Spencer Locke is an American actress who played Amber Bradley in the Season One episode Miss Mystic Falls of The Vampire Diaries. Recently she has appeared on two Resident Evil films and the TV series Cougar Town.


Spencer Locke was born on September 20, 1991 in Winter Park, Florida, Spencer began to show an interest in the arts at a young age. When asked in school to draw what she would be when she got older, 6 year old Spencer drew herself on-stage with a star over her head. Two years later, she had enrolled in acting classes and immediately started booking numerous television commercials in the Orlando, Florida area.

With sights set high, 11 year-old Spencer united with her Miami coach/manager and set off to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Within a year's time, she booked a guest starring role on CBS's "Without A Trace" and a role in Sony Pictures' feature film "Spanglish". Shortly thereafter, Spencer began recurring as "Bitsy" on the Nickelodeon series "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide".

In 2004, Spencer stole the hearts of producers Robert Zemeckis, Steven Speilberg and director Gil Kenan and won the lead role of "Jenny" in Sony Pictures / Imagemovers' feature film, "Monster House". Her character "Jenny" is a bright, aggressive and entrepreneurial young girl. She, along with her two male buddies, is determined to defeat the ravenous Nebbercracker house and its appetite for kids. The film will be made using "performance capture" animation.

On and off-screen, Spencer has the uncanny ability to light up a room and has come to be known as "the Sunshine Girl". Aside from her pink iPod and dance classes, Spencer loves nothing more than spending time with her best friends and supporters: Mom, dad and sister Chelsea.


  • Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) (completed) .... K-Mart
  • "In Plain Sight" .... Sabrina Anderson / ... (1 episode, 2010)
  • "Cougar Town" .... Kylie (7 episodes, 2009-2010)
  • "The Vampire Diaries" .... Amber Bradley (1 episode, 2010)
  • "Big Time Rush" .... Jennifer 2 (4 episodes, 2009-2010)
  • "Twentysixmiles" .... Sally Burnish (6 episodes, 2010)
  • "Cold Case" .... Sarah Blake '76 (1 episode, 2009)
  • Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) .... K-Mart
  • "That's So Raven" .... Kayla (1 episode, 2006)
  • Monster House (2006) (VG) (voice) .... Jenny
  • Monster House (2006) (voice) .... Jenny
  • "Boys Life" (1 episode)
  • "Phil of the Future" .... Candida / ... (5 episodes, 2005)
  • Untitled Camryn Manheim Pilot (2005) (TV) .... Crosby Rydell
  • "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" .... Bitsy (4 episodes, 2005)
  • Spanglish (2004) .... Sleepover Friend
  • "Without a Trace" .... Brandee Case (1 episode, 2004)
  • Kidz Bop: Everyone's a Star! (2003) (V)


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