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For the latest season see Legacies' Season Two News and Spoilers.


  • “We’re coming back to a world where people don’t know Hope Mikaelson,” executive producer Brett Matthews says of Legacies’ second season, which he describes as “10 percent darker” than Season 1. “The characters are blissfully unaware, but there’s a void that no one can quite put their finger on.” On the romance front, we’ll get to see “which relationships have developed [over summer vacation], and how others are different as a result of Hope going into the Malivore pit.” Speaking of new connections, Lizzie will take an interest in new vampire Sebastian (played by Thomas Doherty, pictured), a character who exists “in response to how difficult it is to write a vampire in this newly woke world,” EP Julie Plec says. In less pleasant news, “there’s a hint of a [dark] new force at the beginning of the season, and the mystery of who that new force is takes us all the way into our midseason cliffhanger.” BONUS SPOILER!: If you’re wondering where Alaric will end up now that he’s been ousted from the Salvatore School, look no further than his former place of employment. “The school itself plays a big role in the season,” Plec says. “And the man needs a job.”[1]

Casting News

  • Plec wants Caroline and Bonnie to make a guest star appearance. [2]
  • The Necromancer could return in the second season. [3]
  • Penelope Park could return.[4]
  • Julie hoped that Kai would make an appearance. It was confirmed he will make an appearance in the twelfth episode.[5][6]
  • The Mikaelsons may make an appearance.[7] Later it was confirmed that Freya is going to appear in the sixth episode.[8]
  • The merman might return.[9]


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