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This article is about Stefan Salvatore from the novel series. You may be looking for Stefan Salvatore from the TV series.

Do you know what the name Salvatore means in Italian, Elena? It means salvation, savior​ I'm named that, and for St. Stephen, he was the first Christian martyr. And I damned my brother to hell.
Stefan to Elena Gilbert (novel)

Stefan Salvatore (Italian: Stefano Salvatore) is a protagonist, the main male character (opposite of Elena, the female protagonist) and the deuteragonist overall of The Vampire Diaries novel series. He is vampire born during the time of the Renaissance, making him over five hundred years old. He was one of the Salvatore brothers that fell in love with Katherine von Swartzschild during his human life (which was the time of the Italian Renaissance) and before he was transformed into a vampire. Stefan is the second and youngest son of Giuseppe, Conte di Salvatore and his un-named mother (who died a few years after he was born), the younger brother of Damon Salvatore, the past love and object of obsession of Katherine von Swartzschild, the soulmate of Elena Gilbert, close friend of Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez, best friend of Matt Honeycutt, ally of Zander, former fling of Caroline Forbes, a rival of Tyler Smallwood and enemies with Misao, Shinichi, and Klaus.

Katherine was Stefan's as well as his brother Damon's creator. Katherine was the one who transformed both of the Salvatore brothers into vampires. After Katherine's "fake death", the heartbreak he endured after thinking he lost her and the continuous tumultuous relationship in which he had shared with his elder brother, Damon, Stefan makes an attempt to run far away and start a new life somewhere else, away from his dark and haunting past. Stefan runs away and attempts to start a new life on his own in a town called Fells Church, a town located in the American state of Virginia (it is later said that a powerful force of some sorts drew Stefan to Fells Church, although he couldn't understand why he was drawn to the town in the first place).

Stefan arrives in Fells Church and enrolls as a high school student at Robert E. Lee High School in order to blend in like a regular eighteen-year-old human teenager (even though Stefan is really five hundred plus years old). It is there, where Stefan fatefully and inevitably meets Elena Gilbert. He is intensely, immediately and indescribably drawn to her. Stefan is immediately able to "sense" Elena's mind and presence out of everyone else's minds within the entire school and he notices that her mind is significantly different then everyone else's, although, Stefan cannot understand why is able to feel this way towards Elena, who happens to be a complete and total stranger to him. Stefan was able to sense Elena's mind long before he met her in person and he sensed her presence immediately after arriving in Fells Church. He easily recognized it once he came to school that it was the presence of Elena.

Elena bears a very strong physical resemblance to his old and first love, Katherine, and because of this, he repeatedly tries to avoid her at all costs during the beginning of the series, feeling that her uncanny resemblance to Katherine brings up painful, sorrowful memories of his dark, mysterious past. Stefan fell deeply and strongly in love with Elena at first sight but later on, Stefan eventually lets his walls crumble even more and falls in even deeper and passionate love with Elena. However, despite the fact that Stefan falls for Elena and Elena reciprocates his love, his elder and malevolent brother Damon follows him to Fells Church in order to make his life chaos and repeatedly makes attempts to try to steal Elena away from him out of revenge against him. Throughout the course of the series, Stefan has been strewn out of Fells Church, mostly out of his control, causing him and Elena to repeatedly become separated from each other. Because of this, it has caused Stefan to leave Elena's well-being and life in the hands of his impulsive, amoral and dangerous older brother, Damon Salvatore.

Early History[]

Stefan was a seventeen year old human boy who was born during the 1400's. Stefan was born in Florence, Italy to Conti Di Giuseppe Salvatore and his un-named mother during the Renaissance period along with his older brother, Damon. Damon never liked Stefan since childhood, who suspected it was because of his birth that had weakened their mother and she died a few years afterwards. During the summer, Baron von Swartzschild, a German nobleman and a friend of Giuseppe, came to Italy from Germany with his young, beautiful daughter Katherine and stayed with the Salvatores to help Katherine with her recovery from a dreadful illness, which had severely weakened he already fragile state. Over time, Stefan fell madly in love with Katherine, who later revealed to him that she was a vampire. Over the months, Stefan and Katherine spent a lot of time together and their father's had began discussing the prospects of possible marriage between the two. However, Stefan's brother, Damon returned from the unnamed university he was attending, and he caught Katherine's eye in attempts to gain revenge against Stefan by making it a competition for Damon due to his vanity, pride and ego. Stefan became jealous and unhappy by Damon's attempts of turning Katherine into a competition and he and Damon finally told her to choose between the two of them for whom she wanted to be her husband. Both of the brothers gave her time to decide, and the night before she announced her decision, Katherine had went to Stefan's chambers and exchanged blood with him, because she had chosen him, much to Stefan's great delight. But when Katherine announced her decision, Stefan and Damon were both shocked that she had chosen both of them, when she gave them both Lapis Lazuli silver rings, rings which would help to protect them from the sunlight after they complete their transitions into vampires.

Neither Stefan nor Damon could accept this, arguing that she must choose between the two of them and that they would never be fine with sharing her, much to Katherine's dismay. Because of the blood exchange which has taken place between him and Katherine, Stefan started to feel changes and alterations occurring within his body and realized that he longed more for blood than for ordinary human food. Finally, he went to Katherine's chambers with Damon and her maid, Gudren, who had told them that Katherine was alone in the garden. The Salvatore brothers searched for Katherine in the garden but couldn't find her there. Stefan then remembered that her favorite place to hang out was under the lemon tree. Stefan and Damon went over to the lemon tree where they thought Katherine was, until Stefan stumbled across Katherine's dress covered in smelly ash, with her 'daylight ring' on a rock with a note, saying she had committed suicide in the hopes that the brothers would end their rivalry, reconcile and love each other again. Unfortunately, this infuriated both the brothers even more and they fought over Katherine's protective ring. They fought with their swords, aiming to kill each other. Damon got under Stefan's guard and stabbed him right through the heart, killing him almost instantly. With every bit of Stefan's strength left, he used his sword and stabbed Damon in the heart too, killing him. With Katherine's blood flowing within their bloodstreams, they both transformed into immortals. Stefan kept Katherine's small lapis lazuli ring with him for many, many centuries later as a memory of his life with her and his love for her. During the beginning of his vampire life, Stefan chose to feed on the blood of animals, refusing to take innocent human life, while Damon chose to live a completely separate kind of lifestyle and take innocent human life, feeding on the blood of humans. When they came across each other at one point in time, Damon emotionally blackmailed and tortured Stefan and threatened to kill him if he didn't leave home, and Stefan, believing that his very own brother would indeed kill him, left his home of Florence for good. Stefan leaves Florence to get away from his dangerous brother and all that has happened in his dark, painful past. He chooses to start a new life for himself in a small, random American town of Fells Church, Virginia. Stefan is completely unsure of why he chose such a small and random town, but Stefan doesn't know that destiny and fate and completely new changes for him await.

The Original Series[]


The Awakening

Centuries after he and his brother, Damon, were turned into vampires, Stefan Salvatore tries to escape his dark and painful past by relocating to a small town in Virginia, Fells Church. There was no reasoning behind why Stefan chose Fells Church, only that he felt he was drawn there by an unknown force.

On the first day of school at Robert E. Lee High School, Stefan fed on a rabbit before school. Although, it was enough to sustain him, it did not give him the power he needed. Upon, entering Robert E. Lee High, Stefan catches attention of all the girls in the vicinity, including Elena Gilbert, Meredith Sulez, Caroline Forbes and Bonnie McCullough. Elena and Caroline are intensely, strongly and passionately attracted to Stefan upon first glance, and Elena makes a promise to herself that he will be hers. Stefan has to compel the school secretary to approve his position as a student at Robert E. Lee High School, as there is something wrong with his application. After receiving his schedule, Elena tries to get him to notice her, but he doesn't look at either side, walking off down the hallway.

While going to the last class of the day, he recounts of using his powers twice and sparingly for most of the day. He also thinks of the one mind that stood out and sees that he has the last class of the day with her, which is Elena. He sees her face and notices that she looks just like Katherine, and looked down at the desk as she smiled, as he didn't want to think about Katherine or confuse her for his past love. He feels that she's hurt and is glad, as he doesn't want her to chase him. He also somewhat listens to the teacher talking and asking questions, and watches in distaste as he shamed the students with questions they didn't know. He defends Bonnie as he tells Mr. Tanner that back then, students were encouraged to participate in games, humiliating the teacher in the process and leaves as he feels a sensation of hunger.

The next early morning, he returns from the woods and thinks of his many memories, one in particular pops in about his brother and father. He then remembers Katherine and decides to revisit any other past memories, looking at the circlet that hung on a gold chain around his neck and thinks he will never be accepted, as he's evil and couldn't change what he was.

Much later at school, he encounters Dick Carter and Tyler Smallwood, until they move out of the way due to Matt. He is asked by Matt if he wants to tryout for football, he at first smiles, but his smile fades and distantly says he has other commitments. As the class ended, Elena stands in Stefan's way and tries to greet him, but he interrupts and says he doesn't have time, asking Matt to show him the way to the tryouts. Later on in the night, he goes out for a hunt and watched from the shadows as Elena, Bonnie and Meredith ran from the burst of power he sensed. Afterwards, he couldn't sense the force anymore and picked up a piece of Elena's hair on the ground and went into a trance-like state. He remembers the surge of power he sent and attacked a homeless man until he returned back to the boardinghouse, being questioned by Mrs. Flowers before he goes to his room. As he laid on the bed, tired, memories of Katherine popped into his head. He then sensed something and went to the window, listening and couldn't feel anything. He decided that he was wrong about the laughter and the menace in the graveyard, and that he needed sleep.

A bit later, he attends the Homecoming Dance and is asked by Elena if he wants to dance. He gazes at her and Caroline comes up, linking her arm with his, and walks off with her. He walks off later to the cemetery, sensing Elena is in danger, and goes to her, despite feeling weak and his mind muddled. He throws Tyler off her and beats him up until Elena tells him to stop. He walks beside her as they head to the boardinghouse, and when she comes out of the bathroom, he is by the window and gestures at a cloak for her to put on. He offers to take her home and tells her he doesn't hate her as she asks why he if does. As he listens to her about how she feels, he says that she reminds him of someone he knew. As she wraps her hand around his, he interlocks his fingers with hers and bends his head down towards her lips. They kiss passionately and he slowly draws himself away, realizing he wasn't avoiding her out of hatred or rage. He then drives her back home, noticing the police are there and is introduced to her aunt Judith. He listens as Matt and Meredith explains what happened to Vickie. He then says he has to go and he says he'll call Elena tomorrow, leaving her house. As he drives back to the boardinghouse, he recalls memories of Katherine. He then thinks of the events at the cemetery and of Elena, wondering if he had the right to love her.

Afterwards, he flung his door open as Elena knocked and wrapped his arms around her. They kiss and quivered as she tells him she loves him. He is then called down by Mrs. Flowers and leaves Elena alone in the room. On the next day of school, he has lunch with Elena at the corner of the field, but refuses to touch her. As the month goes by, it's revealed that Stefan has been somewhat distant and having a certain sadness in him.

During the night of Halloween, he goes to pick Elena up and is staring at her in wonder. They then arrive at the high school and he walks up to Mr. Tanner as he throws an insult at Elena and Bonnie. He compels him and talks to him as he walks back up to Elena. When she suggests helping Matt, he decides to go to the boys' locker room to help with the coffee and the other workers. When she notices that his step has a slight faltering, he tells her he's fine and he's just tired, walking away from her.

After Mr. Tanner is found dead, Matt finds Stefan on the tile floor and wakes him up. Matt tells him to get out as the others believe he killed Tanner and Stefan agrees, and asks if Elena is safe. He tells Matt to take care of her and then leaves. At the boardinghouse, his anger gets the best of him, throwing and flinging contents around the room, before deciding he needs to feed soon. When Elena comes in his room and up the trapdoor, he's in a bestial crouch and snarls like an animal with a dove in his hand. As she backs away, he reaches for her and holds her in his arms, also ushering her into his mess of a room. She asks for him to tell her the truth and he reveals to her what he really is. He also reveals to her about his history with Katherine and Damon. As describes what happened, his fingers are held by Elena and she tells him he isn't there now as he relieves the memory. He then tells her about killing Damon as a human and they both changed with enough of Katherine's blood in their veins. He then listens as Elena tells him she believes it's Damon behind the murders and his muddled mind, with Stefan starting to believe it himself. He then tries to threaten her as she offers her neck and they kiss. He then feeds from her and says they'll be together despite whatever might happen. He then leaves Elena at her house and drives to Old Creek Road to retrace his steps.

He confronts Damon and is openly mocked by his brother for his weakened state. He listens in anger as Damon mocks him more about Elena and messes with him. He then tries to attack Damon, but is pinned and Damon feeds on him, leaving Stefan in pain. As he walked away from Damon, he heads towards his car until his darkness filled his body and mind.

Bonnie tuned into Stefan's thoughts to get a clue of his location, but the suspicions of where he could be was incorrect. With the help of Matt though, Bonnie, Elena and Meredith found Stefan in a well on the Old Francher's farm. Stefan was shockingly weak and was taken to the boardinghouse. Matt insisted that they get Stefan to a doctor, but Elena couldn't agree because of what Stefan was and had Bonnie get her sister Mary, who was a nurse. Before Mary arrives with the others, Elena lets Stefan drink some of her blood, but he tells her to move as he doesn't want her change or die if he drinks too much. After Mary checks him as much as she can, Stefan wants to talk to Elena alone before she leaves, telling her not to be alone and not invite any stranger inside.

