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Tonight I saw a side of Damon I hadn't seen in a while, the older brother I looked up to. The son who enlisted in the civil war to please his father. The Damon I knew when I was a boy. I wanted that Damon to live and I wanted you to have an opportunity to get to know him. He's the better man.

This is the close brotherly relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore and the cured vampire/human, Damon Salvatore. Their relationship over the years has changed from being best friends to enemies because of a former vampire named Katherine Pierce. But they start to reconnect their old friendship thanks to Elena Gilbert, a former vampire who now is a human again. She is also Katherine's doppelgänger. Their rivalry still flares up due to the constantly changing relationships between Elena and Damon and Elena and Stefan.

Their relationship has improved throughout the series, as they have always been willing to do anything for each other. In Season 5, they appear to be getting along better as brothers, as they appear to have much more intimate moments than they used to before. In the Season 5 finale, Damon gave up his life to save Stefan, which devastates him.  

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Damon returned and met Stefan in their family's crypt, where the brothers embraced for the first time since 1864. 

Their bromance is known as "Defan".

Early History

Stefan and Damon see Katherine.

Damon and Stefan were born to Giuseppe Salvatore and Lilian Salvatore in Mystic Falls in the 1800s. They grew up being best friends but in 1864, a young woman came to stay at the Salvatore Estate, Katherine Pierce. Both brothers were smitten with her and a rivalry for her began. Unknown to them, Katherine was a vampire and she intended to turn them so they could all spend eternity together. She compelled them both to keep her secret as vampires were being hunted. In the end, Katherine chose Stefan over Damon.

Damon was in love with Katerina Petrova and drank her blood willingly when she asked him to, as he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. It is presumed that he was unaware at the time that Katherine was compelling Stefan to drink her blood as well. Stefan was blinded by his love for her as well, and could not believe that vampires were inherently evil, like the Founder's Council and his father believed. He hinted to his father that he believed there was goodness in vampires, unintentionally driving Giuseppe to suspect that a vampire was in contact with his son and spiked his drink with vervain.

Stefan makes a promise to Damon.

Transitioning vampire brothers.

In a heated moment alone in Stefan's room, Katherine drank Stefan's blood and was instantly weakened by the vervain he had unknowingly ingested earlier. Giuseppe burst into the room and had her taken away. Damon was furious with Stefan, as he had made him promise not to say anything to their father for exactly that reason They decided to free Katherine, but were both shot and killed in the process by their own father. They had Katherine's blood in their system when they were shot, and woke up later by the quarry.

Emily Bennett, Katherine's handmaiden, was a witch, was looking after the brothers when they awoke hours later. She gave them daylight rings, made with the Lapis Lazuli stone and their family crest and initials. After waking up, Stefan realized that he and Damon were in transition to becoming a vampire. Emily told him that to complete the transformation, he would have to drink human blood. The brothers decided to die instead because the only reason they wanted to turn was to be with Katherine, and they thought at the time that she was dead.

Stefan went to see Giuseppe, while Damon went to Fell's Church. Giuseppe, realizing that his son was a vampire, was disgusted and tried to stake him to kill him one last time. However, Stefan was too quick for him, and gravely injured his father in the process. Stefan tried to help him, but the blood was too much, and he couldn't resist drinking from him. He later compelled a young woman to follow him to meet Damon, who had watched Katherine enter the church before it burned down. Stefan convinced a broken hearted Damon to drink the woman's blood so they could be together forever, telling him how euphoric the feeling was. After drinking her blood and becoming a vampire, Damon, still upset that Katherine had chosen to turn Stefan as well as himself, was so angry that he promised his brother an eternity full of misery. From that moment until sometime in 2009, Damon followed Stefan around the world, coming up with new ways to make him miserable.

In the Pilot of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan mentions that the last time he saw Damon was during sometime in the 90s, over 15 years ago.

In Death and the Maiden, Stefan mentioned that on October 18, 1852, Damon broke his nose while trying to teach him how to throw a right hook. However, Damon mentioned that it wasn't on purpose.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

A photo of Katherine that Stefan keeps in his diary.

By 2009, both brothers seem to hate each other. While visiting Zach Salvatore, his nephew, in Mystic Falls, Stefan came across a car crash near Wickery Bridge. He saved a young girl, Elena Gilbert, by her father's request, but was unable to save her parents. He was stunned to realize how much she looked like Katherine, and remained in Mystic Falls to get to know her better.

Zach suspected that Stefan was behind recent animal attacks in Mystic Falls, but after Vicki Donovan was attacked in the woods and was bit in the neck, Stefan realized there was another vampire in town: Damon Salvatore. The two had not seen each other since the 1990s, 15 years prior. Stefan scolded his brother for attacking Vicki, but Damon said that it was Stefan's problem, not his own. Stefan wanted to know why he was back, Damon asked likewise; he already knew the answer: Elena. Feeling protective towards Elena, Stefan warned Damon to stay away, but Damon's taunts about her and her blood angered Stefan greatly, and eventually he threw himself and Damon out of the window. Stefan warned Damon to stay away from Elena, something Damon took as an invitation.

Stefan and Damon talk.

Days later, Stefan came home to find Damon talking to Elena in the living room of his home. Elena, who had no idea Stefan even had a brother until that point, was unsettled by the angry look in Stefan's eyes as he stared at his brother, and his cold demeanor, and took her leave, thinking it was something she did. Stefan mentioned to Damon that he had been to the hospital to compel Vicki to forget Damon's attack. Damon stated that if he didn't feed properly (ie: on humans) compulsion wouldn't work properly. He mocked Stefan for feigning to be a high school student just to be close to Elena, and stated that the closest he'd ever be to humanity is by drinking human blood.

Stefan wants to know what Damon's up to.

At a school event, Matt Donovan mentioned to Stefan that his sister Vicki was missing, and Stefan found that Damon had her at the top of the school building, after using his heightened hearing to hear Vicki's screams. He fled to the roof to help Vicki, and Damon compelled her to believe that Stefan had attacked her, not himself. Damon tried to tempt his brother with her blood and even suggested that he might let her run out into the street screaming "vampire", but Stefan called his bluff by saying that being killed for being a vampire by the citizens of Mystic Falls would be better than living his life being tormented by his brother. Damon finally conceded and compelled Vicki to forget about all of what happened. Vicki, who had taken several oxycodone tablets earlier in the evening, just thought she got stoned and forgot how she got there, and wandered away. 

At a football game, Stefan tried to prove to Damon that he still had some humanity in him, but Damon attacked and killed William Tanner just to spite him. After tormenting Stefan's dream about Elena, Damon implied that Stefan was weak due to only drinking animal blood, since he could easily get into his head. Angry, Stefan threw a blade into Damon's chest. Damon was unperturbed by Stefan's reaction. He told Stefan that the "animal", a mountain lion, that had been attacking the citizens had been caught. He cleaned up the mess he made so he could stay in Mystic Falls and have some fun with Elena. He made a list of why he was irresistible before sticking the knife in Stefan's chest. Stefan was determined to find a way to get rid of Damon without becoming a monster himself.

He and his nephew Zach decided to stop him with vervain, something the Salvatores had been growing for generations. Damon destroyed the vervain plants after becoming a vampire, but Zach began growing it in the cellar of the Salvatore Boarding House behind Damon's back, admitting to Stefan that Damon would kill Zach if he knew what he was doing. On the first try, Stefan spiked his favorite scotch with the vervain, but Damon wasn't fooled and dumped it on the floor. Stefan knew this wouldn't work, but that Damon would never expect Stefan to attempt it again so soon. At the Founder's Day party, Stefan spiked Caroline's drink with vervain. Since she and Damon had been hooking up with Caroline and feeding off of her, he drank her blood later that night and was poisoned by the vervain. In his weakened state, it was easy for Stefan to drag Damon home and lock him in the cellar.

Stefan and Damon after Vicki runs away.

Though weak, Damon compelled Caroline Forbes to free him all the way from the cellar to the school, and when she opened the door, he was able to overpower Zach and kill him in his attempt to kill Caroline. Stefan had taken his daylight ring after he locked him up, so he couldn't leave the house until nightfall. He left the Salvatore Boarding House that evening and went to the cemetery where Vicki and her friends were stoned and killed all of them but Vicki, who Damon claimed "didn't want to die." He called Stefan and told him to give his ring back, adding that Stefan can't blame him for who he killed after starving him and locking him in a cellar for days. Damon later went to Elena's house and teased her. Her hesitance to let him in led him to realize that she knew about him. He taunted her about the fact that she invited him in, and advised her to be more careful about the people she let in her house.

Later, he brought Vicki back to his house, and fed her his blood to heal her so they could party until Stefan brought back his ring. After she admitted her life was going nowhere, he broke her neck, while his blood was still in her system, turning her into a vampire. Stefan tried to help her with her transitioning, but she was so overwhelmed that she ran into the woods. Logan Fell was also in the woods with Sheriff Liz Forbes and her deputies, using the Gilbert vampire compass to hunt vampires, who they believe can only come out at night. Logan found Damon, Stefan and Vicki, and tried to kill Stefan, but they overpowered him and killed him. Before they could stop her, Vicki drank blood from Logan's wounds, completing her transition. Stefan and Damon kept her in their house to help her control herself while she learned how to become a vampire.

