Stefan. You know I always wondered what it would be like to be loved by you. You've got to admit for that one moment your feelings were real. This truly has been the role of a lifetime. Stefan, I love you, I've always loved you.

The complicated, romantic relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger Stefan Salvatore and his sire, the witch doppelgänger Katherine Pierce.

Katherine fell in love with Stefan when she met him in Mystic Falls in 1864. Although she was also seeing Damon, she had a clear preference for Stefan. She secretly watched over him while running from Klaus. Katherine was unwilling to put her love for Stefan above her own survival and when she returned, they became enemies, as Katherine wanted to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for her freedom and Stefan was in a relationship with her at the time.

Dead Man on Campus marked the formation of a positive relationship between Katherine and Stefan. Katherine helped Stefan deal with his traumatism from being locked away and repeatedly drowned to death by Silas for three months, and then he saved her from killing herself by catching her as she was about to hit the ground after jumping from the top of a clocktower. In The Cell, Stefan was still watching on Katherine so she did not commit suicide.Later, the two of them are locked together in a cell by Caroline as part of an experiment to try and help Stefan deal with his traumatism from being locked away. Katherine managed to make Stefan overcome the traumatism by telling him that the real problem wasn't how he felt about being trapped, but rather the pain he felt from Elena leaving him and being with his brother Damon. They almost kissed but before they can Caroline opened up the safe, worried because they had gone silent. Later, when Caroline wasn't watching them anymore, they kissed each other that progressed into sleeping together.

Given their night together, Katherine's love for Stefan was revived and she was inspired to live with a hope of being with him whether she died or not. A sentiment Stefan didn't seem to share, seeing it as a one-night stand with no other complications since he could not fully forgive her for all the torment she unleashed on him ever since 1864. However, as Katherine was spending her last day "alive", Stefan showed a surprising amount of compassion for her and admitted that he not only didn't hate her but he wanted her to find peace and happiness after her harsh life and things weren't her fault. He furthered this by going inside Katherine's head in her last moments and gave her visions of erasing her family's murder and having her hold her baby.

Stefan and Katherine may be a part of The Doppelgänger Prophecy. They are known as "Steferine" and "Sterine" by fans.

Early History

Tumblr mwmos3zRmJ1rhh0ybo5 250-1-

Stefan and Katherine first meeting.

In Katherine's flashback to 1864, she admitted that she saw Stefan for the first time before they officially met in Salvatore Mansion. While she & her maiden were on their way to Lockwood family, her driver stopped to see if Stefan needed assistance with his busted carriage. Katherine spotted him & since then she changed her plans. Stefan met Katherine Pierce for the first time when she arrived in a carriage with her maid and witch, Emily Bennett. Stefan's father; Giuseppe Salvatore had offered Katherine to stay with them as she had supposedly lost her family in a fire.

Tumblr mpzs1xpYbu1regz06o8 250-1-

There was immediate chemistry between the two. Back then Stefan was shy brother and Damon was the one, who first started to compete of Katherine's affection. Soon after that Damon left Mystic Falls a soldier and went for a war. It was a moment, when Stefan started develop feelings for Katherine and they become closer. Later, Stefan escorted her to the Founder's Ball, when afterwards he told her that he loved her. She was astonished by this, and appears to be left speechless by his kiss.</span>

Soon afterwards, while Stefan and Katherine were having sex, she reveals to him that she is a vampire. He is not accepting of this and appears to be very frightened of her. Katherine, not wanting to lose his love, takes his fear away through compulsion. She also compels him not to tell anyone.

Tumblr mwvfr0fE4Z1s7qhglo6 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine's last night.

On the night that Katherine was taken away during the round up of the 27 vampires, the last person she was with had been Stefan. Giuseppe spiked his drink with vervain, which poisoned Katherine when she fed on him.

Stefan and Damon tried to save her, unknowing that she had a plan to escape. While carrying her out of the carriage the vampires were trapped in, they are both shot, having Katherine's blood in their system. Katherine had been compelling Stefan to drink her blood for weeks. Stefan, Katherine and Damon all lie next to each other, dying. Stefan turns to Katherine, and in his last few moments alive, she says "I love you, Stefan." He then dies.

Tumblr mpzs1xpYbu1regz06o1 250-1-

Katherine is put back inside the carriage, but is then helped to escape by George Lockwood in exchange for the Moonstone. She is prepared to leave, but sees Stefan and Damon's lifeless bodies on the ground. Ignoring Damon, she runs to Stefan, caressing his face, proceeding to say "I love you, Stefan. We will be together again. I promise." She then kisses him for the last time and leaves him, not seeing him again for another 145 years.

Weeks after Stefan was newly turned and still lacked control of his bloodlust, he went on a rampage, killing members of the Founding Families for what they had done to Katherine. 

In the 1920s, despite the danger to her if she would've been seen, Katherine was shown to be secretly watch over Stefan while he was in Chicago with Rebekah and Klaus.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Katherine appears in various flashback episodes throughout Season One, Lost Girls and Children of the Damned.

Tumblr mxrbj045Vf1suiktso4 250-1-

Stefan looking at Katherine's picture

In You're Undead to Me, Stefan described Elena his thoughts about Katherine: "So let's start with Katherine. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. She had this perfect olive skin. And she had this laugh; it was ridiculous, her laugh made you laugh. And she was fun, she knew how to have a good time but Katherine was also very impatient and entitled and selfish and impulsive. Enter Damon. He claims that he was with her first. I don't know. I do know I did some things that I'm not proud of and my biggest regret is not being able to make it right before she died. I miss her, but I'm no longer crippled by her loss."

In History Repeating, Stefan confessed, that he believes his feelings for Katherine were fake: "It wasn't real, Damon. Our love for Katherine. She compelled us. We didn't have a choice. Took me years to sort that out,to truly understand what she did to us."

The Turning Point01

Stefan looking at a photo of Katherine

In The Turning Point, Stefan asked by Elena, described his room: "It's the only place that has remained constant. This room holds every memory that i ever thought was important enough to hold on to." Later, when he leaves Elena to get her some water, she finds in his room a picture of Katherine.

In Bloodlines, despite the fact that Stefan completely denied his feelings for Katherine, he admitted that Elena's resemblance to Katherine caught his attention: "When I pulled you out, I looked at your face. You looked like Katherine. I couldn't believe the resemblance. After that, I spent months making sure that you weren't her. I watched you. I learned everything that I could about you. And I saw that you were nothing like Katherine. And I wanted to leave town, but, Elena, I couldn't."


Stefan seeing Elena dressed as Katherine.

Katherine makes her first non-flashback appearance in Founder's Day. She approaches Elena's house, so far the viewers believing it to be Elena. She talks to and kisses Damon, Damon also unknowing that it is Katherine. She is invited in by Jenna. She talks to John Gilbert, then proceeds to cut of his fingers because of his ring. He realizes that it is Katherine, and she stabs him. Elena walks into the house, heading towards the kitchen after hearing a noise, while Katherine waits for her.

Tumblr m9fl48sBIr1regz06o3 250-1-

Katherine trying to kiss Stefan.

Tumblr m9fl48sBIr1regz06o2 250-1-

Stefan and Katherine in Gilbert House

In The Return, everyone is shocked when Katherine returns to Mystic Falls and causes trouble. When Stefan hears someone enter the Gilberts' house, he runs downstairs to find Katherine. The second she tried to kiss him, pretending she was Elena coming home from seeing Caroline the night of accident, he'd known it was her. He threw her across the room. They thrust each other from wall to wall until Stefan is distracted by the sound of someone approaching the front door. This allows Katherine to twist his arm 'til he's down on the floor in pain. She ran away, just before Damon and the real Elena enter.
Tumblr m9t2naKnQ91qdz3mzo4 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine talk.

Tumblr mwqck9D4uE1rnt00yo7 r1 250-1-

Stefan & KAtherine in Loockwood Mansion

Next day in Lockwood Mansion Stefan meets Katherine again - she invites him for a walk. Stefan just wants to know why she's there. Katherine says maybe she missed him. He wants to know her game so he'll know what rules to play by. Katherine smiles. "No rules, Stefan. Don't you remember? No rules." She walks off and beckons him to follow her outside. Katherine spoke a lot on her walk with Stefan. She repeatedly looked Stefan up and down, noting that he was stronger, meaner, and sexy, and that she was hurt he'd fallen in love with someone else. He told her he wasn't Damon, who obsessed over her for 145 years. He said he never loved her, she had just compelled him to.

Tumblr m3nzpq3pXT1r5xi7to3 r1 250-1-

"You`re stronger, meaner, sexy."

"Believe what you want, Stefan. But I know the truth and deep down so do you." She said. "Well the truth is you're the same lying, selfish manipulative bitch that you've always been. So whatever it is that brought you here, why don't you just get on with it and leave town. Because if you don't, I will hunt you down and I will rip your heart out. Stefan said. Katherine then told him she came back for him and Stefan said the problem was that he hated her. She grabbed the candle stand and stabbed him in the stomach with it. "You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan. Not the end of one." She said. Katherine would soon after admit to Damon when they almost had sex that she had never loved him the way he wanted her to. It was always Stefan.

Tumblr mc1xg5xL3M1regz06o3 250-1-

Stefan and Katherine - dream.

Tumblr mc1xg5xL3M1regz06o7 250-1-

Stefan and Katherine in bed.

In Memory Lane, Katherine goes to the Boarding House to spend some time with Stefan. She gets an early start by manipulating his dreams, bringing him back to when he had escorted her to the Founder's Ball in 1864. In the dream, he notices that Damon has found someone to entertain himself with - Elena. Katherine then takes the dream to present day, where Elena and Damon are getting cozy at the Mystic Grill. Stefan wakes suddenly to find Elena asleep in his arms, but he quickly realizes it is actually Katherine.
Tumblr mc1xg5xL3M1regz06o5 250-1-

"What is it about you...That makes me still care?"

He questions her about werewolves. When Katherine asks him why he kept a picture of her from 1864, Stefan does not reply and Katherine tries to kiss him. Stefan manipulates Katherine and, just as she is about to kiss him, stabs her with a vervain dart and takes her down to the basement. He questions her about her motives and why she came back, but Katherine repeatedly states that she came back for him. She insists that she never compelled Stefan to love her, that his love for her was real, and she only compelled him not to fear her. In a final flashback to 1864, Katherine is ready to leave Mystic Falls, but falls back to kiss an unconscious Stefan one last time, promising they would be together again one day.

Tumblr mc1xg5xL3M1regz06o2 r1 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine dance.

Tumblr mc1xg5xL3M1regz06o1 250-1-

Katherine to Stefan: "I love you"

In Masquerade, Katherine dances with Stefan and briefly tries for a diplomatic surrender, but when he refuses to give up the moonstone, she kills Aimee Bradley in the middle of the dance floor. Later in the episode, when Katherine was trapped in the same room with Salvatore Brothers, she lets Stefan know she has stalked him over the years, including 1987, when he went to a Bon Jovi concert, with his best friend Lexi. When he demands to know, what Katherine has been running from, she just mouths "I love you," at him.