On November 2, a day after he was found, he goes to school and sits beside Elena, not saying anything as they listen to the new teacher, Alaric, talk. After checking to see if football practice is cancelled, he notices Elena and her anger, asking what's wrong. When she tells him the truth with what Caroline said, he tells her Caroline might be right, feeling hostility and fear from the other students, as they believe he's the murderer and they are taking it out on her. When he asks if they stop seeing each other for a bit, Elena tells him they need break up in front of them right now, but before she can finish her sentence, he kisses her.

Before leaving for the party at Alaric's, he is at Elena's house talking to Judith, who he notices is uncomfortable with him being in her house. As they leave, he tells Elena that when talking about eating dinner, he wasn't referring to her neck, and arrive at the Ramsey house where Alaric is temporarily staying at. He talks to Bonnie, Meredith and others about Alaric and listens as they tell him. While not outright stating otherwise, Stefan is wary and mistrustful of Alaric due to him being there after Tanner's death and not being told of it. As Bonnie talked about Tanner's body not leaving any blood, Stefan still questions her, until Meredith and Elena ask her to stop talking about it due to others around them. After Elena leaves and is confronted by Damon, Stefan is there and stares at his brother, as others look, wondering what is going on. After a few moments of staring angrily at Damon, Elena breaks Stefan out and asks to leave so not confrontation can happen. As they start walking towards the door, they run into Alaric, with Elena telling him she doesn't feel good, and they leave. As they drive, Stefan explains to her about a vampire's powers and abilities, and how vervain could protect her from Damon. Arriving at her house, he relaxes more as she holds him, and he tells her she's the mirror as she has stolen his soul, also telling her to lock the door and not open it again that night, leaving not long afterwards. The next day, however, he doesn't attend school, but Meredith reveals he called the previous night to walk with Elena so she wouldn't be alone.

The morning after, Stefan meets up with Matt and talks to him about using his car to drive down south to retrieve the vervain flowers for Elena, but Matt doesn't believe him and opts to drive with him instead. After getting more than a few flowers, Stefan and Matt talk about the flowers, and for the first time in centuries, Stefan feels like he had gained acceptance without Matt knowing the truth about him. He is then greeted by Elena as he gets out of the car with Matt. As everyone else sleeps, Stefan explains to Elena about vervain, and noticing her tears, he asks her what's wrong. She lies about the encounter with Damon, and he promises not to leave Fell's Church with Damon around. He leaves with Matt so he can extract the oil from the seeds of vervain.

He arrives at school after a few days of absence and uses his power to compel Vickie to calm down. After Vickie is taken away, the two walk to the boardinghouse and don't talk until they enter his room. He tells her that some people's wills are weaker than others and he's still weak. He rejects Elena's offer of her blood, not wanting to hurt her.

On a late night in November, he opens the door for Elena at the boardinghouse and the two go up to his room to talk. She tells him about her diary being stolen and the ribbon he had that was hers. He tells her he wished she had told him sooner and knew there was something bothering her. She then offered her neck, but instead of refusal, he bit her and drew his own blood not long after. He showed her the circlet around his neck and he kept it as it would be what kept Katherine close to his heart. He tries to offer it, but thinks Elena wouldn't accept it, but she tells him to stop and he slips the ring onto her finger. They talk about trying to get the diary back, and they'll be together no matter what happens.

At the ceremony, Stefan sits on the sidelines as he listens to the speeches being made and Caroline humiliating herself, when she finds she no longer has Elena's diary, leaving him in awe. After Elena leaves, Stefan is at a Quonset hut, surrounded by Tyler and his friends. He is focused on Tyler until Bonnie goes in a trance, telling him Elena's at the bridge, drowning. He jumps into Meredith's car, driving to the bridge, and he dives into the bank. He eventually comes out, with Elena's lifeless body, crying and trying to get her back, to no avail. He urges Meredith and Bonnie to go, telling them he'll put Elena under the willows. In anger, he went back to the Quonset hut, seized Tyler and sank his fangs into his throat. He then moved to each of Tyler's friends, until he grabbed Caroline, who went limp, but Stefan decided he had enough and went to find Damon. He transformed into a falcon and began attacking Damon, until his arm is broken by his brother and they both fight each other.

Stefan is attacked by Elena, who has a muddled mind due to waking up as a vampire. He is shocked and in pain, telling her in his mind to finish him off. She bites into his neck, until Damon stops her, pulling her off him. Stefan is angered about what happened, and listens to her as Elena tries to remember what happened to her. He angrily asks why Damon stopped her from killing him, but Damon tells him he didn't want it done easily and he'll do it himself. When Damon leads Elena to where there are possible victims to feed from, Stefan convinces him to let her drink from someone who's willing to do it and strong enough. As he walked, he was thinking about Elena and his pain, and took a detour to the boardinghouse to clean up.

He arrives at the school auditorium and wills Matt to come outside. He is confronted by a saddened Matt, who is asking about Elena, and decides to tell Matt the truth, leading him to the photography room. While Matt is noticeably getting uneasy about the situation, Stefan tells Elena to come out. As Matt starts panicking, Stefan tries to ease him and convince him to let Elena feed from him. He tries to relax Matt more as Elena feeds from him and stays with him as both Elena and Damon walk away. He talks to Matt about Elena and Damon, and then remembers what he did to Tyler Smallwood and his friends. He walks off, heading to the Quonset, and compels the victims to forget who attacked them. He then walks away to the field, with Matt following behind and asking if it was him, and Stefan tells him to steer clear from him as he's a hunter.

He later goes to Elena's funeral and talks to her, knowing she's hurt at what she had done to him, and they cling to each other. Damon interrupts their moment and they go to the window overlooking the parking lot, noticing that dogs are in front of the humans. While not sensing anything, he feels that Doug Carson shouldn't go near the dogs. He then races down the stairs and went outside to fend off the dogs. He appears in the church again, hurt, and listens as Elena asks Damon if he was the one who dumped Stefan's body in the well. He is at first angered that Elena would suggest having all three of them work together, but calms down and agrees finally. He then walks down the stairs with Damon as Mr. Carson calls Stefan down. Later at night, he meets up with Elena and Damon to go hunting to feed.

The next day, he goes to school and talks to Bonnie. He also talks to Sue, asking about Chelsea, and they head to Alaric's class. When he sits down, he thinks about Elena, his brother and Tyler, staring at Tyler's desk unknowingly, and looks up to see Matt's expression. After class, he tries to talk to Matt, but is angrily rebuffed, and sits outside to wait for Bonnie. He then goes with Bonnie to meet with Meredith and the three leave school together.

He later meets Elena at the end of the street and they talk on top of the roof of the high school. When she mentions Katherine and the "forever", he stiffens a bit, but she tells him she wants Damon's help, nothing else. He then kisses the back of her neck, holding each other, and saying he loves her. The next day, he talks to Elena about Mrs. Flowers and Meredith, telling her that Meredith didn't want them to know she was talking to Alaric. Elena tells him Meredith is her friend and she trusts her, to which Stefan says he hopes they can.

Stefan, Elena, Damon, Bonnie and Meredith then talk about the party at Alaric's and they would hide somewhere so they can listen in. Before everyone leaves, Stefan tells Elena that Caroline wants to meet him later. He is then later revealed to be injured due to being attacked and is saved by the others. The group walks into the school and listens as Alaric explains himself. After Alaric drops Stefan, Elena and Damon off, they talk about leaving town, Vickie and Matt, to which Stefan says he'll be alright as Elena leaves to talk to Matt.

On December 13, Stefan and Damon prowl the perimeter outside the school as the dance goes on. Afterwards, the group watches as Bonnie goes in a trance and starts walking away, with Stefan and the others following her. She leads them to the Fells' tomb and Stefan helps his brother open the lid. They then see there's a doorway instead and Stefan catches Bonnie as she goes in. He then listens to Honoria Fell's ghost as she tells them about the danger the evil presence has shown. They soon hear a noise, with a giant white tiger leaping out and Damon's wolf form attacking it as well. Stefan tells the others to get out and holds Elena. Stefan is then knocked out alongside Damon and Elena by the power. When Elena wakes up, it's revealed the evil was Katherine, who had torn at Stefan's throat because she loves him. He then wakes up, feeling a mix of emotions and listens as Katherine reveals what she did to everyone. He listens as Katherine tells her story and five hundred years ago, trying to implore her to let them go or keep him. After Damon tells Katherine to go to hell and she bites him, her power makes Stefan and Elena feel pain. When Elena regains consciousness, Stefan tells her mentally that he's sorry and was surprised Damon didn't betray them. When Katherine comes back, Stefan tries to convince her to let Elena go, but she ignores him. When Elena breaks out of her bonds and pushes Katherine into the sunlight, Stefan yells for her as she enters the light sunlight, dying with Katherine in the process.

Before Elena dies, she asks Stefan and Damon to promise they'll take care of each other. After she perishes, Stefan and Damon get their rings and walk out of the tomb. Before he leaves town, Stefan gives Bonnie Elena's diary and tells her about the promise he made to Elena.

Stefan was in Italy with Damon, scolding him for not taking proper care of his secret as a vampire. Bonnie tried a summoning spell to call for his help and succeeded. Unfortunately, Damon returned to Fell's Church with Stefan. Bonnie, Meredith and Matt told Stefan of Sue Carson's death, and that there was another powerful force in town.

He asks Bonnie if she can go into a trance to talk to Elena again, so he can talk to her. He sees Bonnie is reluctant and tells the group about certain places that can draw the supernatural to that certain location due to the psychic energy, regardless if it's positive or negative. Before finishing his sentence, Mrs. Flowers comes in and offers the group some refreshments. After she leaves, Stefan says they should try to talk to Vickie, and reassures Bonnie that he'll keep an eye on Damon while they do.

After Damon uses his power to knock out Vickie's parents, Stefan goes to Vickie's window and compels her to let him in. He asks her about the man who she had seen in her dreams, and tells her to calm down as he tries to help her. He listens as Vickie remembers the night Sue was murdered, and starts describing the man she saw, until a storm comes all of a sudden. After it ends, Stefan sees "Goodnight Sweetheart" written on Vickie's mirror and pulls out fresh vervain for her. He tells her that they'll keep watch and protect her so she won't be hurt or anything else. After leaving Vickie's house and Damon, Stefan tells the group that he wants to test a theory and see if Sue's body for any markings. They arrive at the funeral chapel and Stefan sees a cut on Sue's collarbone to her breast, noticing that the cut is different that what he's normally seen. After seeing Matt, Meredith and Bonnie safe, he goes back to Vickie's house to check on her and Damon. He thanks his brother and think about Elena, also trying to reach out to her, but to no avail.

The next day, the group is by Vickie's house again and Stefan asks for records about the founders of Fell's Church, thinking that he might've figured about the cut on Sue. He and Matt pick the lock to the library and find Honoria's journals, and Stefan reads through, finding the answer he was looking for. He feels Matt's hostility and talks to him, telling him to fight back regardless. He tells Matt to go ahead and take over the watch from the girls, and he'll read up on a book by Gervase of Tilbury. After getting the thick book, he talks to the three about possibly knowing what's going on and making a plan to find out what it is.

After Meredith is attacked by Tyler, Stefan gets Tyler off Matt and tells him all of them are going to have a chat at the abandoned church. When Tyler refuses to say anything, Stefan opens up the book by Gervase of Tilbury, and reveals that the cut made on Sue wasn't by her since she wasn't a vampire, and reads an entry from Honoria's journal as it reveals the Smallwoods were werewolves. He says the werewolf gene was passed and mentions the man in the raincoat seeing the potential. He asks about the vampire that is helping Tyler and while Tyler refuses at first, Stefan mentions there's a cure besides the traditional silver bullet. While stretching Tyler out to cut off a foot, and before Stefan can take it off, Tyler shrieks that he'll talk. Before Stefan lifts the ax again, Tyler tells him he's going to Vickie as they could both get one each. The group then leaves as they get into Meredith's car, leaving Tyler at the church tied up, and heading to Vickie's house. It's revealed that Vickie is now dead, and the group hears Stefan yelling at Damon beyond the trees. He's beyond angered that Damon didn't call him and that he should've listened about trusting him. He asks with a venom in his voice if Damon liked it and if the man let him watch, with Damon hitting Stefan. Before anything else could happen, Matt, Meredith and Bonnie get between them and Damon walks off. Without saying a word, the group heads to the cemetery to get Tyler.

They see Tyler is gone and they head to the boardinghouse. While Matt and Meredith, Bonnie talks to Stefan. She goes into a trance and when she makes contact with Elena, he goes into Bonnie's mind and begins speaking to Elena. While kissing and embracing Elena, they hear a new voice and they see the man responsible for Sue's and Vickie's deaths. While listening to the man and hear him mention Katherine, Stefan realizes it's Klaus, the one who turned Katherine. As Elena turns to bones in the illusion, Stefan denies it, and Elena becomes what she was beforehand. Klaus goes into a rage and Stefan is thrown out of the illusion. He tells Bonnie that he may have to leave so he can find a surviving victim of Klaus, but he'll stay a bit longer before then.

Stefan then heads to West Virginia with Bonnie, Matt and Meredith to visit Meredith's grandfather, Leonardo, since Klaus attacked on Meredith's actual birthday at Caroline's, and also the anniversary of the attack. While the group couldn't get a response out of him at first, he starts shouting "vampire" and "white ash wood" as the group is ushered out. They then realize the white ash wood is what they need and they head to the boardinghouse and it's revealed Stefan had a package sent from him with a branch inside. They then see an envelope from Klaus and he tells Stefan in the note to come alone and he'll let Caroline go. Stefan tells the group he's going alone, while they try to argue since it's their fight as well. While the three offer their blood for him, he refuses and threatens to kill them if they follow, and he then walks out.