Stefan and Damon in Haunted

Stefan tried to get her to start off on the animal blood diet, while Damon believed that since she was a vampire, she needed to learn to act like one. He started to show her how to use her powers (such as super speed) and she sped away, escaping their reach. They started searching for her, but she first went home, and then to the Halloween dance at school to meet up with Jeremy. Later, she accidentally bit Jeremy while they were kissing, and she began to vamp out. Stefan, Damon and Elena tried to stop her, causing Vicki to attack Elena. Stefan ultimately was forced to stake her to protect Elena and Jeremy, and Damon got rid of her body. Elena wanted Stefan to compel Jeremy to forget the incident but Stefan knew he couldn't do it properly, so Damon volunteered.

For Stefan's 162nd birthday, his friend of over a century, Lexi came to celebrate. Damon, wanting the Founding Families to believe they got the vampire responsible for all the town's attacks, framed Lexi for a murder by compelling the victim's girlfriend to believe Lexi had done the crime. Sheriff Forbes quickly found her and injected her with vervain to get her out of the Mystic Grill quickly. Lexi fought the vervain in her system after minutes, and almost attacked Sheriff Forbes after the sheriff shot her several times with wooden bullets. Damon came out of nowhere and staked her. Stefan was grief-stricken and furious with Damon for what he had done and they got into a fight, ending with Stefan plunging a stake into Damon's stomach, non-fatally. Damon had saved his life by what he had done earlier in the woods with Logan Fell, so Stefan spared his this time.

Stefan and Damon imitate each other.

While possessing her descendant Bonnie Bennett, Emily Bennett revealed the pact she had made with Damon in 1864: She would protect the vampires in the tomb if he protected her future descendants. He did as she asked, but she couldn't let him free the vampires and endanger the town. Emily (in Bonnie's body) destroyed her crystal talisman which bound the spell that sealed the tomb. Infuriated by her actions, he attacked Bonnie, to punish Emily, as Bonnie was her descendant. Elena was horrified, but Stefan was able to save her life by feeding her his blood.

Stefan and Damon stop Logan.

After being informed by Sheriff Forbes that another vampire was on the loose, Damon investigated and discovered it was Logan Fell whom he had thought that he killed. Logan shot Damon with wooden bullets and demanded to know who turned him, but Damon didn't have the answer, explaining that he had to have had vampire blood in his system to turn into a vampire. Damon called Stefan afterwards and told him the situation. Logan kidnapped Caroline Forbes that night at the College Fair in order to blackmail her mother, who he blamed for covering up his murder.  Stefan and Damon tried to kill him, but Logan mentioned getting Katherine out of the tomb, and Damon had a change of heart, making plans to meet up with Logan later, which never ended up happening, as Logan was killed that night by Alaric Saltzman.

Stefan drove Caroline home to make sure she was safe. Elena and Stefan made love for the first time and she stayed at his house that night. She looked around his room and found Stefan's picture of Katherine and was stunned at their resemblance. She was so upset that he kept it secret from her that she left, leaving her vervain necklace behind. She got in a wreck after hitting a vampire in the street, and was nearly killed by the unknown vampire until Damon scared him off. He checked her for broken bones, and decided after she fainted that she should accompany him on his trip to Georgia to visit a witch named Bree, for advice on how to get in the tomb without the crystal. Stefan tried to call Elena during the trip, but Damon

Elena and Damon's trip.

answered the phone and taunted him. Stefan gave Damon a firm warning about hurting Elena but Damon hung up. After their trip, Damon brought Elena safely back and Stefan finally explained to her what was going on.

Stefan gave Elena the Gilbert Compass in order to help protect her from unknown vampires in town. He managed to save her from the same mysterious vampire, Noah, who was able to enter the house after posing as a pizza delivery boy. He and Damon went to the 50s dance with Elena, where she was essentially bait to lure Noah out and find out why he was there and what he wanted. Noah threatened Elena with Jeremy's life if she didn't do as he said and got her to leave without the brothers. She subdued him the best she could by stabbing him with pencils and broken mop handles until the Salvatore brothers intervened. Stefan plunged the broken mop handle into Noah's 

Elena encounters Noah.

stomach and both brothers interrogated him but after getting few answers, finally killed him. They saw the history teacher, Alaric Saltzman outside the room and Damon went out to compel him to forget, unaware that Alaric had vervain in his hand. Stefan and Damon spoke about Emily Bennett's grimoire afterwards, and Stefan promised to help Damon find it and free Katherine, and in return Damon could not release any other vampires, and both Damon and Katherine were to leave town when it was done. Damon didn't believe him until Stefan said he just wanted Damon out of his life. However, Stefan told Elena that he couldn't allow Damon to get Katherine back and Elena promised to help him get the grimoire before Damon.

Damon didn't trust Stefan and went to Elena for a second judgment. She lied and told him Stefan could be trusted and he believed her, but continued to search for the grimoire on his own. Stefan and Elena eventually discovered

Damon threaten to turn Elena into a vampire.

that it was in Giuseppe Salvatore's grave. Damon got Johnathan Gilbert's journal from Anna, another vampire trying to get into the tomb, except she had no interest in helping Katherine; she wanted to release her mother Pearl, who was Katherine's best friend.  Damon too figured out where the grimoire was and went to his father's tomb to find that Stefan and Elena had already dug it up from the grave. In order to get the book from Stefan, Damon grabbed Elena and forced his blood in her mouth, threatening to kill and turn her into a vampire. Stefan gave up the book for Elena's safety. Stefan took Elena home and went to get her some aspirin for her headache when he heard from Jenna that Jeremy had brought Anna home. Stefan realized who she was and went back to Elena's room to find her gone.

Stefan went back home and told Damon what happened, but Damon expressed his wishes of Elena's death, as he was still upset by her betrayal the night prior. Stefan went to Bonnie's grandmother Sheila Bennett and she helped him locate Elena and Bonnie, who was also kidnapped by Anna and her friend Ben McKittrick. After Stefan 

Stefan rescues Elena and Bonnie from Ben.

rescued them, Bonnie and Sheila agreed to open the tomb to get Damon off their backs, but only to release Katherine. Stefan, Damon and Elena were there when they opened the tomb, and Damon took Elena inside as leverage so they wouldn't close him into it. While Stefan took care of killing Ben after he and Anna took Jeremy, Anna went inside the tomb to look for her mother and used Elena's blood to revive her. Stefan managed to save her from Anna. Damon continued to search for Katherine but finally realized, to his own shock and rage, that she wasn't in the tomb and found out from Pearl, Anna's mother, that Katherine had escaped before the church was burned down and that she had known where he had been since 1864, but she didn't care.

Damon stabs Alaric.

Heartbroken, Damon partied and drank himself out, much to Stefan's disapproval. Elena eventually learned that she was adopted, and that her biological mother, Isobel Saltzman, (Alaric's wife) had been killed by Damon and turned into a vampire at her request. Elena was furious with him for it, as was Alaric. When Alaric found Damon and tried to get even by killing him, but ended up being stabbed in the lung by Damon. However, he was wearing a Gilbert Ring, given to him by Isobel, and came back to life, much to Stefan and Damon's shock.

After Sheila Bennett's death, the seal on the tomb spell was somehow broken, and the tomb vampires began to escape after drinking the blood Damon spilled while trying to find Katherine. Stefan, Elena, Matt Donovan and Caroline caught Tyler making out with Matt's mother Kelly Donovan at the boarding house. After everyone had left, Stefan and Damon were attacked by two tomb vampires, Frederick and his girlfriend Bethanne. Stefan killed Bethanne and Frederick left afterwards, leaving Damon and Stefan to clean up the mess.

Stefan kills Frederick after feeding from Elena.

Frederick wanted revenge for Bethanne and kidnapped Stefan with the intention of slowly torturing him, and then killing him. Damon worked with Alaric and Elena to rescue him. He almost died, until Elena fed Stefan her blood to save him. Finally having ingested human blood after decades of abstinence, Stefan had the strength and bloodlust to violently kill Frederick. He insisted to everyone he was fine afterwards, but at the boarding house that night, Damon walked in on Stefan feeding on human blood that Damon had stolen from the blood bank as a way to stay alive without killing or hurting others.

Elena and Stefan Kiss in front of Damon.

In Season 2, Damon and Stefan are at each others necks, because Damon kissed who he thought was "Elena" but turned out to be Katherine. Stefan was very angry and tried to start a fight in Elena's house, but Elena stops them and the tells Damon she would never kiss him and reassures Stefan that he is hers and she would never kiss Damon. Then the bond between them gets stronger Damon and Stefan stick together to not be involved with Katherine and this causes awkwardness between Elena and Damon as Elena hated Damon because he killed Jeremy.

Later on, Elena was kidnapped and the brother's had to go rescue her. While in Damon's car Stefan tried to prompt Damon to confess his feelings for Elena. At he end of the episode Stefan apologizes to Damon for making him turn 

Elena confronts Damon about Bonnie's temporary death.

and said he just needed his big brother. Over the last few episodes the brother's seemed to have bonded and are working together peaceably, for now. But Damon is in love Elena, and Stefan knows it. Elena has seemingly forgiven Damon and they are currently friends again. But Damon is having problems fighting his feelings for her and it is inevitable that eventually this will cause greater problems between the temporarily united brothers. Even though Stefan already apologized and explained the reason for wanting Damon to turn, Damon just can`t hide his feelings for Elena and chooses her over him.

Stefan finds out about Damon's werewolf bite.

He also declared to Stefan that he would willingly sacrifice Bonnie and anyone else who comes in the way of protecting only Elena. In the episode Klaus, both Stefan and Damon fight over how to protect and that fact Damon doesn't like that Stefan is going with Elena plan.

