I need you to know that Stefan said something to me before we parted. "One day when you wake up, tell Caroline I heard her and I will love her forever too."

Stefan Salvatore's Memorial took place in I Was Feeling Epic.

Season Eight

After Stefan sacrificed himself to save the town, the Mystic Falls Gang organized a memorial. The exact date is unknown, but it has to be after Bonnie managed to find a way to wake Elena from her sleep.

It was a memorial held for him in honor of everything he gave up for to save Mystic Falls from Katherine Pierce, giving up his life to stop her for good and save Damon from doing this in order to allow him to live a long and happy life with Elena. In honor of Stefan, Elena left the necklace he gave her in Friday Night Bites, Caroline left the snow globe of Mystic Falls that he gave her in a flashback seen in Christmas Through Your Eyes, and Damon left his daylight ring to his grave.




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