He then appears out of the clearing at the Francher place with the white ash spear in his hand. He confronts Klaus and before he can do anything else, Bonnie yells to him it's a trap, and Stefan jumps before Tyler lands on him. He and Tyler then fight before Klaus makes his way to him. After Klaus brings Stefan down, he breaks the white ash spear and gets ready for the killing blow. Klaus is then hit in the back with a sharp wood by Damon. Bonnie then runs for Stefan and tries to help him as Damon tries to convince him to drink some blood to heal. Stefan painfully tries to tell Bonnie to go as she is the only one still uninjured, but she refuses and stays beside him. Before Klaus kills both of them, Bonnie screams Elena's name and not just her, but several of the Civil War ghosts appear due to the solstice. Stefan smiles at seeing Elena and watches as the ghosts take Klaus away. He asks for her help and she kisses him, his body glowing. He is then healed of his wounds and he pleads with Elena to stay so he can tell her something, but she can't as she and the other spirits disappear. He then stares as Elena is resurrected and reunites with her again. He holds his hand out to Damon, but Damon says he's not like them and flies away. Elena lays her head on his shoulder, and Stefan looks at the patch where Damon had once been at.

The Return Series[]

After Elena comes back as a spirit child, Stefan takes it upon himself to look after her. He does so until Elena goes back to her normal human self. He lets the others see her eventually and uses his power to send Caroline out when she reacts negatively to Elena kissing everybody.

He later has a floating Elena tethered to his car like a balloon, almost running into Damon in the process. While Stefan volunteers to help take care of Meredith and Matt, Damon helps Bonnie after the three were attacked by trees. It is also revealed that Stefan had let Damon beat him up as a way to conceal the power of Elena's blood. After Meredith and Matt are healed, Stefan walks into the room Damon is in with Bonnie, he fights his brother and sees Damon does actually care for something else other than himself. When Bonnie wakes up and accuses Damon of watching while the trees attempted to kill them, Stefan and the others reject him.

After him and Elena go out into the wood kissing and exchanging blood, Damon sees everything and storms off and makes a deal with Shinichi. The next morning, Elena can speak again and the two kiss passionately. He then buys her a Jaguar and goes a celebration picnic with Bonnie, Meredith and Matt. He then listens as Matt talks about Tami Bryce kissing and rubbing up against him, and Elena states Damon was being influenced by a supernatural, tentacled monster known as a malach.

The deal was to lure Stefan out of Fell's Church without killing him. The lure was a website which said it would be able to turn him human again, of course it ended up being a lie and Stefan was trapped in some magical underworld. Before he leaves, Stefan leaves a note for Elena while she sleeps, but Damon changes the note instead.

Elena was able to contact Stefan later on in the book and it was there she found him starved and ill-looking. At first he didn't believe it was Elena as his captors had appeared as Elena taunting him. She convinced him it was her and managed to give Stefan some blood, she wanted to stay longer but Stefan made her go after it was alerted someone was by his cell. At the end of the book Damon, Elena and Matt set out to rescue Stefan.

Elena had an out of body experience and willed herself to go to Stefan who was locked up in a cell. He was thin and weak. Whoever held him there tortured him with Elena's image, causing Stefan to be rude to Elena at the sight of her. However, when he realized it really was Elena, he tried to comfort her because his rudeness had hurt her. Elena tears restored some color in Stefan's pale visage, healing him from some of his weakness. When Matt woke Elena up, her spirit was taken away from Stefan.

He is visited again by Elena through an out of body experience. He is rude at first as he thinks his tormentors are using Elena's visage against him. He asks if she keeps her promises, and she says yes.

In the Dark Dimension, Stefan is visited by Damon, Sage and Elena, and they are shocked to see his condition. After getting some blood, he can touch Elena a little, despite the razor sharp cell. After using a pouch from the kitsune prisoner, he begins feeding from it, and then pleads with the guards not to take her away.

Elena then arrives to the prison cells and eventually spots Stefan, who has a weakened and lanky form. He at first thinks she's just another illusion to torture him yet again, until he sees it's the real Elena. She then uses her wings to bring her and the others to Fell's Church once again. While Stefan is being carried due to his weak state, he is confronted again by the kitsune he had been a fellow prisoner like him. He hands him the bouquet of flowers to Stefan while he takes care of the Guardians. The group arrives back in Fell's Church at Mrs. Flowers' boardinghouse and he thanks the humans for giving him some of their blood. They then listen as Shinichi appears and mocks them. After Shinichi disappears, Stefan recovers from being weak and starts to slowly regain his strength. He finds that Damon found the black rose the kitsune gave him and is angered as the rose was his way of gaining his humanity back.

After a few days, he is back to himself and walks down the stairs after hearing the commotion with the others. He explains how Elena had been burned and states that he has been sleeping a lot, and had been until he heard them. He tells them he'll be going back to animal blood soon and that they'll be preparing for whenever the kitsune twins will strike. After Damon and Matt get into a fight, Elena comes out and Stefan communicates with her through thought, telling her it will be okay and smiles. Although he wants to talk with Damon, he decides to wait until tomorrow, and the two race up the stairs playfully. He has second thoughts at first from feeding from her due to her cuts and burns, but she tells him it's alright. He tells her not to think of the time she was in the Dark Dimension, saying he's happy they're here together, healing the last cut.

After Damon and Bonnie end up in the Dark Dimension, Stefan takes some blame as he hadn't been asleep, he would've been able to stop Damon. They then hear a car coming and Stefan goes to wake Matt up to put him in the root cellar to hide from the police. Before the police come in, the group cleans up and Stefan shows to have some sweat beading down his face. While the girls think of a plan, Stefan follows the sheriff down the stairs. He later listens as Meredith reveals to him she is a hunter-slayer and how she knew about the stave. He reassures her that he won't attack her or change any old memories. He then begins to feed on her so he could gain some power. After feeding, he puts Meredith on the bed and snarled at the officer, compelling him in the process. He saves Mrs. Flowers from falling after the female officer pushes her, and compels the officer as well. He compelled the officers that they didn't find anyone there and they should focus their attention to the mayhem going on in Fell's Church. Afterwards, he announces he wants to go to bed and he goes up the stairs with Elena, but Matt asks about the stave, until Stefan says he should talk to Meredith instead. The next day, he listens as Meredith talks to them about being a hunter and the night Klaus came to her house when she was young, also revealing Meredith has a twin brother.

On another day, he hears Elena's thoughts and tells her not to think about going back to Fell's Church or the Dark Dimension. They talk about Bonnie, Damon and saying I love yous to each other. They head out to Stefan's room and begin kissing passionately again, until they hear a knock at the door. It is revealed to be Mrs. Flowers at the door, asking for Stefan as Meredith wanted to talk to him and Elena urgently. They listen as Meredith reveals that she drank vampire blood when she was younger and asked if she had any canines. After they see that she has kitten like canines, Stefan tries to calm her down, to no avail. He states that he has never seen any different kind of vampire, except the Old Ones. He thinks because the Old Ones are different, their abilities are more enhanced. After Meredith is knocked out, Elena, Stefan and Mrs. Flowers decide to check every house in Fell's Church to find Matt. He then carries Meredith out to the car as Elena grabs for her diary and some clothing. He shouts to Elena they're ready and whistles to Talon to follow up in the sky, and they beginning driving to head to Ridgemont.

They arrive at the courthouse Matt is being held at, and after Saber howls, many members, including Caroline and Judge Holloway, change into their wolf forms. Stefan is hugged by Matt and they head back to the boardinghouse. Stefan carried Meredith to the first floor bedroom and went into the kitchen to talk Matt and the others. He tells Matt he's going to heal his injuries and has to take it even it hurts for a bit. While everyone goes off to bed with something to eat, he tells Elena that Matt will feel better in his body, but his mind will need some time. The next morning, the group decides that Stefan might be their safe bet at learning what's really going on in Fell's Church. While hunting, he makes a vow not to exchange blood with Elena as her doesn't want to make her a vampire. After returning, Stefan asks what's going on and sees the group with Misao. He asks how Elena thinks it's the real him and she tells him it's because he's always ready to let her in. Stefan asks Misao who's giving the orders to destroy the town, and she replies she doesn't know. After trying to shove Misao down the root cellar, a cobra with maggots appear after opening the door and Stefan destroys the illusion, revealing Shinichi. After running outside, Stefan has a grub that's a malach on his back, but Elena pulls it off. Stefan and Elena decide to head to the Dark Dimension to see if Bonnie is okay, while the others find out what "Midnight" is. They then appear in the room where Bonnie is and used his power to find Damon at Ulma's house. He eventually finds Damon and surprises him, and talks to him about becoming a vampire and Bonnie's previous situation. He is angry about what happened to Bonnie, but is surprised to hear his brother speaking with passion involving humans. After hearing Elena come in and angrily yell at Damon about Bonnie, Stefan holds her back. He finally meets Ulma and catches when she falls backwards. He listens to Bonnie explain her story and thinks she had a premonition, and wanted to tell Elena about the kitsune treasures, having an out of body experience. He realizes that the star ball might have tremendous power that could save the town of Fell's Church.

They began their expedition to the Gateway of the Seven Treasures on thurgs. After an amount of time has passed, he listens as Bonnie goes into another trance and hears about the Last Midnight. While tending to Bonnie, he is influenced by Damon to go to sleep. He then awakens and envelopes Bonnie with warmth, sitting next to Elena afterwards. The group arrives at Lake Mirror and Stefan tries to help the thurg, Biratz, so she wouldn't go through the ice on the lake. After Elena starts freezing from saving Biratz, Stefan tries to help her and sees Damon undressing her. He then tries to warm her up, as does the others. After Elena awakens, Stefan asks she's doing and tells her they'll keep going on. They arrive at a bridge and fear that they can't make the climb, but Stefan asks if Elena can do it, and should for her hometown. He influences Bonnie that she can climb or cross anything, and counts on Damon to hold Elena as they go across. They made it to the cavern and the girls realize that the two vampires are hungry as there isn't much to hunt. Elena gives some of her blood to Stefan and Damon, to which Stefan pulls Damon off quickly. After some time, the group arrives at a castle, which is the Gateway of the Seven Treasures, and happily whirls the two girls around. They go inside and see that Sage is there. Stefan asks Sage if they have enough time to save Fell's Church and Sage confirms they have some time left. They go around to each of the gates as Sage explains that they must choose one to go through. He encourages Elena that she is not alone to defeat the darkness. As they look for the trunk of the Great Tree, Stefan and Damon begin arguing, until Elena tells them to stop. They then hear Shinichi, with Stefan telling him he'll never have Elena. He tells Elena and Bonnie to go on while they'll be right behind them. As Shinichi went for Bonnie, Stefan and the others go after Shinichi to rid him of his tails. Stefan managed to cut one of the phantom tails, leaving Shinichi to wince in pain. The two brothers get on top of Shinichi and Stefan is detached first before going into full feeding mode. He, Elena and Damon then form a triangle and when Shinichi fell facedown onto the dirt, Stefan tries to go to the corpse, until Elena tells him not to bother. The group then begin running, realizing the odds have shifted and there is another enemy that the twin kitsune were working for. As they continue running, Elena finally spots the branch with the star ball in it.

While trying to grab Bonnie's ankle as she grabbed the star ball, black tree branches curved outwards. The black spider-leg like branches pierce Damon, with Stefan telling Elena that the branches were designed for vampires. He tells her the tree is a vicious killer and that it's spreading inside him. Elena brings Stefan through the darkness and he communicates to the child-Damon. He then tells his brother to fly away now before he passes. He then watches as Elena unleashes her Wings of Destruction and destroys the star ball. Afterwards, Stefan is shown to having been crying, with his eyelids swollen due to the tears. After Elena comes to, Stefan reveals he had been influencing her and apologizes, as Damon is gone now. They realize Fell's Church is destroyed and Sage tells them they can go to the Guardians to make a bargain. He then hugs Sage and walks over to the Royal Radhika plant, and pulls it out of its bower. They then head out the gates, being confronted by the Guardians with the items they need. They are then seated in chairs with the treasures in front of them. As the three ladies of the court talk about Elena, Stefan realizes the riddle Shinichi said was about Elena, not him as he originally thought. As Elena makes a bargain for the discourse in Fell's Church to be changed, Stefan listens and squeezes her hand with his permission to do this. When the court has some refusal to bring Damon back, Stefan speaks with venom about knowing the real Damon. As Elena tries to activate her Wings of Destruction, Stefan tries to plead that she's not still not in reality and doesn't know what she is doing. He tries fighting to reach her as the Guardians clip her wings and he catches her finally in his arms. He tries to reassure and calm her down, and angrily tells Idola he'll rip her throat out if she touches Elena again. As Stefan speaks to Idola and the others with scorn, Elena decides she wants to leave. When Elena wakes up, Stefan is at her window and when she gets upset at him, he tells her that they're at her aunt's house. He pulls her tightly to him as she brings out the water from the fountain, and he says they have all the time in the world to think about that. He relays an old memory of his father getting angry at him and Damon getting between them. They began speaking of what they remembered of Damon in hushed tones and she fell asleep in Stefan's arms.

The Hunters Series[]

He goes with Meredith and the others to the train station to pick up Alaric and his colleague, Celia Connor. When Celia's scarf gets caught, Stefan saves her and rips the scarf up. He also shows that he's upset that Alaric told Celia about his vampiric nature.

Later, he goes to the group to have a picnic and swim. He is also starting to dress like Damon, wearing black and having sunglasses over his eyes.