In the season finale, Damon was bitten by Tyler Lockwood and tried to kill himself by getting his ring off and burning in the sun but Stefan burst out of nowhere and slammed him back in the shadows. He then locked Damon in the cellar so he couldn't kill himself and promised he would find a cure, which means that Stefan cared for his big brother and wouldn't let him die.

After Stefan left town with Klaus, Damon and Alaric start hunting him down. They meet again when Stefan discovers what Damon is up to and to protect him from Klaus, he returns to town to convince him to stop. He killed Damon's girlfriend, Andie and made it clear that he should let him go. Stefan's actions make Damon regret his attempts to help him and he realizes that Stefan has come back to his ripper days. That being said, Damon accepts that there's nothing he could do. After meeting his brother for the first time in months, Damon gets mad at him for killing Andie, which apparently hurts him deeply.

Damon tells Elena to stop looking for Stefan.

He argues with Elena and tells her to stop looking for his brother, and that he was not coming back, at least not in her lifetime. Later that night Damon, in his anger, destroys some of the things in his brother's room. Meanwhile Stefan, in his own despair, calls Elena, but says nothing to her. She, however, realizes that this is him and tells him not to lose hope. His phone call makes her believe that not everything is lost and that Stefan could be saved. She turns again to Damon for help, but he refuses to participate in anything, saying again that his brother is gone. That leaves her with Alaric, who understands that she's not giving up on Stefan, agrees to go out in Tennessee and look up for him. However, he also informs Damon about their actions and the last joins them in order to protect Elena. Later that day, Stefan saves again his brother's life from a werewolf, who was just turned into a hybrid.

Katherine calls Damon.

That makes Damon realize that even in his darkest period his brother sill can't let him die and he decides to help Elena bring him home, although he really have no idea where Klaus and Stefan have gone. In The End of the Affair, he gets a call from Katherine,who tells him that his brother and the eldest original are in Chicago. Damon gets there with Elena and puts his life in danger while she speaks with Stefan and tries to vervain him. Stefan, however, pushes Elena away and tells her he can't come back, because nothing is ever going to be the same, which is true, while at the same time he actually hurts her in order to protect her from Klaus.

Later in The Reckoning, Stefan, Klaus and Rebekah come back to Mystic Falls. After a series of events Klaus compels Stefan to turn his emotions off, which leaves him numb to everything that is happening. Klaus also makes him protect Elena while he is away, which makes hers and Damon's life even harder than before.

In Ghost World, Stefan gets locked up by his friend Lexi, who in the episode, appears as a ghost. She and Elena attempt to help him and make him turn his emotions on, but their efforts end without success. Damon, however, tries a different approach and frees Stefan after realizing that his brother has lost hope and has given up. He seems to feel bad about what has happened to Stefan and gets him in a bar. They drink and talk until Mikael appears.

Lexi and Elena lock Stefan up.

He tries to understand where Klaus is from Stefan by threatening Damon's life. Stefan again manages to satisfy Mikael and save his brother's life at the same time which later, according to Damon, was a breakthrough, although the younger brother eagerly denies it. Stefan doesn't seem to understand Damon's actions and asks him why is he doing all this. Damon responds that he has to try and save him, because Stefan is in this mess with Klaus, because he saved his life. He adds that he can't watch his brother rot in a cell. However, the brother bonding time ends with a fight between the two of them.

In Homecoming, Mikael, Elena, Damon, Stefan and Rebekah make a plan to kill Klaus by luring him back in town. Damon and Elena seem worried that Stefan might ruin their plans as he is still compelled by Klaus, but Stefan reminds them that in their history of epic plan failure the reason for the defeat is usually because someone has let their emotions and humanity get in the way and since he has turned off his feelings he can't be a threat to them.

Elena daggers Mikael.

Anyway, Damon manages to bring Katherine to the game and make her pretend to be Elena in order to protect the real Elena from both Klaus and Mikael as he doesn't trust them. Klaus realizes something is not right and says to Elena (who is actually Katherine) that if they try to kill him he has assured that his hybrids kill Damon. In the meantime, Damon and Mikael take Stefan temporary off the plan, but Katherine decides to find him and make him stop Klaus's murder. Stefan does indeed succeed to do that and Klaus kills his father. He also frees Stefan from his compulsion. Damon gets very angry at his younger brother, because he doesn't know the real reason behind his actions. After the party there's a scene where Katherine and Stefan are talking in her car  and Stefan asks her how did she know that he would stop Damon. She answers that she didn't know but that she was hoping that he would want to. That he would care enough to safe his brother's life. She also adds that she wasn't trying to save only Damon's life but Stefan's too, by that meaning his humanity. He responds that he doesn't want to let all his feelings in, but Katherine says that he has to do it, so that he could also get mad and revenge Klaus. After that Stefan steals the coffins in which Klaus keeps his family. In The New Deal, Damon pushes Stefan to tell him the truth behind his actions and gets mad because Stefan once again has saved his life. They also talk and Damon convinces Stefan to include him in his plan for revenge against Klaus. In the end of this episode Damon and Elena kiss on her front porch.

Elena after Stefan threaten to drive her off Wickery bridge.

In the next few episodes Stefan is trying to be the better villain. He threatens Klaus that he'll make Elena a vampire

and he wouldn't be able to make any new hybrids. He gave her his blood and meant to drove the car off the Wickery bridge, which would kill her if Klaus didn't get his hybrids away from Mystic Falls. Klaus eventually agrees. Elena, however, is deeply scared after what happened because this is the place where her parents died.

In The Ties That Bind, Elena tells Stefan that Damon kissed her to which Stefan responds that she's better than both his brother and him. Later that night Stefan, in his anger, punches Damon for kissing her.

Klaus tries to burn Stefan alive.

In Bringing Out The Dead, Stefan and Damon go to dinner with Klaus and Elijah (who was undaggered by the elder Salvatore) in order to make a deal with them, but that dinner is just a cover while  Bonnie and her mother are trying to open the only coffin that the Salvatore brothers are still in possession of. They all believe that whatever is in there would help them kill Klaus. Anyway, during the fake dinner the four of them talk, but by the end of it the stakes get high and Klaus threatens Stefan's life, so that he could get back his coffin. Elijah, however, has other plans. He has undaggered all of his other siblings: Rebekah, Finn, and Kol and he lets the Salvatore brothers go away. Later that night, Stefan and Damon talk and the younger brother says that Damon could have let him die in there and have Elena all by himself. They both admit that they love her.

In Dangerous Liaisons, the brothers, Elena, Matt and Caroline go to the ball thrown by the originals. It is revealed that the person hidden in the last coffin was actually Esther,the mother of the Originals and the wife of Mikael. Elena wants to meet with her, but Damon says that it is too dangerous, while Stefan believes that they should understand what Esther's plans are. Elena asks Stefan to take Damon down, so that she could talk with Esther. Stefan agrees and breaks Damon's neck. That pisses Damon off especially after his

Damon and Elena argue.

brother tells him that his humanity is getting in the way of their plan. Later that night Elena and Damon talk and he says that he is mad at her because he loves her and she responds by saying that maybe that is the problem which drives Damon to the edge and he breaks Kol's neck and sleeps with Rebekah. In the meantime Stefan escorts Elena to her home and as he's just leaving she asks him how can't he feel nothing at all. He says that he can't let all his emotions back in, because if he does, all he feels is pain. In All My Children, Esther is putting her plan to kill all her children in motion by using  Bonnie and Abby. Anyway, Elijah has understood her intentions and threatens Elena's life, so that the Salvatore brothers have no other choice, but to help him and prevent Esther from killing all of her children. They come to the conclusion that they could do that only by turning one of the Bennett witches into a vampire. Damon and Stefan toss a coin in order to decide which one is going to do that. Stefan is the one who loses the coin toss, but Damon instead turns Abby Bennett into a vampire. Later that night Stefan asks him why did he do that and

Damon and Stefan decide on who would turn Abby.

Damon responds by saying that he sees what was going around, he understands that his brother wants to be the "Old Stefan" again. The younger Salvatore tries to deny it, but Damon confronts him by saying that he knew that Stefan hasn't been drinking human blood and asks him how long has it been since he last did that. Stefan says, that he hasn't done it since the night he threatened to drive Elena off the Wickery bridge. Damon responds that he knew Stefan has enough things to feel guilty about and that's why he turned Abby. Before Damon tries to leave the room, however, Stefan says to him that he isn't fooling anyone either and still loves Elena. Damon confirms that, but also explains that he wanted do win Elena fair and square and she didn't want him. Anyway, this according to him, was for the best, because he was better at being the bad guy. In the flashback episode 1912, Stefan is still continuing with his efforts to be again a "better man", but he's clearly on the edge. However, in this episode he is shown for the first time since his leaving with Klaus to be writing in his diary, which suggests that he's letting himself feel again. In the meantime, Damon is eager to figure out who is the serial killer in town and searches for his brother's help. Damon digs up Stefan's diary from the year 1912,which was the last time there was a serial killer in Mystic Falls and it was also the first time they saw each other in a period

Stefan and Damon meet in flashbacks 1912.