Tumblr m15gadokzd1qg076no2 r1 250-1-

Dream sequence from episode 2x11

In By the Light of the Moon, Katherine and Stefan are stuck in the tomb together. Katherine toys with Stefan's mind while he is sleeping, and gives him a dream in which they had sex. Stefan wakes up very angry. She repeatedly states that she genuinely loves Stefan; later she does offer the useful advice of seeking out Isobel for information about Klaus. She gets out of the tomb after Elijah is killed and his compulsion wears off. In the deleted scene for this episode Katherine has a dream, that Stefan and her share a conversation, in which he seems to show feelings for her. However, it's implied to have simply been a trick of his when he attacked her it as a form of revenge for what Katherine had did to him. When she wakes up, Stefan told her that if she stayed out of his head then he'd stay out of hers.

In The House Guest, Katherine is freed from the tomb and decides to help them against Klaus. Damon was suspicious of her intentions and demanded to know why she was really helping them instead of leaving town. Eventually, Katherine admitted to him that she was forced to make a deal with John Gilbert and Isobel when she was trapped. If she didn't stay to help them against Klaus, then they would kill one of the Salvatore brothers due to their desire to keep them out of Elena's lives. Katherine could only save one of them so she choose to save Stefan over Damon.


Stefan and Katherine in episode 2x22

In As I Lay Dying, Stefan comes to Alaric's apartment, where Katherine is being kept, and she asks him why Klaus isn't dead and why she isn't free. When Katherine hears Klaus approaching, she hides Stefan and tells him to be quiet, but realizes there is no use and steps out to see Klaus with him.

Tumblr lsdmur0k421qe34pco4 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine in the 1920s

In The End of the Affair, it was revealed that in the 1920s, Katherine was in Chicago at the same time as Stefan, but she only observed him from afar. After a police raid cleared out the speakeasy, Katherine spotted Rebekah's necklace on the ground. She moved to pick it up, but ran away before Stefan could see or notice her. She watched him for a few moments before slipping into the shadows.

Tumblr lsoixpXMNw1qe34pco1 r1 250-1-

"Happy to know you still care."

In Disturbing Behavior, Katherine meets Stefan in Chicago when he steps outside a shop for a moment. Stefan warns Katherine that Klaus will kill her if he finds her here. Katherine believes Stefan is up to something and wants him to tell her. Stefan tells Katherine that they don't know where Elena's necklace is and that he has to keep Klaus and Rebekah from finding that out. Katherine warns Stefan that Klaus is smarter than him, stating that he is 'smarter than everyone.' Later in the episode, Katherine saves Stefan from Gloria by stabbing her in the neck. Katherine guesses Stefan's plan, and tells him that if he is planning on making a move against Klaus, she wants in. Stefan tells her that it's good to want things, and leaves.

Tumblr lujjoiUATI1qe34pco6 250-1-

In Homecoming, Stefan and Katherine plan, together, to stop Damon from killing Klaus so he won't die along with Klaus. Katherine manages to get through to Stefan's humanity, convincing him to help her stop Damon so he won't die. She seems to be one of the only people to bring out his humanity this season. Katherine reveals that she was also trying to save Stefan's life, along with his humanity. She tells him that she likes the 'old him' better, and that she cares for other people besides herself. She tells him she loves him, and that she loved Damon too.


Stefan tells Damon Katherine's birthday

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Katherine appears as Elena's hallucination. She torments Elena and tells her that Stefan will hate her as vampire - just as he start to hate Katherine after the truth of her identity came out.

In Bring It On, Katherine is mentioned by Stefan in his conversation with Elena. He compares her to Katherine, saying that Katherine used her body to manipulate people.

In Because the Night Damon is searching for files about Katherine's whereabouts while talking to Stefan on the phone, Damon mentions that It goes by birthdays and he can't remember Katherine's. While on the other hand Stefan tells Damon her birthday is June 5, 1473.

Tumblr mpdjttGoyX1regz06o1 250-1-

Katherine talking with Stefan.

Tumblr mpdjttGoyX1regz06o5 250-1-

Stefan questiong Katherine's motives

In American Gothic, Damon and Stefan arrive in Willoughby, PA. At the café, Katherine and Rebekah bicker and Rebekah twists and breaks Katherine's wrist, but they are interrupted when Damon and Stefan approach. When they question the two on Elena's whereabouts, Katherine replies that Elena is probably in the town morgue by now. Looking satisfied with herself, Katherine reveals that Elena unknowingly went to meet Elijah and he probably killed her immediately after realizing she was not Katherine. Stefan questions Elijah and Katherine's relationship, he instantly knows that Katherine just used Elijah as tool to make a deal with Klaus and get her freedom back. Later, he leaves in search of Elijah and Elena. He uses Katherine's phone to call Elijah, who demands Katherine be kept safe.

Tumblr mpdjttGoyX1regz06o4 250-1-

Stefan saving Katherine's life.

Tumblr mpdjttGoyX1regz06o6 250-1-

"Thanks for the save, handsome."

In The Walking Dead Elena tries to kill Katherine and almost succeeds before Stefan comes and saves her to which Katherine replies "Thanks for the save, handsome". Elena becomes furious and considers the fact that Stefan still may have feelings for Katherine which is why he won't let her die.

Tumblr mt13zhCN8S1qmsw7fo4 r1 250

Katherine: "Mm. He flirts. I like Elenaless Stefan".

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, while she is taking a bath in Damon's tub, Silas imitating Stefan shows up suddenly, they flirt - thinking it's Stefan, she offered him a shared bath and when they are about to kiss Silas grabs her neck, attempting to drown her.

Tumblr mxjsxvIcvo1rpz02to2 250

"I want to find Stefan just as much as you do and not just because I don't want to be a pawn that you can trade off for his life. I care about him. I always have".

In Original Sin, Katherine decides to accompany Damon and Elena in search of Stefan, after having the same dream as Elena with the possible whereabouts of Stefan. She says that Stefan is also important to her and she jokes in all the way to Damon and Elena about their relationship.

Later in this episode, the secret about doppelgängers is revealed. According to Qetsiyah, the doppelgängers of Silas and Amara have been supernaturally brought together repeatedly, by destiny and the Universe. She has seen them all finding each other and falling in love with each other, century after century. Despite nature's great hatred for immortality, it appears the doppelgängers continued to live the life that the immortal Silas and Amara couldn't have. 

Tumblr mwvyo9SngI1rktz8mo1 500

Katherine: "(...) like it or not, you're gonna end up with somebody who looks like me, although the universe seems to have all of its eggs in the Elena basket, but at this point, I don't really blame it".

In Dead Man on Campus, both Damon and Stefan are invited to Caroline and Elena's college party. Despite killing Silas, Stefan is still suffering from the memories of being locked inside the safe. He refuses to go to the party. Katherine meets Stefan at Mystic Grill. Katherine is drunk, feeling hopeless about the fact that she is dying. They have a conversation. Katherine tells Stefan that what he is suffering is called PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder. Nadia arrives. Katherine introduces her to Stefan.

Tumblr mxhwufxUbc1qmsw7fo4 r1 250

Katherine: "See? You're in control, on solid ground. You're not drowning. You're not dying".

Later on, outside Mystic Grill, Katherine discovers Stefan getting crazy because of the memories of being locked inside the safe. She calms him down by telling him to remember and name the people he has killed in order, starting with Giuseppe Salvatore. By telling her the names, he can control himself.
Tumblr mwqegeBjHW1qi32tro1 500
Tumblr n1z8vxc3NT1regz06o3 250-1-

Katherine in Stefan's arms.

At the end of the episode, Katherine decides to commit suicide to end her misery by jumping off the bell tower. She writes a note to her daughter Nadia. Before Nadia has a chance to read it, Stefan discovers the note. Katherine jumps off the tower. Stefan catches her right on the moment which she is about to hit the ground. Katherine is surprised. Stefan tells her, "You're Katherine Pierce. Suck it up." Katherine becomes speechless. As Stefan walks away, she smiles.
Tumblr mwqesnYx1u1qi32tro1 500
Tumblr mwqer55FmG1qi32tro1 500

"You're Katherine Pierce. Suck it up."

This episode marks the formation of a positive relationship between Katherine and Stefan. Katherine tells Stefan about her issues and helps him control his emotion. At the end, he saves her life. It can be concluded that they are no longer enemies. They are friends.

In The Cell, Stefan was keeping a close eye on Katherine after the suicide attempt. She was writing in a journal at his request because he's worried she will try to kill herself again. But Katherine was just as concerned about him since she overheard some of his PTSD terror. Stefan didn’t want to talk about it, but Katherine
Tumblr mxi23geEDy1qi32tro1 500
Tumblr mxi254fSh41qi32tro1 500

Stefan and Katherine in the safe.

had already invited Caroline over to help…terrorize Stefan by putting him back in his box. Needless to say the therapy that Caroline found in a textbook didn't work. Stefan was still freaking out and Katherine was questioning whether or not Caroline and Stefan had ever hooked up. But then Her loss, Katherine said, because he's great in bed. Stefan was too busy having a panic attack to hear that. In fact, He passed out. "How do you help the guy who always comes to the rescue?" Katherine pointed out that Stefan is the hero of the story and it can’t be himself that he needs to save.

Her solution was to get into the safe with Stefan. He pointed out it was dangerous and she reminded him that she was dying anyway so it didn’t matter if he ate her. Stefan started freaking out and getting upset and Katherine continued to talk his hear. She suggested that what he was really upset about was Damon and Elena and that he wanted to run away and never come back, but he kept finding excuses not to. She believes his trauma is because he’d rather experience the physical pain than the emotional pain.

Tumblr mxi2kdaZYs1qi32tro1 500
Tumblr mxi2l2y2bp1qi32tro1 500

Stefan & Katherine kiss.

To further prove her point, Katherine exposed her neck to Stefan. He got his vampire face on, but her words were getting through to him. They kept getting closer and closer and it seemed like they were going to kiss and that was when Caroline felt the need to open the box because she thought it was too quiet. Stefan got out of the box and hugged Caroline, but his eyes were on Katherine…

At the Salvatore house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. She yells for Stefan to help but he’s cleaning up the room he tore up earlier. Katherine goes to see what he’s up to. She helps him straighten up. Stefan tells her that she was right he does need to move on. They kind of drift towards each other. Katherine caresses his chest, unsure of what he’s going to do about it. Stefan kisses her and they start having a pretty sexy scene.

Tumblr mxqpcctTPg1qdoecso3 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine in bed.

In Fifty Shades of Grayson, Katherine woke up in Stefan's bed with a smirk on her face. She went to cuddle up on the youngest Salvatore when she noticed a grey hair on the sheets. She was aging fast. In a panic, she ordered Stefan not to turn around as she draped herself in a sheet and ran out of the room.