After seeing Elena talk to Caleb Smallwood, he throws him against a tombstone, doing it out of jealousy that Caleb might like Elena. He also tells Elena that he has found evidence that Caleb is evil and later takes her to the Smallwoods' shed. They see Caleb has collected many newspapers and photos about them, detailing both realities. They conclude that the Guardians just changed them and that Caleb can see some of them for what they really are because he is supernatural.

He later goes shopping with Elena and while they do, Elena is overtaking by jealousy of a couple's normal lives, and passes out. He also notices that a shopkeeper's hair flowed in the shape of the name "Matt".

He goes to the Smallwoods' house with Matt, Meredith and Alaric to confront Caleb, and interrogates him until he reveals why he's doing this to them. After bringing Matt, Elena and Bonnie together, Stefan and the remaining others do a spell to retrieve the three back from the dimension they are in after discovering a phantom is the cause behind the events.

Stefan sees that Damon is alive and starts experiencing jealousy, fighting him. He then casts out his jealousy, admitting he was jealous of Matt for his life being simple and could've taken Elena out of the shadows, giving her uncomplicated life. He also admits jealousy of Caleb due to him seemingly being the golden boy that Elena deserved, and mistrusted him even before he had reason to, since he thought Caleb was after her. He admits jealousy of Damon, resenting that he was close he was to Elena as the brothers found they could work together. He says he loves his brother, even when they were at their worst. The phantom is then destroyed after Elena pulls out the rose inside, and they head out while the fire department arrives.

He arrives at Elena's house so they can arrive at Dalcrest to begin college. He stands in the doorway, watching her, as she tries to grab her things to take. He gives her a kiss and tells her he'll bring down some boxes so she can have a minute to say goodbye. After she says her goodbyes to her family, Stefan and Damon are leaning against Stefan's rental truck, and smile at her when she steps forward. The three arrive at Dalcrest, with the two brothers begin taking boxes and suitcases out and bringing them to the dorm rooms.

He and Elena then have lunch together and begin talking about their day. She tells him about her professor from history knowing her parents when they went to college together, and he tells her his went fine, but he wants to be honest with her as he feels he's just playing a role, but before he tells this to her, they hear about Daniel Greenwater going missing. He asks the girl if he could the paper and recognizes the young man as Daniel lived in their dorm. He tells her to let the others know as he's worried about the missing persons situation and tries to comfort Elena, but tension comes when he hears cawing and realizes it's Damon in crow form.

He later shows up at the pub where Elena and Damon are at after his study group is over. He stiffly asks Elena why she hasn't answered her phone and that he was scared something happened due to the disappearances. He then asks Damon if he came with them to zero in on her, and the two almost fight, until Elena interrupts them. When Elena tells him they need to take a break, Stefan is hurt, but agrees with her decision.

After some time apart from Elena, Stefan shows that he misses and worries about her safety. He spends a few minutes thinking about her appearance and personality, but also sees the only two girls he has ever loved, loved not just him, but Damon too. He then goes to his balcony and grabs a bat to feed from, before releasing it and jumps off to grab a white daisy. He goes to Elena's door and places the daisy on the doorknob, as to respect her wishes and he wanted her to know that he could wait for her, but he was thinking of her always.

He decides to go out and heads into Eddie's Billiards, where he sees Damon at the bar. He and his brother decide to play some pool and plays along with Damon, who wants to get a couple of hustlers over to their table. The two are then approached by Jimmy and David, asking to play on teams and gets ready to fight the two when they realize they were being hustled. He then watches as Damon unleashes a wave of Power to the two and is a little bit chilled when he feels it. After David and Jimmy leave, Stefan realizes that he had fun with Damon, slightly shocking him a little.

He acknowledges Damon surprising him on his balcony and they begin talking. He asks what Damon wants and decides to go with his brother to do some detective work. The two sit on a branch outside a librarian's home to see some old photographs and if the librarian was anything supernatural. He shoves Damon off the branch and after waiting for a good amount of time, they leave and he asks why Damon brought him there, with him replying that he thought he could use some cheering up.

He is later leaning against the wall at the McAllister House party and spots Meredith. He talks to her for a few and gets in Matt's head, and apologizes since there's so much noise going on. He tells Matt he's waiting for Elena and is told he should talk to her as love is worth taking the chance. He is then introduced to Ethan Crane, and they begin chatting to each other. He then later decides to head out and look for Elena, but unfortunately as he walks more outside, he sees Elena kissing Damon, angered and hurt. He then tells Damon that this was the last time and they're no longer brothers anymore, and runs at supernatural speed.

He begins playing basketball alone, despite disliking the sport, but he wanted something to do and to try to numb out the memories of being alone. He is then met up with Matt and they begin playing together, and he asks Stefan advice about Chloe. Stefan tells him about his troubles with Elena and Matt tells him that Elena will come back to him and he'd be stupid to not let her back in again.

After receiving a call from Matt about being invited to join Vitale, he sits in a chair in an underground room. As Ethan explains to him about joining and how the pledges don't know their true practices and purposes, Stefan decides he doesn't want to be guided and apologizes as he doesn't think he's the appropriate candidate for the organization. Ethan tries to ply him with a first edition book of Mirandola, which makes him stiffen and asks what makes him think he would want that. He then gets up and walks to the door, and telegraphs an apology to Matt. He has a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach and while he didn't have enough to dissuade Matt from joining, he decides that he will keep tabs on the society and feels that Ethan was watching him as he walked out.

He feels Elena's anxiety and goes to where she is, thinking she was in trouble and sees she's with Damon. It is remarked by Damon that he looks terrible, with his normal appearance somewhat downtrodden. He is about ready to go when Damon mentions they broke into the campus security, which makes Stefan look up with some interest. He gets nervous when he hears about the Vitale Society from them and asks where Matt is, and immediately takes off. He then arrives where the Vitales are and rips Chloe from Ethan's arms. He then grabbed Ethan and slammed him against a wall, fighting with him and the other vampires. He is then pinned by four Vitales and offers his place for Matt. When Matt tries to check on Chloe, Stefan tells him he'll be fine and sends a message in Matt's head to get Damon. While restrained to a chair with ropes around him, he tries to loosen them, to no avail. He is confronted by Ethan and asks what Ethan wants from him. He tries to reason with the Vitale leader, but it doesn't work when he begs him to let the newly turned vampires feed on animal blood instead. He hears Ethan mention an equinox and asks about it, to which Ethan reveals that he plans on resurrecting Klaus. Stefan gasps before talking to Ethan again, but discontinues as he's still in shock. He then listens as Ethan explains how he was turned, how to use vervain and lapis lazuli. He tries to reason with Ethan that Klaus won't work with him and instead destroy him, even with an army at his disposal. Stefan tells him he'll never help to raise Klaus and Ethan tells him he needs both Stefan and Damon's blood to resurrect Klaus since they are part of his bloodline. After hearing this, he hopes Damon doesn't come so his blood won't be used for the ritual.

When Damon and the others arrive by breaking the doors down, Stefan's blood dripped from his arm and pooling on the floor. He is then helped by Elena as she cuts the ropes that are restraining him. After freeing him, he tells her he loves her and kissed her briefly, before limping over to where Meredith is and joins the fight. He then gets surrounded by vampires and tries to reach Damon before Ethan and the Vitales get his blood. He then slam into Ethan, sending the knife flying and snaps a vampire's neck that was holding Damon. He and Damon then froze as Ethan uses Elena as a hostage and Stefan tries to reason with him, but Ethan doesn't budge. After Meredith stabs Ethan with her stave, the two brothers rush to Elena as she faints for a moment, and is cradled by Stefan. While holding her, Stefan tells Damon he knew he would come to save him. Stefan and the others then come out of the trapdoor and he tells Matt that Ethan's dead and he sent the other Vitales to hunt. He then promises Matt that if any of the newly turned vampires can be reasoned with and taught to hunt without killing people, but he can't guarantee anything. He also decides that they'll get rid of the dead vampires later as the sun is coming up and there's not much time. Stefan, Damon and Elena then walk together to her dorm and hugs Elena. He tells the two about Ethan's plan to resurrect Klaus and then tells her good night, but he staggers a little from being weakened, and thanks the two for coming to his rescue, and the brothers leave her dorm.

In the evening, Stefan was in the library with Matt, ready to take on the Vitale vampires. He gives Elena a small, serious smile and pulls back the rug, leading to stairs underneath. They reached the Vitales' meeting room door and Stefan pulled the chain apart with ease. It is revealed that while Ethan's blood is still splattered on the floor, his body isn't.

On their own, Stefan and Elena patrol the woods, trying to sense and find any other vampires. While not sensing, they decide to keep looking around anyways. After kissing, Elena reveals to him what James Campbell told her about the death of her parents, and becoming a Guardian. He is flabbergasted for a moment, but embraces Elena and tells her that he'll help her with either choice she picks. He becomes alert, smelling blood and head into the undergrowth and finding a girl laying on her back. He checks to see if the girl is dead, and while she isn't dead, she's lost a lot of blood. He hesitantly says he doesn't think the wounds are Ethan's vampires and that he thinks the vampire was Damon. He tells her that they have to keep it a secret from Meredith and the others. While girl is fed blood by his wrist, he grimaces and then influences her to forget what happened, and the two take her back to her sorority house.

The next day, he goes to meet with the rest of the group to discuss a defense against the Vitale vampires. He asks Meredith about the weapons supply and Matt about what he knows about the underground tunnels. When Meredith and Bonnie ask about Damon, Stefan tells them he'll call his brother, as he needs to talk to him anyways. He goes to Damon's apartment and notices that Damon looks wrecked, and reveals that he found the girl he fed on in the woods the night before. He tries to convince that he and the group needs him, to no avail. Later at night, Stefan goes with Elena and five werewolves to watch alertly from a hill to see if Meredith's plan to drive out the vampires from their tunnels worked. Daniel informs Stefan of Meredith's group being in and Stefan tells the werewolves to go, running towards the Vitales' safe house. He notices that something is wrong and breaks the lock of the house, and angered, smashes his fist against the wall, thinking the vampires might be doing the resurrection spell at moonrise instead. Stefan kicks a door down when a werewolf senses a vampire inside. It's revealed to be Chloe Pascal, and she reveals to them that the Vitales have gone to the woods. Chloe tells them that Ethan has all he needs and she asks Stefan for help to reject Ethan's ways, and Zander sniffs her to see if she's telling the truth. He tells Chloe they'll help her, but she needs to help them first, and she agrees. As they go into the woods, they see a flickering light of a bonfire, Stefan and the wolves then head to the bonfire and begin fighting the vampires. He then attacked Ethan when he got the chance and brings the stake he has pressed against Ethan's chest. Before Stefan kills him, Ethan spills the goblet of blood and recites a few words, and Klaus is resurrected. He is left in shock as Ethan wriggles out of his loosened grip. He gets ready to find a good position to attack Klaus, but he eases back and looks at their assembled group, who are watching Klaus in horror. When Klaus comes closer to Elena, Stefan and the others come in between them, and Klaus picks Stefan up by the throat and tosses him aside. He gets up and tries to wrench Klaus' grip on Elena, to no avail, and after he releases her, Stefan puts his arm around her. He later leads Chloe and Matt to an abandoned boathouse, telling Chloe about learning to have control while she feeds.

He begins patrolling most of the time with the werewolves to hunt down the vampires and Klaus. He is also told by Elena about her sensing Damon's aura and wanting to help him, which Stefan gives a negative reaction about it never being just them. He and Elena kiss while she tells him that she loves him and cares for Damon as he is a part of her now. After Stefan and the others kill the rest of the Vitale vampires aside from Chloe, they allow Elena to try to sense Klaus and accidentally leads everyone to Damon instead. Stefan pushes the girl he was feeding on away from his brother and restrains Damon as Elena pleads with Meredith. After the others leave, Stefan berates his brother and Damon takes off in crow form, leaving a troubled Stefan and Elena behind.

Not long after, Stefan goes with the others to hunt down Klaus and his vampires. After passing the last grove of trees, Stefan and the group come face to face with the vampires. Both sides begin converging with the other, and Stefan faces off against a resurrected Katherine. When Klaus tries to kill Elena and fails, Stefan has a look of worry and fear when the Old One threatens the group on killing them all. He immediately runs to Elena, afraid to lose her and bewildered at what happened. After Andres said that Guardians with dangerous assignments can be protected, Stefan asks the others to not say a word about Elena's powers as he's afraid Klaus will find a way to kill Elena for good if he finds out. After saying goodnight to Elena, he confronts Katherine on the balcony. While Katherine implies Elena and Damon's relationship, Stefan continues to shrug it off and threatens to kill her if she tries to hurt anybody.

He goes to Damon's apartment to tell him about Katherine's resurrection and mentions Elena's connection to the Guardians. He asks Damon to look after Elena if something were to happen to him, and leaves the apartment after Damon exits as well. He then thinks to himself about his relationship with his brother as he walks. After Matt returns from the boathouse with his encounter with Klaus, Stefan comes over quickly and examines Chloe's wound. After worrying about Klaus, Stefan declares that they will all stick together and Klaus can't break them, and holds hands with the others. While Stefan and Elena are alone, Elena reveals to him the first task that Mylea gave her, and tells him about the task of killing Damon, leaving Stefan shocked. He asks if they can trust Andres and the two decide to talk to Andres about Damon and they embrace each other.