of almost  fifty years. The brothers go to the Mystic Grill and try to figure out who could be the killer, while at the same time Rebekah joins them for her own reasons connected with her desire to find the remains of the white oak tree that could kill her and the other Originals. Stefan, however, is very nervous because he is not in control. Damon tells him that he needs to learn how to control his urges instead of trying to suppress them. With Rebekah's help, Damon makes Stefan drink human blood from a girl and stops him before he kills her. Damon says to Stefan that if he wants to fight hunger, he have to fight him. Out of nowhere, Elena and Matt show up. She seems surprised and disgusted by Stefan and Matt takes her away. That hurts Stefan and makes him realize that he shouldn't have done that, that he shouldn't have listened to his brother. Later that night the brothers have an honest conversation. Damon promises Stefan that he wouldn't leave him and that he would help him get in control again. Stefan, however, doesn't understand his brother's motives and tells him he doesn't need his help. Damon reminds him that that was the same thing Stefan said in 1912,when he last convinced him to drink human blood. The elder Salvatore admits that he watched his little

Stefan and Damon talk about Stefan on human blood.

brother go over the edge, but didn't help him because he didn't want to. Damon tells that he wants to help him now, because right now Stefan is all he got. That is one of the most honest conversations the brothers have in the series. In Break On Through, Damon finds out the white oak that could kill Klaus and the other Originals, while Stefan is helping Elena deal with the situation with Alaric,who turns out to be the serial killer. In The Murder of One, the brothers, Elena, Caroline and Matt decide to kill the originals as they all now have a weapon that could do that and while the originals are still bind with a spell. Their plans go wrong when Rebekah kidnaps Damon and bleeds him out in order to get the vervain out of his system. Stefan wants to proceed with their plan and kill Finn, but Elena says that they can't do that now that Damon is caught up. She insists that they must free him, but Stefan disagrees. Eventually Matt manages to kill Finn just after Bonnie have lifted the binding spell, which means that Klaus and the other siblings are still alive. When Stefan understands that, he decides to go and kill Klaus himself, but he's stopped by Sage,who came to revenge Finn, but never succeeds in doing that, because

Sage and Troy die because they're originated from Finn.

she and Troy die. At first Stefan, Caroline and Elena can't understand why, but than they come to the conclusion that Sage and Troy were turned by Finn and when he died, every vampire he had ever turned died along with him. Elena realizes that if they killed all of the originals than Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Tyler and Abby Bennett would also die. Stefan goes to Klaus and Rebekah and trades the stakes he has, besides the three he has hidden, for Damon. Anyway, Klaus understands that Stefan is trying to con him and tells him that if he doesn't bring the other stakes, he'll kill everyone that Stefan loves.

In Season Four, there is a lot of tension between Damon and Stefan due to the fact that Elena has become a vampire and is sired to Damon because of his blood, which was in her. She broke up with Stefan because she was trying to find out what her feelings were for Damon. Damon and Elena eventually became a couple, much to Stefan's despair. He hates his brother and wants the cure for himself so that he can be human again. 

Damon and Stefan arguing about Elena's transition

During the premiere episode Growing Pains, Damon is mad at Stefan for saving Matt instead of Elena and at Elena for choosing Stefan over him. When Stefan tells Elena that Bonnie is looking for another way out of the transition, Damon coldly tells them that there is no door three that you feed or you die. While in the kitchen Damon and Stefan argue over Stefan's choice of saving Matt before Elena. Stefan told Damon to let him fix his mistake. After Stefan and Elena gets kidnapped by Pastor Young and the deputies Damon and Matt head to the Pastor's farm to save them. Later on Stefan tells Elena that the council knows who they are and that Damon is more than likely making up a revenge plan.

In Memorial, Damon and Stefan almost come to blows arguing over how Elena should feed. Stefan wants Elena to feed off of animal blood and Damon says that Elena has to drink human blood from the vein that she has to experience the blood lust. just as the brothers are about to fight, Elena enters. She and Stefan are leaving and Damon says to be a vampire since she is a vampire.

Damon and Stefan arguing over what is best for Elena

Later on Stefan approaches Damon outside of the church after he sees him put something in a bag and asks Damon what's in his bag. Damon replies with "Church always gets me hungry, you know, the whole blood of Christ thing" and then tells Stefan that it was for Elena. Stefan not knowing that Elena couldn't keep any blood down started to argue with Damon. Damon then told Stefan about Elena's blood issues and that she couldn't even Damon's blood down leaving Stefan feeling mad and jealous. Damon and Stefan are at the memorial for Pastor Young when they realize that a hunter (Connor) set a trap. While Stefan is trying to keep Elena calm and from exposing them Damon wants to kill the hunter. Matt tells Elena to feed from him and Tyler goes up to distract the hunter. 

Damon and Stefan at the memorial

After Connor shoots Tyler, Damon goes after Connor, catching up with him in the parking lot. He rips the door off Connor's truck. Connor fires a bunch of wooden bullets into Damon and almost stakes him when he hears Stefan coming. Figuring he'll be outnumbered, the hunter runs. Stefan does not follow. He pauses, then sucker punches his brother rather than help him up. "What the hell was that for?" Damon asks. "You know what," Stefan says. Then he walks off. When Stefan organized a memorial for everyone, Damon said they should be more concerned about Connor. Stefan said that they needed this Damon left not wanting to show off his emotions.

In The Rager, Damon tells Stefan that after he finds and kills Connor he's living Mystic Falls, Since it was part of the deal they made. Stefan tries to talk Damon out of it but Damon says since Stefan punched him he takes it as he is no longer wanted there. Stefan told Damon he punched him cause he blood shared with Elena.

Damon and Stefan looking through Connor's things

In The Five, Damon and Stefan search for more clues on the mysterious Five and where Connor is hiding. Damon soon leaves to take Elena and Bonnie to college so he can teach Elena how to feed. Damon tells Stefan to ask Klaus about The Five and see what he can learn. When Damon brings Elena home, Stefan lies and says he didn't learn any new information about The Five.  Damon and Stefan are at each others necks in The Killer. Connor takes Jeremy, April, and Matt hostage at the Grill. Damon formed a plan with Elena, Tyler, and Caroline to kill Connor.

Damon and Stefan arguing over a plan

 Stefan, knowing that killing Connor would mean losing his way to The Cure, tries to talk everyone out of it and let him scope the place out. Damon gives in and tells Stefan he has one hour. Stefan tells Damon and Elena his new plan with Klaus and his hybrids. Damon, wanting to kill Connor, disagrees with the plan leaving Stefan with no choice but to vervain him. After Stefan captures Connor Damon shows up and told Stefan to give him Connor. Stefan told Connor to run as fast as he could and attacks Damon. Damon gets the upper hand and shoves his hand into Stefan's chest and threatens to rip Stefan's heart out if Stefan doesn't tell him what is going on and Stefan tells Damon about the cure. They discover that Elena killed Connor and is burying his body in the woods and Damon tries to defend his brother but Elena is to mad and sad to listen. Damon tells Stefan later that he has his back if Klaus comes to kill him and that he loves Elena either way and that he's going to help search for the cure but he's doing it for Stefan.

After learning that Elena is sired to Damon, the brothers head to New Orleans to meet a witch named Nandi to see if there was a way to break the sire bond. While they're in New Orleans there are flashbacks to the 1940's of the brothers life. Stefan and Lexi found Damon while he was in New Orleans. At Lexi's insistence, Stefan sought to make peace with his brother before shipping out to the North African front of the war. After an initial hesitance, Damon seemed happy to reunite with his brother after thirty years apart, and the two spent the evening talking. Damon even suggested he might join Stefan and leave for war with him, but Lexi made it clear she did not approve of the idea. Her concerns seemed warranted especially after Charlotte brought a bleeding victim to the bar where they were talking and Stefan started to lose it at the sight and smell of human blood. Damon shows up the day of Ship out but Lexi knowing he killed 12 people told Damon not to go because it could ruin Stefan. Damon realizing that Lexi is right wished his brother luck and left. Damon and Stefan realize the only way to break a sire bond is to have Damon set Elena free. Damon doesn't set Elena free until later. 

Damon and Stefan 4x12

Caroline tells Stefan about Elena sleeping with Damon, causing Stefan to get upset and mad. Damon and Stefan come to blows after Stefan makes a comment about the sire bond.

On the island, Damon was captured by the hunter Galen Vaughn who led him to the place where Silas was buried alive with the cure. Galen attacked both Rebekah and Damon with his shotgun and was about to kill Damon before Stefan and Elena suddenly entered the scene and Galen disappeared in the well. Stefan then tried to help Damon, who insisted they should get down the well and get the cure. Stefan then told Elena he will take care of Damon and she should get to the cure, then he could get rid of the vervained rope around Damon's neck. 

Stefan helping Damon

After he managed to get down, Damon asked Stefan about the cure and Elena and Stefan told him about Jeremy being dead, which Damon commented that Elena will not survive. Stefan also told him about Bonnie's disappearance and Damon told Stefan to get Elena off the island and he will find Bonnie and get her back. Their next meeting was when Damon gets back with Bonnie and asked for Stefan by saying "Caroline, I need to talk to my brother". He told Stefan that Bonnie has lost her mind and she wants to drop the veil between this world and the other side. Then they witnessed Elena's breakdown and Stefan told Damon to help her by using the sire bond: that's when Damon decided that she should turn off her humanity. Then Stefan opposed him by saying that he shouldn't have done that, but Damon said that humanity means nothing without the people you care about. That's when Stefan wanted to tell Damon that he still loves him even though the bad spots they have been through lately.