Later the same day, Katherine was looking in Stefan's mirror at her wrinkles. "Her chickens had come home to roost in the form of wrinkles." Stefan said. Katherine wanted to talk about their night together, and Stefan quickly shot down her hopes. They got swept up, he said. He wasn't ready to forget everything she'd put him through for the last 147 years. She said that she's dying - this time for real. She showed him her grey hair and was all, "What does someone have to go through to get
Tumblr mxrmx2bxdZ1qi32tro1 500

Katherine: "One night. An eternity. You'd never look at me the way you would look at Elena, would you"?

a little redemption around here?" Stefan seemed more sympathetic, but nonetheless replied "147 is a long time to forgive in one night." She came back: "One night, an eternity... You'd never look at me the way you look at Elena, would you?" He didn't respond. Katherine went to walk away, and Stefan stopped her. He interlaced his fingers with hers. "I'm sorry that you're dying." "Trust me, I am, too." And then she left.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Stefan informed Nadia when she showed up in the hospital, that Katherine wasn't expected to last the day, so he wanted to take her home to Salvatore Mansion to die in peace. Later, increasingly gray-haired Katherine was up in Stefan's bed, instructing him to slit her throat the second she began to sag anywhere and worrying that she saw an age spot. Stefan found her deathbed vanity charming and held her hand. After that,Stefan had come downstairs to chastise everyone for being insensitive enough to celebrate Katherine's death.

Tumblr mzx0khNG6F1qmsw7fo6 r1 250-1-

"I want to think that this prophecy of the universe bringing the doppelgängers together is absurd, but. The moment that I saw Stefan. I can’t describe it. It just seemed like fate to me."

Damon told Stefan not to be fooled, and Stefan finally did a shot—but he said he was drinking to Katherine the survivor. Damon blamed that on Stefan having had one night of hot sex with Katherine.

Tumblr n08bgocKaS1rj446bo7 r1 250-1-

Stefan gives Katherine one last peaceful dream.

When Katherine was left alone, Liz had brought sedatives to help her with the pain, but Katherine didn't want to take any because they'd make her weak, and that's when Damon could get inside her head. Damon injected her anyway. What he saw was a flashback to Mystic Falls in 1864 that we'd never seen before: Katherine first spotting handsome Stefan when her driver stopped to see if Stefan needed assistance with his busted carriage. Would his family take in a poor orphan girl from Atlanta? Katherine wanted Damon to see how fate had brought the doppelgängers together.

At the end of the episode, Stefan sat down on the bed and told Katherine to close her eyes. He was there to say goodbye. She said she wanted to see him. He said she would. He touched her face and saw the memory of her finding her family dead. She said Damon told her she deserved everything   bad that had happened to her, and he was right - she didn't deserve to be loved. 

Tumblr mzx0khNG6F1qmsw7fo2 r1 250-1-

Goodbye kiss.

Stefan asked her to open her mind to him. He took her murdered family and the blood out of the scene. He told her none of it was her fault. She was just a 17-year-old girl. We heard a baby cry. Katherine was crying, and if you looked at Stefan, he was fighting back tears. Katherine went to the crib, which had her baby in it, and a bright light shined up at Katherine's face. Stefan kissed her forehead. "Goodbye, Katherine," he said.  
Tumblr n08x6hTkgm1s3ad1ro2 250-1-

"I want Stefan Salvatore. He's my one true love."

In The Devil Inside, after Katherine taking permanent control of Elena's body, Nadia was ready to leave town, but Katherine wasn't. For the first time, no one's after her, she said. She told Nadia she could do what she wanted, but she'd like her to stay, too. Nadia knew Katherine wanted something. Katherine said she wants it all: her daughter, her immortality, and Stefan. "He's my one true love." Katherine decided to stay in Mystic Falls to win back Stefan.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Katherine happily journaling about her new life as Elena and removing photos of Damon on her cell phone and set a shot of Elena and Stefan as her wallpaper. She is devoted to win Stefan back. She is trying to find a way to make his way closer to him and when Stefan calls her and wants to talk, she invites him to the Bitter Ball.

Tumblr n0moqmskYx1sgxlexo5 r1 250-1-

Stefan & Katherine on the dancefloor.

At the Bitter Ball, Katherine instantly got Stefan on the dance floor and told him she was happy she was done with Damon. She'd tried to fix him, but he'd changed her, and she wasn't sure she liked who she was now. Did Stefan like her or miss the old her? - she asked.  
Tumblr n0qo0mgHsP1sl56emo1 500-1-

Stefan removes the splinter from Katherine's(Elena's)back.

Tumblr n0nim32quL1qi32tro1 500-1-

If you want to save him (Damon) from himself, then I'll help you. But not for myself and not for him. For you.

At the end of the day Katherine asked Stefan to get the splinter out of her back, which he did. She guessed what he'd tried to tell her earlier - Aaron was dead and Damon had done it.

Katherine wondered why he wasn't honest with her to begin with. She asked him to be honest with her. Stefan replied that ever since he'd noticed Elena falling for Damon, he'd been waiting for Damon to screw up so badly that she'd turn on him. But when it didn't happen, he stopped waiting for Damon to fail because he liked the person he had become,and he doesn't want to lose that person.  Katherine said she'd help save Damon not for herself, not for him but for Stefan.   

Tumblr n1ruxwgNHv1qi32tro1 500

Katherine and Stefan's history lesson.

In No Exit, Stefan was helping "Elena" study for a history test. Katherine caught herself disagreeing with the textbook but covered well by saying she'd written a paper about the Holy Roman Empire in high school. They were interrupted when Caroline arrived with files from her mother, Sheriff Forbes, confirming Damon's bloody trail. Stefan felt guilty letting him go after Wes once he realized
Tumblr n1rvhot3s21qi32tro1 500
Damon's now feeding on
Tumblr n1rvizrEpB1qi32tro1 500

Stefan and Katherine at gas station.

vamps. Katherine went off with Stefan to look for Damon.

At a gas station, "Elena" and Stefan recapped where they stand on Damon's redemption: Stefan is holding out hope; she is only there for Stefan because she can't handle the rollercoaster of caring about Damon. When Stefan went inside to get them something to eat, Katherine broke something in his car. When Stefan discovered his car was broken, Katherine took the opportunity to ruin her shirt and get grease all over herself - so she could suggest they get a hotel room while they wait for the car to be fixed. Stefan resisted, but Katherine gets what Katherine wants.

Tumblr n1t9ddGnZK1r2dvaao1 250
Tumblr n1t9ddGnZK1r2dvaao6 250

Stefan and Katherine

At the hotel, Katherine attempted to get Stefan drunk while he told her how tough it could for a man to love her and lose her. Their hands touched when she reached for his glass, and he suddenly had to go wash up. Later, Stefan's car was ready, but Katherine was in no hurry to leave. She asked Stefan to grab her a shirt, and then she left the bathroom door open as she played with her hair longer than any woman would. She dropped her towel and lowered the shirt over her torso with her back to Stefan, who was watching. Fully clothed, she walked up behind him, ran her hand up his arm, and then kissed him. Stefan broke off the kiss, saying it was wrong because she and Damon just broke up. He went to get the car and she smirked and called Nadia.

Katherine and Stefan arrived at the house to find Damon moping, blood still on his mouth. He begged them to leave, but Stefan said he wasn't afraid of him. He was, however, smart enough not to come inside, but Katherine saw an opportunity. She wasn't afraid of him either, she said. In she went. Now she couldn't leave. Stefan followed her. Katherine said she'd prove Damon could resist this. She cut her hand. She practically put her hand in Damon's mouth while saying his love for her was stronger than any craving. Damon bit Katherine. She kicked a stake in Stefan's direction, but instead of using it, Stefan cut his wrist to draw Damon's attention. When Damon knelt his head to feed, Stefan snapped his neck.

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In Gone Girl, Stefan broke the news to Damon about Katherine being a passenger in Elena. They had a plan - Bonnie, with Liv's help, found dying Nadia in the church. In the same time Katherine was looking for Wes to take the cure for her daughter - she found him, presumably killed by Damon in act of revenge. Stefan called her to let her know they'd moved Nadia from the church to Salvatore Mansion. Nadia yelled for Katherine to run. Katherine had tears in her eyes.

Katherine stormed in and said she was there to see her daughter. She said to her the last goodbye - Nadia died. "Your mother loves you," Katherine said, with a tear falling down her face. Nadia was there outside her body with tears rolling down her cheeks, too. Nadia took Bonnie's hand, disappeared, and Bonnie cried out. Then it was over.

Katherine stood, faced the crowd, and said this is it. Then she bolted for the door. But Damon was there. Katherine wanted to know who had the knife that would finally kill her. It was Stefan. She told him she'd always loved him and kissed him—and that's when he stabbed her. She died on the floor, leaning back against the couch.

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Stefan and Katherine in hallucination.

In While You Were Sleeping, Elena discovered that Katherine had been writing in her journal. She read about Katherine trying to seduce Stefan in the hotel room and hallucinated her own hot version of it, which ended with her pushing Stefan away and asking why he didn't recognize that it wasn't her sooner.

In Stefan's Diaries

Stefan and Katherine share a similar relationship in the trilogy book series 'Stefan's Diaries,' which follows the TV series. They meet while Stefan is engaged to Rosalyn Cartwright, but the engagement ends when Rosalyn mysteriously dies and she is found dead by Stefan. Katherine is the culprit, though she promises Stefan that she didn't murder Rosalyn. Stefan is informed that Katherine killed Rosalyn by Katherine's handmaiden Emily.

In The Novels

In the books, Stefan and Katherine's story is entirely different. While in Italy they meet, as Katherine was dying from an illness and her father hoped the warmer climate would help Katherine. Katherine must choose a husband if she wants to stay in Italy, but she soon becomes torn between Stefan and his malevolent brother Damon. She makes a decision, goes to them both one night and gives them blood. She reveals her decision but they reject her decision, each wanting her to himself, and Katherine runs away in tears, showing her childishness to both the brothers. Stefan and Damon become angry at each other when Katherine leaves ashes, her dress, and her lapis lazuli ring under her favorite tree and leaves a suicide note. Believing Katherine to be really dead, they fight and kill each other with swords, waking up as vampires. Katherine returns and becomes angry at Stefan and Damon, Stefan especially, for daring to pursue another woman, but is killed by Elena Gilbert when her lapis lazuli necklace is ripped off.


  • Katherine saw Stefan for the first time before she met him, because of this first impression she decided to stay in Mystic Falls in Salvatore's mansion. 
  • Stefan was turned into vampire by Katherine's blood. He & Damon died trying to save Katherine's life.
  • Stefan is wearing daylight ring given by Katherine.
  • Weeks after he was newly turned, Stefan went on a rampage, killing members of the Founding Families out of revenge for what they had done to Katherine.
  • Katherine and Elena have both claimed to love Stefan first.
  • Unlike Elena, Katherine has always chosen or preferred Stefan over Damon.
  • Katherine admitted, that Stefan is her one true love in The Devil Inside.
  • They are both doppelgängers from different bloodlines.
    • Katherine is a doppelgänger from the Petrova Line.
    • Stefan is a doppelgänger from Silas.
  • Katherine in The Cell and Elena in Bring It On have both admitted that Stefan is good in bed.
  • Stefan was keeping Katherine's picture since 1864, he also remembered Katherine's birthday (Because the Night).
  • Caroline Dries about Stefan and Katherine: "I'm so pro-Stefan and Katherine too and I think it's because they have such deep dark history. I mean she really put him through the ringer and yet there is something about Stefan that softens Katherine. So to see a little shade of vulnerability with her, even just a peek, it feels like you're getting so much satisfaction out of it. He's her Achilles heel and that's what I like about the relationship. And they have such great chemistry between them."


