
Nostalgia's a Bitch Promo
You Made a Choice to Be Good Promo
Vasco & Patrick West No Mans Grave What Are You? Promo
Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black Shake It Loose The Lies Will Catch Up To You Promo
It's Been a Hell of a Ride Promo
We're Planning a June Wedding Promo
Imagine Dragons Dream I Was Feeling Epic Teasers

The Originals

Artist/Group Song Used where
San Drine Ramene Moi Marcel Promo
Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke Hard Night Jealousy Promo
Bellstop Trouble Savages Upcoming Episodes Promo
Epic Pop Reason From a Cradle to a Grave Promo

Artist/Group Song Used where
Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black Bury My Love "Every Mother's Son" Promo
TJ & Cait Home Wheel Inside the Wheel Promo
Extreme Music Bring Me Back To Life The Brothers That Care Forgot Promo
TJ Stafford & Caitlin The Calling The Map of Moments Promo
Twirl Happiness The CW - 2014 Holiday Sizzle Promo
of Verona Breathe I Love You, Goodbye Promo
Paul Otten Ain't No Lie When the Levee Breaks Promo

Artist/Group Song Used where
Juliet Roberts Dangerous Game This Bloods For You
Blues Saraceno Save My Soul The Axeman's Letter Promo
Daniel Farrant and Paul Rawson I Dare You Beautiful Mistake Promo
Daniel Farrant & Paul Rawson Blood From My Veins The Other Girl in New Orleans Promo
Carlton Hayes & Martha Bean I'm Free Savior Promo
Extreme Music Combat Ready A Ghost Along the Mississippi Promo
The Rigs Devil's Playground Heart Shaped Box Promo


Artist/Group Song Used where
Valerie Broussard Trouble Series Premiere trailer #2
Antoinette Halliday & Louise Dowd Deep State Comic-Con 2018 trailer
The Rigs White Flag Hope is Not the Goal Promo
Danny Farrant & Nick Kingsley DNA Malivore Promo
VHPR Burn It Down Death Keeps Knocking On My Door Promo

Artist/Group Song Used where

Artist/Group Song Used where
Nick Nolan Truth Be Told Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right Promo

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