In Bring It On, becomes clear that when Elena turned off her humanity the sire bond was broken. Everybody have a hard time dealing with Elena because the new her is very different from the

Emotionless Elena

old compassionate Elena. She drinks from a cheerleader and throws a party in the Salvatore boarding house while both Stefan and Caroline are desperately trying to talk to her and convince her that she shouldn't act like this. In the episode Elena tries to kill Caroline until the Salvatore brothers intervene. Later that night Elena talks to Damon and tells him that they should stop telling her that she needs to feel because she actually feels amazing and that he has to be honest and admit that he likes her more like this. At the end of the episode Damon and Elena are shown to leave for New York. Stefan calls his brother to tell him that someone stole blood from six other hospitals surrounding Mystic falls and that he thinks that maybe Silas has followed them from the island but Damon refuses to help him as he's already headed to the Big Apple. In Because the Night, Damon and Elena are shown to already be in New York where Damon is actually trying to find out where Katherine might be. He talks to Stefan and explains that to him and Stefan reminds him to be careful with Elena because if she finds out the real reason behind their trip she'll bolt. In the meantime the younger Salvatore and Caroline are trying to convince Klaus to help them stop the third massacre. While Damon is taking Elena to his favorite New York bar, Rebekah shows and tells Elena that he's actually trying to follow a lead to the cure. Damon tries to explain himself and says that the only reason they are here is because he also had his humanity turned off in this city in the 1970s. Back than Stefan had sent Lexi to help him

Damon and Lexi in the 70s

because he had become reckless and was killing people without blinking so they heard of him back in Mystic Falls. During the night Elena, Rebekah and Damon party hard and feed on a girl in the bar while everybody are dancing. He also tells them how Lexi was trying to make him turn his emotions on back in the 70s which was like a torture to him so at the end in order to make her go away he convinced her that he was falling in love with her and he slept with her on the rooftop of the building where the bar was. Then he locked all the exists she could use in the morning and when she woke up the sun was able to hurt her. He told her that he's paying her for six months of her and that he doesn't need saving like his brother does. In the meantime Stefan doesn't succeed in stopping the finale massacre because Caroline kills twelve witches in order to save Bonnie's life. Damon manages to find possible addresses where Katherine might be but Elena has already figured out his game and tries to steal it from him. He manages to stop her and he tells her that she can't fool him. Then he tells her that when he got his emotions back he felt bad for what he did to Lexi and he managed to avoid her but then she showed up at Stefan's birthday and all the memories and the guilt rushed through him so he decided to kill her. While they argue about whether or not Elena will take the cure Rebekah sneaks from behind and snaps Damon's neck. They take the lead he has on Katherine and steal his car. When Damon wakes up he tells his brother what happened and Stefan informs him that he didn't stop the last massacre, which meant that Silas has everything he needs to drop the veil. In American Gothic, Stefan and Damon find where Rebekah and Elena are and follow them in a small town in Pennsylvania. By the time they get there however Elena and Rebekah have found Katherine and are trying to figure out where she had hidden the cure. Elena gets her phone and finds out that Katherine has a meeting with someone so she decides to impersonate her and go in her place instead. It turns out that the meeting is with Elijah but he figures out that she's not Katherine when he kisses her. In the meantime the brothers find Rebekah and Katherine. Damon goes with them to the place Katherine claims to have hidden the cure while Stefan negotiates with

Stefan and Damon

Elijah to let Elena go. Damon finds the place where Katherine has hidden the cure which is in an aquarium full of vervain and while he's trying to get it out Katherine attacks him and puts his head in it. She gets the cure out of the aquarium and he's about to leave when Rebekah gets in her way. Rebekah takes the cure and Damon does nothing to stop her. In the meantime Stefan arrives at the house and sees what's happening. He accuses Damon of not trying to stop Rebekah from taking the cure. A little after that however Rebekah wakes up and they find out that this wasn't the real cure and was probably just a shot of vervain and blood. Katherine finds Elijah, but he already knows that she has killed Jeremy and realizes that she's playing him again. Later on she gives him the real cure by trying to show him that he means something to her. At the end of the episode the brothers talk and Damon says that he's sorry that he didn't stop Rebekah from taking the cure and that it was a weak moment and it's kind of his thing, like both of them falling in love for the same girl; it's their thing. But Stefan replies by saying that it WAS their thing and Damon looks at him wondering what his brother means. Stefan says that they can blame Katherine all they want for their mistakes but they keep reliving their history just like she is. The younger Salvatore says that he can't keep living his life like this, that he owes Elena her shot at being normal again but after that happens he'll leave and get a life of his own. All of this surprises Damon. Then they meet with Elena and she tells them that they need to stop making her take the cure. She asks them will they accept that or not and they say that they wont. So she kills the waitress at the restaurant and tells them that if they don't stop she'll kill more and more. In Pictures of You, Stefan and Damon talk about what they should do with Elena. They figure out plan A and B. First they want to bombard her with emotions until one of them sticks. If that don't work they'll go to plan B-lock her up and then they'll try to think what they should do next. Damon asks Stefan what will happen when all the emotions she had suppressed since Jeremy died come rushing into her and Stefan says that Damon will be by her side. They decide to go to prom with her and pull their plan into action

Damon and Elena at prom

. The brothers show her pictures of her and Matt and her and Jeremy but that doesn't affect her as they expect. Later that night she tells Damon that he's nothing to her. Stefan dances with her and tries to stir some kind of emotions in her but he ends up being hurt by her insensibility towards him and their past. After that he also dances with Caroline and tells her that this plan is affecting him way more than it's affecting Elena, because every time he tells himself that he's moved on there is this part of him that can't seem to shake her. And Caroline responds that he'll move on one day when he falls madly in love again. While Damon is drinking outside, Stefan comes to him and tells him that his relationship with Elena is based on sex while he was having a real relationship with her with its ups and down. Then Damon tries to attack him and Stefan stakes him and then it turns out that this wasn't Stefan but Silas pretending to be Stefan. He tells Damon to stay away from his witch. Damon asks where his brother is and Silas responds by saying that Stefan is in the woods where he convinced him to be Damon. Elena tries to kill both April and Bonnie (who at the time is having difficulties with Silas who's pretending to be Jeremy in order to make her drop the veil) but Bonnie manages to hurt her but her magic is starting to consume her and she almost kills Elena. The Salvatore brothers stop Bonnie and vervain Elena. They lock her in their cellar. The brothers talk and figure out that this night Damon saw fear

The Salvatore brothers

in her eyes while Bonnie was torturing her so they decide to make Elena's life a living hell in order to make her turn her emotions on. In the meantime Silas manages to get the cure from Elijah who in this episode is trying to decide whether to give it to Rebekah or to Klaus.

In The Originals, the brothers find from Katherine that Klaus has left for New Orleans. Later Damon gives Elena a bloodbag full of vervain because he's trying to provoke some feelings into her, but she only responds to him and Stefan by saying that if they want to play games she's willing to let them and see who'll break first-she or them.

In She's Come Undone, Damon and Stefan start to torture Elena so that they could make her turn her emotions on, but she figures out that they'll never really hurt her because they both love her. So she tries to kill herself by burning up in the sun(as they have already took away her daylight ring) and they stop her. With their actions they prove that she has nothing to be afraid of. After that Damon and Stefan talk and Damon is really angry because he thinks that Elena should have

The brothers torturing Elena

turned her emotions back on by now like every other vampire. Stefan says that she has nothing to come back to-no family, no house, she tried to kill her friends and has destroyed all her relationships. They figure that scaring her out will work, but if someone else do it-so Stefan calls Katherine to come. As she has nothing better to do, because she's dumped by Elijah she comes by the Salvatore boarding house and starts to tease her. Katherine asks Elena what did she tell Elijah back at Willoughby. She demands to know the truth, but Elena answers that she didn't need to say anything, because Katherine is a self-obsessed maniac, who is on the run for 5 centuries and she can't be any good to anyone. In her anger Katherine puts Elena back in the cell without locking it and says that even if she had done some horrible stuff, she never turned it off and that Elena can't survive a week as a vampire without everyone else fawning over her. Then Katherine talks to Damon and tells him that when Elena turns her emotions on she'll go back to Stefan. In the meantime Elena escapes but Matt finds her in the woods. She bites him as she's still starving. Then the brothers come and Damon threatens to kill Matt if Elena keeps refusing to turn her emotions on. Elena tells him that he's bluffing, but Damon actually snaps Matt's neck. When she sees him dead she starts to cry and Damon reveals that Matt was actually wearing the Gilbert ring, which means that he'll come back to life. Elena is relieved and for the first time she shows emotions, which meant that she has turned it on. After that she starts realizing all the horrible things she has done and starts to panic. The brothers both try to calm her. Stefan tells her that he knows that stage where the emotions are overwhelming her and he tells her that she needs to focus on one thing that makes her strong, that makes her want to live and to let it in. She does that and at the end of the episode it is revealed that this thing is actually revenge. Elena tells the Salvatore brothers that she wants to kill Katherine for everything she has done to her. In The Walking Dead, Stefan is trying to persuade Elena that she needs to let the revenge go away and that's the reason why he's training with her and making her destroy cement blocks. The only thing Elena wants to know, however, is where Katherine is, but Stefan answers that even if he knew he still wouldn't give her this information. She blames him for the fact that he told her to channel all the emotions into one single feeling. He responds by saying that he thought it would be hope, compassion or love. Elena reminds him that he wanted to kill Klaus when he got his emotions back and Stefan says that he did, but then he realized he couldn't succeed and tells Elena that she probably doesn't really want to kill Katherine. After that Elizabeth Forbes calls Stefan and Damon at the hospital to tell them that  Silas