(Mystic Falls, Virginia, 1864: Stefan is waiting on the doorstep of his home. A carriage arrives in front of him. Katherine exits the carriage and approaches him)
Stefan: You must be Miss Pierce.
Katherine: Please, call me Katherine.
-- Lost Girls
(Mystic Falls, Virginia, 1864: Stefan and Damon run out of the house, playing football)
Stefan: Wait. Where did you learn this game?
Damon: Camp outside Atlanta. One of the officers picked it up at Harvard. Catch.
(Damon throws the ball and Stefan catches it)
Stefan: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What are the rules? What are the rules?
(Stefan and Damon playfully struggle for the ball when Katherine exits the house)
Katherine: Who needs rules? Mind if I join you?
Stefan: Uh, well, you could, uh.. you could get hurt. My brother likes to play rough.
Katherine: Somehow, I think that you play rougher.
(She snatches the ball from Stefan and runs off)
Damon: Why are you just standing there? That is a girl who clearly wants to be chased. If you don't do it, I will.
(They both chase after her)
-- Lost Girls
(Mystic Falls, Virginia, 1864: Stefan is chasing Katherine through a garden maze. Katherine reaches a statue and they both stop running)
Katherine: Ha! I win. What's my prize?
Damon: What would you like it to be?
Stefan: [smiles] They extended your leave?
Damon: I was simply having too much fun to return to battle.
Stefan: Your commitment to the confederacy is inspiring.
(Stefan walks over and hugs him)
Katherine: Well, this works out wonderfully for me.
Damon: How's that, miss Katherine?
Katherine: Now I'll have both of you here to keep me entertained. First and foremost, I'll need someone to escort me to the founder's ball.
Damon and Stefan: With pleasure. I would be honored.
Katherine: The smart and kind Salvatore brothers both coming to my rescue. How will I ever choose?
(She walks away)
-- Lost Girls
(Mystic Falls, Virginia, 1864. Stefan is with Katherine in her room)
Stefan: I will love you forever.
Katherine: Forever is a very long time, you know.
Stefan: Not long enough.
(Katherine elongates her fangs and bites him. The next morning, her handmaiden, Emily, is helping her get dressed when Stefan wakes up)
Katherine: Good morning. Clear the room, please.
(Emily leaves)
Katherine: You're upset.
Stefan: Your face, it was like a demon.
Katherine: But you're not afraid.
Stefan: Get away from me. Get away.
Katherine: [compels him] It doesn't change the way you feel about me. You will not tell anyone.
Stefan: I...
Katherine: shh. We will go on exactly as we have.
Stefan: Yes. We will go on.
Katherine: You have no idea of the future I have planned for us, Stefan... You, me, and Damon. No rules.
-- Lost Girls

(Mystic Falls, 1864 - Salvatore House, Katherine is sitting at her vanity, examing a necklace. Stefan watches her from the bed)
Stefan: What is that?
Katherine: A gift.
Stefan: From Damon?
Katherine: From Emily, actually. And when will you stop worrying about Damon?
(Katherine walks back over to Stefan, placing a shawl around her shoulders)
Stefan: I want you all to myself.
Katherine: Just as he wants me, but I'm the one who gets to make all the rules.
Stefan: And why is that?
Katherine: Because I'm spoiled.
Stefan: Yes, you are.
(Katherine inches closer to Stefan and pushes him back down on the bed)
Katherine: And selfish.
(Katherine stradles Stefan)
Katherine: And because I can do this.
(Katherine runs her hand up Stefan's chest and he moans. She kisses his stomach)
Katherine: And this.
(Katherine kisses up Stefan's chest. Stefan shuts his eyes and sighs pleasantly. Katherine kisses Stefan's neck and inches her face closer towards his)
Stefan: And this.
(Katherine's eyes become red and she extends her fangs, biting into Stefan's shoulder. Stefan groans loudly as Katherine holds him down. Suddenly, Katherine starts gasping for air and pulls away from Stefan. Stefan sits up and looks at Katherine, worried)
Stefan: What? What?
Katherine: Vervain.
Stefan: What?
(Katherine falls off the bed and onto the floor. Katherine gasps and chokes. Stefan jumps off the bed and kneels down next to Katherine, grabbing her face in his hands)
Stefan: Katherine! Katherine!
(Giuseppe bursts through the door. Stefan looks up at him in shock)
Giuseppe: Go get the sheriff. Tell him we have a vampire.
Stefan: What? No!
Giuseppe: Do as I say, son! Nothing that you feel for her is real. She's a vampire, Stefan! A monster! I fed you vervain hoping that it would expose her.
Stefan: How did you know?
Giuseppe: Your sympathy for their plight. I didn't raise my sons to be so weak. (He throws Stefan a shirt) The sheriff, now. Go, quickly! Now, son!
(Stefan hesitates and looks down at Katherine. Stefan stands up and runs out of the room, leaving Giuseppe alone with the weakend Katherine)
-- Children of the Damned

(Jeremy is asleep in his bed. Stefan paces beside his bed, still watching out for him. He hears the front door open. It's Katherine still posing as Elena. He goes down the stairs.)
Stefan: Hey! How was Caroline?
Katherine: Not good. (She embraces him.) Just what I needed.
(She tries to kiss him, but Stefan, realizing it's Katherine, grabs her by the back of her neck and bares his fangs at her. He throws her on the couch. Katherine gets up without missing a beat.)
Stefan: Katherine.
Katherine: At least I fooled one of you.
(He rushes over to her and pushes her against the wall.)
Katherine: Feel better?
(He pushes her against another wall as someone begins to open the front door. Stefan is distracted by this and Katherine takes the opportunity to grab his arm, bend it behind his back, and throw him down on the floor. She smiles and rushes out of the house. Elena and Damon enter the house. Stefan is on the floor but stands up immediately.)
-- The Return
(Katherine grabs Bonnie by the throat and pushes her against the wall. She vamps out. Bonnie open the doors with her powers to expose them to the other guests. Katherine's face goes back to normal.)
Katherine: Nice.
(Stefan is standing outside the doorway.)
Stefan: Katherine.
Katherine: Stefan.
Stefan: Leave her alone.
Katherine: Okay.
(She releases her and leaves the room. Katherine traces her finger across his chest as she walks past him. Bonnie and Stefan look at each other and Stefan follows Katherine out into the main room.)
Stefan: What are you doing here?
Katherine: (grabs a drink off a tray) After the way you treated me last night, I thought that a public place would be less violent.
Stefan: You're taking this a little far, don't you think? Elena could walk in at any moment.
Katherine: Mmm, but that's part of the fun, Stefan. (She picks up a cherry from the food table.) Damon's here, somewhere. I've been avoiding him.
(Katherine puts the cherry in her mouth, but when she sees Matt, she takes it back out.)
Matt: (walks up to them) Hey guys.
Katherine: Hey Matt. I heard that Caroline is doing much better. Her recovery was practically miraculous, you must be so relieved.
Matt: I am. Thanks Elena. (He leaves)
Katherine: Uh! His eyes are so blue!
Stefan: You need to leave now.
Katherine: You're hurting my feelings, Stefan. Damon was much happier to see me, then again he thought I was your girlfriend so...
Stefan: Katherine, I'm not doing this with you.
Katherine: Okay, how about we don't have a couple's fight in front of all of your friends? Walk with me.
Stefan: Just tell me what you're doing here.
Katherine: Maybe I missed you. Is that an acceptable reason?
Stefan: What game are you playing?
Katherine: Why, you want to play with me?
Stefan: I don't know. How can I play if I don't know the rules?
Katherine: No rules, Stefan. Don't you remember? No rules.
(Katherine walks out of the room and looks back at Stefan. Stefan looks at her. She holds her hand out for him. Stefan walks towards her. She smiles and turns around, still holding her hand out for Stefan to hold. Stefan walks right past her, ignoring her silent request to hold hands. Katherine drops her hand and follows Stefan.)
-- The Return
(Katherine and Stefan are outside, walking)
Katherine: The Lockwood's have a lot more land than they used to. The possessions from all the tomb vampires built them quite a fortune.
Stefan: Yeah, why did you want them dead? You're the one who turned most of them.
Katherine: There's nothing more annoying than a vengeful vampire, Stefan. Just ask John Gilbert.
(They both stop walking.)
Stefan: You haven't changed at all, have you?
Katherine: But you have. You're stronger. Meaner. It's sexy.
Stefan: Don't flirt with me Katherine. I'm not Damon; I haven't spent one hundred and forty five years obsessed with you.
Katherine: Yeah, based on your choice of women, I'd say otherwise. Although I'll admit it does bother me that you've falling in love with someone else.
Stefan: I was never in love with you, Katherine. You compelled me. So none of my feelings were real.
Katherine: Believe what you want, Stefan, but I know the truth and deep down, so do you.
(Katherine presses her finger against his chest.)
Stefan: The truth? Well the truth is, you're the same lying, selfish, manipulative @#!*% that you've always been. So, whatever it is that brought you here, why don't you just get on with it and leave town? Because if you don't, I will hunt you down and I will rip your heart out.
Katherine: You want to know why I'm here Stefan? I came back for you.
Stefan: Well the problem, Katherine, is that I hate you.
(She takes an iron stem from the ground and stabs him in the stomach with it.)
Katherine: You hate me, huh? That sound like the beginning of a love story, Stefan, not the end of one.
(She removes the iron stem and flees.)
-- The Return