The next day, Stefan and Elena go to James' home to talk to Andres. As Andres explains to them that there is no gray area if they can call Mylea back and try to talk to her. He tells her even if she was removed, her task could be assigned to him instead and he'll have no choice. While Elena heads to Eddie's Billiards to talk to Damon, Stefan has to take care of something and didn't know if he would be back as this moment they have with each other could be their last. He walks to the clearing in the woods the group had previously fought Klaus, and bites his wrist, and shouts Klaus' name. Not hearing anything, he cradles his arm and thinks of Elena until Klaus greets him from behind, alarming Stefan. He offers himself to Klaus to kill him instead so he can save Elena. He tells Klaus Elena is untouchable and offers himself again, with Klaus sending him flying into a tree and slid to the ground. He wonders why Klaus won't kill him, and Klaus tells him he wants to kill Elena in front of him so that image will haunt him forever. After Klaus leaves, Stefan flops his head back down onto the ground, with his spine still cracked from when Klaus had thrown him into the tree. While waiting to recover, he'll return to the others to help them, but for a moment, he sinks into the darkening misery blossoming inside.

While preparing to go to battle with Klaus again, Stefan talks tactics with Zander and Shay. He thanks Damon for saving Elena and embraces her, and he tells her they'll do their best to get Andres. He makes a speech about killing Klaus and his vampires and that it's time for them to take a stand. As the group walks out of the clearing and head towards the old stables at the back of the campus, noticing black clouds hovering. Stefan states Klaus knows they're coming and directs each person to go where they need to be and they head into battle. After Damon is injured by a beam, Stefan bites his wrist and let him drink some of his blood, and goes back into the stables to fight again. After staking a vampire opponent, he charges towards Klaus, but he aims a lightning bolt at Stefan, who is saved by Bonnie. When the fire burns the walls of the stables, it collapses on Elena and Klaus, leaving Stefan to shout for her. He stays with the group and watch as the firefighters put out the fire and carry out each body, worrying that Elena is dead. When Damon reports that all the bodies are Klaus' descendants, Stefan begins focusing on finding her before anything can happen. He asks Andres if he can help in any way and watches as Andres uses his powers to find Elena. Stefan decides Klaus took Elena to the Vitales' safe underneath in the tunnels. The group go through the trapdoor and beginning searching for Elena. Andres alerts Stefan and the group that he lost her and Stefan begins shouting for her. Thinking they arrived too late, Klaus stands up after drinking Elena's blood and falls to the ground. Stefan sees her eyes flutter and gathers her into his arms. He then listens as Andres explains an old legend about a Guardian having the blood to kill Old Ones, and they decide to then leave the tunnels. He loves on her and tells her he'll love her regardless of what will happen with the Guardians. He lets Andres talk to Elena alone and leaves the room.

Afterwards, Stefan is getting ready for a date with Elena at a restaurant and heads to the Elena's dorm room. He sees Elena dressed nicely in a sundress and they both tell each other how much they love one another. He watches as she drinks the goblet filled with water from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, and they kiss.

The Salvation Series[]

He returns to his and Elena's apartment, and returns her kiss when she greets him. He tells her they killed Celine, an Old One they had been hunting for months. They kiss and intertwine their minds, until Elena tells him they have to get ready for Bonnie's birthday party, and he heads to the bathroom to wash up.

He and Elena go to Bonnie's birthday party, and he hands her two presents. The bigger one is from him and Elena, and the other one is from Damon. He then says Matt has arrived and not much longer, Stefan and Meredith begin telling their story on how they killed Celine. Stefan raises his glass and shares a memory, telling her that he didn't take her as seriously when they first met, but he should have, making a toast with the others. After the party, Stefan and Elena walk down the sidewalk, beginning to kiss until they are accidentally pushed by someone walking out of a bar. After the awkward moment with the stranger and a weird feeling, Elena puts her arms around his neck and pulls him back down for another kiss.

After Elena's car accident, she is brought to their apartment with Jack. Stefan wraps his arms around and worries about her wellbeing. He also thanks Jack for helping and sighs in relief when Elena tells the group that she doesn't feel Damon in danger anymore. He is taken aback when Elena mentions vampire blood out loud where Jack can hear, and he grabs Jack's shirt, angrily asking if he was following her. Jack tells Stefan he's on their side and watches him make a symbol with his hands, which meant nothing to Stefan. Still suspicious of Jack, he asks him how he knew Elena's car was going to explode, and listens to Jack explain about the Old One Solomon being in town. When he heard about Solomon, Stefan's heart sank and worried for Elena, as Solomon must know Elena's weakness. He starts to get angry, his teeth starting to sharpen, to which he had to turn around and breathed deeply until his teeth go back to normal. He listens to Jack as he talks about Solomon, Stefan moves closer to Elena, and asks if there are other Old Ones, and if they should be running instead. He then starts thinking more, telling Jack and the others if hunting Solomon deems too dangerous, he and Elena will leave town. He says they'll work as a team like they always do and suggests they meet Jack's group to figure out how to work together. He goes to the closet to get his bag filled with weapons and is almost unable to process what he is seeing. He sees wood dust over his weapons and smells Elena's blood, and realizing his stave has been destroyed. He keeps his gaze on what remains of the stave and shifts his eyes to Jack afterwards, amazed that Solomon could come in uninvited with all the protection charms, destroying the only real weapon that they could've used against the Old One.

He and Elena talk about Bonnie as they take a walk and head back towards their apartment. As he puts the key in the door, he smells blood and they see that their pet cat, Sammy, had been torn to pieces. As she asks who could've killed Sammy, the room starts to get colder and everything was turning to ice. The ice over the windows and mirror gave a loud snap and split from top to bottom, with the cracks forming a jagged "S". The two are shocked and Elena comes to the conclusion that Solomon was responsible for the cat's murder. While the others clean the mess up, Stefan sits with Meredith and Elena on the couch. Stefan then rises to greet Jack, Roy, Alex, Darlene and Trinity when he announces they were at the door. He then follows Zander near the kitchen after he smells something and that the dirt smells like apples.

He later goes with Jack and the others to the apple orchard to see if they can track down Solomon. He and Meredith then begin sparing with Jack and Darlene until they are attacked by influenced humans. He tries using his Power to break the influence off the humans, but to no avail. After Zander shifts into a wolf-human form, Stefan watches as Zander talks to one of the men being influenced. They also find out where Solomon will be in two nights, which Stefan smiles and says that they could possibly get a jump on Solomon this time.

At night, Stefan is on the balcony at his and Elena's apartment, contemplating Solomon and trying to help Elena. He hears a noise and jumps off the balcony, canines bared and realizes it's Jack. He apologizes to Jack and tells him how Solomon is all he can think about, and wanting to rip this throat out so he won't harm Elena. He used his Power once again and agreed that Elena was worth fighting for. While on the balcony, he tells Elena that Damon is fine and that he'll get in contact in his own time, stating she should also worry about herself.

A couple of hours until midnight, Stefan and the others head to the location Solomon is going to be at. They then realize it was a trap and Stefan grabs Elena, and the group leaves as hail begins plummeting down. The weather gets worse as lightning hits a tree and flames arise all around the group, trapping them. The group then proceed to tear out grass so the fire can't get any closer to them. They also realize that Solomon is just playing with them and wants them all to be afraid of him, and not long afterwards, the weather clears. He coldly says that they won't use Elena as bait and the priority is keeping her safe.

He later goes to the drugstore for Elena and while looking for a product she needs, he receives a call from Damon, relieved to have confirmation that his brother is okay. He notices that Damon has a rougher and tired voice then usual and asks if everything is alright. He then becomes worried when he hears Katherine's name, but apologizes and tells his brother about Solomon. He is wondering about why Damon is worried about the vampires he has been facing, and regrets somewhat turning down Damon, who was asking for help. He later arrives home, smiling automatically at Elena and Andres, and tells Elena he talked to Damon. When Andres explains a plan they might have to find Solomon, Stefan doesn't quite understand and unsure at first, but he thinks for a moment and suggests the shirt Elena had on from the car accident. As Andres and Elena concentrated, Stefan sat perfectly still and after a few misses, Stefan suggests if it helped Andres knowing Solomon had yellow eyes. As Andres described the setting he's seeing, Elena thinks it's the Plantation Museum and hugs them both. After he let go from her embrace, he heads for the closet where the weapons are and says they need to call the others, as he thinks they should attack that night.

As the sun was setting, Stefan, Alaric and Meredith come up on the east side of the museum, concealed behind remnants of the slave cabins. As Meredith gets ready to fight a vampire inside the museum, Stefan hurtles through the window and grabs the vampire, swinging her around and snapped her neck, and is then staked by Meredith. He and Meredith go down the hall, with Stefan ready to fight with teeth bared and a machete ready. The two begin battle with a few other vampires and swiftly kill them, and turn to look at each other, breathing heavily. As they hear various noises of the battle going throughout on the lower floor, the two go forward into the fight as well. They both battle vampires and kill each one as they go through the museum. The two then enter a deserted dining room, with some of the others arriving as well. While the group almost thinks they came for nothing and were tricked yet again, they hear a voice and they all can't move. Once Solomon stops in front of Stefan and touches his face gently, blood begins to run from his nose, coating his chin and running down his neck. After Solomon's influence starts fading, Stefan straightens up and glares at the Old One, and uses the machete to strike Solomon, and the two pieces of the body then falls to the floor. He is seen breathing hard, with canines extended and watches as Meredith checks to see if Solomon is regenerating. Stefan tells them that no one is going to die and gives Trinity some of his blood, hoping it'll be enough until they take her back to his apartment. He and Jack then keep pace beside Trinity's makeshift stretcher as the group heads out of the museum and to the apartment.

Back at the apartment, Stefan stands by Elena as she watches over Trinity, who is taking a long time to heal. Stefan tells her giving her more blood isn't safe and that she would rather die than become a vampire. A little later, Stefan is on the balcony and feels a cool breeze brush his cheek, which smelled like damask roses and heard a goodbye in his mind, making him think of Katherine. He almost runs into Jasmine and apologizes, and it's revealed that he demonstrated his vampire powers to her to prove he's a vampire. He is relieved that Trinity is doing good and that the blood he gave her helped her out. Before the others begin to head out, Stefan tries to pull Elena aside to tell her about the feeling he had on the balcony, but they are interrupted by Meredith who is shocked to find that Trinity is gone.

Stefan and some of the group goes to the motel room that Trinity had been sharing with Darlene. They go through various items throughout the room to find any kind of clues. When it's mentioned about Trinity's parents being killed by vampires, Stefan flinches a little, showing that it bothered him that he has caused deaths similar to Trinity's parents as well. When Zander and Shay walk in the room, Stefan listens as Zander asks if Solomon is truly dead, as the wolves could smell Solomon's scent wrapped together with Trinity's at the apartment. Stefan tells Zander he's unsure if Solomon did survive, as the Old Ones have abilities that other vampires don't have. After hearing Matt say Jasmine saw Trinity's eyes as yellow, which is the same color as Solomon, Stefan frowns and says that he went around all the people trapped at the museum, almost like he was testing them. Elena says that what Stefan means that when Solomon knew he was in danger, he moved into Trinity's body. He looks at Elena as he states that they made Solomon angrier and making him want revenge. Stefan and a few of the others decide to go to James Campbell's old house to find Andres. When they open the door to the house, Stefan and Spencer's heads shot up, instantly on alert. They find Andres in the bedroom, his body sprawled on the bed, blood flowing and his wide gashes across his torso. Stefan senses that Solomon had been there, sounding devastated as they thought they had killed him.

Afterwards, he is sharpening a machete when Elena walks down and tells him about Katherine's death. He tells her that he knows and that he felt something as it happened, asking how she died. He admits that he talked to Damon and how his brother asked to come help, but couldn't because of Solomon. He tells he needed to protect her, but she tells him she has power as well and she can take care of herself sometimes. When she mentions Damon, he gets a little jealous and angry, stating that it's always Damon and he comes between them even when thousands of miles away. After hearing his response about her not being the only person in the world, she suggests that he sleep in another room and leaves him be.

The group arrives in front of Jack's storage place, hoping Trinity/Solomon might come there if he has access to her memories. He smiles at Elena's peace offering and before getting out, Alaric hands Stefan a piece of paper. It's a missing poster that reads "Gabriel Dalton" and the photo of was the former body Solomon had been possessing before entering Trinity. Stefan hurried out of the van and felt ill, and felt guilt about possibly murdering Trinity, thinking he had killed Solomon. When Elena says she doesn't want to risk killing Trinity in case there's still a trace of her in her body, but Stefan argues, saying they can't take the risk. Glaring at Elena, there's a realization that there's two distinct sides now, with Jack agreeing with Stefan and Elena's. He thinks that he might lose her forever regardless of what side he takes.

After Elena arrives back at the apartment, Stefan is looking for his axe and tells he's late meeting Jack, but she tells him she doesn't want to hurt him and that she loves him. Despite his hurt and pain seen on his face, he tells her he loves her as well and everything he does is for her. Before he objects from what she says about Trinity, she hushes him and that she's always admired his morals. He tells her they have to stop Solomon before he kills again and if there was any proof Trinity was still there, he would agree with her, but all he sees there is Solomon. He apologizes to her and can't promise her anything, as he has to do what is right even if she can't see it, and heads out the door.

Stefan heads into the woods with Jack and the others, hoping to find Solomon. While on his own now, he sent his power through the woods. He uses his power to compel a doe and feeds from her, as he doesn't want to do so in front of the hunters. As he begins to wipe the blood, he receives a call from Damon and finally answers it. He asks Damon why he told Elena he wouldn't help him and listens to his brother's response. Damon asks about Elena and Stefan tells him, Damon tells him not to be an idiot and that she's a Guardian, with the possibility that she may know something Stefan doesn't and should listen to her. He ponders Damon's words and absently tells Damon he has to go. After hanging up, he wipes the traces of the doe's blood and heads for home.