Bonnie drinking Qetsiyah's blood

has been draining blood from the patients. They conclude that he must be preparing for something big, probably the dropping of the veil, otherwise he wouldn't need that much blood. They decide to find where Bonnie is doing the spell and figure out that the place is in the school. The brothers go there and split-Damon goes with Elena and Stefan goes with Caroline. Elena, however, is just trying to use Damon so that he could tell her where Katherine is and he reveals that she's with Bonnie. Elena tries to convince Damon that once she kills Katherine everything will go back to normal, that she'll be her old self again, but Damon tells Elena that she'll die and she stakes him and responds that at least she'll die trying. In the meantime Bonnie manages to drop the veil(only in the expression triangle part) because she has drunk Qetsiyah's blood from the tombstone. As a result ghosts appear in their world.Alaric goes to Damon and convinces him that he's not Silas by showing him the locker they hide the alcohol in the school. Elena finds Katherine and tries to kill her but Stefan manages to stop her. He explains that Katherine is linked to Bonnie and that Elena could've killed her best friend, but Elena doesn't believe him. She thinks that Stefan never wanted her to kill Katherine and suggests that he still might be in love with her. Stefan gets angry and tells Elena that all this is a distraction, because she doesn't want to face the fact that Jeremy is dead. They argue a little more and than in her anger Elena slaps him. In the meantime Damon finds Silas and Bonnie succeeds in turning him into stone, but they don't see his real face. The brothers decide to drop him in the middle of the ocean, or somewhere deep so that he can't get anywhere near blood and revive again. By that time Jeremy has appeared to Elena and has saved her from Kol. The youngest Gilbert manages to bring out the old Elena again. She apologizes to the Salvatore

Lexi and Stefan

brothers and Bonnie. Then Stefan goes to the Grill and meets with Caroline who wants to celebrate, because Silas is no longer a threat. Stefan, however is in no mood for that, because he thought he would see Lexi today. Right in that moment she appears behind him and they have a happy reunion. Damon is also taking care of Silas's body with Alaric and they both drink and talk. Alaric gives him the cure (which he has found in Silas) and tells him to get the girl. The episode ends with Bonnie trying to bring Jeremy back to life which results in her death. In Graduation, Stefan and Lexi are drinking and listening to Bon Jovi when Damon appears and tries to talk with them about the fact that the veil is still down, which means that Bonnie hasn't put it back up. This turns out to be a problem, because all the ghosts want revenge, including the hunters. Galen Vaughn appears at the Salvatore brother's home and shoots Damon. The bullets, however, are poisoned with werewolf venom

Damon and Elena

which means the elder Salvatore could die. Galen Vaughn wants to find Silas and the cure but while he's explaining this to Damon Stefan rips the hunter's heart out. After that Elena and Damon talk and he gives her the cure. She wants to bring it to the hunters so that they could leave them alone. Damon tries to use the sire bond to convince her but it turns out that it doesn't exist anymore. She sees that Damon is in pain and figures out that he's hurt. Jeremy suggests that Damon takes the cure because than the wound wouldn't kill him. In the meantime Lexi and Stefan talk and discuss his situation with Elena. He says that if she chooses him he'll go to her in a heartbeat, but if she doesn't then he'll leave. Vaughn comes back to life and Damon gives him the cure and promises to lead him to Silas, which is actually a lie, because the brothers haven't had enough time to bury him yet. Damon is actually trying to stall the hunter. After that Elena and Stefan talk and Stefan says that he'll go to New Orleans and beg Klaus himself to cure his big brother. They decide to go to the graduation ceremony as they still have enough time. Vaughn, however, figures out that Damon is playing him and shoots him again but then Alaric Saltzman shows up and saves his best friend. He calls Stefan and tells him that with so much poison in his body Damon will die soon. He asks the younger brother what he should do-stay and watch him die or force-feed him the cure. At the same moment the twelve witches Caroline has killed, appear and attempt to kill them but Klaus shows up and saves everybody. The original also cures Damon. Elena goes to Damon and slaps him in the face, because he preferred to die instead of taking the cure. After that Elena also talks to Stefan. She thanks him for not giving up on her and gives him the cure, because she wants him to get whatever he wants out of life. Then she goes back to Damon. They talk a lot and he says that he prefers to die than grow old and become sick while she stays the same and that he's not sorry he didn't want to take the cure. He admits he's selfish, because he makes bad choices that hurt her, but that's who he is and he's not going to change. Damon adds that there's no apology in the world that encompasses all the reason why he's wrong for her. She responds that she's not sorry either-not for meeting him or for the fact that in death he made her feel most alive. Elena declares her love, they kiss and reunite. Stefan hears everything as he's still in the house. Later he talks to his big brother and tells him that he's not happy about Elena, but he's also not happy about him either.

While Stefan is taking Silas' body to the quarry he talks to Lexi and she advises him to move on. She tells him that Elena was indeed the one but in life there are many loves and now it's time for him to start living his life. Damon also speaks with Alaric who's happy that his best friend got the girl but in the meantime Bonnie puts the veil on and all the ghosts disappear. Elena tries to find Jeremy but comes across Katherine instead. They fight and when Katherine almost kills her Elena manages to force-feed her the cure. Then it is revealed that Stefan actually refused to accept the cure because everything he did to get it, he did for Elena.

When Stefan goes to the quarry he realizes that Silas's body is actually nothing but pile of rocks. He then turns and sees the evil vampire behind him in the form of Elena.

Stefan seeing Silas's true face

They talk and Silas tells him that he actually created the immortality spell 2000 years ago and as a result he could never die. So nature needed to find a balance and created a shadow self, a version of him that could die-a doppelgänger. Stefan asks if this is actually his real face. Silas says: "Not exactly" and then becomes his true self which is actually Stefan's face. It turns out that Stefan is Silas's doppelgänger. Then Silas locks Stefan in the safe that was originally there for him and throws him in the quarry.

Upon learning that Stefan and Elena are destined to fall in love because of the fact they are doppelgängers of Silas and Amara respectively, like so many doppelgängers of them have fallen in love through the centuries, Qetsiyah offer Damon a choice to watch history repeat itself or leave Stefan with her. Damon chose to kill Qetsiyah instead, revealing that no matter what, he will always love Stefan and will do anything to protect him, even if it means losing the woman he loves to him.

In No Exit, Stefan and Katherine in Elena's body, head out to find Damon. When they reach Damon who is traumatized after feeding on Enzo and then forcing Enzo to leave him so Damon doesn't kill him. Damon warns Elena not to enter and then when Stefan appears, Damon shouts at Stefan I said, DON'T, because of the fear that he will kill them both if they try to help him. As they then discuss what happened and how they're here to help Damon after Stefan refuses to leave Damon, he then runs at Stefan shouting at him STAY BACK and showing his Augustine Vampire appearance to try and scare them both away to which Stefan responds I'm not scared of you Damon. Damon then looks shocked to see Stefan care so much about him after everything he's done, even though Elena looks terrified of Damon. This shows how much Stefan cares about Damon and how much he wants to help him, also how Damon doesn't want to hurt Stefan in his Augustine Vampire state. This shows that they care about each other.

In What Lies Beneath, Stefan continues to hide about Enzo's death. Damon senses that something's wrong and thus, he along with Caroline, decide to find out. Through a game, he manages to spill out the truth. He seems very pissed off when he learns about Enzo's death and even more pissed off because Stefan lied to Damon about this. When Damon asked, "When I found out Enzo was dead? Did you think I was gonna go on a rampage, slaughter a bunch of innocent people, go bowling with human heads? What'd you think I was gonna do?", then Stefan answers, "Hate me. I thought you would, uh, hate me." Later, when they're stuck in a house which is on fire, thanks to Enzo, Damon asks Stefan to leave with Luke. This shows the strong brotherly bond between two.

In Promised Land, Damon searched for Stefan and Elena who are missing for four days, in the end Stefan was killed by Julian, and their relationship ceased forever.

In Home, when he learns about Stefan's death, he's devastated. He continuously asks Bonnie for help but of no use. Later, Damon comes up with a plan and sacrifices himself for Stefan. Stefan seemed to be in shock because he lost his family.

In Yellow Ledbetter, Stefan tells Caroline he spent months trying to find Bonnie and Damon. But he gave up realizing he needed to move on and live his life.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, While Stefan is at the Salvatore Crypt. Stefan starts to cry realizing Damon might never come back. He throws a bottle of bourbon. Damon appears and catches the bourbon. They hug and they are finally reunited.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, After they reunite. Damon tells Stefan him and Bonnie were stuck in a 1994 prison world and Bonnie sacrificed herself to get him back to the present time. Stefan then tells Damon that Elena asked Alaric to compel her. To make her forget her love for Damon. Damon is later captured by Tripp Cooke. Alaric and Stefan save Damon and Enzo.

In Fade Into You, Stefan, Alaric, and Damon go on a road trip to Portland, Oregon, to track down the Gemini Coven.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Stefan gives Damon's rebuilt 1969 Chevy Camaro to him as a gift, which was destroyed in the explosion in Home.

In Prayer For the Dying,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In Stay,

In Let Her Go,

In The Downward Spiral,

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Damon travels to 1903 prison world with Elena to bring back their mother as she is the person who can bring back Stefan's humanity.

In I Never Could Love Like That, Damon tells Lily what to say to Stefan to get his humanity back.