(Mystic Falls, 1864 in the Lockwood Mansion, Stefan and Katherine are dancing)
Katherine: Look who found his dancing shoes.
(He tries to kiss her)
Katherine: No touching, Mr. Salvatore. Those are the rules.
Stefan: I thought you didn’t believe in rules.
(Damon is looking at them. Stefan looks at him)
Stefan: My brother is still upset that you chose me to escort you.
Katherine: Well, Damon needs to concede that his younger brother is a better dancer.
(She looks at Damon)
Katherine: Looks like he found someone to occupy his time.
(Elena is with Damon. She looks at Stefan)
Stefan: Elena.
Katherine: Stefan don’t.
(Elena leaves with Damon. Stefan follows them)
Stefan: Elena!
(He opens a door and arrives at the Mystic Grill. Elena is at the pool table)
Stefan: It’s your turn.
(Stefan smiles but she was talking to Damon)
Damon: Be prepare to lose.
(He kisses Elena. Katherine is here in 1864 dress.)
Katherine: It hurts, doesn't it?
(He looks at Elena and Damon)
Katherine: Now you know how I feel. Don’t fight it, Stefan. You loved me once. You can love me again.
(He is in 1864 again, at the Lockwood Mansion)
Katherine: I love you, Stefan. We'll be together again, I promise.
(She kisses him)
(Nowadays. He wakes up. He's in his bed. Katherine posing as Elena is sleeping on his chest)
Katherine: Hey, are you okay?
Stefan: Yeah. Yes, bad dream. Get back to sleep.
(He gets out of the bed with his powers. It was not Elena but Katherine. She sits down on the bed)
Stefan: Katherine.
Katherine: You have to admit I am getting better at this.
Katherine: It was easy to get inside of your head. Have you completely forsaken your nature?
(He rushes over her but she pushes him and he falls)
Katherine: Are we really gonna do this again? You both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.
Stefan: What do you want?
Katherine: I wanted to see you. I missed you, Stefan. Indulge me for a little while, please?
Stefan: Why are you back in town?
Katherine: 3 reasons: you, you and you.
You see, I can't quite get that down. Just kind of… gets stuck in my throat
Katherine: Well, you know, it’s the truth. Deep down inside that gorgeous body of yours there's the Stefan that fell in love with me too.
-- Memory Lane
(Katherine is in the living room, reading Stefan’s journal. Stefan arrives)
Stefan: You shouldn’t read someone’s journal
Katherine: I know. I’m sorry. It was just too tempting, all of your inner thoughts and feelings, laying there on your desk for me to read.
(He takes the journal from Katherine’s hands and gives her a glass of blood)
Stefan: Damon's private stock.
Katherine: That's right! You don't do human, I read that. I also read about your recent werewolf siting.. That must have come as a surprise.
Stefan: What do you know about werewolves?
Katherine: I know not to pet one. Their bite kills, Stefan. It's best to stay clear of them during a full moon.
Stefan: And… how do you know this?
Katherine: Who do you think was responsible for ridding this town of vampires in 1864?
Stefan: Founding families.
Katherine: Spearheaded by?
Stefan: The Lockwood's.
Katherine: You remember the Founder's Ball, don’t you? The one that you were dreaming about?
Stefan: I was your escort.
Katherine: That was before you and Damon knew about my little secret.
-- Memory Lane
(Nowadays, Salvatore House)
Katherine: From the moment I met George, I knew he'd be a problem.
Stefan: So you're saying that all the Lockwood's are werewolves
Katherine: The werewolf gene runs in the Lockwood family. Not that they're all wolves.
Stefan: How many werewolves are out there? I mean… is it just limited to the Lockwood's?
Katherine: No, there are others. Not many. They’re practically extinct. They mainly exist now in books and really bad movies.
(She drinks and puts the glass on the table)
Katherine: My turn to ask a question.
(She takes Stefan's journal, takes her picture from it and shows it to Stefan)
Katherine: Why did you keep this picture? Why not burn it? Tear it up? You want to know why I came back. Well I have a better question: Why did you? For Elena? No. You came back here to fall in love with me all over again, didn’t you?
(He moves toward her and touches her face)
Stefan: What is it about you that makes me still care?
(She kisses him but he put a vervain dart in her back. She falls on the couch.)
(Stefan attaches Katherine with chains in a chair, in a cell in the basement)
Stefan: Now, where were we? That's right; you were going to tell me why you came back to Mystic Falls, weren't you?
Katherine: You don't have to do this.
Stefan: Answer the question.
Katherine: I came back for you.
Stefan: We're gonna play by my rules now.
(Stefan puts on gloves, takes vervain, goes toward Katherine and puts the vervain on her cheek. Her skin burns. She screams)
Stefan: Answer the question.
Katherine: You’re going to torture me now?
Stefan: I'll do whatever it takes to get you to tell me the truth.
Katherine: Later that night at the Founder’s Ball…
Stefan: I don't want to hear any more stories about the past.
Katherine: Yes you do, Stefan. That’s exactly what you want to hear.
-- Memory Lane
(Salvatore’s House)
Stefan: You know, we can sit here as long as you want. And when you start to desiccate, there's a tomb with your name on it.
Katherine: I've been doing all the talking, it's your turn. Do you pretend to be human when you're with Elena? Is that the appeal?
Stefan: Actually, I don't pretend to be anything when I'm with her. That's the whole point. I get to just be myself.
Katherine: Does she know that you love me?
Stefan: I don't.
Katherine: That's where you're wrong, Stefan. Don't you remember bringing me home that night? Your family had taken me in.
-- Memory Lane
(Mystic Falls, 1864, Salvatore’s house)
Katherine: I had a lovely time, Stefan
Stefan: How long do you plan on staying in Mystic Falls?
Katherine: As long as I’m wanted. Your father has been very kind to give me a shelter.
Stefan: How could he not? Losing your family in the fire, greatfully you made it to Atlanta.
Katherine: So, I gather I’m wanted?
Stefan: Uh, very much so. I know… we've only known each other for a short while and I know I'm in competition for your affections but I've never met a woman quite like you. I look at you and I see an angel. I touch your skin and my entire body ignites. I kiss you and I know that I'm falling in love.
(He kisses her)
Stefan: I am in love with you.
Katherine: There's so much you don’t know about me, Stefan.
Stefan: More to learn and love.
Katherine: I must say good night.
Stefan: I have upset you?
Katherine: No, you haven't upset me, you’ve just surprised me. Until tomorrow.
(She goes in her bedroom. Damon is here. He goes toward her and kisses her)
-- Memory Lane
(Nowadays, Salvatore's house]
Katherine: Go ahead Stefan. Torture me, keep me captive, drain me of my blood until my body turns to dust. It’ll never change the truth. I never compelled your love. It was real and so was mine.
-- Memory Lane
(Salvatore's house)
Katherine: Hearing the truth after a century and a half of denial must be overwhelming.
Stefan: It wasn’t real, I remember you compelling me.
Katherine: Only after I showed you who I really was. You were so scared of me; I had to take away your fear.
Stefan: Well, whatever feelings I had back then, they all turned to hate.
Katherine: Love, hate, such a fine line, I can wait. Anyway, George Lockwood was causing all sorts of trouble. He used the vampires to cover up his own tracks. He told the founding families about us. But he was willing to strike a deal.
Stefan: What kind of a deal?
Katherine: A deal to rid the town of vampires.
-- Memory Lane
Stefan: You knew that they were gonna burn the vampires in the church?
Katherine: I practically lit the match.
Stefan: They were your friends, they were your family and you just sold them out.
Katherine: Without blinking.
-- Memory Lane
Stefan: What did George get in return? For giving you your freedom.
Katherine: Something he wanted desperately.
Stefan: So you sent 26 of your friends to their death, just to fake your own? No, you were running from something. What was it?
Katherine: Everyone has a past, Stefan. Mine needed to stay far far away but thanks to you my plan nearly failed before it even began. Once George told me that the round up was imminent, I made sure I could see you one last time, but your father used your love for me against you, he poisoned your blood. Then Damon being Damon, nearly ruined everything.
Stefan: We came for you, we tried to save you.
Katherine: I didn’t want to be saved.
Stefan: So then Damon and I died for nothing! For nothing!
Katherine: No, Stefan, you died for love!
-- Memory Lane
(Katherine is still attached to the chair in the cell)
Stefan: Are you gonna tell me why you came back here or you’re just playing another game?
Katherine: Have you not heard a word that I’ve said? I’ve answered that question 5 times over now.
Stefan: Oh good, make it six.
Katherine: I want what I want, Stefan and I don’t care what I have to do to get it. My list of victims is a long one, and I have no problem adding one more name to that list.
Stefan: Come on Katherine. If you wanted Elena dead, you would have done it by now.
Katherine: Still can. If I have to, I will snap her neck like a twig and you know it.
(He rushes over her with a stake but he throws it)
Katherine: I guess you don’t hate me as much as you thought you did. I don’t want you seeing Elena anymore. If you don’t remove from your life, I will kill everyone that she loves while she watches and then I will kill her while you watch.
(He rushes over her again and strangles her. His face has changed and he has a stake in his hands)
Stefan: Don't you ever think for one moment that I will not kill you.
(She throws him against the wall and releases herself)
Katherine: I have been sipping vervain every single day for the last 145 years. You caught me by surprise once, I wasn’t gonna let it happen again. It doesn’t hurt me, Stefan.
Stefan: What? Why?
Katherine: I told you, I missed you Stefan. I just wanted to spend some time with you.
(Elena enters the house. Katherine looks at Stefan, smiles and puts a stake in his leg. She leaves)
-- Memory Lane
(Mystic Falls, 1864, Katherine is in the woods. She turns her head and sees Damon and Stefan dead, on the floor. She runs toward Stefan’s body. She touches his face and looks at him)
Katherine: I love you, Stefan. We will be together again, I promise.
(She kisses him)
-- Memory Lane