He goes to Zander and Bonnie's apartment to surprise Bonnie, who had just come back from Chicago. Unfortunately, he and Elena aren't talking and he looks miserable. He receives a text from Jack to meet him north of campus and has been wanting to talk to him about Elena's Guardian instincts, but is stopped by Elena, asking to talk. He decides to talk to Elena instead as she is more important and they head outside. He apologizes to her and they reach the door of their building, and vents out to her about being stubborn. He tells her that he should've listened to her about Trinity and he trusts her, and if she wants to try to save the girl, he'll help her. She kisses him and he tells her he has a surprise for her, and says that he bought her aunt Judith's house. They kiss more, and he gently slid his canines in her neck after she invites him to.

Stefan and the rest of the group head to an old reservoir deep underground, feeling unnerved as they walk. As they search for Solomon, Stefan thinks to himself about hesitating when he heard where Bonnie and Elena think the real Solomon was. They see something move and Stefan tries to leap forward, but his muscles refused to obey him. Stefan notes that when Solomon steps out, that the Old One was particularly unimpressive in appearance. He watches in fear as Solomon steps closer to Elena, and tries to move, but to no avail. He begins to smell blood as Trinity hurts someone and watches as Solomon contemplates who to kill. He then realizes that Bonnie and Elena are working together and reads Elena's message to be ready through her eyes. He moves his body forcibly and lunging forward, he raises his machete and brings it across Solomon's neck. After Solomon's falls to the ground, Elena kisses Stefan and held out his wrist so Elena could heal.

After killing Solomon, Stefan heads back to his apartment with the others to celebrate their victory. He is congratulated by Jack and Stefan thanks him as well, saying all the threats they've known are now gone. Before Elena can react at seeing Jack's new aura, he moves and stakes Stefan in the chest with his stave. Stefan falls to the floor and Alaric gets ready to pull the stave out, but Meredith stops him, telling Alaric that pulling it out won't help. Elena tries to help him, but she can feel him slipping away and his grip loosed on her arm. As Elena connects Stefan's consciousness to hers, he is fearful and wants her to promise that she'll find a way to be happy. As Elena pleads with him, the darkness spreads more, eventually taking Stefan and he passes away.

Alaric and Zander dig a grave for Stefan by the river that was not far from the charred remains of the Plantation Museum. They place his body in the grave and his favorite weapons beside him, and they begin his last rites.

After Bonnie and Zander's wedding, Elena heads to her old home and opens the door, hearing Stefan's voice. At first, she doesn't believes it's real, but Stefan tells her he doesn't have much time. They kiss and hold each other close as he tells her he'll always love her. He tells her to live and not mourn him forever, as he starts fading. He also wants her to tell Damon that he's sorry for all the bad blood and were brothers again by the end. He tells her to live well and he'll always love her, disappearing completely.

After Elena is sent back in time to change certain things, Stefan arrives at the school in his Porsche. As he walks, he notices Elena through his sunglasses and pauses for a moment, and then continues to walk again. In the lunchroom, he walks across the room and slightly glances over at the table where Elena is sitting at, and continues walking by. While Elena is back in the past, Stefan has a soft and longing gaze for her during class, who is trying to avoid him so Damon won't murder someone and seal his fate in the future.

After hearing about the homeless man being attacked, Elena decides to use blood to lure Damon to her, but as trips over a root, it lures Stefan instead, who helps her up. He asks her if she heard about the attack and compares it to what a monster would do, but she tells him she doesn't believe it. At first, their eyes meet and he has a flicker of hope in his eyes before turning grim. He tells her she reminds him of someone he used to know and she decides not to say "Katherine" as this Stefan was still guilt-stricken. He offers her vervain and she takes them, telling him to remember she doesn't believe in monsters, which makes his face twist and walks away, disappearing into the dusk.

He waits for Elena outside when he sees that Damon drove her to school. He asks her what she knows about Damon. He tells her Damon is dangerous, but she slowly replies that he's not dangerous to her. He tells her to stay away from him, and she apologizes to him, watching her walk away from him. Later, it's revealed that he joined the football team and starts scanning the stands after Damon influences Tyler Smallwood to attack Dick Carter. Before he can find his brother, the players are called back and continue with their game.

At the homecoming dance, he appears behind Matt, locking eyes with Elena, who had been looking for him. He begins walking through the crowd to get to her and before she gets out of the gym, he says "Elena". He tells her he heard what Caroline said, asking if she was alright, and that he knows that she doesn't care about popularity, dances, but she is sad. He puts his arms around her as she sobs and asks if she wants to dance. They begin swaying to the music and Elena winds her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He asks what is about her and meets her lips with his, until they are interrupted by Damon. As Elena tries to explain herself, the two brothers glare at each other. After Damon threatens him and leaves, Stefan tells Elena to get out, along with her friends, and go somewhere safe, leaving her as well. When a fire breaks out, Stefan is found in the bell tower by Elena and is helped from being tied up. As the fire keeps approaching closer, Stefan tells Elena to trust him and holding her tightly, he leapt into the night.

At the boardinghouse in his room, he asks who she is and how she knows Damon, figuring out that she knows the brothers are vampires as she knew about vervain's properties, not being scared when he leaped from the bell tower or feeding on her. He tells her there's nothing to help and once they get out of town, the better off everyone will be. He then kisses her, but she breaks out not much later, and he apologizes, offering to take her home. While driving, he is silent and eyes on the road, his body stiff with tension.

After the fire, Stefan arrives late at school and goes in Tanner's classroom trailer. He doesn't say anything and afterwards, Elena comes up to him and tells him that they need to get a game plan going to get Damon under control. He tells her Damon's never under control, but she frames his face in her hands and tells him not to give up as he's the only one who can change things with his brother. He gently pulls away from her hands and while his face is sorrowful, says he doesn't think Damon can change, but thinks he knows where he is. Later, they go trek through the graveyard to look for Damon and she nudges him into the direction of the mausoleums, as the church's crypt is where Katherine was currently. At first, they were getting nowhere until Stefan noticed one of the tombs being clean and some belongings of Damon's nearby. The door to the tombs slams shut, and Stefan reassures Elena, telling her that they'll find a way out somehow. When Elena tells him he can feed from her, he fights it at first as he doesn't want to hurt her, but surrenders and feeds. He then forces the door open and ushers her out, and they look at the oak tree that had been ripped out of the roots, noticing the rage in the way the tree had been torn out of the earth.

The next day, Stefan converses with Elena after school about Damon. He tells her to come to the boardinghouse with him and they'll figure something out. They arrive at the boardinghouse and he is a little surprised when Elena goes to the right door on the second story that led to his room is, as she hasn't been there in this version. As they enter his room, Stefan stopped and looked at the room that has been destroyed. He looks in horror at the iron box that held his most precious possession, with all the objects gone. When Elena tries to comfort him but stops, Stefan's face is twisted in silent fury and his lips drawn back in a snarl. He growls that he'll kill Damon, as he destroys everything for the fun of it. He tells Mrs. Flowers to give him the message Damon compelled her to tell Stefan, and after she is done delivering it, Stefan's jaw was clenched, fists balled and his eyes were dark.

On Halloween night, he and Elena arrive at the Haunted House and discuss their plans as they walk in. Reaching the Torture Room, he tells her that he will protect them if he can and heads in. As time goes on, he paces back and forth until he decides to go out, until a hooded figure walks through the door—it's Damon. He is greeted by his brother and while he tries to convince him, Damon slams him against the wall and sinks his fangs into Stefan's throat. Before Damon does more harm, Katherine tells them to stop and they stare at her, with Stefan full of mixed emotions. With his face wet with tears after hearing Katherine, he tells her it's his fault and apologizes to Damon for what had happened between them years ago. But Damon refuses and tells them the world is full of suffering and leaves them all. Stefan tells Katherine he wants what she wanted for them and that they need to find Damon before her sacrifice was for nothing. He and Elena head out of the Torture Room, with both of them going different directions to find Damon. Outside the Mad Slasher Room, he meets up with Elena again to let her know that he influenced Meredith to stick with a group instead of wandering off. After finding Bonnie, the three head to the Fun House, but are stopped by Vickie. They realize Damon compelled Vickie to keep people out and Bonnie leads them to another entrance to the Fun House. As they go through, they see multiple images of Damon and Caroline, and stays back when Damon threatens to cut Caroline's throat. They try to convince him that he and Stefan are brothers and family, but Damon listens almost blankly. Stefan mentions Incognita in their childhood and when it looks like he softens a bit, Damon gets tense, saying those children have been dead a long time. Stefan walks slowly toward him, saying he never meant to kill him, but he will spend the rest of his days trying to right that wrong if he would be his brother again. Damon pushes Caroline down and while the brothers don't embrace, they leave shortly afterwards together.

As the group begins to leave, Stefan crosses the parking lot toward Elena and says he wanted to say thank you to her. He tells her that he and Damon are going to Italy to see what is left of Florence that they remember. He asks if he'll ever see her again, she replies she doesn't know, and he tells her she's a mysterious person, walking away.


"Her (Bonnie) gaze jerked up, off her own feet, to take in fashionably ratty deck shoes, some foreign kind. Above that were jeans, body hugging, old enough to look soft over hard muscles. Narrow hips. Nice chest. Face to drive a sculptor crazy: sensuous mouth, high cheekbones. Dark sunglasses. Slightly tousled black hair..."

Described as the ultimate looker with the features of a God, Stefan has the perfect pale complexion of a vampire, and will eternally look eighteen in terms of physical appearance despite being over 500 years old (since he was turned into a vampire at that age). There is a notable resemblance between him and his older brother, Damon, which both Elena and Bonnie had noticed. The difference between the two brothers would be while Damon's handsomeness is blatantly sensual and seductive, Stefan's charm has a touch of boyish innocence and purity. Stefan is not extremely tall, like Tyler Smallwood or Matt Honeycutt, but he is not short either: he is described as being of average height, about five-foot-ten. He has thick, silky-soft, curly dark hair, and perfectly-set eyes a shade of green that is often compared to many things: oak tree leaves on a summer day, holly green leaves, malachite, and emeralds. His facial features are described as so fine that they seem to have been sculpted: high cheekbones, a straight classical nose, and sensual lips. His physique is said to be lithe, lean, and flat-muscled, with broad shoulders and long legs. Stefan has the classic romance novel look; dreamy and mystical in appearance and he has a strong, compelling aura. However, when Elena describes him as hauntingly beautiful, she is often referring to Stefan as a whole, including his personality.

Stefan tends to wear expensive clothing, usually dark or black in color. Part of this is because he was once a member of the Italian nobility and his tutor had taught him to dress as befitted as his position. However, most of the time, he's been spotted on several occasions wearing T-shirts (mostly form-fitting or of a snug fit) and jeans (most of the time, faded), and he shows an odd penchant for wearing sweaters. Stefan's trademark is wearing black leather jackets of unusual cuts. Stefan wears a large, silver ring with a small, round lapis lazuli stone on the index finger of his right hand as a talisman to protect himself against the sunlight. Stefan also wore a chain (a silver chain) around his neck, which bared Katherine's gold lapis lazuli ring, which he had obtained after Katherine's "suicide". Stefan gave the same ring to Elena later on, as an engagement ring when he proposed to her. Elena also used this exact same ring as a talisman to protect herself from the sunlight when she was transformed into a vampire. Elena frequently makes remarks about Stefan's voice and how it sounded like a familiar musical chord for her. She has described his voice as strangely compelling, magnetic and chilling.


Stefan is the moral, good vampire brother (the opposition to his elder brother Damon, who is immoral and malevolent) who is kind, compassionate, kind-hearted and caring. He is the complete and total opposite of his amoral, malevolent elder brother, Damon. Stefan is described as being mysterious and intense but also to be rather sensitive at the same time. Stefan is represented throughout the series to be a tragic, romantic hero. He is a deep, intense romantic at heart, especially where Katherine (and later, Elena) are concerned. All of Elena's friends (including Bonnie McCullough, Meredith Sulez and Caroline Forbes) and all of the girls at Robert E. Lee High School have described Stefan as a gentleman and a classic romantic. At first meeting, Elena is immediately, intensely and passionately drawn to Stefan, because she finds him deeply interesting, exotic, mysterious, deep and immensely challenging. Personality traits wise, Stefan is the complete opposite of Elena in many ways. Elena is outgoing, Stefan is shy. Elena is popular, Stefan is a loner. Elena is more headstrong and aggressive, Stefan is more laid back and passive. Elena is more selfish, Stefan is more humble and selfless. Elena is more cheerful, Stefan is more brooding. Stefan is described as mysterious, inscrutable, elusive, reclusive, brooding, angsty, and sometimes said to be cynical and quite stubborn (like Elena). He is deeply tortured by his vampiric nature (his vampirism) and the circumstances surrounding his mysterious and dark past. Although Stefan is the good Salvatore brother, who has morals and values and always tries to do the right thing, he does have a dark side; a darkness within him that comes along with his vampiric nature and it frequently comes out from time to time. Although for the majority of the time, Stefan tries to temper this darkness because he strongly believes in doing the right thing. Stefan has a strong belief in justice. He has a deep and moral conscience and believes in respecting humanity. Because of this, Stefan is frequently seen throughout the course of the series to be very compassionate and helpful towards mankind, and he is a true humanitarian at heart and by nature. This was evident during his human life as well. During the flashbacks of Stefan's human life, it appears that Stefan was a relatively happy, content and successful individual who had many ambitions, responsibilities and he was also deeply connected to and attached to his family, his friends, his studies, and to the city of Florence. During Stefan's human life, he displayed the traits of kindness, gentleness, empathy, compassion, responsibility, intelligence and nobleness. These traits in which he possessed as a human, were transcended into his personality even as an immortal. Despite Stefan's tendency to blame himself for things and him being guilt ridden from memories of his dark past, Stefan possesses a lot of good, honorable traits and qualities that display his humanity and his concern for other people, despite him being a vampire. Stefan tends to be guilt ridden from time to time and tends to blame himself for things, which can lead to long periods of depression. However, Stefan is described as very good-hearted, very kind, caring, understanding, empathetic, romantic, gallant, noble, heroic, brave and shows intense compassion for other people and mankind. He deeply cares about and shows concern for the people who are most important to him. Stefan is a humanitarian by nature and frequently shows compassion towards human beings and cares about their well-being and their safety, which is the complete and total opposite of Damon, who normally only looks out for himself (although later on, Damon does learn a thing or two). However, despite all of Stefan's good qualities, he often has a hard time making friends easily, partially due to his reclusive, mysterious and reserved nature.