In Because,

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Stefan stops Damon from taking the cure as their mother's bloodlust was going out of control.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Stefan shows Damon a version of what will happen if he becomes human with Elena by going into his mind.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take,

In Never Let Me Go,

In Age of Innocence,

In I Carry Your Heart With Me,

In Live Through This,

In Best Served Cold,

In Mommie Dearest,

In Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,

In Cold as Ice,

In Hell Is Other People,

In Things We Lost in the Fire,

In Postcards from the Edge,

In This Woman's Work,

In Moonlight on the Bayou,

In I Would for You,

In Days of Future Past,

In I Went to the Woods,

In One Way or Another,

In Somebody That I Used to Know,

In Kill 'Em All,

In Requiem for a Dream,

In Gods and Monsters,

In Hello, Brother, the season opens up with revealing that it has been several months since Stefan has last seen Damon. Stefan and Bonnie have been searching for Damon and Enzo for months and they know that the Armory's monster is mentally controlling the two. When Stefan and Bonnie finally get another lead on them, Bonnie refuses to have hope in finding the both of them, but Stefan convinces her to come along for searching their supposed location anyway in hopes that Stefan may find his brother.

When Stefan and Bonnie unexpectedly run into Damon after not seeing him for nearly three to four months, he tells them to leave before he attacks them. When Bonnie refuses to leave because of wanting to find Enzo, this puts Stefan and Bonnie in more danger. When Enzo finally appears, Damon puts Bonnie in a chokehold, which she cannot defend herself against being she has no more access to her magic. Stefan finally convinces Damon to stop hurting Bonnie. Eventually, Stefan and Bonnie decide to leave them behind when all seems hopeless. After leaving them, Bonnie explains to Stefan that Enzo was trying to help them with information about the monster from the Armory's vault. Stefan now has hope to find and bring back Damon again.

In Today Will Be Different, Damon and Stefan reunite once again and this time, it was abruptly. Stefan attempts to save Sarah Nelson, their relative, from Damon trying to kill her. However, Damon puts her in a chokehold and Stefan begs Damon not to kill her. Damon seems to hesitate for a moment, but Sybil walks in and mentally messes with Damon once again, tearing away his last memories of Elena. Damon truly loses his last shred of humanity and bites hard into Sarah's neck. Sybil then gets involved and stabs Sarah and stops Stefan from saving Sarah, as she bleeds to death. After confronting Sybil and Damon, Stefan is devastated that the last Salvatore member is dead.

In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Damon first calls Stefan asking him to meet him at a disclosed location, alone. Obviously hesitant, Stefan decides to meet with him anyway. When they do meet, Stefan asks Damon to cut to the chase being he knows Damon has a tendency to deceive him whenever Damon needs him, especially under Sybil's mental influence. Damon however says that he needs Stefan's help. Stefan is perplexed and asks him what he could possibly need help for. Damon says that Sybil is forcing him to fight Enzo to the death at a certain time because Sybil is tired of Bonnie messing with her plans.

Later on, Stefan attempts to stop Damon from fighting Enzo. Damon accuses Stefan of not being a loyal brother when he attempts to save both Enzo and Damon. However, after Caroline shows up, Stefan is determined to save Damon over Enzo. Seeing that Stefan and Caroline are in their way, Enzo and Damon eventually reject their help, knock them out by breaking their necks and they continue to fight to the death, until Bonnie shows up with Sybil. After their confrontation is over, Stefan helps Alaric captured and later, plans to imprison Sybil in the Armory's cell. As Stefan and the others are preparing an unconscious Sybil to be brought to the Armory, Damon leaves in his car telling Stefan that Sybil, Enzo and his work isn't done yet.

In An Eternity of Misery,

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, Damon crashes Tyler's first funeral and puts Matt in a chokehold. Stefan, with the rest of his friends, begs Damon not to kill Matt as Damon force-feeds Matt with his vampire blood. Stefan tries to get through to Damon once more by saying how this wasn't him by trying to kill Matt and Stefan even mentions Elena. However, Damon doesn't listen to Stefan, but he does let Matt go alive and vampspeeds out of there. Later, Stefan meets Damon at the carnival where the rest of the carnival goers are forced to leave due to a "gas leak." Stefan attempts to put Damon down in order to try and help him, which ends up starting a brutal fight between the two brothers. However, Stefan is helped by Caroline, who knocks Damon out with a vervain tranquilizer gun.

In The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You,

In We Have History Together, Damon and Stefan have been on the road together for three weeks, after Stefan sold his soul to Cade and started working for him as a ripper with Damon. They are first seen together in a support group trying to find their next victim. Damon plays the part of a person with anger management issues and Stefan charismatically uses this to find their most guilty victim in the support group. It turns out that both Damon and Stefan agree that the man who ran the group was the most guilty. Damon offs the man in charge of the support group in order to feed Cade more souls for hell. However, Damon disapprovingly exclaims that Stefan shouldn't have killed the rest of the group. Stefan argues that the rest of the support group was for himself to feed on and the man Damon killed was for Cade.

Later on, Damon and Stefan are searching for their next victim, which happens to be a medical student, named Tara, who bears a striking resemblance to Elena. Stefan injects Damon with vervain to slow his heart and plays the part of a concerned bystander and friend/brother to Damon. The medical student, who looks like Elena, rushes over to Damon and the three are later seen treating Damon in a bed, at the hospital. Stefan believes that he can corrupt the young student being her past was dark, but sad being her parents died in a car crash thanks to a drunk driver. Damon tries to convince Stefan otherwise, but Stefan doesn't do this for obvious reasons. After pushing Tara past her breaking point by telling her that Damon was the one responsible for her parents' deaths and car crash. The medical student believes Stefan; Tara is heartbroken obviously being she missed her parents, who were innocent people and still died from an alcoholic drunk driver. Tara finally gives in and decides to inject him with air to cause an embolism to stop his heart and killed him, as revenge for killing her parents. After the student records Damon's "time of death," she leaves after her shift is over at the hospital and Stefan was waiting for her in the parking lot of the hospital. Tara is shocked to see Damon alive when Stefan begins telling the student that she failed her morality test. Stefan and Damon argue about killing Tara, which leads to an argument about Damon holding onto Elena and his humanity. Stefan points this out by using Elena's old necklace as evidence of Damon's struggle. Damon denies his hesitance completely, but Stefan still doesn't buy it.

Later that night, Damon and Stefan are driving on a road still discussing Damon's hesitance to kill Tara, due to her resemblance to Elena. Damon first attempts to deny this by throwing Elena's necklace out the car window as they're speeding down the road. Stefan then tells Damon to kill the student, which Damon finally agrees to, but clearly irritated by Stefan's constant jabs about his conscience. Damon angrily stops the car, takes the terrified medical student out of it, and feeds on her until she is dead. This reassures Stefan that Damon no longer has ties to his humanity.

However, Damon secretly comes back to the road the next day and talks with a prison inmate about second chances as he finds Elena's old necklace and picks it up, clearly still holding onto his humanity without Stefan's knowledge.

In The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch,

In Nostalgia's a Bitch,

In You Made a Choice to Be Good,

In It's Been a Hell of a Ride,

In We're Planning a June Wedding,

In I Was Feeling Epic, Damon and Elena are fooled by Katherine into believing that Elena is awake and well along with Bonnie; they quickly realise that Elena is still slumbering, and it is actually Katherine who has returned from Hell.

After realizing that the only way to kill Katherine for good is to ensure she is in Hell when Bonnie sends the Hellfire back, Stefan and Damon argue over who will die to ensure she is dead. Damon attempts to be a martyr and do right by Elena, and attempts to compel Stefan to leave for safety. Unbeknownst to Damon, Stefan has been ingesting vervain since he became human, and cannot be compelled. Stefan returns to the tunnels and injects Damon with the cure, making him human. Stefan ensures Katherine is dead when the hellfire returns to Hell, and dies in the process.

After Elena and Damon lead a long, happy, human life, Damon reunites with Stefan in the afterlife, despite thinking he would go to Hell. The two embrace, and Stefan welcomes Damon with "Hello, Brother", a throwback to Damon's return to Mystic Falls in Pilot.


Stefan: (turns around) Damon.
Damon: (smirks) Hello, brother.
Stefan: When'd you get here?
Damon: Well, I couldn't miss your first day of school.
Stefan: It's been fifteen years, Damon.
Damon: Thank god! I couldn't take another day of the 90s. That horrible grunge look did not suit you.
Stefan: Why are you here now?
Damon: I could ask you the same question, but I'm pretty sure your answer could be summed up into one little word: Elena.
Stefan: She's not Katherine.
Damon: Well, let's hope not. We both know how that ended.
Stefan: Everywhere you go people die.
Damon: That's a given.
Stefan: Not here. I won't allow it.
Damon: I take that as an invitation.
-- Pilot

Damon: (after Stefan gets up to the roof) Not bad. Have you been eating bunnies?
Damon: You have two choices: you can feed and make her forget, or you can let her run screaming "vampire" through the town square.
Stefan: Ugh, that's what this is about, you want to expose me?
Damon: (seeing that Stefan's not getting it) No! I want you to remember who you are!
Stefan: Why?! So what, so I'll feed? So I'll kill? So I'll remember what feels like to be brothers again? You know what, let her go, let her tell everyone vampires that have returned to Mystic Falls. Let them chain me up and let them drive a stake through my heart, because at least I'll be free of you.
Stefan: What are you up to?
Damon: That's for me to know and for you to "dot, dot, dot" (...).
-- The Night of the Comet