(Stefan is on the dance floor, alone. He sees Katherine walking down the stairs a long distance away. Then Katherine suddenly appears behind him.)
Katherine: Dance with me.
Stefan: No.
Katherine: Fine then tell me who I should kill. Him? Hmm, she looks delicious.
(She eats a strawberry. Stefan offers her his arm. She follows him and they dance.)
Katherine: It's a beautiful night.
Stefan: Why the charade?
Katherine: How's Jenna? I certainly didn't expect her to survive that. Lucky girl. Clumsy. How does one stab ones self?
Stefan: Katherine?
Katherine: Uh?
Stefan: I don't want anyone to get hurt tonight.
Katherine: Okay. Then give me the moonstone and nobody will.
Stefan: Well, you see, I don't have the moonstone on me. So, you and I will have to go get it together.
Katherine: Hmm. I have a better plan. You go fetch it and I will try not to kill anyone in the meantime.
Stefan: My way or you don't get it.
(Aimee arrives, Katherine goes behind Aimee and she snaps her spine)
Katherine: Paralyzed from the waist down and dead.
(She kills her and throws Aimee's body in Stefan's arms.)
Katherine: The moonstone, Stefan. Tick tock.
-- Masquerade
(She goes into the room. Caroline stays outside. Katherine rushes over but she can't leave the room. She's trapped.)
Katherine: What the...? Stefan?
(He's in the room too. He has a stake in his hand.)
Stefan: Hello Katherine.
Caroline: Goodbye Katherine.
(She leaves)
Katherine: You don't really think that you can kill me with that now, do you?
Stefan: No, but he can.
(Damon is coming out the closet, he has the compressed air weapon is his hands. He shoots Katherine. The stake goes in her back. At the same time Elena screams. She's hurt like Katherine. Stefan rushes over to Katherine and drives the stake through her arm. Elena screams, she's hurt too.)
-- Masquerade
(They are fighting and Jeremy arrives, they stop, Damon stops. He's surprised. Katherine smiles as Stefan releases her and gets up.)
Katherine: You think you two are the only ones with a witch on your side? Wrong and something tells me that my witch is better than your witch.
(She takes the stake from Damon's hands. Damon and Stefan look at Jeremy.)
Stefan: Jeremy, go check on Elena. Make sure she's okay. Go!
(Jeremy leaves.)
Katherine: Let's all make sure poor Elena is okay. Just a little bit more pressure.
-- Masquerade
(Katherine, Damon and Stefan are trapped in the room.)
Katherine: The three of us together just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn't love me enough.
Damon: And the evil @#!*% vampire who only loved herself.
Katherine: What happened to you Damon? You used to be so sweet and polite.
Damon: Oh that Damon died a long time ago.
Katherine: Good. He was a bore.
Stefan: Oh, why don't you two stop antagonizing each other?
Katherine: Where is the moonstone?
Stefan: What do you want with it?
Katherine: Does Elena enjoy having both of you worship at her alter?
(Stefan looks at Damon and then looks at her)
Stefan: That was really desperate, Katherine. Don't you think that we can see right through you?
Katherine: So it doesn't bother you that Damon's in love with your girlfriend?
Stefan: Oh, stop it.
Katherine: Or what? You'll hurt me?
(She gets up)
Katherine: Come on, Stefan. Everything that I feel, Elena feels, so go ahead.
(She looks at Damon)
Katherine: Or better yet, kiss me Damon. She'll feel that too.
Stefan: You know, this whole Mason thing has me a bit confused. Why a werewolf? The moonstone can break a curse that would help them destroy all vampires so what's in that for you?
Damon: Sorry about your pet wolf, probably should have kept him on a tighter leash.
Katherine: I'll have to remember that for next time. He's not the only wolf in town.
-- Masquerade
(Damon, Katherine and Stefan are still in the room.)
Damon: @#!*% it! Where is that witch?
Katherine: We could play charades.
Stefan: You bargained the moonstone.
Damon: What are you mumbling about over there?
Stefan: When you struck a deal with George Lockwood, to help you fake your death, you told me that you gave George something that he needed. It was the moonstone, wasn't it?
Katherine: Good for you, Stefan. 2+2...And it would have worked except that people found out that I wasn't in the tomb.
(She looks at Damon)
Katherine: Thanks to you, by the way. Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?
Damon: You and me both, honey.
Stefan: Why do you need it back?
Katherine: I love you in a suit, so dashing.
Stefan: What were you doing with it in the first place?
Damon: You're wasting your breath, Stefan.
Stefan: Unless it wasn't yours to begin with. In 1864 you faked your death. Who were you running from, Katherine?
Katherine: In 1987 you were in Chicago, at a concert of all places with that wench, Lexi. Come on Stefan, don't look so surprised. Of course I checked in on you over the years. You were standing in the front row, dancing all night. You were watching Bon Jovi and I was watching you.
Stefan: Who were you running from?
Katherine: (mouths to Stefan) I love you.
-- Masquerade

(Damon and Stefan successfully remove the stone door from the entrance of the tomb. They place it to the side and approach the entrance. Stefan and Damon lean against the frame of the entrance, waiting for Katherine, who comes around the corner, looking hungry)
Katherine: Please... come on in. There's plenty of room for all of us.
Damon: I'd rather poke my eyes out.
Katherine: Mmm, they're such pretty eyes.
Stefan: We’re here for the moonstone.
Damon: Feel like tossing it over?
Katherine: Tell you what, you get your little witch to hocus pocus me out of here, you can have whatever you want.
Stefan: I thought you liked it in here. Nice and safe where Klaus can’t get to you.
Katherine: I've had time to reconsider.
Damon: Meaning you're hungry.
Katherine: I'm starving, Damon. And dirty. But above all, I'm bored.
(Katherine has progressively gotten closer to the entrance, stumbling and grasping at the wall as she does so)
Katherine: At least running from Klaus wasn't boring - so here's the deal: you get me out of here, you get the moonstone and I’ll disappear from Mystic Falls forever.
(Stefan and Damon look at each other. Katherine starts to walk away)
Katherine: Let me know what you decide.
(As she says this, she holds up the moonstone and stumbles back into recesses of the cave)
-- The Sacrifice
Stefan: Promise me. No matter what happens. You'll protect her.
Damon: Promise.
(Damon leaves the tomb. Katherine emerges from the shadows and looks at Stefan)
Katherine: That right there was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.
-- The Sacrifice
(Stefan silently walks past her into the recesses of the cave)
-- The Sacrifice

(In the tomb, Stefan is laying on a bed. Katherine is looking at him)
Katherine: So we're fasting now? We're so pious. How long have you actually gone without blood? I know you get desiccation in theory, Stefan, but in reality, it's much worse. Your heart still beats, struggling to pump whatever blood remains. When it's gone, your veins rub together like sand paper. It's excruciating.
(He gets up.)
Stefan: The pleasure I'll get from watching you suffer is greater than any pain I'll ever feel.
Katherine: It's stuffy, and I've been in this dress for days. You want to help me get out of it? Come on, Stefan. Don't be such a grump.
(She takes off her dress.)
Katherine: We're here together. May as well make the best out of it.
(She's in just her black bra and underwear)
(She struts around)
Katherine: You really think Damon is gonna rush to get you out? He's got what he wants: Elena.
Stefan: Stop.
Katherine: Given what's most certainly going out there, I'd say you're free to do whatever you want in here. Nobody will ever know.
(She kisses him. He kisses her back passionately. She takes off his shirt. He pushes her against the wall and kisses her neck and body. They go onto the bench and Stefan kisses her neck and body. Suddenly, he wakes up with a gasp and looks at Katherine.)
Stefan: Stay out of my head.
Katherine: (smirk) Maybe I can do eternity in here after all.
-- By the Light of the Moon
Katherine: Are we seriously not going to talk at all?
Stefan: We could talk about how you regret all you’ve done to make my life miserable.
Katherine: What do you want me to say, Stefan? That I’m sorry for everything that I've done? Well I'm not, okay? It’s called self-preservation. I’ve been looking out for myself for 500 years.
Stefan: Look where it has gotten you.
Katherine: Yes, I’ve done terrible things. I know that, but I do love you, Stefan. Even if you don’t believe it.
Stefan: You want me to believe you? Show me. Do something. Prove to me that there’s something inside of you that's actually worth trusting.
Katherine: And then what? You're still gonna hate me.
Stefan: Maybe and maybe I’ll see that there’s still hope for you after all.
Katherine: You’re playing me.
Stefan: Am I?
Katherine: You want to find Klaus? Kill him so that you can protect your precious Elena?
Stefan: Let me guess: you know where he is.
Katherine: No, I don’t, but I could help you find him.
Stefan: For a price I'm sure.
Katherine: Start with Isobel, Elena’s mother. She was a research expert. She found me.
(They look at each other)
Katherine: You're welcome.
(They hear that the door is being opened. They look at each other and go to the entrance. They see Elijah. Katherine is surprised and frightened)
Katherine: Elijah.
Elijah: Good evening Katerina. Thank you for having the good sense to be frightened.
(He looks at Stefan)
Elijah: Your release has been requested.
Stefan: What? By who?
Elijah: The lovely Elena drives a hard bargain. However, we reached a peaceful agreement, she and I. Please.
(He gestures for Stefan to walk out of the tomb)
Elijah: Come.
Stefan: I can't.
Elijah: Yes, you can. I've had the spell lifted.
(Stefan gets out slowly. Once he’s out, Katherine rushes to get out too, but Elijah blocks the entrance. He compels her.)
Elijah: As for you however, you should not exit until I say so. When Klaus comes, he’ll want to know exactly where you are.
(He looks at Stefan)
Elijah: You’re free to go. Elena will explain the arrangement to you. If she keeps her word, I’ll keep mine.
(He leaves)
Katherine: Stefan, no. Please don't let him leave me in here.
Stefan: Goodbye Katherine.
(He looks at her and leaves)
-- By the Light of the Moon

Damon: You're wearing her clothes? Like that's going to work.
Katherine: You think I'm Katherine? Why would you think that? Katherine's in the tomb! Isn't she?
(He releases her. Stefan arrives)
Stefan: What the @#!*% 's going on here?
Katherine: I don't know, you tell me. Is Katherine in the tomb or not?
(Stefan rushes over Elena and pushes her against the wall)
Elena: What are you doing?!
Stefan: How could you do this?!
Elena: Stefan, you're hurting me!
Stefan: Stop it, Katherine!
Katherine: Stop what? It's getting really easy being you.
(Katherine is here. She was posing as Elena with Damon)
-- The House Guest
Damon: When we killed Elijah, it broke the compulsion and freed the @#!*% from the tomb.
Stefan: How's that possible?
Katherine: He's an Original. They have all sorts of special skills.
Elena: I don't want you here. Get her out of here.
Katherine: You need me, Elena. You all do.
Stefan: Like @#!*% .
Katherine: We all want the same thing... Klaus dead. Yet here you all are, running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
-- The House Guest
Katherine: What was he going to do when he found it?
Damon: I don't know. What did papa witch and baby witch have to say?
Stefan: Isn't she gone or dead yet?
Katherine: For the last time, I'm here to help. Can we skip the secrets, hmm?
Stefan: Elijah had no weapon to kill Klaus but he believed that if a witch could channel enough power... They wouldn't need one.
Damon: Like the power you get from a spot marked with a hundred dead witches?
Stefan: We just need to find it.
-- The House Guest

Stefan: Isobel just showed up at their front doorstep.
Damon: What's she doing here?
Stefan: I don't know. That's what I'm gonna go find out.
(Katherine rejoins them)
Katherine: I don't think that you should tell her that I'm here.
Stefan: What? Why?
Katherine: It's better if she and John not know that I stayed in town after I got out of the tomb.
Damon: You're the one in cahoots with them. You made a deal with John that almost got me killed.
Katherine: I did what I had to get out of the tomb. Now I'm reconsidering my alliance.
(She turns around but Stefan interrupts her)
Stefan: What do you know?
Katherine: I know that I want Klaus dead, which puts me squarely on team you. Besides, if you two ever need me to swap places with Elena again, the less people know that I'm here, the better. Think about it, Stefan. Come on. Be smart.
Stefan: Tell you what. Why don't you, uh... Call Alaric and let him know that his wife just showed up on his girlfriend's doorstep.
(He looks at them and leaves. Katherine and Damon look at each other)
-- Know Thy Enemy
(Stefan goes in the other room, looking for Elena. He sees her but it’s Katherine posing as Elena)
Stefan: You ok?
Katherine: I'm calling Damon.
Stefan: Let's get out of here. Come on.
(They're going to Elena’s car. Katherine is on the phone. She’s still posing as Elena)
Katherine: It's Isobel, Damon. It's gotta be.
Stefan: Tell him he needs to get over here and deal with John's body.
Katherine: You've got some serious explaining to do to the council about John being not so dead.
(She hangs up. Stefan pushes her against the car)
Stefan: Where the @#!*% is she? Huh?
(She stabs him with a vervain syringe)
Katherine: I'm sorry, Stef, but I can't have you following me.
(She tosses him into the shrubbery and leaves)
-- Know Thy Enemy