When Stefan arrives in Fells Church, Stefan meets Matt Honeycutt and the two develop a close friendship overtime. Matt is Stefan's first human friend in Fell's Church. Although Stefan has a tendency to be prone to melancholy and depression, Stefan is quite pleasant and charming and he also displays a wicked sense of humor from time to time. He is also very relaxed and down to earth whenever he is around his friends. He also smiles from time to time, especially when he is around Elena. Stefan has a quick and sharp mind; he is well spoken and highly intelligent. According to Damon, the things that were most important to Stefan during his human life were his responsibility and duty to Florence, his family, his friends and his studies and ambitions. Damon has said that his brother has "lived among books and paintings and therefore, lives a particularly shadowed life in terms of darkness within the world. Stefan is stoically loyal and fiercely protective, especially of those he deeply and strongly cares about. Stefan is highly protective of Elena. He will do anything and everything he can in order to protect her and keep her safe from harm, even from the likes of his dangerous brother, Damon. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and is highly dependable and trustworthy. Stefan is also very trusting of people; this makes him a somewhat naive individual. He especially shows a lot of trust in Elena and believes that she will do the right thing when it comes to their relationship, her life, and the well being of her loved ones. However, Stefan does have a tendency to be especially naive when it comes to trusting or believing in his brother, Damon. Stefan has a strong sense of heroism and bravery and he always feels the constant need to save people, to look out for mankind and humanity. Stefan is also very highly accepting of people, takes people for who they are, is accepting of his own flaws and everyone else's flaws, and frequently tries to see the best in everyone, including his brother, who frequently engages in immoral acts. Although it is very obvious that Stefan has had a longtime strained relationship with his older brother Damon, Stefan still loves and cares about him and he always tries to believe in him as much as possible. Unfortunately, Stefan always ends up disappointed due to his naivety when it comes to his elder brother. There have been many hints throughout the course of the series that suggest that Stefan is part of the key to bringing out Damon's inner humanity, although Damon frequently tries to hide the strong impact or influence that his younger brother has on him. Stefan usually has a very kind, gentle, calm and serene nature, although he is prone to anger, aggressive and violent tendencies, and a significantly darker side of him can surface when he is strongly provoked, letting out his "inner beast". This has been seen throughout the series when he has fought with his brother Damon, Tyler Smallwood and Klaus. When it comes to love, romance and relationships, Stefan is classic, traditional and slightly old fashioned in his approach. Stefan is a fiery romantic at heart and a very giving, selfless lover—protective, affectionate, tender, loving, giving, generous, noble, respectful, gracious, very chivalrous and courteous. These traits were/are noted by both Katherine von Swartzschild and Elena Gilbert. Stefan is deeply, strongly and unconditionally in love with Elena Gilbert and he shares a deep, intense, unbreakable bond with her that can never be broken. Stefan will do absolutely anything and everything to protect Elena and keep her safe from harm, even if he has to kill those who pose a threat to Elena's safety. Stefan has always hated himself and was deeply tortured by his vampirism but the unconditional love that Stefan and Elena share mutually has impacted Stefan profoundly and he has learned to accept what he is through Elena's strong, unconditional love. Stefan is very polite, well mannered and often acts like a gentleman. Stefan was his father's (Giuseppe Salvatore) favorite son and shared a close relationship with him, the complete opposite of his older brother, Damon. Stefan displays a strong sense of aristocracy and nobility. He has strong values and has a deep conscience. He has a strict code of morals and ethics (influenced by his noble upbringing in Italy, and also his Catholicism) and strongly refuses to kill innocent human life in order to drink human blood, though Stefan frequently shares blood with Elena (although both Stefan and Elena see this as an act of love and generosity). Instead, Stefan lives on an animal blood diet (he hunts for various different forest animals such as deer, rabbit, doves, birds etc.), and because of this, Stefan is the weaker vampire brother in terms of Power, compared to Damon, who kills innocent human life without any remorse or regrets, and feeds on their blood. Stefan is weaker then Damon because he doesn't feed off of the blood of humans and human blood is what is essential in giving vampires the greater Power. The more humans a vampire kills and the more human blood they consume over a period of time, the more powerful their Power is. Despite the fact that Stefan doesn't live off of a diet of human blood, he still possesses the basic, standard vampire powers and abilities. Some of Stefan's abilities include superhuman senses (super-hearing, super-sight, super-smell), super agility, superhuman or enhanced strength, telepathy, mental quickness (Stefan has a very quick mind and can sense other people's minds and their thinking), and mind compulsion/influence (the ability to influence or manipulate people's minds and thoughts).


Elena Gilbert

Upon Stefan's arrival in Fell's Church, both Elena and Stefan are fascinated by each other. However, unknown to Elena (until later in The Awakening), Stefan had been watching her. They enter a relationship and show they love each other very much. When she turns into a vampire, she had attacked him to protect Damon. After feeding and gaining her senses back, she feels bad for attacking him. She later sacrifices herself to save the two brothers, burning in the sunlight with Katherine. After she dies, Stefan is heartbroken again and leaves Fell's Church with his brother.

After arriving in town again with Damon in tow, he is able to finally make contact with Elena and embraces her. He defends her from Klaus, who also appears when Bonnie makes contact with Elena for Stefan. After Elena and the Civil War ghosts defeat Klaus and take him away, Elena heals Stefan and the others before departing again. Not much later, Stefan is surprised and shocked seeing Elena is resurrected, and embraces her lovingly.

When they arrive at Dalcrest and Elena begins hanging around Damon, Stefan spots them kissing each other. He begins arguing with Damon and when Elena decides to take a break from them, leaving Stefan depressed and angered at the same time. After saving him from the Vitale Society and cutting his vervain restraints, he tells he loves her and they get back together again.

They later become engaged and share an apartment building together until Jack Daltry kills Stefan, leaving Elena heartbroken and trying to regain him back.

Damon Salvatore

Stefan never had a good relationship with his elder brother, Damon. After Katherine's fake death Stefan and Damon kill each other. They hated each other for 500 years. After they both meet Elena, who exactly looks like Katherine, they initially starts fighting against each other for gaining the love of Elena. But later they make an uneasy alliance to help Elena and her friends, but still they hated each other.

Damon helps Elena to save Stefan from Dark Dimension, even showing great concern when seeing Stefan's condition in the cell.

When Damon dies in The Return: Midnight, Stefan becomes very upset. He was devastated. After Damon rises from death, because of the influence of the Phantom, Damon and Stefan fight a dangerous battle against each other. But Elena helps them to overcome the influence of the Phantom and fight the Phantom together. After defeating the phantom they started to live happily together.

When Stefan is killed by Jack, Damon is saddened and swears vengeance and hopes to resurrect him.

Matt Honeycutt

Stefan and Matt are good friends. At first, Matt was jealous of his relationship with Elena, but he soon got over it. While Matt was suspicious of Stefan needing his truck to get vervain, he went with him to get the flower and still put his trust in him regardless of the circumstance. They became close and trusted each other when there was danger afoot. Matt had mourned Stefan's death in Unseen during his funeral.

Katherine von Swartzschild

He had fallen in love with Katherine when she came to stay with him and his family. While Katherine did love him, she also loved his brother, Damon. While they asked her to choose between the two of them as they didn't want to share her, Katherine committed "suicide", leaving Stefan heartbroken and battling Damon over her protective ring, becoming vampires themselves due to Katherine giving them her blood.

After her "death", Stefan leaves as his heart is broken and meets Elena, who looks just like Katherine. It is later revealed Katherine faked her death and became psychotic due to Klaus' influence on her. He tried fighting and reasoning with her, to no avail. He then watches as Elena and Katherine die in the sunlight together, devastating Stefan again, who leaves with his brother.

After Klaus is resurrected, Katherine is also resurrected and forgives Stefan for what had transpired. He is later hurt when he learns of her death through the artificial vampires.

Bonnie McCullough

He and Bonnie are close friends who met in The Awakening. She thought he was handsome and noticed him right away. They both trust and care for each other, as Stefan let Bonnie contact Elena beyond the grave. She also stood in the way of Klaus when he was ready to kill Stefan, not moving an inch.

She showed sadness when she heard of his death in Unseen, also trying to contact him through the afterlife for Elena.

Meredith Sulez

He and Meredith became good friends as they got to know each other. They trust each other and have been shown to care for the other's well-being. When going against threats, such as the Old Ones, he and Meredith fought alongside the other to take most of them down. The two work well together when fighting and according to Meredith, it's almost like a dance when they take the vampires down at the Plantation Museum.

She was saddened when he was killed by Jack and hoped his death would be avenged. She also attended his funeral with the others.

Caroline Forbes

She immediately noticed him when he arrived at Robert E. Lee High School. While he wasn't interested, they had briefly "dated" as Stefan was trying to keep his distance from Elena. After he rejects her, Caroline partnered up with Tyler to get revenge against the two, with Caroline stealing Elena's diary to expose her secrets and thoughts, and Tyler wanted to settle the score after Stefan beat him up at the Homecoming Dance.

Tyler Smallwood

He and Tyler have a volatile relationship since they met. He punched Tyler at the Homecoming Dance, which made Tyler partner up with Caroline for revenge against him and Elena. After Elena's "death", he attacked Tyler and his friends at the Quonset hut, feeding on them and compelling them to forget what transpired.

After Tyler becomes a werewolf, Stefan interrogates without much remorse at the church, wanting to learn more about Klaus and his motives.


Stefan and Klaus have a very volatile and hateful relationship with each other. Klaus despises Stefan so much as he was one of the reasons Katherine was dead. While despising Damon, Klaus held more murderous intent towards Stefan and went to stake him when they were battling each other, until Bonnie got in the way.

When Klaus is resurrected, the two still show hostility and hateful attitude towards each other. When Stefan tries to reason with Klaus, Klaus decides he'll kill Elena as he wants to see Stefan suffer for all of eternity.

Alaric K. Saltzman

At first, Stefan had major distrust in Alaric as he came to town after Mr. Tanner's death and the strange occurrences began as well. After talking to him more, he begins to trust him and worried about his safety when the group was in the underground tunnel under the Fells' tomb.

Stefan gets along well with Alaric. They help each other out when needed and also prove to work well together against a threat.

After Stefan is killed by Jack, Alaric is saddened, and digs Stefan's grave with Zander.


He and Zander get along rather well. They hunted together for vampires and Zander was sad when Stefan was killed by Jack.

Zander and Alaric later dug Stefan's grave and after the funeral is over, they put his body in the grave.

Theophilia Flowers

Stefan and Theophilia were good friends. Stefan is one of Theophilia's boarders at her boardinghouse. They both would help the other out during one of the supernatural occurrences in Fell's Church.

Stefan at first thought she was a harmless, somewhat crazy old woman that did nothing out of the ordinary, until he found out she was a witch.

Giuseppe Conte di Salvatore

He and his father got along better than Giuseppe did with Damon. Giuseppe favored Stefan over Damon, giving Stefan a dagger when he was younger.


  • Stefan is a masculine first name of Greek origin (Stephanos) meaning "crown", "garland", or invested with a "crown of martyrdom".
  • Salvatore means "Savior" in Italian. His last name suits and fits Stefan's role in the series, considering that Stefan is the hero and the one who is always the savior making sacrifices, especially for those he loves.


Stefan has many and various nicknames throughout the course of the series, and most of these nicknames include the following:

  • 'Masked Man' (used and coined by Meredith Sulez)
  • 'Masked Stranger'
  • 'Darling' (a term of endearment that only Elena Gilbert uses for Stefan)
  • 'Gentle Stefan' (used by Elena)
  • 'Darling Stefan' (used by Elena)
  • 'Stefan Darling' (used by Elena only)
  • 'Her Stefan' (referenced by Elena)
  • 'St. Stefan'
  • 'Sweet Stefan' (used by Katherine von Swartzschild)
  • 'Precious Stefan' (used by Katherine)
  • 'Little Brother' (used by Damon Salvatore only)


During his human life, Stefan was a practicing Roman Catholic. Catholicism is a broad term for the body of the Catholic Church, its theologies and doctrines, its liturgical, ethical, spiritual, and behavioral characteristics, as well as a religious people as a whole. For many the term usually refers to Christians and churches, western and eastern, in full communion with the Holy See, known alternatively as the Catholic Church or as the Roman Catholic Church. However, many others use the term to refer to other churches with historical continuity from the first millennium.