Damon: How were tryouts? Did you make the team? Very Emerson, the way you reveal your soul with so many... Adjectives.
Stefan:What are you doing here?
Damon: I've come to apologize. I've been doing some thinking, some soul searching, and... I want us to start over. We need to put the past behind us. You're my little brother, and if you want to live a normal, happy human life, then I want that for you. Maybe I can do it, too. That I can learn to be a non-living living person. Maybe there's hope for both of us.
Stefan:: You know, it doesn't have to be this way, Damon.
Damon: Of course it doesn't. I saw Elena today, BTW. That means "by the way." She was at cheerleading practice. She looked so perky in her little short shorts. Just... simmer down, I didn't even go near her. I've got my own cheerleader now. Ooh, that reminds me... I gotta run. I have a date. Sweaty palms. Wish me luck.
-- Friday Night Bites

Damon: Do you know how easy it was to get in your head just now? You really need to get some human blood, it might even the playing field.
Damon: (pulls knife out of his chest) Alright, I deserved that.
Damon: Believe it or not, Stefan, some girls don't need my persuasion. Some girls just can't resist my good looks, my style my charm and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift. (sticks the knife in Stefan's chest)
Stefan: What's going on?
Damon: (stops choking Zach) Having a family moment, Stefan. Some quality time.
Stefan: Why are you even going?
Damon: Well I think it's fitting, we were at the very first one, remember?
Damon: My goodness I've driven you to drink.
Damon: It's cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.
Stefan: Yes. Being a 150 year old teenager has been the height of my happiness.
Damon: You cracked a funny, Stefan. I should have a drink and celebrate.
Damon: (picks up Stefan's picture of Katherine) 1864. You and Katherine were the perfect couple. It was hell watching you dance with her.
Stefan: My happiness was short lived, as you well know.
Damon: I remember. I left the party early, I was waiting for her. The night you dropped her off I was waiting just inside. You were such a gentleman, gave her a kiss on the cheek, when what she really wanted was... oh well. Here's to history repeating itself.
Stefan: I knew I couldn't spike your drink. So I spiked hers.
-- Family Ties

Damon: It's Founder's Day. I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.
-- Founder's Day

Stefan: Because you feel something for her, because you actually care. And I'm not gonna let Katherine come in here and destroy that part of you that is finally after all of this time willing to feel something. She will try to break you. She will try to break us. And how we respond to that will define us. It's our choice.
-- The Return

Stefan: You're not gonna kill her.
Damon: Don't give me that goody-goody crap.
Stefan: Because I am.
-- Masquerade

Damon:Get off of me.
Stefan:You're not doing this.
Damon:I just did. You know what happened to Rose, Stefan.
Stefan: I don't care. You're not dying today.
-- As I Lay Dying

Stefan: Why are you trying to save me?
Damon: Because I have to Stefan! Because you're in this mess with Klaus, because you saved my life. Because I owe you. And I can't just leave you in a cell to rot.
Stefan: Better be careful, brother. Your humanity is showing.
-- Ordinary People

Damon: Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever.
Stefan: What do you want?
Damon: I was hoping we could hang. You know a little brother bonding. I know we don't actually "hang out". We team up, we join forces, we activate our Wonder twin powers.
Stefan: What are you doing?
Damon: Digging up clues. Most of the Originals are gone, but now we have a who done it in town. Do you remember when we came back for Zachariah's funeral?
Stefan: Vaguely. Why?
Damon: If memory serves, he wasn't the first founder's council member killed that year or even that month.
Stefan: Your point being?
Damon: I'm trying to remember what year it was.
Stefan: 1912.
Damon: So much for vaguely.
Damon: The Founder's Council killer had nothing on you. By the decade's end, they were calling you the Ripper of Monterrey. I let you walk away. I watched you go over the edge, I didn't do anything to stop you.
Stefan: You couldn't have.
Damon: Sure I could of. But I just didn't want to. But I want to now. And whenever you go too far, I will be there to pull you back. Every second, every day, till you don't need me.
Stefan: Why?
Damon: Cause right now, you're all I got.
-- 1912

Stefan: If she kills someone, she will crumble. How much pain do you think she could take before she shuts off her humanity switch?
Damon: It happens to the best of us at least once. We get over it, Stefan. A hundred years or so.
-- Memorial

Damon: That hunter jacked Tyler Lockwood of his werewolf venom last night, so basically, he's got vampire poison in a bottle. And I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna eat him.
Stefan: [stands up] I'll go with you.
Damon: I don't want your help. I just want to kill this guy and get the hell out of town. Wasn't that the deal? Whoever Elena doesn't choose leaves?
Stefan: That was before she turned.
Damon: And I stayed to help. If I take you punching me as the first clue, I'm not wanted here anymore.
Stefan: [sighs] Listen, you blood-shared with my girlfriend, and I punched you in the face. You deserved it. Why don't you stop being dramatic?
Damon: No, brother, dramatic would be leaving before I kill this hunter.
-- The Rager

Damon: "Hello, brother."
Stefan: "Sweet gargoyle, bro."
Damon: "You know, you probably shouldn't be wandering around here all alone. There's a killer vampire on the loose in my head."
Stefan: "Why don't we just cut to the chase, huh? I'm here to forgive you, Damon."
Damon: "You must not have gotten the memo. You see, Bonnie helped me work through my issues. And you have the reason for your visit backwards."
Stefan: "Okay, then. Enlighten me."
Damon: "You're not here to forgive me, Stefan. You're here so I can forgive you."
Stefan: "You're kidding me, right? Think of all the ways that you have ruined my life for the last century... Including the fact that I'm working for Cade right now because of you... And you seriously believe that you're the one who should be forgiving me?"
Damon: "You're right. I'm a monster. But like I said... I forgive you."
Stefan: "I have nothing to apologize for."
Damon: "Then why are you here, Stefan?"
Stefan: "Huh?"
Damon: "Why are you always there to straighten me out when I go off the rails? Come on, man, you're not here for Cade. You're here because you blame yourself for turning me in the first place. Apparently, I still do, too. At least until today. I officially forgive you."
Stefan: "Shut up!"
Damon: "I forgive you, Stefan."
Stefan: "Why aren't you healing?"
Damon: "Remember that vampire I was warning you about running around in my head? Well, it's not me. It's you. It's always been you, Stefan. So, for the last time, I forgive you for making me what I am. I absolve you of all the death and destruction I've caused as a result. And you want to know why? Because you're my brother. And I love you. And there's nothing you could do to ever change that."
-- Nostalgia's a Bitch


  • They both had sex with the same four women; Katherine Pierce, Rebekah Mikaelson, Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes.
    • They have both been the boyfriend of Elena at some point. Stefan is Elena's ex-boyfriend and Damon was dating Elena before Kai put Elena in a sleeping coma.
    • They have both been Katherine's boyfriend at some point in 1864.
    • Stefan is Rebekah's ex-boyfriend; they dated in 1922 and 2011. Damon had two-nights-stand in 2010 with her.
    • Damon and Caroline had a briefly compelled, sexual relationship while Stefan and Caroline slept together while their humanities were off.
  • They had both been saved by Lexi Branson for getting back their humanities. Stefan in multiple times likes 1864, 1922, 1942 and 2010. Damon in 1977.
    • They had both some relationship with her. Lexi was Stefan's long time best friend and Damon had a one-night-stand with her.
  • In 1912, it is revealed that Damon and Stefan had a half-brother. Their father Giuseppe had gotten one of the maids pregnant and she had a son. This half brother is the ancestor to Zach Salvatore.
  • Stefan became a vampire before Damon, implying that he may be stronger than him.
  • Both Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) were guest stars and recurring characters on Smallville. Paul portrayed Lucas Luthor, Lex Luthor's younger, rebellious half brother. Ian portrayed Adam Knight, a villainous, mysterious young man who displays an interest in Lana Lang.
  • Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) were guest stars on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Paul portrayed three different characters Danny Burrell, Luke Miller and Luke Breslin, in three different episodes. Ian portrayed Charlie Baker, the son of a building superintendent.
  • Stefan and Damon were both shot and killed by their father.
    • Damon was killed moments before Stefan.
  • Both have killed the other's vampire best friend, Damon killed Lexi and Stefan killed Enzo. 
  • In the episode Total Eclipse of the Heart, Stefan admits that he likes the person that Damon had become when he was with Elena and now that they're separated, Stefan doesn't want to lose him.
  • Stefan tells Damon in No Exit, "You're my brother, I'm not going to give up on you, not ever." Showing how much Stefan cares for Damon. Also Damon runs at Stefan and shouts at Stefan "STAY BACK" and then displays his Augustine Vampire appearance to try and scare Stefan away, so that Damon won't feed on Stefan. This episode showed how much Stefan and Damon care deeply about each other.
  • The actors,Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley who play Damon and Stefan, are like-brothers in real life. 
  • In Home, Damon goes on a suicide mission with Elena to bring Stefan back from The Other Side, But when Damon is unable to return back to the living, Stefan is heartbroken and wrecked with grief after discovering Damon is dead and breaks into tears as Caroline comforts him.
  • Stefan and Damon have both sacrificed themselves in order to save the other at one point:
    • Stefan gave himself over to Klaus and became the Ripper again for a cure to save Damon from a werewolf bite in As I Lay Dying.
    • Damon died in an explosion he caused to kill the Travelers in order to bring back Stefan and the others back from The Other Side which was destroyed in Home.
  • When Damon returns back from dead, the first person he was reunited with was his brother Stefan.
  • Stefan restored Damon's old car as a Christmas present, something the older Salvatore deeply appreciates.
  • In Live Through This, they find out that it was actually their mother's idea to to link Elena's life with Bonnie, which was executed by Kai in I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime.
  • Damon and Stefan were both trapped in the Phoenix Stone.



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