(Stefan enters to the Alaric's apartment. Katherine is here sitting on the bed)
Stefan: Hello, Katherine.
(She gets up)
Katherine: Two days, I've been waiting. I'm supposed to be free of Klaus' compulsion by now. He's supposed to be dead!
Stefan: We ran into complications.
Katherine: Complications?
Stefan: Doesn't really matter. I just need to find him. Do you have any idea where he might be?
(She pushes him against the wall and asks him to shut up. Klaus and Elijah arrive)
Katherine: Klaus, you're back. Look who decided to come for a visit.
(Klaus looks at Stefan)
-- As I Lay Dying

Stefan: What the @#!*% are you doing here?
Katherine: You two look chummy. Klaus your new bestie?
Stefan: You know, if he finds out you're in Chicago, you're dead.
Katherine: Happy to know that you still care. So tell me if I'm wrong... Rebekah's necklace that Klaus is looking for... That's the necklace that you gave to Elena.
Stefan: Goodbye, Katherine.
Katherine: Hey, hey. Wait. You're up to something, tell me...
Stefan: They don't know where the necklace is. I just have to keep them from figuring it out. I have it all under control.
Katherine: Please, tell me you have a better plan than that.
(He doesn't answer)
Katherine: You do. Come on, Stefan. You're not the diabolical type. Whatever you're planning, it's not going to work.
Stefan: Well, if the most diabolical woman I know can't seem to figure it out, then I must be doing something right.
Katherine: Uh-huh. I forgot. You're bad now. Don't get too cocky. Klaus is smarter than you. He's smarter than everyone. And I've heard about that sister. Be careful. She'll ruin you.
Stefan: Happy to know you still care.
(He leaves)
-- Disturbing Behavior
(Gloria has Stefan trapped, Gloria turns around. Katherine's here and she puts a stake through her neck. Gloria falls on the floor, dead. Katherine looks at Stefan)
Katherine: Maybe you do need my help, after all.
-- Disturbing Behavior
(Stefan is putting Gloria's body in a sheet)
Katherine: I've been thinking about your diabolical plan.
Stefan: Oh. Do tell.
Katherine: Well, you must know that Klaus is too paranoid to ever fully trust you. But the sister, she loves you like it was yesterday. She's the easier mark. But you can't just pretend to care, because Klaus will know better, so you do the opposite. You bond with him; make her feel left out. That will only make her want you more.
Stefan: Oh! So you mean, I'm, uh, I'm taking a page out of the Katherine Pierce playbook.
Katherine: The only question is why, Stefan? I mean, I get it, you want to keep Klaus away from Mystic Falls, but...What else do you expect to get from it?
Stefan: You know what's funny? You keep talking to me like I actually trust you enough to tell you anything.
Katherine: Oh, come on, Stefan, we're beyond that. I saved you from Hilda the high voodoo priestess.
Stefan: Ok. I knew them, back in the twenties. They were running from someone. Someone who scared them.
Katherine: A hunter. I heard stories about him centuries ago.
Stefan: Don't you want to know why an original vampire who can't be killed is afraid of a vampire Hunter?
Katherine: If you're planning on making a move against Klaus... I want in.
Stefan: That's good. It's good to want things, Katherine.
Katherine: Stefan...
Stefan: Katherine. I'm in this alone. If you're looking for a diabolical partner in crime, I suggest you look elsewhere.
(He leaves with Gloria's body on his shoulder)
-- Disturbing Behavior

(Katherine is driving in a car with Stefan)
Katherine: He doesn't know where it all went wrong...
(She looks to the passenger's seat; Stefan is sitting there)
Stefan: He doesn't need to know.
(Katherine stops the car)
Katherine: Are you good from here? I need to put about a million miles between myself and Klaus as soon as possible. Stefan?
(Flashback to Salvatore house where Stefan 's still down on the floor after Mikael's attack)
Katherine: Stefan!
Stefan: Elena.
Katherine: Not exactly... (she gives him a bloodbag) Pep up! I only got a minute before they realize that I'm not at the party...
-- Homecoming
(Back in the car with Katherine and Stefan)
Stefan: How did you know that I would stop Damon?
Katherine: I didn't. I was just hoping that you would want to...
(Flashback to Salvatore house, Stefan drinking blood, Katherine is with him)
Katherine: If Klaus gets killed he is taking Damon down with him.
Stefan: So pull the plug on the plan.
Katherine: And face the wrath of Mikael? We'll all be dead! Okay look. I know that you've turned off your humanity and that you don't care, so there's only one Solution.
Stefan: What's that?
Katherine: Care, Stefan. Care enough to safe Damon's life. Because I am going back to that party and I'm seeing this plan through. Klaus will be killed. We'll have our freedom. But then Damon will be dead. Your brother will be dead, Stefan. Unless you care enough to do something about it.
-- Homecoming
(Back in the car)
Stefan: You wanted Klaus dead for 500 years. Why would you risk all that, just to safe Damon's life?
Katherine: I wasn't just trying to safe Damon's life, Stefan. I was trying to safe yours. Your humanity. Let's just say I liked the "old you" better.
Stefan: Nah. Come on, Katherine. You don't care about anybody but yourself. You never have.
Katherine: You and I both know that that is not true. I loved you, I've loved Damon, too. Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness... No matter how easy it is to turn it off- it just keeps trying to fight it's way back in. Sometimes I let it.
Stefan: I can't let it all back in. I don't want to. Not after everything I've done.
Katherine: Of course you don't want to. But if you don't let yourself feel, you won't be able to do what I need you to do next.
Stefan: What's that?
Katherine: Get mad.
-- Homecoming

Stefan: What are you trying to find?
Damon: Will had a repeat customer, 5' 7" brunette. Said she was a runner.
Stefan: Katherine.
Damon: Turns out I was helping her run from me. Ironic. Problem is I'm pretty sure that this filing system goes by birthdate, but I can't for the life of me remember Katherine's.
Stefan: June 5, 1473.
Damon: And that, brother, is why you are the better boyfriend.
-- Because the Night

(Katherine reaches for something on the table but Rebekah grabs her hand and starts crushing the bones in her arm when Stefan and Damon appear)
Stefan: Ladies, playing nice?
(Damon sits down on the bench across from them, amused. Rebekah releases Katherine)
Katherine: There goes the neighborhood.
-- American Gothic
Stefan: Well, you sort of have to question Elijah's impeccable taste if he's friends with you.
Katherine: Oh, when I say friend, I mean friend.
(Damon and Rebekah groan in disgust)
Katherine: It probably took him about 10 seconds to realize that she wasn't me, at which point he probably yanked her heart right out of her chest.
Stefan: All right. Where are they? [Katherine smiles and says nothing.] Rebekah, you do realize if something should happen to Elena, you have no chance of finding the cure, right?
Rebekah: Fine. They were supposed to meet at the gazebo by the park.
Stefan: [getting up] I'll go talk to Elijah.
Rebekah: You go deal with Elijah. Katherine will take us to the cure.
Katherine: No, she won't. The cure is my one chance to win my freedom back from Klaus.
Damon: You're gonna broker a deal with Klaus?
Stefan: No. She's gonna get Elijah to broker the deal for her. That's why you need your little friend, isn't it? Some things never change, Katherine.
-- American Gothic

Damon: So what are we supposed to do in the meantime?
(Katherine enters the room)
Katherine: Maybe I can provide a little excitement.
Stefan: Katherine.
Katherine: The one and only... sort of. So, when's the 'Welcome Home' party?
(Katherine proceeds to pour herself a drink.]
Damon: Wow, look who went and got bold. Last time I checked, Klaus was plotting your eternal demise.
Katherine: Well, it doesn't matter anymore, because Klaus is gone.
Stefan: Wait, what do you mean he's gone?
Katherine: Let's just say that werewolf girl, Hayley, turned out to be just the thing we needed to get Klaus out of our lives-- for good.
-- The Originals

Stefan: Elena's not in her cell. I'm gonna check the grounds. Find out what she did.
Katherine: Oops. Did I forget to lock her in? Let's just say I've lost interest in Elena's recovery. I'd rather watch her tear through an orphanage. Imagine trying to come back from a spiral like that.
-- She's Come Undone

(Elena makes a swing at Katherine but is thwarted by Stefan, who launches himself on her and pins her to the ground)
Elena: Stefan!
Katherine: Thanks for the save, handsome.
(Stefan struggles to restrain Elena)
Stefan: Get the @#!*% out of here before I kill you myself.
Katherine: Really? I'm your biggest problem right now?
(They watch Katherine walk out of the room)
-- The Walking Dead

Katherine to Silas (Posing as Stefan): Mm. He flirts. I like Elena-less Stefan.
-- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Katherine to Elena: I wanna find Stefan just as much as you do, and not just because I don't wanna be a pawn that you can trade off for his life. I care about him—I always have. And since we've been having the same dream... makes me think you care about him just as much.
Katherine to Elena: Or maybe Stefan's been trying to reach out to you all summer, but you've been too distracted with Damon to help him so he reached out to the person that he trusts: me.
-- Original Sin