Powers and Abilities[]

Each vampire is 'gifted' with certain powers, such as strength, the ability to read minds, sensing emotions, influencing 'weaker' minds all of which Damon, Stefan, Katherine and Klaus demonstrate throughout the books. These Powers increase with age and drinking human blood. This explains why other vampires, such as Damon are stronger than Stefan, who refuses to drink human blood under any circumstances and instead, lives on a strict animal blood diet, which weakens Stefan's powers. Stefan possesses the standard powers and abilities of a vampire, although they are often strengthened with the help of human blood. Because Stefan lives on animal blood, Stefan's Power's are therefore, much weaker. Stefan possesses the following vampire abilities:

  • Immortality - Stefan has been alive since the Italian Renaissance Period during the 15th Century. Because he is a vampire, Although he is over 500 years old in vampire years, Stefan remains eternally 17 years old in human years and therefore, will remain youthful forever, will never grow old and can never die.
  • Super Speed & Agility - Stefan can move very fast, as he jumped off the boarding house roof to catch Elena when she fell, after she found out that Stefan was a vampire.
  • Super Strength - Stefan's muscular strength is enhanced greatly and therefore, he is strong enough to break things easily without trying hard. He can break a piece of wood or furniture as if it is nothing.
  • Super Senses - Stefan can hear, smell, and see clearer and better that the average human. He can also 'sense' the presence of other minds around him. For example, on his first day at Robert E. Lee High School, Stefan was able to sense Elena's mind and he knew that there was something "unusual" and distinct about her because of his ability to sense her mind.
  • Telepathy - Stefan can often hear Damon talking to him telepathically, and can communicate to Elena in the same way since she returned from the afterlife. Stefan and Elena often communicate telepathically on many occasions throughout the course of the series.
  • Healing Factor - If he is deeply cut or wounded, Stefan can focus his powers and abilities to accelerate the healing of any wound.
  • Influence - The power to influence those with weaker minds is another power that all vampires have to varying degrees depending on the extent of their 'power'. For this reason, Stefan believed that Damon could be behind the attacks on citizens of Fell's Church and himself. However, unlike Stefan, Damon's power is not just to influence, he can feel where a person is, how they are feeling and also put them to sleep. Stefan can persuade or influence others to do what he wants using the Power of his mind. Normally, Stefan will stare into the eyes of a normal human and he is able to influence them to do whatever he wants using both his mind and his words (assuming that the human victim doesn't have vervain on them). He has done this to the school secretary (Mrs. Clarke), the principal and his history teacher, Mr. Tanner.
  • Dream Manipulation/Control/Influence - If Stefan consumes a certain amount of human blood, then Stefan could possibly have the ability to influence, control or manipulate the dreams of a human (assuming they are not protected by the herb, vervain). Although in the novels, Stefan has never done this because he does not live on human blood.
  • Weather Manipulation & Control - Like all vampires including Damon and Katherine, if Stefan consumes a certain amount of human blood (which is essential for vampires to have a stronger 'Power'), Stefan possibly has the ability or the capacity to control the weather conditions. Stefan could control fog, storms, including snow storms, rain storms etc., although Stefan has never displayed this ability in the novels due to the fact that he doesn't not consume human blood on a daily basis and has a weaker Power because he lives on an animal blood diet.
  • Shape Shifting - Like Damon, when Stefan is very strong and has taken in a certain amount of human blood consumption, Stefan has the ability to transform himself into a falcon/hawk.
  • Invulnerability - Vampires are immune to all regular human illnesses and toxins. Weapons such as knives, scissors, and even guns cannot kill a vampire. If they are shot or stabbed, their wounds will heal almost instantly.


  • Invitations - A vampire cannot enter a house without an invitation by the owner or resident of the house.[1]
  • Running Water - -A vampire cannot cross running water.[2]
  • Sunlight - Vampires cannot go outside in sunlight, any contact with sunlight will burn a vampire. If exposed for too long, a vampire will burn up.[3]
  • Wood - When impaled with wood, a vampire will die. Although vampires have no problem handling wood.
  • Vervain - Vervain can protect against compulsion.
  • Decapitation - When a vampire is decapitated, it will die immediately.
  • Heart Extraction - Extracting the heart of a vampire results in immediate death.
  • Magic - It's possible that a witch, using enough magic, can harm a vampire, or maybe even kill them.

The Vampire Diaries[]

Main article: Stefan Salvatore

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore

In the television adaption, Stefan is portrayed by Paul Wesley. Stefan is quite different from his novel counterpart in terms of family background and history, but they are quite similar in terms of personality, although with some character differences. Stefan Salvatore is the male lead, the hero, the male protagonist and the main love interest of the heroine and protagonist Elena Gilbert. Stefan is also seen as the narrator of the story. He is known as the moral, good vampire brother, who is compassionate, empathetic, kind-hearted and more affectionate. He is one of the three main characters of the series and is the deuteragonist of the series (Elena is the protagonist and Damon is the tritagonist) His malevolent elder brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a vampire (and the complete opposite of Stefan in terms of temperament and personality), hates him, as he has promised him an eternal lifetime of misery. His former flame, Katherine Pierce is back in the town of Mystic Falls and is supposedly after Stefan's love again. However, despite Katherine's feelings for Stefan and her love for him, Stefan is repulsed by her and wants nothing to do with her whatsoever. Stefan is an 164 year old vampire of Italian-American descent, who was born November 5, 1846 in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia to Giuseppe Salvatore and Lillian Salvatore (who died when Stefan was 10 and completed her transformation into a vampire). He is the youngest son of Giuseppe and the younger brother of Damon Salvatore. During his human life, Stefan was described as responsible, intelligent, ambitious, dutiful, athletic, noble, polite and respectful. Stefan liked sports and especially took pleasure in football, polo, and horseback riding. Stefan also loved literature, reading, poetry and writing in his journals. Before Stefan was turned into a vampire, Stefan was an aspiring doctor. Stefan was also his father Giuseppe's favorite son and he had a close relationship with him, the complete opposite of Damon, who shared a tension-filled relationship with Giuseppe. In terms of romance, women and the opposite sex, Stefan was popular, admired and well-liked with women. Stefan was seen to be respectful, courteous, chivalrous, romantic and polite. This was especially noticeable with Katherine. Stefan developed strong feelings for Katherine Pierce, but so does his brother Damon. The two eventually start to compete with each other for Katherine's affections. Although it was shown that Katherine displayed interest in both of the Salvatore brothers, it was evident that the younger Salvatore was the one she truly loved. When Stefan was just seventeen years of age, he died from a gunshot wound to the chest (which was fired by his own father, Giuseppe when Stefan tried to help Damon save Katherine from being put in the tomb and eventually being burned in the church). Stefan was compelled by Katherine to drink her blood against his will and because of this, Stefan died with Katherine's blood within his system after he was shot, hence triggering his transformation into a vampire. Physically, Stefan is tall and lean with an a slim, athletic, muscular build and physique. He is very handsome, attractive and good looking with short, cropped dark brown hair and he has expressive, intense but subtle green eyes. Stefan's expression appears quite serious, brooding and often sad especially in the beginning (mostly due to his guilt-ridden and dark, mysterious past), although he has a very engaging, warm and charming smile. He has a tattoo of a rose which is located on his upper right shoulder. The significance of Stefan's tattoo has not been explained and it is not clear or confirmed when Stefan got the tattoo.

Stefan appears to be quite sombre at first and a little distant towards most people, though generally polite, even-tempered and well-mannered. Personality wise, Stefan is described to be kind, compassionate, gentle, caring, selfless, heroic, noble and brave. He appears to be shy, a loner, passive, cynical, pessimistic, and incredibly brooding, the complete and total opposite of Elena, who is outgoing, popular, sociable, active, optimistic and cheerful. Stefan is in control of his emotions most of the time and he generally possesses a calm and quiet nature, however, his brother, Damon, is able to stir him into rage and anger him quite easily. Elena seems to be able to evoke a more passionate, fiery side to him and because of her, he seems to take on a more active role. Around his friends (such as Lexi and Caroline for example), Stefan is relaxed, down to earth and possesses a sense of fun, charm and a wicked sense of humor. Stefan has also displayed these same traits of a fun, playful and adventurous personality with Elena. After he is tortured by the tomb vampires in the episode Let The Right One In, he is rapidly weakened and Elena feeds him her blood but it brings out the predator, the beast and the monstrous side of him, which he hasn't revealed in over a century. Damon and Elena try to work together to help him get back on his regular animal blood diet and it eventually works, with Stefan fully recovering and returning to his normal and healthy self. In The Return, he still shows that he is a caring, empathetic, compassionate and understanding individual, but Stefan seems to have toughened up and he displays a significantly tougher side when he confronts John Gilbert, when he is in the hospital recovering from his injuries, after threatening Stefan that he wants to kill him by driving a stake through his heart and calling him a monster and insulting his daughter Elena's relationship with Stefan. Stefan displays his tougher and darker side when he threatens him to leave Mystic Falls for good and to never come back because Elena doesn't want him in town. Stefan continues to display his compassionate and helpful side when Caroline was turned into a vampire. Caroline, at first, had many struggles and issues with controlling her emotions and her bloodlust, which is a common thing with newborn vampires. When Caroline's emotions and urges become overpowering and she kills a young man named Carter at the carnival in Brave New World, Stefan comforts her, tries to assure her that he will help her through the rough times, says he'll help her adjust to her new lifestyle, which is a lifestyle of living on animal blood. In Bad Moon Rising, Stefan displays his thoughtful, helpful nature and Stefan takes Caroline into the forest to go hunting for forest animals together after Stefan gets Bonnie to enchant a daylight ring for her in order to protect her from the effects of the sun. In terms of his powers and abilities, since Stefan does not feed regularly on human blood like his older brother Damon, Stefan's powers as a vampire are not as strong as his brothers. Stefan lives off of an animal blood diet, therefore, this weakens his abilities. However, when hyped up on human blood, Stefan becomes extremely powerful and strong, even stronger then Damon. Stefan possesses the standard vampire abilities of immortality (meaning he cannot age or grow old), accelerated healing, fast reflexes, flying or floating, jumping heights or leaping, mind compulsion or influence, sensitive hearing, enhanced senses, superhuman speed, and superhuman strength. Stefan's weaknesses as a vampire include sunlight, invitations, vervain and wood. In order for Stefan to walk around in the sunlight, Stefan wears a Daylight Ring as a talisman against the sunlight, which is a heavy, silver ring with an enchanted Lapis Lazuli stone (enchanted by Emily Bennett back in 1864) on the middle finger of his right hand. On Stefan's ring, bears the Salvatore Family Crest with an "S" in the middle of the stone, indicating the first letter of his name Stefan. His brother, Damon also has a similar ring which bears the stone with a "D", in which he wears on his left hand on his middle finger.


  • Stefan was born during the fifteenth century (1474), during the period of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Stefan was seventeen human years old when he died and was turned into a vampire.
  • Stefan was a nobleman during his human years.
  • Stefan was strongly favored over Damon by his father, Giuseppe Salvatore.
  • Stefan was the brother whom Katherine favoured more between him and Damon.
  • Stefan is an excellent cook.
  • Stefan played the position of wide receiver on his high school football team.
  • Stefan has forest green eyes.
  • Stefan has wavy hair.
  • Stefan loves literature, books, and paintings.
  • During his human life, Stefan was deeply attached to his family, friends and his duty to Florence. Stefan says that he had studies and ambitions. Damon describes Stefan as "sheltered".
  • Stefan is well-read and highly cultured. During his human years, he was seen to be highly scholarly and ambitious.
  • Stefan was a practicing Catholic during his human life. He was strong in his faith due to his Catholic upbringing and he would pray often.
  • During his human years, Stefan would normally pray whenever he was distressed or upset.
  • Back in his home of Florence, Stefan's bedroom contained a curtained bed with sheets and pillows. Stefan slept alone.
  • Stefan did not routinely carry a sword during his human life in Florence.
  • Before Damon arrived back from university for the summer, Stefan was facing possible arrangements to marry Katherine.
  • At the beginning of the series, all of the female characters (Elena, Bonnie, Meredith and Caroline) displayed an attraction or a romantic interest in Stefan.
  • Mrs. Theophilia Flowers whom Stefan lives with at her boarding house, has mentioned that she has a "soft spot" for Stefan.
  • Stefan is a hopeless romantic. This is noticed by all of the women, including Katherine, Elena, Bonnie, Meredith and Caroline.
  • Stefan was named after the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen.
  • Stefan has the ability to read minds at increased speed.
  • Stefan does not drink human blood under any circumstances. However, Stefan breaks this rule by drinking Elena's blood from time to time as a form of romantic bonding.
  • If Stefan consumes a substantial amount of human blood, Stefan can shape shift into the form of a falcon and a hawk.
  • Stefan used to wear a chain with Katherine's lapis lazuli gold ring around his neck as a way to keep his memories of her after her death (which turned out to be a faked death).
  • According to Stefan, Damon has hated him for the longest time since childhood. Stefan believes that his birth might have caused their mother's death, therefore, why and when Damon might have began hating Stefan.
  • Damon often refers to Stefan as "brother" or "little brother" and rarely if ever refers to Stefan by his first name.
  • Stefan hates to look bad in appearance. He always likes to be well dressed and impeccable in appearance when he is around others.
  • Stefan likes expensive clothing, especially black clothing. However, Stefan is mostly seen wearing t-shirts and jeans.
  • Stefan is athletic and loves engaging in sports. His favorite sport is football. He has also recently learned and grasped the concept of basketball.
  • Stefan loves playing the game of pool. He is known to be exceptionally good at it over years of practice.
  • One of Stefan's favorite books was De hominis dignitate (Oration on the Dignity of Man) by Pico della Mirandola.


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