(In the grill, Stefan is sitting at a table by himself, before Katherine approaches him.)
Katherine: Hey stranger! (carrying over a bottle of alcohol) Lookie what I stole.
Stefan: Knock yourself out.
(Stefan gets up to leave.)
Katherine: Hey! Come on! Please. Just have one drink with me? Please. Stefan, I've had a bad... (Katherine hesitates) ...year, really. And it would be nice to have a friendly face.
(Stefan sighs, but agrees to have a drink with Katherine. He sits back down.)
Stefan: One pity drink.
Katherine: See? The universe at work. I don't know if you know this, but our doppelgänger stars are fated to be together. So, like it or not, you're going to end up with someone who looks like me. Although, the universe seems to have all of its eggs in the Elena basket; but at this point, I don't really blame it. (Katherine takes another shot.)
Stefan: What is wrong with you?
Katherine: Other than the joint pain, the receding gums, and the fact that I have to pee every five minutes, I'm dandy. But hey! Enough about me. Why are you all by your lonesome?
Stefan: So I could avoid talking to anyone.
Katherine: Well, if you did want to talk to someone, I'm right here. And, uhh, let's be honest, I'm wasted, so I'm not going to remember.
(Katherine takes another shot.)
Stefan: Look, I thought that killing Silas would allow me to move on with my life, but I was wrong. I spent my summer locked in a safe. One minute, I think I'm fine, and the next, I feel like I'm dying all over again.
Katherine: Oooohh. Classic PTSD. You survived a pretty traumatic event, and now you're back, and you've got nothing but free time to just relive that terrible experience in the safe. Well, allow me to give your life purpose. Help me with one little favor?
Stefan: Should've known this was gonna come around to you needing something from me.
Katherine: I'm just trying to help. What would I know about post-traumatic stress? I only had my newborn ripped from my arms by my judgmental father. Then, I had to run 500 years after my entire family had been slaughtered by a psychopath, but hey! That didn't have any lingering side-effects.
(Katherine gets up to leave. Stefan grabs her arm as she rushes past him.)
Stefan: Okay. Okay. Alright. What do you need?
(Nadia enters offscreen)
Nadia: I thought you never wanted to see me again? Why did you call me?
Katherine: Stefan, I'd like you to meet Nadia Petrova, my daughter.
-- Dead Man on Campus
(Katherine, Stefan and Nadia are all hanging out in the storage room at the Grill.)
Stefan: Just out of morbid curiosity, which one of you is younger?
Katherine and Nadia: I am.
Stefan: Right.
-- Dead Man on Campus
(Matt arrives, Nadia walks up to Matt and puts her hand on his face.)
Nadia: Vyjde. (translates to "come forth")
Stefan: What the @#!*% was that?
Katherine: She's calling on Matt's passenger.
-- Dead Man on Campus
(Katherine stabs Matt/Gregor with the knife. As he slumps down, a shocked Nadia makes her way toward him.)
Stefan: What did you just do?
Katherine: Give it a rest. Matt will be fine. Gregor, on the other hand, not so much. I just expelled his spirit. There's a reason why he wanted this knife so badly. It's the only thing that will truly kill a passenger.
-- Dead Man on Campus
(Stefan is at the bar and he takes a shot. Then, he starts having flashbacks of drowning in the safe at the quarry. He's still holding the shot glass with a tight grip. He feels dizzy and closes his eyes, he sees himself in the safe and he breaks the shot glass because he held it too tight. He looks at his hand and it's covered in the broken glass mixed with blood. He drops the bloody broken glass on the bar and heads outside. He walks through the back door. He's panting and feeling like he's dying all over again. Katherine walks on him.)
Katherine: There you are.
Stefan: Get away from me. (He starts to walk away from her. She follows him, curious as to what's going on. He's still having flashbacks.)
Katherine: Stefan, you're ok. Relax.
(Stefan super-speeds and grabs Katherine by the neck.)
Stefan: I can't do that. Do you understand me?
Katherine: You have two options, Stefan. You either deal with this now, or you run, but either way, it's gonna catch up to you. (He tightens his grip.) I can't breathe, Stefan.
(He keeps getting flashbacks of his drowning.)
Katherine: Stefan, tell me the name of the first person that you kill... Ahh... killed. Mmm. Name him.
Stefan: Gius... Giuseppe Salvatore.
Katherine: And the next? (He starts to relax his grip a little bit.) Focus on the name.
Stefan: Thomas Fell.
Katherine: See? You're in control, on solid ground. You're not drowning. You're not dying. Name them.
Stefan: Honoria Fell, Marianna Lockwood, Christopher Gilbert, (He lets go of Katherine.) Margaret Forbes.
Katherine: See? I told you I knew what I was doing.
Stefan: Thank you.
-- Dead Man on Campus
(There's no people left at the bar and Stefan is taking his last drink of the night. When he leaves the money on the bar and starts to get ready to head outside, he sees a note inside a waitress' order pad holder. He notices that it's directed at Nadia, so he picks it out and starts to read it. While Katherine's voice narrates the letter, the scene cuts to Katherine in present time, outside, standing at the edge of a clock tower. She contemplates the park at night.)
Katherine: (voiceover) Dear Nadia, sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do. Suicide, however, not very motherly of me. I ran from my enemies for 500 years, and then one day, I stopped. Now a new enemy wants me dead. Sure I could run from the Travelers, but there's still one enemy that I can never escape—time.
(She puts one foot away from the edge, about to jump, but she gets scared and backs out, taking a deep breath.)
Katherine: (voiceover) So call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I've led, I refuse to drift off into the sunset. Good-bye, Nadia.
(Katherine turns her back away from the edge and lets herself free-fall on her back. She falls from the tall tower and then... She opens her eyes to find out she's still alive, in Stefan's arms.)
Stefan: What are you doing?
(She gets off Stefan's arms and gets back on her feet.)
Katherine: I told you: You either face your problems, or you run. I chose option 3.
Stefan: And what problem has you jumping off of a clock tower?
Katherine: I'm dying, Stefan. I'm dying of old age. I don't know. The cure did something to speed up the entire mortifying process.
Stefan: (putting his hand on her cheek) Hey. You're Katherine Pierce. Suck it up.
(He starts to walk away and she turns around to look in his direction and kind of smiles.)
-- Dead Man on Campus

Katherine: Katherine, voice-over: (Dear diary, so here I am alive. Stefan saved me from killing myself. Now he's got me on suicide watch. He says it will be therapeutic for me to write down my feelings about the fact that I'm dying and there's nothing I can do about it. Deep thoughts, mortal coil, blah, blah, blah.) Ugh. My hand's tired. What kind of sentimental idiot writes down everything they feel? Is what the prophecy meant when it said that all the doppelgängers were drawn together like magnets? Because if it is, I want my money back.
Stefan: I'm just trying to make sure you don't slit your wrists.
Katherine: Well, this whole neurotic granny vibe doesn't exactly make me want to live. Do you really have nothing better to do than stand there all day and watch me write in cursive?
Stefan: I'm trying to make sure you don't kill yourself.
Katherine: And how are you going to do that, you know, since you're still having your little panic attacks?
Stefan: I'm fine.
Katherine: Yeah. Of course. You are the picture of mental health, Stefan, after being locked for 3 months in a safe at the bottom of a quarry.
Stefan: I am dealing with it.
Katherine: I know. I mean, I heard you dealing with it earlier today in the library. It sounded like you freaked out and broke a chair, maybe even two. How are you supposed to help me stay alive if you can't even help yourself?
Stefan: So does this mean you want to live?
Katherine: No. It means that I can't work with people who can't give me 100%.
-- The Cell
Katherine: So try not to be mad at me.
Stefan: Hmm. Hmm.
Katherine: I got in here while you were unconscious. Then Caroline locked us inside. It was the only way.
Stefan: Let me out of here! Caroline!
Caroline: I know it's a little extreme, but the baby steps approach wasn't working.
Katherine: See? That's why I need you not to get mad at me because when you mad, you get anxious and violent and you rip people's heads off, but I'm gonna help you fix that.
Stefan: Caroline, get me out of here before I hurt her!
Katherine: That's the whole point, Stefan. You need to get over your PTSD triggers, ok, or else you will kill me.
Stefan: You're risking your life.
Katherine: I'm already dying, you idiot. You're the one who wants to keep me alive. It's my turn to help you now.
Stefan: I can't be in here. Please.
Katherine: You're Stefan Salvatore. Suck it up.
-- The Cell
Stefan: I... I can't breathe. I feel... I feel... I feel like I'm dying.
Katherine: So I've been using this time to think. I think there is actually a little bit of truth to this doppelgänger prophecy. I think you're still in love with Elena. I think you're miserable about the fact that she chose Damon over you and that you want to get out of this one-horse town and as far away from their happiness as possible, and yet somehow, you keep finding excuses to stay in Mystic Falls. I think I'm just that latest excuse.
Stefan: I'm gonna kill you.
Katherine: Good. Yeah. Get it all out, Stefan. I think this is healthy, although don't forget you loved me before you hated me.
Stefan: Any reason you chose to have this conversation with me locked in a safe?
Katherine: Yes! So that I can show you that the safe isn't the problem.
Stefan: How could you say that to me?
Katherine: The problem is you're not facing your real issues. The death that you felt in the safe, the pain of dying over and over again, it's easier for you to focus on the physical pain than the emotional heartbreak of Elena leaving you. Your problem is you're not in touch with the reality of the moment, so let's bring you back to the present, shall we? In this moment, are you going to feed on me, or are you gonna save my life? Fight it, Stefan, fight it! I'm here. I'm here. I'm with you. We're together.
-- The Cell
Stefan: You know, for the record, I, uh, I only broke one of these.
Katherine: It was an ugly chair. You're better off without it.
Stefan: So I guess you were right all along. It was easier for me to focus on my physical pain than the breakup. I need to move on.
Katherine: So you admit it. I do know what I'm doing.
Stefan: To be honest with you, I never know exactly what you're doing, Katherine.
Katherine: Well, Stefan, sometimes... I don't either. Like right now... For example.
-- The Cell

Nadia: In a moment of weakness, you eat chocolate or kiss the wrong boy. You don't jump off a clock tower.
Katherine: (holds up pitcher of a green smoothie) Do you see this? This is raw kale. In what universe would I put this inside my body unless I actually wanted to live another day?
Nadia: Okay. Then what changed your mind?
Katherine: It's not so much what ... as it is who. Can I ask you something? Absentee mother to mildly abusive daughter?
Nadia: I'm listening.
Katherine: Do you think that, after all the horrible things I've done, it would be possible to be forgiven?
-- Fifty Shades of Grayson
Nadia: But it's in your blood, meaning you have to ability to keep living inside someone else's' body. Gregor was a Traveler. He put his spirit inside Matt so that even after his body died, he lived on.
Katherine: Yes! He lived on. In a busboy. Good idea, Nadia. Let's put my essence in some nobody. Thing is, Stefan actually likes this body.
Nadia: What are you talking about?
Katherine: Stefan and I may have rekindled an old flame last night.
Nadia: I see. So when you asked me about forgiveness, you were talking about him. Not me.
Katherine: Look. Maybe I don't want to die a sad, lonely 538-year old. If I have to bow out, knowing Stefan still cares might not be the worst way to go.
--Fifty Shades of Grayson
(Stefan enters, seeing Katherine in his bedroom in front of the mirror)
Stefan: Can I come in? Or you gonna freak out and run away again?
Katherine: I'm getting wrinkles.
Stefan: (amused) Heh. Katherine Pierce's chickens come home to roast in the form of wrinkles. It's kind of brilliant.
Katherine: What's the opposite of funny? Oh, right. Not funny.
Stefan: So what are you, uh, doing in my room?
Katherine: I want to talk about last night.
Stefan: Okay.
Katherine: So talk.
Stefan: Um, it was a long day. We had a moment. And we got swept up in it.
Katherine: (upset) Did you memorize that from a textbook or something?
Stefan: Katherine, what did you expect? You want me to just forget everything you put me through for the last 147 years?
Katherine: I'm dying, Stefan.
Stefan: I know you are, and I'm sure that you will figure a way out of it.
Katherine: No, I mean. It's for real this time. (takes off hat, showing him her gray hair mixed with her brown) Look at me. I'm dying. What does someone have to go through to get a little redemption around here?
Stefan: 147 years is a long time to forgive ... in one night.
(Katherine looks at him, then puts her hands around his neck)
Katherine: (tears in her eyes) One night. An eternity. You'd never look at me the way you look at Elena, would you?
(Stefan doesn't respond. Katherine nods her head, looking hurt)
Katherine: Goodnight, Stefan.
(Katherine starts to walk away, but is stopped when Stefan grabs her arm)
Stefan: Hey. (slides his hand down until he can interlace their fingers) I'm sorry that you're dying.
(Katherine can't say anything at first, nodding her head with tears in her eyes)
Katherine: Trust me ... (tightens the hand-holding) I am too.
(Katherine cries a single tear, then lets go of Stefan's hand and walks out of the room)
-- Fifty Shades of Grayson



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